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Ho Ho Tai

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Jun 9, 2006
We spent last week in Duluth. We had planned to do some biking and climb Rock Hill again but the weather and Mrs Ho Ho's cold conspired to prevent us from doing either. However, we did reach an unexpected milestone this past weekend.

We each have several bikes. All are equipped with odometers. I am too lazy to keep track of the miles racked up on each bike but Mrs Ho Ho, true to form, keeps a log of all our rides. She informed me that we have reached 600 miles each during this year's biking season (April to mid-October, and we ain't done yet - not until the snow flies). In previous years, we have gone well over 1,000 miles. Mrs Ho Ho could have done that easily this year if she didn't have to lug this old fart around with her.

But the fun is in the doing, and being together, not in the numbers.

Green Eyed Fairy

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Sep 18, 2006
In Your Head
walking and biking three days last week

So far this week, ten min walking and twenty min on the bike Monday
Tues fifteen min walk
Today fifteen min walk :)

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