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Jan 31, 2015
Laval, QC (Canada)
Well, aside from Hagrid, Aunt Marge, Dudley Dursley, Vernon Dusley and that Malfoy's minion from the HP saga, there has a fair account of heavier-figured and supersize characters in (non-WG/BBW erotica) book and litererature I may identify:

Twilight Saga

Bella Swan: she was by no means fat, but anyone whose acumen in Stephenie Meyers bibliographical legacy doesn't extends to the movie adaptations only acknoledges that the teenage protagonist of the (semi-erotical) fantasy/coming-to-age novels had far much in common with the writer who authored her, physically speaking than a gaunt-faced, waif-figured Krysten Stewart.

Bella being Bella, the protagonist and narrator remains conspicuously shy about describing her own appearance from the very beginning, aside from the fact she's of average height, small and slim but softly built, look sickly pallid and had long auburn hair: however one of her reccurent love interests, the shapeshifting Jacob Black, has shown less qualms to describe us how far Bella tend to underestimate her own size and charms in the latest opus "Breaking Dawn" where Bella is... well, extremely attractive and moderably plump, let alone voluptuous in most every sense of the word.

Her native Italian-American dieting, rich in heavy calories, coupled by the fact she was very slack prior her transformation into a vampire, had certainly a role to play about her thick hourglass appareance and bouncy curves.

Doctor Who (novelizations)

Remember Donna Noble and Rose Tyler?

Mama Flora's Family

In this critically-mixed period novel co-written by the widely famous Alex Haley and posthumously completed by Alex Stevens, one of the second female characters during the 1940s set ended up getting chubby during WWII.


In one weird Italian child novel I had read longtime ago, an twelve-years old obese boy sees his life transformed after his single mother -a formerly overweight woman turned into a diet junkie- force him to get sent into a creepy fat-camp/pseudomilitary fashioned boarding school: there followed a series of very zany tribulations going as far as being tortured by a zealous female gym teacher with a fitness addiction, getting magically abducted or having to save the aquatic ecosystem from an abyss-ridden superobese beast.

Everything I remember about that novel is that the gym teacher was a hypocritical monster who spent much of her leisure time shovelling large quantities of confisquated candies and other junk food but managed to keep her so-calledly perfect size at bay from any weighty surprize until the arrival of the boy, whose somehow hold some Labyrinth-of-Pan(-ish) tier connection to magic simply because he's fat and full of imagination - thus hinting that she would eventually end up becoming what she abbhors the most because of a combination of implicitly-suuggested karmic retribution and the protagonist's food being somehow imbued by his magical connection; at last, hinting that every single cruel psychopath in the novel who happens to be a grown adult and a woman would end up obese, including his mother - and that he's so fat the monster of the abyss wanted him to become his successor or something like this, I don't know... the last thing I remember is that I was extremely aroused when the narratibe gets concluded with her mother finally finding him back after his mysterious vanishing, him being now skinny while her mother had rapidly ballooned out into a floor-creaking, stereotypical yet motherly and compassional roly-poly because of a combination of excessive comfort eating and what I said earlier about the whole "fat-magic/karmic-justice" thing. Didn't expected that thing coming.
Jan 31, 2015
Laval, QC (Canada)
The Fat Lane

A sixteen-year old white, blond, conventionally-attractive senior high school all-American student from an upwardly-mobile middle-upper class, seemingly-perfect all-American family gets everything she want: perfect scores, perfect looks, perfect social status in school (e.g. the top of the food chain) , perfect boyfriend, eceters ecetera.

Then a tragedy struck her: her weight starts to creep up for absolutely no logical reasons and a medical expert latter diagnose her with some severe case of rare fictitious physiological dysfunction causing her body to unexplainably violate every rule within the laws of physics by producing out of thin air and cumulating body fat (quite literally) , condemning her to the trappings of morbid obesity within the next twelve months according his calculations. Then came a series of tragic outcomes: her boyfriend cheated on her before to dump her, get back together because he suddenly realized he was into chubby girls then dumped her again because she started to get way too much fat for his tastes. Her parents divorced because her father was not-so-subtlely holding an incestuous desire toward his own daughter, who used to be a much younger and sexier version of her mother but ended up fat and gross for his deviant tastes, while her mother is well, the stereotypical mother who tries to live through their female children. Her friends as well as the rest of the high school alienated her, she became the butt of jokes of everyone, her newly socially-awkward male friend whose no one want to chill along had quickly revealed himself being a chubby chaser which made her lose her temper - because hey, it's okay to have a popular boyfriend who used to get laid with you solely because of your socially-conventional looks and popularity, but not with the unpopular boyfriend who wanted to get laid with you because of your socially-marginalized looks and decrepited social status 🙄 - and after one year, she ended up 100 pounds heavier, being held responsible by all divorce parties for the fact their family is now openly estrangled and now subject to mockery by the overweight girl she tried to get friends with because well... being overweight is one thing, but morbidly obese a whole another thing. And oh, she realized her youngest brother whom everyone keep ignoring his very existence was the most sensical character of the story because he was calling everyone's BS from the very beginning and had seen most everything coming, including the protagonist-and-her-father's implicitly consensual-yet-denied flirt whose her mother called her put about (whaaaaat?? I mean, she's the underage one in that story!) .

Ended up to leave home for campus. Maintained her weight stagnant (as it is suggested that once this illness fatten her up, it is impossible to lose any ounce of fat) and trying to recover her self-esteem after her dignity, body self-image and sanity had been almost blown off. Quite meh like story: furthermore, it is still stigmatizing feminine obesity by uttering than even if it is appropriate to hold a body positivist image of the self, obesity is still culturally and aesthetically gross and wrong.
Jan 31, 2015
Laval, QC (Canada)
The Torah - The Bible

  • In the Book of the Judges, One of the antagonists vilified by the Hebraic Scriptures, a Moabite ruler named Eglon, was so utterly obese than when the Israelite judge Ehud stabbed him with a sword, the excessive fat from the dying king's maimed immense paunch immediatly sucked the weapon in... I suspect this character had inspired Jabba The Hutt from the Star Wars Saga.
  • In the Mosaic books, Aaron and Moses has said to have institutionalized the judicial and matrimonial laws of the pre-monarchic Israelite nation. One of those laws regarding marriage severely punishes any married wife suspected to cheat their husbands by having to pronounce an oath front to Aaron or Moses and their tribal god YHVH - e.g. plausibly the Ark of Covenant, its altar - alleging about their loyalty and if they dared to lie, they would be forthright cursed by the priests and their god by having one leg thinning down and the other one swelling out. It is assumed by modern medical experts and historians than this passage may be an allusion to lymphatic filiarasis (a parasitic-affiliated illness that may had been occuring frequenting amongst populations living of husbandry or cattling in hotter and dry climates) , Lipoedema (that occurs frequently amongst women) and Steatopygia (that occurs frequently in the African and Asian continents) . It is even still not so rare to see some archaic societies in various African, Near Eastern and South Asian countries to assume that a rapidly-manifesting case of extreme Lipoedema or Steatopygia is due to a cursing, a cosmic retribution or supernatural act whatsoever;
  • Some passages of the Old Testament / Torah had the Abrahamic God himself who compares Israel to a prostitute he helped to foster, nurture and fatten up before "she" display total ungratefulness and run for the first wealthy peacock around, thus justifying the intent of his violent punishments.
  • The Song of Songs has perhaps some of the foremost predating cues of Breast Expansion, Hips Expansion, Body Expansion and WG fetish in recorded history;
Greek mythology

Since the classical-era Greeks considered the ideal proportions as divine, it is far plausible that anyone who believed that the gods of old were really anthropomorphic sapient figures able of every single shenanigan described the way their religious effigies sculpt them: so to speak, it is likely they weren't perceiving Athena as waif-figured, blonde-haired and "fair" skinned as Isabel Lucas in the eponymic 2011 movie 'Immortals' , neither the likes of Aphrodite or Hera as the skinny actresses we've seen in every single peplum made ever.

Roman mythology

Read "Greek mythology"

Japanese mythology

  • One of the lesser goddesses of the Shinto religion, Ame-no-Uzume, is portrayed as so cute and chubby that dancing naked front to a cave where was hidden the very goddess embodying the Sun itself was enough to make her leave her hideout, out of curiosity.
  • One centuries-old tale in feudal Japan, predating WG erotica, speaks about a drunken party-goer carousing in town and ended up cuddling in compagny of a very attractive woman. When he woke up, he realized, terrified, that the young woman he did made outturned inhumanly obese overnignt.
Jan 31, 2015
Laval, QC (Canada)
Islamic literature
  • A few hadiths in the Quran mentions than one of the daughters of Muhammad, Fatima Zahra, who used to be a remarkable sprinter capable to handke along her aging yet physically fit father, has gained so much weight during the first few years of her marriage along her paternal uncle Ali (thanks to a popular Egyptian trend amongst Preislamic and early Islamic Arab women to fatten up themselves i order to appeal their suitors or husbands) that she went from a modest size to being so excessively obese she needed three or four handmaids to lift her up from her couch and helping her to stand tall. One day, her father tauntingly invited her to compete into a sprint as she lked to do when she was younger, from which what she politely declined;
  • As the custom of gorging up women and marriageable younger girls to get desirabky heavier-figured or fat fir cosmetic and erotic purposes became a trend across the Near East during late Preislamic era / early Hegire, it is plausible than a lot of the feminine contemporaries to Muhammad and his companions were stepping high on the weight spectrum;
  • due to its Preislamic, materialistic and foreign origins, coupled by a combination of pious hypocrisity, welfare concerns and morbid obsession, a growing number of Arab Muslim theologians in Egypt, Tunis, Damas, Baghdad, Persia and Moorish Spain inquisitorily proponed in favor of a banishment of this tradition in order to avoid risks of a weakening of the faith, hygienic issues, widened interclass frustrations and mortality in very extensive texts about the matter that seems more like a softcore male fantady BBW/SSBBW/USSBBW porn than an actual religious essay about how obesity poses a threat to religion and Allah's plan;
  • One of the two favorite concubines of the Shah in the Arab-Persian compilation of tales 'One Thousand And One Nights' is portrayed as an utterly obese, proud and confident Persian woman who needed many handmaids to lift her up from her couch and waddled heftily. The lithely figured Circassian concubine (the second favorite) , aware than this latter one embodied the epitome of beauty, nonetheless attempt to undermine her rival's confidence by bragging about her litheness and skininess... she nonetheless know she's the least favorite of the two.
Fulbe esoterical mythology

The archi-nemesis of a majority of the tales telling the antiquated history of the forebears of the Fulbe people at a far distant Oriental country not so far from Egypt called Heli-Yoyo (assumed to be perhaps Western Egypt, Cyrenaica, the Iron Age Levant or Bronze Age/Iron Age Greece nay a mix of them all) about several millenia ago, a half-djinn hag granted by immense cosmic powers had for many eldritch abilities to rejunevate herself, alter her appareance in a more human and appealing form and even to swell up her breast size at her will.
Jan 31, 2015
Laval, QC (Canada)
Ngala mythology
  • In the various tales of the Ngala people in Central Africa, one tells about a modest peasant and family head who luckily discovered someday on the outskirts of his home village a cave where was hidden a treasure loaded in foods, woven clothing, ornaments and jewels. Being obsequiously greedy the man decided to keep the secrecy of his finding for him alone ajd syarted to enjoy the trappings of his newfound upward social mobility. He didn't have been able to hide his well-to-do lifestyle to his wife as he was coming back at home noticeably wealthier and fatter over the passing time until he went from being as large in size as he was tall, oushing this latter one to trap him;
  • One variation of that same tale spoke about a man who found similar finding in a similar location, but that was his wife who was instead responsible of his significant weight gain, as she wanted to coerce him into revealing his odd whereabouts and newfound wealthiness;
  • Various tales mentions than common-class wives have a frequent tendency to fatten up their husbands, out of possessiveness and jealousy, so any chances of success in extraconjugual dating (which is a very looser term in most subsaharian African countries than it does in the West, thanks to polygyny/polygamy and what it may implies) creeps down to zero. Not so far from sociocultural facts observed in various Central, Eastern and Southern African countries;
  • One Ngala tale from southwest D.R.C. spoke about the noble ruler of a village who was worried about one of his daughters's future chances to find a decent husband once at marriageable age, due to being excessively thin. He promptly ordered her to sit on a wooden stool every single day and being precautiously gorged up by their handmaids until she get large enough to overflow the seat while coinciding with the onset of marriageable age.
  • For anyone's enlightment, wooden stools used by royals, aristocrats and nobility in southeast D.R.C. are, by standards, about 53 inches wide ;
  • It is not abnormal that the same custom consisting about gorging up women and younger girls in order to made her excessively large-hipped/bottom-heavy, fuller-bodied or plain fat is frequenting occuring in various other African countries than simply Egypt or North Africa.
French folklore / Patrice Rabelais

The grotesque folk hero Gargantua (a character partly inspired from both the real-life Roman emperor Caligula and medieval South France Jewish folklore) from which was coined the term "Gargatuan" was portrayed as grotescly giant, grotescly fat, grotescly everything.

Tolkien Legendarium

  • In The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins was portrayed as a little well-fed prior journeying across half of the (known) Middle-Earth along a Magician and a dozen of Dwarves. Then he came back to the Shire with a few less pounds;
  • Still... we're not talking about Bombur;
  • The Goblin King is basically Jabba The Hutt before the name. Or Eglon. Whatever. Like Eglon and Jabba, he didn't ended well when a metallic piece pointed around...
  • The Mayor of the Shire, Will Whitfoot, was the fattest Hobbit of the town. He was so fat the floor once ceaded under his feet!
  • The dragon Smaug has been provocatively chided by an angered Thorin Oakenshield that he has become "slow" and "fat" in his old days;
  • In Lord Of The Rings, Frodo Baggins and his cousins were all a little chubby. Trying to save the world from a dark lord and his maleficient armies can lead you to lose a helluva lot of weight;
  • Samwell Gamegie was so puffy-cheeked he became the butt of jokes of Gollum about it.
Jan 31, 2015
Laval, QC (Canada)
Bacchus in Greek Mythology and in Disney's 'Fantasia'.
Actually, they were only the ancient Romans and Disney who liked to portray Bacchus as a Falsfattian figure, not the Greeks.

The Greek Bacchus/Dionysos was portrayed as juvenile-looking, androgyn, Oriental-fashioned, thinly muscular and athletic. After all, he was a conquerrer and the patron deity of a foreign worship.


Grabby Hands Sr.
Nov 3, 2017
I saw that Marvel's the Blob was mentioned earlier in this thread (a LOT earlier...) and I remembered a significantly more encouraging depiction of the character in the recent Age Of X-Man: X-Tremists series. I did read it and overall I found the story a bit weak and the exploration of alternate-universe mutant politics to be kinda weird and muddled... but the romance between Blob and Psylocke is really nice (and yeah, the only reason I read it in the first place lol). Unless you know X-Men lore really well, I would just skip to those parts ;p

Some articles about the miniseries:

Another example that comes to mind would be Doc Ock's physique in Superior Spider-Man Team-Up Volumes 11/12:


OMG, Becky, look at his belly.
Oct 9, 2007
These are relatively minor characters spanning many books.
But a husband-wife duo, two of my favorite fantasy authors, David and Leigh Eddings, had at least a couple of super-sized characters in their epic saga which spanned two five-book series and two stand-alone books.

The Belgariad, which was comprised of five books:
Pawn of Prophecy, Queen of Sorcery, Magician's Gambit, Castle of Wizardry, Enchanter's Endgame
The Malloreon, comprised of five books:
Guardians of the West, King of the Murgos, Demon Lord of Karanda, Sorceress of Darshiva, Seeress of Kell
And then two stand-alones: Belgarath the Sorceror and Polgara the Sorceress

These two characters of which I'm thinking weren't strictly main characters in the story, and now that I think about it, I don't remember either of them showing up in the two stand-alone books, mainly because those two were focused heavily on the lives of two of the main characters prior to the start of the main story.
But they appear throughout the series, and a good bit of thought was given to their characterization.

Anyway... the two super-sized characters.
One was a king, named Rhodek. He was portrayed as a thoughtful leader and a brilliant and skilled tactician. He was described as immensely fat with an enormous appetite, with many references to his weight and his vast belly. Deeply loved and respected by many of the other leaders and characters that played a big part in the story.

The other was a thief named Droblek. He was actually the leader of the Thieves Guild in one of the countries in the story. He was also characterized as a cunning leader, and even though he was a thief, he was considered a very reliable ally to the main cast. Also described as very fat.

And now that I've been recalling the various characters they created, I remember one of the main antagonists in another series of theirs.
The Elenium, comprised of three books:
The Diamond Throne, The Ruby Knight, The Sapphire Rose
This character was named Otha, and he became prodigiously fat over the unnaturally long course of his life. He was initially a simple shepard, who had stumbled upon the idol of an evil god to whom he basically sold his soul.
Being granted nearly-unlimited supernatural and political power, he fell whole-heartedly into his hedonistic urges, drinking and eating to such an extent that he became immensely bloated, like an enormous grub. His arms and legs atrophied to the point of being useless as he was carried in a large palanquin everywhere he went.


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Oct 3, 2005
, Female
I remember reading the first Lynne Murray "Josephine Fuller" novel when it came out, and really enjoying it. I had an Amazon media credit waiting to be used, and just downloaded it to my Kindle so I can read it again. I don't think I ever read any of the others, but I think I will now.


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Feb 1, 2013


HelpBig Bertha
Information-silk Real Name
Bertha Crawford
legally changed from Ashley Crawford)[1]
Information-silk Current Alias
Big Bertha
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Ample Amazon,[citation needed] Lady Volstagg[2]

As a young woman growing up in Wisconsin, Ashley Crawford discovered her mutant ability to completely control the distribution of her body's adipose tissue. Using this power, Ashley crafted the perfect physique and became an internationally famous supermodel.[3][4] For a time, Ashley was the highest paid fashion model in the country, appearing on the covers of multiple magazines.[5] However, yearning for more Ashley responded to an ad in a local newspaper calling for men and women of action. Donning the persona of Big Bertha, Ashley Crawford joined Mr. Immortal's Great Lakes Avengers.[6][5]
Ashley Crawford (Earth-616) from Deadpool GLI - Summer Fun Spectacular Vol 1 1 001
Ashley Crawford, the internationally famous supermodel

Ashley Crawford (Earth-616) from G.L.A. Vol 1 3 001

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