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Sep 13, 2007
Feedees and feeders galore in this one. Fair warning: some of the dialog and actions get pretty explicit. May not be to everyone’s liking.

The Matchmaker by Maltese Falcon

He looked across the table at his dinner companion and sized her up. 25 years old. Recent college grad-Art History, if he remembered correctly. Demure in manner and dress. The outfit she had on, indicated an old school taste... perhaps old school money? Time would tell.

No problem remembering her name either. Amber. Of the dozen or so dating profiles he’d scanned and green lighted, this was the fifth “Amber”. He chuckled to himself at the lack of originality. As if reading his mind she asked instead. “So... Jay. Is that your real name, or is it short for something?”

He sighed. Might as well get it over with. “It’s short for Jason.”

She nodded and paused as she worked it out. “Oh my God. Your name is Jason…”

“…Mason. My parents had a strange sense of humor.”

Amber shrugged. “Could use your middle name. Lots of people do.”

He nodded but added. “Unlike most kids whose parents had money, I went to a regular public school. My middle name is Pettigrew. I don’t think I would have survived past 2nd grade.” They were interrupted by the waiter, who brought their meals and topped up their wine. Over dinner, they got to know each other better.

The waiter asked “Dessert?”

As she shook her head, he replied. “Bring two of the best you have, please.”

She scowled a bit and she leaned forward. “You know-I have a mouth and mind of my own. I can order my own food. Please remember that, on our next date?”

He smirked. “Next date? So...there will be a next date?”

Amber blushed a bit. “I-I hope so. I think we hit it off a bit tonight, so it’s worth pursuing.”

The waiter interrupted again, as the pieces of double chocolate cheesecake arrived. She teased her plate a bit and gave it a taste. “I probably shouldn’t, but it’s a shame to waste this.”

He cleared his throat and began. “Look, Amber…” She gulped visibly. Any statement that began like that was usually not good. He proceeded. “I like you too. Ms. Peters did a good job matching us up.”

She nodded. “Millie is amazing. I’m sensing a bit of apprehension, though. Something bothering you?”

“Not yet. But it may bother you. If we are to be a couple and move forward, I need to ask you to do something.”

She whitened a bit. “Millie said you were a gentleman. I don’t sleep around. And even if the time comes, I’m not into that kinky stuff…”

“Sorry-that’s not what I was trying to tell you. I am a gentleman-truly” He looked her over and cleared his throat. “You are a delightful young woman; but I would have a hard time being physically attracted to you.” He was staring at her chest the whole time.

She realized it and sighed. “What is it with men and boobs? So I’m a little flat-chested. Big deal. I don’t care how rich you are, I’m not getting implants…”

“No one asked you to.” He noticed that her plate was empty and he slid his uneaten dessert over. “Here. Take mine.”

“No thanks. Too many calories. Don’t want to end up like my mom.” Amber puffed out her cheeks and held her hands out in front. “She hasn’t seen her own feet in 20 years. Runs in the family. My aunt weighs nearly as much. She says it’s only a matter of time for me, too.”

He smiled. “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

Amber frowned. “Come again?”

“My dear, I don’t believe in wasting time, mine or yours. Like yourself, I’m looking for a serious relationship. Someone to spend the rest of my life with, and you push all the right buttons. Except for one. I have a small confession to make. You see-I have a certain fondness for women of more...voluptuous proportions. In fact, any continued contact would have to be predicated on your gaining some weight. Do you think you would be willing to do that?”

“Mmm. I don’t know about that. I-I’ve always worked hard to stay in shape. But I guess a couple extra pounds would be okay, if my boobs get big enough to make you happy.”

He shook his head. “We aren’t talking an extra helping at Thanksgiving dinner. Muffin top, starter belly, freshman fifteen. Call it what you like. That’s not what I had in mind.”

Amber shook her head in disbelief. “I thought you meant like five pounds, now you are already talking more than fifteen!”

He nodded.

Instinctively she felt her belly, as she blanched yet again. “How much more, exactly?

“Oh...let’s say 100 pounds, to start with.”

She sipped her wine and added “To start with?”

“Sure. You were right about one thing. I admit to being kind of a boob man, so gaining a few pounds always improves the situation. But we won’t know exactly where the extra weight will go, until it’s in progress. We’ll see how you fill out and take it from there.”

“Is that all?” Amber nodded. “Your tone had me worried there for a bit. I have a confession myself. Would you like to hear it?”


“Forget what I said earlier. I grew up surrounded by women who got fatter every day. Watched them eat whenever and whatever they wanted without worrying about the after effects. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamed about getting fat too. In reality, I was just worried I’d never find love, if I did. I told you earlier it was in my genes; so I was hoping to get married before it happened. Guess it’s safe to tell you that I would have gained 100 pounds with my first pregnancy, whether you liked it or not.”

First pregnancy. Kids? Rushing things a bit maybe? It’s our first date.”

“Touchy subject? Don’t look at me- you started this. Seems like we were made for each other. I want two kids and you’ll never regret it. Be warned-if I do this you may get more than you asked for, you know. How would you feel if I ended up 200 pounds more?”

He gasped. “You would do that? Really?”

“Don’t pretend that wasn’t your intent. I assume you were going to push the first hundred on me; then up the ante when it was too late.”

No answer, but his blush betrayed him.

“You sure you want a 320 pound wife waddling around the house?”

Sheepishly he added. “I never thought it would be possible. Maybe a little bigger? 400 is a nice round figure.”

She sat back and pondered a moment. “I’m only 5 feet tall. I would actually be round at that weight, come to think of it.” His blush obviated the need to reply.

“Forget the waddling part” she giggled. “I’m not sure I could even stand up at that point, but maybe that is what you really want?”

Suddenly she looked at her lap. “Oh dear. Do you know how to get red wine stains out?”

He shook his head. “No….sorry.”

“Good.” She stood and dumped the contents of her glass onto his suit. “Of course I’m not going to do what you ask! I wondered why a good-looking millionaire like you, needed a dating site to find a wife.” She leaned closer and snarled. “You are sick. Take my advice and save your money for therapy. Oh-and don’t call me again or I’ll have the cops on you.”

She stormed out, as he tried his best to clean himself. That went as well as expected...again. He muttered to himself. I’m running out of suits.


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Sep 13, 2007
Chapter 2

Next morning, 10am. His phone rings and the aforementioned Millie Peters was on the line. The conversation was brief. “Jay? We need to talk. Meet me in my office, asap?”

He arrived around 11:30 and once the door was shut, she began. “Jay. I think we have a problem.”

“Oh? Sounds ominous?”

“You tell me. I pride myself on providing top-rated matches, for the well-to-do. So far, you’ve had a dozen referrals and dates. My matching system is pretty good; you should have had at least three or four of them competing for your affection by now. All of them have called me and asked me to take them off your list after one dinner. What have you been doing to these women?”

He smiled. “They didn’t tell you?”

“All my girls sign a non-disclosure and I don’t press them to break it. If you want me to help you, then spill.”

He sighed. “It’s not complicated. We get along fine, until I ask them to change something about their appearance. Something unusual.”

She sat in anticipation that he would elaborate, but he did not. “So what are we talking here, tattoos, piercing, pink hair?”

“Nothing like that. They were all too...skinny for lack of a better word. I wanted them to put on a little weight. Fill out a bit.”

“Oh-I get it.” Millie smiled in realization. “To us that may not seem like the end of the world, but bear in mind some of these girls can be pretty vain. Among themselves, they are convinced that beauty means being stick thin. But you wouldn’t be the first of my clients; that preferred a zaftig figure.”

He shook his head. “I don’t think you understand…”

Interrupting, she leaned back. “Oh, I think I get the picture already. I’ve seen pretty well everything in this business, you know. Nothing shocks me anymore. You could have saved us both some grief if you had just put “big tits” in the preferences section of the application, you know. No one reads them, but me.”

He shook his head. “No. It’s more than that. I want a wife who is far beyond zaftig. Fat, in fact.”

“Come again?” She squinted in confusion. “Did you really say fat? How fat?”

“Now the genie is out of the bottle, I guess.” He went for broke. “I want a wife who’s 300 pounds minimum. 400 pounds over time. And that would need to be a lifetime commitment”

Millie’s gasp and open-mouthed stare said everything. As he stood to leave he sighed. “Pretty sure you don’t have anyone like that so….” He stuck out his hand to shake as he backed away from the desk.

She grabbed his hand, but didn’t shake it. Instead she held on, preventing him from leaving. “Wait. Stay. Please? We need to figure this out.”

“Figure it out? I...thought you would be offended.”

She shrugged. “My girls have that right-maybe. The only thing I’m offended about; is that you didn’t level with me from the start. I pride myself on a reputation for 100% customer satisfaction, and intend to live up to it as best I can.”

“Good.” He sat back down, a little surprised; but reassured at the same time.

“Now. Why didn’t you just ask me to set you up with a fat one? At the risk of appearing naïve, why did you accept dates with all those girls? You saw their pictures, their profile, and should have realized in a heartbeat, they were all too thin for you.”

He shook his head. “But they weren’t, don’t you see?”

Millie leaned back and frowned. “No. I’m afraid I don’t.”

“Well, people say I’m not bad to look at. When my parents died, my sister and I split an eight billion-dollar estate between us. If I went looking for a prospective wife who was already that fat; I really wouldn’t have need of your services. In ten minutes, I could find one at any Weight Watchers meeting.”

She nodded. “I’d wondered about that. Most of my male clients are old men, working on their third trophy wife. So-why exactly do you need my services?”

“Maybe you’re right. I should have told you this from the beginning.” He sighed. “Sorry if I offend, but this is a matchmaking service for women to meet their sugar daddies.”

Millie rolled her eyes a bit. “Why would I be offended by that? Do please continue, but get to the point....soon.”

He nodded and paused for courage. “I wanted a wife who was already a good catch in her own right. Who could have any man she wanted, just for the asking. Someone who wasn’t just marrying for money. And to prove their love, they’d need to do something for me. Something drastic, irretrievable.”

She gasped. “You want a beautiful girl her to ruin her figure on purpose; to prove her commitment and so no other man will want her afterwards?”

“In part I guess that’s true. But I really am attracted to physically larger women. I’m bringing a lot to the table here; so I think I can set some conditions, too. Don’t get me wrong-I don’t want someone who will resent me for the rest of our lives. I want someone who will do it for love and enjoy it.”

She pondered a moment. “Give me 24 hours. I’ll find someone-I promise. But-I need to tell them about this first. No more crossed wires or bad dates. Do we have a deal?”

He nodded as he added. “If it helps, I actually do like big boobs…”

She held up her hand. “Enough. Jay, I need to level with you. This is going to be hard enough already. If I can find someone willing to do this, you can’t be too choosy. Now if you will excuse me, I have some calls to make?”


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Sep 13, 2007
Chapter 3

Next day, his phone rang. “Have you had lunch yet?”

“Not yet.” He recognized Millie’s voice at the other end. Based on the previous day’s events, he’d not expected to hear from her ever again.

“Meet me at Andre’s in an hour?”

Andre’s was the best buffet in town. When he arrived, Millie was already there. It looked like she’d been there a while, too. Three empty wine glasses still sat on her side.

He sat and she smiled. “Gonna eat?”

“Maybe later. What’s up? I’m assuming you called me here to cut me loose or…give me some good news?”

Millie cleared her throat. “Spent most of the night making calls and narrowed it down to one possible candidate. Let me be up front with you. This was not an easy sell for her; so you had better be flexible, too. She’d be willing to meet your expectations under certain conditions.”

“Oh? I’m intrigued.”

“I think you’ll like her. She owns her own business. Attractive. Professional. 29 years old. More to the point, she only weighs 110 pounds right now and will gain the weight. All of it. More in fact, if you want.”

He smiled in anticipation. “Okay, I’m listening. You mentioned conditions?”

“The woman in question will only do it, if you are willing to marry her first. She’s worried you might change your mind at some point. If she gets that big and you leave her in the lurch…she’s pretty well stuck.”

Nodding he added “I do. I would be willing, but there would have to be a pre-nup to that effect. If she gets cold feet after the ceremony, I’m pretty well stuck.”

Nodding in understanding, Millie smiled. “That’s reasonable, I guess. If it’s vetted by a lawyer and carefully worded, I’m confident I can get her on board with that. You interested so far?”

He smiled gleefully. “Sure. Why don’t you set up a coffee date for us? Or even a first meeting in your office. I’m getting a little tired of wine spritz baths at dinner.”

She countered. “Lunch instead?”

He shrugged “Fine with me. When can you set it up?”

“Faster than you think.” She smiled coyly and offered. “You buying today? I am starving and it’s in your best interest, after all.”

He ignored the request and asked. “Do you have a picture of her?”

She shook her head. “I don’t think that will be necessary. I took the liberty...well she’s already here.”

He blushed a bit but stammered okay. “Um. Maybe you could stay for a bit to break the ice?” He looked around for obvious candidates and spotted a young woman sitting at the bar. “Is that her?”

“No. Over here.” She reached over and touched his hand and smiled gently. “You can see her up close and personal. Right now.”

He sat silently until it sunk it. “Wait. It’s you? You’re suggesting yourself?”

“I am.” She smiled apprehensively. “Honestly, I really did try to find someone else. But in the short time we had, I was only candidate I could come up with. Just to be honest, I’m still a little queasy about the weight gain thing; but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.”

He was stunned and said nothing in reply.

Millie blushed. “Please. Don’t look at me like I have cooties. I’m close to your age, and I think it’s time I settled down too. Besides, I already have two qualifications you were after.” She took off her overcoat, revealing a pair of ginormous boobs. They were quite prominently displayed, in a skin tight tank top, that just covered the tops of her aureoles. He realized that she hadn’t worn a bra either.

His eyes popped. “Whoa! Where’d they come from?”

“Been there since day one, but I don’t like to draw attention to them. Normally I just wear really loose tops and jackets, to keep them hidden. 42DD, to answer your unasked question. And I didn’t wear a bra today, to show that they’re real. That means if I get fat, they’ll get bigger. A lot bigger, if I have my mom’s genes. So. Does this help?”

As she closed her coat once more he shook his head in disbelief. “It does, actually. What about your business?”

She shrugged. “I’ll close it down once this is settled. Time to move on, anyway. I’ve been watching people marry off for four years now. My turn, if you’ll have me?”

“Have you? I’m thrilled! Honestly, I find you very attractive and should have asked you out in the first place. If it’s not too bold, I would ask one test, let’s call it.”

“What would that be?” Then she blushed. “I told you they’re real, but you’ll have to take my word on that. I’m not letting you feel them, to make sure. Especially here.”

He held up his hand. “Please give me some credit as a gentleman. You said you weighed what-110? Looks about right. Tell you what. You get yourself up to 120 by this time next week, and we’re on.”

She gasped. “You want me to gain ten pounds in seven days!”

He shrugged. “Technically eight days, if you count today. But it’s that or nothing. No pre-agreement, no guarantee. I need an act of faith. You are only offering to do this because I am rich. So I’m all set to live up to my end of the arrangement. Let’s face it. You are either going to do this, or you aren’t. If you won’t gain 10 pounds, you certainly won’t gain the rest.” He expected a rejection, or a slap in the face.

“Makes perfect sense” she sighed. The she stuck out her hand to shake. “Done. Now let’s get started. I’m going to the buffet. No time to waste.”


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Sep 13, 2007
Chapter 4

Millie was as good as her word and ate with abandon. She went up three times for entrees and twice for dessert. But she tapered off and suggested they call it a day.

He shook his head. “One more dessert. It’s harder to gain weight than you think. You need to eat a lot more than this.”

She rubbed her already painfully swollen belly. “I can hardly move. You get it. You might have to feed it to me.”

Too bad the Olympic committee wasn’t there. He set a new record for the 100m dash, returning with an entire cherry cheesecake. He slid his chair closer and held a forkful to her mouth. “Down the hatch!” It took half an hour, but he got the whole thing inside her. Immediately after, she left; begging to lie down to digest what have previously been a week’s calories.

Once home, Millie weighed herself. The scale read…109. Damn those fad California diets she thought. I forgot I fasted last week-I’m going backwards. Need to make up for lost time.

First, she needed to digest this. She took off her top and slacks and gasped as she stroked the 2” bulge of her belly, evidence of her recent gluttony. She stretched out on the sofa, and in moments, she was out like a light.

Millie woke up an hour later. Looking down, she noticed that her belly felt better and didn’t bulge as much. She wasn’t really hungry for supper yet, but decided she needed to keep up the pace. Jay was right. This was not going to be easy and she’d agreed to gain more than a pound a day.

Off to Mickey D’s. She downed 3 large shakes and A Big Mac before the sensation of fullness and brain freeze set in. Then, home for another nap.

She woke up and picked up the phone. “Hey. It’s me. Meet me at the office...say 9 am? I’ll explain in the morning.”

Next morning. Amber came strolling in at 9:45, to see an impatient Millie sipping a latte and munching away on an éclair. She snorted “Hmph. ‘Bout time. I can see your punctuality has not improved over time.”

Amber folded her arms in defiance. “Look Millie, I came to see you as a favour. Not that I owe you anything, after that episode last week.”

Millie pointed to a chair. “I felt bad about that. That’s why I called you first. I need you to do something for me. It’s a favour, but also an opportunity.”

Amber sat, but she was not receptive at first. “Tell me more about this...opportunity. Waaait a minute. We talked about this the other day. If this has anything to do with me accepting that creep’s proposal...”

Millie shook her head. “No. That’s not it. I need to take a week off. Personal situation. I’m hoping I could ask you to mind the office while I’m away? You don’t need to set up any new clients, just answer the phone. Update the web profiles, that sort of thing. I’ll pay you of course. Please-it’s important.”

“Of course.” Amber nodded. “You okay-sick or something?”

“No. I’ll explain in a week. If things work out you’ll be amply rewarded. I can’t tell you more than that.


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Sep 13, 2007
Chapter 5

Monday am. Millie weighed herself yet again, before getting dressed. The scale stopped at 122. Could it be possible? 13 pounds in a week? She grabbed a tape from the bureau and checked out the vital statistics.

Hips-36. That was up 2” from last week, but if he was an ass man as well, she had a lot of work to do. Waist-21. Again 2” bigger, but a more profound difference. A layer of fat on her belly already and the beginnings of love handles, made her look bigger than she actually was.

Speaking of big... It was time to measure her “fat bank”. She’d been busty since puberty and today was no different. Her 42 DD bra had been getting tighter and now she taped up at 44E. She could feel the extra weight on them already. Like most women, she didn’t really understand men’s fascination with breasts. They were just inconvenient blobs of fat after all. Big or small, their biological function worked the same. But they did provide women a psychological weapon, which she would use to full advantage today.

That last thought put her in the right frame of mind. What to wear to lunch with Jason today? Yesterday she had bought the tightest spandex mini dress she could squeeze into. Three sizes too small, it accentuated the slight plushness of her hips and belly. Red, to catch the eye. It was so short, she would have to be careful how she sat, as it constantly rode up the curve of her buttocks.

Push up bra and low cut in front, to magnify her growth there. Normally, she wore flats to work, because she felt heels made her butt stick out. To that end, she dusted off a pair of red 8” stilettos. She felt cheap and could barely walk in the ridiculous outfit. But it was perfect for the occasion. Now I hope no one sees me in this.

Her hopes were quickly dashed. The bell rang, so Millie shuffled over in the tight getup and opened the door. It was Amber. Millie blushed at first and did not open the door further to let her in. “Amber? What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be looking after the office.”

“Uh-noooo....” Amber looked her over and shook her head. “Actually Millie, you are. We’d agreed I’d babysit the place for a week. That ended yesterday.”

Millie shook her head. “I think you miscounted, honey. Are you counting from the day I called you, because you didn’t actually work that one.”

Amber ignored the comment and continued. “Phoned the office a couple times and got no answer, so I came over to see if anything was wrong. Looks like I arrived just in time. What’s with that getup? You look like a hooker! What the hell are you up to?”

The erstwhile “temp” had never seen her friend dress so provocatively. But it was Millie’s physical profile that really got the attention. Amber gasped at the sight of her. 13 pounds on one who’d been so slim was a big difference. “You know Millie…that dress doesn’t really fit you. Did you…gain some weight lately?”

She blushed. “A little, maybe. Does it really show that much?” She was hopeful for a positive reply.

“You’re kidding right?” Amber gasped. “Omigod-you’re pregnant-who’s the father?”

Millie shook her head. “Nope. I’m just filling out a bit more.”

“D’ya think?” Amber snorted. “You need to dress better, to hide that. That outfit makes you look bigger than you really are. I can help, you know. “

“Actually it’s perfect for what I have in mind. And maybe you can help, after all. For now, do me a favour. Watch the office today and I’ll explain tomorrow. I promise. Now shoo. I have a meeting.”

Hopefully it’s with Jenny Craig, Amber thought, as she was literally pushed out the door.


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Sep 13, 2007
Chapter 6

Millie met Jason at lunch, which for such a bizarre situation seemed more like a business meeting. He looked her over and asked? “How much?”

“13 pounds. I’m at 122, actually.”

He nodded and whistled approvingly. “I believe you. That dress doesn’t leave much to the imagination.”



“So? Are we on then? I passed your test.”

“I was confident you would, so I took the liberty of having this drawn up.” He handed her a one-page document.

“What’s this?”

“Pre-nup. You agree to the terms, and I’ll marry you.”

She looked it over:

I, Millie Peterson, do solemnly swear to uphold by the terms of this agreement:

I will present myself for weighing at six months from the date of this contract and will weigh no less than 350 pounds.

From that point on, I will maintain at least this weight as long as I am married to Jason Mason.

I will remain faithful to Jason Mason at all times.

This pre-nup will expire in seven years or on the death of either participant.

Failure to abide by these terms will result in an alimony settlement of $1000.

She blanched and said. “These are pretty harsh terms.”

“Nevertheless. If you really intend to abide with them, you will have no issue. I did give you an escape if you decide you don’t like me.”

Millie wrinkled her nose and scoffed. “1000 bucks for gaining that kind of weight is a joke.”

He shook his head. “I’m talking about the seven-year clause. My sister and I split an $8 billion estate. By the laws of this state, you’d get half my share in a divorce. Let’s not pretend you aren’t doing this for my money and I’ll stop pretending you’re doing it for love.”

“Bit cynical isn’t it.” Millie game him a stern look. “We aren’t even married yet, and you are talking divorce. I’m not stupid. It gives you the opportunity to dump me, for a newer model.”

Jason nodded in agreement. “Half the marriages in this state end in divorce. Seven years would be well above average. So what do you think?”

She looked at the rest of the document again. “Says here 350 pounds? We agreed on 200 pounds more. You’re upping the ante already?”

“Actually I said we would see how it goes; but seeing how quickly you’ve gained the first bit, I don’t think it will be a problem. Hey, this was your idea, so you can back out, if you like. But I hope you don’t. I think we’d make a great couple.”

She signed, then produced a document of her own.

“What’s that?”

“Marriage licence. You need to keep up your end. I’ll gain the weight, but you aren’t casting me loose either.”

He nodded. “I already agreed to that. When…”

“We have an appointment at city hall at 4 pm.”


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Sep 13, 2007
Chapter 7

The ceremony was brief, but to the point. Time for celebratory dinner at the Empire Hotel. Half way through the salad course, Jason’s phone rang. He listened intently and interrupted. “I don’t care how urgent this is. This is my wedding day.”

He rang off and she asked. “What was that all about?”

He sighed. “I can’t tell you too much, but our company makes its money mainly in an overseas security operation for Uncle Sam. We specialize in safeguarding construction workers and engineers, while they build infrastructure. We supply the guards, weapons and secure facilities, the whole nine yards. They want me to go on a new project out of the country, but the only thing I’m interested in is you right now.”

He raised a glass in toast to her and she sipped her drink cryptically. “They sound like the type of people who don’t take no for an answer.”

“How would you know that? What did you hear?”

She pointed over his left shoulder. Two very serious looking men were staring right at them. He reddened and suggested “Let me get rid of them.” The trio went into the lobby and Millie could see from the tone of his movements it was not going well.

He came back and sighed. “I-I don’t know how to tell you this. I’ve effectively been drafted.”

“Drafted. Into the army?”

“No. But when you sign contracts like this for the government, they can use certain clauses to force you into deploying. Long story short-I’m going to be gone for 6 months. I’m not even allowed to tell you where.”

She gasped. “Is it dangerous?”

He shook his head. “Not for me. But I’m afraid we’ll have to delay the honeymoon.”

She leaned forward and whispered. “I was kind of worried about that frankly. I knew you weren’t attracted to me, right now. By the time you get back, that situation should be...resolved. You go do whatever it is you do and I’ll make sure the terms of our pre-nup are fulfilled.”

One of the men cleared his throat and tapped his watch. “They are holding a C-130 for me. I need to go.” He kissed her on the cheek and accidentally brushed his hand on her breast.

She giggled. “They already get in the way. Just think how big they’ll be when you get back.”

He smiled at that and blew her a kiss on the way out. She waved the waiter over. “My husband has been called away.”

He nodded. “Shall I get you a cab?”

“No of course not. I heard the food is outstanding here. I’m going to eat my meal.”

“Very good madam. I will cancel your...husband’s steak of course?”

She shook her head. “I won’t hear of it. I’ll have it too.” She did not miss the tone of his earlier comment and the look of disapproval at her attire. “It’s our wedding day and I’m going to celebrate even if I have to do it alone.”

The waiter’s eyes raised. “That is a lot of food. Are you sure you can eat it?”

She shrugged. “I hope so.” She stroked her belly and confessed. “Need to stretch out my tummy. I’m going to eat like this every night for six months.”

The waiter knew better than to discourage a willing customer. “As you wish.” As he walked away he muttered. Six months...that dress won’t last through dessert if she’s not careful.

Millie offered a parting shot. “Bring me a martini while you’re at it. If I have to spend my wedding night alone, I’m not doing it sober.”


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Sep 13, 2007
Chapter 8

Next morning she woke up in a strange bed. It took a few minutes to realize she was still in the hotel. She’d booked a room in anticipation of her wedding night. Good thing. The bellhops had barely been able to get her inside. She consumed half a dozen martinis with her two dinners and four desserts.

Her head was splitting and she just hoped for one day to herself to get it together. As if reading her mind, her cell rang. It was Amber, of course.

“Millie what happened to you. I thought you were coming over last night? I was worried.”

The newlywed sighed. “Long story. I’m at the Empire Hotel.” She looked at the key fob. “Room 826. Pick me up at...10am. I’ll explain everything.”

Amber giggled. “It must have been some night. Millie, it’s 3:45 in the afternoon. You’ve slept most of the day. I really do need to hear more.”

After she hung up Millie took a moment to examine herself, in the mirror. Her head was pounding of course. A few Tylenol would fix that. Her stomach was sore as well, but for a different reason. She stood sideways in front of the mirror, examining her profile. She patted her bulge and wondered if it was bigger.

There was a scale in the bathroom so she weighed herself. 123. Last night’s meal had added another pound. This might not be so hard after all. Her head throbbed again as she rubbed her temples. No more martinis for a while. She cleaned herself up and changed into a sweater, jeans and a pair of sneakers. The sweater fit okay, but the jeans were skin tight and pinched horribly. She’d fix that issue later today.

An hour later Amber arrived and the pair met in the hotel bar. Amber opened the conversation. “What the hell is going on with you?”

Millie reached into her purse and slid her marriage licence across the table. “I got married yesterday.”

Amber gasped. “No. Who...? Where...?” She looked around and saw no men of suitable age nearby.

Millie pointed at the signature line. It read Jason and Millie Mason. Amber wrinkled her nose and covered her mouth. She leaned forward and whispered. “Oh. My. God. That weird guy? You married him?”

“I did.”

“Millie you are scaring me! Please tell me this is a joke?”

“No joke.”

“Honey, he’s crazy.” Amber was on the verge of tears. “Why would possess you to do this?”

“For the best reason in the world. The money. He and his sister inherited billions. I’m going to get my share. And then some.”

Amber shook her head. “No, that makes no sense. He turned me down.”

Millie patted her hand. “For the record you turned him down, Sweetie. That being said, is it possible not all men in the world will fall at your feet...”

Amber snorted. “Not in my experience, so far. I can have any man I wanted.”

Millie sipped her coffee. She’d had enough alcohol last night. “All but one, it seems.”

“Yeah but that guy doesn’t count.” She patted her flat stomach. “I’m not getting fat to please any man, billionaire or not.”

Millie nodded. “Fortunately, I’m not that picky. Guess that explains why you are still single and I am not?”

Amber sat back and frowned. “I still don’t get it. Don’t get me wrong, you’re pretty enough.” She reached over and cupped Millie’s breast briefly.

Millie gasped a bit at the impertinent gesture, as Amber continued. “Bigger boobs, of course.” She sighed. “Much bigger, but you’re not fat.” The image from the other day suddenly stood out in her mind. “Not by the standards he described to me, anyway. How did you convince him to change his mind?”

Millie sipped her coffee and dropped the bombshell. “I didn’t.”

Amber stared at her for a moment, then realized what that meant. “You actually agreed to his ridiculous scheme? For real?”

Nodding, Millie giggled. “I’m already working on it. You were right, yesterday. I have gained some weight-13 pounds in fact. That’s why I took the week off. I even gained another pound overnight.”

Gasping, Amber shook her head. “Have you lost your mind? You took a week off just so you could get fat?” It was a bit louder than expected or desired. A few heads turned in their direction.

Millie shushed her. “Quiet, you fool! I need to keep this on the down low. For your information, I weigh 123 pounds- I am not fat.” She took a moment to pat her belly. “But I will be. He agreed to marry me; provided I fatten myself up to his expectations within six months.”

Amber sighed in exasperation as she surveyed the room. “So where’s your new hubby? Maybe I can talk some sense into him, at least.”

“Might be a challenge.” Millie told her friend what had happened the night before.

“That’s the perfect setup actually come to think of it!” Millie could see the wheels spinning, as Amber continued. “He married you, so you’re set already. And he’s gone, so you don’t even need to schtup him, if you don’t want to. When he gets back, you can file papers for abandonment and settle.”

Millie shook her head. “I think it’s illegal to file abandonment papers on someone who’s been deployed.” She sighed. “At least I’ll have six months on my own to gain the weight, without him pressuring me. It’ll be hard enough as it is.”

Amber gasped yet again. “I thought he was crazy, but maybe we should get you checked out instead. He’s already married you, yet you are still going to gain 100 pounds?”

“More, actually. Signed a pre-nup, agreeing to get up to 350. If I do this, I’m set. But like I said, it’s harder than you realize. Even if I gain a pound a day, I won’t hit the mark.”

Millie continued as Amber wondered whether to call the police. The matchmaker noticed the look of doubt. “It’s absurd of course. In six months I’ll be horribly fat and married to a creep. Trust me honey, I have no intention of staying that way. Once I’ve lived up to my end; if I can’t think of anything else I’ll get doctor’s note. This is a community property state. Once the pre-nup is out of the equation, I can sue him for half his money.”

“350 pounds...” Amber shook her head. “Do you have any idea what you will look like at that size?”

Millie nodded. “I do, actually. Googled some images, and have a rough idea what I’m in for.”

“Have you thought this through? I mean…”

Millie patted her friend’s hand. “Amber honey I’m not getting any younger. This guy is loaded and it’s a good chance for me to get the brass ring, for a change. Even if I’m not the first choice.”

Amber frowned in confusion as Millie added. “He actually preferred you. Told me so himself. If you wanted to change your mind it’s not too late.”

Amber whitened in fright. “Noooooo thank you. I’ll pass. But good luck with this. Guess I’m going to have to look for a new agency right?”

“Mmm. Yes and no. I’m not as stupid as you think. I’ll get a good divorce settlement. Enough for two to split, in fact.”

“What’s that mean?”

“Originally, I was going to ask you to take over the agency, but I think that’s not the best plan.”

Amber pouted. “Hey, I did the best I could. I’m not a business major you know.”

Millie giggled.” I know honey. But that’s not what I meant. I think we’ll close up shop for a while. I need to lay low. That’s where you can help.”


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Sep 13, 2007
Chapter 9

Amber was not the brightest spark, so as usual was slow on the uptake. The blank stare said it all.

Millie leaned closer. “If this is going to work, I need to stay inside, for the most part. I’ll need someone to do my shopping, banking, errands. I’ve done the math-the ideal target is about 10 pounds a week, to give me a little spare time to get used to it. If I’m to meet the terms, I need to be as inactive as possible and get as much food as I can into me. Anyway, I don’t really want to be seen by anyone else, once the process really starts.”

“Anyone else?”

Millie bit her lip with impatience. “Do I have to spell it out? I want that someone to be you. You already know the whole story anyway, so no harm done. Probably best to come live at mine for a while.”

Amber giggled. “You actually want me to help you get fat?”

Millie blushed and nodded. “Please don’t say no. I don’t know who else...”

“I was worried I wouldn’t get to see this train wreck for myself.” Amber smiled sardonically. “In fact, I’d be delighted to lend a hand.”

Millie resisted the urge to comment on why she was so happy about that. “Well there would be more, obviously. Light housekeeping, that sort of thing.”

“So I’ll be your maid too? I’ll expect to be compensated. Can’t live on hope.”

“Don’t worry honey. I’ll pay you a small stipend and the place really looks after itself.”

Amber added. “And...”

Millie sighed. “No point in playing dumb. Let’s say...10% of what I get from him at the end.”

Amber shook her head. “Nothing doing. 50%, or I walk.”

Millie laughed. “50%? For that I’ll trade places with you. Does that sound tempting?”

Amber shook her head in revulsion.

“Good. Now listen. I should be able to get a settlement of $100 million easy, without going to court. 10% of that is a pretty good commission, for six months work.” Millie held out her hand and the two shook on the bizarre business agreement.

They started that night. Millie took a much needed nap, to erase the remains of her hangover. She woke around 7, to the smell of food.

Amber was in the kitchen and was just opening up a pizza box. “Oh. You’re up. I was just going to wake you. I-uh didn’t know what to get, so I got the meat lovers?”

Millie looked at the large pie and sighed. “Let’s get started.”

Amber declined. “I’m not eating that. I had some sushi earlier. Pizza is too fattening.”

Her friend giggled. “You expect me to eat a large pizza by myself?”

“No.” She pointed at the counter. “I expect you to eat two.” Then she shrugged at Millie’s blank stare. “You’re the one who asked me to help you get fat. Now hurry, before they get cold.”

It was a valiant attempt. Even with Amber’s coaching, Millie only got one slice into the second pie before giving up. By hand feeding her small pieces, Amber got two more slices down her. Millie held up her hand. “No more, seriously. I’ll explode.”

Amber looked at Millie’s stomach bulge and believed her. “Okay, go sleep it off. I’ll heat some more up for a midnight snack.”

“Midnight” turned out to be 9:30. Amber shook Millie awake and offered. “Come on wake up. Feeding time.”

Millie rubbed her belly, which had not fully digested its earlier contents. Before she could protest, Amber waved a piece in front of her nose. The smell was overpowering, so Millie began to eat anew. After the fourth piece, she protested. “No more.”

Amber shook her head. “Not getting away that easy. Here-try this to wash it down.”

She passed over what looked like a glass of chocolate milk. Millie tasted it. There were hints of caramel and peanut as well as chocolate, of course. Millie downed it quickly. “Say that’s really good.”

“Glad you like it.” She passed over another. “I’ve got two more and if you get them down with the rest of the pizza, I’ll give you the recipe.”

Millie sipped the drink. “We don’t have to do this all in one night, you know.”

“And if you say that every night, you’ll never make the goal. We need to get another pound on you by breakfast. You asked for my help and you’re going to let me do my job. Now down the hatch!” She tipped the bottom of the glass up with her finger tip for emphasis. Millie never got the entire pizza down before she passed out. But Amber felt the bulge of her stomach and was satisfied for now. She ate the last two pieces herself and sipped the remaining morsel of the shake. Perhaps she would not divulge the recipe after all. She hid the evidence- a now-empty 2-quart carton of heavy cream and six Snickers bars wrappers.

Before she retired for the evening she pondered. “Perhaps lasagna for breakfast I think.”


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Sep 13, 2007
Chapter 10

In the ensuing week, Amber worked hard to keep the food coming, but she was a lousy cook. Fast food and microwave prepared dishes were getting tiresome already. As such, Millie had “only” gained 8 pounds, a bit shy of the goal. Still, she had expanded noticeably, to 46EE-22-37. Amber looked at her new roomie; clad only in her underwear as she munched away on a donut, her fourth this morning. Millie’s waistline was definitely softening, with the beginning of a bulge where her once flat stomach had been. Her hips were a little fuller and her cheeks had filled out as well. The “subject” asked. “Well, what do you think?”

Amber poked her belly and pinched Millie’s side. “Little softer, but not much.” She pointed higher. “Everything seems to end up here. You need some new bras honey-those things are out of control.”

Millie shook her head. “Waste of money. They won’t fit soon and I’m not going anywhere. Let’s just stay the course. I’ll wear my housecoat for the time being. You can pick me up some bigger panties next time you go out, though.”

The waistband on the ones she had on was cutting into her stomach. Not only that, the seams were about to give up the ghost. Amber was a good friend but Millie was not ready to let herself be seen going “commando”. Not yet anyway.

Four weeks have passed since Millie’s wedding day. She was already beginning to forget what her new spouse looked like. He may not have recognized her either. Despite her complaints about the food, she had swollen to 150 pounds and 49FF-26-40.

Most of the day was spent either eating, sleeping or lounging about in her housecoat or an oversize men’s T-shirt that left little to the imagination. Said shirt would not be oversize for much longer. The sleeves had pinched her expanded upper arms so much, Millie simply rolled them up out of the way. As a result, the newly formed wattles were free to wiggle with every movement. Her hips and thighs were mostly uncovered as well , and Amber could see a thick layer of cellulite forming on both.

There was still plenty of room to disguise the growing waistline. Her belly now protruded 4” and she had 2” love handles to match. But the thin material could barely contain her growing breasts, let alone disguise them. The unfettered globes were now nearly the size of her head and beginning to sag a bit under their own weight.

Amber was helping her boss to weigh and measure herself. As she recorded the weight Amber did a quick arithmetic calculation. Let’s see...that’s 28 pounds so far. Then, she noticed Millie was starting to cry. She gave her a hug, on one hand sad for her and on the other, shocked at how soft she was becoming. There was something else, but this needed more immediate attention.

Amber patted Millie’s back and let her cry herself out. Once the sobs stopped, Millie pushed away and sighed. “I weigh 150 pounds? Omigod Amber what am I going to do?”

Amber shrugged. “Hey, not my business, but it’s only 28 pounds. You aren’t really that fat. Crash diet and a good trainer will have you back to yourself in no time. I have some names...”

Millie wrinkled her nose. “What are you talking about? I know I’m not that fat. That’s the point. I should be 40 pounds heavier by now, to stay on schedule.”

Amber blushed a bit at the admonition but added. “Let me get this straight-you’re not crying because you’re getting fat. It’s because you aren’t getting fat enough? I’ve seen everything now.”

Millie growled slightly. “I’ve maintained the same weight for 10 years. I felt fat after the first ten pounds. But just gaining weight won’t be enough. I have to be 350 pounds, or my pre-nup conditions kick in. If I measure up at 349, he can legally kick me to the curb with a $1000 handoff. It’s all or nothing. I have to come up with a more aggressive regimen.”

Now Amber started to well up. “I’m trying hard. Been making as much as you can eat-more even. You just can’t get it down.”

Millie nodded. “I know. But I have an idea. Get me the phone will you?”

Amber came back with the phone and Millie waved her out of the room. The door closed and Millie dialed. The phone rang a dozen times and finally the voice mail kicked in. She said. “It’s me. I need you to get something for me. Call me asap.”

Millie came out, noticing that Amber had fixed her one of her Snickers shakes. Millie waved her away. “Not now.” She sat on the sofa, feeling very sorry for himself. Amber strode over and sat on her lap, quickly pinching her nose. Millie grunted in protest, so Amber began to pour the fattening liquid into her roomie. Millie sputtered a bit and closed her mouth.

Amber hesitated. “I’ll pour it a bit at a time and give you a chance to breathe. But this shake is going in you or over you. You choose.” Millie opened her mouth and in a few seconds the shake was done. “Good. I have two more glasses.” They went the same way. Oddly, Millie did not fight so hard this time. In fact, she put her arms around Amber’s waist, as she fed her.

Amber stood and came back with a dish towel and a plate of six donuts. “Here. Clean yourself up and get these in you, while I make your lunch.” Millie smiled and did as she was told.

Lunch was an entire lasagna. Millie ate most of it, but one piece remained. Amber put it on a plate, but Millie held up her hand. “Nope. Done.”

Amber frowned. “You are done when I say you’re done. Now eat this!” She reached down and caressed the fattened girl’s belly. “Hmmph. Getting soft, so it’s harder to see how full you are. But you are going to finish this.”

Millie laughed. “Make me.”

Without a word Amber was astride her again. But there was little protest as Amber forked the remaining pasta in. Amber patted her belly again and nodded. “Good job. Sleep now.”

Millie nodded. “I need the phone with me. Expecting a call.”

Said call arrived about an hour later. Millie groggily picked up the phone and the voice at the other end said. “It’s me. You called?”

“Yes. This is going to sound crazy, but I need you to listen and then I need your help.” She outlined her plan, expecting a frantic reply from the other end.

The other voice merely said. “I see. And the reward for my services will be...?”

Millie had expected that. “I can offer 10%. If we do this right, it would be a great deal of money.”

The voice on the other end asked. “How am I supposed to help in this...situation?”

Millie sighed. “I’m on a deadline. I just can’t gain the weight fast enough. I heard there were ways...”

The other voice advised. “Yes. Such ways are not without risk of course.”

Millie sighed. “Riskier than gaining 200 pounds? I’m willing to go for broke at this point.” It was a poor choice of words because failure probably meant exactly that.

The voice advised. “I cannot come in person of course. I will send someone. Tomorrow.”

Millie cautioned. “I have a...flatmate at present. Call first.”

“As you wish.” The line went dead.


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Chapter 11

Next morning over breakfast, the phone rang. Amber grabbed it first and the voice said. “I’ll be there in 40 minutes.”

Amber looked at Millie and frowned. “Sorry, who is this?”

The voice at the other end. “This is...Meellie?”

Amber shook her head. She handed to phone to Millie.

Millie speaking. “No. That was Amber. I mentioned I didn’t live alone. It’s okay, she knows the story.” Amber could hear the voice on the other end but not the words. The call didn’t last long anyway.

Millie hung up and advised. “Amber honey. I need some privacy for a bit.”

Amber nodded. “I’ll go in my room.”

Millie grabbed her arm. “No. I need you to leave.” She stood and got her credit card from her purse. “Go treat yourself. Manicure, style whatever you like. Go see a movie if you want. You’ve earned it.”

Amber was concerned. “That voice at the other end was a little scary. You sure you’ll be okay?”

“I’ll be fine. Now shoo. Bring your cell. I’ll call you when the coast is clear.”

Amber did as she was bid. The door had barely closed behind her, when there was a knock.

Millie shook her head. “That girl. Probably forgot her keys again.”

She opened the door, revealing it was not Amber. A tall handsome young man was there. He had the complexion and features of a Mexican.

He nodded. “You are...Meellie?” His English was slightly accented, again hinting at his Mexican heritage.

She nodded. “And you?”

“My name is not important. I am here to help, however.”

She stepped back and let him in. “Coffee, tea, drink?”

The man shook his head. Instead, he reached into his coat pocket, producing two vials of pills.

“This is what you need.”

She took the vials, but there were no labels. Not that she would know one drug from another anyway.

“So...what is this?”

“The name of the blue pill is too long to pronounce. But it is used to induce a higher level of ghrelin in the body.”


The man explained. “It is the hormone that causes feeling of hunger. This will increase both the extent and duration of your appetite.”

She blushed a bit. “He told you the story?”

The man nodded. “You wish to be fatter. This will ensure success.”

Millie looked at them again. “Are you a doctor or something? Is this safe?”

He nodded. “I am a doctor. And no, it is probably not safe. Not for humans, at least.”

Millie looked at the pills again. “Not for humans?

He shook his head. “In powder form, it is used in poultry feed-to fatten chickens quickly.”

“Poultry feed!” Millie gasped. “Isn’t there an alternative?”

He shook his head. “No pharmacology company could get FDA clearance on such a drug for humans. There would be no demand, in any case. But you are desperate, yes? That is why you made the call.”

“You’re right. So what can I expect for side effects?”

The man chuckled a bit. “There are no studies, miss. Chickens go from egg to freezer in 6 weeks. In that time, they get so fat they can’t even fly any more. No one cares about them. They don’t live long enough for side effects.”

“No kidding.” Millie blanched. “Chickens don’t take pills. I’m assuming there is some history of human use?”

He nodded. “Yes. I will be quite frank with you. There are risks. But if you wish to gain a lot of weight quickly, it will work well. No one is forcing you to take them. In truth, the extra weight will be a greater health risk than the medications, in the long run.”

Millie nodded. “There is no long run. I will take the weight off once this is over.”

The visitor kept his thought on that prospect to himself. “Some precautions. It will elevate your insulin levels. Any problems with diabetes or your pancreas?”

Millie was becoming a little more alarmed, but shook her head.

“The ghrelin tablets will lower your thyroid secretions considerably. Combining that with your other female hormones, they will work together to quickly fatten you, trust me. But they must be there, in much higher quantity than your body can produce on its own. You will need to take a very high level of the yellow pills to do this. Another thing. This product is made for fattening hens only, so the high level of prolactin it may induce will have no unwanted side effects for them. ”

Millie looked at the other vial. It contained large yellow-gold tablets. “I assume this is it?”

He nodded. “You take one of each at the same time, five times a day. The normal dosage for the yellow pills is 1 per monthly cycle, by the way. You are taking 150 times the recommended dose. If you experience any unpleasant side effects, please stop the regimen immediately.”

That’s not scary at all she thought. “Side effects-such as?”

He cleared his throat. “This is a bit of an experiment, so I can’t answer that. You will know best if something is not right. I-need to ask. The yellow pills only work on fertile women. This process will poison a man. If this is some sort of hormone replacement...”

Millie grabbed her boobs and offered. “This look like a man to you?” He said nothing so she asked. “So how much is this going to cost me?”

The man held up his hand. “The product is paid for. But I would ask a small fee for myself, for delivery.”

“I see. I’ll get my purse.”

“Your friend. She will be back soon?”

Millie shook her head. “Couple hours anyway. I said I’d phone her.”

“Splendid. Now, please to go in the bedroom and disrobe. I will need to perform a more thorough examination.”

Millie crossed her arms. “I don’t think so. I was not born a male. You’ll have to take my work for it.”

“I believe you. But there was a matter of my fee? That is what I require.”

Millie blushed. “Hold on a moment buster. I’m not that kind of girl.”

“If you want my cooperation, you are now. Trust me, I am a good lover. You will enjoy the experience as much as I.”

Millie shook her head. “I can’t believe you even find me attractive.”

“Not at present. But if you take those pills, you will be. And I will need to come back every week to refill the prescription. Now inside please. The quicker we get started, the faster we finish.”

One hour later. The door closed behind the mysterious visitor as Millie sighed. At first she was ashamed, but she had to admit she really did enjoy his company. He was a considerate, passionate lover; and his attentions were welcome at a time when she felt most vulnerable. He would be back in a week. In the meantime, she would need to occupy herself with the task at hand.

As she headed for the shower she called Amber. “Hey it’s me. Coast is clear. Pick up a family bucket of KFC on the way back please?”

She took one each of the pills and waited for them to kick in as the warm waters of the shower soothed her. About half hour later, Amber appeared. She looked a lot better now with fresh hair, nails and makeup.

Millie felt a bit queasy but tried her best to eat. It must be the pills. She told Amber about them, just in case. Amber frowned. “I-I don’t know. This sounds dangerous. Besides, they don’t even work. In fact, they have actually killed your appetite.”

Millie nodded. “Maybe if I lie down for a bit?” Millie put her head down and passed out a moment later.

About 9pm Amber opened the door and woke her. Millie sat up as Amber passed her a shake. “Try this.” Millie drank it and felt better. Once Amber left however, she took another of each of the pills. She was frightened, but determined to see this through. In a moment, she was sound asleep again.

When she woke around 3 am, she felt better. She went to the washroom and cleaned up. What the heck she thought, as she took her third dose. If they didn’t work by morning, she would flush them and call the whole thing off.


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Chapter 12

Around 7am she was awakened again. But this time is was by a different feeling. She was ravenous. Despite being stark naked, she stormed into the kitchen and saw Amber over her toast and tea. “Omigod-the pills are starting to kick in. I need something.”

Amber pointed at the fridge. “Most of the chicken is still there.”

Millie ate like the possessed. Within five minutes, the entire bucket was gone. She belched loudly and looked wildly at her roomie, who questioned. “Feel better now?”

Millie shook her head. “More...please?”

Amber nodded as much from fear as curiousity. “There’s a blueberry cheesecake in the fridge. I’ll cut you a piece.”

Millie raced by her and flung the fridge door open. She ripped open the packaging for the cake and tore into it with her bare hands. Once done, she sat on the floor and began licking her fingers clean. “So hungry...ohhhh.”

Amber was white with worry, but went over to feel her friend’s now hugely distended belly. “I guess those pills are starting to work now.”

Millie snarled. “Do you think?” She reached up and asked. “Little help here?”

Amber pulled her up as Millie grabbed the 2-quart container of heavy cream on the top shelf. She started walking into the bathroom. Amber peered over. “What are you doing?”

Millie belched again. “I’m supposed to take these five times a day. I’ll need something to wash them down” She came out in a few minutes, now cleaned up a bit and wearing her bathrobe.

She tossed the now-empty carton in the trash and blushed a bit. “Sorry about that. I don’t know what came over me.”

Amber snorted. “We both know what came over you. It’s those damn pills. Are you sure they’re safe?”

It was Millie’s turn to scoff now. “I think we both know the answer to that.” She opened her robe to show her “feeder” the result. Her belly stuck out nearly 3” further than it had a scant 30 minutes earlier. “But they obviously work and that’s what is important right now. What else do we have? I could eat more.”

Amber stood closer and felt the enlarged belly bump.” If I didn’t know better, I would swear you were pregnant. Do you feel full?”

Millie shook her head.”Well underneath this layer of fat you have gained, it’s rock hard. You better not eat any more for a bit.”

“He said it would help stretch my stomach. I need to do that.”

“He? He who?”

Millie shook her head. “Doesn’t matter.”

Amber felt the bulge again. More gently this time. “Unbelieveable. Give it an hour and we’ll do it again?”

Millie nodded. “You win. I’m going to have a nap. In the meantime, you’ll probably have to go to the market and stock up.”

“Way ahead of you there. Any requests?”

Millie thought for a moment. “Anything bad for you is really fattening I guess. Chips, ice cream...oh and I think I’m developing a weakness for cheesecake. And those shakes you make are to die for. You’ll probably need to keep those coming.”

Amber sighed. “Your wish is my command oh master.” She finished her toast and in a few moments was out the door.

She wasn’t gone two minutes and Millie crept out. She found a box of eclairs and quart of chocolate milk. She brought them into the bedroom as a “nightcap”.

Millie awoke to the sound of the TV and some rustling in the other room. But that was not what had roused her. Two sensations, one familiar, the other becoming so. She rushed to the bathroom and came out yawning and rubbing her still bulging belly. “What time is it?” Before Amber could answer she added. “I must have slept a while-I’m famished.”

Amber raised an eyebrow. “It’s only 9:30.” She reached over and patted the still digesting mass. “Hmph not surprised you’re hungry, though. You forgot to eat the sofa while I was out.”

Millie pouted. Without acknowledging that she was naked as the day she was born, she looked down at her belly and sighed. “It’s working isn’t it? I’m going to get really fat now.”

Amber nodded. “I can see that for myself. On that note-would you please try to show some decorum around here? A nightie or something? I didn’t sign up for some kind of nudeathon.”

“Old habits die hard.” Millie nodded. “Not used to having a roomie. I’ll try to show some more manners. But these urges take over-I can’t help it. Sorry to offend.” Amber watched her wiggle out of the room and sighed. She was not the least bit offended, but had her own urges to control.


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Sep 13, 2007
Chapter 13

Millie awoke and came out into the living room. Naked. Again. But Amber did not object this time. Instead, she patted the chair beside her, so Millie sat down. She reached over and felt Millie’s belly-harder this time. The recipient didn’t flinch, merely asking. “Find what you were looking for?”

“Quiet-I need to concentrate.” She squeezed and pushed progressively harder until finally Millie yelped in pain and slapped her hand. “Hey, that hurt.”

“Good. Now I know.”

“Know what?”

Amber elaborated “I read up a bit online, while you were asleep. The hormones you are on don’t just increase your appetite. They turn off the signals that you are full. In animals it doesn’t matter, because their portions are controlled by a machine. In your case, I need to be that machine.”

Millie thought she was joking. “Maybe some day...”

“Listen to me you fool.” Amber grabbed her chin. “You asked for my help and I am going to do so. I’ll stuff you like the prize hen that stuff was made for, but don’t eat without me again. Don’t you see? You can actually eat so much your stomach will burst. I am very fond of you-I’ll help you get fat, but I won’t stand by and watch you kill yourself. You agree right now, or I’m calling the cops.”

Millie gasped. “I...hadn’t thought of that. What would I do without you?”

“I’ll show you. Go lay on the sofa.” Mille noticed that Amber had placed a couple folded towels on the arm. Curious, she did as bid. Amber arranged the towels strategically over the arm and the first cushion. “Okay lay down.”

Again Millie did as requested. “Okay, I’ll be right back.”

In seconds she had returned. With a pitcher of shakes. “This is a special blend. I actually used a couple of cherry cheesecakes as the main ingredient.”

Millie wrinkled her nose. “Really?”

Amber nodded. “I tried it myself. Trust me it’s really good.” Millie sighed in defeat as she tried to sit up. “Nope. Just lay there. I’ve got this.” To emphasize the point, she came back with a medium size plastic funnel.

Millie now balked and held up her hand. “I think I know where this is going and the answer is no. Actually, I mean hell no.”

Amber pushed her down again. “No one asked you. If you want to overcome those hunger pangs we need to stretch out your stomach. Safely. And that’s what we are going to do. I’m not going to come home from a shopping trip and find you dead on the floor. Either play ball or I’m gone. Now.”

That was the end of the argument. “Okay I’ve got this figured out. The funnel is just to make it less messy. I’ll only pour as fast as you can get it down.” Kneeling on the floor, she gently placed her hand on Millies’ belly. “I’ll stop when you’re full. We good?” Millie opened her mouth to speak and Amber stuck the funnel in.

“Now put one hand on my mine. If you have a problem just tap and I’ll stop pouring. Just spit out the funnel, that’s what the towels are for. Ready?” Millie nodded again, but Amber good see the nervousness in her eyes. The feeling was gone as the sweet thick liquid began to pour down her throat. Millie relaxed and began to sigh with contentment.

In a minute or two it was all over. Millie smiled. “That wasn’t so bad.”

Giggling, Amber felt the belly. “We are just getting started. Stay put” Before Millie could react she returned with another, this time a 2-quart pitcher.

Millie knew better than to argue. Oddly enough, she got the entire pitcher inside but it took somewhat longer.

Amber wiped her mouth as Millie sighed. “You were right-it was delicious! I could get used to all this pampering. Think it will work?”

Amber shook her head. “Course not. Easy part’s over. You said we need to stretch you out, and that’s what we are going to do.”

She came back with another 2 quarts. “We’ll get as much as we can in. Just take your time.”

Millie was struggling to make herself comfortable. “I’m have a bit of trouble swallowing lying down like this. Maybe a pillow?”

Amber nodded. “I should have thought about that. I have a better idea, my knees are killing me doing this anyway.” She pulled Millie up and sat where her head had been. She spread the towels over her lap and pulled Millie’s head down. “This should work better.”

It did work better. But it took nearly half an hour to get the remaining shake into her. Amber felt the stomach rise and harden so she would stop. After a few minutes, she would start the process again.

Once the container was empty, Millie sighed in contentment. “Any more?” She felt her belly, its newly softened exterior shrouding a much harder (and expanding) centre.

Amber felt it too. As she pinched her charges cheek she added. “Break time.”

Millie pouted. “I was enjoying this. I don’t really need a break.”

“Maybe not, but I do. I need to eat too and you need to let that digest. In any case you’ve finished it all. Sorry the food will be a little monotonous; but this will be the routine for a week at least.”

For the rest of the day Millie only left the couch to use the washroom and take her “prescription”. She went to bed that night feeling very pampered. Unknown to her, she was also 3 pounds fatter.


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Sep 13, 2007
Chapter 14

This went on for a week. Midway though stage three of their stretching session the phone rang.

Millie tapped out, and sat up, wiping her mouth. Amber protested. “Hey there-we aren’t finished yet.”

“I need to take this.” She grabbed the phone and headed into the bathroom.

She came out and sighed “Sorry. If this makes you happy, I’ll finish.” She took the pitcher and sucked it down. Amber gaped at the sight of her belly actually growing right in front of her.

“Happy now?”

Amber was not really but asked. “Who was on the phone?”

“I have a guest. He’ll be here shortly.”

Amber sighed. “I guess I’m supposed to make myself scarce again?”

Millie scrunched up her face in apology. “Please?”

Amber sighed. “S’okay. I need to shop anyway. But you worked hard this week. Seeing as you forgot to put your robe on again, do you have time for a weigh-in and measure?”

Millie nodded as she stepped on the scale. “Let’s see....” The needle stopped at 172 pounds. She put her hands to her face in shock. “That’s 22 pounds in a week! That can’t be right.”

Amber giggled. “Sorry honey. All that cheesecake had to end up somewhere. You’re the one that wanted to be fat. You’re really starting to look like it now.” She patted Millie’s belly, which stuck out a further 2”, adding to the now 30” waistline. It was starting to develop a small crease, indicating its desire to form a companion.

Her nether region was expanding as well. At 43” the expansion of two globes into a proto bubble butt was evident. As was the increased cottage cheese of the cellulite on her hips. Already she was getting saddlebags of fat and the gap between her legs was disappearing.

Amber looked at her plumpened toes and fingers. Millie’s face was swollen as well. ‘Hmm. At least some of this is water. I had the same issue when I went on the pill. My face swole up like a balloon, but it went away in a couple months, once my body got used to it.” She didn’t feel like adding but I was taking a normal dose.

Instead she added. “Well one side effect of those pills is pretty evident.” She reached up and cupped one of Millie’s breasts. “These things are out of control.”

Millie jumped at first but pressed a little closer. “Might as well get the vital stats. Careful though, my nipples are real tender.”

Amber did as she was asked, gently positioning the tape over the fullest portion. That’s...53”. Whoa, you’ve gained 2 cup sizes in 7 days.”

Millie sighed. “They’re really getting heavy, too.”

She lifted one and Amber used the invitation to do the same. “Sure you don’t want to reconsider the bra thing. These are only going to get bigger and sooner or later gravity will have its toll.”

Millie shook her head. “No thanks. Nipples are too sore. Maybe you can get some cream or something while you’re out?”

Lost in the moment Amber failed to take the hint. “While you are OUT...?”

“Oh-sorry. Yes. I’ll just get my things. You better get dressed, if you are having company.” In five minutes she was out the door with her (ever growing) shopping list.

Again, not 2 minutes later, a knock at the door. She knew who it was, so simply opened the door. No need to dress for what she knew (hoped?) was to follow.

It was not her “doctor”. It was the doorman, who now stood open-mouthed as she was still completely naked. She screamed and slammed the door, as the bewildered man pondered his next move.

Throwing on her robe, a few seconds later she opened the door red-faced. “I am so embarrassed. I thought you were my...roommate.”

Jake the doorman had had roommates in college and he never answered the door naked to them. Not even once. “Uh. Yeah. On that note. I hadn’t seen you for a while, and the young lady was picking up your mail, driving your SUV. You didn’t register her with me-I was worried.”

She nodded. “I’m sorry. I didn’t think. She’ll leave her details when she gets back.”

He nodded as she began to close the door. “Look it’s none of my business. I couldn’t help notice you put on a few. Everything okay?”

She sighed. “You’re right on both counts?”

“Everything is okay and it is none of your business. Sorry that was rude. Wait there a moment please?”

She returned and handed him a $50 bill. “Appreciate your concern. Now, if you will excuse me?”

Before he could say a word, the door closed. His due diligence satisfied, he decided to visit the penthouse. He would make up some maintenance excuse on the way. Mr. Billings was a kook who liked to hear himself talk; but he had an 80” TV and the game was on. Jake was developing a taste for 30-year-old scotch and even with tips, his income didn’t support that.

Millie was starving and opened the fridge, just as another knock came. This time she peeked though the peephole. Her expected guest was there.


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Sep 13, 2007
Chapter 15

He entered and she advised. “I was just about to eat something. Join me?”

He chuckled. “Maybe next time. But perhaps allow me?” She nodded as he pulled out a chair. “Please sit.”

In twenty minutes, he had produced not one, not two, but three 3-egg omelettes. She sighed as he placed the first one in front of her. “Please enjoy.”

“I feel like the fatted calf right now.”

He shrugged. “Sorry I do not understand.”

She wiped a small tear. “I’m just a little vulnerable right now. The only contact I have with the human race right now is with people who want to feed me or fuck me. I’m not really in the mood for either, right now.”

He offered an exaggerated pout. “Perhaps we shall have to settle for one, then?” He picked up the fork and held it to her mouth. “At least try. I will be offended.” She nodded in defeat.

“Close your eyes please.” He took a clean towel and loosely tied it over her eyes. “Food is a sensual experience and you are treating it like a punishment. Enjoy this.”

He held a small morsel close to her face and she could feel the steam rising. She leaned forward, anticipating the taste. But nothing happened. Instead he said. “Smell. Drink in the aroma. Try to guess the ingredients. Think pleasing thoughts at the same time.” Another short pause and a smile.

“That’s the secret. Now open.” She gulped it down and he sighed. “No. You eat, but you do not dine. Let’s try again. This time chew slowly-savour the sensation of flavours in your mouth.”

Another bite. She nodded. “Ohmigod. It’s good...really good!”

“Excellant. Now...we begin.” He fed her the whole omelette and she smiled with pleasure at the end.

“You like?”

“I did actually.” She began to remove the towel but he stopped her.

“Not yet. There are two more. At least one needs to go.”

She nodded. He got about halfway though it, when he reached over and pulled the belt of her dressing gown open. She jumped a bit as his hand stroked up and down the length of her belly. “What are you doing?”

“Well first of all I am checking your belly fat to see how much progress you are making. And I must say the medications seem to be working.”

She didn’t push away, so he moved southward to her crotch. “Uh...that’s not my belly.”

“Technically it is.” He laughed softly. “I am a doctor, so I know where every part of a woman’s anatomy is located. Here between the navel and crotch. The Mons Pubis. It’s meant as padding to protect the groin from injury during intercourse. Oddly enough, it is also very sensitive to the touch. Yours is becoming superbly soft and plush already. It’s one of the things I like about plump women. When I see a woman like you in tight pants...that little bulge below the belt line. A woman who is thin, yet possesses that ripe Mound of Venus-she will be a goddess when he fills out. You know Rubens?”

“Isn’t he the hair stylist from that TV makeover series?”

He looked skyward. “No. He was a master painter. He specialized in full-figured woman. Real women. He posed them to expose their belly in the most provocative way possible. He was so passionate in his work. I’m sure he must have slept with them all. One as fat as you would have been a perfect subject.”

She was about to say Stop calling me fat, when suddenly he began to gently massage the bulge and feed her at the same time. She moaned softly between mouthfuls. “That’s it. Think of the pleasure and keep eating.” She was perspiring a bit and he fed her a little quicker. No complaints.

He stopped and she gasped. She grabbed his hand placed it where it was before. “No. Please don’t stop.”

“I am sorry -it’s all gone. There’s one on the counter, but it’s probably cold. I should heat it up.”

She squeezed his hand. “Don’t you dare. I’ll eat it cold. Now hurry!”

By the time she finished the third one, her belly was hard as rock and his hand was soaked. He was grinning like the Cheshire Cat, when she tore off the blindfold. “Now you must think of this when you indulge. Or whoever you like.”

Millie frowned. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

He shrugged. “You have a husband, yes. Or have you forgotten him already?”

“Oh. Yes. Of course.”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out the two vials for this week. “I think we can forgo my usual fee for this occasion?”

She grabbed his hand. “You just try that and it will not leave this apartment alive.” She dragged him in the bedroom, hoping Amber would call before coming back.

An hour later, he was on his was out and advised. “See you in a week?”

“Maybe tomorrow?”

He shook his head. “Sorry. I won’t have the pills then.”

“A week...”She leaned over and kissed him passionately. “You could bring a pack of TicTacs for all I care. Just be here or I’ll track you down.”


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Sep 13, 2007
Chapter 16

The three-month mark has passed. Millie took a moment to look over her “assistant”. The past twelve weeks had not been so good to Amber. She was obviously a high-maintenance beauty. Now, with no makeup, no fake nails and the roots of her natural brown hair showing through, she looked rather frumpy. The mismatched hoodie and track pants did not help.

Amber realized that the outfit was not at the leading edge of fashion. But she was really trying to hide something else. Her current duties meant she’d had to forgo her former rigorous workout schedule. On top of that, she was surrounded by food day and night; often succumbing to a tasty temptation more than she should have.

The extra calories were beginning to add up. In fact, she’d gained 25 pounds. Her face was still thin and her arms were still well-defined with muscle tone. Sadly, her bust line was only 31”, so he still had no breasts to speak of. But her once-flat stomach now had a proto pot belly, as her waist had thickened to 25”, a 4” gain. Even in her slimmer days, her hips had taped out at 38”. She’d always been careful to dress strategically enough to disguise her pear shape. But this was ridiculous! No sweat pants could completely conceal the 42” globes, jiggling underneath.

Millie could not help staring, but Amber caught her. “What you looking at?”

“I’m looking at your butt. How round and plump it’s getting.”

“I know. I’m not really feeling all that great about myself lately. I’m lonely for well-you know.”

“No. I don’t. Tell me please.”

“I know you have been getting something besides pills in those weekly visits. You’ve been kicking me out to get getting booty calls. Don’t bother to deny it; your guy was here for an hour and a half yesterday. I saw the sign out sheet.”

“Hmmm that was fifty bucks wasted I guess.”

Amber wrinkled her brow. “Fifty bucks on what?”

“Never mind that.” Millie scolded. “Aside from the fact you and my doorman have been spying on me, you’re jealous. Can you not understand how vulnerable I feel right now? I’ll ask again? Want to trade places?”

She frowned, on the verge of tears. “In a way, I feel we already have. I’m actually getting better at cooking, but it’s too hard to make as many meals as you need and make a healthier one for myself. So I end up eating the same things as you, only less of course. It is getting harder to resist temptation though.”

“On top of that, I’m not getting my workouts. I’m getting fat and it’s all your fault. At least my mom got boobs out of it It all ends up on my ass. Partly to thank him for his help, I actually propositioned the doorman yesterday, just to get some attention.”

Smirking, Millie resisted the temptation to laugh and asked. “You and the ...doorman?”

“Not exactly.” Amber began to cry a little. “I practically threw myself at him while I was waiting for your lover to leave. He turned me down.”

That got Millie’s attention. “He what?”

“Laughed in my face actually. What has my life come to? A billionaire rejected me because I was too thin and now a redneck doorman turned me down because I was too fat.”

Millie could stand it no longer and giggled uncontrollably. “Oh honey, I’m sorry. It’s just the absurdity of this whole situation.”

Amber pouted. “You’ll forgive me if I don’t see the humour in this? Besides, you’re one to laugh. Looked in the mirror lately?”

Millie had a moment of clarity and sighed. “Amber, I need to tell you something. Once I do, you may not want to speak to me ever again.”

Amber blanched. “What is it?”

“This time I’ve spent with you has made me realize how important you are to me. As an employee, as a friend. Maybe more...”


“I’m just going to come out and say it. I never married, because I wasn’t entirely sure whether I could be faithful, married to a man. I’m attracted to both sexes equally, but I’ve had to suppress it due to my business. I was drawn to you the moment you signed on with me and the extra pounds just make it more so. I think I’ve fallen in love with you.”

Amber stood quickly. “I-think I need to go to my room.” She crept away as Millie started to well up. But her roomie was just standing there.

Millie shrugged. “What?”

“Well-aren’t you coming?”

“ You mean...?”

“I’ve been trying to tell you this for ages. When I kept telling you to cover up-I wasn’t grossed out. It turned me on. Then, getting the chance to touch you when I fed you or measured you up... ”

“Laying on your lap, getting fed like a queen was the highlight of my day. Then when you said you were going to your room...”

“Yeah that’s because your bed is covered with cake crumbs and I haven’t had time to clean yet. Now hurry up. You’re overdue for a feeding and we aren’t messing up both beds.”


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Sep 13, 2007
Chapter 17

An hour later Amber stroked her new lover’s butt. And what a butt it was. So soft and supple. Millie moaned as she stroked it, caressing the softness of her skin. It was now dimpled with cellulite, but she didn’t care. Amber patted it softly and watched it jiggle.

They had done a tally just this morning. Millie was finally on schedule, at 230 pounds. She now measured 61H-40-49. “You know, it’s only 7” bigger than mine and you outweigh me by 85 pounds.”

Millie turned over and sighed. “That’s because most of ended up here. She held up one of her enormous breasts to Amber’s mouth. Careful, they are still tender. Amber sucked gently on the now-hardened nipple. The other breast was so large and soft, it simply subsided into the void under her armpit.

Amber pressed closer and whispered. “Not all of it. She caressed down the expanse of her new lover’s soft, supple belly. She felt the same tender spot where the Mexican doctor had “educated” her. But Millie reached out too. This time her partner had one too. Not as plump, but they could correct that with time.

Another half hour passes. Amber finally breaks her passionate embrace and offers. “Time to eat. If not you, me.”

Millie began to flip over in the bed but Amber put a stop to eat. “No. That is, maybe later. I need to feed you.”

The pair went out in the kitchen completely naked. Amber pointed to a chair and offered. “Sit please”

Millie did so and Amber took a new carton of strawberry ice cream from the freezer and put it in the microwave. Millie frowned as the timer went past 2 minutes. “What are you doing-it’s going to melt.”

Amber nodded. “That’s the whole point. Ice cream has lots of sugar, fat, flavour, so it’s tempting. But it’s cold, so takes forever to eat. This way is better.” She stuck her finger in and licked it. “Perfect. Now you.”

Millie sucked the fluid greedily off her finger. “No funnel this time?”

Instead of answering, Amber sat astride her. Within seconds, both of them were wet with desire. But that would keep. “Open up. Now hold still. We don’t want to spill any.”

Despite her best efforts Amber did spill a little. “Little help?” She pointed at a blob of the ice cream that had landed on her tiny breast.

Millie gleefully liked it off. “Oh-missed a spot.”

But quite a bit more had landed on the feedee. Amber offered let me clean it up. Even a cat could not have licked her employer cleaner. Millie herself was purring in ecstasy, when Amber finally pushed herself away.

“Don’t stop. Please.”

Amber looked at the floor. It was covered in pink droplets already. She offered “I have two more. If I have to clean the floor anyway...”

Without waiting for a reply, she practically sprinted to the fridge. “Blueberry okay this time?”

Millie nodded. “Hurry.” The routine was repeated. A little more frenzied, a little messier this time round.

Amber smiled greedily. “I saved the chocolate for last.” Millie nodded.

When her newfound lover returned, this time Millie quickly stood and plunked her assistant in place. Grabbing the container, she pleaded. “Your turn.” Amber remained tight lipped at first. “Please.”

“It’s not good for me.” Amber shook her head. “I’m eating too much junk already. If I’m not careful, I’m gonna get fat.”

“Face it kiddo. You’re already fat. Who are you saving yourself for? Get bigger for me. Please.”

“This is happening too fast. I’m scared.”

“That makes two of us. Do it for me. Do it with me.”

Amber closed her eyes, leaned back and let Millie pour the contents inside her. The warm fluid was refreshing, as was the reaction when she began to lick the spillage of her boss’ breast.

But as Amber sucked it clean, something else happened. A small drop of liquid squirted from her breast. Amber looked down at Millie’s cleavage. The brown chocolate residue had a rivulet of whitish fluid coursing down her belly.

Amber gasped. “Millie! Is that...milk?”

It was. The hormones had no effect on chickens because they did not lactate. But Millie was fully equipped to do so and the small droplets were evidence of that.

Millie looked down and wondered. “Maybe the pills? No wonder my boobs were so tender.”

Amber gawked again. “I’m no expert, but that needs to come out, one way or another.”

Nodding in agreement, Millie stood, then sat on the floor. She guided her co-diner to the floor and placed her head in her lap. Next, she gently guided her nipple toward Amber’s mouth. “I don’t know about the “other” way, but this is the best one I can think of. Please don’t fight me on this. Help me-my boobs are really sore.”

“Fight you?” Amber smirked. “Are you kidding? I would be delighted...”

Millie cut her off by stuffing her nipple in as far as it would go. “Take it. Take it all! Please. Oh yes! God that feels good.”

About twenty minutes have passed. Both women lay gasping in the throes of passion. They were now completely covered in three flavours of melted ice cream “soup”.

Millie sighed in contentment. “What now?”

“Well, hate to break up this party, but I need to clean up this mess. Why don’t you take a shower in the meantime?”

Millie shook her head. “Nope. We do both of them together.”

“As for my booty calls. I could arrange for you to be a part of that. Or even”

“Does that interest you?”

Amber nodded. “You know it does.”

“Well, our friend likes girls who are a little plumper than you. Luckily, we have 6 days to work on it.”


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Sep 13, 2007
Chapter 18

The next six days redefined their relationship. First of all, there was no question of them sleeping apart from now on. Often, there was no question of them sleeping at all.

Millie’s “condition” was in full force. By evening, she had become engorged 3 times-each time the pressure being relieved by her new lover’s eager lips. Since Millie had to wake up at midnight and 4am to take her medication, they scheduled her lactation routine in synch. At night, the pair would curl up together and Amber would drink her dry, as Millie purred in ecstasy. Then both sated, they would pass out in each other’s arms.

Millie realized that she could actually lose weight doing this, so they needed to compensate. Doing a little online research, they figured she should produce about a quart of milk per day, totalling 700 calories. To compensate, at each of the five milkings, Amber would feed her a quart of heavy cream, mixed with brown sugar and Nestle’s Quik. Any one those drinks would have replenished her fluid and calcium loss. But with each serving, she also ingested 2500 calories. So, the net result was nearly 12,000 calories just from that. If she ate nothing else, Millie would gain 3 pounds a day. Amber was concerned that these drinks would spoil her appetite for solid food. Nothing could be further from the truth. Her metabolism was changing. The matchmaker was always hungry-her intake was really only limited by how much Amber could shop for and prepare and still allow a modicum of sleep.

As a result, in those 6 days Millie gained 26 pounds. Her belly was stretching even more, so it had now swollen to 44”, a 4-inch improvement. But now, the rapid and repeated overfilling had striped her front and side with a series of stretch marks. Her butt had followed suit, adding 3” to its previous 49” tally.

It was up top that the gluttony and unexpected “motherhood” had enhanced her breasts even more. They had grown to 66”. Her nipples were red and sore but a little cream would help that.

For her part, Amber had only half-heartedly agreed to join her employer’s road to feedism. She enjoyed the attention, but really was not on board with the rest. If she had truly wanted to be bigger, she would have accepted Jay’s offer in the first place.

The young woman was about to learn the difference between good intentions and reality. If she had been a better student, she would have paid attention in biology class. If babies drink only mother’s milk and babies are fat, it stands to reason that mother’s milk is fattening. The 700 calories a day she was sucking out of Millie had to end up somewhere.

On top of that, she was sneaking a cream drink of her own at the midnight and 4 am feedings. Not to mention, she usually stopped for a burger and fries or a 4-piece chicken dinner for herself every time she went shopping. Which was every day, at this point. Amber could not understand her sudden and insatiable desire for food.

But if she had paid attention in science class, when they discussed osmosis; she would have known better. Millie was not just expressing her life giving milk to her new lover. The grehlin-inducing hormones were fat soluable. That meant they were persistent in a woman’s body. Sweat, urine output would have no effect and normally the hormones would build steadily in her adipose tissue. But they could be excreted in her milk fat. Neither knew it, but Amber had already absorbed about 10% of Millie’s accumulated appetite supplements. By day 4, she would have eaten a phone book, if you put chocolate sauce on it.

Suffice it to say that the reluctant apprentice gained a few pounds of her own in the same time. 11 pounds, to be precise. As in the past, it mostly landed in one place. At 26” her belly had added another inch, as it began to take on a decidedly hemispherical shape. Still no boobs yet; though. As before, her butt had absorbed the bulk of the caloric intake. As a result, her nether globes had swollen by another 3”, to 46”.

As they curled up in each other’s arms, Millie sighed as the alarm went off. 8 am. “What is it this time? Feed me, milk me?”

Amber toyed with her nipple. “Both. Maybe we could try to do them simultaneously?”

Millie looked skyward. “My God! I feel like a cow. And I’ve got the udders to prove it.”

Amber rolled her eyes. “At least you’ve got them. If you’re the cow, I’m the milking machine and it’s making me fatter every day. To make matters worse, it all ends up on my ass. I’m starting to look like a human bowling pin.”

Pulling away Millie scowled. “Fair enough. Be so kind as to get me a breast pump when you shop today. We’ll just dump it down the drain.”

Amber caressed her breast. “This way is easier. And more fun. Who am I kidding- I can’t stop, no matter how much I try”

“Then stop trying.” Millie guided her nipple closer to Amber’s lips. “Hurry-I need this.”

Amber smiled. “So do I.”


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Sep 13, 2007
Chapter 19

Twenty minutes later. Millie tapped her lover on the shoulder. “Come on sunshine. Feeding time.” Amber nodded and strolled into the kitchen. A moment later, Millie’s phone rang. On the other end, a voice offered. “Can I come over in an hour?”

“Umm make it two will you. The place is a mess and Amber needs some time.”

The voice at the other end simply said. “Two hours. No more.”

Amber came in with her cream drink and a blueberry cheesecake. “Here you go.”

Millie let her feed both of them to her and wiped her mouth greedily.

Amber slid over. “Room for dessert?”

She shook her head. “I have a surprise. My visitor is coming. I think you should stay this time.”

The pair quickly cleaned up the apartment and each other.

They sat patiently waiting. 10 am, 11, 11:30am. Millie finally threw her hands up in annoyance. “Son of a bitch! How dare he stand up! I guess we might as well eat something.”

As if on cue, there was a knock at the door. Millie sighed as she opened it, scolding. “It’s about time...”

She stood transfixed staring at a very handsome, but completely unknown young man. “Pizza?”

Millie looked at Amber who shook her head. “Nope sorry . You must have the wrong apartment.”

It was his turn to disagree. “You are Millie, yes?”

“How did you know my name..?”

He opened the pizza box. There was no pizza. Only two vials of pills. “The doctor was unable to come. I am here in his place.”

Millie nodded. “I see. A subcontractor?” She took the vials and stood blocking the door. “Was there something else?”

He smiled slyly. “Well there is the matter of my delivery fee. Unless you wish to complete our transaction in the corridor? I have no objection, but your neighbours might.”

Amber snorted. “Fee? How much is it to do deliver no pizza these days?”

Millie shushed her and pulled him in. She sized him up again. “So which one? Her or me?”

Wordlessly, he started to disrobe. He motioned them to do likewise. Amber was naked in seconds, as was her boss. They eyed their visitor in anticipation. For his part, the young man was tall slim, well muscled and with all the equipment needed to do the task at hand.

Millie waited for him to make the first move. When he made no effort to do so, she approached. “So who do you prefer. Me or her?”


“I was hoping you’d say that. Who’s first?”


He looked at Amber and nonchalantly offered. “I will be gentle with you, as it is your first time...” Before she could reply he added. “...with a man.”

Millie blanched as her roomie blushed. “Really-is that true?”

Amber shrugged. “I was saving myself for the right...person.”

The young man crept closer. “Am I that person? Perhaps I should leave?”

“And forfeit your fee?”Millie stood behind him and pressed him forward, until he was the meat in a feedee sandwich. “I won’t have word get out that I don’t pay my debts.”

“Then perhaps we should proceed to the bedroom? And if what is trickling down my back is what I think it is, this is getting more intriguing by the minute.”

That was the last thing he said for two hours. As he was dressing to leave, Amber pouted a bit. “You drank it. My milk.”

Millie snorted. “You mean he drank my milk? And for my part, it was worth it.”

“Maybe...”Amber stood and walked over to him and purred. “It was wonderful otherwise. Thank you.”

He smirked.”I would say the pleasure was all mine, but that would not be the case. Now if you ladies will excuse me...”

He opened the door and nodded in salute. Meanwhile, the ladies blurted out simultaneously. “Will you at least tell me your name? Will you be back?

He looked at them one at a time and replied. “No and no.” Without another word, he closed the door and left.

After a sigh, the next words were. “We are going to make a ton of food and you are going to feed me and fuck me, till I beg for mercy.” But it was Amber who said it.

Millie walked over and kissed her on the cheek. “My pet. I think you have crossed over. I was thinking the same thing.”

But the door had no sooner closed, when the phone rang. Millie had a good idea who it was, so began the conversation with “I’m only not cross with you for your tardiness because your substitute...

The voice at the other end cut her off. “Shut up you fool. I’m not that Mexican errand boy.”


“He will not be back. You were instructed to meet him alone for a reason. He is a valued asset and we must not let outsiders get a glimpse. From now on, your medications will arrive by courier. Get your head together."

Millie tried to explain but the line went dead.

“Well that’s me told.” Millie looked up to see that Amber was already in the kitchen getting their next round of gluttony prepared. She rubbed her breasts, advising. “Better save some room. Our new friend did not quite finish the job.”


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Sep 13, 2007
Chapter 19

After they had sated both their appetites for food and passion, Amber put her head on Millie’s plump abdomen and stared into her eyes.

For her part, Millie was drifting off into contended slumber, but was jolted back to reality by Amber’s revelation. “Remember when I told you that I’d never been with a man?”

Millie nodded. “Was it true?”

Amber moved her head further down and caressed the softness of her lover’s belly. “Totally true. I really was saving myself for marriage. Guess that ship’s sailed, no matter what.”

She now had her lover’s full attention. “What do you mean by that?”

Amber lifted her head a bit and added. “Why us, silly. I enjoyed that little romp today and would have welcomed a repeat encounter. I’m sure you feel the same?”

Millie sighed. “Oh yes. He was a very good bad boy. Where is this going?”

Amber paused and raised her head a bit. “I was going to ask the same thing. I came to you to help me find love. I never thought it would turn out like this, but I did.”

Millie corrected her. “No dear. You came to me to find a husband. A rich husband. There was no mention of love at all.”

“My point exactly. I’ve put my life on hold and look at me. I’m getting so fat. There’s no chance I’ll get married to anyone now. You actually did find a rich husband and you still aren’t happy. We need to plan for the future together.”

Millie was not happy with how their conversation was progressing; but better to get it all out in the open now. “Sounds like you’ve put a lot of thought into this.”

Amber shook her head. “Not really. Once this is all over and you get shed of what’s his name, I think we should wipe the slate.”

Her bedmate probed a bit more. “And what does that entail?”

“Fresh start. Maybe move to a new city? It sounds scary when you think of it at first. We’ll certainly have the money. More than we could spend in our entire lives.”

Millie nodded. “Fresh start. Wipe the slate. Yes I agree. It’s not scary at all though. Now enough talk. Please make me a snack. I need to take my pills.”

Amber nodded. “I have a dozen éclairs all set for you. Sorry I mean eight. I ate the others already. I’ll feed them to you?”

“Sounds delightful. I think I need a double helping of that cream, to wash it down. Now shoo!”

Amber strolled out and Millie admired the jiggle of her butt as she turned the corner. Millie sat back realizing this mess had been of her own doing. She didn’t want to split the money with her own husband, let alone a ne’er do well ingénue. But for now she would go with the flow, until she came up with a better plan. Her thoughts were interrupted by a long rumble in her belly. “Amber honey. Let’s hurry it up a bit.”

Good as her word, Amber returned with a tray with the éclairs and two helpings of her now-famous cream drink. This time she had whizzed them in the blender. This, in an effort to disguise the fact she’d adjusted the recipe a bit. She was determined now to ensure their conspiracy succeeded.

The ploy fooled her “cow” who sucked it back greedily. “Mmm. I like that. But you aren’t fooling anyone.”

Before Amber could reply, she added. “You broke up the éclairs, so I wouldn’t notice there’s only enough there to make up six. You ate the other two didn’t you?”

Amber nodded, as she fed the pieces to her lover one at a time. “Forgive me?”

Millie nodded. “This drink makes up for it. Got enough ingredients for two more?”

Amber nodded “I think so. Let’s get this into you first.” Millie devoured the last pieces and passionately sucked the remaining whipped cream of her roomie’s fingers.”

A small drop of fluid emerged from Millie’s breast. Amber licked it off in her turn. Millie pushed her away gently. “I need my pills, first off. Then you promised me two more of those drinks.”

Amber sped off and used the remaining ingredients to make two more. She carried them in and put them on the table. First, she gave Millie her pills and a glass of water. Then she added. “Special treat.”

Millie smiled. “You mentioned some time ago about feeding me and milking me at the same time? I think it would be fun.”

Amber gasped. “Really.”

“Mmmhmm. But first I have a question. Are you really attracted to me?”

Her lover paused half in and half out of the bed. “Of course. Why would you ask?”

“Well I wasn’t sure if it was just this lactation thing. It was an accident-a happy accident, as it turns out. But you know it has to end eventually, right?”

“Of course. It’s fun, but the end result...” She patted the plump rear she had acquired. “If it goes on much longer, I’ll be bigger than you.”

Millie smirked as he ingénue opened the door. “So...are you attracted to the old me or what I’m becoming.”

Amber confessed. “Both. Neither. It’s hard to explain...”

Millie patted the bed and Amber sat. “No need. I’ve already figured it out. Tell me the truth-what is in the drink?”

Amber’s mouth quivered a bit as she stuttered “I’m sorry. I was just trying...”

Millie put her finger t her lips to shush her. “It’s okay-just tell me.”

“Quart of heavy cream, cup of brown sugar, ¼ cup Quik, dash of nutmeg.”


“And a pound of lard in each one. I’m sorry I just wanted you...”

Millie took her hand. “You were trying to say you want me to get fatter, but it’s not just for the money. “ She caressed her own bulging belly. “You really like this?”

Amber nodded. “Not at first. I was a bit weirded out. You have to admit it takes a little getting used to.”

Millie added. “You told me your mom was fat and busty.” She hefted her massive glands and probed. “This isn’t some Freudian thing is it?”

“Freudian?” Amber sighed. “I fell for a former friend, that became an employer; who asks me to fatten up for a sham marriage? That’s the very definition of weird. But the honest I think I do have a bit of a boob fixation, because I can’t seem to grow my own.”

Millie raised and eyebrow. “My original plan was to diet this off. I could just get lipo and leave these if you like?”

Amber whitened. “No. Please...?”

“I’m thinking I’m coming around to the idea that I may change my mind and stay this way. For you. But you need to say it out loud. If I stay fat will you stay with me?”

Amber smiled. “That would please me so much, you have no idea.”

“Then I’ll do it under certain conditions.”

“Name it.”

Millie picked up one of the drinks. “This is probably pretty fattening right?”

Amber nodded. “New recipe-7000 calories each. About two pounds of gain for each one.”

“Well down the hatch then.” Amber was shocked when Millie did not bring the glass to her own lips. Instead, she put one hand behind Amber’s head, and held the glass in front of her, ordering “Open up.”

Amber was about to protest, but was cut off. “I’ll get fatter and stay that way for you, but you need to do the same. And you have some catching up to do. From now on, things will be different between us.

Amber took the glass in both hands and sucked it back without protest. Millie felt her belly and smiled. “You still have room. But it’s my turn.”

Millie arranged herself so that she could place Amber’s head in her lap. Then she took her own drink and advised. “Now we start.”

Amber took the hint and began to suckle greedily as Millie tasted, then downed, her third uber-fattening drink. The tasks completed, Amber drifted off into slumber but her newly appointed feeder lay back and wondered how to unscramble an egg.