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Sep 26, 2006

The fat couple

By Norseman

1 - When we met

The after ski had just started and I was sitting in the Jägerstube with my friends. Large glasses of Austrian beer were on the table and I had just ordered Jägermeister for all of us. The skiing day in the Austrian Alps had been perfect with sun and white snow all over the beautiful mountains.
It was already hot in the Jägerstube and without further thoughts I took of my fleece jacket. I looked down at my bloated belly spilling over the tight waistband of my slalom trousers. The fat fold was impossible to hide in the skintight super fabric shirt.
The boys made a toast for a perfect skiing day. I was thinking of all the beer we were drinking; it goes right into my belly I said to myself and sighed.

My two best friends and I had taken a week off from our jobs to go downhill skiing in Austria. We had known each others from the school days, we were all in the early 30`s and I was the one not married. We had great days together.
For four years we had been to the Austrian Alps. Last year I had some trouble following the others down the slopes. Over a few years I had packed on some 40 pounds, all of it going to my upper body. My back was kind of bloated and in front a beer belly spilled out. It was like a sack in front of me and it was not a good feeling in many situations.
I always loved sports - playing golf and go downhill skiing were my favorites. However, that damn belly was a growing problem for me.

Austrian ski resorts are famous for their after ski and this Jägerstube was no exception. It was crowded, some were dancing to the music and the atmosphere was great. Huge amounts of beer went steadily down our throats.
It was when returning from the men’s room that I saw her. She was standing together with a couple and they must have arrived late. They were still in their slalom dresses. She had a red jacket and white trousers. Both her face and her dress got my attention. She had the most lovely, smiling face and her dress was more than filled out. She looked older than me.
I went back to the boys, but could not forget the short glimpse of that special girl in the red jacket.

Half an hour later I went to the bar to buy more beer. Deliberately I looked over to where the girl was standing. She had taken her jacket off. Her upper body was directly plump and with a huge belly fold.
I passed close to where she was standing. She saw that I looked at her. I gave her a polite smile and she smiled back at me.
Gosh, it’s something very special with that girl, I thought. A spark was turned on in me.

After dinner that evening my friends wanted to go to the same Jägerstube to have more beers. I said I wanted to go to the most popular dancing place in the small village. To be honest I hoped to see my special girl again. The place I suggested was crowded, so we had to stand at the bar. After a large beer I wanted to look around for a table where we could sit. I pressed myself through the crowd and a few times my belly bumped into people.
Suddenly I saw her! She was obviously sitting alone, I guessed her two friends were dancing. I went straight over to her and asked for a dance. I saw she recognized me with a smile in her pretty face. We got to the dance floor and stood in front of each other swaying to the rhythm of the music like the modern way of dancing. It was not easy to talk because the DJ was in the high volume mode. When the DJ played a more smooth melody I took around her and tried to dance the way I liked. It was crowded and we bumped into others on the floor. Holding around her I could feel her soft and fleshy body, her fat rolls and the fat on her back. After a few minutes she relaxed in my arms and we danced nicely together.

- “My name is Thomas. You are such a good dancer, I said and looked her right in her eyes. I’m from Norway and I hope you speak English”.

- “My name is Gabrielle, call me Gabbie, she answered with a typical German accent.
I live in Salzburg. And I am not a good dancer”, she smiled back to me.

We danced for a while without saying much and then went for something to drink. At the bar I saw one of my friends. He had been looking for me, but calmed down when he saw I was coming from the dance floor. He looked at the girl and gave me a twinkle with his eye.
The girl asked if I wanted to sit at her table together with her two friends. I ordered beer for all of us. I learned that the couple was married and like the girl they also lived in Salzburg, Austria. I told I was a Norwegian and on holiday with my two best boyfriends. They joined our table a bit later.

We had a great evening with dancing, lots of beer and nice jokes and talking together.
I learned a bit more of Gabbie. Her parents ran a hotel in Salzburg and she helped them both in the office and the kitchen. She was very fond of cooking and that could be seen on her body, she said with a shy smile. She had been two years in USA studying hotel business.
Gabbie was really plump all over her body and I guessed she weighed more than 200 pounds. She was of average height and carried her weight perfectly.
I liked her very much and I felt she liked me too. I wanted to go skiing with her the next day, but wouldn’t disappoint my two friends who had bought lift cards for a nearby skiing area.


My friends and I had a wonderful next day in the sloops. The only thing was that I started to feel the heavy weight of all the beer drinking and good food in the Alps. In the morning I had trouble to make room in the slalom trousers for my growing gut. And running down the sloops with a bloated and heavy gut in front of me was not as easy as before.
In the afternoon we ended up in the same Jägerstube as before. I was very eager to see if Gabbie was in the crowd. I could not find her. After a while her two friends entered the place heading to the bar. I went over to them to ask for Gabbie.
They told the sad story that she had fallen in a sloop and broken her leg. It was a complicated fracture right above the slalom boot, and she was driven by ambulance to a hospital in her hometown Salzburg.
We were talking for a few more minutes. Before I left I asked them to bring my best regards. And luckily I got her cell phone number.

Two days later we were back in Norway and to our normal working and daily routines.
I was thinking a lot about Gabbie and how her recovery was going.
I sent her a message on the cell phone after a few weeks and asked how she was. She replied telling she had a lot of pain in the leg. She was home from the hospital and was sitting in a wheelchair with her plastered leg.

More to follow


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Sep 26, 2006
Chapter 2 - The fat couple

2 - A year later

More than a year passed. I was still single, had my same job and I steadily put on the pounds. I always tried to eat moderate, but it seemed to be my destiny to be fat. I had gained 30 pounds the last year, all of it going to my upper body. I had a soft, bloated belly hanging in front of me. Half a year ago I had taken the decision to buy and use trousers covering my lower belly. I did not want my belly to sag down like a sack in front of me. Now the waistband of the trousers divides my stomach into two fat folds, the upper one significantly larger than the lower one.

I had not been in touch with Gabbie for several months and slowly I realized that the best thing was to forget her.
One day I received the following message from her:

“Dear Thomas. Here I am sitting by myself and waiting for my leg to recover. I am to the physiotherapist two times a week. I almost have to learn to go again, but I am still afraid of putting all my weight on the leg. For more than one reason I feel miserable. I miss dancing with you and feel your tummy against mine! Hope to see you sometime. Hugs from Gabbie”.

I read it over again three times. I did not know that I had made such an impression on her. And the sentence about our dancing - I would never write anything like that to a person I only met once. She must be really lonely.
I replied to her in a polite manner wishing her all the best and that she will be fine again and do downhill skiing.
The contact stopped with those two messages, but I was thinking of her almost every day.

* * *

Several months later I planned a business trip to Munich. Suddenly it struck me - why not visit Gabbie in Salzburg in the weekend?
I sent her a message telling about my plans and asked for her address.
Her answer came immediately, not so personal like the one several months ago, but with her address and seven nice smileys. She wished me welcome and said she had a surprise for me.

I landed on Salzburg Airport Friday evening. It was 18 months since the ski trip to Austria. I went for a taxi and gave the driver the address. That is a nice hotel outside the city, the driver told me.
Driving up in front of the hotel I must admit I was a bit excited. I went into the lobby, presented myself and told I should visit Gabrielle …… . Suddenly I realized I did not know her last name and felt quite stupid. The man behind the counter was very professional and said she was waiting for me in the private part of the hotel. Please follow me, he said and guided me out of the main building and into a smaller building close to the other. We went through the entrance and into some sort of a living room.

There Gabbie was sitting besides a table with coffee, some cakes, a small bottle of Jägermeister and two shot glasses.
Gabbie smiled her lovely smile, waved her arms and called out:

- “Thomas, so nice to see you. I’m so glad you are here”.

I stopped almost in chock and did not know what to do. Should I turn to the man and thank him for following me or should I go forward to greet Gabbie. But the man was already gone and I looked back on Gabbie.
She was sitting in a two seated coach and looked enormous in all her fatness. She had gained a lot of weight and filled out in all directions. She had on a simple, square cut dark blue dress which covered most of her forms. However I could easily see the fleshy breasts floating on her vast belly. With her two bloated arms she started the heavy process of standing up. I hurried forward to help her. Standing in front of me she gave me a warm hug. I took around her and could feel her back fat and two bloated fat folds. My front pressed into her huge breast and belly. She smiled all the time and her round face and beautiful eyes shined like heaven.

I was still a bit uncertain in this situation. I had not imagined finding Gabbie like this. There she stood in the simple dark blue dress. It somewhat hung down from her broad shoulders and fat breasts. The dress could not hide the fact that her belly pressed out in front more than her breasts. And on the sides one could imagine her wide hips and huge butt.

Gabbie sat heavily down into the coach again and waived her fat arm towards the table as a sign to me to sit down.
Let’s have a toast for our reunion, Gabbie said and tried to bend forward to reach the bottle of Jägermeister. But her belly was too voluminous and she failed.
I opened the bottle and poured the drink.
We started talking as if we had known each others for years. Gabbie told about her broken leg and the very long and difficult recovery period. For more than half a year she had nothing else to do than sitting still, watch TV and eat. The fracture was a very difficult one and she was to the hospital several times. During that period she was eating painkilling pills and lots of food to comfort her. Her mother and father tried to motivate her not to eat so much. But a kind chef in the hotel kitchen felt sorry for her and was her secret helper.

After 6-7 months the doctors told she should carefully start to stand on her leg. But without any exercise for that long, plus her added weight, had taken most of her balancing ability. It was very uncomfortable to stand, she was afraid and she felt she had to learn to walk again.
She went to the physiotherapist twice a week. She also did swimming in the small pool of the hotel. That was the only exercise she had. Her father gave her periodical tasks in the hotel office and she was also a helping hand at the desk. Except for that she had nothing to do. Gabbie developed a daily routine to taste the food in the hotel kitchen. Both before lunch and dinner she tasted what was going to be served in the different meals. Her tasting became more and more thoroughly and wholehearted. By this routine she more or less ate five meals a day.

- “Now you understand why I became such a big girl. I can still not walk normally after the injury and all this weight does not do things any better”, Gabbie said with a serious look in her face.

- “How much do you actually weigh”, I took the chance to ask.

- “Some 460 pounds”, was the answer.

- “Now, let me introduce you to my parents. Afterwards we are going to have a nice and big dinner. Please Thomas, can you help me up!

I gave her my arm and together we got her on her feet. Whilst still holding my hands she drew me close to her and gave me a long and hot kiss. All her soft, fat flesh pressed hard against my body. She whispered in my ear:

- “One day, Thomas, you will be mine!”.

With a limping waddle Gabbie led me slowly out of the building and into the hotel.
I met the parents in the dining room. They were very kind. Her mother was dressed in a typical Tyrolean costume from which part of Austria she was coming. She had bloated breasts and a remarkable fat lower belly, and she was quite pear shaped.
Gabbie sat heavily down on a chair without armrests. We had a lovely dinner with typical Austrian food.
I watched Gabbie as she was eating and she was having huge portions and lots of wine. The main course was meat and she served herself three times. I looked at her parents and I saw they were embarrassed on her behalf. They did not say anything about it and I guessed it was because I was sitting with them.
They told about their hotel and asked me a lot of questions about Norway. None of them had been to Norway.
The servant brought the desert, a huge plate of ice cream. Gabbie was eating two huge portions together with a lot of cream and caramel sauce. It was unbelievable how much she was eating.
After dinner we went into a very typical Austrian living room and sat down at the fire place. Coffee and cakes were served and again Gabbie managed to eat several cakes.
We were sitting before the fire place small talking for almost two hours. Then the parents withdrew, and Gabbie and I were sitting for a short while. Gabbie was in a very good mood and suddenly she said:

- “I want to show you something, but first you have to help me up. I am too full to get up by myself.”

She did not even try to do it herself. I got up and stood in front of her. She reached out her two flabby arms and I grabbed her hands. She was so heavy and I had to pull hard. She balanced standing and then hugged and kissed me passionately. I was taken by surprise once more, but feeling her bloated and warm body against mine, I repaid her kisses and our tongues met wildly.
Come, she said and led me out of the room and into a lower floor.

To my surprise she took me to the swimming pool and into the dressing rooms.

- “We are going to have a night bath. You can use your briefs, I am going to dress into my swimming suit,” she said with a big smile.

Then she went into a dressing locker. I hesitated a second, but took my cloths off. I looked at myself in a big mirror and watched my fat body and belly spilling over my tiny briefs.

The door opened and out came Gabbie in a too small swimming suit. It was obvious she had grown a lot since the one piece suit was bought. She was absolutely stunning in all her glory with fat and fat rolls all over.
She waddled out of the room and into the swimming pool. We got into the warm water and swam for a while.
Gabbie stopped and maneuvered close to me. She kissed me and started to caress my big belly. Suddenly she pulled my briefs down and with a sexy voice asked me to undress her. It was quite a task to get the tight and wet suit off. I could feel all her fat, fleshy flab.
I got the suit off and Gabbie hugged me passionately. We kissed and caressed our fat bodies in the warm water. She was so hot and sexy.

We got out of the water after a while and dried ourselves.

- “Now you are going to bed. You will have a double room and I will sleep with you”, she said with a big smile all over her beautiful face.

That night we made love to each other and it seemed like an endless night.

More to come


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Sep 26, 2006
Chapter 3 - The fat couple

3 - Two years later

Two years later I was crossing the border between Germany and Austria in my car. I was going to settled down and live with Gabbie in Salzburg, and the car was loaded with all my belongings.
Her parents wanted her to be a partner in their hotel business and by the years she would take over as the owner.
I had not seen her during these two years, but had close contact through telephone and the internet. She told her leg was healed, but she would never do skiing anymore. She also told that she steadily gained weight and it caused her some problems and challenges.
The decision to live together was taken more than a year ago, and I had been very busy to plan my definitive move and to wind up everything in Norway.

I was tired after the long drive all the way though Germany and stopped for a rest and something to eat before the last stage to Salzburg.
I heaved my stiff and heavy body out of the car. I had not managed to stop my weight gain during these two years and now I weighed 455 pounds. I had filled out sideways and my belly was huge. I had given up all sorts of sport activity due to my weight and even walking was a heavy business. With no activity, a lot of stress planning all winding up matters and too much fast food caused my weight to a steady increase every month during these two years. It was hopeless to hide my fat body under extensive shirts and I dressed “normally” in huge XXL numbers. In my own eyes I looked like a fat pig.
Outside the car I tried to pull my trousers up a bit, but all the belly fat pressed the waistband down.
I waddled into a driver’s restaurant and got myself a huge egg omelet and five German wursts. I went over to a table, pushed the chair back to make room for my huge gut and sat heavily down. I was really hungry and when the plates were empty I went for more food.
The place was crowded and several people walked around to find places to sit. Suddenly a female voice said:

- “Can I sit here?”.

I looked up and into the face of a woman my age. She looked at the free chair besides me and then at my belly.
My chin dropped with the sight of her. She was enormously obese. Her tent like gray dress went all the way over her breasts where it was tightened with an elastic band. The gray fabric was not wide enough around her vast belly, and one could image the elephantine fat sack of her gigantic front. She had a sleeveless T-shirt which gave room for the most bloated upper arms I have ever seen. She had a pretty face with a double shin and a very beautiful hairstyle.

-“Shall I help you?”, was the only thing I was able to say when looking at her.

- “Now thank you. As a single person I am used to manage myself”, she said.

She pushed the free chair away from the table and maneuvered her body heavily down on the chair. When sitting she looked even more enormous. From the contour of the dress I could see that her belly rested beyond her knees and formed a huge fold around her. She had to sit a bit sidewise to reach what was on the table.
A girl from the staff placed all she had ordered in front of her.

She introduced herself as Heidi and started talking immediately. I learned she was a German teacher, but quit working some years ago due to her size. Her father was a very successful businessman. Her car had been modified so she could fit in the driver’s seat. She had also some special arrangements in her house to compensate for her size and weight. She wanted to visit me when she heard I came from Norway.
Many times through our conversation she looked smiling into my eyes and then at my belly. When she learned I was settling down in Austria with a girl her talking slowed down a bit. Maybe I was not that interesting anymore.

After a one hour stop I left her and maneuvered my fat thighs and huge belly into the driver’s seat and headed for Salzburg.

It was late in the evening when I parked my car outside the hotel and once more pressed my belly free from the steering wheel and got out. I tried to fix my skirt and trousers to be as presentable as possible when entering the hotel - my new home. When waddling through the main entrance I tried to draw in my belly, but the huge sack of fat was of course impossible to hide.
I had called Gabbie from the car two hours earlier and she was waiting for me in the lobby. She was sitting in a somewhat high chair and waved at me.

- “Oh Thomas, so nice to see you, welcome to our home!” she almost cried out.

I went forward looking at her with big eyes and she looked at me with a smiling fat face. She was sitting like a mountain of fat reaching out two fat arms. In a flash of a second I saw her enormous flabby upper arms pointing out from her huge fat shoulders. She had become very wide and in front rested two enormous belly folds on her lap. On top of the upper belly fold two fat bloated boobs floated. She was dressed in a huge blouse and a wide shirt both meant trying to hide her elephantine body.

She looked at me and said:

- “You look great - I love you! Here I am sitting in all my 580 pounds glory waiting for you. Will you still have me?”

I bent forward giving her a long kiss and trying to hug her whilst sitting.

- “And you, will you still have me?” I said clapping my huge stomach.

Slowly Gabbie got up from her special high and steady chair and balanced in front of me saying:

- “We are meant for each others in so many ways. I will be so happy together with you. And we will support and comfort each others whatever matters that will arise in the years to come.
Give me a hand and I will show you our new home”.

Hand in hand she led me out of the hotel and into the family’s private building next door. Three steps without handrails led up to the front door. Gabbie asked me to help her. I took a good hold of her arm to steady her, but she was to heavy to lift herself up the steps without more assistance. I walked up two steps in front of her and gave her my hands. Simultaneously I pulled and steadied her for each step. She was so heavy and helpless. I wandered how she could manage her daily life if she got any fatter.
I opened the front door to let her in. She had to stretch the arms a bit in front of her to squeeze through the opening. Still both her hips touched the frames on both sides. She waddled a few steps into the hall and sat heavily down on a huge chair.
She wiped the sweat off her brow and said:

-“As you can see I am too heavy and out of shape. But everything will be better together with you. I want to work hard and lose weight.
In the meantime we have to get handrails or a sloping platform at the entrance. That will help me a lot. Up till now I have had my own room in the hotel”.

Her parents had rebuild and extended their private building to get a suitable apartment for Gabbie and me. It was on the first floor and the rooms were very nice and typical Austrian with most of the ceilings in beautiful wooden pattern.

It had been a long day and it was already late in the evening.
Gabbie suggested something to eat together with a glass of Austrian red wine before going to bed. She went into the kitchen to fetch it whilst I went for all my belongings in the car.
She guessed I was hungry so when seated it was plenty of food at the table. She had lit candle lights and we had a wonderful meal with lots of red wine.
Both of us ate too much and we smiled to each others when we ascertained the fact whilst cleaning the table.

In the sleeping room was a reinforced king size bed and plenty of lockers.
Gabbie asked me to help her undress. She was wearing a side tied pullover top with short sleeves and a typical Austrian gathered skirt. The skirt itself was very wide, but the hem of the skirt was digging deep into her fat. I unbuttoned the skirt and pressed the zipper down. I hold on to her whilst she lifted her legs to free the skirt.
Then I untied the top and tried to take it off her arms. Her upper arms, however, was so massive that I had to drag the top off.
Now Gabbie was standing in only her pants and bra. I took the bra off and the boobs sagged down to rest on her upper belly.

- “Now you how a spectacular view of an Austrian Alp mountain”, she said smiling at me with no shyness. And it was a typical Gabbie type of statement.

And she was enormous in all her 5´6´´ glory. Her elephantine front were formed by to huge, bloated fat folds finding their way all around her. The upper fold was immense with huge folds under her arms and into her very fat back.
The upper fold was almost as huge as the lower fat fold that rested halfway down her thighs. Each thigh was enormous making fat folds down to her knees. Her lower legs had by far the same size.
Her huge boobs looked small compared to the vast upper belly.

Gabbie’s weight gain during the two last years had also changed her face. It was rounder with a double chin and a fat neck. The fat on her shoulders run into huge upper arms. The circumference was remarkable with a huge fat fold hanging over her elbows. Her lower arms, hands and fingers were fat.

“Shall I help you to the bath?”, I said. “Oh no, now it’s my turn to undress you my fat boy”, was the answer.

Gabbie shuffled the few steps to the bed. I could see it was very difficult for her to push each massive thigh in front of the other. She sat heavily down on the edge of the bed.
The two immense belly folds pressed her upper body backwards. The belly completely covered her lap. She split her legs to make room for her belly and the belly fold sagged down between her thighs.
I had never seen so much body fat and fat folds in all my life. Her skin was so soft and bloated with fat. Deep inside me I felt sorry for her and wondered how she could let herself be that heavy and voluminous. But I loved her. And she was such a wonderful, self-confident and open-minded person.

I was standing in front of her and she did her best to undress me. It was not easy for her in a sitting position and due to her sheer size. I had to help her, and then I was naked in front of her. I felt the weight of my belly and fat body.
She bent forward as best as she could and kissed my belly. Come on, I said and helped her to a standing position. I hugged her and put my arms around her as far as they reached. Our fat fronts pressed hard together and all the fat was so soft and warm.
We kissed long and passionately.

After being to the bath we went to bed. I crawled close to Gabbie and asked her to tell me the best way to comfort her. Lying there close together we small talked about different positions for fat people, and slowly we became more and more passionate. We played together and made love in a long beautiful night….

More to come.


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Sep 26, 2006
4 - Three years later

Last year Gabbie took over as the owner of the family hotel. She also celebrated her 40th birthday that year.
She had invited lots of family and friends and it was a great party at her hotel. She was wearing a nice long white evening dress and she looked magnificent in my eyes. She had, however, put on a fair amount of weight during the last years and she weighed more than 600 pounds. I knew that most of the weight had gone to her belly, thighs and hips. She was massive and in sitting position the circumference of her body was enormous. Unless she was seated on high leveled chairs it was impossible to get up by herself.
Walking was very tiresome and she was exhausted after waddling fairly short distances. As a result of her obesity she had got a scooter to move around.

Gabbie ran the hotel from her office behind the front desk in the lobby. Every day she made a scooter trip inside the hotel to see to and talk to the staff. She also made her way to the kitchen were she tasted that day’s food and dinner menu with the Chef.
She also liked to talk with the guests and hear if they were comfortable in her hotel. She often ended up with a glass or two of white wine with them, and especially with the patrons coming back every year.
Almost every evening we had dinner in the dining room together with all the guests.
Gabbie ended the evening by watching TV before she went to bed together with me. Every night before falling asleep we talked about the day’s work and about ourselves. She loved her life; she loved me, the hotel, the staff and guests. But most of all she loved to have children. The doctors, however, had dissuaded her from having a baby. That was very wounding for her to learn.
Her monotonous life style with no physical activity paid it’s toll on her physic and body. She constantly gained weight and needed more and more assistance to do her daily matters. I helped her in our private situations, as well as people in the staff were very kind and helpful to her.
On some Sundays Gabbie wants us to take a drive to beautiful places in the region. We have a new huge van to make it more easy for her to get in and out of the vehicle. In the back there is an arrangement so we can bring the scooter. The van also helps me to enter the drivers seat. Gabbie, however, struggles a lot when entering and leaving her seat.
When we stop for lunch we have the same fight getting in and out, and also finding places to sit down in restaurants.
In every situation Gabbie is patient, thankful and always in good mood.

As for myself I have a lot to do with the hotel business. Gradually I learned about running a hotel in a tourist city like Salzburg. I have also been quite good in speaking German like the Austrians do.
It was my idea to rearrange the hotel in a more fat friend way. It would be helpful for Gabbie and hopefully we would have a new segment of guests. People in so many countries get fatter and fatter. I was sure some of them wanted and needed more fat friendly places. It had been a great success and we are almost fully booked all year through.
We made a cooperation with a travel agency, and they started to arrange fat friendly tours and visits to many of the famous tourist places in Salzburg and Vienna. In the latter we bought a small city hotel and brushed it up into the fat friendly concept. This has also been successful.

All and all our business is doing very well and I am very busy. I have to follow up both hotels and I have to see to the guests and the staff. Some days are more stressful than others and I have to eat when the situation allows it. In between I often have snacks and sometimes fast-food. In my contact with the guests I have to spend drinks and some days there can be to much white wine, bear and drinks.
This way of working is kind of unhealthy and the result for me is a steady and considerable weight gain. When I was a 450-pounder three years ago most of my extra weight was in may lower belly. Now I have got a voluminous upper body. I have a fat chest and a huge upper belly hanging like a bloated sack far over my waistband. I also have a thick fat layer of flesh on my back and sides. I am so fat and heavy I have to slow down and often sit down for a short rest. Every year I have to buy larger shirts and jackets.
When using my BMW car I really have to press myself between the steering wheel and the back of the drivers seat.
Now I weigh 525 pounds. Sitting together with Gabbie we are quite a sight. It is more and more difficult for me to help her in some situations and that’s worrying me. Luckily we have nice and helpful people in the staff.

One day, however, the inevitable happened. The staff heard a loud bang from inside Gabbie’s office. She had fallen when she tried to get onto her scooter and was lying on the floor with pain in her right leg. The staff called me and I came within a few minutes.
It was impossible for her to move her 600 pounds fat body. None of us dared to lift her. I tried to get Gabbie in a most comfortable position whilst we waited for the ambulance to come.
Ten minutes later two men from the ambulance tried to help her, but they had to call for help. Some later four medical men managed to carry her on a special stretcher and into the ambulance.
She is now in hospital with a broken leg. I am very concerned about my beloved Gabbie. Will she ever be able to stand again? And we she still gain weight or will the doctors at the hospital have her on a diet to loose some weight? I hope so.
Time will show….

The End.

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