The Hotel New Orleans - by Casso (SSBBW/SSBHM, Immobility, , Heavy Sex, ~XXWG )

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Jun 30, 2007
Great Great Great ! Really looking forward to the next chapters!

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Oct 22, 2005
ALYSSA- Part Four

The days passed. As Thomas predicted, Alyssa woke up one morning and was surprised when she opened her door and saw Andre standing there. He had brought her breakfast on a cart and he wheeled it out onto her patio.

As she ate, Andre explained what Thomas had told her in more detail.

Andre informed her she had two weeks to make a decision as to what she intended to do. If, at the end of two weeks she chose to stay, Alyssa would spend the rest of her life growing as fat as she wanted in the luxury of the Hotel New Orleans. If she chose not to stay, Andre said he would escort her to the front gate and that would be the last she would see him. She would return to the real world nearly two years after she had left it.

Alyssa spent a lot of the following two weeks arguing with herself as to the pros and cons of her situation. She also spent a lot of her time eating as though her decision was made. Her new obsession was pies and she went through them several at a time several times a day. Apple pies with ice cream, pumpkin pies with whipped cream, pecan pies, blueberry pies, cherry pies. Roland, the hotel baker was a genius and Alyssa was infatuated with his creations.

It became clear shortly after the day they spent making love that Thomas was not at all interested in a monogamous relationship. Alyssa walked out onto the patio one day after lunch to find him feeding a woman named Kerri a large plate of fettuccini. Kerri was in her late twenties, her hair was brown and straight and she wore a pair of large sunglasses.

Thomas said hello and invited Alyssa to join them. There was none of the discomfort or awkwardness she normally would have associated with being in a situation like that on the outside. He was at the hotel to be with women he dreamed of being with. It would be ridiculous of her to think he would stop all that after being with her for one day. That actually relieved Alyssa; she did not have to factor him into her decision to stay, or to leave.

Thomas would twirl a fork in the reach cream laden pasta and then carefully bring it to Kerri’s pink lips. She would open her mouth and sensually close her mouth around the fork, chewing slowly after he removed the utensil from her mouth. She was very fat; Alyssa guessed she weighed nearly 500 pounds. Kerri’s breasts were so enormous that her bikini top struggled to contain them. If not for the fact that Alyssa had seen a bit of fabric covering the bottom of her tremendous rear-end from behind as she approached the table, she might wonder if Kerri was wearing bottoms at all. Her belly spilled over her thick thighs completely blocking her crotch from view.

Alyssa decided to take them up on the offer and Thomas ordered more fettuccini, red wine, and bread. Alyssa got a familiar feeling inside thinking about how she was about to be stuffed with pasta on top of the huge lunch she had just finished inside. Overeating flat out turned her on and she adored being fed.

Thomas would feed a large forkful to Kerri, and then with a second fork he would feed Alyssa. This went on for three huge bowls before Kerri decided she was full and her hand slowly drifted to the bulge in Thomas’ swimsuit.
He wore a black bikini and right before their eyes his tremendous erection snaked under the waistband pointing at his navel.

He smiled and looked at Ali, Kerri also turned to look at her.

“You are more than welcome to join us for…dessert.” Kerri whispered, her finger circling her erect nipple through her top.

Alyssa smiled and her cheeks reddened.

“Perhaps next time.” She replied, and to her surprise, Ali thought she might mean it. “I have dessert in mind. I’m going to go see Roland the baker.”

Kerri belched loudly and lowered her sunglasses.

“After all that pasta? Really?” She asked incredulously.

Alyssa stood and smiled. “Oh yes.”

She turned and began to walk back toward the Hotel. “You should have seen the meatball sandwiches I ate just before I came out.”

She turned and said before waving and going inside.

“Wow.” Kerri whispered to Thomas. “That girl is hard core.”

“Yes she is.” Thomas replied as he watched Alyssa’s growing curves walk away. “Yes she certainly is.”

Alyssa quietly belched several times as she walked through the bar area to the kitchen. She had been in here a few times over the past two weeks and several of the cooks and kitchen help said hello to her as she passed through to another door in the back.

That door led to the bakery and she entered. Roland was alone, decorating a large cake at a table below a huge window that overlooked the east lawn. Sunlight streamed in and she could hear birds outside.

“Hello Ali!” Roland said cheerfully when he saw her. He was bent over the table carefully applying a think border of orange icing to the bottom. The cake spun slowly on a rotating stand as he squeezed the confection out.

“Hi Roland.” Ali replied. “I was hoping for some hot pies?”

“My goodness girl, no one has ever been so in love my pies as you are.” He said finishing the cake and standing straight. Roland was in his late thirties and he had a full head of red hair and a full beard that was beginning to gray prematurely. His eyes were bright green and twinkled behind a pair of round spectacles.

“Of course I happen to have several fresh out of the oven. I’ve come to expect you.” He turned and led her to a cooling rack that held three large pies.

“Ohh.” Alyssa cooed. “I smell apple, cherry and…pecan?”

“Very good.” Roland replied wiping icing on the apron that covered his expansive belly. Roland was tall and he proudly admitted to Alyssa several days prior that he weighed 423 pounds.

“Ice cream and whipped topping?” He asked going to the large refrigerator.

“Please.” Alyssa replied taking a fork from a drawer and digging into the cherry pie.

Roland set a huge container of vanilla ice cream and a case of whipped topping on the cutting board table beside her. Her then set a large stool behind Alyssa’s considerable ass for her to sit on. He turned to get one for himself.

He turned back when he heard a tear and Alyssa laughed.

“Ooops.” She said looking down at her top and her shorts. As she sat, her belly had torn through the stitching of her tight t-shirt, and her expanding hips had broken through her white cotton shorts.

Roland slid his stool beside her and chuckled. He busied himself scooping ice cream into a large bowl for her. Ali noticed his cheeks flushed red when he saw her predicament.

“I’m the one busting out of my clothes.” Ali said with her mouth full of pie. “Why are you embarrassed?”

“I…you are very beautiful is all.” Roland said softly.

Alyssa sprayed whipped cream all over the remains of the cherry pie and continued forking it into her greedy mouth. After a few moments she stopped and leaned back a bit. “Roland?”

“Yes?” He asked as sat beside her watching intently.

“Would you like to rub my full belly?”

“I would love to rub your full belly.” He replied softly.

Alyssa lifted her torn shirt up, revealing her soft, pudgy stomach to him.

Roland began kneading and massaging her stuffed midsection. His hands were rough, but warm and strong. Ali closed her eyes for a second before gathering herself together and going back to her pie.

Alyssa ate slowly and methodically. She had become so accustomed to overeating during the past few weeks and her mind no longer raced with questions and concerns about her health or what people would say. The sheer amounts of food she could consume however still amazed her.

The cherry pie was gone in fifteen minutes. Roland was slowly massaging her overstuffed belly, he marveled at how it felt so firm, yet so soft at the same time. They were silent as she piled ice cream on the sweet dessert and devoured it with a sensuous look in her eyes. Very soon she slid the apple pie plate away from herself, empty. The pecan pie was all that remained when she turned to Roland and without a word pulled her t-shirt up over her head. His eyes were large and his mouth was open slightly as she reached behind her back and undid the large clasps of her bra, letting her breasts fall free in to his waiting hands.

Before he could react to the warm, soft mounds of flesh he held in his hands, Alyssa leaned forward and kissed him. Her warm, wet tongue explored his mouth. She tasted of apples and he closed his eyes and moaned softly as they let the moment hang on.

“Does that door have a lock?” Alyssa asked after a few moments.

Without answering, Roland stood and walked over to the door and slid a bolt across it. He returned to Alyssa as she stood and turned, her breasts swaying heavily as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close to her. His large belly met hers and they leaned close to kiss again.
Their hands explored each other’s bodies as they passionately locked mouths. Finally Alyssa pulled away and smiled at her new lover.

“I still have one more pie and a whole lot of ice cream to eat.” She said licking her lips and tracing his meaty breasts with her finger. “Would you like to feed me that pie?”

Roland began to answer when Alyssa took her finger and pressed it against his lips for him to be silent. “Or would you rather…eat my hot pussy out while I eat it myself?”

Roland smiled and reached for the buttons on her shorts. Alyssa was faster and she tore the shorts open, the buttons falling to the floor. “They were ruined anyway.” She whispered as he tore them down her fat thighs and with his great strength, lifted her onto the table. Her thighs fell open and Roland’s face was between them, his thick tongue working over her wet pussy.

It took Alyssa a few moments to gather her wits as Roland attacked her pussy with vigor. As he settled into a rhythm, Ali picked up the bowl of ice cream and dumped it onto the still warm pie. She began forking the sweet concoction as Roland’s tongue danced over her sensitive privates.

Twenty minutes later the pie was gone and Alyssa was climaxing for the fourth time. She sat up and with the look of a woman possessed, she pushed Roland back, grabbed his shirt and pulled him back toward and around her so that he was against the table he had just eaten her pussy on. She undid the strap on his apron and dropped to her knees.

Roland lifted his large belly as much as he could so that Alyssa could get to his belt and pants’ button. His huge, fat belly hung well over the top of his pants and Alyssa was amazed at how hot it was underneath. She quickly undid his belt and the snap of his white bakery trousers, they dropped and she saw his cock through his white cotton briefs. It was straining against the fabric and to her amazement, it was even larger than Thomas’, and that was by far the largest cock she had ever seen in her 19 years.

She pulled the thin garment down to his ankles and stared at the thick, long cock standing straight out before her. Alyssa clasped his hands and looked at his chubby fingers.

“You must have fat toes too.” She whispered.

Roland could barely hear her over the belly he was holding up to allow her access to his nether region.

“Huh?” He replied, confused.”

“Your fingers are fat, your cock is like a bologna; I have never imagined a dick so big and fat.” She whispered. “I just assume you must have fat toes too.”

Roland chuckled and his immense belly rippled with his laughter. His laughter quickly disappeared as he felt her tongue sliding down up his shaft to the wide head of his erect penis.

“It’s so thick I can’t get my fingers all the way around it.” Alyssa marveled. “And it’s so long.”

Her hands clasped his rod and slid from the base to the head and back several times as she slowly jerked his cock.

“It’s good that it’s big or no one would be able to see it.” Roland whispered.

“Well, I can see it and I can’t believe what I’m looking at…and stroking…and.” Alyssa stopped talking and left her mouth engulf as much of Roland’s enormous erection as she could.

She released it with a wet sound. “Sucking.”

She finished before slipping her lips back over him. Roland leaned back against the table and spread his huge, fat thighs a bit father apart and Alyssa was able to slip her hands between then and cup his balls.

“My word.” She moaned as she stroked his cock and cradled his testicles. “Everything about you is large.”

Alyssa stroked and sucked his enormous cock while Roland gripped the edge of the table and tried not to ejaculate immediately. He couldn’t see her but he felt every stroke of her tongue on his large member. Her blonde hair tickled the bottom of his gut and her chubby fingers massaged his balls as she expertly sucked and licked his cock. After several minutes he could no longer contain himself and released a huge amount of semen into her hungry mouth as she gave him the strongest orgasm he had felt in some time.

He gently pulled himself back and Alyssa let his cock drop from her mouth. She had to lean back and look up over his belly, which Roland was still pulling up so she could get to his privates. He let his belly drop and took Alyssa’s hand.

“That’s enough work for today, let’s go someplace more comfortable.” Roland said bending and grabbing his trousers.

“My clothes are ruined, Roland.” Alyssa said looking at her shredded shorts and the huge tear in her shirt. Roland looked around but the only thing he could find was his spare apron. He draped it over her and tied the strings. Alyssa giggled at her reflection in the stainless steel refrigerator. Her large breasts threatened to ooze out the side of the apron and her cleavage would choke a horse. She felt a draft from her exposed hind end.

Thankfully, there was a rear exit from the bakery so that they wouldn’t have to walk through the crowded kitchen or the even more crowded bar area. Unfortunately, it put them out in a main hallway and they shuttled quickly past several giggling guests and employees on their way to the elevator. They got in an empty elevator and they took it up to Alyssa’s room.

She went to put her key in the lock when the door swung open by itself. Alyssa stared at it with a confused look on her face. Roland saw the look and gently nudged her aside and entered the room before her. It was cleaned and had the look of a room that had been checked out of. All of Alyssa’s personal items were gone.

“Ali?” Roland asked looking at her with a confused look.

“Oh no.” Alyssa whispered. “Andre must have assumed I wasn’t staying.”

She whispered. “I have to see him, I’m sorry Roland.”

“Go.” He replied. “Don’t worry about, go see Andre.”

Andre was standing beside the front door when Alyssa exited the elevator into the lobby. As usual, he was dressed in a beautiful three-piece suit. This one was blue with pin stripes and he wore a deep red tie. She had found a bathrobe hanging behind the bathroom door, no doubt a new one waiting to be used by whomever Andre intended to give her room to.

“Andre?” She said with a panicked look on her face as she approached him as fast as her fat legs and overstuffed belly would allow.

He held up a hand for her to be quiet. “Come with me.” He said in a flat, business-like tone. He opened the front door for her and followed her out onto the front porch of the hotel. The sun was hazy and a foggy mist enshrouded the high shrubs inside the fence. It was so thick, she couldn’t see anything but white past the front gates.

It took Alyssa a moment to realize that her car was before the gate, facing outward. The motor was running quietly, it no longer had a flat tire.

“Walk with me Alyssa.” He said with the hint of a Spanish accent. She took his hand and slowly allowed him to lead her down the stairs onto the drive. Tears flowed from her eyes and she once again tried to speak. Once again Andre gently shushed her.

“You were brought to this hotel two months ago today.” He began. Alyssa remained silent. “You signed in of your own free will, correct?”

Alyssa nodded and wiped a tear from her chubby cheeks.

“Since then you have enjoyed yourself?”

Again, she silently nodded.

“You have eaten well here.” He paused and slid his hand under her robe feeling her large, soft belly.

He smiled. “You’ve gained almost 100 pounds in two short months.”

“104.” She whispered quietly. She had weighed herself that morning before going down for lunch. Two weeks of pasta, constant gorging and Roland’s pies had added an additional 33 pounds to her girth.

They reached her car and Andre opened the door, but stood before it so that Alyssa could not get in. “Two weeks ago I said you had to make a decision.”

He reached into her car on the driver’s seat and produced the guest book.

“This is your signature, Alyssa?” He asked opening the book to the last page and there, in black ink was her signature.


“Now you are going to get into this car and you will drive through that gate.”

Alyssa began sobbing now.

“By the time you have turned your car onto the highway you will have no memory of your time here. You will be 104 pounds heavier and you will have been missing for two years according to the time on the outside world.”

Alyssa was shaking her head from side to side.

“Your family does not know what happened to you, nor does your ex-boyfriend who is now the father of a child with the woman he cheated on you with, and she is pregnant with another.”

“Please Andre.”

“Or…” He continued and Alyssa’s eyes flew open and she began nodding.

“You come back inside with me.” Andre raised his hand for her to allow him to continue. “If you turn away from this last chance to leave the Hotel New Orleans…you will belong to the hotel, and to me until the day you die.”

“Let me stay.” She asked quietly. “There’s nothing for me outside, please let me stay here forever.”

At last Andre smiled. He held the book out to her and Alyssa watched as the black ink she had signed her name with turned back to the color of blood she had seen for a split second when she signed in. When she lifted her eyes from the book Andre still stood before her as he had been, but her car was gone. Andre pointed to the weeds on the side of the drive and there sat her car, covered in mud and dust as though it had been there for years. The tire was flat again. The sun suddenly burned through the mist as Andre led her back inside.

“Let’s go get you something to eat, you look famished.” He whispered.

To be continued…

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Oct 22, 2005
Thank you everyone for the wonderful compliments!


Part Five

The smell of bacon drifted through the six-room suite. Sunlight cascaded through the windows and the open French doors that led from the living room out onto the patio. Flowers overflowed from planters resting on the wall over looking the pool and gardens.

Jim Finning stood at the stove carefully using all four burners to cook an array of bacon, sausage, rich cheese omelets and pancakes simultaneously. He was a large young a man, he was 20 years old and he had always dreamed of being a chef. Cooking was his passion but his mother wasn’t able to afford cooking school for him.

His mother worked around the clock to give him as good a life as she was able to afford. Unfortunately she was uneducated and had no skills so she did her best waiting tables and cleaning houses. She was 18 when she got pregnant with him, and his father had taken off when he was still very young.

Jim was 16 when his mother sat him down on her bed and informed him she was dying. Lynn Finning was 34 years old and was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. It was large and it was growing rapidly, her doctor had informed her she had maybe six good months left before she would begin to deteriorate rapidly.

Not knowing what else to do, she called her father, a retired Master Chief in the United States Navy and asked him to get the grandson he had never seen into the Navy where he would hopefully be able to get a position as a cook and go to school to be a chef.

Warren Finning hadn’t seen or spoken to his daughter since the night she announced she was pregnant and he threw her out. Many years of regret led him to make a few phone calls and his grandson Jim was soon on his way to boot camp in Florida within a week. He graduated at the top of his class and was assigned a job as a cook on the Aircraft Carrier Ronald Reagan, the flagship of the fleet. He was soon cooking for Admirals and dignitaries.

His mother kept her faculties for a year and a half before she gradually lost her sight and soon after became paralyzed. She died two weeks shy of Jim’s 18th birthday. He had gotten leave and was at her bedside when she passed. That day he met his grandfather. He thanked Warren for giving him a career, but then told him he could never forgive him for abandoning his mother and didn’t want to see him again.

Jim finished his four-year enlistment and was working in a small restaurant on Bourbon Street when he saw an ad online for a cook at a hotel. He liked his current job, but he felt compelled to apply at the Hotel New Orleans.

His interview was conducted at a small outdoor café, which he immediately thought was strange. The conversation with a mysterious gentleman named Andre, the manager of the hotel, was even stranger, but he agreed to visit the hotel.

That visit was all it took. He fell in love with the hotel, the kitchen and the atmosphere immediately. He was given a comfortable apartment with a view of the garden and he was surprised at the fact that he had no desire to go out even on his days off. The guests were almost all heavy women, which was his preference so Jim was mesmerized.

Jim thought he was in trouble when he returned to his room two weeks after he started. Andre sat on his couch when he opened the door. He was given a speech that everyone received at the hotel. He could leave and never return, or stay for the rest of his life and cook for the many dozens of heavy ladies that resided there.

Jim had no family, few close friends and he was doing what he loved. He decided to stay almost immediately. That to his mind had been three months ago and he could not have been happier.

Alyssa had caught his eye his first week at the hotel. She had been there a few months already. There was a huge party for her and he worked that evening. He didn’t understand at the time that she had decided to stay at the hotel earlier that day and everyone at the hotel threw an enormous celebration. They had over one hundred guests all participating in an orgy of food and drink. He cooked for hours along with eight other chefs and the service line seemed endless. He’d never seen so much food go out of a kitchen in one night even in the Navy.

He watched from the kitchen window as the beautiful blonde guest of honor ate plate after plate of his cooking.

She was amazing. Jim was shy, so he was afraid to approach her outright. Roland the baker saw him looking at Alyssa and he mentioned proudly that he had slept with her several times. Jim hoped someday he would catch her eye. His plan was to make sure Alyssa knew when she was served something he had cooked. He racked his brain coming up with new and delicious meals for her to try.

He did this for weeks and she didn’t seem to notice anything special about his cooking compared to the other expert chefs. He was about to give up when Helen, one of the servers came back to the kitchen and commented that Alyssa wanted the chef to know she loved the chicken François he had prepared.

He immediately sent out a huge chocolate mousse he had prepared and instructed Helen to tell her thank you, and to enjoy the dessert he made especially for her. Alyssa was thrilled with his dessert and she began to ask for whatever Chef Jim suggested when she would eat at the restaurant. After two weeks of this Jim finally got up the courage to bring her dinner himself one night. He sat with her and they chatted while she ate.

Alyssa coyly flirted with him, sensing that he was shy. She had been at the hotel for almost four months at that point and she was used to the very casual sexual atmosphere that the hotel held. No one risked pregnancy or sexual diseases, so sex at the hotel was very liberal. Jim got up his courage and very politely asked Alyssa if she would like to join him on his night off for dinner and perhaps go for a walk in the garden.

She had been considering taking him up to her room that evening after he got off, but she instead smiled brightly and politely accepted his invitation for a date. They met for dinner and they did go for a long walk in the gardens before going to the bar for a nightcap. He walked her up to her new suite on the top floor and gently kissed her good night without asking to come inside. The innocent romance titillated Alyssa who realized she had perhaps become a bit jaded by the hotel’s lax sexual practices.

They ‘dated’ for another two weeks before Alyssa could no longer stand it and she pulled him down onto her bed. Jim and Ali saw each other exclusively for a month before she had to sit him down and explain that long-term relationships were not a good idea at the hotel.

Jim understood and he reluctantly agreed. He did enjoy watching her eat so on occasions such as this morning, he would come up to her room and fix her breakfast. Alyssa had enjoyed sleeping with him and she still occasionally shared her bed with him.

Alyssa’s eyes fluttered and she began to wake up. She smiled and stretched and slowly eased into another wonderful day. She smelled the bacon and coffee and immediately she knew her special chef had decided to pay her an early visit. She slid the blankets back and slipped her leg over the side of the bed and slowly sat up. She slipped her other leg down onto the soft warm carpet and found her slippers. They were fuzzy sandal slippers and her toes easily found their way inside them and she sat for a moment on the edge of her bed enjoying the warm sun on her body.

Alyssa had been at the hotel for six months. She never thought about leaving anymore. Her thoughts revolved around comfort, sex, and food. Her hands found her belly and she scratched it and rubbed her growing flab. Her fat belly stretched halfway across her thighs when she sat, and it hung down over her pussy when she stood. Her white cotton nightgown was tight over her enormous breasts and even tighter over her belly and hips. She had gotten it two weeks ago and it was loose then. Ali stood with more than a little effort.

Four months ago she had agreed to stay in the small world of the Hotel New Orleans. When Andre escorted her back inside that day she had weighed 257 pounds. One hundred and twenty seven days later she had added well over a pound and a half a day average and now stood at 312 pounds.

Her arms were stretched above her head as she looked out over the garden view from her window. Alyssa purred as she felt Jim’s strong hands slide over her belly from behind as he hugged her to himself, burying his face in her long blonde hair and kissing her chubby neck. She reached behind and stroked his short hair and held him close to her. Jim’s hands massaged her large soft belly before drifting up to cup her huge boobs. He had watched her gain most of the 162 pounds she had gained since she decided to stay and he was amazed at how big she was getting.

Jim caressed her amazing breasts through the soft, thin cotton for a moment before Alyssa turned and wrapped her thick arms around his neck and slipped her tongue inside his mouth. Jim wore just a pair of sweatpants and he could feel her hard nipples brushing against his chest.

Alyssa slowly pushed him back until his legs were against her bed and he sat, gently pulling her on top of him as he leaned back. The bed was still warm from her large body and Jim inhaled the scent of her lotion and shampoo that lingered in her sheets and pillow.

His hands roamed over her large, round shoulders, his finger kneading into the fat rolls of her back and down to her immense behind that pinned him to the mattress. Jim pulled her nightgown up and was rewarded with the smooth, soft skin of her naked ass. He held the soft fabric as she slowly slid down to the floor and out of her clothes. Ali knelt naked before him and he tossed her nightgown over his head. Her hands went to the huge bulge in his sweatpants and he moaned.

Ali smiled gently as she looked at is erection through the gray fabric. Her hand stroked it and it stood up straight creating a large tent in his pants. She continued sliding her hand up and down it until Jim finally began to fidget with impatience. Ali giggled at him before reaching into the waistband and slipping them down. Jim had no underwear on either and she laughed again as his large penis sprang up out of the fabric like a flagpole. She pulled his pants the rest of the way off and tossed them over her shoulder where they landed inside out against the window. Her breasts jiggled from the action and then wobbled heavily on her chest. Jim’s cock twitched at that sexy vision.

He spread his legs and she slid against his crotch, her hand sliding up and down the length of his shaft, slowly jerking him off. She leaned forward and slipped her lips over the large head to lubricate him and continued her slow hand job, her tiny hand and pudgy fingers bounced off her breast with every stroke.

Jim was lying back thoroughly enjoying what she was doing when she leaned forward and wrapped her e-cup sized boobs around him and began to jerk his cock with her immense cleavage. Jim’s eyes flew open and he looked down at her.

She saw the look on his face and realized this must be his first tit-fuck and she again burst out laughing. He chuckled as well.

“That feels…” He whispered. “Amaaazing.”

Ali said nothing but just watched his face as laid his head back down on her bed.

“And it looks even sexier,” he added.

“Is this the first time a girl has done this to you with her boobs?” Ali asked with a naughty look in her eyes.

“Yes, it definitely is.” Jim replied with his eyes still closed, his breathing was getting heavier.

“Well that’s good because you’re the first man I’ve ever done it to,” she replied and again slipped her mouth over him as the head emerged from her cleavage.

Jim just moaned softly and Ali continued for several minutes enjoying his reactions as much as he enjoyed what she was doing to him.

Five minutes later Jim suddenly trembled on her bed and she felt his cock expand just a little before she felt his cum splash against the bottom of her chin. Several more splashes followed and she slowly sat back on her heels and Jim sat up carefully, his spent penis deflating quickly. Ali smiled at him as his cum covered her breasts and slid down the slope of her large belly.

She reached over to her nightstand ad grabbed a handful of tissues to clean herself off.

“I’m starving.” She whispered and Jim helped her to her feet. He held her warm terry-cloth robe open for her and she slipped into it. He grabbed his sweatpants and quickly pulled them on before he led Ali to the kitchen where her breakfast sat in the oven staying hot for her.

Alyssa was moved out of her small hotel room the day she decided to stay. She now resided on the top floor of the hotel in a large seven-room apartment. They left her bedroom and walked down the hall past a smaller room Alyssa used as a library that held a large comfortable reading chair and hundreds of books she had either read or was looking forward to reading.

A small bathroom was next to the library (she had an enormous master bathroom off her bedroom that had a huge Jacuzzi tub and a shower stall big enough for three women her size). The hall ended at the huge living room. There was no television; in its place was a large fireplace. She did have an old-fashioned 1970’s style stereo and a shelf full of albums from the 1940’s through the 1980’s. There was no radio though. On one side of the living room was the front door, the other side led into the dining room that had seating for ten. Off of the dining room was the large beautiful kitchen that held every modern cooking appliance as well as a large butcher-block table with four bench seats around it.

Jim and Ali were both startled by the Margaret the maid when they entered the living room. Margie as she was known, was cleaning up plates and utensils from the dining room table.

“Oh my goodness!” Ali exclaimed her hand gong to her chest. “I didn’t hear you knock Margie.”

“Oh, I’m sorry Ali.” The young Hispanic girl said, embarrassed that she had startled her charge. “I’ll come back later.”

“No, no.” Alyssa said quickly. “Please stay, I don’t want you to have to come back later. I was just going to have breakfast. We’ll be in the kitchen out of your way.”

“I’ll take care of the kitchen Margie.” Jim added.

Margie smiled. “That’s fine with me, as long as it’s okay with you.”

“Its fine, thanks Margie.” Alyssa said heading through the dining room past Margie.

“Had a little party last night Ali?” Margie asked as she stacked plate after dirty plate.

“Nope.” Alyssa replied with a smile as she sat at the large kitchen table. “It was just me.”

Margie looked at all of the dirty plates and was amazed at how much that girl could eat. Margie herself was 110 pounds and barely 5’3” tall. She came to the hotel three years ago at Andre’s invitation. She hadn’t gained a pound since she arrived, but on her off hours she liked to make sure that many a man (and a woman or two) had gained as much as she could feed them.

“Man, imagine if she would let me feed her what she could do.” Margie thought silently to herself.

Margie waited patiently for Jim to set out the enormous breakfast he had prepared for Alyssa. Plates of egg omelet’s, platters of pancakes and baskets of toast quickly covered the table followed by piles of bacon and sausage.

He poured Alyssa a large cup of coffee and Margie stared in wonder as he stirred eight heaping sugars into it and a huge dollop of heavy cream. A glass of orange juice was the only thing that looked remotely healthy on the table. Not that it mattered; Alyssa would never get heart disease or even high blood pressure, ever.

When the table was set and Jim sat across from his cooking muse sipping a small cup of coffee himself, Margie quickly and quietly brought in the dishes and loaded them into the dishwasher before disappearing down the hallway to make up the bed and clean the bathrooms.


The sun was still low in the fall, Louisiana sky. Mist arose from the tress and fields on either side of the road and the light breeze blew it across the pavement. The fog drifted up a hill and the road followed it until it disappeared into the gray. A gecko on the gate outside the Hotel New Orleans cocked his head when it heard a strange noise coming down the hill.

The sounds grew louder as the source of the noise approached. Not feeling any reason to be alarmed the gecko sat perfectly still with its head to one side listening to the strange noise.

Five shadows slowly formed in the mist up the street. They were moving fast and a few moments later they were revealed as five skateboarders. The alien sound was their wheels spinning on the blacktop. The leader kicked up and dragged the back of his board, slowing down and steering himself to the rusty gate the gecko sat upon. He darted when the young man skidded to a stop inches from where he perched.

Two other young men and two made identical maneuvers to stand beside and behind the lead skater. All five of them were dressed in black.

“Whoa,” the leader whispered. “Check it out.”

“I told, Chandler,” The girl beside him beamed.

“Lori how’d you know about this place?” Chandler asked; his eyes glued to the gothic, dilapidated entryway.

“My great-gran used to live somewhere in those woods across the street.” Lori explained turning to point across the road at the fog-enshrouded woods. “Their house burned down when my grandmother was young though.”

“This place was there then?”

“Oh yeah, but my grandma told me it was abandoned even when she was a kid.”

“Whoa.” Chandler whispered. He wrapped both of his hands around the bars of the gate and pushed. The gate didn’t budge; the rust on its hinges was too thick.

“Charlie, give me a hand.” Chandler said to the largest boy behind him. Charlie set down his board and stood beside Chandler. The two of them pushed on the gate together and they felt it move a bit. They stepped back and got better traction before attacking the gate with all of their strength.

The two girls and Herman, the third young, man all covered their ears as the gate began to move. The rusted metal didn’t just squeak, it unleashed a bloodcurdling scream like someone was being murdered as the gate swung slowly open enough for them to squeeze through.

Chandler led the way as the group gathered their skateboards and slowly walked up the drive to the front stairs.

“Creepy.” Charlie whispered to himself as they got to the bottom of the stairs.

“Well yeah.” Doreen replied with her eyes glued to the front doors expecting them to fly open and some demonic ghost to come soaring out at them.

“Keep walking.” Chandler whispered at them.

“Its so beautiful.” Lori mused.

Everyone stopped and turned to look at her. All of their faces had the same expression as though Lori was insane. They turned again and walked up to the doors. Once again Chandler was the brave one who opened them and stepped inside.

Cobwebs hung from the corners. Wallpaper was peeling from the walls and a thick black mold grew along the floor and halfway up the walls. Other than the front desk, the lobby was empty.

“Let’s split up and look around.” Chandler suggested.

“Forget that, I’m not walking around her alone.” Doreen sneered.

“Okay, you and Lori stay with me.” Chandler offered. “Charlie and Herman, you guys check out upstairs.”

“Cool.” Herman croaked trying his best not to show he was terrified in front of his friends.

“You guys check out the second floor.” Lori stated. “I’m going up to the fourth floor to check out the view.”

“A-alone?” Charlie asked.

“Don’t be such a chicken.” Lori said with a grimace. “There’s no such things a ghosts, and if there were squatters here we would have seen garbage lying around. No one has been here at least since Katrina.”

She turned and headed up the stairs without looking back at her friends.

Chandler and Doreen headed off into the bar; Charlie and Herman slowly followed Lori up the stairs. They stopped on the second floor; she went to a second stairway that led up to the third floor and finally a third stairway that placed her high up on the fourth floor.

The doors were all open and dim sunlight crept in now that the sun was rising higher in the morning sky.

They had planned this excursion since Saturday night in Chandler’s basement apartment when the conversation had turned to haunted houses. Chandler was the only one of them who lived off campus at the college and the five of them, along with Karen Brossard, were polishing off a large bottle of Captain Morgan’s rum with a couple of bottles of Pepsi.

Lori had suddenly remembered the story of the hotel her grandmother had told her about. She had driven by it with her mother on their way to New Orleans a month ago and even her mother mentioned Granny’s stories and pointed to the field where the old house used to be.

The others were mesmerized and it was agreed that they would all cut their morning classes on Monday. All of them were either freshmen or sophomores at the college except for Chandler who was apparently on the five year or six year study plan rather than the normal four year. Herman was the only one who owned a car, but it was a dilapidated 1988 Honda CRX he inherited from his father that only had two seats. They decided to take a bus as close to the hotel as they could and they would skate the rest of the way.

That morning everyone but Karen showed up at Chandler’s house. Karen was trying to make the Dean’s list and bowed out at the last minute. They decided they’d have more fun without her anyway.

Lori moved quietly along the wall, gently running her hand over the ornate wainscoting that came about halfway up. The carpet had long since rotted and bare wood floors showed through the dust and dirt. She was almost to the end of the hallway when an apartment caught her eye for some reason. She crept slowly inside and carefully surveyed the empty living room. A fireplace stood against one wall, there was a step up into what she assumed was a dining area. Wires hung from the ceiling about where a chandelier would hang.

Lori walked slowly across the room and up the step; she looked to her right and saw what was left of a kitchen. To her left was a hallway and she followed it. A bathroom with a dirty stained tub and a toilet covered in black mold were all that was in there. The next room appeared to have been a library of some sort. Moldy books were strewn about and broken shelving hung from the walls.

She continued down to what she assumed would be the master bedroom and she almost screamed. In the center of the bare room was an old Victorian chair of faded red velvet, man in a spotless white suit and a ponytail sat calmly with his hands folded in his lap.

“Hello Lori.” Andre said softly. “My name is Andre. Don’t be afraid, I’m not going to hurt you.”

Lori was frozen, her eyes wide and her mouth agape. She stood perfectly still.

Andre waited for a moment before adding. “I’ve been expecting you.”

“Ex-expecting me?” She croaked, her voice barely a whisper.

“Yes.” He said with a gentle smile.

“How do you know my name?”

“I know everything about you. He replied.


“That is of no importance right now.” He said in his gentle Spanish accent. “What is important is that you are hanging around with a bad crowd.”


“Particularly Chandler.” Andre agreed. “He’s a bad seed. He doesn’t have your best interests at heart, Lori.”

“No, he’s never tried anything…”

“He will hurt you Lori.”

“I wouldn’t…”

“You are at a vulnerable time in your life. You think you are too chubby to find a boyfriend.” Andre said quietly. “He is the type of person who would exploit that.”

Lori’s hand went to her soft belly. Her clothes were too large for her by design. She wore everything loose and baggy to hide her figure. She had recently gained ten pounds without even noticing it until her underwear began to get tight. She weighed 147 pounds and she was indeed afraid she was getting too fat to find a boyfriend.

“How do you ... know?”

Andre held up his hand for her to be quiet. “I told you that already, I just know. I also know that you are meant to be a guest here at the hotel.”

“This place is abandoned.” Lori argued.

“Or so it would seem.” Andre agreed. “Look out the window,”

Lori turned slowly, her eyes not leaving Andre until she felt the wall at her back; she then turned quickly and looked down. Again she was speechless as she saw a beautiful pool surrounded by green gardens. People sat around the patio and swam in the crystal clear water.

She turned quickly back to see Andre still sitting in the throne-like chair, a slight smile on his face. Lori turned back to the window and saw only a dirty green swamp where the crystal clean water had just been. Weeds had long ago overgrown the deserted patio and the garden was an unkempt jungle.

“What?” She began.

“You did not hallucinate that Lori.” Andre slowly stood up and walked to the window. He looked down at the overgrown, dirty grounds below. “I gave you a glimpse of what awaits you.”

“Why me?”

He turned to face her.

“The hotel wants you to be happy.” He whispered. “You’ll never again worry about being alone, or care about how much you weigh.”

“Show me again.” Lori asked.

“No, it’s not your time just yet. You finish college and come back.” He said softly. “But first you must stop hanging around with these punks… Karen is a nice girl.”

“How do you…” Lori stopped herself. “What do I do now, just run?”

“You’re all about to run. Trust me, you will not be harmed. Come back in two years when you have your degree.” Andre extended his hand to the door in a manner that told Lori she should leave.

“Good bye Andre.”

By the time she reached the stairs she heard screams coming from down stairs. Lori ran the rest of the way and watched in shock as the other four ran about the lobby swatting at a swarm of very large bees. Chandler led the way out the door and across the drive to the gate. They jumped on their boards and headed back the way they had come.

Upstairs Andre watched them run away with a wide grin. He chuckled and turned away from the window.


Alyssa sat back away from the kitchen table and belched loudly. Margie had finished cleaning and had left while she devoured plate after plate of Jim’s amazing breakfast. Finally there was nothing but a pile of dirty dishes on the table and Jim grinning at her over the top of them.

She belched again and moaned. “I’m so full, that was delicious.” She managed to gasp between hiccups and another belch. “I need a shower.” She added after a moment.

“Go ahead, take a shower.” Jim whispered. “I’ll clean this up.”

Alyssa tried to turn to get up and started laughing. “I think I need a little help.”

Jim got up and slid the table away from her and then walked around it and took her hands. He gently pulled as she shifted and slowly Ali got to her feet. She had undone the belt on her robe and it fell open exposing her tight, full tummy to him.

“Actually.” She whispered slipping her arms around his neck. Her soft breasts pressed against his chest, his firm abs sunk into her fat belly. “I was hoping you’d wash my back.”

(Continued in post 28 of this thread)

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Oct 22, 2005
Part Six

The full moon shone brightly in the clear sky. The haze clung to the fences as it always did. It was cool tonight and the misty fog had drifted across the hotel grounds, rising out of the heated pool creating an ethereal playground for vampires and ghosts.

Deep in the gardens a lone figure walked quietly through the fog. Alyssa stopped to look at the statue of the angel where she had made love to Thomas seven months earlier. The bench still sat where it had been then and she sat down to enjoy the peaceful quiet.

It was late; Alyssa was the only one awake besides Hank at the front desk and the kitchen and cleaning crews. She chuckled at the circumstances that led her to this middle of the night venture.

Turkey sounded like a good idea for dinner. She was with Dayan and Kerry in the dining room and they decided to have several red wines after they ate. The three pies they shared after that left them all extremely full and sleepy. The sun was still up when Alyssa decided to go up to her room to grab a quick catnap before the three of them were going to go dancing on the patio bar to the hotel band.

She had lied down on her big comfy couch and completely zonked out. She should have known better than to mix red wine with turkey, both of those things made her sleepy. It was dark when she woke up and everyone had gone to bed. Alyssa, however, was wide-awake. She sat in the overstuffed leather chair in her private little library and read for a while before deciding to get some fresh air.

The air was cool, but it felt refreshing so Ali decided against the bathrobe and set out on her moonlit walk dressed in a flowing white nightgown. Now she sat on the bench and breathed a sigh of happiness and contentment.
She lifted her legs so she could see her feet and she could tell in the moonlight that she needed to do her toes again in the morning. Her legs were together and her large belly rested on her thighs. Her huge breasts rested on her belly so everything was pushed up. She looked down at her neckline and smiled at the mile of tight cleavage that was exposed in the v-cut of her nightgown.

She lowered her feet and spread her thighs. Her belly immediately dropped into the gap between her legs and her breasts separated and settled where they usually hung proudly. Her cleavage still went on forever. Alyssa slipped her hand under her belly with a puzzled look and realized that it was now so big it not only rested on the bench, but it hung over the edge more than a little bit.

Alyssa was now 17 pounds away from weighing 400 pounds and the thought of that amazed her. She assumed she was 20 years old by now at least by some measure of time, maybe not in the hotel, she just wasn’t sure. Either way birthdays were not celebrated at the hotel New Orleans but weight milestones were. She had surpassed 200 pounds before she even thought to get a scale. There had been a small gathering when she hit 300 pounds. Alyssa wanted a huge party for 400 and a bigger one every time she added 100 pounds.

She sighed again and ran her hands over her soft doughy belly. She had chosen wisely. She never had to work, she never had to do anything. All she had to do was relax and satisfy her appetites for sex and food, and not necessarily in that order. Her nipples were poking through the thin fabric of her nightgown and Alyssa didn’t think it was from the chilly air either.

Perhaps Roland was working? She thought to herself as she struggled briefly to get to her feet. Maybe Jim was in the kitchen or perhaps Thomas was having trouble sleeping? Alyssa realized she was horny and decided to walk back to find some companionship.

She got to the pool and found herself ankle deep in the warm water before she realized it. She looked back at the hotel and it was still dark for the most part. With a wicked grin she suddenly pulled her nightgown over her head and tossed it onto a lounge chair. She took several steps into the water. The football field sized pool sloped down to a depth of ten feet and after five steps she was in enough to suddenly lunge forward in a dive and she disappeared beneath the waves.

The warm water enveloped her body and fed her soul. She couldn’t help giggling a little bit as she surfaced.

Alyssa slowly swam to the opposite side of the pool. She dove deep under the water, touching the bottom with her chubby fingers before slowly gliding back up to the surface.

Unlike many women her size outside of the hotel, Ali had no ailments such as bad knees due to her weight or back pain despite the size of her breasts. At 5’3” and 383 pounds, however, she wasn’t as graceful on land as she would like. In the water though, she flew like a bird.

Her fat body rippled with every strong stroke of her arms and her thighs shook with every powerful kick. The moonlight made her blonde hair appear white and her tanned skin look blue. She kicked hard off the wall and did the backstroke halfway across the pool. She then rolled and did a slow breaststroke the rest of the way until her feet touched bottom again.

Ali slowly walked up the gentle slope. Her breasts creating a wave before her, her bulk leaving a wake that swirled behind her, shimmering in the moonlight. Step by step her naked body emerged from the water. Her large belly pushed larger ripples before her and her ass left a wider wake behind her.

Her eyes were focused on the water being moved by her large body as she absently reached up and gathered her long blonde hair in her hands and squeezed the water out of it.

Her eyes closed, she shook her head wildly to separate and air out her tresses. When she finally opened her eyes and focused on where she going, the water was only up to ankles again and her unfettered rolls of fat shook with every step. She headed to where she had left her nightgown. It was gone!

“You are so sexy it should be illegal.” Came a voice from the shadows near the tall bushes.

Alyssa quickly covered her breasts by cupping one in her left hand and hiding the other with her arm. Her right hand dropped to cover her naked crotch.

Kerri emerged into the moonlight holding Ali’s nightgown. She herself was dressed in a small blue teddy that barely contained her breasts and had long ago given up on covering her amazing, round belly.

“Don’t bother trying to cover your pussy, baby.” She purred. “That big belly of yours is doing that job.”

“Kerri! You gave me a fright.” Ali said relaxing and lowering her hands. Her breasts swayed free.

Kerri glanced down at her own belly and laughed. “No offence, by the way. Believe it or not, I am wearing panties.” Alyssa was reminded of the first time she had met Kerri that day with Thomas when they shared the creamy fettuccini on the patio. The only way Alyssa knew Kerri was wearing panties then was because she seen a strip of fabric barely covering her ass from behind. Ali figured Kerri had gained 40 or 50 pounds since that day.
Kerri handed Ali her nightgown and sized her up the same way Alyssa was. She figured Ali had gained almost 150 pounds since then. By the way she had seen Alyssa eat, she figured that was well within the realm of possibility.

“Don’t put that on because I’m here.” Kerri whispered.
Alyssa turned and held the fabric in her hands. She knew Kerri was obviously coming on to her. She’d done it several times before. Each time

Ali had sidestepped her advances. This time Ali decided to give it some thought. She sat down on a lounge chair naked and let the nightgown lie across her breasts barely concealing them and partially covering her belly and legs.

Kerri looked at her and slowly slid a lounge chair closer to the one Ali sat on before slowly settling her fat behind down on it.

“Trouble sleeping? We missed you at the dance.” Kerri said.
“I passed out on the couch.” Ali answered. “The red wine and the turkey I guess.”

“Ah yes, red wine and triptiphan.” Kerri said nodding her head slowly.
“Anyway, I woke up a few minutes ago and went out on my veranda for a cigarette when I saw you stripping down and going for a swim.”

“Yeah, the water is wonderful.” Alyssa said quietly. She was breathing a bit heavy and she realized she was trembling a bit.

“Mmm, not just the water…oh baby you’re freezing.” Kerri whispered and rubbed her warm hand on Ali’s chilly wet thigh. “Maybe we should get you inside where you can warm up?”

Alyssa nodded and stood. “Would you like a cup of tea?” She asked Kerri.
“That sounds delightful.” Kerry replied. Ali tugged her nightgown on over her still wet flesh and the two ladies scurried quickly inside to the elevator and up to the fourth floor.

Once inside her apartment, Ali pulled the wet nightgown off over her head and walked across the living room and down the hall naked. Kerri’s eyes followed her naked ass hungrily. Ali returned in her robe and filled the teapot with water as Kerri sat on the couch. She turned the flame on high and went in to sit with her. The fact that the two of them had never been alone together was not lost on either of them. It seemed that Thomas, or Dayan, or even Jim was always there to prevent what Kerri knew she wanted and what Ali suspected she might want as well.

“Feel better now?” Kerri asked as she adjusted her large behind so that she could face Alyssa on the couch.

“Much better thank you.” Alyssa replied tugging her cozy soft robe tighter around her bosom for warmth and then letting go of the material. When she let go the robe hung a little looser. Kerri’s eyes drifted to the opening and clearly saw Ali’s breast under the fabric. She smiled and chose to ignore it for now. Ali plays this game well Kerri thought to her self.

“Ooh I think the sun is coming up.” Kerri said looking past Alyssa and out the French doors.

“Would you rather have tea outside so we could watch?” Alyssa asked turning to look. “Hey, it’s still pitch black outside, what do you me…” She said turning back to where Kerri had leaned forward and suddenly pressed her lips against Ali’s. “Hmmm? Mmmm…”

Kerri placed her hand on Ali’s cheek and slid herself closer. Ali turned a bit and the ladies were facing each other on the couch, their thighs touching and their breasts pressed against each other.

Alyssa had never kissed a girl before; Kerri had a bit more experience in that area. Alyssa was receptive, but unsure of herself. Kerri was dominant, but very gentle.

Alyssa’s hand timidly went to Keri’s shoulder and she gently stroked it as their tongues played. Kerri stroked Ali’s damp hair and her other hand caressed her soft chubby cheek.

They kissed slowly and quietly. Ali was afraid to make too serious a move, and Kerri was afraid of scaring Ali off. Their kiss was interrupted after a few minutes by the whistling of the tea kettle. Their lips separated and they each sat back.
Alyssa was bright red and avoided Kerri’s intense gaze. “That was sneaky, Kerr.” She said with a giggle and scurried off to pour their tea. Kerri watched her go and smiled, nibbling on her lower lip while she planned he next move.

Alyssa got into the kitchen and turned off the gas. Her hand went to her hair and she stifled a nervous giggle. “What am I doing?” She whispered quietly to herself.

“Hopefully you’re going to forget about that tea and lead me to your bed.” Kerri whispered from right behind her.

Alyssa screamed and jumped. “You’re over 500 pounds, how the fuck are you so fast and so damned quiet?” She hissed.

Kerri slid her arms under Alyssa’s robe and around her warm, soft body.

“I’m a hunter, Ali.” She whispered and kissed her harder than she had earlier.

They kissed passionately as they moved through the dining room, knocking over two chairs along the way. They continued down the hallway. Kerri undid Ali’s robe and she let it fall from her shoulders in the hallway.

Alyssa fell to her bed naked and Kerri slipped on top of her. Alyssa found a zipper on Kerri’s nightie and it fell away exposing her breasts. Ali gently pressed her hands against them, pulling Kerri down so that she could suck on her hard nipples. Kerri’s hands flew to Ali’s huge boobs and felt her up while enjoying he less experienced girls tongue on her.

After a few minutes, Kerri could no longer wait and she slid down between Ali’s legs and spread her soft, smooth thighs. Pushing Ali’s belly back, she smiled at the sight of her hairless pussy. “Oooh, you’ve been waxing. Very sexy.” She whispered as she plunged her face in between Ali’s thighs.

Alyssa’s mind raced as she felt Kerri’s tongue exploring her pussy. Kerri’s soft hands massaged her heavy thighs. Oh my God. Oh my God. Alyssa thought.

I have a woman eating my pussy! She calmed herself down after a few moments when she realized Kerri was doing things to her no man could ever imagine a woman enjoying. Her hands went to Kerri’s hair and she stroked it as Kerri slowly tortured her with sensations she had never felt.

There was no trace of razor stubble on Kerri’s cheeks and chin; the smooth softness was like silk against her thighs and pussy. Kerri’s lips were full and gentle as she kissed inside of her thighs and the sensitive flesh surrounding her vagina.

Alyssa was always a moaner during sex. Five minutes after Kerri’s face sunk beneath her belly and her lips touched her pussy, Alyssa was clenching her teeth trying not to scream so loud the neighbors would hear.

The sun was coming and the two ladies sat quite naked on Ali’s balcony sipping their tea. Kerri smiled quietly to herself as she watched Ali stare out at the lightening skies with a dreamy, goofy grin on her face.

“You are a wonderful lover.” Kerri whispered softly.

Ali blushed and looked down into her mug. “No one has ever made my pussy feel that good. Ever.” Ali replied.

“Girls know what girls like.” Kerri said sipping her tea. “You know what the best part is?”

Ali had a mouthful of tea and she just shook her no.

“We don’t have to wait for anyone to get a hard-on before we do it again.”
Ali set down her mug. “No. No we don’t do we?” She responded sliding her chair back and standing up. Kerri held out her hand and Ali helped her up. They slipped their arms around each other and went back inside toward Ali’s bedroom.

To be continued…


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Sep 2, 2007
Darn need more! it is so good even though you write well make decent size posts it always seems to short! LOL!


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Sep 29, 2005
This is a very fun read! I'm glad I checked this morning, and I look forward to future chapters!!!!

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Oct 22, 2005
Lori- Part One

Rain fell heavily on the dilapidated, abandoned cars parked along the side of the drive. Andre stood with an umbrella under the covered entryway to the Hotel. He smoothed his hair and straightened his tie as he saw a set of headlights coming down the road. They turned into the drive and slowly approached where he stood waiting.
The taxi stopped before him and he looked in the passenger side window and winked at the grizzled old woman who drove the cab. He then opened the rear door and was once again face to face with young Lori the skateboarder.

“Hello Lori, welcome home.” He said warmly, extending his hand.

A tiny white hand embraced his and Andre helped her from the taxi. Lori Kane stepped out of car and smiled at him. While the time since she had last stood at the base of the stairs going up to the front door was two short months for Andre, two years had passed for Lori.

Lori was tall, at 5’10”; she was almost eye-level with Andre. She had lost thirty pounds since her last visit to the hotel. She had the statuesque build of a model, her legs were long, her breasts were small, and her belly was flat. While she had lost a lot of weight since Andre last saw her, Lori hadn’t lost her penchant to for black. She was dressed in a flowing black skirt and a tight black top. Heavy black combat boots completed her outfit. Her hair was also black and was done up in two ponytails on either side of her head. Her light blue eyes were lined in think black and a crimson red lipstick represented the only other color visible on her body.

“Hello Andre.” She said in a low, husky voice.

Andre smiled as he took her hand in his arm and let her up the stairs and into the hotel.

Lori wasn’t prepared for what awaited her inside. What she had last perceived as an abandoned, rotting building was now revealed as the opulent and beautiful hotel she had imagined while walking through the halls that day.

Her mouth dropped a bit as she stood in the doorway and surveyed the brightly painted interior with its beautiful dark wood trim and gleaming lighting.

“I-it’s so beautiful.” She whispered.

Andre just smiled and led her over to the front desk. There an absolute mountain of a man sat on a large, sturdy bench. Hank could no longer just stand and lean on the desk for support anymore, he was just too large and he tired quickly. His wide hands rested on the top of the desk, the guest book sat closed between them, a quill pen rested on top.

“This dark beauty must be…Miss Lori Kane.” He said placing his glasses on his nose.

“This is Hank.” Andre said gesturing toward the large man with the wide smiling face. “After I’ve shown you around he will get you signed in.”

“Hello Hank.” Lori said extending her hand to him. Hank’s hand swallowed hers up and her gently shook it. His hand was warm and hard. Lori imagined that was what it would feel like o shake hands with a grizzly bear.

“Welcome Lori.” Hank said softly.

Andre nodded to Hank and gently guided Lori across the lobby to the bar. “Would you care for a cocktail?” He asked her.

“A cosmopolitan, please?” Lori requested. Andre left her standing alone for a moment and walked to the bar.

“I take it I’m no longer the new girl?” A voice said from behind Lori.

She turned and saw a stunning blonde girl about her age sitting at a table alone sipping a marguerita.

“Excuse me?” Lori asked.

“You’re the first new face I’ve seen since I arrived, I am assuming you’re new to the hotel?” Alyssa asked the thin brunette.

“I just arrived a few minutes ago.” Lori replied with a shy smile.

“My name is Alyssa, I’ve been here for…I honestly don’t know how long I’ve been here.” She said with a grin. “Just about 250 pounds give or take a few.” She added with a laugh.

Lori’s eyes lit up. “You’ve gained 250 pounds since you checked in?” She asked amazed.

“Almost.” Alyssa replied sliding the chair next to her out with her foot. “I weighed 153 when I arrived, and I’m having a little celebration tonight to celebrate reaching 400 pounds.”

“Wow, celebrating?” Lori whispered sitting beside the large blonde who was more than three times her weight. “That’s soo sexy.” The added. Alyssa smiled and sipped her drink.

Andre slipped behind Lori’s chair and set her drink before her as well as a refill for Alyssa. “Ladies.” He said. “Hello Alyssa.”

“Good evening, Andre.” Alyssa replied. “And thank you for the drink.”

“I see you have met Lori.” He smiled.

“Yes, I was just about to invite her to come to the party out on the patio this evening.”

“Excellent. Lori, you are in good hands, I must go attend to a few things.” Andre turned to leave. “Ali, will you take Lori to sign in and show her to her room before the party?”

“I’d be happy to, Andre.”

At that Andre turned and left the two ladies to get acquainted. The two girls chatted for awhile, they each had another drink before Alyssa suggested they check on Lori’s room.

She struggled for a moment to get out of the chair, Lori extended her hand and pulled her obese new friend onto her feet.

“Thank you, that’s getting harder and harder.” Alyssa said with a happy grin.

“I think it’s sexy.” Lori replied and immediately blushed at how brazen she was. “I’m sorry, must be the booze. I’m not usually so forward.”

“Honey, that’s nothing, just wait.” Alyssa laughed as they walked toward the lobby.

Hank opened the guest book and turned it so that it faced Lori. Alyssa couldn’t help but peek over her shoulder as Lori took the quill and neatly signed her name. The ink appeared black to her but she saw Lori do a double take and understood she had seen her name briefly in blood as Alyssa had.

Alyssa noticed her own signature was still blood red as it had turned the day she agreed to stay at the hotel. All other names appeared black and Alyssa deduced that you only saw your own name as it truly was. Signed in blood.

“And here’s your key.” Hank said with a smile as he handed Alyssa’s old key to Lori.

“Room 324?” Alyssa asked. “That was my old room.”

“Cool, is it nice?” Lori asked.

“Oh it’s wonderful.” Alyssa replied remembering how much she’d grown there.

Three hours later the party was in full swing out on the patio. Alyssa was walking about mingling with her guests and introducing her new best friend Lori to everyone. They stood beside a table near the roast beef carving station. There sat Dayan, Kerri and Charlotte. All three were telling stories about Alyssa and her unbelievable appetite.

“I weighed about what Ali weighs now when she arrived, actually I was a little under 400 pounds.” Charlotte was explaining to Lori. “You were what, about 150 when you got here?” She asked Alyssa.

Alyssa blushed a bit and nodded.

“I’ve gained about half as much as she did in the same amount of time.” Charlotte added slapping her fat belly that hung out from beneath her blouse. “I’ve still got 120 something pounds on you fatty.” She said with a grin.

“That girl is a machine.” Dayan added. “I could never keep up with her at the dinner table. Hell, I can’t even keep up with you, Charlotte.”

“You’re a machine all right.” Kerri quietly whispered so that only Alyssa could hear. Alyssa shot her a look that made Kerri be quiet, but she laughed afterwards.

“How much do you weigh, Kerri? I-if you don’t mind me asking.” Lori asked.

“I’m the biggest gal at this table.” Kerri replied with a smile. “No, I don’t mind you asking and I don’t mind telling you I am pushing this chair to its limits at 556 pounds.”

“They had to bring out a bench for Michelle.” Dayan mentioned nodding her head toward the brunette waddling slowly into the water with two muscular young men holding her hands.

“Oh you’re fine.” Charlotte replied. “She’s got almost 200 pounds on you.”

“She’s been gaining pretty fast too.” Alyssa commented remembering the first time she saw her from her balcony one day with Thomas. She was about 600 pounds then.

“Yeah, she seen you coming up behind her.” Dayan said with a mouthful of mashed potatoes and everyone at the table burst out laughing.
“It’s true, she told me that.” Dayan added wiping a tear from her eyes.

“The guys are all sexy too.” Lori commented watching the two men with Michelle swim about her now that they were in deeper water.

“And they all have really big…” Alyssa whispered in her ear. Holding her hands about ten inches apart.

“Yes they do.” Dayan cackled knowing what Alyssa had whispered just by looking at her hands.

“All of them?” Lori said with a big grin, covering her mouth with her hand and turning bright red.

“Every one I’ve been with.” Alyssa replied.

“Me too.” Kerri and Dayan added at the same time.

“And me.” Charlotte said making it unanimous.

“Awesome.” Lori whispered and everyone cracked up again.

“Girl, you’d best get eating.” Dayan said sternly. “The skinny guys are here because they dig the fatty girls. The fat guys dig little things like you as long as you’re feeding them. What you wanna be?”

“I want to be…” Lori admitted, biting her lip. ”Like you ladies.”

Thomas appeared from behind them and set a huge plate of mashed potatoes, gravy, meatballs, fried chicken and four hot dogs in front of Lori. He walked away winking at Alyssa without saying a word.

All the ladies stared at the plate and tiny little Lori and simultaneously said “Eat up!”

A month later Alyssa lay asleep in her large king-sized bed. The sun was up high and shone brightly into her room. The ceiling fan was on high and a tendril of her blonde hair resting on her nose was being blown slightly by the breeze. It tickled her and awakened her.

Ali slowly opened her eyes. Her mouth was dry. She had been sleeping on her back and probably had been snoring like a wood chipper. She looked to her left and saw that Roland was still fast asleep. The sheet that covered him looked like it was resting on a mountain.

Alyssa slipped out of bed as quietly and carefully as a 437-pound woman could and found her robe. She was naked and she had a feeling at least one guest was asleep in her living room. She padded out quietly to the kitchen. The couch was indeed pulled out into a king-sized bed as well and Lori was asleep under the blankets, her arm lying across her lover Jeff’s naked chest.

Alyssa got herself a glass of orange juice from her refrigerator and quietly put enough coffee on for her and her guests for when they woke up. She smiled at the thought of Lori and Jeff. He was a gardener at the hotel. Jeff was a young black man and he was well over six feet tall. His arms were bands of muscle and he had a smile that melted most of the ladies she knew.

Ali had never slept with him, but she thought someday she might like to. She set her glass in the sink just as she heard the coffee machine begin to start warming up. She tip-toed back through the dining room and saw that Lori was waking up.

Alyssa pressed her finger against her lips for Lori to be quiet. Lori looked confused for a second and Ali then quickly pushed her left cheek out with her tongue and slid her right hand back and forth before her face in the international gesture for a blow-job.

Lori smiled and settled back on her pillow. Ali wanted to go get laid again while the coffee was brewing. Her eyes opened again in a moment as she realized that wasn’t a bad idea.

Alyssa slid back into bed beside the huge form that was Roland. He was on his back and he was snoring like Ali imagined she must have last night.

Gravity was spreading his enormous 520-pound belly over his torso allowing Alyssa to slide her hand under the blanket, up his tree-trunk sized thigh and beneath his gut to find his sizeable penis.

Before she came to the hotel, Alyssa had only been with one man, David Riggs. Since she arrived she had been with six men and one woman. Ali smiled at the thought that she would have though herself cheap and easy in her previous life.

Sex at the hotel was purely for pleasure. There ws no consideration of settling down and having children. She couldn’t if she wanted to and she definitely was having too much fun to think about wanting to do that.

She slipped her hand around Roland’s cock and gently squeezed it and released it over and over. Even flaccid, his penis was thicker than David’s and it was about the same length. As it started to become erect it began to expand in length and girth.

Roland stopped snoring and sighed contentedly as his cock quickly expanded to it’s full size and was creating a tent-pole under the sheets. Ali turned and found a bottle of moisturizer on her bed stand and squeezed a bit into her hand before returning it under the blanket and wrapping it around Roland’s huge cock.

Within seconds his breathing got heavier as her small hand slid up and down his slippery pole. He was awake now though he didn’t open his eyes. When he began to claw at the sheets, Alyssa stopped and removed the blanket from his waist.

She crawled up and over his giant thighs until her fat belly rested on his then she leaned forward and aimed his erection in between her thick thighs. She cooed softly as she lowered herself on him until her fleshy ass sat upon his thighs.

Roland’s hands slid up her soft belly to her big boobs and he massaged them gently, trapping her hard nipples between his huge fingers and carefully pinching them until she squealed gently.

Alyssa’s groin was pressed against his as she took all of his enormous cock inside her. She gently grinded her hips against his pelvic bone sending sensations up through her clitoris and throughout her body.

“Goodness Roland, that huge pole of yours fills me up.” She whispered.

“I love filling your pussy.” Roland replied. “I love filling your belly too.” He added.

That was how the party started the night before. Ali decided to stop in the bakery for a pie or three and she brought Lori with her. Roland was finishing up for the night and he happily brought out five pies he had in the fridge. Ali preferred them hot so he placed three in the oven to warm up while her and Lori dug into the first two.

Roland knew Alyssa very well and they had slept together several times since she decided to stay at the hotel. He had only met Lori once or twice but it was obvious the young woman was determined to fatten herself up as much as possible as quickly as possible.

Due to the fact they he ran the bakery, Roland was one of the few individuals in the hotel who had access to both clocks and calendars. He knew exactly how long Alyssa had been at the hotel and he had a good idea that Lori had arrived about 32 days ago.

Lori gained weight quickly in her ass and thighs as opposed to Alyssa who gained weight quickly in her breasts and belly (though her ass and thighs were huge by now as well). Lori sat on a counter in a pair of tight black spandex running shorts with a black Social Distortion t-shirt. Everything was tight on her, but her ass and thighs looked like they were going to burst through any minute. The fabric was almost threadbare at her widest points.

Lori was almost halfway through the blueberry pie he had set before her. “You’re filling out quickly, Lori.” He commented.

“I’m up…” She began with her mouth full of the tasty pastry when she paused to chew and swallow. “I’m up 22 pounds since I got here. I’ve never eaten so much in my life.”

“It suits you.” Roland said with a smile.

“I’m still not at my biggest. I’m weighed 147 pounds at my heaviest. I’m already back up to 138.”

“Why did you lose the weight in the first place?” Alyssa asked her with a mouthful of pie.

“Depression. Society. Depression about society.” Lori said with a sarcastic laugh. “I went goth to be different, but when my weight made me different I couldn’t handle it.”

“Ironic.” Roland mused.

“Tell me about it.” Lori said finishing up her pie. “More please!” She asked cheerfully as she presented her empty pie plate.

Roland laughed as he went to the oven and removed two more pies. Alyssa knew her way around by now and she went to the refrigerator for vanilla ice cream and whipped topping.

The two ladies sat beside each other and to Roland’s delight, they began to feed the pies to each other. Alyssa spooned a huge mouthful of pie and ice cream into Lori’s waiting mouth. While she chewed, Lori returned the favor.

Roland leaned on the counter opposite their seats and watched them closing their eyes and sensually chewing each mouthful. Three quarters of the way through her second pie, Roland could tell Lori was getting full but she soldiered on until it was gone.

He had gotten the last pie out of the oven as they finished and he dumped a huge amount of ice cream on top before spraying the entire thing with a can of whipped topping. Now it was his turn as he spoon fed Alyssa a huge mouthful. He looked at Lori, who was rubbing her distended belly and figured she was done. To his surprise, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth waiting for him to feed her as well.

Ten minutes later Alyssa was rubbing her full, fat belly as well. “I’m off, shall we go for some drinks?” Roland asked the two ladies. They both nodded and he cleaned up quickly before turning off the lights and following the two growing ladies to the bar.

Two hours later they had been joined by Jeff and they were getting a bit buzzed. Roland was a beer drinker and he introduced the ladies to Guinness. They enjoyed the taste, particularly after so many sweets and they were drinking them from pint glasses. Jeff was a rum drinker so he sipped rum and cokes.

Three hours after that they were all quite drunk. Jeff and Lori were out on the patio dancing to a slow song only they cold hear. He had his large strong hands on her soft blubbery behind and her head was against his chest.

“Looks like Lori has a new friend.” Roland commented quietly before covering his mouth and softly belching. Alyssa hit him weakly in the shoulder.

“Pig.” She sneered at him with her eyes half closed. She then sat up a little straighter and belched long and loud. They both collapsed on the table in a fit of laughter. “Seriously though, Roland I really want you to eat my pussy.”

“Check please!” Roland called to Katrina the bartender.

“Go home ya drunks.” She said as she washed glasses with her back to them.

They giggled as they waved through the windows for Lori and Jeff to join them upstairs.

Now as the sun poured through the windows on them Roland and Alyssa caressed each other as she straddled him. She had cum twice before they both tensed together and Roland released his orgasm deep inside her.

She collapsed on the bed on top of him, his penis sliding from her vagina as she rolled onto the bed to cuddle next to him. They held each other quietly for a few minutes before the smell of coffee tempted them to get up.

“Do you think they’re done?” Alyssa asked him as she pulled her robe back on and Roland slipped into his pants and a t-shirt.

“We’ll know in a minute I guess.” He replied with a shrug.

They quietly slipped down the hallway with Roland leading the way. He stopped at the end of the hallway and slowly peeked around the corner.

Jeff lied on his back with his arms behind his head. Lori was under the covers, but it was clear by the way her head was bobbing up and down under the blanket that she was in the middle of giving Jeff a blow job.

Roland turned to Ali and gave her the same hand signal she had given Lori earlier about the blow job and Ali couldn’t help bursting out laughing.

Jeff’s eyes flew open and went to sit up when Lori’s hand shot out from under the blanket slapping loudly onto his belly.

“Ohn oov.” Came Lori’s voice as she clearly had something in her mouth. Jeff understood what she said and he smiled sheepishly at Roland and Ali.

They turned and marched back to her room. “What did she say?” Roland whispered.

“Don’t move.” Ali said giggling. “My girl likes that dick.” She added with a smile.

Several minutes passed before they heard Lori call. “We’re done!” Down the hall.

“Well, I’m done.” Jeff added and everyone laughed.

To be continued…


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Mar 26, 2008
wat happened to margie besides that keep goin stories great

Blame Picasso

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Oct 22, 2005
I see you changed the character.
I intend to bounce between several characters to try and keep things interesting. Alyssa isn't done yet and I have plans for a few more characters. I'm just getting back to writing, I found all of the drama about the rules distracting. Hopefully I'll have a new chapter or two up soon.


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Oct 22, 2005
Lori- Part Two

Her heart was pounding inside her chest. Her breathing was fast and shallow. Lori was trying her best to calm down, but she was failing miserably. A blindfold covered her eyes and her hands were tied behind her back. She sat in a comfortable ‘papa-san’ dish chair and she was completely naked.

There was no sound except for soft classical music and the breathing of herself and whomever was teasing, tormenting, and tantalizing her. She flinched as she felt something touch her exposed belly. It was warm and thin. Lori struggled to tell if it was a finger, a hot dog…or a cock that was rubbing gently along the bulge of her wide belly roll.

Lori had become close to many of the other guests, but she still considered Alyssa her best friend. Quite a few of the other guests developed an interest in Lori due to her extremely overt desire to be fed. She loved it and wasn’t very picky about when she would allow herself to be gorged and stuffed by men or women alike.

She had gotten very sexual in the bar, out by the pool, and in countless other public areas since she had arrived. Lori would just blush when admonished afterwards by Andre or whoever had witnessed her losing control either during or after a public stuffing session.

“What are they going to do?” Lori would ask Alyssa sarcastically. “Throw me out?” That was not going to happen. Lori had been at the hotel for over three months now. Andre had given Lori the choice of staying or leaving several weeks ago. Alyssa had told Lori what he would say just as Thomas had informed her so long ago.

It was less dramatic than Alyssa’s experience had been because Lori was in her room when Andre and Thomas had come to move her stuff up to a permanent apartment on the same floor as Alyssa. In fact, they were now next-door neighbors.
Andre had seemed as certain as Lori was that she was going to stay.

Perhaps this was revenge for banging someone in the bar. Lori had wondered when she had awakened from a nap blindfolded and gagged. Lori liked to be fed and she liked to screw just as much. No one really minded much. If anything Lori figured, maybe some people were just jealous.

She played along as she had been led out of her apartment and into a wheelchair. Her captors had not spoken more than a grunt since she was taken. She knew there was more than one by the way she was handled.

Lori was taken to a strange room and guided from the wheel chair. Several sets of hands then gently stripped her naked and set her in the chair she now sat before tying her wrists and removing the gag.

Her nipples were thick and long. Kerri jokingly called Lori ‘Olive’ because when her nipples were erect it looked like she had two olives under her tight top. Lori’s nipples were now so hard they ached as she began to realize the mysterious object that had traced the flab of her gut was some sort of meat. She could feel a greasy trail on her soft flesh. A moment later she felt something press against her lips. She opened her mouth and a salty cylinder of meat was slid inside her. Lori quickly recognized the taste as kielbasa and she played along, running her tongue along the shaft and sucking the long, hot meat.

Lori heard a low groan from her mystery feeder as she gave the meat a faux blowjob, taking as much as she could into her mouth and eventually deep throating it.

“Eat.” Someone whispered in a gravely voice directly in her ear. Lori bit into the kielbasa and chewed it, swallowing it and taking another bite until it was gone.

The kielbasa was apparently just for erotic imagery, when it was gone Lori felt a pair of hands gently take her head from behind and rest it against the back of the chair. Those same hands gently stroked her hair. A moment later Lori felt something against her lips and she again opened her mouth.

Her tongue ran over something plastic Lori quickly deduced was a tube. If it was possible for her nipples to get harder, they would have and Lori purred into the tube as she felt her pussy become moist.

Lori began sucking on the tube without being told to and she was rewarded a moment later when a cool, creamy chocolate pudding filled her mouth. She swallowed and sucked again until her mouth was full before swallowing again. Lori purred happily as she suckled on the tube, shifting in her seat so that her thick thighs opened just a little more.

Her captors took the hint and a moment later Lori felt a pair of hands begin massaging her right thigh, and another pair massaging her left thigh. Her weight continued to accumulate on her hips and thighs, and after three and a half months, she was a 247-pound pear shaped goddess.

The gentle hands that had been caressing Lori’s hair slipped down and cupped her e-cup breasts, paying particular attention to her huge, hard nipples.

Lori felt her belly filling and pushing out as she sucked the tube for what felt like hours. The three sets of hands continued massaging her breasts and legs. The hands on her legs were drifting slowly up her thighs and Lori spread them as much as the curved dish chair would allow her.

Her feeders stopped massaging her and Lori felt hands slip under thick legs and around her back. Lori then felt them slowly and gently, lift her a little, sliding her forward on the chair and spreading her thighs exposing her shaven, wet pussy.

The third captor untied her hands. Her vagina was on the edge of the chair and Lori now lied down in the chair with her feet on the floor. Her hands were re-tied to the chair itself. The feeding tube never left her greedy lips.

Hands pressed against her bloated belly and massaged her stomach as another pair of hands slid under her thighs and opened them as far as they would go. Lori cried out and the tube flew from her mouth as she felt warm lips and a hot tongue slip in between the folds of her vagina.

She felt cool chocolate plop onto her breasts before the tube was placed back in her mouth. Lori then felt another warm mouth on her breasts, licking the chocolate from her skin before sliding a wet tongue over her hard nipple and sucking it into their mouth.

Lori now had a mouth on her huge breasts and one between her heavy thighs. A third set of hands massaged her full belly. Lori could tell by the roughness if the skin that the two mouths were male. The hands were soft and they felt tiny.

Four orgasms later Lori was sweating profusely and breathing heavily through her nose as she had continued sucking the sweet pudding into her gullet for close to an hour. She felt her hands being freed again and she was pulled onto her wobbly knees.

Lori was guided slowly over to what she knew immediately was a bed. The tube was still in her mouth and she had heard a squeaking noise that she assumed was a wheel on a cart that held her sweet, thick pudding that never seemed to end.

By the way her belly stood out before her and felt beneath her hands, Lori figured she’d sucked at least a gallon of it down. Now she lied on the bed and a moment later she felt a pair of knees between hers sliding her thighs open wide.

A moment later she felt the head of a large cock press against her sex before her wet pussy enveloped it and took it deep inside her.

Her hands were free and they slipped around the back of a slim, strong man. Lori didn’t know what the her other abductors were doing and at that moment she didn’t care as she threw her thick calves around her lovers waist and pulled him inside her with her strong legs.

Lori continued sucking on the tube and swallowing mouthful after mouthful of the sweet pudding. Her lover nuzzled her neck and kissed her beneath her hair. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held him tightly as she came yet again under him.

Two more orgasms crashed through her pelvis before she felt her lover tense and lean back thrusting his cock deep inside her and unleashing a torrent of semen that triggered another huge orgasm. Lori was left shaking and panting, the tube hanging limp beside her drooling chocolate onto her neck and chest.

Lori screamed and jumped when she felt another mouth on her overly sensitive privates. Blotches of color exploded behind her closed eyelids as she was almost overcome by the pleasure.

Her hands flew to the stranger eating out her pussy and she felt a tangle of long, soft hair. Her male lover had been replaced by a woman who was now expertly running her tongue oh so gently over Lori’s sensitive femininity.

A pair of strong hands gently took Lori’s hands and held them away from the woman between her thighs. The tube was also replaced into Lori’s mouth. She sucked hungrily as the woman’s mouth danced over her vagina.

By the time the woman’s tongue grew tired Lori had cum three more times and she felt like her bones were Jello. Lori lied still after the phantom woman disappeared from her pussy. She was about to reach for her blindfold when a hand gentle took her wrist and moved it back down to her side. Lori was then gently rolled over and set upon her hands and knees.

Two strong hands rested on her wide hips and Lori was guided back. She felt another large cock rub against her sex before she was drawn further back and it easily slid inside her. She moaned softly. The tube was nowhere to be found, Lori felt only the strong mans hands on her ass and the thrust of his cock deep inside her.

Lori was glad she didn’t have the tube anymore, she was tired and winded and breathed deeply through her nose and mouth. This was more sex and eating than even she was used to. Her belly and breasts swung heavily beneath her as she pushed back to meet his thrusts. Lori enjoyed the sensation of her big ass engulfing her lover as she pressed it against his pelvis.

She was rocked by an orgasm and before she could recover, a second exploded inside her. Sweat was dripping steadily from under the warm blindfold now. The man had increased his pace and Lori heard him slapping against the heavy fat of her thighs and behind. She could feel her soft, loose fat shaking and jiggling from the impact. These things turned her on more than anything. She reveled in how big and fat her legs and ass had become and the vision of that in her imagination triggered one last giant orgasm. She came the same time as her lover erupted between her thighs and the two of them collapsed in a panting heap on the bed.

Lori awoke some time later and she realized she still wore the blindfold. She reached up and pulled it from her eyes. She blinked and saw her abductors had ravished her in her own apartment. They had put a different blanket than her own on the bed so she didn’t recognize the feel of it. The papa-san chair was moved from her living room where she usually kept it to her bedroom. Most apartments had them so it did not set off any alarms when she was tied to one. Alyssa and her needed help getting out of them a lot of the time, but they were so comfortable they were worth it.

Her abductors were gone; she was alone in the apartment. Lori rolled onto her back and pondered who may have done that to her. She smiled. She was still naked and cum had crusted on her belly.

Lori winced as she rubbed her sore, overstuffed stomach. Carefully she slid over to the edge of the king-sized bed and padded quietly to her bathroom where she stepped on her scale.

“256?” She whispered. “Damn, I did eat a lot of that pudding.” Lori returned to her bedroom to see that whatever had held the pudding was gone. She smiled as she thought this was going to be a fun mystery to solve.

Alyssa sat on her bed in her apartment and placed an empty plate on a stack of empty plates on her nightstand. He sat back and rubbed her belly. It poured over her pajama bottoms and spilled out from under her top. It rested on the mattress between Alyssa’s spread open thighs and stretched almost to her knees. Her ass spread out over four and a half feet.

Her top was stretched tightly over her immense boobs. Crumbs and other bits of food were scattered atop her exposed belly and her top was stained by several different types of filling and icing. Ali belched loudly and selected another plate from the dessert cart that stood beside her bed. Alyssa licked her lips as she dug her spoon into the huge slice of cheesecake dripping with cherries.

Alyssa had plans tonight for dinner, but she had decided to spend this rainy day in bed eating whatever she wanted. She had called room service three hours ago and requested a dessert cart. The young man who brought it had just about cum in his trousers when rather than pick a dessert and have him take the cart back down, Alyssa just smiled sweetly and said to leave the whole cart. Next time she would have to ask the young man to stay and watch.

Ali heard a knock at her front door, but she didn’t bother moving. A few minutes later Margie the cleaning lady popped her head in the doorway to Ali’s bedroom.

“Hey Alyssa.”

“Hello Margie.” Alyssa replied with her mouth full of cheesecake. “I figured it was you.” She added after she had swallowed. “I never would have gotten my fat ass out of this bed before you let yourself in anyway.”

“That’s fine, Alyssa. I’m going to start in the living room.”

“Thank you, Margie.” Alyssa replied. “Seems like a late start today huh?”

“Oh.” Margie said quietly. “Yes, I uh. Had another room that really needed attention this morning.”

“That’s fine.” Alyssa said going back to her snack.

Margie started cleaning the living room. She pulled her cart in the hallway. Alyssa could hear a faint squeaking noise from one of the wheels from her bedroom. She shrugged and thought nothing more of it.

To be continued…


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Sep 2, 2007
Darn! I know that you are great at your stories and I know that this was a normal (as far as length) part but it was such and great read that it felt too short!


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Jun 30, 2007
Excellent in all ways! A story like this demands length and multiple viewpoints, thanks for doing such a great job.. Really looking forward to explicit scenes describing in detail sex with the super-obese Ali.

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Oct 22, 2005
ALYSSA- Part Seven

The creamy texture coated her tongue as she chewed and swirled it in her mouth. The sweetness of the cheesecake tempered by the slight tartness of the cherries made Ali’s eyes close and a smile to spread across her face.

“God, I love to eat.” She whispered to herself. A crumb of the graham cracker crust dropped from her cherry stained lips and fell on her bosom. The cake was gone in several big forkfuls and Ali placed the plate on the precarious stack of empty plates beside her on her nightstand.

“Hmm.” Ali thought aloud as she surveyed the remaining treats on her dessert cart. She counted five huge slices of chocolate cake with chocolate filling and chocolate icing. There were two slices of carrot cake with a creamy icing. Finally there were four plates of Roland’s sumptuous apple pie on the bottom shelf.

Since she was going to have to get up to reach the bottom shelf and she had to get up to go to the bathroom anyway, Ali decided to prepare the rest of her snacks properly so she could fully enjoy them.

Ali slid down on her big butt and scooted down to the foot of the bed. The bed shook violently and the heavy headboard banged against the wall due to her size but she finally made it to where she could slip her feet over the edge and stand up. She was a little winded from the exertion.

She saw her reflection in the huge mirror set on the wall adjacent to the bathroom. Her blonde hair was down and a few wisps of her mane hung in her face. She wiped cherry juice from her cheek with the back of her hand and she pulled her top out and shook the crumbs from it onto the rug.

“Are you okay, Ali?” Margie asked from just outside the bedroom door.

Alyssa jumped and burst out laughing at her reflection in the mirror. “I’m fine, Margie.” She answered when she stopped laughing. “Come on in.”

“I heard a lot of banging in here.” Margie said as she walked in the room. “And I knew there wasn’t anyone in here to be banging with.” She added with a chuckle.

“That was just fatass here hopping herself off the bed.” Alyssa admitted with a blush. “The cart was in my way so I couldn’t do my fat girl roll.”

Margie swallowed hard and composed herself as Ali walked into the bathroom. My God that girl’s a hotty. She thought to herself as she began straightening up.

“Do you want me to clean up in here?” Margie asked through the door.

“Would you vacuum and take the empty plates? I’ll try to be more careful not to make a mess.” Ali answered.

Margie looked at the empty plates stacked on Ali’s nightstand. Her eyes were wide as she counted twenty-one small dessert plates. “I’m-uh, I assume you’re going to finish up these last desserts?”

“Yes I am.” Ali said through the door.

Margie decided that it would be easier to leave the rest of Alyssa’s snacks laid out and take the whole cart loaded with the empty plates out. She smoothed out the bed covers and laid the plates out along the foot of the bed giving Ali plenty of room to set her fat ass down in the middle of them all.

Alyssa emerged from the bathroom as Margie was placing the last of the dirty plates on the cart. She had brushed her hair and tied it up with a hair-tie. Her pajama top still had a few stains on it, but she had brushed the crumbs and bits of food from her bosom and belly. Her belly still hung proudly out over her bottoms.

“Oh, Margie you’re the best!” She exclaimed seeing that Margie had laid all of the desserts out where she would be able to reach them easily from the middle of her giant bed. “It’s like you read my mind.”

“Oh you’re welcome Ali.” Margie replied as she began rolling the cart out the door.

Alyssa gently settled herself back on the bed and carefully slid her bulk into the middle where she was surrounded by the sweets. She struggled to lean forward for the furthest plate on the corner of the bed.

Margie had left the cart in the hall and had come back to vacuum when she saw Ali straining to lean forward on her immense belly. “Let me get that for you.” She said rushing to the bed and grabbing the plate.

“Thank you.” Ali said sweetly as she settled back on her rump and took the plate from the small woman. She looked about for her fork and saw it was on the nightstand on the opposite side of the bed. “I’m sorry Margie. Would you…?” She asked shyly pointing at the fork.

Margie chuckled and walked around the huge bed to retrieve the fork. “Geez, Ali.” She said rolling her eyes dramatically. “Do you want me to feed you for crying out loud?”

“If you want…” Ali replied in a whisper. Margie looked at her face and Ali was chewing on her bottom lip in a shy school girl way that made Margie’s stomach flutter.

“Oh you are a bad girl.” Margie laughed.

“I was in the bathroom and I just kind of got to thinking.” Ali said as Margie slid a couple of plates over and settled her smaller frame on the bed across from her. “I know you’re a feeder, yet you’ve never asked to feed me?”

“I guess I’m kind of shy too.” Margie said cutting a huge mouthful of chocolate cake with the fork and holding it to Ali’s lips. “I was waiting for you to ask.”

Ali closed her eyes and leaned back against the headboard while she chewed the cake. She was sitting with one leg under herself and it was beginning to go numb so she shifted and with Margie’s help, she resumed her position with her legs spread apart and her soft fat belly settling on the mattress.

Margie’s eyes went to her belly and she caught her breath. “You’re getting so…fat.” She whispered.

“Mmm hmm.” Was all Ali replied as Margie fed her another large forkful of cake. She placed her hands on her belly and massaged it. She loved the way she had grown and gotten soft.

Margie was silent as she continued shoveling the cake into Alyssa. When one plate was finished she went right to the next without interruption. Ali’s eyes had been closed since they started. The fact that Alyssa was rubbing her full tummy while she chewed was turning Margie on immensely, but she made no advances as she lifted another forkful to Ali’s mouth.

Ali purred gently as she allowed Margie to stuff her full of the sweet confections. It seemed to be going on forever. Ali waited with her eyes closed for some type of sexual advance from Margie yet none came. “Mmm, I’m getting so full.” She whispered. “You’re going to make me so fat Margie.”

Margie chuckled softly. “Oh, I’m too late for that sweets. You’ve gotten absolutely huge without any help from me.” Ali was expecting another forkful of chocolate cake but she had finished it all. Margie slid a gooey forkful of apple pie between her lips and Alyssa opened her eyes for a moment.

“Mmm that was unexpected…soo delicious.” She whispered, licking her lips and letting her heavy eyelids close again.

Margie was breathing heavily, her heart pounding and her pussy throbbing. Her hand shook slightly as she brought another mouthful to Ali’s lips. It was a huge mouthful even for Alyssa and a blob of the thick apple filling smeared against the side of her mouth. Ali’s tongue snaked out to lick the edge of her lips. In a flash Margie’s tongue was slipping into her mouth as she placed her hungry mouth over the apple filling covered cheek.

Alyssa’s hands went from her own belly to around the tiny woman’s back and she pulled Margie onto her huge belly. Margie’s hands flew over her body, massaging and squeezing her soft curves as if Margie didn’t know what to feel first.

That was an accurate assessment. Margie was so excited and obsessed with Alyssa’s bloated body she didn’t know where to begin. Their lips and tongues enmeshed as their hands caressed each other’s bodies.

“Don’t stop feeding me until everything’s gone.” Alyssa moaned around Margie’s lips. Margie frantically searched for the fork she had abandoned when she launched herself onto Alyssa’s bulk.

“Fuck the fork, feed me.” Alyssa hissed grabbing Margie’s hand and placing it directly into a plate of pie.

Margie used her hand and scooped up the messy treat, sliding her fingers into Al’s mouth. Ali hungrily licked and sucked Margie’s sticky fingers.

Margie slid off of Alyssa and Alyssa slid herself down so that she lied flat on her back. Margie then straddled the enormous woman and scooped up more of the sweet desserts in her hands, stuffing Ali’s mouth so quickly she could hardly swallow fast enough.

Handful after handful disappeared into Alyssa’s mouth. After a half an hour everything was gone. With Margie’s help, she had eaten in a half an hour what had taken her two hours to eat by herself.

Crumbs and sticky apple filling covered Alyssa’s face, and much of it was in her hair. Her neck was a sticky mess and her top was a gross sticky mess.
Margie sat atop the giantess, both of her hands sticky and covered in chocolate, apples and carrot cake.

Both ladies were out of breath, but Margie still lowered herself carefully down to kiss Ali passionately.

“Let’s clean you up.” Margie whispered in Ali’s ear. She slipped down off her and slid to the edge of the bed. Alyssa struggled to sit up. Margie took her hands and pulled her to a sitting position. Ali then slid her giant calves to the edge of the bed and Margie again pulled her onto her feet.

She led Alyssa into the large bathroom and stood her in the middle of the room. Margie began drawing a bath in the gigantic tub. Hot water poured in from three different spigots to fill the tub quickly. She poured half a bottle of lilac bubbles into the water before turning to Alyssa who stood motionless just watching the smaller woman scurry around the room.

Alyssa had developed a taste for being pampered and she saw that Margie was intent on doing just that for her. Margie had placed a washcloth in the sink and ran warm water over it. She now took it and cleaned Ali’s face with it. She laid it on the edge of the basin and grabbed Ali’s top by the hem and lifted it up exposing her beautiful full boobs.

“Ohh.” Escaped Margie’s lips as she saw Alyssa’s enormous breasts wobble and stand almost straight out when released from the tight, sticky fabric. Ali’s nipples were hard and as big as Margie’s thumbnails.

Margie lovingly ran the warm, wet cloth over and beneath each of Ali’s large breasts. They were so big Margie couldn’t fit one of them in both her hands together. Ali’s eyes were closed and a slight smile spread across her face as the tiny woman washed her giant tits.

When she was done with Ali’s boobs, Margie ran the washcloth over the expanse of Ali’s belly. Alyssa slipped the tight pants down over her butt and thighs until they dropped to her ankles. She stood naked before Margie, her belly hung down well past her shaven vagina.

Margie glanced over at the tub and saw that it had filled more than she wanted it to. “Oh no, that’s too much water.” Margie whispered to herself. She reached into the water to release the stopper when Ali pushed past her and slipped her legs into the warm, sudsy water.

“Alyssa, no!” She said as Ali sat down in the tub, her huge ass and belly displacing the water so that gallons poured over the side of the tub.

Margie was drenched and Ali just leaned over and smiled down at her. “That’s what the floor drain’s for darling.” She said and nodded to where the sudsy water was running quickly across the tiled floor. “Now come on in here and wash my back.”

Margie stood and smiled down at the larger woman sitting in the tub. She began to strip, enjoying that Alyssa was watching her get naked.

First she unbuttoned her dark blue uniform top and let it fall from her shoulders. Her breasts were tiny in her black lace bra. Her nipples were hard but came nowhere near the size of Ali’s. She unsnapped her bra and dropped it on the counter so that it wouldn’t get wet.

She wore a skirt with white lace on the edges and she placed that next to her bra and blouse. Her panties were white cotton and she wore panty hose over them. Both garments soon lay on the counter and within moments Margie was dipping her toes in the hot water. Ali slid up a bit in the large tub and Margie slipped in behind her.

Water still spilled over the edge every time Alyssa moved and Margie displaced a tiny bit as well when she sat down. Both women noticed that the amount of water that spilled over when Margie got in was much, much smaller than the amount Alyssa dumped out.

The water was still running into the tub and it came halfway up Ali’s back. The bottoms of her breasts were submerged in the hot water. The tops were hidden in the bubbles that tickled her nipples.

Margie took a washcloth and poured body body wash on to it. She began slowly rubbing over Alyssa’s enormous back. Ali purred, pulling up her hair and leaning her head down to expose the back of her neck.

The hot soapy cloth felt wonderful as Margie slid it up her back and neck up to her hairline. The water cascaded down her shoulders and over her breasts. Margie lovingly ran the cloth over and between every fold and bulge of Ali’s body.

She set aside the cloth and took a large container filled it with water and then poured it gently over Ali’s head, soaking her long blonde hair. Margie then poured shampoo in her hand and lathered up Ali’s hair. Her tiny fingers squeezed and combed Ali’s hair and massaged her scalp.

Margie again poured water over Ali’s hair to rinse it before doing it all over again with more shampoo and then with conditioner. Ten minutes later she picked up the cloth and began washing Ali’s wide, round shoulders.

Alyssa gently slid her massive ass back into Margie, sliding her back against the wall and then leaned gently against her so that Margie’s legs were on either side of her and Alyssa carefully rested against the much smaller woman.

Margie rested her head on Ali’s shoulder and slipped her arms under hers, resting them on Ali’s sides. There was no way she could wrap them around her as she’d hoped.

“What are you chuckling about?” Ali asked.

“I was hoping to wrap my arms around you and I can’t even come close.” Margie said kissing Ali on the neck.

“We should switch.” Ali suggested. She leaned forward and to the left so that Margie could slip by her without getting out of the tub. Rather than lean against Alyssa, Margie wanted to face her. Ali reached out and wrapped her hands around her stomach and pulled it in toward her self as much as she could. Margie sat on her thick thighs sliding her legs around Ali’s hips. Ali released her belly and the fat surged forward pressing tightly against Margie’s small body.

“My God.” Margie whispered as she ran her hands over the enormous belly. “It’s so heavy.”

Ali just smiled and ran her own hand along the curve of Margie’s face. Margie’s hair was black and thick. It felt like silk. Her face was thin; she had cheekbones and a strong jaw. Alyssa hadn’t had those features in a very long time.

“It’s funny.” Ali whispered as she continued stroking Margie’s face. “You’re amazed by my weight and how fat I am. I’m amazed by how tiny and fine featured you are.”

Margie looked at her slightly confused.

“We find each other beautiful, but we don’t want to be anything like each other.”

Margie smiled and leaned forward as much as Ali’s huge belly would let her and they kissed softly. Their tongues exploring each others mouths.

Twenty minutes later both women were back in Ali’s bed. Neither of them was fully dried, they had pulled the sticky, cake and pie covered bedspread off plates and all crashing to the floor.

They lied on large white bath towels, Margie was on her back with her head on Ali’s pillow, Alyssa was on her belly between Margie’s legs, her face buried in the tiny woman’s crotch, her tongue inside her hot little pussy.

Margie cried out in her third orgasm and Ali rolled over with some effort and lie on her back out of breath.

“You are so sexy.” Ali panted; her hand lied across her breasts feeling her heart pounding.

Margie closed her eyes and breathed deeply through her nose for several seconds with a bg grin on her face.

“You are really good at eating pussy.” Margie whispered and Alyssa burst out laughing.

“Are you afraid someone’s going to hear you?” She asked incredulously. “No one’s here but you and me.”

Margie got up on one elbow and looked at her. “Do you know how often you assume no one’s in here while I’m out in the living room cleaning and listening to you fucking?”

Ali blushed bright crimson.

“That being said.” Margie continued. “You are really good at eating pussy!” She added at the top of her lungs. Alyssa threw back her head and laughed out loud. She stopped quite suddenly when she felt Margie pushing her way in between her fat thighs.

Ali spread her legs wide and pulled her big belly back to give Margie as much room as she needed to get to her vagina.

“Thank you by the way.” She whispered down at Margie.

“For what? Eating you out?”

“No, for saying I eat pussy good.” Ali said laughing. “Oooh, my.” She added as Margie slipped her tongue deep inside her.

To be continued…

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