The Lady of Rell: The Girl That Grew (pts. 1-7) by Coyote Wild

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coyote wild

You'll love me, I swear.
Sep 30, 2005
Author's Note: I normally don't go for the midieval sort of WG tales, but I thought I'd try my hand at it in the form of an epic poem. I plan to shift the style and rythm as the story goes on.

The Lady of Rell: The Girl That Grew
by Coyote Wild

I'm ashamed to say..there are very few
who know of Rell and the Girl that Grew.

A Princess, she was, and beautiful at that!
Until she was given the Curse of Fat

T'was her 18th Birthday and many had come
to celebrate and have much fun.

The banquet was crowded with people from afar.
They came to cheer for their glowing Star!

She sat in her throne, as thin as a blade.
For pleasurable food the King had forbade.

Over the center aisle a banner was hung.
The people dined and the people sung.

But amongst the crowd a shadow sneaked.
She wore a cloak and appeared very meek.

Then came the time for the Princess to recieve
gifts from her subjects but you wouldn't believe...

The Shadow took place at the Princess's side
and she threw off her cloak revealing her hyde.

Her skin was green and laden with warts.
Her eyes were dark as she leaned forth.

She whispered such words into the Princess's ear.
And here, I tell you what the Princess would hear:

"Your body is small and your form so frail!
Let me release you from your cosmetic jail!

Your tummy will bloat and your ass will grow wide!
Soon your size will be impossible to hide!

Grow fatter and fatter from the confines of clothes!
Grow fatter and fatter; let your gluttony show!

So with these words, Princess of Rell,
I bestow upon you a devious spell!"

The Princess screamed! "Guards!" she called.
They approached the stage but were quickly stalled.

The Shadow produced a dagger of sorts.
She rammed it into her own heart and stopped her life short!

She fell to the ground, her form so meek.
She coughed up blood and began to speak:

"Now, you will grow Princess of Rell!
For I am the only one that can undo the spell!"

Her eyelids fell as did her head.
And before all had settled, the Shadow was dead.

A single tear fell from the Princess's eye.
She was doomed to grow huge because the witch had died.

And just as all had fallen into the dark,
from amongst the crowd someone shouted: "Hark!"

One of the guests, a dangerous Pirate Queen,
approached the stage demanding to be seen.

Her waist was wide, and her thighs were thick.
Her hair was short and her tongue was slick.

"The witch may be dead," she began to tell.
"But that doesn't mean the end for the Princess of Rell!

I know of a land," The Pirate Queen said.
"Where one can learn Secrets of the Dead!

There we shall find the Ghost of this witch!
So she may lift the curse, that heartless bitch!"

And suddenly, from amongst the guests,
a thin, elven woman approached the Princess.

Her voice was soft as her words flowed forth
"I, too, know of this ungodly door.

The fallen reside behind the Dark Gate.
It is here for their judgement, they wait.

If we are quick and if we make haste,
we can reach the Witch Ghost and speak face-to-face!"

"I will go, too," said the Princess of Rell.
She stood from her throne and began to swell...

(Continued in post 3 of this thread)


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Jan 6, 2006
Good poetry...meter and everything.

As one whose praised often at work,
for his humorous filking about our company jerks.
I say good luck, good job, and keep going,
may our praise help keep your creativity flowing...

coyote wild

You'll love me, I swear.
Sep 30, 2005
The Rellian gate was wide and tall.
It's wood dark and rough.

Princess of Rell had pondered this
and how her journey will be tough.

The entire kingdom had arrived,
to see the warriors off.

Every eye was filled with tears.
Handkercheifs set aloft.

The Princess of Rell
had mixed emotions
about this current moment.

Part of her was touched for the people's affection.
Her other part couldn't own it.

Her dress was snug around her form.
Her tummy and breasts had bulged.

She was begging to feel uncomfortable.
She grabbed her clothes and pulled.

She tried not to appear as chubby as she was.
But only failed at that.

No matter how she tugged and pulled,
she was still getting so fat.

She sat on her steed between her two aides.
They looked so calm and cool.

The Princess of Rell couldn't help but just
seem to be a fool.

The Pirate Queen had steadied her
by cleariing her mighty throat.

The Elven Warrior was a little embarrassed.
She fidgeted beneath her cloak.

The Princess of Rell raised her head
her voice calling far and wide.

"Listen my people! I will not fail!
For I have women at my side!"

And they turned their horses toward the gate
as the chain cranked and it fell.

A bridge was there to guide the heroes:
the Great Warriors of Rell.

Off they stormed! Their hooves had rumbled!
Creating their own thunder!

They began to draw farther from sight.
And were very soon, asunder.

coyote wild

You'll love me, I swear.
Sep 30, 2005
They galloped with speed!
They galloped with pride!
They knew very soon
The Princess would be wide.

Time was against them!
For every hour or so,
another pound was gained
and the Princess would grow!

Her body jiggled
as her horse gathered haste.
She was plagued with hunger!
Her mouth held phantom tastes.

As the kingdom had fallen
behind the hills,
they slowed to a trot
around the great mills.

They towered above
in this wide open field.
Even their beauty
would not let them yield.

The Pirate Queen turned
and began giving orders.
"We'll camp here tonight
before approaching the borders."

Their destination was an island
far from the shore.
They were to take the Pirate Queen's ship
and from there, they would soar.

They would cross the ocean
to the barren land in the sea.
They could only pray the Princess
wouldn't grow too quickly.

coyote wild

You'll love me, I swear.
Sep 30, 2005
Night had fallen,
and at the Pirate's behest
it was decided
that the trio would rest.

The trees whispered soft
and the stars sparkled bright.
The wind gently blew
on this cold and clear night.

The campfire danced
and the fire light gleamed.
The Three Warrior Women
were deep in their dreams.

The Pirate Queen smiled
as she imagined great battles!
The Elven Woman frowned
as she dreamt about cattle.

But the Princess of Rell
had the strangest dream of all.
She envisioned herself
within a great hall.

She was thin once again
and wore a small dress.
She was once more
the beautiful Princess.

At the end of a hall
a single wolf sat.
He looked in her eye and asked:
"Do you know where you're at?"

The Princess shook her head.
She was so confused.
The Wolf had smiled,
seeming amused.

"Follow me," he said
as he turned and walked away.
The Princess followed, thinking:
"Come whatever may..."

They came to a table
that was laden with food.
The young Princess knew:
"This can't be good."

"Sit," the Wolf told her.
His voice was deep and strong.
She wanted to sit,
but something felt wrong.

"Sit!" he said again,
with a definite growl.
The Princess went stiff
from his threatening scowl.

She slowly moved
to the singular chair.
She sat in the seat
and tossed back her hair.

"Eat," he demanded!
He furrowed his brow.
The Princess decided,
"No turning back now.."

She took up her fork
and cut a piece of pie.
She held it to her lips
and took a large bite.

It melted on her tongue
and went down her throat.
Almost immediately,
she started to bloat!

The Wolf stepped closer
and he kept her gaze.
His teeth bared a smile
and he uttered a phrase:

"The Witch brought you here
Now, don't you see?
You will come here
whenever you sleep!

Your growth will increase
and it will gather speed!
While you sit here and eat
and continue to feed!

You are sure to see
as soon as you wake,
your body has fattened
from the food that you ate!

But worry not,
my dear Princess of Rell.
For we'll treat you proper,
and make sure you're fed well!"

His laughed echoed loudly
within the great hall.
And she continued to gorge,
she wanted it all!

Pastries and cookies
and ice cream and pies!
She could feel fat gather
on each of her thighs!

A ripping sound challenged
the Wolf's evil laugh.
Her dress had split open
to make room for her ass!

Her hips had widened
to accomodate her butt.
She took a knife and pie
and started to cut.

She continued to eat
as her body did grow!
Her dress was torn and
there was much more to go!

Her belly pressed forward
and sat on her lap.
She was beginning to look
marvelously fat!

The Wolf laughed more
as she stuffed her face.
She wanted to be free
of this dreadful place!

She awoke with a start
as the red sun arose.
The Princess looked down
and examined her clothes.

They were torn and ripped
and her blubber poked through.
She was starting to look round
over the night, she grew!

Her face had filled out
She was beginning a second chin.
She started to cry!
She wanted to be thin!

She ran her hands
along her form.
She wasn't prepared
for the coming storm.

The Pirate Queen woke
and the Elven Girl, too.
They were saddened for her
but knew what to do.

Without so much a word,
they each extended a hand.
The Princess took them
and they pulled her to stand.

She arose from the ground
with a few shared grunts.
The Pirate Queen smiled
but spoke very blunt.

"You're body has fattened
make no illusion of that.
But you must be ready
to grow very fat.

We have a long road ahead
before the Ghost Witch is found.
And before this is over,
you will grow very round.

I will now speak
the words you must hear:
It is very important
that you show no fear!

No matter what comes,
or whatever may be,
you must be very strong!
You must believe in me."

The Princess of Rell
was touched by her words.
She nodded softly
at what she just heard.

She examined her body
her stomach was big!
She was surely becoming
a very fat pig.

She reached behind
and took hold of her ass.
She grabbed handfulls of fat!
The poor, growing lass.

She blushed rosy red
as she looked at her friends.
She smiled a shy smile
and wished it would end.

They packed up their things:
their tools and their goods.
And galloped their way
to the edge of the woods.

(Continued in post 8 of this thread)

The Id

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Feb 21, 2006
This is so well done! Why couldn't Spenser have written something like this? It would have made my medieval English classes much more enjoyable.


Oct 9, 2005
Indeed - unique but well done. Allowing for this type of creative writing is part of the reason for the Fine Arts Archive, where this epic will in time be housed.

coyote wild

You'll love me, I swear.
Sep 30, 2005
There are very few that had entered,
and come out alive.
To emerge from the forest,
you must be very wise.

The horses walked slowly.
The women looked around.
They knew of the horrors
and creatures abound.

Very little sun
shone through the trees.
The three women feared
of monstrosities.

The Dreven Woods were known
to swallow people whole.
To rip open your mind
and tear out your soul.

But time was against them!
And they couldn't go round.
They had to cut through
because the Princess grew round.

Her horse began to struggle.
Her name was Cailyn.
She preferred a time
when the Princess was thin.

They stepped over roots
and past branches that had parted.
The creatures cawed and screeched,
and the Princess farted.

The other two women
both turned their heads.
They looked at the Princess
as her face turned red.

They smiled assuring smiles
to ease her troubled mind.
And she farted again,
it was a sure sign.

A sign of her growth.
Of the size of her ass.
Now that she was fat,
she was burdened with gas.

She leaned to one side,
and farted once more.
She was truly embarrassed,
down to her core.

But the other two said nothing.
They just trotted along.
And soon all three were laughing
as though nothing was wrong.

Many hours later,
they were deeper in the woods.
They began to sense danger
and drew their hoods.

A growth spurt occurred
to our precious Princess.
And a lone button popped
off her tightening dress.

Her belly surged forth,
and jiggled to a stop.
And soon after that,
the next button popped.

Her growing was obvious.
there was a stretching sound,
as her body filled with fat
and became even more round.

But soon it was over,
to Cailyn's delight.
But she would proudly endure
the Princess's plight.

A ruslte in the leaves,
called their attention up high
to the canopy of black
that had become their sky.

From branch to branch
the stranged shadows darted.
The Princess was nervous.
And she suddenly farted.

It rumbled lowly
from her gargantuan ass.
The ground reverberated
from her powerful gas.

And with a mighty war scream,
they dropped from the sky.
It was the Dreven Goblins!
And they were ready to fight.

But so were the women!
They quicly dismounted.
They each drew their weapons,
but were vastly surrounded.

The green little creatures,
with bald heads and pointy ears,
brandished their knives
and grinned ear-to-ear.

They slowly closed in
on the three warrior women.
This was the danger
of passing through Dreven...

coyote wild

You'll love me, I swear.
Sep 30, 2005
The Goblins of Dreven
moved in on
the three.

Some leapt from
tree to

They we short
and bald,
and small.

They bore an
awful snare.

"The Witch! Goraana
the Great! Goranna the wise!"

These were the Goblin's
strong battle cries.

"Goraana has blessed us!
Just like she said she would!
And she has delivered this
glorious, juicy, fattened

The Lady of Rell
wrapped her chubby fingers
around the hilt of
her blade.

It slid out and
chimed the air.

She held the blade
and stepped past
her friends.

Her ass jiggled
and swayed, each cheek
above the other.

Her thighs quaked
with each ponderous step
she would take.

Her stomach bounced

Her front was open,
revealing a cleavage
she never had

She faced
the lead Goblin
and pulled her sword back..
ready to swing.

The Goblin general's
tongue lashed about.
He drooled and giggled and smiled
and pointed his rusted, jagged
blade at
the Princess.

"Do you come to me to
beg for your life? You humans
are all
the same."

The Princess smiled.

"I just wanted to say,
'thank you for the name.'"

She let the sword fly
and it swung in an arc.
But the edge of the blade most
certainly found its mark.

The Goblin's head CATAPULTED
straight up into the air.
The blood rose with it,
and splashed back down.

The Elven Warrior
let her arrows fly.

They pierced the creatures!

The Pirate Queen
swung her sword about!

She tore through flesh,
and the Goblins fell
at her feet.

The Lady of Rell
was as vicious as the others!

Her sword found its way
through many Goblins
that day.

The three
Goblin survivors
bounced their way
back home.

The quiet came back
as the three heroes
of Rell stood still for a

The Pirate Queen
kneeled at her sword,
stabbed into dirt.

She prayed to
the War God,

The Elven Queen
walked amongst the dead.

She pulled
stray arrows
from the bodies of those
who fell at the point
of her arrow.

The Lady of Rell
sat on a large root that
was jutting from
the ground.

It gave a loud crack
as it snapped
beneath her weight.

She dropped off and sighed.

She walked back to the
horses, where her friends
were packing up.

They still had a schedule to keep!

They were in too much
of a rush. They
never saw
the milk
that trickled from
the broken root...

coyote wild

You'll love me, I swear.
Sep 30, 2005
The rays of the sun
poured into the forest,
spotlighting a tiny isle.

It sat in the center
of a glorious pond
that shimmered from the light of Ryiel.

Upon the island
there sat a small house.
It was wooden, and small, and warm.

Tiny puffs of smoke
poofed out the chimney,
keeping the kritt bugs from becoming a swarm.

The three horsewomen
trotted to a stop
and surveyed this inviting scene.

They needed a place
to crash for a while,
more tired than they've ever been.

A narrow log bridge
floated between
the shore and the tiny isle

The dropped off their mounts
and crossed the narrow bridge
walking in single file.

It was the Elven Warrior
that knocked on the door
the three of them were silent and still.

And it wasn't very long
before the door opened up
revealing the lady, Sytill.

"Welcome, my friends,"
she said with a smile.
"Is there some way I can help you?"

The Pirate Queen spoke,
solemn as stone,
"Can you give us some lodging and food?"

Sytill looked pass
the Pirate and the Elf
her eyes fell on the very large lass.

The Lady of Rell
blushed a bright red,
and tried to cover her huge ass.

A gilmmer of joy
flashed on the face
of the young and pretty Sytill.

She invited them in
to her very small home,
keeping her gaze on the Lady of Rell.

The Lady of Rell
siddled in sideways,
her belly and butt brushed the door frame.

She was getting so fat,
she let out a fart
her face turned red from the shame.


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Jun 9, 2007
That's some really great writing...not to mention hot...:smitten: I love that medieval stuff. And some "weight" to it and BAM! You got hot stuff.


Oct 9, 2005
I'm back, and 'tis past time
with the edits now all done done
to take this paen of rhyme
and bump it to a place in the sun

coyote wild

You'll love me, I swear.
Sep 30, 2005
Meanwhile back home,
the King and the Queen
had problems of
their own.

The Queen paced
the main-hall floor
worry all over
her face.

Her husband the King
sat in his throne
hating the
nervous scene.

He came to a stand
he walked over
to her and took
her hand.

"Listen my wife..."
he said with
a smile of gold.
"whom I've loved all of my life.

"Your daughter is safe.
Her curse will be risen
and all will be well.
She fears no giant or wraith."

"But she's never been
from home before!
Can't we just
see her again?

"We can attend
whatever she needs
as she grows ever bigger
in the end."

"This is a quest
our daughter
must take
upon her cursed chest,

"which grows ever bigger
slowing her down,
her legs and thighs
becoming jigglier."

At that very instant,
a messenger appeared
and he seemed
very insistent-

-that his story be heard
by the King
and the Queen.
His scroll began to unfurl.

He read from the parchment
line by line
and lyric by lyric,
the words that had been sent.

"Dear Queen,
I have worries
and must
be seen.

"For I fear that the wife
that was meant
for my son
will leave this current life.

"My dearest Queen of Rell,
We have matters
to discuss, and I seek
your counsel."

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