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May 3, 2014
Not So Quick Trip to D.C.

The day had come that I kind of dreaded -- the day I was to head down to Washington to tell Lulu it was over and that I was starting my own haberdashery in Manhattan.

I awoke early to get ready to head to Penn Station to take one of the hourly AMTRAK Acela trains to D.C. It took a little longer than flying, but it was so much more convenient going twenty blocks to the train than it was getting a car service for a ride to LaGuardia and the Delta Shuttle. Plus, at 461 pounds (Mindy had weighed me the night before), it was getting tougher to fit into even the Shuttle seats, even though every seat on the plane was First Class-sized.

The Acela was near perfect because I could book two seats to spread my bulk out better and not have to worry about someone trying to fit beside me. The other advantage was that I could reserve a seat in a car close to the club car so I was only a few steps away from sodas and snacks during the trip, so I never ever went hungry.

Mindy got up even earlier and had a big breakfast waiting for me by the time I finished showering and dressing. I wore a nice three button sack suit in British Tan, perfect for early April, which fit because it had been let out an extra two inches everywhere just the week before. I donned a jaunty pair of scarlet braces (not suspenders!) to hold up my slacks, since it was more difficult now to find a quality leather belt to fit around my waist. And it was all topped off by a natty British regimental tie I had ordered from Ben Silver in Charleston. Mindy definitely approved of the look, as she tucked a massive 3' x 4' napkin into my shirt collar to keep me from getting breakfast on my outfit, referring to me as "the fattest preppy ever!" "I know," I said between bites of bacon, "I could probably make three good sized preppies."

"Yep," she answered, "it's a good thing you booked two seats on the Acela!" Then, as I continued eating, she stood to the back of my chair and started reaching her dainty little hands underneath my braces, feeling for my mammoth moobs underneath my shirt. Then she reached lower and started feeling up my upper belly roll, as she nibbled my earlobes and my then my thick double chin.

At the rate she was going, I was afraid my carefully assembled ensemble would soon be scattered on the floor getting wrinkled and that I'd have to take the 8 a.m. train instead of the 7 a.m. one. But as I finished wolfing down my breakfast, I found that my fiance was but a tease, just trying to get me hot and bothered before my trip. Damn!

Soon I was out the door and hailing a cab, waving off a couple of green Prius cabs, fearing they were too small for me, before finally hailing a Toyota mini-van cab with a sliding side door that I could fit thru with ease. And though it once would have made me steaming mad, I took it in stride and good humor when the immigrant cabbie ... perhaps no more than 5'5" and 120 pounds ... looked at me like I was the fattest human being he had ever seen!

I could tell he was dieing to find out how much I weighed and when he got through the standard questions, where was I going, etc., and finally got the courage to ask, I decided to exagerate and give him something to tell his wife and kids about that night! "518 pounds," I answered, then I ad-libbed a little more, saying "maybe you saw me on The Biggest Loser last year, I was the guy who gained weight and went home early." "Oh yes," he said excitedly, "I do remember that ..." I was definitely feeling evil at that point but enjoying myself immensely (no pun intended)!

Later that morning (and after three trips to the club car for snacks), I arrived at Union Station and found the escalator from the track to the station house broken. There was no way I was lugging my vast tonnage up the stairs so I waddled to the elevator which fortunately was in good working order. Ten minutes later I was in a cab (fortunately with a cabbie who kept his curiousity to himself) and on my way to Eye Street, N.W. to see Lulu.

She was seated at her ornate desk when I walked into the front door and you should have seen the look in her eyes when she saw how enormous I was! "Oh my ***ing God," she exclaimed, "you are even bigger than I imagined. Come closer so I can see how much fatter you have gotten."

I walked up to the desk, opened my suit jacket to give her a better view, then hoisted my belly on top of the desk for full effect, dropping it with a thud. "Oh my," Lulu sighed in a lusty way, then stood up and reached both hands out to touch the sides of my gluttonous handywork. "This is just SO much bigger than the last time I saw you!"

"Am I 'ready' yet?," I asked somewhat obnoxiously. "It depends," she said, "just how much do you weigh?" "I guess you'll have to get me on your scale and find out," I responded, even more obnoxiously this time.

She walked around from behind her desk, coming up behind me, and removing my suit jacket. Jacket removed, she spun me around to face her and planted a long lusty kiss on me. "Good to have you back in D.C.," she said, seemingly genuinely. "I've missed having you around," she continued, "but enjoyed all the additional revenue from your sales efforts up in New York." I smiled, knowing full well that she had profited handsomely from my efforts, probably doubling or maybe even tripling her sales volume. Even after factoring in all the suits she had to make for me at a discount due to my constantly changing waistline, she was still looking at some very, very fat profits the past few months.

Eyeing me lustily, she said, "let's go in the back, I've got a surprise for you."

As we walked through the door, I discovered several surprises in fact. First, there were five new suits hanging on a rack and they looked freaking enormous! So enormous, I was initially taken aback by the realization that I was THAT fat. Then I also spied what looked to be ten dozen Krispy Kreme donuts sitting out in boxes stacked high. "All of this for me?," I asked with some incredulity.

"All for you, Tubby!," Lulu said with a smile and the look of lust in her eyes, not to mention the hunger in my belly, became even more intense.



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May 3, 2014
Multiple Deadly Sins?

Such temptation! New suits. Dozens of donuts. What was a fat clothes horse supposed to do? And with so much largesse on her part, how could I possibly tell Lulu of my plans to leave her? And could I remain true to my one true love, Mindy, with this lusty older woman seemingly finally ready to throw herself at me?

So many questions, not enough time and likely not enough willpower on my part ...

Soon a glazed donut made its way into my greedy mouth and what little willpower I might have had gave way to gluttony. My Catholic upbringing came back to me ... gluttony, one of the seven deadly sins. What deadly sin would be next today? Greed, no doubt, because I wanted it all -- the donuts, the suits, and as much as I hated to admit it, Lulu's killer body. Then what? Lust for sure! While I wanted to remain true to Mindy, Lulu was so damned tempting, like a siren luring me onto the rocks. And it this rate I was heading toward those rocks at full steam ahead!

"That donut tasted good, didn't it young Ben?," cooed Lulu, "and there are 143 more left if you so choose." As her hands slid my braces off my shoulders and started unfastening my slacks, she said "say it Ben." "Say what?," I asked between bites of donut. "That you so choose, that you want me to stuff you with all these delicious donuts, that you want me to make you even fatter than you already are ..."

My willpower flared up again, but quickly disappeared as she lifted my sagging apron with one hand and wrapped her other around my hardened cock. Feeling pathetic, the words excitedly came out of my mouth, "feed me Lulu, feed 'em all to me, every last one."

"That's a good Fat Boy," she cooed, "and, after all, you deserve something special after all your hard work in New York. Business is the best it's ever been and I owe it to you Ben, you just have been selling your *** off up there, bringing in so many orders I can barely keep up with the demand."

"I know," I said, "it's kind of crazy isn't it?"

As Lulu stuffed another donut in my mouth, she replied, "it is crazy Ben, but what's really crazy is how much fatter you have become in just a few months up there. It seems like you need new clothes every couple of months, you must be eating everything in sight!," as she stuffed yet another donut in my mouth.

"In fact, Randy tells me you have a caterer girlfriend and that she's been stuffing you night and day." Mouth full, I nodded my head, and Lulu asked "are you nodding your head because you have a girlfriend or because she is stuffing you like a prize hog all day and all night?" My mouth still too full to speak, Lulu talked for me, saying "just as I suspected, you've been cheating on me with a younger woman" and stuffed another donut in my mouth, while leading me over to the scale in the corner of the room.

Once there, in went another donut, while Lulu started unknotting my tie, and threw it on the floor, then began working on my shirt buttons, while I chewed away. Finally naked, she said sarcastically, "well let's see what that young caterer has done to you" and I climbed aboard the scale.

"I don't suppose you can see the readout over that hanging slab of lard, can you Ben?" "Not really," I laughed, "tell me how fat I am."

"Well, Fatso, she has done a great job of turning you into an even bigger blimp than I ever thought possible ... you weigh 463 pounds."

Then she grabbed my hand again and lead me to her sturdy cutting table, the one that I had found her on a few months before with Tom, the Senator from North Carolina.

She pulled up a short step ladder and ordered me atop the table, saying "now it's time for your punishment ... or is it your reward? Later, you'll have to tell me which it was for you, Ben." As yet another donut went in my mouth, Lulu began restraining my hands and feet with silk chording, the other ends of which she tied around the legs of the table. Then she tucked a fluffy throw pillow beneath my head and started exploring all the new rolls and folds that I'd added to my body since the last time I'd seen her.

"There is just SO much more of you now, Ben. Like 130 pounds more ... you really like to eat don't you Ben, just getting fatter and fatter and fatter for your girlfriend? Randy tells me she has a way of making men want to get fat for her, is that true, Ben?"

I nodded my head yes, but before I could say anything, in went another donut.

"It sounds like she and I are kindred spirits then ... you see Ben, I have always had a way of making men want to turn themselves into monuments of gluttony for me. It's kind of a shame with you though ... I so wanted to turn you into quarter ton blob, but it looks like she is going to get you there, not me."

"What's her name, Ben?"

"Mindy," I mumbled between bites.

"Jewish girl?," she asked and I nodded my head yes. "They make such good feeders," she added. "Do you love her?" Again, I nodded yes. "Very well then, I won't make you do anything you'll regret ... there is honor among feeders, you know?" Mouth full, I grinned and finally a smile came to her face too ... maybe Lulu wasn't as cold and calculating and mercenary as I'd thought.

The Temptation of the Fat Boy

Lulu continued caressing my belly, sending sexy little ripples through my abundant flesh. And, more important, she continued popping donuts in my eager mouth. I was loving all the attention and it was almost better than sex!

Since she indicated that she wasn't going to do anything for which I'd feel guilty later, I found myself totally at ease with her and went with the flow of things. Soon I was through a dozen and a half donuts and, actually getting a bit full, I asked if we could take a break from the feeding.

Then came out of her lips the familiar refrain from earlier in our relationship, "not yet, you have more work to do." I smiled and muttered, "that figures." And that brought out the old Lulu, engaging in trash talk loaded with sexual innuendo.

"You have become such a colossal fat boy at the hands of your feeder girlfriend."

"Colossal huh?"

"Epically mammoth" she responded.

"I like that," I said, "tell me more about how fat I am."

"Well Ben, you obviously like to eat, don't you? And, from the look of things, it seems you just can't stop eating, can you? You just keep eating and eating and getting fatter and fatter ..."

I interrupted her to say, "yet, you still tell me I have much more work to do ... what does that mean? Am I not fat enough already?"

"Oh Ben, silly boy, you have so much more potential."

"But I'm getting close to 500 pounds as it is ... how much more work would you have me do? Tell me Lulu, tell me!"

"Well young man, as far as I'm concerned, your work won't be done until you are the fattest man in Washington ... and, as you know, there are many very fat men in this town."

"But how fat would that be?," I asked in a naive tone of voice, "600 pounds like Harry?"

"Oh no, much more than that, Harry is probably up to 650 now."

"700 pounds then?"

"Oh no, I'm sure there is someone in the Washington metro area who weighs at least that much."

"OK then, 800 pounds? There can't be anyone fatter than that around here."

Lulu thought for a moment and said coquettishly "that might work."

"So ... just to be clear, you're telling me if I had eaten my way to 800 pounds, you and I finally could have ... well ..."

"Done the dirty?," she finished my question for me.

"Yeah, that."

"Silly boy," I was ready to do you the first day you walked in my shop!"

"So why didn't you?," I whined.

"I just didn't think you were ready for a woman like me ... but you probably are now, you've grown from a little fat boy into a big fat man before my eyes, from a clueless college grad to a successful businessman. And soon to be married ..."

"I guess my timing was bad," I lamented.

"Maybe not," she grinned, and climbed atop my mountainous belly, perching her lovely tight ass on my top shelf, and started feeding me again. As she shoveled donuts in, she used her ass to rock my belly back and forth, sending me into a near-orgasmic state of euphoria.

Amazingly, she was either so light or I so massive, that I barely felt her perched on top of my belly. She felt light as a feather up there and it didn't interfere at all with my ingestion of another dozen donuts. As far as I was concerned this could keep up all day, but my revelry was broken up a loud knock on the front door of the shop.

"Oh lordy," Lulu exclaimed, "I forgot that someone was coming," and jumped down from her pillowy perch to put on a sexy silk robe. But before going to the door, she untied my restraints and told me to go sit on the loveseat in the corner of the work room. "Don't get dressed," she admonished, "as I'll be right back."

As she went to the front room to get the door, I eased myself off the table, landing on the floor with a thud that sent my belly rolls and moobs gryrating like crazy. I could see myself in a full lenght mirror on the opposite wall and was amused at just how fat I was and how long it took for my flesh to stop wobbling from the impact!

As I walked across the room, belly and moobs literally dancing with each step I took, I thought to myself how prosperous and powerful I looked. If I had lived a century before I would have been the very embodiment of a robber baron. Or maybe if I lived back in Roman times, the embodiment of a classical hedonist whose appetite and lust and greed knew no bounds. I determined then and there that if I put my mind to it, I could take several of those seven deadly sins to the extreme and then some!

With at least one of those deadly sins in mind, I grabbed a box of donuts in each hand and settled into the loveseat, and to my surprise I took up two thirds of it all by myself. "My lord," I thought, "I REALLY am fat aren't I?"

That was confirmed a second later when Lulu flung open the door and announced "we have company!" And standing behind her were Harry the homebuilder, who looked every bit of 650 pounds, and his tiny little gymnast wife Delilah.

Di strode purposefully over to me, reached for one my moobs and cupped it in her palm approvingly, exclaiming, "you're right Lulu, he is SO much fatter than he was." Then she stared into my eyes and cooed, "you are super fat, just totally obese, and so shockingly beautiful." Then she looked back at Lulu and said "just look at this massive belly, it completely covers his thighs now!" Then she turned back to me and said "young man, you have just grown yourself a monumental belly!"

Lulu looked quite amused and turned back to Harry to console him, saying "don't worry Harry, he is still just a lightweight compared to you."

Harry didn't seem to mind the least and said, "when am I going to get to see you girls feed this boy? That's what Lulu promised me ..."

Di giggled at the prospect and patted me on my top shelf, saying "I guess you won't be the lightweight around here for long!



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May 3, 2014
Harry Likes to Watch

Then Delilah glanced over her shoulder at her incredibly porcine husband and said, "don't worry baby, we're gonna stuff this baby piggy until he's your size! Then Lulu and I may do something else to him, that is if you won't get jealous of this young stud ..."

But Lulu cut her off, saying "no we can't do that, Ben here is engaged now and he wants to remain loyal to his fiance."

"Damn!" Di exclaimed.

"Besides," Lulu continued, "I have great respect for the girl, Mindy is her name, as she is the one most responsible for Ben's current state of obesity."

Di slapped my top shelf hard and asked "so she's a sneaky little feedress huh?" "Nothing sneaky about her," I responded, "she's just a great cook." "And it looks like you've been eating everything she puts in front of you," Harry chimed in from a matching loveseat on the other side of the room, "just like me and Di," he added and patted his massive belly for emphasis.

"Oh he's got a long, long ways to be like you," Lulu, who was sitting on the arm of the loveseat, cooed in his ear while handing Harry one of my donuts. "Ben weighed in at a mere 463 pounds today, what do you weigh now Harry?" "Yeah Harry, tell her what you weigh now," snarked Delilah.

"I don't know," Harry said, "I guess you girls will have to get me to my feet and strip me down so I can get on that scale ... that is if that scale will handle me now ..."

"Harry, you rascal!," said Lulu, "you know full well that my scale goes all the way to a thousand pounds, so you can probably come back here in a couple of years when your apron is touching the floor and it will still handle you!"

"I'm just kidding with you Lu," he said, "now you girls help me up." Lulu and Delilah each grabbed a meaty arm and tried to tug him to his feet, but he just didn't budge. So they called in the heavy artillery, meaning me, and I grabbed both of his arms and tugged as hard as I could while the girls got behind him and pushed as hard as they could.

On the third or fourth try we finally got him onto his feet, but his momentum was such that his body collided with mine with full force, my massive belly colliding with his gargantuan one, and almost knocking me backwards. But I quickly caught my balance, fearing that if I went down Harry would come down on top of me with full force, which might have been too much for the old oak floor in teh work room.

"Irresistable force meets immovable object," Lulu observed as both girls broke into uncontrollable laughter at the sight of well over a thousand pounds of flesh sent a flutter.

Both girls had lustful looks on their faces like I had never seen and in an instant their hands were all over Harry stripping off his clothes, then his underwear. I simply looked on in awe at how massive Harry was in the buff, with a massive ass to match his even more massive belly and Sharpei-like arms and legs with roll after roll of fat. He was freakin' massive, so much so I was kind of amazed he could still walk under his own power.

As the girls led him to the scale, he truly was waddling, with more motion from side-to-side than there was forward progress. He was so big, I actually wondered if he might have broken the 700 pound mark, so I was surprised when the readout was a mere 676 pounds!

He was noticeably huffing and puffing as he got off the scale and started his slow waddle back to the loveseat, where once seated his rolls actually spilled over the arms. "Here take a rest baby," Delilah said lovingly and handed him two boxes of my donuts. "Just relax and eat something and watch us stuff this junior pig!"

And that they did, with Lulu doffing her robe and Delilah stripping off her clothes too, aiming to feed me the remaining six dozen donuts while their breasts liberally brushed my belly, moobs, chins, and cheeks. As they worked feverishly to feed me, I could see Harry contorting his fat body in the loveseat, struggling mightily to reach under his incredible apron with his too-short arms. He was obviously turned on watching a fellow fatty getting stuffed and I hated seeing him so frustrated at being unable to scratch his itch, so to speak, so I suggested to the girls that they could perhaps take a break from me and tend to poor Harry and his predicament.

Once they disengaged from me and engaged with Harry, I pretended to go to the bathroom, but stealthily grabbed my clothes while they weren't looking, and attempted to make my getaway. All three of them seemed to be having great fun and I figured they wouldn't miss me until I was gone. Plus, I figured Harry would enjoy the extra donuts that I didn't eat -- certainly an almost 700 pound man could take down the few remaining dozens!

I figured I'd just have to discuss my future business plans with Lulu later ... and figure out how to nab those four new suits she had made up for me ...

I tiptoed out of the bathroom, as stealthily as a 463 pound man can, and was almost to the door when Lulu noticed me leaving. "Where are you going?" "Yeah," chimed in Delilah, "we've got a lot more fun in store for you."

"Sorry ladies," I said with great fake sincerity, then lied, "but I promised my dad I would meet him for lunch and I'm already late. Lulu, we need to talk so I'll come by later today."

Then, once out the door, it occurred I hadn't said goodbye to the others. I stuck my head back inside the door to see Lulu struggling to hold up Harry's belly, while Delilah's head appeared to have completely disappeared under the monstrous overhang. "Harry," I said, "always a pleasure, but I believe you're going to have a lot more fun without me around!"

"Thanks kid, see ya later!" he responded with a massive smile on his very fat face.


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Oct 25, 2005
Ottawa, ON
Beard?!?! Wow, you sure buried this wonderful detail deep in the story! So glad Ben is one of the 'bearded brotherhood'!

This is a great story!


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May 3, 2014
Breaking the News to Lulu

I still had a key to Lulu's shop so I locked the front door as I left. As I turned right toward 15th, I found my mind still all consumed by what I had seen before I left, with the enormously fat Harry being serviced by two petite women at once.

Harry had gotten himself to a half standing, half seated position with his mammoth butt cheeks straddling one arm of the surprisingly sturdy loveseat. No doubt unable to reach around his circumference from behind, Lulu knelt beside Harry on the loveseat and struggled mightily to hold his sagging apron up enough for a kneeling Delilah to stick her head underneath to access his buried manhood. With his jowly cheeks and multiple chins and rolls I swore he resembled Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars!

It was quite comical actually and had found myself standing silently in the doorway staring at the spectacle for perhaps half a minute or more before bidding my adieu to Harry. I could see his apron bobbing up and down with each movement of Delilah's head and after three bobs Lulu lost her grasp of Harry's too plentiful rolls and they all came crashing down on poor Di's head and shoulders!

That's when I bid my adieu, as Delilah struggled to extricate her head from beneath the mass of Harry's belly blubber. He was grinning from ear to ear, while Lulu struggled to control her laughter and Di was shaking her head back and forth like a punch drunk boxer. But she seemed no worse for the wear and, as I was making way for the front door I could hear her say "Harry, you enormous hippo, let's move you to the table!"

But as I strode down the street, still kind of giddy from the spectacle, it occurred to me that I needed to do something about my weight. I just couldn't keep gaining like I had over the past few months, no matter how much fun it was eating all of Mindy's treats. Just looking at Harry at almost 700 pounds was all it took to convince me I didn't want to get that fat.

500 pounds, to make Mindy happy for the wedding, was just fine but 650 or 700 pounds was just way too much. Harry was already having some issues moving around, and I could only imagine what it would be like once Di got him to 800 pounds or more. I could see her having to keep a professional weightlifter around the house just to hoist his apron up whenever she wanted to have sex, which seemed like constantly! I kinda imagined Delilah liking something like that, with the contrast of a heavily muscled man against her blubbery mammoth of a husband all of whose muscles were buried deep under hundreds of pounds of pure fat.

The sight of Harry at his current weight seared such an indelible image on my brain that, despite being really hungry again, I decided I should do something sensible for lunch and have a salad! I don't think I'd had just a salad for lunch since maybe my sophomore year in college, before I met my fat college girlfriend, and was trying to at least pretend to lose weight.

I had made my way to K Street by then and decided to pop into McCormick & Schmick, where I could order a salad maybe with a little protein on top in the form of salmon or shrimp. Since it was only me, I decided to sit at the bar rather than take up a whole table at the height of lunch hour, so I plopped myself down on the bar stool in front of a really cute young bartender, a redhead maybe 5'4" with chubby cheeks and a super cute face.

"Well hello big boy," she greeted me, "I hope you brought your appetite today." I laughed and said, "I'm afraid not, I'm trying to watch my girlish figure." "That's a shame," she said, "because we're running some great appetizer specials." "Don't tempt me," I pleaded, "I just had a meeting with a 700 pound man and I don't want that to be my future." "Nonsense," she said, '"you can't be an ounce over 250," and winked one eye. Sensing her intrigue at what I really weighed, I deadpanned, "you'd be right on the mark ... if you added 213 pounds."

"Oh my," she gasped and added, "I'm bringing you a calamari appetizer on the house." "Oh my God," I gasped, "how did you know that was my favorite app?" "You just look like a calamari kind of guy, big boy ..."

She walked away to punch the order into her terminal, showing off a very sexy bubble butt, then walked back in a minute carrying a cola beverage. "What do you want to drink sexy?" she asked. "A Diet Coke please," I said, but she answered "we're all out, so here is a regular Coke ... we don't want you wasting away to nothing do we big boy?"

"Now what do you want for your main course?" As soon as I said "the house salad with some salmon on top," she said, "OK, just to confirm, that will be the fully loaded bacon cheeseburger with extra fries, right?" Before I could correct her she'd walked away to place the order and I just smiled, thinking what a great feedist she would be if I didn't have one already back in New York!

I walked out an hour later, after a big serving of pie and ice cream for dessert, completely stuffed and with her phone number (I didn't have the heart to tell her I was engaged). As I walked back down K Street I thought to myself that I was just a hopeless case. No matter how I tried, I was always going to be an eater and an eater has gotta eat. I'd be lucky if I wasn't as fat as Harry by the time I hit 30. Hell, at the rate I was going I might be there by my first wedding anniversary!

I stopped and sat on a bench for about fifteen minutes to let my big lunch digest, then decided to head back to Lulu's. Hopefully Harry and Delilah were long gone and Lulu would be too exhausted from the ordeal to make another pass at me.

As I walked in the front door, Lulu was seated at her desk with a very contented smile on her face. "Shame you left early," she said, "we ended up feeding Harry ALL, and I do mean ALL, the remaining donuts. That man is such a shameless glutton ... I just love that about him."

"He certainly looked like he was having fun when I left ... hopefully Delilah didn't suffer any lasting damage when you let Harry's belly drop on her."

"It was an accident!," Lulu howled.

"I know," I said, "but you still could have killed her, dropping what must have been 400 or more pounds of belly fat on her."

"At least that much," Lulu laughed. "I swear that man cannot stop eating ... he probably won't stop until he's a half ton or more!"

I shook my head in agreement, adding, "I know I have no room to talk, but the guy is freakin' enormous." Lulu pondered my comment for a second, then responded, "my boy, you are certainly a very big boy, but still quite the lightweight compared to Harry."

"Thanks for saying that," I replied, "I was thinking when I left here that I don't ever want to be that fat."

"I must admit," Lulu said, shaking her head, "and I never thought I would ever say this, but Harry may just be too fat. And seeing him here today at close to 700 pounds, I had to reconsider what I told you earlier." "That I should get up to 800 pounds?," I asked. "Yes, that," she replied, "I'm thinking maybe you should just gain a little more, maybe to 550 or 600, and try to cut it off there ... that would be ... perfection" and she sighed.

"That might be a little more manageable," I said, then tried to change the subject away from me, asking "well how was it with Harry once you moved him to the table top?"

"It was fun, but at that weight he gets tired so quickly and once Di was finished with him, he didn't have any energy left to schtup me." "Poor little Lulu" I said. Then she added, "Di and I were both sorry you left, we could have doubled our fun with both you and Harry there together." "I'm sure you could have," I replied, "with close to 1,200 pounds between the two of us." "It would have been divine," Lulu cooed wistfully, "having a fat young stud like you with loads of energy to spare."

Then it was my turn to be wistful, telling her that I kind of regretted that we had never had a chance to get it on, but that it was too late and just not right now that I was engaged.

"I could have given you the ride of your life Fat Boy," she said and walked over and wrapped her arms around my vast expanse of waistline, then planted a sweet kiss on my chubby cheek. "I know you could," I responded and actually got a little misty eyed.

It was then that I decided to rip the bandaid off and told her that it was time to move on and start my own business in New York. I thanked her for giving me my start and showing me the ropes and told her I'd always be in her debt.

I wasn't entirely sure what to expect -- anger, tears, I just didn't know. But I absolutely never could have conceived of what actually happened next ...



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May 3, 2014
The Long Sleep

I awoke not knowing where I was or how long I had been there. My head felt really fuzzy as if I had been drugged and I heard activity around me before I briefly opened my eyes.

It seemed like everyone else in the room either had their backs to me or were otherwise too occupied to notice that I was awake. I took a quick mental snapshot of the scene, then quickly closed my eyes to give the impression I was still knocked out.

I racked my brain for my last memory but my general fuzziness was keeping me from focusing too much. I remembered talking with Lulu and her offering to pour me a drink to celebrate going out on my own. That's the last thing I remembered ...

Then I tried to focus on what I had seen when I opened my eyes. Harry, in all his enormity, was seated on a wide couch across the room, seemingly taking up more than half of it. Parked next to the couch appeared to be a heavy duty food cart and there was a tall man not wearing many clothes who seemed to be feeding him from the cart.

I took another quick peak then shut my eyes again. This time I noticed more details about the room and was surprised that it appeared to contain gymnastics equipment. That's when it occurred to me that I must be somewhere in Harry's and Delilah's home and, being a former gymnast, the equipment must be Di's.

Harry was arrayed at 12 o'clock in my line of vision. Then another quick peak at 10 o'clock and I saw Di spreadeagled on a balance beam before closing my eyes again. Or at least I thought it was Di due to having a little blurriness to my vision. All doubt was soon removed as I heard her berate Harry about how hopelessly fat he had become.

Then, I knew Lulu was in the room too as I heard her cackle at the insults Di was hurling at her fat husband. She sounded like she was at 2 o'clock and I squinted just enough in that direction to confirm that she was there, sitting astride a pummel horse.

Next I heard the tall man talking to Harry with seeming affection, asking him "Master Harry, do you know what gives me more pleasure than preparing these massive feasts for you?" "No, what?," Harry mumbled between bites. "Feeding them to you and seeing you every bite, unable to say no to another bite, even when you're totally stuffed."

Delilah laughed and said, "yes my fat baby, between me and Jimmy here, you don't have a choice but to eat and grow fatter and fatter. You are just powerless to resist his main courses and my desserts, aren't you Fatty?" "Powerless," he again mumbled between bites.

Jimmy must be the live-in chef I surmised. Then I took another quick peak and saw Jimmy's thumb inserted in Harry's belly button and the other four fingers grasping a huge roll of fat, gently rocking Harry's belly back and forth while using the other hand to continue stuffing food into his mouth. Di and Lulu appeared to have dismounted from their equipment and had taken up positions on the couch on either side of Harry so that they could massage his massive udder-like breasts which folded over the sides of his belly and seemed to hang down within a couple of inches of his belly button.

I had trouble keeping my eyes closed this time as it was quite the spectacle. But I quickly screwed them shut as I saw Lulu turn her head in my direction and say to Jimmy, "I hope you have more of this in the kitchen because we have the other pig to stuff when you're finished here."

"Don't worry," Jimmy said in a scornful tone of voice, "that young pig is gonna get his."

"Tell me more," said Delilah.

"Let's put it this way," Jimmy said, "by the time that fat boy gets back to New York, his fiance isn't gonna recognize him buried under another hundred pounds of blubber."

"Will he be fatter than me?," Harry asked.

"Not quite baby, nobody can be as fat as you Harry," said Di with great glee. "But he won't be too far off," she added before giving her husband a long wet kiss.

"I love it!," squealed Lulu, "that will teach the fat boy a thing or two about trying to say goodbye to me."



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May 3, 2014
Double Titty Twister

Hearing that they planned to pack another hundred pounds on my already bloated body, it was at that point that it occurred to me to figure out how these evil people had me restrained. With eyes still screwed shut to avoid suspicion, I set my mind to trying to solve the problem, first determining that I seemed to be seated in a hard wooden chair. My arms were raised to shoulder level and seemed to be tied to some type of wooden crossbar, then it came to me ... since Delilah had been a champion gymnast at one time, I must be tied to one of her parallel bars! And I seemed to be restrained pretty well, as it felt like my wrists were bound as well as my meaty upper arms, which would make it pretty dificult for me to escape.

As I pondered the dire straights I was in, I heard some whispering and sensed that one or both of the girls was approaching me. My hunch was soon confirmed by incredibly sharp pain as Lulu grabbed both of my nipples and twisted them hard, shouting "double titty twister!" My eyes opened wide with the pain and I shouted a loud "ow!"

"Looks like our Fat Boy is awake now," chuckled Delilah, who motioned Jimmy over to check me out.

"Stand up Tubby," Jimmy commanded and I responded "I don't think I can the way my arms are restrained ..." "Oh that's right," said Jimmy and he asked the girls to adjust the parallel bar so I could get to a standing position. As they adjusted the knobs and slowly started raising the bar, Jimmy, who was pretty ripped for a mere chef, reached under my armpits and helped pull me to a standing position.

Jimmy then took a step back to check me out and said, "I didn't think it was possible but you seem even fatter in a standing position than you do seated," then stuck both thumbs into my gaping belly button and used his other fingers to grab two big handfuls of belly apron and started shaking. "My god," he exclaimed, "you must weigh 200 pounds less than Harry but your apron sags almost as low as his!"

"I told you," Delilah said, "it's that amazing double belly of his, his bottom roll just hangs down forever!" "Yeah," Lulu added, "if you could feed him for a few months Jimmy, I bet that apron would be hanging below his knees!" Then she gave me a gentler titty twister and said "wouldn't it Ben?"

With the cobwebs finally clearing a bit from my head, I decided to verbally engage the trio and see if I couldn't talk my way out of this mess, starting by asking "what exactly do y'all have in mind for little ole me?" I figured a little Southern humor might help, but found out otherwise when Jimmy gave me a hard slap across my upper belly and said, "we're here to fatten you some more before sending you back to your fiance in New York!"

Not shaken in the least by the belly slap, I responded "I'm already fat enough, thank you, now untie me so I can leave." At that, Jimmy knelt down touching his knees with both hands, then brought them back up as forcefully as he could to give my apron a mighty double hand smack that sent my blubber flying up in the air then crashing back down again! "You're not going anywhere Two Ton until these ladies say you're finished!"

Then Di and Lulu each settled in on either side of me, gently massaging my moobs, and Lulu said, "don't worry my pretty fatty, Jimmy has prepared all your favorite foods," then came the bombshell ... "Mindy shared all her fattening receipes with Jimmy ... she's a lovely girl that Mindy and she'll make you such a lovely wife ..."

"Holy shit," I thought, Mindy is in on this?

As if she was reading my mind, Lulu cooed "the girl just wants her future hubby nice and fat for the wedding ... now Jimmy, be a dear, and run off and refill the food cart. After all, the food ain't gonna get into Ben's big belly all by itself!"



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May 3, 2014
The Plan of Fattening

Jimmy gladly agreed to go refill the food cart, but first leered at me, grabbed two big handfuls of belly fat, and said, "I hope you brought your appetite Fat Boy."

"Ben always brings his appetite," said Lulu with a lustful tone in her voice.

"He's gonna need it," Jimmy said, "with all we've got in store for him." "Oh goody," squeeled Delilah, "I can't wait to see him eat all that food!"

As Jimmy walked away, I noticed just how muscled he was, quite the contrast to me and even more so to Harry. Even though Lulu and Di were definitely into us fat guys, I could tell that they seemed pretty fascinated with Jimmy's body too. That was soon enough confirmed when Delilah sidled up next to me and started playing again with my udders and belly, then lustily whispered in my ear, "Jimmy has got such an incredible body, don't you think Fat Boy? I just love contrasts and the difference between him, with all his muscles, and you, with all your blubber, is so incredible. I want to do both of you at once, won't you let me do that Fatty?"

Lulu quickly figured out what was going on and shook a sexy finger at Di, saying "no, no, no Di, we promised Mindy that all we'd do to Ben is give him one last big feeding before we send him back to New York."

"So that's the plan?," I asked.

"Yes, my darling Fatty," cooed Lulu, "we were up in Manhattan a couple of weekends ago and met with our friend Randy, who told us all about Mindy and what a great job she had done fattening you up. You know he really adores both of you and he arranged a little cocktail hour on Saturday night to introduce us to Mindy."

"She's a great girl Ben," Delilah added, before Lulu continued, "that she is, and she wants to see you get even fatter Big Boy!"

"And you're going to help her it seems?," I said.

"That we are!," said Delilah, "Mindy said we could keep you for three days and we hope to put at least 15 pounds on you before you leave."

"But my new suits won't fit," I pleaded. Giving me another, but much gentler, titty twister, Lulu said "don't worry, I added some extra fabric for extra growth!"

"And," she added, "I'm working on a special surprise for you." "What's that," I asked. "A seersucker suit for you to wear on your wedding day! Mindy and I think you'll be at least 550 pounds by then so it may be the biggest seersucker suit ever made ... imagine that Fat Boy ..."

The Stuffing Commences

As I stood there clad only in my boxer briefs, awaiting Jimmy's return with a loaded food cart, Lulu and Delilah positioned themselves on either side of me and fondled my belly rolls and moobs, pausing occasionally to nibble on my nipples. They seemed to be having particular fun with my nipples which were fully erect, due in part to the girls' attention to them and also to the fact that the air conditioning was running at full blast.

"Di," I pleaded, "if you're going to hold me hostage, could you at least turn the temperature up a little, I'm freezing in here!" She giggled and said, "sorry kid, but at almost 700 pounds Harry is like an industrial blast furnace -- we'd all be swimming in his sweat if we didn't keep it cold in here."

Harry piped in, "kid, when you get as fat as me ... which won't be too long ... you'll find that air conditioning is your best friend, that is after a good live-in chef!"

As if on cue, Jimmy came through the door wheeling Harry's personal food cart, overloaded to the max, and I feared, all for my own personal consumption! There were cakes, cookies, pies, and all manner of pastries.

Even if I had some degree of willpower around food -- which I obviously didn't -- I knew I couldn't resist the delicacies on that cart. Then I began to think ... Mindy must want me REALLY fat if she agreed to let the girls do this to me. And as my thoughts turned to my fiance, I felt a definite sproing deep inside my underwear ...

Within seconds Jimmy parked the food cart in front of my overhanging belly and invited the girls to start feeding me, suggesting "let's start him out with some eclairs ... no fatty can resist those," then gave a shout out, "right Harry?" Harry grunted a response, sounding much like a hog snorting. "I think that was a yes," giggled Delilah, "the eclairs are definitely his favorites, what about you Ben?"

When I didn't answer her, Jimmy wrapped one strong hand around my chubby cheeks, forcing my mouth open so that Delilah could jam half of the first eclair in. I knew I was a goner when I started chewing and tasted its chocolate and custard deliciousness.

"Pretty good, isn't it Fatty?," Jimmy asked sarcastically, adding "it's a special receipe I developed just for Harry, they have twice as many calories as your normal eclair, to make you fatter faster." Then he added with a laugh, "not that you really need to get any fatter," and slapped my belly hard with his open hand to see all my fat wobble back and forth from the impact.

Still laughing at my predicament, Jimmy looked first at Delilah, then at Lulu, and said "keep feeding him, while I check out just how fat this pig is."

I feared the worst when he walked around the end of the parallel bar and came up behind me. First, I felt his strong hands squeezing my love handles 'til they hurt. Then they slid down my sides and I felt my underwear being slid down my thighs as Jimmy said, "such a surprisingly small ass for such a very fat boy," and he gently cupped his big hands around my cheeks. As I started to squirm, he reached both long arms around me and started wobbling my belly up and down, saying to the girls, "isn't he the fattest boy you've ever seen his age?"

As the girls shook their heads in agreement, Jimmy directed his next comment at me, "just imagine what a man like me could do to a super fat boy like you ... a few minutes with me and you'd never go back to that fiance of yours, wanna give it a go Tubby?"

"Calm down Jimmy," Di warned, "we promised his fiance we wouldn't take advantage of her blubbery Romeo ... other than to make him a little fatter for her." Jimmy just chuckled and asked, "but did you promise her anything about me?" "JIMMY, don't make me warn you again," Delilah scolded, then added, "besides you don't want to make Harry and me jealous ..."

I was thinking it, then Lulu confirmed it, saying "yes Ben, they make for quite the exciting menage a' trois," as she stuffed more eclair in my mouth. "In fact, when you finish all your treats, maybe they'll put on a show for us, huh Harry?," who grunted back "finish your food quick kid!"

As Jimmy contined to grope me, moving his right hand to my right moob and his left hand to the slab of fat at my shoulder blades, Delilah finally and firmly told him to stop. Then she said, "go pay some attention to Harry, he's probably getting lonely over there."

Relieved, I mouthed "thank you" to Di, who slapped me on the belly, perhaps even harder than Jimmy had, and said "don't thank me yet, the night is young and you have an awful lot of food to consume yet Tubbo!"

As Lulu and Di began to relentlessly stuff me with food, I saw Jimmy somehow manage to pull Harry from a sitting position to his feet and begin to lead him out of the room. Given Jimmy's seeming lust for me at my 463 pounds, I could only imagine what Harry's extra two hundred pounds of immensity was doing for his libido! And I thought I knew what Harry was thinking as, before he turned his head away from me to waddle out of the room, I noticed he had a huge smile on his face ...



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May 3, 2014
Fat Boy Unchained

I was simply amazed at Harry's sheer enormity as Jimmy waddled him out the door of the "playroom." My previous Harry sightings were when he was fully clothed or in the midst of in flagrante delicto with Lulu on the work table, so I just had no conception of the awe inspiring volume of flesh that I saw wobbling too and fro with each ponderous step he took, and aided every few steps by a big slap on his ass from Jimmy.

Lulu caught me staring at the spectacle that was Harry and said "pretty mesmerizing isn't it?" I laughed and said, "I'm not sure there is actually a word to describe that, but 'mesmerizing' will do, I suppose." "Be careful," Delilah chimed in, "by the time that fiance of yours gets finished with you, you're gonna be as fat as Harry!"

I laughed again and responded "Hell, I may be as fat as Harry by the time you two get through with me!"

"Oh, that reminds me," said Lulu as she stuffed another giant eclair in my mouth, and Lulu rubbed my belly, sending it swaying freely back and forth.

By then I had been in a standing position for at least fifteen minutes and my legs were beginning to get a little tired. So before Lulu could stuff another bite in, I pleaded with the girls to unbind my arms from the parallel bar and let me sit down for the remainder of my feeding.

"Can we trust you not to run away?," Di cackled. "Do I look like I could run anywhere,?" I responded with a wink of the eye. "How can we resist those baby blues?," said Lulu and Di came up behind me to unfasten my restraints, but not before a lingering squeeze of my inner tube-like love handles and a reach around to play with my bouncy boy breasts.

Once my arms were freed, the girls each grabbed a moob and walked me toward Harry's now vacant love seat. I decided to ham it up with the girls and pleaded with them to "be gentle with my boobs." Lulu twisted a little harder on my right one and said, "don't worry Fat Boy, we love those big hooters!"

"Even you?," I asked Delilah, "after all, my girls are so much smaller than Harry's."

"Well, Harry's 'girls' are unequaled anywhere, but your's are pretty impressive for such a lightweight."

"Wow," I said, you two and Mindy must be the only women on earth who think 463 pounds makes for a 'lightweight.'"

By then, we'd crossed the room to the extra wide loveseat, and the girls let go of my boobs and gave me a big shove, sending me into the loveseat with enough force to . turn ordinary furniture into splinters! But not Harry's no doubt reinforced loveseat.

I received a short reprieve from stuffing as both girls walked over to retrieve the still full food cart and move it next to my new feeding position. As they did that, I thought I'd satisfy my curiousity and asked "what's the deal with Jimmy?"

Delilah got a very wicked grin on her face and responded "Jimmy, my dear, is a very special family retainer." Lulu decided to elaborate and explained that when Harry and Di got together, Di just didn't have enough time to cater to Harry's growing belly, since she had her own very successful catering business. "So," Di continued, "we started looking for a live-in chef and while Jimmy wasn't what we were looking for initially, it quickly became evident that he was the man for the job."

"Yes," Lulu said, "he is a little rough around the edges, but Di immediately recognized his other 'attributes.'" "'Attributes,' that's a good way to put it Lu," Delilah giggled, "he's hung like a horse!."

"Anyway," Lulu continued, "as Harry got fatter and fatter, he consented to Di and Jimmy getting it on occasionally, sometimes asking to watch them do it as he ate!"

"Yeah, but then a funny thing happened," Delilah sighed. "What was that?," I asked, knowing full well what the answer was likely to be.

"Well, I was out of the house a lot of nights and most weekends with big catering jobs and Jimmy spent more and more time with Harry, often feeding Harry himself when Harry got too tired of eating for himself."

"And?," I asked.

Di just stuffed another eclair in my mouth and said "do I have to draw you a map Tubby?"

Lulu giggled uncontrollably and said, "suffice it to say that two perfectly heterosexual men became bisexuals because of Di's plan to turn her hubby into an 800-pound mountain of lard! All that blubber was too much for Jimmy to resist and Jimmy's feedings were too much for Harry to resist. And now all three of them get it on with regularity ..."

"That's amazing," I blurted out. "No," said Delilah, "right now, this belly of yours is what is amazing and we better get it fully stuffed before Jimmy gets back." "Yeah," said Lulu, stuffing a donut in my mouth, "who knows what he will do to you if there is any food left ..."


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Wow, just wow. Please carry on!

A facultative gay relationship because of fat - this is a cool angle!

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