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Oct 9, 2005
SSBBW, Sci Fi Fantasy, ~Sex - Ever wonder what money can buy?

By Sasha Steele

Josh awoke alone in Lisa's apartment around noon, the entrails of his dream still vivid in his mind. Their date last night was the usual: dinner, drinks, sex at her place, and then the dream, that damn exasperating dream. Lisa was good looking enough, perfect really in that Hollywood sort of way - blond, tanned, long hair, long legs, perfect teeth, perfect tits - but it wasn't Lisa who occupied Josh's dreams. In his dream Lisa had been replaced by another woman, a much, much larger woman.

It all seemed so real, more real than the date with Lisa, and it had been going on like this for a month now, affecting his work, his career, making him drink more, smoke more. Like most movie stars, Josh had been on the booze route, been on the drug route and the sex route, and like the most successful of them, he had put it all behind him. But this, this was different; worse, even - it was driving him mad.

With everything that was going on, Josh sensed that there was something not quite right, but only after the incident with Sean MacKay did he finally decide to do something about it. Lisa had not returned his calls, then out of the blue she left a message on his machine and set up a date. The usual: dinner, drinks, sex at her place - and then the dreams, those powerful wretched dreams.

Lisa looked sexy in a skimpy blue dress, the tops of her black stockings showing, perfect boobs exposed. Stripped naked, Josh had taken off her silky black panties, and with Lisa on top still fully clothed - except for her panties, of course - they had fucked the night away. Or at least that's how Josh thought it had gone. He didn't wake up until past noon; she was gone and all he could remember after leaving the bar was his dream.

In Josh's dream, it wasn't hard bodied Lisa Faith who he was having sex with, but another women, a much larger woman. In fact, the woman in Josh's dream was monstrously huge, bigger and fatter than any woman he had ever seen, than any he could possibly even imagine. It was so real that Josh could still feel the effects of her great weight crushing down on him, pinning him to the bed, smothering him. He could taste her lingering kisses and feel her lust. What troubled Josh most was that she had taken him and he had been powerless to resist.

That night, before they went to Lisa's apartment, they had bumped into Sean MacKay in the bar. He had dated Lisa before, around the time that his career began to fall apart, something which Josh feared might be happening to him as well. They had worked together on a few films, and Josh was shocked, to say the least, at Sean's appearance. He looked like a burned out junkie. Even more shocking was his reaction when he saw Lisa; Josh thought it was one of fear.

Pulling his aching body out of bed, Josh decided to look Sean up, and they met in a bar. "Take my advice and stay clear of her," Sean warned, already drunk by mid-afternoon.

About to leave, Josh turned back and said, "Every time we're together I get these weird dreams; they're so..."

"I don't want to talk about it!" Sean shouted, cutting Josh off before he finished what he was saying. Josh had the distinct feeling that Sean must have had those same dreams as well, and that they had been driving him crazy, too. He would never find out, because two days later Sean MacKay killed himself.

Lisa was wearing a black mini dress with a splash of sequins down the front, five-inch pumps, long legs clad in black stockings. Instead of allowing his own lust to consume him, Josh paid carefully attention as the events of the evening played out. Lisa was in the lady's when the bartender brought the drinks over, and Josh realized that he had not ordered them. She had ordered them on way to the washroom and, taking a sip, Josh stopped. Every date they had been on Lisa had ordered a drink like this. It was nothing really, just another pattern, but still. . .

"We better go," Lisa said. "You look like you're getting a little tired." And Josh felt like he was sleepy - felt like he was drunk, too - but he'd only had a few drinks and nothing else. Still, he felt like he was stoned.

"That drink, you put something in it," he mumbled, slumped in the back seat of the limo, and he heard Lisa laugh as his heavy eyelids closed. The limo pulled out of the city, not to the apartment that he and Lisa used and where Josh had woken up on his own so many times. Groggy as he was, Josh realized for the first time that the apartment wasn't where Lisa lived, wasn't lived in at all, just used. Impressive iron gates parted, and they followed a laneway through the trees to a towering mansion. 'I've been here before,' Josh thought as they pulled up to the main house.

"Come on, sunshine." Josh was pulled from the car by a powerfully built man and helped into the house. House was hardly the right word, for this truly was a mansion that reeked of influence and money. Like an obedient puppy, Josh was led down a corridor and into a room. It was a bedroom, a rather small one for this place, and there was something odd about it: electronic equipment of some sort, like an experimental cell. "Get him ready," the powerfully built man said, and two beautiful attendants began to remove Josh's clothes.

With a mechanically assisted lift, it wasn't Lisa in her little black dress who rose from the chair that had silently rolled into the room while Josh was being undressed; it was the gigantic woman from his dreams. Josh examined her closely: she was beautiful enough, pretty green eyes heavily made up, pouty lips glossed silver, long, fine, platinum-blond hair framing her face, thick fleshy cheeks and jowls set in a huge inflated collar of fat around her neck which, as fat as her head was, appeared small compared to the size of her humongous body.

Dressed the same as Lisa had been, a sleeveless black dress revealed the soft smooth flesh of the woman's thick shoulders and unbelievably huge arms - which stood outright against her massive torso. Low cut, it revealed the largest breasts that Josh had ever seen, which rested upon a belly so big that when sitting it stood out beyond her knees, which themselves were smooth and thick and at least two feet wide. Her hips, too, were wide - perhaps four feet or more - and her massive backside, supported on legs each two or three times the size of Josh's chest, jutted outward two or more feet behind her.

Once standing, the colossal woman took a couple of labored steps toward him, her massive legs flared wide to accommodate their girth - and, breathing heavily, whispered, "Hello, my love." Suddenly, Josh realized that he was as hard as a rock, and, even though still two feet away from her, felt her humongous belly pressing into him. He also realized that he knew her name; it was Shana. "I need you to fuck me," Shana said, stepping into him, and Josh fell backwards onto the bed. She took his shaft in a fat hand that resembled a baseball mitt but looked small in comparison to her huge forearm and gently stroked him while the pretty attendants attached a device to their heads, connecting them together with the machine.

Josh awoke in Lisa's apartment, the dream of his sexual encounter with a mountain of flesh vivid in his memory. Shana, her name had been, and Josh remembered as her attendants removed black silky panties the size of a bed sheet from under her short black dress. He could still feel her thick sausage-like fingers with long silver painted nails taking his hardness and then, even with lots of help from her staff, the great difficulty that the hulking beauty had mounting him as he lay on the bed. He remembered Shana's sensuous aroma, the feel of her wet sex, but most of all Josh remembered the great weight of her tremendously heavy body crushing down on him, smothering him, and the hot urgency of his orgasm.

And although he couldn't see past her stomach, he imagined her head tilted back into the inflated tube of blubber around her neck, beautiful green eyes closed, full sensuous mouth open as Shana screamed with her orgasm. Then, how exhausted she was from her efforts and how hungry. In his mind, Josh watched as Shana's attendants rushed in to feed her while he was dressed and taken out of the room; how she ravaged her food as she had ravaged him - only more so.

He remembered, too, that in his dream they had attached some sort of device to his head with wires leading to a like device on Shana. He could read her thoughts, feel the hunger of her huge insatiable appetite, taste her lust for him and his own driving lust that now she alone could satisfy. Only this was not a dream he was remembering; Josh knew that now. He had only taken one gulp of Lisa's spiked drink and although even that had rendered him nearly comatose he did remember and knew that Lisa had kidnapped him and that he had been raped by a woman who weighed well over half of a ton. But what to do about it?

It was her; Josh was sure of it: Shana Solender, a one time aspiring movie starlet whose increasing weight problem kept her in bit parts and then eventually took her into porn. Fat as a teenager, she couldn't keep her drives in check, eventually fell prey to them and was snubbed by the fickled Hollywood crowd. Defeated, Shana slid into obscurity. Then she married one of the richest and most powerful men in the world, which enabled Shana to indulge her every whim, her lust for sex with Hollywood's leading men, and most certainly her even greater lust for food - as Shana's weight had risen to twelve hundred and twenty five pounds and she still continued to gain. To those who had scorned her, it looked as if Shana was back to exact her vengeance. Sean Mackay had been the last; now he was dead. So what did Shana want with Josh? He'd never even met her.

A few days passed before Lisa called again. This time, Josh took none of her poison and was clear-headed when the powerfully built man led him into Shana's small cell-like bedroom. Naked and aroused, he again stood and watched while attendants helped Shana strip to her underwear and then out of her panties and onto the bed. Josh didn't exactly know what he was going to do - if he could indeed do anything - but still, with attention focused on their massive mistress, he managed to switch the headsets. Maybe with his mind into hers instead of the other way around he could ask Shana her motives, erase her mind from his, block out the cause of his lust after her beautiful massive body.

In the end, Josh did none of that.

Watching him on the silver screen, Shana had fallen deeply in love with Josh. Not about to let her monstrous body stop her from having him, she had taken him against his will. But now, Shana had become a victim of her own schemes. Realizing that something was up, Shana removed her headset. Their eyes locked, and Shana saw something there, and then Josh removed his own.

Wearing a white bra, beige stockings and brown heels, Shana lay on her broad back; massive thighs apart, Josh found her huge soft hairless mound atop the largest bum cheeks in the world. Her mound, fleshy and full, the size of a melon, he was still able to spread her and find her wet throbbing clit with his tongue. Shana moaned. Gigantic legs spread, his arms lost under their expanse, Josh pressed himself against Shana's billowing stomach, which rose four feet up from the bedspread, and he kissed her there as he entered below it. Shana's flesh undulated as she writhed and moaned with pleasure.

Josh came hard inside of Shana, and he knew why he couldn't get her out of his mind. Hypnotized through her electronic device or not he didn't care; Josh loved her more than any woman he had ever known or would ever know. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" He screamed as hot cum burst from deep inside of him. Shana reciprocated with her own mighty orgasm and then lay there, exhausted and gasping for air. This time she allowed Josh to stay. Calling out with an urgent need to be fed, Shana's attendants again rushed in, an entire regiment loaded down with food of every description. Josh watched as Shana, without lifting a finger, gorged herself, humming her approval as mouthful after mouthful was fed to her by servants.

It took hours before Shana was satisfied. She motioned Josh to her side, and he kissed her as she lay there. "Next time you need me, just call," he said. Shana kissed him goodbye, and she fell asleep. Josh dreamed about Shana again, only this time it wasn't at all disturbing. The following day, finally at peace with himself again, he wondered if and when he would ever see his huge dream over again - and then the phone rang.


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May 2, 2007
This was a wonderfully unique story and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.

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