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Nov 3, 2017
Technical Issues
by byutane​


“Hey Toni! I hope you're well?”

“Eric, hi. I'm good, thanks. How are you?”

“I’m fine, doing alright. Which, uh, which scenario are we doing today?”

“It’s the third one, but - sorry, Eric, do you think you could turn your webcam on for this?” Toni used her very best, crisp-and-professional phone voice. “It’s just - we’re supposed to simulate a client experience pretty much one to one, so the professionalism of your appearance is taken into account.”

“Oh, um,” Eric’s soft, breathy tones came through her speakers, wavering. “That, uh, that’s a bit of a problem because my webcam is actually broken.” Alright. Obvious lie.

“I thought you said you’d fixed it?” He’d been claiming a broken webcam for a while now. In the early days of working from home, he’d been happy to turn it on during team meetings and breaks, to maintain a bit of normality. But he swiftly became strictly webcam off. Not unusual behaviour for the techy guys, and not usually an issue, but he was still relatively new to the company and yet to complete his mandatory client conversation training. So there they were.

“Um, I did, but, I think there’s a, uh, c-compatibility problem with the FaceTime update. It won’t turn on at all.” Toni had some affection for the guy, but even she had to admit, he couldn’t act.

“Eric, is there a reason you don’t want to turn it on?” Conspicuous silence. “I know it’s stupid, and you’re never going to talk to a client in your life, but we have to tick this box, man…” she let herself slip into more casual vernacular. She wasn’t exactly established in her position either, and their mutual manager, James, was known for being a stickler for this kind of thing. She needed to get it done, much as it pained her to play the bad guy (especially when Eric was involved). “James wants a recording of the meeting and everything.”

“Oh.” His voice came through small. It tugged at Toni’s heartstrings, hard. She’d been developing a crush on him since he’d started, only a few months before lockdown. He’d shown up with his bad haircut, an upturned nose, soft, chubby cheeks and a cute little belly, just about visible through the generic tech-support-guy graphic tees he wore, and promptly stole Toni’s heart by accidentally kicking her computer’s power button while introducing himself. Profuse apologies and intense blushing followed, and he’d been visibly anxious about approaching her for weeks afterwards, which was difficult since the company wasn’t exactly big. Attempts on Toni’s part to get closer to him had been promising, but their only interaction since lockdown had been the occasional casual chat over email or formal exchange during meetings. So it was awkward!

“Do you want to delay it?”

“That might be best,” it sounded like he perked up a little at the idea. “But - the deadline is the end of the week, isn’t it? James won’t be happy with either of us…” It was Thursday afternoon. James was already unhappy. “It seems like I’ve delayed this as much as I possibly can.”

“Well, if it gives you a chance to-”

“There’s not really anything I can do about it now!” Eric’s voice wavered more, starting to sound properly upset. Toni had never heard him like this before. Sure, he was generally shy, and sometimes his voice slipped down into something almost inaudible, but he’d never started crying or anything.

“Eric - Eric, hey,” Toni tried her best to sound soothing, though a voice through a laptop can only do so much. She already had her webcam on, so she tried to angle it down, make her face look less intimidating. Around the office she had something of an ice queen reputation thanks to how seriously she took her job, and while that was occasionally helpful, she'd definitely prefer more of a kind and understanding vibe under these circumstances. “It’s alright, please don’t get upset. Whatever it is, it’s obviously personal. We can figure this out.”

“It’s embarrassing,” he eventually muttered. “I only have a suit from like, before lockdown, and it, um. I tried it on, but.”

“You have a suit? That’s good.”

“I guess.”

“So… what’s wrong with it?”

“It’s t-too small.” Toni’s mouth dried up within seconds. She didn’t know what to say - so instead focused on maintaining a neutral, basically open and caring expression on her face. “I’ve gotten fat. Well - fatter than I was.” It was a struggle to say the least.

“Oh.” Silence on the line. Toni swallowed. “Hey, look - can you get your shirt buttoned at the top? If you just point the camera at your face-”

“My neck, um, it doesn’t…” Toni heard Eric sigh. “Here.” And then he turned his webcam on for, as far as Toni knew, the first time in months. He was sitting in one of those gamer desk chairs with stereotypical nerdy stuff lining the shelves behind him - some models of robots, plenty of sci-fi novels and manga - and lurid horror movie posters taking up his wall space. Already not a good look for his evaluation. But then there was the state of the guy himself.

Toni couldn’t fathom why he’d even bothered to keep his dress shirt on - maybe he’d been struggling with the buttons up until the very last minute. It hadn’t done him any good though, because every single one gaped like crazy - only his head and upper torso were in the frame, almost certainly because his shirt wouldn't do up over his stomach. Toni could see the curve of his fatty chest in intimate detail, as the thin fabric of his shirt was stretched tight across his body, pale skin visible through the gaps between buttons. His top button was entirely undone. The flesh of his new second chin wasn’t exactly massive, but there was clearly too much of it to do that button up comfortably. Those cute cheeks had grown significantly, giving him an absolutely cherubic look. Finally, his sandy brown hair had grown unchecked, now so long he had to tie it back in a ponytail and tuck his fringe behind his ears to prevent it from getting in his eyes - which were screwed up tight, like he was dreading seeing himself in the webcam preview. Sadly, the freckles Toni had noticed on him before had faded, starting to blend in with his now too-pale complexion. Of course he hadn’t been outside much recently, but… wow. She couldn't even guess how much weight he'd put on.

A lot though, it was definitely a lot.


Grabby Hands Sr.
Supporting Member
Nov 3, 2017
“I see.” Toni had managed to get her face under control by the time Eric opened his eyes. They were dark brown, a little shiny, soft and watery, and genuinely distracted Toni from his body enough for her to give him a purely sympathetic smile. “Don’t worry about it, okay? I’ll make something up. Don’t worry about it.”

“I’m really sorry about this.” Eric fiddled with his buttons some more, but bending his arms like that only made the fabric around his upper arms tighten and pucker at the seams. “I, I know it’s-” Eric was cut off by a piercing rip of fabric. While his buttons remained anchored, the fabric surrounding them had not, and a long strip of smooth flesh had become visible - along with the crease where his fatty chest rested on his belly. His hands flew to (unsuccessfully) cover the gap, his face turning a deep red. “I am so sorry-!” Toni was no longer able to retain full control of her expressions, and just, gaped.

"Get - it's alright, seriously-" but matters worsened when Eric stood, presumably to grab another shirt or something, but he evidently wasn't thinking too clearly because doing so revealed not only a generous view of his round, bare stomach, but also of the obvious erection in his jeans. Toni couldn't not react to a display like that. "Uh!" Her expression made it incredibly obvious. Eyes big, bright and shining, lips parted, cheeks going dark. Even her breathing was audibly taking a hit.

"Toni..?" Eric stopped. He froze like that, with his flabby body on display and his dick pressing against his fly. "Are you, um…" his head wasn't in the frame. Just his torso, with his shirt almost hanging off his torso and his lower belly roll out, and his crotch, and a little bit of his thick thighs. "Are you turned on right now?" It didn't seem like there was any time for her to think. All she could think of to say was,

"Kinda. Yeah." Not being able to see Eric's face was excruciating. "I, yes. I really am." His posture shifted, then he spoke again,

"Because I- well, you can see…" he reached down with a plump hand and stroked the length of his cock, breath shuddering out quietly. "I was sort of dreading this, uh, meeting, because I thought you'd be shocked at how much weight I've gained."

"I wasn't expecting it, I'll admit that," Toni replied. She realised that she'd been subconsciously rocking in her seat for a while - then she thought, why the hell not, and leaned forward, hitching up her skirt, pushing down her panties and finally starting to use her fingers to touch herself. It was out of frame, so it was okay, right? Just a little bit couldn't hurt. "Look, I, really like you, Eric. I have for a while." She squirmed, "and I want to… ugh, you just look gorgeous, okay? When your shirt tore I thought I could've come with just one touch-!" She used a finger to circle her entrance, trying not to make it obvious that she was rubbing herself off. Then again, there was hardly reason to be shy - after all, Eric was doing the same thing.

"Me too!" Eric chuckled. "I've always, enjoyed eating, but, uh," his pudgy hips twitched, stimulated by his efforts, "I've never been this big before. I've felt like - these last few months have almost felt like the end of the world, you know, and it felt so good to let go a little bit, but I just haven't been thinking about the consequences."

"You look good," Toni managed, between breaths. "You look really good. It suits you," she let out a soft, friendly laugh. "Less of the skinny tech guy stereotype.” Eric giggled back,

“Yeah, that’s true!” His hips had gotten so much more generous, a clearly developing pear shape taking over from his previous typical office-lifestyle tummy. His jeans, which fit him okay around the waist, were clearly getting painfully tight around his crotch. Again, his hips bucked against his hand, sending a jiggle through his soft lower belly.

“You… you should take those off,” said Toni, feeling her fingers getting soaked, “if you want to.”

“Hang on.” He lifted his stomach, where it hung slightly over his beltline, cupping the cotton fabric against his fat. “Jesus, look at this. There’s so much of me.” Adorably, he got distracted, and started jiggling his flab through his ruined shirt, “I just burst right out of this thing.” His voice was still soft, but not unhappy - instead he was fascinated, mesmerised. He undid his buttons and shrugged it off, giving Toni a real view of his body - red stretch marks snaking over his hips, a thick waist, soft tits, and flabby arms without even the slightest hint of muscle tone. “Look at how fat I’ve gotten, Toni…”

“I am,” she croaked. Toni was getting more brazen, sitting back in her chair with one foot resting on the edge - using one hand to massage her G spot and the other to play with her clitoris. She figured, this is fine, right? Nothing indecent was on camera - though her upper body was clearly moving as she rocked her hips, her expression getting more and more flustered. “Eric, let me - let me see your face.”

“Okay, I’ll just,” he pulled his jeans off, revealing the tent in his boxers - which, to Toni’s slight surprise, also came off. Who knew the shy lad was such an exhibitionist? His dick was already so hard, in adorable contrast to the pad of chubbiness at its base. “Alright, I’ll uh,” He adjusted his laptop, sat, and rolled himself backwards so that almost his entire body was visible - his pink face, just as lustful as Toni’s, his nude belly, his thighs pooling in his seat, and his cock, begging for attention. “Look at that, I barely fit in this thing anymore,” he said, referring to his hips brushing against the arm rests of his chair. As he started stroking himself again, he muttered, “I wonder if I’m heavy enough to break it…”

“Do you know how much you weigh?” Toni asked, her whole body feeling warm - she was close, she could tell, and Eric prodding at himself and showing off his fat was only bringing her closer.

“The last time I checked was around 105 kilograms, but, I must’ve gone up,” he squeezed a roll of chub with his free hand, stroking himself fast with his other one, “I feel bigger than I did then.”

"You look fucking amazing," Toni gasped, feeling a tingle shooting up her spine, the friction between her legs intensifying, "I want - I'd love to-" she stopped talking and moaned, at the sight of Eric's flesh jiggling as he wanked himself off, "oh Christ, Eric-!" She finished, blood and pleasure pulsing hard through her body, mind glazing over as she watched Eric grab and fondle himself. He was still going, his adorable face getting more and more desperate,

“Toni, tell me - tell me-” he couldn’t get out anything more coherent, but it was alright. Toni knew exactly what he wanted to hear.

“You couldn’t stop snacking, is that what it is? Losing track while eating at your desk?”

“Uh-” Eric closed his eyes, clearly enraptured,

“Or was it on purpose? I can tell from the look in your eye when you touch yourself, you love being this way. Were the first few pounds by accident? Who cares, it doesn’t make a difference now - you’re addicted to this, aren’t you? Every time you stuff yourself you know you’re forcing your body to expand, grow, get softer and warmer and even weaker, I mean, you haven’t seen a shred of exercise in months, have you, Eric?”

“Nnh-” Eric was obviously getting close too. Toni felt warm all over again, this new stimulation elevating her post orgasmic glow.

“It suits you, fat boy.” Eric came, a loud moan bursting from his mouth.

“Oh my god…” he gasped, “that…” he foggily made eye contact with Toni, as best he could. “Thank you.”

“That’s alright,” Toni chuckled breathlessly, “I had fun too.”

“Toni, let me clean myself up, then maybe we could, uh…” Toni glanced at the time.

“Oh shit, I have another meeting in like ten minutes.”

“Oh. Um,” Eric looked down at himself, exposed and covered in fluids. “If, if I could… look, I…” he was obviously getting flustered, suddenly shy again.

“Eric, like I said, I really like you. I know it sucks but I need to…” Toni looked at his face, sweet, round, disappointed. “Oh, fuck it. I’ll tell them my router is acting weird. Meet you back here in ten?” Eric grinned wide, his double chin popping out adorably.

“Sure. Uh, Toni?”


“I like you too. A lot. I, have liked you, a lot, for a while, is what I mean. I thought I should clarify, because you said so earlier.” He was blushing again, tucking loose strands of hair behind his ears. “I’ll see you soon. In clothes that fit me.”

“Looking forward to it, cutie.”


"Oh, shit. Can't have that."


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