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LJ Rock

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Oct 4, 2005
BBW college student Wendy and her sorority sisters are having a bake sale fundraiser, but things get crazy when Wendy is left alone with all the sweets!

The Bake Sale
by LJ Rock

I begged them. I pleaded with them. I told them not to leave me alone, that I didn’t trust myself and that they shouldn’t either.

“Come on, Wendy. We trust you,” they said. “We just have to run out for a minute and we’ll be right back. What’s the worst that could happen?”

It was a special charity fundraiser that my sorority was putting on. My best friends Carly and Angie and I were in charge of running a massive bake sale at the campus carnival, and all the money we raised would go to our local animal shelter — a very worthy cause that I cared about deeply.

That’s why I was so adamant about not being left alone to mind the tables before the gates to the carnival opened, while my friends Carla and Angie went to the bank to get some change for the cash register. All those delicious cakes, pies, cookies and pastries; loaves and loaves of bread, croissant rolls and biscuits! There was no way I’d be able to resist them if they left me unattended with all of it. I am so weak; I have no will power at all — I am a complete slave to my own gluttony!

“We’ll only be a minute,” they told me. “Just keep an eye on the place and make sure no one tries to steal anything.”

I was good at first. Really, I was. I didn’t touch anything for at least the first five or six minutes. I just sat there, breathing in the beautiful spring air and feeling the warmth of the early morning sun shining down on me from above.

Then it happened: a warm breeze blew my way and carried with it the incredible aroma of a freshly baked apple pie.

“Oh, how I love apple pie!” I said aloud to myself. My nose carried me toward the source of the smell, and in fact it was not just one pie but an entire table covered in beautiful, delicious, golden-brown freshly-baked goodness.

“Maybe I could just have a little taste. Just one little bite, just to make sure the pies taste as good as they smell. Yeah, no one will even notice.”

Slowly I reached for a small plastic fork that was nearby, preparing to dig in and take a scoop of that scrumptious dessert. Just as the tip of the utensil was about to break through the surface of that moist and flaky crust, I stopped myself.

“No,” I said aloud. “I can’t! I mustn’t!”

I put the fork down and walked away.

“If only I wasn’t such a greedy fatty,” I said to myself. “If only I would think with my head instead of my stomach! All I do is eat, eat, eat! I just can never seem to get enough!”

I started licking my lips and rubbing my big round belly; just thinking about food made me abnormally excited. “I have to be good though,” I thought. “I cannot violate my sisters’ trust!”

As I turned to walk back to my seat, the breeze blew yet again. This time I caught a whiff of something very sweet and fragrant, almost floral in nature. My mouth watered and my big empty stomach growled as I turned to see what it is.

“Ooh,” I said. “Is that a pineapple upside down cake?”

Indeed it was a giant, towering, triple-decker pineapple cake; layers upon layers of gooey tropical fruit and cake slathered in rich, sugary icing. It was a thing of beauty, and my lips quivered at the very thought of stuffing the whole thing in my mouth all at once.

“Oh, how I love pineapple upside-down cake!” I said to myself, lifting my shirt to massage the bare flesh of my flabby abdomen. “But I can’t! I just can’t do it. It wouldn’t be right.”

As these very words were coming out of my mouth, I started backing away from the pineapple cake, when my big fat ass bumped into a table, and knocked a single cookie off of a platter and on to the ground.

“Oh no! Look what I’ve done! Damn this fat ass of mine, always bumping into things!”

I struggled to bend over and pick the cookie up from the dirty ground below. Holding it up, I carefully brushed it off until it was free from any visible soil.

“It’s a perfectly good cookie,” I said to myself. “It was only on the ground for a few seconds. It would be a shame to waste it — but there’s no way in good conscience that I could put this back on the platter and try to sell it to a patron, knowing that it had fallen on the ground.”

I held the cookie up to my nose and smelled it. It was still warm smelled so delicious, so very tempting.

“It’s just one cookie,” I said to myself. “I’ll just eat this one cookie, just to get rid of it. No one will even miss it.”

I opened my mouth and inserted the cookie, and I absolutely melted with pleasure right where I stood. My eyes rolled back in my head as the sugar and fat from the little cookie went coursing through my veins. I don’t think I had ever enjoyed a single cookie so much in all my life. It was heavenly!

Then I noticed something. “Oh no,” I said. “These cookie platters were to be sold in dozens! Now this one only has eleven. What will I do?”

My monstrous tummy made an awful rumbling sound; it was so loud, it almost sounded like a voice shouting at me: “Eat it! Eat it all!”

“Okay,” I said. “I’m just going to have to get rid of this one tray. I mean, we can’t sell a tray of eleven cookies to someone when they’re expecting a full dozen.”

Looking around from side to side, I quickly grabbed the tray and scarfed all of the cookies down as fast as I could. I didn’t want to leave behind any evidence, so I licked up every last crumb.

“More!” I heard my belly groan. “Feed me more!”

“Well gosh,” I thought, “I suppose I could just have one more plate of cookies. I mean there are so many — no one will miss it I’m sure.”

So I ate another plate of cookies.

And then another.

And another.

And another.


Before I knew it the entire table of cookie platters was empty, every last cookie was inside of me. I felt so full and my belly was getting bigger and rounder, but deep inside of me I knew I wanted more. That entire table loaded with cookies wasn’t going to be nearly enough.

“More!” cried the ferocious beast inside of me once again. “Don’t stop! Eat more!”

Almost as if driven by a motor, I reached for a donut and stuffed it in my face. Then I reached for a cupcake, and stuffed that in my mouth as well. Then I reached out with both hands and stuck them directly into two different pies, one apple and one blueberry. The juice trickled down my arms and splattered all over my face as I began shoveling the sweet pie into my pie-hole as fast as I could.

“More!” my belly bellowed.

Then I dove head first into the giant pineapple cake that was behind me, tearing to bits and stuffing it into my gut. There were at least two dozen full size cakes sitting on that same table. I reached out and grabbed two big fistfuls of the other cakes as I licked the pineapple plate clean.

“More!” the inner-beast commanded. “Keep going! More! More! MORE!!!”

“Yes master,” I shouted. “I will obey! I will!!”

Before I knew it I was in a full fledged feeding-frenzy, grabbing everything in sight and violently shoving it down my throat. I was on a tear, there was no stopping me — I knew I couldn’t stop until every last morsel was stuffed inside of me. All the cakes, all the pies, all the breads and pastries — all of it! I was going to eat all of it; it was beyond my control at that point.

At a certain point, my mind kind of blacked-out, not unlike the way an alcoholic might black out in the midst of a drinking binge. The rush of adrenaline from cutting loose and pigging out uncontrollably combined with the copious amounts of sugar I was consuming at an alarming rate did me in; my head was in a daze. For a minute, it almost felt like an out of body experience. Like I knew it was really happening, but if felt like a dream or something I was watching on TV.

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LJ Rock

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Oct 4, 2005
The next thing I remember is sitting on the ground in the middle of a giant mess of empty pie-plates and cake tins, my face and body covered in icing and crumbs, and my belly stretched out in front of me like a gigantic balloon. I couldn’t even see my hands or my feet anymore, I was so swollen and bloated. I was a gigantic blob; it felt like I would burst.

“What the hell, Wendy?” I heard someone say. I looked to my right and there was Angie, standing there with her hands on her hips looking very angry.

“Oh my goodness!” I heard another voice say, coming from my left. It was Carly. She looked as shocked and dismayed as Angie did.

“Wendy,” Angie shouted. “What have you done? You’ve eaten all of the baked goods!”

“All of it!” cried Carly. “There’s nothing left!”

“All the cake!” said Angie.

“All the pie!” whined Carly.

“Everything!” Angie said. “You literally ate everything in sight!”

I felt so guilty, but what could I do? It was done. All of the food was inside of me now, there was no way to change reality as it was.

“I mean gosh, Wendy. We figured you’d probably help yourself to one or two pieces of cake or something,” Carly said in a pitiful sounding voice. “But all of it?!?”

“What a fucking pig!” Angie scolded.

“I told you!” I said, barely able to speak as I struggled to catch my breath. “I tried to warn you not to leave me alone with all of the food. I told you not to trust me!”

An earth-shattering burp erupted from the depths of my stomach.

“I’m sorry,” I continued. “I’m just so fat and greedy. I can’t help myself!”

Angie and Carly just looked at each other. “What are we going to do now?” Carly asked, sounding as if she were going to start crying.

“Well first thing we gotta do is get this big fat blimp out of here,” Angie responded, poking me in the side of my inflated gut.

“How?” Carly asked. “Look at her! She’s huge! We’ll need a forklift or a dump truck or something to move her.”

Angie stood silently for a moment, rubbing her chin and looking me up and down as if she were deep in thought. “I have an idea,” she said finally after a few moments. She pulled Carly aside and the two of them started whispering to one another right in front of me, as if they were conspiring to do something drastic or sinister.

I had a sinking feeling about what would happen next.
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LJ Rock

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Oct 4, 2005
“Hurry! Hurry! Step right up, ladies and gentleman! Come and witness the world’s fattest sorority girl!” Moments later Angie was shouting through a bullhorn as Carly stood by a small hastily built turnstile collecting money from people.

“She’s huge! She’s fat! And she’s still growing!” Angie went on shouting as a crowd began to gather, everyone staring at me as I just sat there, still super-bloated and covered in food. “She is an absolute eating-machine! She will eat anything and everything, and she just can’t get enough!”

“Just one dollar!” Carly yelled out. “One dollar and you can come feed the giant beast, like she was an animal in the zoo!”

“That’s right!” Angie concurred. “She has an insatiable appetite, her stomach is a bottomless pit! She is the size of a whale and she eats like a pig! You won’t need to throw your garbage away. Just feed it to her, she will eat all of it. All of your half-eaten ice cream cones and hotdogs, your cotton-candy wrappers. All of it is fair game for her!”

People seemed somewhat repulsed by me, and yet fascinated. It was like they couldn’t turn away once they got a good look at me. They lined up one by one, dollar bills in their hands, waiting for the opportunity to come and give me a closer look and feed me their scraps.

“I think it’s working, Ange!” Carly cried out, as she collected fistfuls of money from the curious onlookers.

“We’ll raise enough money for the animal shelter if it’s the last thing we do!”

Half-eaten bits of hot dogs and hamburgers, melted ice cream cones, partial bags of popcorn, potato chips and cotton candy — even the paper and plastic wrappers and greasy chicken bones — people took turns stuffing it all in my face as I sat there like helpless blob of lard, and I ate all of it. Every last bit! My stomach acids churned in agony as my body grew larger and larger, rounder and rounder.

“Look at how fat she is!” people gasped.

“She’s the size of an elephant!” one woman cried.

“She’s bigger than a mountain, and she just keeps on eating and eating!” shouted another.

“Come on, piggy!” Angie taunted. “Oink for us! Oink like a good piggy!”

I complied, grunting “Oink! Oink! Oink!”

“Come on, piggy!” she shouted again. “You can do better than that. Louder!”

“Oink! Oink! OINK!!!”

A boy I’d had a crush on since last semester named Jacob came by, and he asked me if I was alright. “Ugh! I’m really, really *hiccup!* really full,” I told him, “but I’m alright.” He asked me if there was anything I’d like, something besides garbage. I told him I’d love a grape soda, so he went and got one for me. It was impossible for me to hold the soda in my hands as my body had grown too large for me to be able to reach my mouth, so he stood there and held it for me while I slurped it down through a straw. He didn’t even seem to mind when I let out a huge belch right in his face. What a sweet guy — I hope he asks me out someday.

All told that day, we made about $8000 for the animal shelter, which was considerably more than we would have made if we had just done the bake sale. So I guess in a way I actually saved the day with my greedy and piggish ways.

Of course, I gained a lot of weight that day. It took several weeks for my system to digest all that I’d ingested in just those few short hours. I’m not quite as big and bloated now as I was then, but I’m still humongous; I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to the size I was before. I’m so big and round now that I can barely walk, and most days I typically just lay in bed watching TV and stuffing my face. I decided to take the rest of the semester off from school, and I've just been staying in the sorority house while my sisters take care of me, waiting on me hand and foot.

Of course my appetite is still absolutely massive, and I just keep getting fatter and fatter everyday.

It’s okay though. I’m happy.

I just love being a fat pig!

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Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
I love the way you captured the sensation of knowing you have eaten more than enough but there is so much more just sitting there. The individual smell of pineapple, apple etc that brought on the ‘I cannot miss out on that’ decision making.

It is like the walking into the bakery with a ‘pick only one thing’ intentions and a ‘why am I saying no to that’. The true answer of ‘because I am choosing that one’ pushed aside like a poor reasoning.

You did establish an ‘I should not’ reasoning in her self control and kept it for the days afterwards. Created a situation of her having integrity and momentarily a victim of circumstance of the initial dropping of the biscuit.

I like your writing.

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