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Jul 1, 2009
The Gift

Stacey and Kate were two best friends. They’ve been friends ever since they were born, went through all the same classes together and were never separated. They even had the same birthday! Anyone who didn’t know them always thought they were sisters. Both had perfect blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and were both the same height. When they were younger they had always been the same weight, but as they got older Stacey stayed thin while Kate kept growing. Now on their 18th birthday Kate was pushing 250 lbs while Stacey was a svelte 125 lbs. This difference was part Stacey’s fault, although she didn’t realize it as she ate vicariously through Kate. Their whole life Stacey was always bringing over food she wanted to eat, but would only have a few bites, leaving Kate to finish it off, both thinking they ate half. Kate was jealous of Stacey’s metabolism, not realizing it was just that she didn’t eat quite as much as her. Stacey knew that Kate could easily lose weight if she wouldn’t eat quite as much, and so decided for her gift to Kate, she would do anything in her power to help her lose weight.

Stacey, “Kate, my gift to you is I’m going to help you get as skinny as me! And than we can share clothes!”

Kate, “That does sound great… but how do you expect to do that?”
“Well, I’m going to make sure you never overeat. And since I have such a fast metabolism I’ll eat food you try to sneak on your diet!”

“I guess that might work… we can take turns whose house we stay at even so you can monitor my meals”

“Exactly! I’m sure we can get your weight down in no time! And once it’s off it’ll be up to you to keep it off!”

Kate didn’t realize how much she loved food until she wasn’t allowed to eat it, twice she tried to sneak a second slice of cake only for Stacey to snatch them and eat them in front of her. Dinner went the same way, she tried to get seconds but Stacey grabbed her plate and ate it for her. The next day they had pancakes and bacon for breakfast, Stacey finished off the bacon before Kate was even able to try and sneak it, but Stacey did have to snatch a couple extra pancakes from her. For lunch, Kate’s mom (Judy) ordered a pizza for them to split. Judy always took two slices for herself and gave the girls the other six. Now normally Stacey would only eat two, and Kate four slices. Stacey only allowed Kate one slice, saying,

“Once you lose weight you can have two, but to get the ball rolling you really need to cut your portions.”

Kate agreed, and took her time eating her slice. Stacey on the other hand decided to have a third slice. She than saw Kate heading towards the box, and raced her over there grabbing the box away from her. Taking both slices she than said,

“I’m not that hungry but I better eat both of these just to keep you from being tempted!”

That day they spent the whole time just hanging out watching TV and playing video games. Judy kept bringing in snacks for the girls, and Stacey kept grabbing whatever it was away from Kate. The next couple weeks went by almost exactly the same, different food but still Stacey would eat way more than normal to keep Kate from getting anything. Stacey was eating more and more without getting full, not realizing how much she was really eating. One day, 3 weeks after their birthday, Kate was excited because she was able to fit into a pair of jeans that she had outgrown! Stacey on the other hand had been upset because she was unable to fit into her jeans, but after hearing Kate’s news forgot all about it. Her mom (Sue) on the other hand remembered her daughter screaming in frustration and thinking she’s going through a growth spurt bought her a bunch of yoga pants so that way once she stops growing they can get her new jeans and not have to spend a lot of money in the meantime. Kate weighed herself and had lost 15 lbs, Judy over heard and ordered them a pizza to celebrate. Of course Stacey again only allowed Kate one slice, but this time she ate four slices herself before Kate tried to steal one. If Stacey would have weighed herself she would have found she gained 15 lbs, she knew she was getting soft but figured it was just a little, and she could easily lose it after she got Kate’s weight down.
The next few weeks continued as normal, Kate’s mom putting snack after snack in front of them, Stacey eating as much as she could to keep Kate from it, Kate trying to sneak more causing Stacey to eat more and more. Kate even started waking up in the middle of the night to try and cheat on her diet, but Stacey always caught her, and wound up getting a midnight snack herself. Kate would weigh herself every two weeks, and found she was shedding almost 10 pounds every time. Stacey on the other hand was gaining just as fast, she knew she had put on a few, I mean who wouldn’t, but she was very ignorant as too how much. Kate wanted to say something but was afraid she’d stop helping her, besides with her metabolism she can easily lose it. Sue didn’t want to upset her daughter, she wasn’t unhealthy just getting chubby, so she’d make sure her clothes were stretchy and big enough. A little over two months after their birthday Kate had lost a lot of weight, she had gotten herself down to 200 lbs and was ecstatic! Stacey on the other hand had gotten up to about 175, but had no idea, she assumed with her metabolism she couldn’t have gained more than 20 or 30 lbs, and she did not want to weigh herself because she felt it would be mean to shove her weight in Kate’s face.
By now Kate had become used to her new smaller portion habit and had stopped trying to sneak food, although Stacey had also become accustomed to the larger portions. She would still wake up in the middle of the night for a snack even though Kate no longer did. Stacey had even started eating more than Kate ever had, but didn’t realize it. In her mind Kate was still trying to sneak food so she needed to hurry up and eat it before Kate could. Another month had gone by and Kate weighed in, 180 lbs! she had finally gotten under 200 lbs. Stacey still thought she was the skinnier of them, but was actually at 195 lbs. Kate knew her friend had gotten chubby, but didn’t want to say anything. Stacey was happy thinking she was still only 160 at the most and refused to weigh herself.
It’s now been five months since the girls’ birthday and 100 lbs was exchanged between them. Kate had gotten down to 150, and Stacey was up to 225, although she wouldn’t admit it. Sue had been cutting sizes out of all her daughter’s stretchy clothes so she wouldn’t see just how large she had got. One thing Stacey did admit was that Kate was now officially thinner than her, although she would say not by much. Stacey also still had in her mind that Kate was trying to sneak food, even though that was not. Kate tried telling her she could stop but Stacey said,

“I know I’ve gained weight, but until you get down to 125 lbs, I am not going to stop eating; besides I’ll easily lose this weight!”

And so Kate never brought it up again. Another month went by and nothing had changed, Stacey was still over eating and Kate was still sticking to her diet. Kate weighed in and was finally at 130 lbs, 5 lbs away from her goal! Stacey finally agreed to get on the scale since they were so close and as the numbers stopped she passed out! Stacey weighed 245 lbs, only 5 lbs away from Kate’s old weight! After coming too Kate was afraid she would be upset, but actually Stacey had accepted it, she realized she had been over eating and continued too even after it was no longer necessary. She was mad at herself for not realizing how big she had gotten, but decided to work hard at getting it off. Of course it wasn’t as easy as she thought it would be. All the over eating to keep Kate from it had cause her stomach to stretch, and without someone else forcing you to not eat its real easy to give in. Kate didn’t want to gain the weight back so she didn’t care if Stacey finished off a bowl of chips. She was able to stop over eating, but unable to lose weight. After 3 months of trying she had reached 255 lbs, she was able to not gain but not able to lose. Kate on the other hand had gotten down to 125 and stayed there; it was easy for her to not eat now that she was used to eat, although she did have the occasional treat. They had even switched each others wardrobes, Kate laughed saying, and “you did want to share clothes, well now we are… sort of.”

On the day of their 19th birthday Kate wanted to get something special for Stacey, after all it was because of her that she had finally gotten skinny! She wanted to do something for her that would be as nice. Even though she had tried so hard not to Stacey had gotten up to 270 lbs, she found she loved food. She had become extremely jealous of Kate’s weight and hated seeing her in her old clothes, but still she couldn’t be mad at Kate, she was her best friend, and she knew she was happy being thin, she just would need to work real hard at getting thin herself. She had decided to crack down and stop eating so much, she was even going to start working out at a gym, besides it couldn’t be that hard to not eat could it? Kate did it.

Kate, “I wanted to get you something you’d really enjoy because of how you helped me last year, so here…”

Stacey, “oh thanks!” thinks to herself, “I hope it’s a gym membership, that’d really help me out!”

Kate, “I had been saving forever and so used some of the money to get it”

Stacey opens the gift to find, a gift card for an all you can eat buffet for $500. “Thanks Kate, I know just who to share this with too”


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