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The Feeding Room by Anonymous (SSBBW, Feeding, Stuffing, Feeding Tube, XXWG)

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Green Eyed Fairy

Veteran of a 1000 Psychic Wars
Sep 18, 2006
In Your Head
SSBBW, , Feeding, Stuffing, Feeding Tube, XXWG - Lonely woman meets her perfect feeder

The Feeding Room
by Anonymous

(A tale migrated from the Dimensions Anonymous Alcove and
slightly enhanced as part of our Story Migration Project)

Just when I had given up hope that I would find a man who adores my big body, I found one that also treats me like a queen. After several bad experiences with dating men who wanted me to lose weight, I hadn't been on a date in a couple of years. I was glad that it all changed when I finally met Steve.

I am 5'4" tall, weighed 312 pounds, have brown-hair, blue eyes and was 23 years old when we met. I admit to being compulsive overeater since early on in my life. However, my mother weighs 410 pounds herself and loves to eat so my size was never an issue with my family.

I feel comfortable being a larger person. My mom and I have always eaten whatever we wanted. My father died when I was young but, fortunately, left us very comfortable. I have never had to work a day in my life.

My weight used to stay around 180-200 lbs. I was always busy until I graduated from college and found myself with nothing but free time. Feeling bored sitting around the house, I snacked a lot and really began to fatten up.

Gradually, my occasional snacking turned into binging. I started feeling like a huge glutton. Even when I was full, I was already thinking about what I would eat next. Within two years, I had gained 120 pounds. I am no longer chubby but very fat.

I found myself feeling very sexually frustrated, lonely and not very attractive either. I came across BUF magazine in a bookstore while browsing their aisles. I was shocked but then grew excited to discover so many men actually preferred big women. It was mind blowing to read that some actually wanted them to grow fatter!

When I read a story entitled ”Dinner with Carla", I discovered what I really wanted. The story was about a woman who has a secret fantasy in which she let go of her qualms about her size. She then dedicates herself to becoming as fat as she possibly can.

When she meets a man that calls himself a feeder, she confesses she loves gaining weight and stuffing herself! I was so turned on that I could hardly wait to get home to finish the story!

My mom was taking a nap that afternoon, much to my relief. No interruptions! In the kitchen, I grabbed a carton of ice cream, dumped it in a mixing bowl, poured half a bag of Oreo cookies into it then topped it all off with chocolate syrup.

As an afterthought, I squeezed the remaining chocolate syrup directly into my mouth and gulped it down. Even my mom would have been appalled to see me acting this way.

I settled down in my room and continued to read the story. As I demolished my huge ice cream sundae, I could feel the only pair of jeans that still fit me growing tight. My belly was getting really distended, but I couldn't stop eating or reading. I was completely hooked!

When button of my jeans couldn't take anymore, it popped off and flew across the room, ricocheting off my dresser. The blubber of my belly flowed out onto my lap. I tried to get up but found it to be too much effort. I managed to peel the jeans off while still sitting.

I remember vaguely thinking to myself "I'm going to need much bigger clothes soon."

None of that mattered, though. I was so wet I could hardly stand it and was determined to finish the story.

In the story, Carla confessed her ultimate fantasy while she is in bed with her lover. She wanted to get so fat that she wouldn’t be able to walk, stand up or even move. Then she said she would still want to grow fatter after all that happened.

I was, at first, completely shocked and a little appalled. Then I realized how uncontrollably excited I had grown reading that story. I had the magazine close by while masturbated for hours that night. I was fantasizing about being endlessly force-fed and fattened up by a loving feeder.

Becoming completely obsessed with the idea, I vowed to find a man who shared my fantasy. I had been unlucky in this conquest until I met Steve.

After many months of searching, I finally got a response to my personal ad that really interested me. Steve sounded so nice and sexy over the phone. He didn’t disappoint me when we met in person.

We hit it off right away and within a couple of months, I moved in with him. We soon began a routine that we continue to this day. Of course, it has taken a while to slowly increase my ability to eat this much but it was not as difficult as I had imagined.

Spending my days eating, napping and watching TV, I get very little exercise. I suspect my lifestyle has only accelerated the process of my weight gain.

On most days, I get up with him at 7:00 A.M. so he can watch me eat breakfast. Sometimes, if I feel like acting real gluttonous (Which Steve absolutely loves!), I will pour an entire box of cereal into a huge mixing bowl. Then I stuff heaping spoonfuls into my mouth, one right after another, letting milk dribble down my enormous triple chin until I can't force another bite.

Other days, I finish off 20-30 pancakes or doughnuts at one sitting. Afterwards, Steve will help me to the couch where I usually take a nap.

I awaken to gorge myself on cookies, Twinkies or any of the other fattening goodies that Steve has placed within my arms reach. Steve's only rule is that I have to finish all of it if I open it.

At 12:30 Steve comes home for lunch. He usually brings home enough take-out food for 4-5 people. Dessert is either a half-gallon of ice-cream or a box of ice cream sandwiches.

Sometimes he skips the take-out food and simply dumps a grocery bag full of snacks, chips and cookies on the coffee table. He loves to hold me while I gorge myself to contentment.

Our nightly feeding sessions begin at 7 p.m. I really look forward to dinner because all that eating has gotten me really hot. I really want to be with Steve by that time. After a huge meal of pasta, pizza or roast, Steve leads me to the feeding room.

The feeding room is really just a spare bedroom. We keep locked to avoid prying eyes. Feeding is a huge part of our lifestyle so we devote time and effort to maximizing the pleasure of the experience by having a private room for it.

In the feeding room are all the things we need to enhance our pleasure. A digital scale, several special tape measures that go to 96" (or more if taped together), an automatic bed (similar to hospital beds), a wall chart to measure my progress, a refrigerator full of prepared foods and a variety of funnels and straps fill the feeding room.

After my weigh-in, Steve straps me in the bed. He then proceeds to further stuff me with cheesecake, cookies, cake or pie. When he thinks I’ve had enough, he will remove the straps and slowly make love to me until we both climax. I tend to cum fast with him.

When we are sated, he begins the final stage of the stuffing session.

He pats my overstuffed, distended belly and says "My, it looks like you've really made a PIG of yourself today! I'll bet you’re so full you can't eat another bite! - but you WILL!"

With that, he straps a funnel to my mouth and proceeds to pour chocolate syrup or weight-gain milkshake into me until I am sure I will explode! Afterward, I lay there in a daze and sometimes I can almost feel myself getting fatter and fatter, while he makes slow, passionate love to me again.

As a result of this ritual, I have gained 343 pounds in the last three and a half years. I now weigh 768 pounds and have been able to gain so much because I am completely dedicated to one goal - to get as fat as I possibly can!

Nothing can describe the excitement I feel when I look in the mirror and see how much have grown. I also like knowing that I will continue to get fatter every day!

A couple of weeks ago, Steve took three days off. He kept me in the feeding room the entire time. He made sure that I stayed completely overstuffed and unable to do anything but lay there.

He forced an unbelievable amount of food into me. Just when I was sure I was going to burst, he would stop and make love to me. I would then take a nap and start all over again when I woke up.

I guess I now know what it would be like to be so fat I could hardly move. I cannot walk anymore. I have become Steve's overstuffed princess, spending every waking moment eating and getting fatter. I see no end in sight and hope to eventually reach 1000 pounds. I'm sure Steve won't mind a bit!

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