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Wondering Where You Are
Apr 11, 2008
I never intended this concept to encompass three stories of varying lengths, but we all know the saying about good anyway, I present them here in a directory. If you have any ideas for stories set in the "A-Dust" universe, and using the concept, I'd be happy for you to post them and link to them here!

Obviously this'll also be a discussion thread about the stories. If it wants to be...

One More Couldn't Hurt

(~BBW, ~BHM, ~XWG, ~Fantasy, ~Sex) - A couple's first night together becomes their most memorable, thanks to biscuits laced with a special ingredient...

Don't Mind If I Do

(~BBW, ~BHM, ~XWG, ~Fantasy, ~Sex, ~Shakespeare) - A promising stage actress prepares for the role of a lifetime, while a gift from her silver-tongued agent makes it the performance of a century.

How Much Have You Had

([~BBW, ~BHM, ~XWG]; ~Fantasy/Sci-Fi, ~Sex, ~Threesome, ~Satire) - Three explorers of the unknown attempt to get to the bottom of 'Alice Dust', but can't avoid it getting to the bottom of them first...

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