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Jun 30, 2017
, Male
SSBBW, ~XWG, Gluttony, Explicit, Sarah is a young USSBBW with an insane appetite for sweets. After a chance encounter with a FA named Jake, her appetite really blooms.

Sweet Sarah
By NoviceFA​

‘She is perfect! What kind of a name would fit a woman so absolutely stunningly beautiful?! Look at the way she walks, each step visibly labored and heavy as she shuffles through the aisles.’ Her legs were huge, each thigh stretching on for what seemed like miles, the fat pressing tightly against the leggings that were stretched to the point of near transparency. Jake continued to admire the beautiful girl, subtly stalking her through the store.

He watched as she ambled down the aisles, her thighs rolling past each other the soft fat having nowhere to go but to fold over itself as she waddled. ‘Excellent choice!’ Jakes says to himself as he sees her pick up 2 boxes of pastries from the bread aisle, begin to walk away only to turn back and grab a few more boxes. He walks toward her in the aisle, pretending to glance at the food on the shelves, his cart noticeably bare. The beautiful behemoth had captured his attention only a minute or two after he had entered the store, and instead of continuing with his shopping he had been watching her do hers.

She was perfect. He could see her prominent belly as it stretched the fabric on her top and pants, her belly was visible through the stretched fabric of her leggings, and he could see how it rested heavily against her thighs, bouncing and jiggling as she moved. ‘She must weigh at least 600 pounds!’ He thinks to himself as he tries to subtly eye the beauty, pretending to browse the options on the shelves, he picked up various items and pretended to look at the labels, his attention however was completely focused on the enormously obese woman just a few feet away.

She had a round face with very feminine features. Her soft pouty lips were very full and a nice shade of red, her eyes were small, her full cheeks appeared to be encroaching on the openings, causing her eyes to take on a slight almond shape. Her skin was a soft tan color, looking almost blemish free.

“Its not any good…” came a soft, sweet voice, suddenly Jake panicked, the woman was talking… and… to him? He felt his face get hot, like he had just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

“Eh… erm… Im sorry what?” Jake replied, trying to get a foothold in the conversation and figure out what the beautiful girl was talking about.

“The jelly silly! That new flavor isn’t good… not nearly as sweet as jelly should be!” Jake noticed a slight breathiness to her speech, waddling around the store left her noticeably winded jake realized, trying to forget the thought as soon as it entered attempting to avoid any undue embarrassment that an untimely erection would bring. Only then did Jake notice the ‘Limited time only!’ printed in bright red letters in the corner of the jar he was holding.

“Oh… uh okay! Thanks for the heads up!” Jake replied, trying to act natural, and trying to give the impression that he had actually been genuinely interested in the quality of the jelly.

“No problem!” came the quick reply before the woman began waddling away to continue her shopping. Likely to forget about the guy she warned about the jelly in just a few minutes. But Jake couldn’t think of anything to say as he watched the woman walk away, her ass cheeks visibly jiggling with each footfall.

“So… you like jelly, huh?” ‘What the hell are you thinking jake, what was that?!’ Jake immediately panicked to himself as the words left his lips. ‘You like jelly?’ what kind of a stupid question is that? He watched as she turned around, watching her body move was majestic, each roll finding a new place to settle as she turned.

“Hehe… Yea! I like anything that tastes sweet! Can’t you tell?!” Came the reply as the girl patted her massive belly for emphasis… the girl was so candid it caught Jake off guard.

“Of course! Er…. I mean no…. ermm.. “ Jake struggled to respond, any charm he had once possessed went straight out the window as soon as the girl smiled at him and rubbed the soft fat of her belly.

“Its okay hun, i’m fat! there’s no use denying it!” The girl responded, giggling at Jake’s nervous reply.

“Well, you’re also really beautiful, there’s no denying that either!” Jake responded, trying to match the girl’s surprising cheeriness, while also finding a little bit of his charisma that the girl had blown away.

“Oh my goodness! That's so nice, its been awhile since someone paid me such a genuine compliment!” she responded, practically radiating as she smiled with both her eyes and her mouth, revealing a beautiful smile of radiant white teeth.

“You are very welcome! What’s your name by the way, if I don’t at least learn the name of such a beautiful girl I’ll be kicking myself for the rest of the day!” Jake smiled at the girl, his heart racing as he tried to maintain his composure. Was this really happening, he was actually talking to the large and lovely lady who had captured his attention.

“You are just the sweetest guy I’ve ever met! I’m Sarah, what’s your name handsome?” Sarah replied, brushing a loose strand of hair that had made its way into her field of view, smiling a flirtatious smile as she did so.

“I’m Jake, its really great to meet you!” He said, offering the beautiful girl his hand, which she reciprocated. He watched as she lifted her arm toward him, the fat that hung from her bicep jiggling as she did so. Jake couldn’t help but notice how soft and full her hand was, her skin felt like heaven. It seemed like her hands hadn’t done any sort of work in her life, the skin soft as a baby’s bottom.

“Its great to meet you too!” Sarah responded giggling, and looking away, Jakes admiring gaze causing her to lose her composure for a second.

“Hey look, this might be a little forward, but I think you are just absolutely stunning, and If I don’t at least ask I’ll never forgive myself.. So here goes, how would you like to go out for dinner sometime?” Jake made his move, if he would ever have a shot at this beautiful massive girl, this was it.
Sarah smiled as Jake asked the question, her heart fluttering. She’d never been asked on a real date before. Aside from a few dances in high school with a date who was “Just a friend” she hadn’t really ever experienced the dating scene. But here she was, practically sweating just from waddling around the store, with her cart loaded to the brim full of fatty foods, yet nevertheless she had a super handsome guy groveling over her. She had her suspicions forming about Jake’s preferences is women, after all its not often that a girl like herself got hit on by random strangers outside of the online forums she frequented. But here she was, out in the wild being hit on by a guy who by all appearances was a genuinely nice guy.

“I’d love to! You seem so nice!” Sarah responded, touching Jake on his upper arm as she did so, flashing him a smile.

“Awesome, well how about you type your number in, and I’ll give you a call in a couple days, we can do something this weekend!” Jake replied, handing the gorgeous girl his cell phone, trying to keep his hand from shaking from how nervous he actually was despite his relatively collected demeanor that he had fought to regain.

“Sounds good!” Jake watched as Sarah’s chubby fingers hit the screen on his phone. She held the phone on her breasts, resting her arms as she did, her fat arms were no doubt heavy, and holding a phone in front of her face would no doubt produce a strain, which this girl appeared to avoid at all costs. Her face settled down into the extra fat that framed her chin and jaw, extra rolls forming as she focused on his phone. This was actually happening, the most beautifully fat girl he had ever seen was typing her number into his phone, he was ecstatic. “Don’t you dare bail on me, or I’ll be crushed!” Sarah continued, as she handed Jake back his phone.

“I wouldn’t dare bail on a girl half as beautiful as you are!” Jake replied, flashing a smile.

“Hehehe you are cute!” Sarah replied blushing. “Well, I better keep on shopping, they say not to shop on an empty stomach and the longer I stand here the hungrier I get, so If I want to make it out with just one cart, I better get moving!” Sarah laughed as she spoke, her upbeat demeanor was so refreshing.

“Oh my goodness that’s so funny!” Jake laughed at Sarah’s humor, he was always a fan of girls talking about their appetites, especially in such a candid manner. “Alright, well I will see you this weekend Beautiful!” Jake said, as he moved in for a hug. She was just as soft as she looked Jake thought to himself as his midsection made contact with Sarah’s massive stomach, he could feel his dick swelling as it pressed further and further into her massive belly as he attempted to reach his arms around her. She was huge! Only now that he had his arms part of the way around her was he able to fully appreciate her immense size. He guessed there was at least a foot or two of space between his hands on her back, he wouldn’t have been able to reach around her even if he was a massive basketball player with a 7 foot wingspan he mused quietly as he felt Sarah’s massively fat arms circle around him, the heavy, warm, soft, heavenly, fat resting across his shoulders.

“Alright see you then handsome!” Sarah said as they pulled away from each other, winking as she spoke. She was so huge and so incredibly confident and sexy, Jake was blown away, speechless as they walked away from each other, with plans to go out over the weekend. He smiled as he looked at his phone and saw “Sarah <3” typed in with the beautiful girl’s number.

“Oh hey, Sarah!” Jake called after the waddling beauty. “Just wanted to say, going home with two carts wouldn’t be so bad!” Jake said as he winked, Sarah giggled and shook her head laughing at Jakes antics.

“I’ll keep that in mind when I go down the dessert aisle!” Sarah responded, smiling. Her suspicions about Jake’s preferences had almost certainly been confirmed, they had just met and he was already trying to encourage her to buy more food. She smiled to herself as she walked away, she could feel her pussy tingling. This was going to be the start of something wonderful.


Jun 30, 2017
, Male
A few nights later on Wednesday Jake nervously fiddled with his phone, he had been trying to mentally prepare for a few minutes to call the gorgeous girl from the grocery store. She was so perfect, he knew he couldn’t mess this up, this would be his shot to finally have an enormous girlfriend to stuff full of endless food. A girl with a massively fat body for him to explore, fondle, and ****.

“She likes you dude, just DO IT!” Jake says to himself as he circles the little phone icon on his screen next to “Sarah <3” finally he presses it and the phone starts ringing.

Sarah is suddenly awoken by the sound of her cell phone ringing. She was laying on her couch, practically nude aside from the panties she was wearing, which to the untrained eye were practically invisible, hidden by the massive rolls on her hips and ass. She reaches for the phone, brushing a few wrappers away as she does so. An observer would have seen the massively fat girl surrounded by wrappers on every side, popsicles, chips, fruit snacks, cakes, cookies, fast food wrappers, just about anything a fatty would love had left their remains scattered around the gorged beauty.

“H-hello?” Sarah said, trying to change her voice to hide the “just-woke-up” sound in her tone, afterall it was 5 pm, a time when most people were getting off work. She tried to wake up from the grogginess of her food-induced nap. Laying on her couch with all of her glorious fat exposed gorging on fattening foods had been a favorite past-time for Sarah for the last few years, and it had had visible results on her body, but that’s a backstory for another time.

“Hey beautiful! I didn’t wake you up? Did I?” Jake asked, Sarah’s attempt had obviously failed.

“Yea, its okay though, there’s no reason for me to be sleeping right now anyway!” Sarah giggled as she replied. ‘Damn it Sarah, stop giggling, neither of you said anything funny!’ Sarah thought to herself as she tried to hide the nerve wracking effect that Jake had on her.

“Hey don’t worry, it’s just a little beauty rest! And you’ve got a whole lot of beauty so you need a whole lot of rest!” Jake replied, smiling as he imagined what Sarah’s nap might have looked like, she must have been quite a vision freshly woken up, laying in bed all cozy, little did he know about the gluttonous scene that would drive him up a wall with desire if he saw it, this girl was already surpassing his fantasies, whether he knew it or not.

“You’re so funny, you always have something cute to say, don’t you!?” Sarah asked giggling, this time her giggle was justified, she felt. “So how can I help you handsome?” Sarah asked, trying to sound coy, trying to hide the fact that she wanted to jump through the phone and hop on top of Jake and cuddle him to death, she was smitten for sure.

“Well, I wanted to take you up on that date we talked about the other day! I’ve got a few things lined up for Friday evening, how does 6 sound?”

“That sounds perfect!” Sarah replied, any time would be perfect for her, she could definitely take a break from her usual activities of snacking, watching Tv, playing games, and browsing the internet for someone as important as Jake. “I mean, I think I can make some room!” Sarah said jokingly, trying to match some of Jake’s quick humor.

“Well thanks for squeezing me in to your busy schedule!” Jake laughed, thinking about what the gorgeous girl could possible busy herself with, did she have a job? What kind of job could a girl of her size have? He mused quietly, almost forgetting he was still on the phone. “Right, so I’ll pick you up at 6 then!” Jake continued.

“Sounds good tfoo mfee!” Sarah said around a mouthful of food, a twinkie had managed to slip her grasp during her binge, and had just been found, only to meet an immediate demise, like all of its cohorts.

‘Did she just shove food into her mouth mid-sentence talking to a guy she barely knows?’ Jake thought to himself, floored by Sarah’s evident gluttony. “Alright great, see you then!” Jake replied before the two said goodbyes and hung up.

“Alright, now how am I gonna get up?!” Sarah said aloud to no one in particular, noticing the conundrum she had eaten herself into. Sarah was surprisingly mobile for her size, aside from the forced waddle in her step and her slower amble, she was almost entirely independent, only needing her roommate/best friend since elementary school Jessica’s help on a few occasions. This was typically one of those occasions. Sarah had worn a spot in the couch with her weight, causing it to sink especially low in her favorite spot. This made the couch a helluva lot comfier for her, but made the task of standing by herself with an engorged stomach nearly impossible. Luckily she had slept off a bit of her feast, the glorious fullness subsiding just a bit, enough for her to attempt the task solo, otherwise she’d be stuck until Jessica got home around 6. She began shifting her massive weight toward the edge of the couch, her belly spilling over her lap and hanging toward the floor. The bottom of her glorious belly shimmied back and forth as she maneuvered herself closer to the edge. She was an FA’s wildest fantasy come true, and after countless conversations online she was growing increasingly aware of the effect her body had on certain men, Jake seemed to be a part of that group, and she was determined to find out for sure come their date on Friday. This effect often gave her the upper hand in online conversations, something that she enjoyed immensely, the feeling of being admired like an obese goddess drove her wild.

Sarah felt her center of gravity shift forward as she lunged, attempting to capitalize on the momentum her massive hanging belly provided, as it pulled her forward, what remained of her neglected thigh muscles then trembled as she leaned forward, her fat arms extended, the abundant adipose hanging and swinging with every motion.

“Whoooo!.... Done!” Sarah said in a huff as she wiped the sweat from her forehead. She stood there for a second finding her balance and recuperating from the exertion. “Man, I hope Jake really does like big girls, because I’m not getting any smaller!” Sarah’s voice showed the slightest bit of fear, what if she was getting herself all worked up over nothing… Maybe Jake’s seemingly genuine compliments were simply calculated lines designed to lift a fat girl’s spirits only to crush her. She was scared. She surveyed the endless wrappers that announced her gluttonous binge to any soul who happened into her living room. “I can’t rely on Jessica forever… and if things keep going the way they have been I just might need to find someone to help take care of me… Oh Jake, please don’t be just a cruel prank…”

Sarah continued to think about Jake, her increasing weight, and her nerves about their date as she waddled her way toward her room. ‘Who am I kidding, I’m still pretty mobile, I mean I can still shop for myself, clean up after myself, and even make some extra money from home! Even if Jake doesn’t work out, I’m sure I’ll be okay for a little while longer…’ Sarah’s thoughts continued until she reached her bedroom, she sat down in her extra wide, reinforced computer chair. With all the modifications the chair resembled more of a lazy boy recliner with a small moveable desk that was attached to a few joints that allowed Sarah to pull her keyboard to her lap, the monitor was set up in a similar fashion, with a moveable arm that allowed her to pull it into view. This was her livelihood, at least its what she used to supplement the “small endowment” her wealthy parents gave her when they half-heartedly vowed to not support their daughter as she “ate her life away” as they put it. Like we said though, backstory for another time.

For now, Sarah sits in her “computer chair” and puts on her headset, clicking a few boxes on the screen until a dialogue appeared that read: Status: Online; Pay tracking: Active. She then drifts off to sleep as she snacks on a few cookies, waiting for a call. Sarah had been pretty active on an rapidly increasingly popular game since the beta, so much so that the developers asked her to help with customer support. So here she was a few years later ‘leading’ a customer support office from home. In reality, she laid in her chair for a few hours every so often and snacked on anything within reach, occasionally fielding a phone call from anyone important to the company. It wasn’t a bad gig for a girl who had given up tying her own shoes a while back, the difficulties of reaching past her belly simply outweighing the benefits for the obese babe. For now, she was secure, she could still get by with the occasional help of Jessica, but all her thinking was making Jake sound like a gift from the gods, all she had to do was continue being her fat, gluttonous, sweet self. She could do that. It's what she'd been doing for years.

Meanwhile Jake sits in his modern looking apartment. A modest one bedroom that he rented, the rest of his $100,000+ salary going toward savings for the last 8 years since he had graduated college at the young age of 21. He worked for an energy resource company as an engineer helping design safe transport methods for various energy sources. He had enough saved up to buy a nice house with a sizeable down payment, with plenty left over. He was a simple guy, only occasionally spending money on himself for a small vacation or video games. However, despite his personal disinterest in spending money on himself, he dreamed of spoiling a plump princess with everything she desires, and the way things were looking Sarah was a very likely candidate, greatly exceeding the ‘plump’ requirement.

“God, she is just so perfect!” Jake said to himself aloud, thinking about how lucky he was to have encountered the beautiful woman. “She’s like all my wildest fantasies came true and she actually spoke to me first! I really hope this isn’t all just a dream or something!” Jake continued, pinching himself as he spoke. Nope. Very much awake, now with a slight bruise forming on his forearm. “How do I even prepare for taking out a girl like her?” Jake thought to himself as he envisioned the burgeoning behemoth of a girl in his mind. She was huge, He tried to imagine how wide her hips were as he sat in his chair, pretending to gauge the size of her hips with his hands, He placed them about as far apart as he could reach, was she really that big? Or was his mind playing tricks on him, stretching the girl’s proportions in his memory? The ol’ ‘fish gets bigger every time the story is told conundrum’. Could be. But without a doubt she was smoking hot, way fatter than any girl he had ever dated. In fact, likely double as large as the heaviest girl he had ever dated. Jake thought back on the girl who held the title, she was around 280 pounds or so, quite fat by most people’s standards, but to Jake she was beautiful, if anything on the small side. Sarah on the other hand, Sarah was in a league of her own by Jake’s standards. She had it all. A massively fat body, an amazing personality, and a love for food. The trifecta. ‘I better make sure this date blows her away!’ as he looked at his phone checking the reservations and plans he had made to make sure the date would be one Sarah would remember for a long time. I might need a bigger car… Jake thought of his small honda coupe, a commuter car that he’d bought for his job, the car was fine for him, but for a girl of her size it would no doubt prove uncomfortable. With that Jake made a call to a rental company and arranged a reservation for a roomy SUV that was relatively low to the ground, something that would give Sarah enough room, but still be possible for her to climb into. Jake noticed the bulge in his pants start throbbing at the thought.

He could get used to the kinds of obstacles having such an enormous girlfriend would surely present, he liked having to prepare so much for a simple date just because the other half had given herself completely to the dominance of her appetite and gluttonous desires. “Ugh… I can’t wait till friday!” Jake said aloud as he headed to the kitchen to make himself some dinner. Anything to pass the time till friday.


Jun 30, 2017
, Male
Come Friday evening and Jake is maneuvering the small streets of Sarah’s neighborhood, not accustomed to the bulky SUV he had rented. Jake’s hands were tightly gripping the steering wheel, the butterflies in his stomach announcing to himself just how nervous he was for his dream date with his dream girl. &#8216;There it is!’ Jake thinks to himself as he spots the house “yep 316 Jetson Dr. here we are.” Jake said aloud as he took one last look at his phone to confirm the address. He noticed a brand new Land Rover sitting in the driveway with a License plate holder that read “Sweet as Sugar”. &#8216;Damn someone’s got money…’ Jake thought as he walked past the car, noticing that the car was definitely not stock, he could see plenty of modifications that were obviously designed to accommodate the sizeable sweetie, Sarah. From extra handles, an extra step on the outside of the car, and what appeared to be a seatbelt extender, the car had everything to prolong Sarah’s mobility.

*Knock Knock* Jake stood there in front of the door, with a bouquet of flowers and a giant box of chocolates waiting for his date to come to the door. It took a minute or two, causing Jake to second guess himself… maybe Sarah wasn’t as interested as she had seemed… Just then the sounds of heavy steps could be heard from the other side of the door. The door handle turned and the door slowly opened, revealing a sight Jake could never have prepared for. His jaw literally dropped, eliciting a tickled giggle from the girl who had caused the reaction.

Sarah stood there, a pure vision of beauty, sex, and gluttony. Her face was beautifully made up, with contour in all the right places, highlighting her feminine features. Her hair lay on her shoulders, the rich auburn color shimmering in the light. Her smile was radiant… and the rest of her did not disappoint. She was wearing a very form fitting red dress that hugged every roll, curve, fold, and bulge on her body. He could clearly see her belly as it hung toward her knees, the fabric stretched across her massive tummy, Jake could see the fat jiggle as she giggled at his awestruck reaction, causing him to become even more entranced by the beautiful girl. The dress was sleeveless, leaving her huge arms exposed for Jake’s eyes to examine. They were gigantic, true pillow arms. The fat looked so incredibly soft, the skin stretched to hold all of the excess adipose. Her upper arm fat spilled over her elbows, causing a deep fold where the joints should have been.The dress revealed a massive amount of her cleavage, which like her belly jiggled when she laughed. Her boobs were huge, easily the size of Jake’s head, probably much bigger. God every perceivable inch of her was simply stuffed full of fat. His eyes wandered down her body, eyeing the dramatic curve of her hips as they flared outward, exaggerating her feminine shape despite the hundreds of excess pounds she had packed on her body. Her thighs were packed tightly together under the dress, his eyes focused on the end of the dress, where her slightly paler thigh flesh was visible. He counted at least 3 distinct folds just on the portion of her inner thighs that were visible. Her knees had met a similar fate as her elbows, an indented fold being the only marker of the joint that was visible years ago. Her thigh fat spilled over her knees on all sides, likely one of the main culprits that had caused her once relatively graceful gait to become a fat-inhibited waddle.Her calves hadn’t managed to escape the effects of years of gluttony on her body either, the flesh of the upper part of her calves dimpled with cellulite.

“Well… don’t just stare at me all… night.. Gimme a hug!” Sarah said, slightly winded from her waddle to the door.

“Oh… uh… oh yea.. I… uh… of course… sorry! It’s so nice to see you, you look absolutely stunning!” Jake said as he moved in for a hug, embracing the immense girl. She was just as soft as he remembered, and just as large as he had been imagining in his memory, if not softer and larger.

“You are just so sweet!” Came the reply as Sarah slowly recovered from her exertion. “And you look absolutely handsome!” Sarah continued, running her hands down Jake’s sides as they each pulled away from the hug. Sarah had been desperate to touch Jake since the grocery store, so she took the chance. Jake didn’t seem to mind.

“Awh thanks gorgeous! I hope you are ready for some good food and a great time!” Jake responded before his eyebrows furrowed a little bit and a confused expression was visible on his face. “What’s this?” Jake said as he motioned toward an object in Sarah’s hand. It looked like a seatbelt. Why was she carrying around a seatbelt, and why was she bringing it on their first date?

“Oh… uhmmm.. Thats, well thats a seatbelt extender…” Sarah said as she turned her gaze from jake and toward the floor, a little embarrassed as she said the words. “I don’t really fit in any seatbelts anymore, so I thought i’d bring it with me…” Sarah’s words trailed off as she prepared for derision from Jake. After all, who wouldn’t think it was weird that a girl has to bring a seatbelt extender just to be able to ride in a car.

“Of course! Safety first! I couldn’t bear the thought of you getting hurt, especially not on our first date! I want at least a few more!” Jake said smiling at the girl, grabbing her hand as he spoke to reassure her after he noticed the embarrassment in her voice.

“You always know what to say… I’m glad you don’t think its weird.” Sarah responded, the smile returning to her face.

“Hey, like you told me when we met, you’re fat, there is no denying it, and I wouldn’t have asked you on a date if I didn’t want to be here with you, seatbelt extender and all, end of story! Now let’s start moving, I’m hungry…” Jake said excitedly, testing the waters with the whole fat thing, she had said it first and he was just following her lead, trying to figure out just how accepting of her body she was.

“Sounds good!” Sarah responded as she grabbed Jake’s hand and the two walked toward Jake’s rented SUV.
“Oh thank god, you drive an SUV I was so worried about having to squeeze into some clown car!” Sarah said as she walked, her steps obviously straining her speech as she attempted to speak as fluidly as possible, despite the exertion.

“Haha about that, well actually this is a rental, I do in fact drive a clown car, which is why I opted for the rental tonight.” Jake responded laughing at Sarah’s reaction.

“Oh my goodness, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to talk bad about your car....”

“Hey don’t worry about it, i’ve been thinking about upgrading for a while, maybe it is time for an SUV in my life…” Jake said, squeezing Sarah’s hand as they approached the car. &#8216;Wow that hint was a little forward Jake, haven’t even gotten to dinner and you are talking about buying a new car that fits fatties better. Real great…’ Jake thought to himself as he opened Sarah’s door she brushed against him as she approached the door opening, her hips sliding against his crotch. It was glorious, the feeling of her soft fat pressed against him was unreal. It took all of his self control to not just jump on top of her right there on the curb.

Once in his seat Jake smiled at Sarah, both beginning to say something at the same time…
“You go first.” Said Jake as he continued smiling at the gorgeous girl.

“Hehe okay, well I was just going to say that I think the SUV idea is a great one, maybe i’m a touch partial, but I would definitely want to ride around in your new SUV….” Sarah giggled as she flirted, she was so new at all this, and she was trying to follow Jake’s lead.

“Well gosh, where is the nearest car dealership around here? If a new SUV is all it takes to get you to want to keep riding around with me, then I’ll go sign the papers on one right now!” Jake jokingly began fiddling with the navigation in the car.

“Woah woah woah... not so fast there bud, I’m famished if you don’t get me to a restaurant right now you are going to have one upset fatty on your hands!” Sarah joking huffed in anger as she spoke, placing her fists on her soft hips in feigned defiance, her hands sinking a few inches into the abundant fat.

“Hahaha, you’re right, lets go!” Jake laughed at the obese girl’s fake fit.
With that the duo was on their way to their date a la Jake.

“No way! We’re going to Rio’s?! I love that place!” Sarah said as they pulled in to the parking lot of the restaurant.

“Yea, I figured it’s a nice restaurant, and since we have such a famished girl on our hands it wasn’t a bad choice!” Jake was referencing the style of dining at Rio’s, It was a brazilian restaurant, one of the ones where the waiter’s walk around with giant skewers of various meats. As well as bottomless portions on all the sides. It was essentially a buffet in everything but name, the restaurant worked hard to preserve the classy atmosphere and fine dining feel despite the stigmas that surround buffets.

“Oh yea, its great, good thing too cuz I am starving and I could really go for one of those roasted pineapple things with the cinnamon sugar on it! Mhmmmmm! So good!” Sarah’s mouth watered as Jake parked the car.

“You really are one for the sweeter things in life huh?” Jake asked as the two got out of the car, he wanted to know more about her in every way, and when she left the opportunity open for him to glean more understanding of her gluttonous proclivities, he jumped on it.

“Hehehe, yea… sheesh everyone picks up on that so quick!” Sarah giggled, the robust color of her face deepening a bit as she blushed, hiding her gaze just a bit with her auburn hair. It was true though, she had always had an obsession with sweets, ever since she could remember. Her parents would even tell stories of the fits she threw as a baby any time they tried to give her any variant of gerbers that wasn’t some sort of sweet fruit mixture. This consistent need for sweet stimulation had earned her the nickname Sweet Sarah at a very young age.

“Well, the first thing you said to me was a warning about the lack of sweetness in a jelly I was looking at, so if you are trying to hide it hon, you might need to work a little harder!” Jake toyed with Sarah as they approached the doors. He opened the door for her and placed his hand on the small of her back as she waddled past, he cherished the warm softness that greeted him, separated only by the stretched thin fabric of her dress. He could actually feel the undulations in her fat as her feet made consistent contact with the ground.

After informing the hostess of his reservation of the private romance table the restaurant offered for additional charge the two were shown to a slightly private corner of the restaurant, a table specially decorated with a candle, white tablecloth and a bottle of wine was waiting for them.

“Oh my god, Jake… this is amazing!” Sarah found a natural break in the sentence to sneak in a sharp breath in order to try to make the rest of her speech sound almost natural, as if she wasn’t breathing like she had just ran a mile.

“Oh its nothing, I just made a phone call the restaurant did all the work.” Jake responded, beaming with excitement that his gesture hadn’t gone unnoticed.

“Yea, but you set this up… I’m speechless this is the nicest thing a guy has ever done for me!” Sarah tried not to break out into tears, she really had a soft spot for genuine, kind gestures, especially coming from a guy she was so interested in.

“Well, lets sit down, no need for you to have to stand around wasting your energy!” Jake suggested, motioning for Sarah to slide into the roomy booth.

Meanwhile Sarah simply prayed that she’d save them both embarrassment and actually fit into the seat. She held her breath and futilely tried to reduce the massive circumference of her midsection as she lowered her girth into the seat. It was no use.Her massive belly immediately made definite contact with the table, loudly causing it to scrape against the floor a few inches. &#8216;Thank god this wasn’t nailed down or that could have been uncomfortable.’ Sarah thought as her face turned bright red at the sound of the table. Thankfully the couple was in a secluded enough area that no one seemed to notice, or if they did they weren’t within Sarah’s line of sight.

“Don’t worry about that, no one cares, it’s just you and me tonight, okay?” Jake said responding to the new color in Sarah’s face. He tried to act natural as he slid into his side of the booth, hiding his surprise at how tight his half now was because of the adjustment Sarah’s fat had made to their seating arrangement. Jake noticed that despite the extra room Sarah’s belly was still packed tightly against the table. “Are you comfortable enough?”

“Yea.. just hold on… there we go…” Sarah said as she shifted in the seat, allowing her belly to spill between her thighs rather than rest on top of them, which had been causing it to press harder against the table. Jake was enthralled with the girl, she really was perfect, even better than he remembered and infinitely sexier than any dream girl he could have whipped up for himself given the power.

“You are just absolutely stunningly beautiful, you know that?” Jake asked smiling as he stared at the obese girl across from him. He then grabbed the opened wine bottle on the table and poured them each a glass.

“Oh stop, you are just too nice!” Sarah said as she bit her lip. Jake paying her so many compliments and so much attention really was driving her wild. She could feel her pussy get warm as she looked into his eyes.

“Oh here they come!” Jake said changing the subject as a server appeared around the corner.

“Hey guys, welcome to Rio’s, we’re so happy you’re spending your evening together with us, I see you already have wine, anything else I can get you?” The waitress asked as she tried not to react to the immense girth of the girl sitting in front of her.

“Uhmmm… could I get a large strawberry banana smoothie?” Sarah asked immediately, the wine was good and all, but she needed a sweeter addition to her meal to supplement it.


“And I’ll take a water” Jake said as the waiter turned toward him.

“Sounds good guys, have you had a chance to look over the sides? You get to pick 3 of the 6 as a table, and they are brought out as you need more.” the waitress took the liberty of explaining how the restaurant worked, since it wasn’t a common dining style.

“Oh, I actually said on the phone we would take all 6, the arrangements should have been made....” Jake responded caught off guard.
The waitress immediately responded with a sincere apology as she glanced at her notepad that she pulled from her back pocket to confirm the man’s claim.

“You are absolutely right, I’ll start bringing that out, and the kitchen crew should be coming around shortly with the meat.” The waitress said as she turned and left the couple alone.

“All of them? You really do know the way to a fat girl’s heart!” Sarah immediately said as soon as the waitress was out of earshot.
Before Jake had the chance to respond a gentleman was standing at their table. With what appeared to be some sort of beef on a skewer.

“Miss could you move your fork?” The waiter asked as he positioned the meat to cut some from the skewer.
The waiter then cut off a generous portion of meat for both Sarah and Jake before disappearing from where he’d come, only to be replaced by another man with a different meat, followed by the waitress with the sides.

After a few visits from the staff the couples table resembled a royal banquet table at a celebratory feast. Various dishes full of food filled just about every empty space on the table.

“Wow! This is quite the line up!” Sarah said, Immediately followed by her eyes lighting up. “Ooooooh oooh! Sir over here please!” Sarah suddenly exclaimed. As she spoke her hand shot into the air, to indicate where she was. Jake watched as her hand rose in the air, the soft fat that had been resting against her side was sent jiggling through the air as it tried to catch up to the swift movement.

Jake turned his head to see a waiter carrying a skewer that had pineapple rings attached to it, the rings a golden color, having been cooked and covered in cinnamon and sugar. &#8216;You couldn’t sneak something sweet past this girl if you were Jet Li himself!’ Jake mused silently as he stared at the excited girl calling after the waiter and biting her lip.

“Uhmm… could I please have a few more?” Sarah asked sweetly with puppy dog eyes in response to the waiter portioning only a single ring out to her.

“Oh… uh yea, of course, sorry about that!” The guy responded, pulling 3 more rings from the skewer and giving them to the greedy glutton.

“For you sir?” the waiter asked, turning to Jake.

“Sure, why don’t you just give me the last two?” Jake suggested, noticing that Sarah had left the skewer nearly bare.

After emptying the skewer the waiter took his leave, disappearing around the corner back into the main portion of the restaurant, probably headed for the kitchen to gossip with the rest of the staff about the gluttonous pig that was keeping them all busy.

“See they’re good! You like &#8216;em too!” Sarah said, referencing the rings on the small plate Jake had received.

“They’re good, but pineapple isn’t really my thing, these are for you.” Jake said smiling as he reached the small plate over to Sarah. A wide grin spread across Sarah’s face from ear to ear at the gesture.

“OH MY GOD you are the best!” Sarah exclaimed as she quickly grabbed the plate, forgetting to act lady-like because of her excitement. “At your rate bud, I don’t think you’ll be able to get rid of me at all, whether you buy the SUV or not…” Sarah joke flirted as she began eating one of the rings. “.... I’ll be like a fat stray cat that follows you around!” Sarah giggled at her own joke, and jake did the same.


Jun 30, 2017
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“You’re too cute!” Jake responded as he watched the girl begin eating. “And dessert before dinner! A true sign of a sweetaholic!” Jake continued.

Sarah chortled a little bit, trying not to spill any of the food she was chewing from her mouth. “You can’t say stuff like that when… I haffve my moufth full..” Sarah said, taking a small pause to shove more of the pineapple in her mouth before finishing the sentence, talking with her mouth full.

This girl was such a greedy eater,as soon as one bite was gone, the next followed.
“Wait, so when exactly am I supposed to talk then?” Jake smiled at his own joke.

“Hey thafts not funny!” Sarah responded, scowling slightly at Jake, despite the obvious curl in her lips that indicated her smile despite her mouth full of food.

“I’m only teasing, don’t let me stop you from eating!”

“I know, I mean, I didn’t peg you for the type that would try to put me on a diet…” Sarah said smiling at Jake as she began tearing in to the main course, having finished her pineapple rings.

“Never, I think you should eat whatever you want, whenever you want!” Jake responded smiling as he tried the various meats.

“Mhmmmh this one’s good! Nice and sweet!” Sarah said pointing at one of the plates of meat, not directly responding to Jake, distracted by the delicious food. “Oh… uh and yea, I figured as much, after that line at the grocery store! You were practically begging me to leave with more food, the way you smiled and winked at me! I melted right there in the aisle!”

“Uhhh! Yes! I’m so glad you didn’t think that was weird!” Jake responded relieved. He was never sure how some of what he said was coming across, but Sarah appeared to be eating it all up (No pun intended).

“No not weird at all... “ Sarah paused, taking a bite of the sweetest meat she had found, having &#8216;sampled’ them all to narrow it down. &#8216;Sampled’ is a relative term for Sarah, in reality she had eaten a generous helping of each meat before simply dumping a mound of the sweetest one onto her plate. “In fact…mmfm imf happy tfo report tfhat I was afble to leafe with almost two carts stuffed to the brim…” Sarah continued shoveling bite after bite of food into her mouth as she ate. Little did Jake know but he was being tested. Despite Sarah’s seeming preoccupation with the food, she was in fact gauging Jake’s reaction to each of her antics, testing the boundaries of what he appreciated. He seemed to be enjoying what he saw. &#8216;I think he’s a keeper…’ Sarah thought to herself as she watched Jake cover his mouth a bit, preparing to respond despite having just taken a bite of food.

“Thats awesome!” Jake replied, swallowing his food. “You have quite the appetite, don’t you?” Jake asked. Sarah’s appetite was obvious to him already, as well as to all of the wait staff who happened by their table, continually delivering refills on the various side items, including plenty of the meat that Sarah had zero’d in on, oh, and of course more smoothies.

“Uhmmm Yea!” Sarah responded matter of factly before shoving a huge bite of food past her lips. “Had one since I can remember. Ever since I was little all I wanted to do was eat delicious food. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t thinking of my next meal before I had finished my current one…” Sarah said around the food. This wasn’t a part of Jake’s test. This was true, she really had always had an undeniable obsession with food.

“That’s so cute!” Jake responded smiling, feeling his dick throb as he watched his gorgeous date gorge on the various foods whilst describing her descent into gluttony. “Tell me more about the young Sarah!” Jake continued.

Sarah went on to describe various parts of her childhood, intermincing the main narrative with little stories about her growing gluttony. She had always snuck food past her parents. They were the prim and proper type, both of them having been trust fund socialites who had never held a real job of their own, simply growing their fortunes through investments. So, naturally having a little piggy for a daughter didn’t fit their world very well, Sarah explained to Jake. Diet after diet coupled with personal trainer after personal trainer, counseling, incentive programs, nothing had succeeded at abating the growing girl’s obsession with food, especially sweets. Her parents had even considered an experimental brain surgery that was supposed to kick her appetite-controlling hormones into overdrive! Sarah told Jake with disgust at the prospect. However, despite Sarah’s best efforts to constantly binge her parents had succeeded at keeping their daughter’s weight at a relatively reasonable level for most of her childhood. Then came college.

“So once you got to college you were just free to let loose a bit then?” Jake interjected as Sarah explained, connecting the dots in his own head.

“Yea mmmfph pfretty much!” Sarah responded, electing not to get into the details of her shaping years in college just yet.

“So how about now, are your parents okay with your lifestyle?” Jake asked.

“Well, no not really…” Sarah responded, trailing off, the details of her parents position toward her gluttony still a little tender.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to pry, we can talk about it later….” Jake quickly spoke up, noticing the sudden shift in Sarah’s demeanor. This was obviously a touchy subject for her, one better left for a time other than the first date. “So how &#8216;bout pets, have any of those?”

“Hey hey hey not so fast mister!” Sarah responded, the sad tone leaving her voice. “You have to tell me all about you now!”

“Oh! Of course” Jake replied, beginning to explain his upbringing. He had had a pretty run of the mill childhood. Sports such as football and baseball as a young boy, and an unhealthy obsession with video games. “You see, the N64 came out when I was like 5 or 6, we got it for Christmas… and its been an obsession ever since.” Jake said.

“OMG me too!” Sarah responded, to the obsession with video games part, not necessarily the N64 for christmas part, seeing as Jake was a few years her senior apparently. “Anyway, keep going, and don’t forget the parts about loving fat chicks!” Sarah said candidly, the wine loosening her tongue a little bit. Jake’s face went red at the statement, no one had ever been so direct with him about his preferences, certainly there were people who had caught on after his fourth or fifth girlfriend who was more than just a little &#8216;curvy’, but no one had ever called him on it.

“Oh! Erm… yea of course!” Jake said squirming in his chair, this had never been a topic he had discussed with anyone other than anonymously online, but here went nothing.

“Well, you see the first thing I really remember about my…. *ehehm*” Jake cleared his throat before continuing “.. my preference, I guess you’d call it… was well, I was like 11 and I was watching… like just random tv stations until I happened upon a channel, and I don’t even know what the name of the show was, but there was this girl on TV and she was probably close to 300 pounds, and she was only wearing a bikini… I think it was a weight loss show or something…” Sarah giggled at the irony, causing Jake to crack a smile as well. “I know right, a weight loss show turned me on to fat chicks… how ironic, right?” Jake said noticing Sarah’s tickled reaction. “Anyway, like I was saying, this girl just captured my absolute attention, everything about her, the way she moved, the curves of her body… everything just made me want to be with her… now mind you I was 11 so it was more of like an innocent attraction… but yea you get the point.” Jake said chasing a bean across his plate with his fork to distract himself from the fear of Sarah’s reaction.

“That’s so cute!” Sarah responded, reassuring Jake. “Like, seriously I can just imagine you sitting there blindsided by this sudden revelation about yourself…” Sarah giggled and reached for Jakes hand that was resting by his plate. “Honestly though, I think you have nothing to be ashamed of!” Sarah said taking Jakes hand in hers. “I mean, maybe I’m a little biased for obvious reasons…” Sarah said as she grabbed the roll on her belly that was still visible above the table, jiggling it as she spoke to demonstrate her point.This jiggling translated all the way through every inch of her free-hanging belly, causing it to in turn jiggle her inner thigh fat, sending a wave of pleasure through her pussy. “Mmmhmmm.. But I think its great that you like fat girls…” Sarah said suppressing a moan as she continued with her sentence.

“Dear god you are the sexiest girl alive!” Jake said in response to Sarah’s display of her fat.

“Ah thanks sweetie!” Sarah responded “Ooof… I think i’m starting to feel a little full…” Sarah said finally, the table littered with dirty plates and 6 or so empty smoothie glasses (Sarah had asked for more than a few refills.)

“Oh okay, well then let’s get some more of the pineapple things and anything else you want before you reach capacity!” Jake responded, winking at Sarah.

“You really do like fatties, don’t you?!” Sarah asked flirtatiously “I tell you i’m getting full, and your response is to get more food so that I can stuff myself some more? Hehehe I could get used to having you around!” Sarah was going crazy, Jake was just absolutely perfect! All she wanted to do was eat for him and let him have his way with her. &#8216;God, if I don’t get some release soon i’m going to start soaking through to my dress!’ Sarah thought to herself, feeling her panties drenched in her juices, desperate to have Jake inside of her. &#8216;Good thing I’ve got this belly to shield the dress a bit from my pussy!’ her thoughts continued, realizing upon closer evaluation that her belly hung completely over her pussy and well past it toward the floor, still though, even that wouldn’t be enough soon.

“Hey, I just want to make sure you get enough of the good stuff! Wouldn’t want you leaving here disappointed!” Jake replied, he noticed a shift in Sarah’s demeanor… she was staring at him with &#8216;sex eyes’ as he called it. She was staring at him and biting her lip as she continued to stuff her mouth with various meats, sides, and soon pineapple Jake noticed as the waiter with the skewer came around the corner, this time it was full, the shape of the pineapple practically visible in the outline of the golden brown rings. He was also carrying a to-go box in his other hand. Jake had slipped away to the restroom earlier in the dinner and paid the kitchen extra to bring Sarah a skewer of the pineapple to go, along with a skewer for her to eat as they finished chatting.

“Here you go miss!” the waiter said as he slid the entire skewer onto Sarah’s rapidly emptying plate, and placed the full to-go box next to it on the table.

“Thank you!” Jake responded before Sarah could catch on, and the waiter disappeared.

“You are just chock full of surprises, aren’t ya?!” Sarah asked Jake cutely, as she popped part of one of the pineapple rings in her mouth. With her ravenous belly sated she had regained her composure, no longer shoveling food into her mouth… and Jake had passed his little test, he was definitely an admirer of fatties such as herself, and he had also managed to make their 2 hour long meal feel like a weekend vacation with the onslaught of yummy food and laughs.

“What can I say, you are just adorable enjoying your food, I can’t help but want to buy you an endless supply!” Jake said honestly, her gluttony had truly taken the centerstage of Jake’s desire and fantasies. By the time the short exchange was finished Sarah had finished her pineapple rings, the sweet taste causing her to lose control and eat slightly faster again.

“*buuurp* oh my goodness excuse me!” Sarah said shocked, covering her mouth after the small belch she hadn’t seen coming. “Oh and, I wouldn’t be opposed to that whole endless supply of food idea…” Sarah smiled as she spoke, batting her eyes at Jake as she rubbed the upper portion of her belly.

“I can’t believe i’m not dreaming right now!” Was the only reply Jake could think of, which he said aloud, eliciting a laugh from Sarah.

“I could say the same!” Sarah agreed as Jake began standing up.

“Well I hate to rush things along, but we aren’t quite done yet.” Jake said, referencing the rest of the date that he still had planned.

“Oh my goodness Jake, okay, but... I don’t think you know just how much food I just ate…” Sarah said, still rubbing the portion of her hanging belly that she could reach. “I think I’m gonna need some help, and some extra patience from you… I’m not sure how quickly I can get around with such a full tummy!” Sarah said, trying to win Jake’s sympathy. But she also wanted any excuse for him to get close to her, and a little extra help to get around sounded like just the ticket in her engorged state.

“Of course! Here let me help you up!” Jake said, quickly lifting the table slightly and scooting it away. He had wanted to be pressed up against Sarah since they’d gotten to the restaurant, the table feeling like it might as well have been the Grand Canyon separating him from her unbelievable softness. He leaned in close, his knees making contact with her wide ass that was spilling over the sides of the seat she was in, he felt as they sank into the soft adipose. He grabbed the underside of her arm closest to him as she began shifting her weight to attempt to scoot over, one enormous ass cheek being lifted and scooted slightly at a time, Jake assisting her in shifting her weight. Her arm felt absolutely heavenly, and this was the first time he had really had a handful of her warm fat. It was amazing, her arm fat easily exceeding the fat that his previous girlfriends had had on their entire stomachs. He could feel it wobble and jiggle between his finger with every sharp movement Sarah made. Finally Sarah began shifting outward, her dress just above her knees, with her belly fully visible for anyone who might come around the corner to see. But mainly to Jake. He could see her belly hang between the soft fat of her thighs, her dress just barely long enough to cover it when she stood.

“Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry!” Sarah said trying in vain to pull her dress down in an attempt to cover the hanging mass of fat that jiggled with the slightest movement and was littered with stretchmarks that had obviously faded over time, each one the memory of a distant binge.

“It’s okay don’t worry, I don’t mind, and no one else is coming for a minute, let’s just get you on your feet.” Jake said calmly but breathily as he tried his absolute hardest to resist plunging his swelling dick into the fat of her engorged stomach.

“Yea I can see you don’t mind!” Sarah exclaimed as she grabbed the bulge that had formed in Jake’s pants. The move surprised Jake to the point of near climax. This burgeoning behemoth of a girl had just stuffed herself to the point of needing help standing in a restaurant, and here she was her belly hanging out of the bottom of her dress touching his dick through his pants. This girl was just full of surprises.

Those thoughts rushed through Jake’s mind, but the only reaction he could muster was to lean in and kiss Sarah passionately on the lips. He felt as his body sank into the warm cloud of her fat, he became seemingly encompassed in her soft adipose as he passionately kissed her soft plump lips, the taste of sweetened pineapple still lingering on her lips. He felt his dick throbbing against her belly, she could feel it to, causing her to moan slightly through the kiss, fireworks exploding in her mind and her pussy gushing with anticipation. All she could feel was immeasurable lust for Jake, and a desire to let him do whatever he wanted to her.

Jake finally broke off the kiss, the thought of being discovered in the indecent act snapping him back to the restaurant and out of Sarah’s sweet spell.

“C’mon let’s get you on your feet I know just where we can finish this.” Jake whispered breathily in Sarah’s ear, caressing her plump neck as he did so, eliciting a muffled moan from Sarah.

“Okay…” Was all she could respond, Jake having her equally under his spell, the two lost in each other. One a feedee in need of being fed to the bursting point by her prince charming, the other a feeder who desperately needed a piggy who would eat everything he put in front of her. They were a match made in heaven, and their first meal together had set that in stone.


Jun 30, 2017
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The two rocked Sarah to her feet, she leaned heavily on Jake as she rose, desperately attempting to remove some of her weight from her legs as she exerted herself. Jake helped immensely as the obese girl came to her feet, finding her balance before jake grabbed her clutch and slipped it under his arm, and grabbed the to go box of pineapple with the same hand. The other he used to slip under Sarah’s arm, offering himself as a balance as the glutted girl slowly waddled toward the exit. People stared as the couple rounded the corner into the main portion of the restaurant, the immense girl drawing just about all the eyes in the place to herself as she shuffled through the restaurant. Jake opened the door and the growing girl waddled past him smiling and biting her lip as she did so, obviously proud of her gluttonous display, and absolutely enraptured by Jake. Once to the SUV Jake helped Sarah inside, the task offering an excuse for him to get his hands on her body in ways that he thoroughly enjoyed. He heaved her by the side of her hip, grabbing around to her belly and her massive ass as he helped her in the car, his arms sinking into her lard filled midsection.

He joined her in the car, staring over at her from the driver’s seat as she stared back, both of their eyes burning with lust for the other. They practically pounced on eachother, Sarah doing slightly less moving due to her encumbered state. Jake kissed her passionately as his hands explored her body. He slipped his fingers between roll after roll as she moaned through their kiss, her hips attempting to buck under all of her fat. He occasionally grabbed a firm handful of her fat, shaking the roll, sending undulations throughout her body. Her magnificent belly was a playground that would take him a lifetime to explore, every inch stretched full of fat, jiggling as she moved, or even when she didn’t, it seemed.

“You’re so fucking sexy!” Jake exclaimed as he pulled away from the kiss for a split second. Sarah simply moaned in response, pulling Jake back in.
The kiss at the booth had been her first real kiss, one that wasn’t prompted by truth or dare or some stupid joke, and she loved it. The night had been perfect and she never wanted it to end, she held Jake’s head as they kissed, the feeling of his hands exploring her body was one that she wasn’t used to, but one that she immediately fell in love with. It was like crack, she could feel the dopamine coursing through her body as pleasure radiated from wherever his hands were making contact with her inflated form.

“Mhmmmmm I nnnneeed you….” was the only intelligent response she could think of, all of her senses dedicated to the pleasure wave that was washing over her. Jake explored her thighs, lifting the dress as he went, each roll and fold receiving the attention it deserved, the skin and fat becoming softer and more pliable the higher up his hands rose. He could feel the warmth radiating from her swollen womanhood as his hands slipped between her thighs, eliciting a loud moan from Sarah. “Oooooohhh uhhhhhhmmmm!!! ****!!!” was what came out, against her will, she wasn’t one to swear very often, but the word seemed like the only one she could think of. Jake made contact with the outer folds of Sarah’s tingling pussy, his hand fully lubricated by her juices. She had never had any sort of experience like this and her body was responding in force. He toyed with the lips of her pussy as he kissed her neck.

Suddenly he pulled away. “Alright cutie… we still have plans, so let’s pick up here later okay!” Jake said as he reached as far around Sarah as he could, grabbing her fat and kissing her before she responded.

“Uhhmmm oooh… Okay….” Sarah panted as she stared at Jake, the effect he had on her was unreal.

“The sun is about to set so we gotta get moving!” Jake said, noticing the orange hues appearing in the sky as the sun quickened its descent. Jake drove the SUV to a destination unrevealed to Sarah, but she quickly realized they were heading to their city’s largest park, one that was up in the foothills a little, but it was huge and had a great view of the city and landscape. The two chatted as Jake drove, both of them slowly regaining their composure, but nevertheless still making eyes at each other as Jake stole glances at Sarah while he drove. Jake rubbed Sarah’s massive thighs with his free hand, the warm fat feeling like the perfect stress reliever, his fingers sinking deep into her thigh as he massaged her soft adipose.

“You know I can’t… just go on a nice walk through the park like this right?!” Sarah asked, breathing heavily, framing her immense stomach with her arms as much as she could to emphasize its swollen state.
“I know, I know, don’t worry sweetie, we won’t be doing much walking, wouldn’t want you burning off any extra calories!” Jake said, winking. They both had sufficiently explored the other’s desires and turn-ons enough to roughly know that they were both after the same goal: To keep Sarah stuffed, and grow her immense body into a mountain of fat.

“Hehehe… yea, and honestly just sitting here… all worked up probably has me burning more calories than any self-respecting fatty should…” Sarah said cutely as she probed the massive rolls of her belly that were within reach.

“Oh my god look at this thing!” Jake exclaimed as his eyes were drawn to Sarah’s hands on her belly. He reached over and grabbed one of the more prominent rolls, the flesh exposed by Sarah’s short dress that was practically pulled up to her belly button, leaving her immense corpulent belly exposed, her cute panties just barely visible under her massive belly and ass. She was pretty much on full display for Jake. The short tight dress had been fine earlier in the evening, but in her current state it didn’t stand a chance against her corpulent body. She was vulnerable and exposed, her entire fattened form splayed out in Jake’s rental. She felt Jake jiggle her jello belly, sending waves of fat undulating throughout her body, eliciting a loud moan.

“Mhmmmmnmmm Itsss p- pretty big, huh?” Sarah asked fighting back moans as she spoke, Jake’s strong hands exploring her body was a sensation she could get used to.

“Its massive!” Jake replied as he parked near an open field that was lined with large mature trees. The sun was just beginning to make contact with the tree line, igniting the sky with rich purples and oranges. The field was strung with lights and a blanket surrounded by pillows was laid out in the middle. The sight took Sarah’s breath away.

“Oh my god!” were the only words Sarah could think of, forgetting the topic at hand: her belly.

“I’m glad you like it!” Jake watched the look of pleasant surprise on Sarah’s face. She was so beautiful, an enormous girl he could spoil to no end.

“Jake… you’re amazing….” Sarah said, still awestruck.

“It’s nothing, really, now let’s get you out of this car and on that blanket or we’ll miss the entire sunset!” Jake said, getting out of the car and circling around to Sarah’s door. He pulled the handle, and Sarah’s confined hips did the work of opening the door for him, almost pushing him out of the way. He stared at the slightly tan flesh, obviously a genetic predisposition, as he doubted some of the fat he was seeing had seen much sunlight in years.

“Alright handsome.. But don’t forget to help me get out there!” Sarah said, walking on flat, hard surfaces was one thing, but a walk over unlevel soft grass would prove even more difficult. Sarah’s inflated body slid out of the SUV as Jake took hold of one of her enormous arms.

Once she was standing in front of him he made a proposition that caught her off guard.

“Hey, so I paid a friend who manages the landscape here at the park to close the gates a little early for “overnight chemical treatments”... so there are enough temporary no trespassing signs with strict cancer warnings around, and we are in a remote enough area of the park that only cars can really reach back here… so we should have the place to ourselves…. Why don’t we slip that dress off, it's not like its doing a whole lot except restricting your glorious body!” Jake said, his hands tracing the outline of the bottom of the dress, which was still partially hiked up, her heavy form sliding out of the SUV had caused it to pop up almost over her hips, she could feel the sun’s rays on the bottom of her belly, although she couldn’t see over the enormous abundance of fat that was attached to her front.

“Oh… my… goodness Jake…” Sarah said surprised, the guy wanted to get her practically naked right there in… public? I guess she couldn’t call it that considering Jake’s revelation about the status of the park. “That… sounds… hot!” Sarah responded, Jake had such an effect on her, just about anything he suggested sounded great to her. All she wanted to do was be his prize piggy, to do with what he would.

With permission received Jake began sliding the dress up Sarah’s fattened form. Each inch the dress rose revealed more soft, tan flesh that quivered with anticipation as Jake’s eyes explored it for the first time. Her belly seemed to be endless, the dress continuing to reveal roll after roll of heavy adipose. Jake then reached her head, at which point she put her enormous arms in the air, the dress sliding up and over her head revealing her massive tits as they were pressed together by her bra, seemingly defying gravity.

She stood there in all her glory, all of her flesh exposed to the refreshing summer air. “Oh my goodness…” Sarah breathed, her vulnerable state causing her breathing to become heavier as she waited in anticipation for Jake’s approval.

“You… are… a… goddess!” Jake exclaimed slowly as he evaluated Sarah’s swollen form. Each roll cascaded into the next as gravity valiantly attempted to pull the weak obese girl to her knees, the weight of years of gluttony constantly pulling her towards the earth.

“Hehehe….” Was all Sarah could reply as she hid her full face in her hands, as if covering her eyes would do anything to shield her expanse of exposed flesh from Jake’s gaze. “You… you’re sure… no one is going to be up here?” Sarah said as she quickly stole glances at their surroundings, she had never been this exposed before in the open, the feeling was weird, terrifying yet exhilarating. The fear of being caught adding to the excitement, a secret kink she had always had.

“I’m sure!” Jake replied as he opened the back door of the SUV for a reason unknown to Sarah. “Hey so I noticed you had quite a few of these in your cart the other day…” He said as he pulled what sounded like a grocery bag out of the car, revealing it to Sarah. Inside the bags, as Sarah now noticed there were multiple, she could see various assortments of Tastykake and Hostess boxes, bright colors lining the packaging of the pastries.

Sarah’s mouth immediately began to water… a sweet treat sounded like the perfect topper to a delicious date with the handsome devil who had stolen her heart. “OOOOH! Yea! So yummy!” Sarah replied as she half-heartedly attempted to lunge toward one of the bags, her love of sweets temporarily overriding her feelings of nervousness and hesitation she had felt about being so near nude in the open air.

“Hey its okay don’t worry they’re all for you, I promise! And we don’t want them throwing off your balance as we walk out there, now lets start moving!” Jake said as he laughed at the greedy girl’s attempt to snatch the pastries out of his hand.

With that the two began the slow walk out to the blanket. Jake walked steadily and slowly to allow Sarah to lean on him as much as she needed. Her waddle was slow, each foot finding secure ground before she lifted the other a bit off the ground to slide it forward. Jake couldn’t tear his eyes off of the girl, her body was magnificent to behold as she waddled, even fully clothed, yet here she was wearing nothing but an oversized bra and panties as she slowly ambled across the field--’where did she even get clothes that big?!’. He could see her enormous thighs as they both fought for more space for their respective rolls. The fat was pressed tightly together, causing her waddle to take on an extreme bounce back and forth from foot to foot. Her belly swung back and forth like a pendulum as she walked, her deep belly button was easily 5 or 6 times the size of a normal person’s, the bottom of the depression extended a bit, causing a deep crease in the middle of the bottommost roll of her tummy. Her breasts bounced up and down within their confines as she moved, her massive mammaries jiggling with each step. Even the fat on her cheeks jiggled a bit when she made an especially heavy step. They progressed across the 20 or 30 foot distance from the SUV to the blanket slowly, and not so steadily as Sarah had to stop to breathe a few times, her engorged state combined with the uneven terrain causing her to have to work harder than normal just to keep moving.

“You…. really… like… all this… fat, don’t ya?” Sarah asked as her breathing deepened, her expanse of flesh demanding oxygen as her atrophied muscles fired, attempting to keep the gluttonous girl moving. She was watching Jake’s eyes as they explored her jiggling fat, each roll getting the attention it deserved.

“Like it? I love it!” Jake said as he grabbed the underside of Sarah’s belly and heaved a bit, almost causing her to lose balance. He relished in the feeling of the glorious fat as it collected and fell heavily around his hand as he lifted the bottom roll of her gut. He felt as the stretched soft skin spilled through the openings between his fingers, the malleable fat seeking any path to continue its descent toward the earth, gravity taking no breaks from pulling the girl’s bulk downward.

“OOhoohhmmm” Sarah cooed as Jake continued exploring her body, not able to contain himself until they got to the blanket. ‘Oh god… this is amazing!’ Sarah thought to herself as she watched Jake’s expression as he explored her glutted girth. ‘I wouldn’t care if there were a thousand people in this park watching, I’d still let him have his way with me in front of everyone…’ Sarah’s thoughts continued as Jake’s exploration of her body ignited every pleasure center in her brain and body, lust coursing through her veins. ‘Everyone could see what a fat cow I am, and see this guy just doting over me, treating me like a prize pig that he was getting ready for the fair…’ Sarah looked at Jake with desire in her eyes, undressing him in her mind as she continued shuffling one tree-trunk sized leg past the other.

Jake walked ahead a bit, turning and watching as Sarah caught up to him, her slow amble allowing him to walk backwards at a relaxed pace, watching as each step sent her bodacious body into motion. Jake noticed the asymmetrical shape that all of the various rolls of fat created, one thigh slightly larger than the other with more dominant rolls, the other valiantly fighting to outgrow its counterpart, her previous meal surely beginning to add to her extreme weight. Additionally, her belly hung ever so slightly lower on one side, creating the effect of it expanding forward, one side slightly lagging as the fat cascaded outward.

Sarah had broken into a full sweat by the time they reached the blanket, the 20 or 30 feet feeling more like a couple football fields. “Oh… god… I’m soooo…. Fullll…..” Sarah said as she clutched the upper portion of her tummy, her massive meal still working its way through her digestive system. She stood there at the edge of the blanket watching as Jake ran around, hurriedly preparing the pillows that were there into a make-shift wall that Sarah could lay against.

“Well I hope you have some room for these sweet treats…” Jake said seductively as he escorted Sarah toward her designated spot on the blanket. Jake was already learning how to coax Sarah into exceeding her limit, sweet seemed to be her keyword, the one that sent her into a fattening frenzy.

“Oh… absolutely!” Sarah said in a huff as she eyed the treats Jake had set next to her spot. The duo began maneuvering Sarah to her back, she slowly lowered onto one knee, then the other and fell backward onto the pile of pillows, feeling her trembling fat rivaling their softness as she laid back. There she was, the voracious vixen herself, laying on her back, her belly collecting in front of her and spilling over her lap, nearly making contact with the ground on either side of her lap, kept from the ground only because of the gigantic circumference of her adipose-filled thighs. “Don’t… just stare at me!” Sarah said, slowly recuperating from the short walk. Jake was standing there, in awe of the encumbered goddess, unable to move, however the command from Sarah seemed to help snap him out of it. “Get down… here with me… and feed me some of those cakes!” his fatty commanded, the full feeling in her tummy had seemed to disappear as soon as Jake had reminded her of the fattening sugary treats.

“God I just can’t get over how unbelievably perfect and sexy you are!” Jake said, his eyes surveying the expanse of Sarah’s flesh as he drew closer, dropping to his knees by her belly, his dick pressing firmly against the soft flesh through his pants.

“Same!” Sarah said, electing for a shorter reply as she fought to regain her composure, deep breaths supplying her endless fat with the oxygen it needed. Her body even seemed to favor the fatty cells over her muscles, her gluttonous habits seemingly penetrating her body on every level.

Jake opened the first box of snack cakes, unwrapping several as Sarah’’s hands reached as far as they could on his body, she undid his pants as he unwrapped the cakes. She pulled his massive erection out of his pants, the feeling of her soft fat hands touching his dick causing him to moan loudly as he thrust his dick into her soft stomach.

Once Jake had a sizeable cache of the cakes unwrapped, enough to feed the fatty for a few minutes before having to ‘reload’ and unwrap more, he began feeding them to the gluttonous girl, shoving bite after bite past her full lips, her eyes staring seductively into his as she toyed with his dick. Occasionally he would take a break from feeding her to kiss her from her lips to her toes, exploring the expansive rolls as he went, occasionally nibbling on her supple skin, sending shivers, and in turn jiggles throughout her body.

“Oooohmmm… more!” Sarah demanded during one especially long expedition through her ample rolls. “Still hungry…” was all she could say in her current state, practically unable to think of anything but the sweet taste of the cakes.

“You greedy little piggy!” Jake said, seeing how the name calling was received. Sarah cooed in delight at the name, she was his piggy and she loved it. Sarah occasionally watched as the sun disappeared from the sky, the distant sound of crickets adding to the unique experience of being on full display out in the open, having a constant supply of snack cakes shoved down her throat.

4 large boxes of treats later and Sarah had begun to slow down, savoring each bite, the need for the full feeling in her tummy sated enough for her to begin enjoying and savoring the taste of the cakes. At some point it shifted from Jake feeding her to her supplying her own greedy maw with the cakes she needed. Jake turned his attention exclusively to Sarah’s body. He propped her legs up on some pillows, angled outwards, exposing as much of her privates as would ever be visible without some sort of special equipment, and the amount was practically zero, the fat of her thighs pressed so tightly together, that separating them only served to cause new rolls of fat to be revealed, these ones glistening with moisture, heat radiating from her pussy. Jake explored the newly revealed flesh, sliding his fingers between the lubricated fat of her thighs, sliding his arm under her belly as he probed the smooth skin.

“MMMHPPHMMM don’t stop!” Sarah moaned with a mouthful of food, but Jake had no intention of stopping anytime soon. He proceeded forward, teasing Sarah as he went, nearing her pleasure center, but shying away from it as he held her orgasm hostage.

Eventually Jake wrapped his hands as far around Sarah’s cushiony cankles as he could, his fingers coming nowhere close to touching, he heaved Sarah’s massive legs into the air, as much as he could. The fat on her ass assisting, acting as a fulcrum as Jake lifted, grateful that he had kept up with his football weightlifting regimen, needing the strength to lift even just a part of the growing girl. Even with her feet in the air, legs spread eagle, he still couldn’t see her swollen pussy, the outer folds just visible between her thighs. He seperated the supple skin as he lowered his face into the warm flesh. His cheeks quickly becoming encompassed by soft moist fat. He found his prize with his tongue, his vision completely obscured by the abundant fat.

He began licking her pussy as he felt her body ripple around him, her body vibrating from the pleasure, her overfed state amplifying the sensations. Soon as he felt her approaching climax, he pulled away, repositioning himself between her thighs, his throbbing member rubbing the sensitive lips of her pussy as he built the tension inside of her.

“OOOOOOHHHHHH!” Sarah screamed as Jake slid inside of her, grateful for her collection of toys at home that had prepared her for this moment. He began thrusting, sending her expanse of flesh into motion, her tits having been freed from their confine rocked back and forth, jiggling with every motion. Her belly resembled a wave pool, consistent undulations reverberating through the flesh. “Yesss!” I nnnneeed you Jake!” Sarah continued. “Make mmmeeee fatter… feeeedddd meeee til i pop!” Sarah said, losing control. The fat on Sarah’s thighs oscillated at the sharp thrusts until Jake’s pace steadied, preparing them both for the finale.

The couple climaxed in unison, Jake feeling Sarah’s soft fat quiver with pleasure as the orgasm tore through her, her swollen toes curled as she moaned for anyone to hear who may have snuck into the park. The orgasm left her muscles powerless and her fat ultra sensitive to Jake’s touch as he laid on top of her, never taking a break from rubbing her overfed figure. Almost without hesitation Jake again began feeding her the snack cakes, the slight fullness in her stomach crossing over into full-blown pleasure-pain as her stomach distended underneath of Jake. The couple lay there, Sarah eating and being pleasured by Jake for hours, until eventually the two passed out.

Jake woke up first, checking his phone, 3:30 am, time to get going before the early birds reclaimed their park, surely to start their day with some exercise, unaware of how their holy grounds had just been desecrated by a greedy glutton and her lover.

Jake woke the slumbering beauty, pulling the blanket off of her that he had pulled on top of them in the middle of the night.

“Oh my GOD! JAKE what was all of that? That was incredible!” Sarah immediately said after wiping the sleep from her eyes. She had sobered up from the hormones and wine from the night before, the reality of what had happened setting in. She felt her pussy tingle in response to the thought.

“It was, you beautiful babe, now we need to get you on your feet!” Jake said, noticing the conundrum, surely if it had been a challenge for Sarah to stand from the booth, this would be impossible. “We need to get moving before the joggers come through!” Jake continued, positioning himself next to her, preparing for the daunting task.

Luckily Sarah’s fullness had subsided, allowing her a little more freedom of movement. After about 20 minutes of struggling Sarah was on her front, on one knee, Jake heaving from below as the two rose from the earth together, Jake doing much of the work with his strong thighs. Sarah stood there panting, her muscles trembling as Jake collected her clothes from the ground. He then helped her slide her panties on, she lifted one leg at a time just enough for him to slide the hole into place, he then maneuvered the panties into position, working them between her thighs, one swollen roll at a time. Once she had her bra on they realized they had a problem, the dress didn’t seem to fit anymore, the stretched garment had returned to its slightly smaller form, one that Sarah had spent 45 minutes packing herself into with the help of her roommate Jessica. “That’ll have to do…” Jake said, referencing Sarah’s still exposed stomach, the dress failing to slide past the abundant folds. I’ve got an idea though, just wait here.

Jake then ran off to the SUV, drove it up onto the field and parked next to Sarah on the grass.

“What the hell Jake, where was that move last night?!” Sarah exclaimed, not actually mad, just surprised at the act, well maybe a little mad that she had been made to walk any more than she had to.

“Sorry… I thought it’d be romantic to help you walk out here by yourself, and it was such a great show!” Jake responded as he walked around to help Sarah into the car, her legs just about on the verge of giving out from the night’s activities.

Sarah responded only with a playful scowel as Jake appeared around the car. The couple was already starting to feel very familiar with each other, they now shared a common bond that both of them had been searching for for a long time, after all, each feeling like they had found the person of their dreams.

With a few heave-hos and Jake’s assistance from behind, Sarah was able to gain enough momentum to get both of her legs up into the car. She was grateful she had her car, with all of its special customizations to accommodate her… now that she rode in a stock rental, she really felt the effect of her growing weight on her body. The way her fat pressed up against the sides of the regulation width seat, the way she had to bring a seatbelt extender with her just to fit safely, the difficulty she had getting in the car in and of itself, all teasing Sarah, reminding her of how fat she had let herself become.



Jun 30, 2017
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“So I had a really great time tonight….” Jake said after he got in his side, interrupting Sarah’s thoughts, he was trying to figure out where to go with the date from there. It was almost 4 in the morning after all…

“Hey not so fast mister!” Sarah said, the line sounding more like a date ender than she wanted. “You know, they say that if you eat a really big meal, once you digest it, your tummier is even hungrier than before because its stretched out…” Sarah said, turning Jake’s attention to her exposed flesh.

“Well, I ate A LOT last night” Sarah said, emphasizing the words flirtatiously

“And now I’m really hungry!” Sarah finished with puppy dog eyes to top off the plea, hoping to feel the sensation of eating for Jake again, like an addict coming back for a fix, Jake feeding and fucking her was her drug, and she needed more.

“You just don’t stop getting sexier do you?!” Jake asked the greedy girl incredulously as he stared at her bare belly. His fingers caressing the soft skin. Feeling the stretch marks pass under his sensitive fingertips, the small valleys adding to the euphoric experience of touching the massive girl.

“Well if fat is sexy… I don’t stop getting fatter… so you tell me…” Sarah said biting her lip. She noticed as the bulge once again grew in Jake’s pants. “So how does Denny’s sound? They have the sweetest pancakes!” Sarah said, her antics not just some show for Jake, the hunger in her tummy was reaching boiling point, she needed to eat something.

“Good lord I’m so lucky you let me take you on a date!” Jake said as he put the car in drive, exiting the field where the couple had explored some of their deepest fantasies together, ready to work together to keep Sarah’s ravenous stomach filled to the brim with sweets.

“No I’m the lucky one, now lets run by my house to grab some better fitting clothes…” Sarah said referencing her nearly nude form.
After a quick run by Sarah’s house, Sarah had on a loose fitting dress-type garment, one that she wore for just such occasions, late night runs to stuff her face at Denny’s, or McDonald’s, or anywhere else that was open late at night, when her hunger pangs seemed to be getting more and more frequent, making just such trips an almost nightly venture. Even in her “grubbies”, as she called the casual clothes, she was a vision of beauty, one that Jake couldn’t get enough of.

As they parked and walked in the restaurant he proudly held her hand, leading his beautiful fat babe to pig out on whatever she wanted. “Hey, so I was thinking while I was waiting for you to get changed, why don’t we just make this thing official.. I mean I really like you and I don’t see anything against it…”

“UH, of course!” Sarah responded matter of factly, as if the issue had already been settled. “You think i’m just gonna let my perfect guy slip through my fingers or something?”

“Just wanted to make sure, haha because I made up my mind as soon as I saw you walking down the aisles in the grocery store!” Jake responded as the couple was seated in their booth, this one much roomier than the one from earlier, Sarah always got sat in the same booth, she was beginning to think it wasn’t a coincidence, as she had noticed some time ago that the her booth seemed a bit further apart from the table from all the others… Maybe her Denny’s trips were becoming too frequent, she quickly disregarded the notion, remembering that with Jake in her life there was no such thing as too frequent or too much when it came to food.

“Wait, you watched me walking around the store?” Sarah said, she remembered first noticing Jake after she had been standing in the bread aisle for at least 5 minutes, combing over the options with a fine-tooth comb to find the sweetest treats. “You stalker!!!” Sarah exclaimed playfully, connecting the dots. Of course he had been stalking her, knowing now how much of a spell her body cast on him, it only made sense that he would have been following her around.

“No… uh no it wasn’t like that! It’s just that you were so gorgeous...” Jake responded, his face turning red.

“Hey relax, I’m your gorgeous girl now, okay… I don’t care how we got here!” Sarah said interrupting Jake as he stammered for an explanation “Besides, I think it’s kinda cute!” Sarah said winking at Jake as he sat in the booth after helping her into her side. He wanted to sit next to her, but knew that he wouldn’t stand a chance trying, her enormous butt just about spilling over the side of the booth that was meant for at least two people to sit in comfortably.

The couple continued to chat, Sarah ordered the bottomless pancake, and added various toppings to each stack, devouring one after the other. The kitchen knew her by now, and began prepping as soon as she walked in. She was so sweet to the staff that she was their favorite customer, and they made it known, spoiling the girl with extra toppings, and free refills on shakes. And it was rightfully so, in the few years since she’d dropped out of college she had spent no small fortune at the restaurant, her visits increasing in frequency as her body ballooned in response.

“Yea, that’s rachel, she’s a really good waitress, I don’t know how she makes the shakes sooooo good, but no one else comes close!” Sarah remarked amidst their conversation after the waitress had brought her her 4th or 5th shake, she lost track… maybe it was 6? Who knew? Who cared, as long as they were going down her greedy gullet as fast as they came to the table.

After Sarah’s breakfast binge she was once again barely able to walk out of the store, a voice from the kitchen called out “have a good day Sarah, see you soon!” as the duo walked out into the morning sunlight.

Jake drove Sarah home, the two deciding to call their first date a night at 6 in the morning, but not after an intensely passionate make out in the SUV before Jake dropped Sarah off. He walked her to the door, and the couple agreed to see each other again later that day.

When Jake got home he collapsed on his bed, overwhelmed by the glorious experience from the night before. It was all just so perfect, finally he had met a girl who’s goals for her body matched his own. Finally he had a girl he could stuff full of food just about every waking moment from what he had experienced thus far. He drifted off to sleep with thoughts of the sweet Sarah dancing around in his mind.

Sarah herself wasn’t doing much dancing mind you, she was sitting on her bed, propped against the headboard snacking on a couple packs of chips ahoy when Jessica suddenly threw her door open.

“AAAAHHHH!!!!! Tell me about it!” Jessica squealed as she ran into the room and jumped onto the bed, with Sarah, finding a spot that wasn’t taken by Sarah’s fat or the various snacks that Sarah kept within reach.

“Oh my god, he’s perfect JESS!” Sarah squealed back, the two bouncing with glee, holding each other’s hands as Sarah’s upper half bobbed up and down on the enormous anchor that was her backside, attempting to mirror Jessica’s nimble form. “He took me to Rio’s and he had this whole plan of everything all laid out perfect, and… he got me all the sides, and extra of the pineapple stuff!” Sarah said, pointing at the to-go box whose loot had long since been devoured by the insatiable glutton. “And then, he took me to woodside park that he basically reserved for us, like no joke! We had the whole thing to ourselves! And good thing too, cuz he couldn’t keep his hands off me!” Sarah continued sharing with her truest friend, telling her all of the details. Jessica had been the only person in Sarah’s life who had supported her through thick and thin, and well, downright obese. Jessica had been there as Sarah’s obsession with food turned into something more, something sexual… she had watched the flip switch when they had roomed together in college. And Jessica had stuck with her since, helping her become what she wanted to be, fatter.

“Sounds like a perfect fit to me!” Jessica exclaimed, giving Jake her stamp of approval. Sarah beamed as she thought about her newfound feeder, her thoughts of Jake causing her pace to quicken as she shoved more of the snack cakes in her mouth.

Jake woke up around 2 pm, he had a message from Sarah… a picture. Her face and a bit of her upper body were visible in the frame, she was taking a bite of some pastry. “For you :*” The message read that had been sent immediately after the picture.

“Looks yummy, hope you had more than just one!” Jake replied jokingly, knowing there was no chance on earth that his gluttonous girlfriend could have stopped at just one.

The couple texted back and forth, agreeing on a time for Jake to come over that night and meet Jessica a guy she had met on tinder.

Jake pulled up in front of the house in his “Clown Car” as Sarah had so aptly dubbed it. In reality any car that wasn’t an SUV looked like a clown car next to her. He got his game face on, ready to act like he could think of anything except stuffing food down Sarah’s throat. “Just act normal, okay? Jessica’s date hasn’t met me yet, and I don’t want us to scare him off, so just help me control myself okay?” Sarah had sent the text just before Jake left his house, the task would be a near impossible one. He was supposed to keep the girl from pigging out, the one that he had pretty much just vowed to stuff until the end of time… he didn’t know how well this would go over.

Jessica answered the door when Jake knocked. “Hi, I’m Jessica, but you can call me Jess!” The girl said when she opened the door. Jess was pretty in the face, but didn’t have very many remarkable traits, her features seemingly average. The kind of girl who could blend into a crowd, and who heard ‘Wait, I know you from somewhere… don’t I?’ from perfect strangers on a near daily basis. “Sarah’s on her way out, she was just finishing up a little snack…” Jess said, understating the binge she had just facilitated for Sarah.

As if on queue, the magnificent Sarah waddled into view. She was wearing leggings and a top that slightly clung to her distended stomach. “Hey… handsome!” Sarah said as she saw Jake, the new couple embraced and kissed, Jake controlling his urge to jump Sarah’s fat-buried bones right there. It was a sight to see her in clothes, compared to nude. Having seen her nude, he had a new appreciation of her body. The way her clothes fit, he could see and inspect almost every roll that he had explored the night before.

As the trio settled onto the couch there came a knock on the door, surely Jess’ beau, she jumped up to answer the door, knowing that Sarah would never go through the effort with her home. Jake relished in the feeling of the couch sinking toward Sarah, the way her weight pulled anyone on the couch toward her as if she had begun to develop her own gravitational pull excited him. ‘Okay Jake, calm down!’ he thought to himself, trying to distract himself from Sarah’s glorious body.

“Hey I’m Jake!” He said as the new guy came into the room, he jumped up to shake the guy’s hand.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Brandon!” He responded, trying not to stare at the enormous girl who looked like she was about to snap the couch in half. Jess had warned him about her size, even sending him some pictures to get him ready so that he didn’t stare at her the whole time, but the pictures hadn’t even come close to conveying the absolute behemoth that sat in front of him.

“Hi! I’m Sarah!” the behemoth spoke. Reaching her enormous arm toward him.

“Nice to meet you Sarah!” Brandon responded politely

“Alright, well let’s get a movie going, dinner is cooking, but it’s gonna be a little bit.” Jess said, returning from the kitchen.

The group turned on some cheesy movie to pass the time, their attention however was preoccupied with light conversation. Sarah kept catching Brandon gawking at her. She knew the look, one of disbelief. He just couldn’t wrap his head around a girl being that large. He’d seen plenty of shows with the super obese, but never one so young and in person. And she seemed completely content being barely able to stand on her own… he just didn’t understand it. Sarah got the look a lot, from strangers, old friends, even her parents (mainly her mother.) It had started to excite her, her body blew people’s minds whether positive or negative didn’t matter to her, the simple fact that she had achieved something that made people stop and stare excited her. And she had no plans on slowing down anytime soon, especially not now that she had found someone to help her out.

At dinner, Sarah made a pig out of herself as anyone could have guessed. She felt just a twinge of guilt because she had glutted herself contrary to Jess’ wishes, which had been the reason she had helped her binge before the date started, but that had been almost two hours ago, and in the presence of Jake, Sarah just couldn’t contain her appetite. He had become an appetite stimulant for her, as if she even needed one, the insatiable girl’s appetite had always been a force deserving of respect, but now that had all increased seemingly ten-fold. Sarah had quickly polished off the heaping portion Jess had given her, going back for seconds, then thirds, until eventually there was nothing left of what Jess had prepared, at which point she begged Jake to start making her more food, which he eagerly agreed to, the warning Sarah had sent beforehand was now wholly irrelevant to both of them. He immediately got to work finding ingredients the two girls had in their kitchen.

He made round after round of simple, yet delicious and fattening foods… almost an entire loaf’s worth of bread was devoured in the form of grilled cheeses, smothered in butter and cheese, 3 boxes of instant-pasta, plenty of snack cakes and countless other items disappeared into Sarah’s mouth. By the time Sarah began to slow down Brandon had been checking his phone every minute or so, until eventually he made some excuse to leave, Sarah’s gluttony proving too much for him. Jess and Brandon disappeared out the door for a few minutes. When Jess returned Jake had just finished helping Sarah to the couch.

“Oh… my… goodness…. Jess I’m… so sorry!” Sarah huffed from the couch as Jess returned through the front door.

“Don’t sweat it Sarah!” Jess replied, not directly referencing the sweat that covered Sarah’s forehead from the exertion of stuffing herself to the brim then walking to the couch “He was a weirdo anyway, so awkward! I think you did me a favor!” She continued as she sat next to Sarah on the couch, resting her head on Sarah’s expansive belly as Jake rinsed the dishes, as he had insisted.

When he returned he found Jess fast asleep on Sarah’s massive tummy, her hand cupping the fold closest to her face, she had hiked Sarah’s flowy shirt up, and pulled her pants below her waist, exposing the expanse of flesh, a slight smile rested on her lips as she slept.

“Sorry hon… she passes out like this sometimes when she gets upset…” Sarah said, knowing that Jess had eagerly anticipated the date with Brandon.

“Hahaha its cute, no need to apologize, I think its great that you two have such a bond!” Jake said as he settled on the other side of his bountiful girlfriend. “Why don’t you tell me a little bit more about you guys?” Jake asked, caressing the folds on Sarah’s stomach that Jess hadn’t already claimed. Luckily Sarah’s stomach was enormous, so there was plenty of flesh left for him to fondle.

“Hehehe, well, we’ve been besties since elementary school when I asked her if I could have her chocolate milk at lunch…” Sarah began talking, giggling as she spoke.

“Thats so adorable!” Jake interjected
“Yea haha, so we made a deal that she’d give me whatever sweets she had on her plate for the day, and in exchange I protected her from the mean girls in our grade… Jess was a small kid, and she looked really nerdy so kids picked on her. I, on the other hand, was already pushing 5’4” in like 4th grade, I was a giant compared to the other kids…” Sarah said as she smiled at the memories.

“Wait, how tall are you now?” Jake asked a little confused.

“5’2 and a half!” Sarah declared proudly. I think between the my thigh rolls pushing my legs apart and my ass not allowing me to back up all the way to the wall when I get measured has cost me an inch or two!” Sarah giggled.

“So you’ve actually gotten shorter since elementary school?!” Jake laughed at the obese girl, everything about her turned him on… even the fact that her gluttony had cost her some vertical advantage, her body exchanging it for horizontal expansion.

“Hehe, yea… so anyway we became good friends, soon it wasn’t just extra sweets that Jess gave me, soon we were plotting moves in advance that would grant me extra food, creating plans that avoided my parents’ controlling influence.” Sarah’s giggling had begun to wake Jess, the undulations in her belly causing the girl to stir.

“Things went on like that for most of our childhoods, until eventually we were free… we went off to college and the time had come for me to really start giving in to my appetite.”

“Don’t forget the part where we kissed!” Jess spoke up suddenly, surprising both Jake and Sarah.

“Oh my gosh! Quit it, it wasn’t even like that!” Sarah responded, trying to reach the girls mouth to prevent more secrets from coming out. Sarah reached in vain, her fat arms unable to reach past her belly to quiet the traitor.

“Don’t even play it down!” Jess responded laughing. “I’ll tell you if she won’t Jake! So, we were in college and Sarah’s appetite kept getting more and more difficult to please, eventually we were buying insane amounts of food and she was eating almost all the time it seemed, suddenly it wasn’t just sweets snuck in between classes or after school, it had become her only interest, her sole concern was to stuff more and more food into her stomach.”

“Stop it now!” Sarah said, her face turning red with embarrassment.

“Make me!” Jess said, scooting a little bit away from Sarah’s outstretched arms for good measure, playfully blowing a raspberry at her as she did.

“Alright, now I have to explain college was a little… ‘dry’ for both of us, the guys at state are just so dull! Anyway, one evening I was coming back from class and found Sarah on our couch, completely naked stuffing her face full of food. And there were wrappers everywhere! I knew right then she hadn’t gone to any of her classes, it looked like she had been stuffing her face since I left that morning. This was right as her appetite really took off and she had been losing control more and more. Anway I came in, and something about her just seemed so….. Sexy.”

“Duh!” Sarah interrupted. “I mean, who could resist all of this!” Sarah said jiggling her tummy.

“I definitely couldn’t, not that day!” Jess responded as she continued the story, “So I snuck in and sat next to her on the floor. Thats when she realized I was there. Suddenly she was freaking out trying to sit up talking about how she’d lost track of time or whatever… all I wanted to do was feed her though, so I pushed her back down, and I don’t know my body just took control as I started stuffing her face with the snacks she had on hand. I fed her until she begged me to stop, but I just wanted to keep going... “ Jess said as she stared at Sarah’s fattened form remembering the night.

“YEA! You stuffed me until I felt like my tummy was gonna rip open! But it felt soooo good!” Sarah added. “That was the first time I’d ever been actually fed by someone else, and I don’t know why but I became obsessed. I’m not really Jess’ type but I begged her to feed me practically everyday for the rest of that year…”

“Oh c’mon you didn’t have to beg, I liked it too…” Jess responded, smiling at her friend. The two obviously had a very special friendship, one that Jake was still trying to figure out.

“Heheh yea you’re right, sometimes you even started it! By the end of that year I’d become a big fat balloon at your hand!” Sarah said enthusiastically.
“I think I went from like 220 to like way over 300 in just those two semesters! I ate so much my second semester I don’t think I went to class more than a time or two… I failed all of those classes.”

“Yea and that’s when your parents flipped!” Jess said, which immediately dampened Sarah’s tone.

“Yea… they did…”

“Its okay hon, why don’t you tell me about it?” Jake asked, desperate to learn what had happened.

“Well, I went home from school for the summer… and I remember driving home, feeling how fat I’d gotten. I already knew what was coming, my mom had seen pictures of me at a party from my first semester and immediately texted me about how I needed to watch my weight and these new plans she had had created and yadda yadda… so I just stopped talking to them until that summer, so I knew it was my day of reckoning. I had gained probably close to 100 pounds in under a year and gotten crappy grades my first semester, and down right failed the second… So it wasn’t looking pretty.” Sarah said as she fought back a few tears. “The look on my mom’s face when I walked in… thinking back its kind of funny, how shocked she was but at the time she was terrifying. I walked in, bursting out of the clothes that I had bought just a few weeks prior, and her jaw just dropped. She stood there stunned for a few seconds after my dad quickly overcame his initial shock. As my dad and I hugged all she said was ‘go to your room now, your dad and I need to talk.’ The next thing I knew I was being interrogated over dinner, when it came out that I had been eating instead of going to classes… I don't know my mom just snapped.”

“oh my god yea, I remember driving over that night to pick you up, and your mom was still screaming when we drove away! What a witch!” Jess interrupted, validating Sarah’s claims.

“Wow, I'm so sorry, no one should ever treat you like that!” Jake responded, rubbing the culprit of the drama between Sarah and her mom, her enormous belly.

“Yea I mean you wouldn't get mad at a rock climber for going climbing or a ballerina for dancing, even though there are risks of injury involved… eating is my passion, and my mom always wanted to stop me!” Sarah spoke up, wiping the tears away and reaffirming her personal passion for food, as if declaring her intent to everyone present to continue stuffing fattening treats into her expanding body. “.... speaking of which I could go for a snack!” Sarah said, cutely batting her eyes at Jake.

“On that note I'm probably gonna hit the hay, I have work in the morning!” Jess said as she stood from the couch. “Nice meeting you Jake, now you feed that hungry girl whatever she wants, you hear me?!” Jess said, doing a poor impression of some intimidating mobster she'd seen on TV.

“Got it boss!” Jake responded, keeping with the set theme.

“All the food in the kitchen is free game, like 90 percent of it is Sarah’s anyway!” Jess added as she walked down the hall toward her room.

“What the heck Jake?!” Sarah said as soon as Jess was out of earshot, feigning annoyance at her boyfriend. “I thought I told you to help me keep from stuffing my face at dinner! You did the opposite! Hehe.” Sarah giggled slightly as she tried to maintain her annoyed facade.

“Haha sorry cutie, I started out with the best of intentions… but then you started looking at me with those puppy dog eyes! You looked like you were about to start withering away, so I just had to help you out…” Jake said, pleading his case before the jiggly judge.

“Hehehe yea you’re right, I did use the eyes….” Sarah said as she giggled, pleased with her apparent ability to convince Jake to stuff her full of food no matter the situation. “Now lets get some pizza or something!” Sarah said, doing her best impression of the look they had just described.

“Alright you cute little piggy, lets get you some pizza.” Jake agreed, a slice or two of pizza sounded like the perfect snack for himself, and a couple pizzas sounded like the perfect treat for Sarah.

“Here just use my phone, call Giani’s Pizza, its in the contacts… Just give them my address when you call and they’ll have my order already in their system…” Sarah instructed, handing Jake her phone, she couldn’t bother with calling herself, which she made clear by immediately beginning to unwrap a pastry that had been left on the couch from her pre-dinner snacking.



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When Jake heard the price of the pizza on the phone, he knew it’d be a large order, but he wasn’t prepared for the feast that arrived. About an hour after the call was made a delivery boy showed up at the door with a stack of pizzas that looked like it was tall enough that the guy could have just as easily delivered it to a huge superbowl party, and there would have been plenty. In a quick count Jake saw at least 6 pizzas as he signed the receipt and sent the delivery boy off with a generous tip.

“Holy cow… this is quite the… tall order!” Jake said, pausing for effect as he delivered the pun, referencing the huge stack of pizzas he was carrying. Sarah simply giggled with glee at the humor as her excitement for the impending feast mounted.

“MMMMHMMM! It smells so yummy!” Sarah said reaching her pudgy hands out toward the food, desperately trying to lean as far forward as possible. Her belly had been completely freed from its confines, and Jake noticed that as she leaned forward it came incredibly close to resting on the floor, only about an inch or two of light visible between the hanging bulge of fat and the floor.

“Alright my gluttonous goddess, he said there are 2 meat lovers, 2 hawaiian with extra canadian bacon, and two of their supreme pizzas with extra everything… so how do you want to start?” Jake said as he sat the pizzas on the coffee table, disappearing into the kitchen for a minute before returning with a 2-liter of pepsi. “Something to whet your whistle!” Jake announced as he placed the 2-liter within reach of Sarah on the couch.

“Uhmmm… I think I wanna start with one of each!” Sarah announced, her mouth watering as she spoke.

“Sounds good!” Jake responded as he began to remove a slice of pizza from each of the three different varieties of pizza.

“No silly! One pizza of each kind! You can put the other three in the oven on low to keep them warm for a few minutes!” Sarah said as she grabbed one of the boxes from Jake, it was one of the meat lovers. She removed a piece from the box and immediately began chowing down, grease dripping from the slice as she took a bite. “Mmhmmm” Sarah moaned as she chewed, her eyes opened to find Jake staring at her, still a little surprised by Sarah’s greedy eating habits.

“How did I get so damn lucky?” Jake wondered aloud as he watched his enormous girlfriend tear into the food.
Sarah was too busy eating to respond to Jake’s question, especially since it didn’t necessarily demand an answer.

Jake did as instructed an placed the pizzas in the oven on its lowest temperature settings in order to capture some of the latent heat and keep the 3 boxes fresh while Sarah devoured their counterparts.

By the time Jake’s short trip to the kitchen was over he came back to find that Sarah had eaten 2 or 3 slices from each box, steadily chewing and swallowing as small moans escaped her lips, the binge obviously satisfying her need to stuff her belly.

Jake took his place on the couch next to his curvy queen and inspected her exaggerated curves as she continued to eat.

“You know I’ve been searching since I can remember for someone as perfect as you?” Jake said as he admired the burgeoning beauty who had decided to allow him to call her his girlfriend. She cooed in response, barely taking a break from the pizzas to flash Jake a star-struck look, the compliment adding to her growing confidence.

“You’re… mph … too nice!” Sarah said between bites as she continued to make progress on the sizeable meal. Jake couldn’t get over all her cute little antics… the way she curled her pudgy toes just slightly as she ate, her blissful expression as she closed her eyes and moaned when a bite was particularly flavorful, everything about her announced her love for food.

The rest of the evening went similarly, Jake watched as the pizzas disappeared into Sarah, occasionally feeding her and constantly probing the expansive rolls that were attached to Sarah’s frame. After about an hour Jake retrieved the reinforcements from the oven, along with another 2-liter to wash it all down.

“Mmpmmm… My… arms are… getting tired!” Sarah said defeated as she dropped her arms to her side, the weight that constantly pulled at them proving to be too much for Sarah to continue eating. She had eaten about 4 and a half of the 6 pizzas by the time her arms gave out. Her stomach stretched out in front of her, a glorious full feeling beginning to settle in as she lay back feeling Jake explore her body.

“Oh uh uh!” Jake said in response to Sarah throwing in the towel on her monumental meal. “Not so fast fatty!” Jake toyed as he positioned himself next to Sarah, opening one of the boxes as he settled in. “If your arms are too heavy, then I’ll just have to feed you myself!” Jake brought the heavy warm slice to Sarah’s lips and she immediately took a huge bite, staring into Jake’s eyes for approval as she chewed. “There we go! Now you’re a growing girl and you need to finish your meal!” Jake spoke like a parent scolding a picky child, adding to the effect of him feeding the helpless girl.

Sarah smiled in response, a slight moan escaping her pursed lips as she chewed on the delicious food. She loved it when Jake fed her, she felt like such a little piggy, like his little piggy. She wanted him to feed her until she couldn’t feed herself.

‘Oh my god, I can only imagine how fat these arms are gonna get! If they get much bigger I’ll have rolls of fat blocking my mouth when I try to feed myself, then he’ll really have to take care of me!’ Sarah thought to herself, sensing the heavy fullness of her fat-filled upper arms. The thought excited her, she loved to be dominated and the thought of being so fat and helpless drove her wild.

Jake continued to stuff slice after slice into her waiting mouth, her chewing became labored as her stomach began to reach its limits.

“C’mon sweetie you got this!” Jake said as he caressed the most prominent roll on Sarah’s upper belly, the one that he imagined was probably closest to being over her actual stomach.

“So fulll…. But its… so… yummy!” Sarah said as she breathed heavily, her mouth hung open after she finished the sentence, waiting for Jake to push another bite past her lips.

“You got this cutie, just a few more slices!” Jake’s member throbbed as he said the words. ‘Just a few more slices’ had he really just used that sentence to illustrate how little sarah had left to eat? A few slices was a whole meal for a normal girl her age, yet here she was 5 and a half pizzas later, with just ‘ a few more slices’ she was a glutton in every sense of the word.

Sarah chewed on the last slice as Jake fed it into her mouth, the fullness in her stomach had crossed over into pain with the last two or three slices as she neared her goal.

“You did it! That was amazing!” Jake said as he kissed Sarah’s slightly messy mouth, he hadn’t given her much time between bites to worry about wiping her mouth, even if it had occurred to her in her lust-driven binge, which it hadn’t

“Ooooh… ooof yea! Mmmhm thanks!” Sarah breathed heavily and she occasionally winced as the contents in her stomach shifted with her movements. She laid back on the couch, her stomach stretching out in front of her, spilling over her knees even in her reclined position.

Jake began massaging her turgid center, the mass of food causing her soft rolls to take on a slightly firm feeling as it pushed against her stomach.

“So… you really.. Wouldn’t mind me not being able to walk?” Sarah said as she closed her eyes, enjoying the attention, her mind focusing on the pleasure of being stuffed to the gills and having a handsome man appreciate her body.

“Wouldn’t mind? I’d love it!” Jake responded immediately, the thought immediately causing his dick to throb against Sarah’s soft fat that seemed ready to envelop him completely.

“Hehe… it just seems… so… crazy!” Sarah said, silently exploring the prospect of being too fat to get out of bed. Is that really what she wanted? She loved food, and she loved being fed by her lover… but to be too fat to move?

“Of course it does, its not really in a normal person’s nature to be confined to a bed.” Jake said frankly “But you’re not exactly ‘normal’, are you Sarah?” Jake said jiggling Sarah’s stuffed stomach, then referencing the six pizza boxes stacked on the table in front of her with a hand motion. “You like being so fat that you can barely move… you like being able to eat insane amounts of food… if it were up to you, you’d eat non-stop, wouldn’t you?”

Sarah felt her pussy tingle as Jake frankly assessed her food addiction. He was right, she really did love food, and she loved the feeling of encumbered fullness that came when she had eaten herself past simple fullness and into glutted bliss. She was essentially a slave to her appetite, her only passion being food, and the softening effect it had on her body. She loved watching as new rolls appeared on her frame, each pound expanding her growing form outward. She did want it. She wanted to be so fat that Jake would have to do everything for her… so fat that her only concerns would be food and Jake, anything else being beyond her sphere of influence, namely her bed.

“Yea….” Sarah said breathily as Jake kissed her neck, not waiting for a response to his questions, he knew she wanted it. He could tell from the first time he saw her eating at the restaurant. All she cared about was delicious food, and eating as much of it as her stomach would allow. “I just… feel so… complete… when I eat…” Sarah said between breaths as Jake continued to explore her body.

“You love eating until your stomach makes it almost impossible to move, don’t you?” Jake asked, he loved hearing Sarah reflect on her gluttony, the sound of her admitting her that her relationship with food was consuming her every desire.

“It just… feels so good… to be so full, so painfully, blissfully full…” Sarah said as she watched Jake’s head disappear over the crest of her bulging belly. She felt his warm breath on her skin as he kissed and inspected each roll.

“Tell me you want it…” Sarah heard from over her enormous stomach as Jake began sliding his hand between her thighs, the fat pressed so tightly together that he had to work his hand in, forcing it past one fold at a time. Sarah spread her legs as much as she could, giving her belly more room as it hung lower, trading a little more wiggle room for jake’s hand for another obstacle, her imposing belly as it hung in front of her womanhood. Jake’s arm disappeared into the collection of fat as Sarah leaned back, snacking on the pastries that were within arm’s reach.

“I want it…”

“What do you want Sarah?”

“I want… to be too fat to move!” Sarah declared, the end of her sentence was a little higher in pitch as Jake found her desperate pussy, yearning for attention. Jake began toying with her clit as she continued. “I want to be so fat that I can’t stand! So fat that I can eat all day every day with no breaks! So fat that people make documentaries about me! So fat…” Sarah moaned as she spoke, the words overwhelming her. “Please Jake…. Feed me! Make me fatter!” Sarah practically screamed, forgetting that her roommate was just a few rooms away. Luckily for her Jess had passed out almost as soon as she reached her bed.

“I’m going to feed you until your belly reaches the floor when you stand, I’ll make you so fat that even if you could walk, you wouldn’t fit through any doors or hallways, so fat that all you do it eat!” Jake responded as he continued to pleasure Sarah. Her body convulsed as he spoke, her lips pursed tightly together as she fought back screams of pleasure. Eventually Sarah began jiggling violently, she quickly grabbed a pillow from the couch and covered her mouth as she screamed into the pillow, her muffled moans like music to Jake’s ears.

Eventually Sarah recovered enough from her pizza binge and orgasm to attempt the trek to her bedroom. Her pastry snacking had just barely been maintaining the blissful full feeling, as the painful overstuffed feeling began to wane, so she was still encumbered by her saturated stomach, but just barely mobile enough to make it to the bedroom with Jake’s help. Jake helped her up from the couch and watched from behind as she shuffled down the hall toward her bedroom, her fat almost brushing the walls on either side of the hallway as she labored toward her room. Jake occasionally embraced her from behind when she looked particularly unsteady, his arms slid under the pillows of fat that had replaced her upper arms long ago, offering her a little support and balance. Finally Sarah collapsed onto her bed, her body jiggling as she settled into the comfy mattress. Jake noticed the clock on her bedside table read 2AM, time sure flew when he was helping Sarah binge, he thought to himself as he admired the behemoth beauty who was breathing heavily, clutching at her distended stomach, staring sweetly into his eyes.

Jake just couldn’t get over how beautiful she was, the way all of her fat collected in her laying position was so incredibly sexy. She laid on her side facing him, her belly collected in front of her, forming what resembled a flesh-colored bean bag, round and full. Her leg that was on bottom was curled up under her other leg, the her massive thighs were full of soft rolls that collected and folded over each other. She had her head resting on her hand, her fat pillow arm resting on the bed to support the weight.

“God, you’re perfect!” Jake said as he jumped into bed with her, ready to explore the endless playground of fat.

The next morning the couple lay in bed enjoying a lazy Sunday. Jake had made more than a few trips to the kitchen to retrieve various ‘snacks’ Sarah requested, and even ones she didn’t. ‘Man, its like she has her entire shopping trip cataloged in her mind!’ Jake marveled at the preciseness with which Sarah demanded her food, specifying how much remained of each snack as she described what Jake was to retrieve. ‘I guess when eating is your passion, you make note of what food is on hand!’ Jake chuckled to himself as he retrieved a few packages of oreos and a gallon of milk from the fridge.

“Your my little sweets-savant!” Jake exclaimed as he returned to the bedroom, the line had occurred to him as he was retrieving the requested snacks.

“Hahha what the heck are you talking about?!” Sarah said as she snatched the oreos from Jake, her hunger overriding her manners once again.

“You’re just funny, how you have pretty much the entire contents of the kitchen memorized, its cute!” Jake said as he settled next to Sarah on her bed, noticing just how relatively little of its surface area was available to him, the rest occupied by Sarah’s expanding form.

“Oh stop! You’re embarrassing me!” Sarah squealed as she tried to cover her face as oreo crumbs spilled onto her breasts at the sudden exclamation.

After Sarah was sufficiently stuffed full of sweets Jake suggested something that made Sarah’s entire body tingle.

“How about we take a shower?” Jake asked as he absentmindedly caressed Sarah’s soft fat.

“Oh Jake, that’ll be a tight squeeze… but that sounds so hot!” Sarah said as she thought about having warm water run over their bodies as they explored each other. “I hardly fit on my own, are you sure you’re up for the challenge?!” Sarah said in a sultry tone, as if trying to entice Jake with the thought of having no escape from her bountiful fat.

“Being pressed up against you? Are you serious? That sounds even better than having all the space in the world!” Jake took the bait.

“Hehehe I thought you’d like the sound of it... “ Sarah giggled, relishing in the amazing feeling of having a man so enthralled by her body. “Why don’t you start the shower so I don’t have to burn any calories standing around waiting for it to get hot!” Sarah suggested, half as an attempt to turn Jake on, and half as a genuine aversion to wasting any energy she didn’t absolutely have to expel.

“Sounds good cutie, be right back!” Jake said as he eagerly hopped out of bed and disappeared into Sarah’s bathroom.

“Hey Jakie, there’s a mark on the wall where the water is the best temperature! That darn handle is so finicky, anything else and you’re either freezing or being boiled alive!” Sarah called after Jake just as he noticed the mark on the wall. The shower was quite large, despite Sarah’s conviction that it was barely large enough for her.

Sarah heard the water begin running and started to maneuver herself to her feet, thankfully with her late-night pizza binge mostly digested she was regaining some of her typical mobility. Jake walked back into the room right as she slid off the bed and onto her feet. He watched as her belly jiggled violently back and forth, jarred by the sudden force of her feet making contact with the ground.

Jake helped Sarah as she waddled into the bathroom. With Sarah in view in front of the shower, it didn’t look quite as large as he had estimated just a minute before. Her massive form made the shower look like some quasi-shower that they squeeze into the corner of a trailer as an afterthought.

“You’re right that shower does look like a tight squeeze… This is gonna be fun!” Jake said out of genuine enthusiasm. His teenage self would have been bursting at the seams right now, overwhelmed by the sheer sexual tension that was present between him and Sarah, not to mention the heavenly sight of watching her engorged form stripping nude and entering the shower. Jake watched as sarah opened the door to the shower, stepping over the small lip and into the running water. The response in his dick was immediate, although it had already been rock hard, it was now throbbing, begging to be closer to Sarah’s fat. Sarah immediately filled most of the shower, but Jake saw enough room that he could almost comfortably squeeze into.
Once Jake was in the shower with the enormous glutton he immediately began exploring her expansive rolls. He slid his hands between the wet fat, feeling as the warm water cascaded down her body, like rivers running down a mountain of fat. As Sarah faced the water to rinse her hair and face, Jake observed her massive ass from behind, each ass cheek was dangerously close to making contact with either wall as she stood in the shower, he placed his hands on the widest part of her hips, the backs of his hands touched the walls as he did so, closing the small gap. The feeling was glorious, her soft fat pressing against his hands, pushing them into the walls as it demanded more room.

Sarah blindly grabbed a bottle of body wash from the shelf near the shower head and handed it over her shoulder to Jake.

“Get busy hon, you’ve got a lot of ground to cover!” Sarah said in a sultry voice as the pillowy fat of her upper arm bunched together as she handed him the bottle.

Without a direct response Jake immediately took a generous amount of the body wash in his hands, the sweet scent of pomegranates and honey filling the air, it was the same enchanting scent that Jake had already associated with Sarah’s soft fat, and now he knew the source. He began rubbing the body wash into a lather, and then applied it to her billowing rolls. He relished in the ease with which his hands slid between her lubricated rolls, the inherent heaviness no longer impeding him from sliding almost his entire arm under the main roll of her belly. She giggled as he slid his hands between her fat, loving the feeling of having a lover as devoted to and in love with her growing body as she had become.

“How… mhmm did I get so mmmm Lucky?” Sarah said slowly between soft moans as Jake continued massaging her abundant adipose. When Jake reached her wide ass he massaged the twin beachballs of fat, smacking them so that he could watch them jiggle from the sudden jolt. As he ran his hands under the fold that was formed by her round ass cheeks hanging over her enormous thighs Sarah instictively bent over, she rested her hands heavily on a granite shelf that was near the bottom of the shower for just such purposes. As she bent over her ass cheeks seperarated slightly her thighs shifted as well, the fat opening up to Jake. Jake could see Sarah’s belly hanging between her legs, her wide stance just barely revealing the hanging mass of fat from behind as it just barely grazed the ground.

Jake slid his hand between the soft fat of her thighs, applying the smooth lather to Sarah’s soft womanhood. He slid his fingers inside of her, cleaning every possible nook and crevice created by her abundant fat. Sarah moaned loudly as Jake continued to work on her engorged pussy. Her body vibrated with pleasure as he brought her to the edge of orgasm.

“Does that feel good for my little piggy?” Jake asked playfully, the answer already clearly visible and audible in Sarah’s response to his touch.

“Mmmmmmhhmmm yea…..”

“How about a little snack after this for my little piggy?” Jake asked as he breathed heavily, partially from the exertion of lifting Sarah’s endless folds of fat to clean her adequately, and partially from the excitement of having such an obese babe on full display in front of him.

“Mmmmmhmmm pppplllleassse!” Sarah moaned.

“We’re gonna keep you so well fed! Feel how close your hips are to touching the walls!” As jake said this he pushed on her right side, which caused her left asscheek to quickly make contact with the glass door, he then repeated the action with the opposite side, she yelped just a little bit as her right side pressed against the cold tile wall. “Soon enough your ass is going to be pressed against both sides with force! Pretty soon you are going to be too fat to even pull the door shut!” Jake declared this as he toyed with Sarah’s clit.

“OOOOOHHHH yesssss!!!! PLEASSSSE!” Sarah screamed as her body shook violently, her orgasm tearing through her, leaving her muscles weak and depleted in its wake.

Sarah’s knees began to buckle as she came, the jiggling causing her to nearly lose her balance, overwhelmed by the pleasure and unable to focus on keeping herself upright she leaned heavily on her arms as they began to tremble, the atrophied muscles in her upper arms struggling to keep her stable. She suddenly collapsed to her knees, her belly bunching up in front of her as she fell forward on top of it, collapsing in to a helpless pile of fat.

“Oh my god Sarah are you okay?” Jake asked, shocked by her sudden collapse.

“HEhehehe mmmhmmm yea….” Sarah giggled and moaned as she laid on her belly, the water still crashing over her tingling fat.

“You scared the **** out of me!” Jake exclaimed, he had feared that Sarah had slipped and hit or head… or something to the effect. “Well lets get you on your feet my little piggy!” Jake said, relieved that she was alright, immediately calling names again returning to their playful mood.
After a considerable amount of maneuvering, and thanks to the advantageously placed ledges, shelves, and handles, Sarah was able to make it to her feet. Jake dried her off; the towel that hung next to the shower was huge! Jake didn’t even know they made towels that big, it looked more like a full sized blanket, it was so big in fact, that Sarah could wrap it nearly all the way around her, providing extra comfort in the cold winter months when getting out of the shower was nearly unbearable. She had complained enough about not having a big enough towel that Jess had finally ordered her a couple of the ones Jake now held for her. With the fatty adequately swaddled in her towels she waddled to the bed.

“Oh goodness… Jake… that was incredible!” Sarah said breathily as she reached the edge of the bed. She felt her thighs tremble as they supported her weight, still recovering from the amazing orgasm in the shower.

“You’re incredible! Now how about that treat we talked about?” Jake said, not missing a beat in keeping Sarah’s food supply near constant, the goal of having her hips be too wide for her to fit in the shower still in the forefront of his mind.

“Hehehe you... get me sooo well!” Sarah responded, as she sat on the edge of the bed. She didn’t want to get comfy until she knew whether or not she was going to have to get up again to go somewhere, the effort of getting out of bed wasn’t impossible by any means, but it was still an unnecessary expulsion of calories that she wanted to avoid at all costs.

“Alright then sweetie, what do you feel like?” Jake asked as he drew closer to Sarah, jiggling her stomach as he spoke.

“Hmmmm… how about… a dessert crawl?!” Sarah said excitedly, jiggling up and down a bit from the excitement as she spoke.

“A what now?” Jake responded, ‘dessert crawl’ definitely wasn’t a term he was familiar with, but it sounded like exactly the kind of concept Sarah would be an expert in.

“Hehe…. So its like a thing Jess and I came up with back in high school…” Sarah giggled as she spoke, half from excitement and half from Jake’s puzzled reaction. “So we figured out all the best buffets... with the best-stocked dessert tables, and what we’d do is go from place to place, and I’d eat desserts to my heart’s content until I felt like I couldn’t fit another bite, and then we’d move on to the next place, where I’d start again until my limit was again reached!” Sarah bounced up and down on the bed “Oh Jake, its the best please!!!” Sarah pleaded as her mouth watered, the thought of having so many sweets on hand already sending her appetite into overdrive. ‘Man, I’m really letting go… I mean i’ve always been one to go on binging sprees, but that's all I’ve thought about since I met Jake… I’m gonna get so fat…’ Sarah thought to herself as she waited for Jake’s response.

“Of course! That's the best idea I’ve ever heard!” Jake responded enthusiastically, floored by the lengths Jess and Sarah had gone to in order to satiate her sweet tooth, although they never actually succeeded in completely satiating it, despite their inventiveness… the girl was just in a league of her own when it came to helpless gluttony. “Let’s get you dressed then… are we gonna need knee pads for the crawling part?” Jake joked at the name of Sarah’s idea.


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I have a few more chapters coming in! Sorry, one life event after the next has kept me occupied with family and school.

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