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Oct 9, 2005
~SSBBW, Magic, Extreme Eating, Tube Feeding, ~XWG - with unique help and some creative thinking a girl friend overcomes her fast metabolism and fulfills her guy's fantsasy

[Author's Note: Here's a little fantasy I wrote, hope you enjoy it. It's about a woman, a mirror and her desire to become very buxom and plump. There's no controlling, violence or graphic sex, just good, clean breast and body expansion. If you're too young to read this, or laws prevent you from doing so, please go elsewhere. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy.]

The Mirror
by BX1
(Courtesy of the Dimensions Library Cyberspace Recovery Team,
which recently visited the Wren Spot archives)

View Illustration by Johnny Swell

Samantha watched with envy as a woman with large, heavy breasts walked by. They jiggled and swayed, drawing the eyes of every man within sight. The woman had flaring hips, and a slight belly, all attached to a round bottom and thick, shapely legs.

"I really hate that Jim let me know how he feels about full figured women," Samantha thought as she walked along.

In a storefront window she saw the reflection of her own thin body. "Sure, I asked him to describe his 'perfect' woman, but who would have thought..."

She remembered the conversation of only a week ago, when at dinner Jim's eyes had wandered for a lengthy period of time to a plump woman with very large breasts. His eyes seem locked in on the deep cleavage and jiggling fat that formed her massive bust.

As her dark thoughts grew she reached the door of her apartment, unlocked it, and walked in. Samantha had fallen for Jim, hard. While he also seemed very attracted to her, she was concerned about the fact that he seemed drawn to large women. When confronted Jim had assured Samantha he was in love with her, not her body.

"Not exactly the best answer," she thought. Standing in front of a full length mirror that showed three different angles, Samantha pushed her flat belly out, trying to make it look fatter. In her mind she imagined having a plump body, massive boobs and wide hips. She pantomimed herself getting fatter and fatter, spreading her arms out in front of her.

"It's no use," she thought, "My metabolism is so high I've never been able to gain weight."

In frustration she went into the kitchen, pulled out a cake, and began to eat. Sitting at the table, she could feel the volume of cake begin to fill her stomach, but she kept eating. About half way through the cake, she looked down to see a small bulge had formed.

"I wish I could actually get fat," Samantha said out loud to no one, "fat, and round and with monstrous boobs. I'm tired of looking like a boy."

In her mind she imagined herself, fat, curvaceous, each step of her legs causing her breasts to jiggle and sway.

Resolved painted her face, and Samantha cut off another slice of cake, and began to eat. Slowly, she could feel her belly begin to press against the waist band of her shorts, and still she ate. Finally, she finished the last piece of cake, then stood to find something else to eat. Opening the refrigerator door a gallon of milk stared her in the face. Samantha quickly reached for it, removing the top.

"Milk, it does a body good," she thought as she began to drink. The liquid flowed into her belly, and Samantha felt the pressure in her tummy increase. Walking back to the mirror in the living room, she was startled at how much her stomach now stuck out. The band of shorts were cutting into the skin, causing minor discomfort.

As Samantha continued to drain the gallon of milk, she could see her belly continue to expand. As the last of the milk flowed into her belly Samantha dropped the now empty jug. Looking back at her was a very pretty girl with long, dark hair, a deep, dark complexion, and brilliant green eyes.

"All I need are curves," she thought. "I wish I really could get fat, wonderfully, curvily, fat!"

Samantha pushed her rounded tummy out, and suddenly the button at the top of her shorts popped off.

"Cool," she thought as she looked down at the curve of her belly. Something changed in the mirror, and she looked back up. A woman had appeared in the mirror. Quickly turning, Samantha saw no one was behind her. Looking back at the mirror with a mixture of surprise and fear, she watch the apparition step from the mirror, and walk slowly around her until the stranger was standing behind her.

Not just any woman, this being from the mirror was a fat, buxom, smiling female. Wide hips and a round belly were accentuated by the body suit she wore. Samantha turned with a start to face the stranger, but her eyes moved down to notice the depth of the cleavage contained between the woman's fat, heavy breasts.

"Those are the size of volley balls," she thought, but she quickly recovered.

"Who are you, and how did you get in here," Samantha asked, an edge to her voice.

"You wished, didn't you," the plump woman replied.

"What are you talking about."

The woman stepped back, smiling knowingly as she looked Samantha up and down. "You wished you could get fat, right? Fat with huge boobs, even bigger than mine I'm willing to bet."

With a start Samantha realized the woman was right. She remembered the picture of herself she had conjured up, a large, plump hourglass figure with breasts twice the size of the woman standing in front of her. Absentmindedly Samantha rubbed her distended belly, feeling a warmth run through her.

"I guess I did wish for that, but what difference does that make," she asked.

"Some would call me a witch, others a fairy godmother, but let's just say I have certain powers, and I'm going to grant you your wish. You showed you were serious about fattening up when you ate until your pants popped open."

The witch paused and looked down at Samantha's distended belly. "Is that still your wish, to get as fat as you want."

Samantha though briefly, then answered. "It is. But can you make it so my body maintains certain proportions?"

Samantha looked at her flat chest.

The witch smiled again, "You really want those big boobs, don't you."

Samantha nodded her head in agreement.

The witch waved her hand over Samantha. "Done. Now, for the next twenty-four hours you can eat continuously, and grow fatter with every bite. How much you gain, how big you become is entirely up to you."

"You're serious," Samantha asked, uncertain if she should believe the witch.

The witch pointed toward the open refrigerator, "Go try for yourself and see what happens."

Samantha walked back to the kitchen and pulled another gallon of milk from the refrigerator. Throwing her head back she began to drink. This time, none of the discomfort from being too full hit, she drank without pause. Holding her free hand over her belly, Samantha could feel it swell. But this time it wasn't just from the volume of liquid in her stomach, but a layer of fat began to form over it. A thrill ran through her. In her mind the picture she had earlier suddenly wasn't large enough! She wanted to be the most incredible woman Jim had ever laid eyes on.

Turning back to the mirror she notice her breasts had grown, in fact her entire body had filled out slightly. Samantha smiled at the figure that reflected back at her. She turned to thank the witch, but she had vanished. Moving back to the refrigerator she took stock.

"This isn't going to fatten me up nearly enough," she thought. Samantha picked up the phone, and hit the speed dial for Jim's office.

"Jim, hi, it's me. Hey, can you get today and tomorrow off, I promise to make it worth your while. You can, great. Oh, and by the way, on the way over here would you mind stopping at the grocery store. What do I want, well, fill the back of your truck with the most fattening foods you can find, okay. No, I mean fill it, full."

Samantha hung up the phone, and smiled. "Just like I'm going to be,"

Samantha thought. Jim's voice had been full of curiosity, but he said he'd be there in an hour or so. "I'd better get to work."

Samantha looked again in the angled mirror at the various views of her body. New curves were forming, and she wanted to give Jim something to look at by the time he got there. With a vengeance she moved back to the fridge and pulled out a gallon of ice cream. Grabbing a spoon she began to dig in.

"To think I could eat anything and not gain an ounce," she laughed between spoon fulls. As the gallon began to dwindle, Samantha looked back at herself in the mirror. Her belly had rounded out, her bottom had also swelled, as had the rest of her figure. But her bust had shown the greatest growth. Her once non-existent breasts now overflowed her A cups.

"Great. A few more pounds of fattening food and I'll burst the snap on this bra."

Now even more excited, Samantha pulled a family sized spaghetti container from the freezer and stuck it in the microwave. Setting the timer, she then returned and pulled a three pound package of cookies from the cupboard. Ripping the cookies open, Samantha began eating. As she ate her body expanded, became fatter, she could feel it. Her bottom rounded out, swelling against the shorts she had on. She could also feel her belly expand into the front of the shorts.

Looking down Samantha noticed she was having trouble seeing her feet, her breasts had grown to small mounds. The microwave timer sounded as the last of the cookies disappeared. Looking in the mirror, Samantha had a start. The boy like figure she used to have was gone. A shapely figure had begun to replace it, a figure that was just the start. Smooth curves had formed on her hips, leading down to fuller thighs and shapely calves. Her belly protruded from the open button in the front of her shorts, straining the next button in line. Her breasts had easily grown two cup sizes, in fact, she had probably gained fifteen or twenty pounds.

Samantha removed the spaghetti from the microwave, and use a fork to dig in. Looking at the container, she noticed the label.

"Feeds six," she laughed. "Looks like one is about all this will feed tonight," she said. Mouthful after mouthful of food went down, and Samantha reveled in the feeling of her body expanding with each forkful. A sudden pop drew her attention to her chest. Cleavage had risen up from the front of her T-shirt, her breasts now easily D cup in size. The small bra had finally been unable to contain their weight and volume, it's front plastic snap breaking. Samantha slid the T-shirt off, then removed her bra. Heavy and fat, her breasts swayed with every movement. She lifted them, then pressed them together, forming deep cleavage.

"And this is just the start," she thought, pulling her T-shirt back on. Now unfettered by the bra, they jiggled with each breath she took.

Samantha dug back in on the spaghetti, her body becoming fatter and rounder as she continued to eat. She could feel her belly continuing to expand into the shorts, when the next button let go, her plumpening belly spilling even more from it's confines. A wicked thought crossed her mind. She dialed Jim's mobile phone number, eating while the phone rang.

"Hi lover," she said between mouthfuls. "You're not at the store yet, are you. No, great. Hey, cancel that grocery store order and head to the health food store. You've got it. I want you to buy all the weight gain power they have, the stuff that will mix with water. Don't ask why, you'll see when you get here."

Samantha laughed as the curiosity in Jim's voice was evident. "Just get here as quick as you can."

Hanging up the phone Samantha stood, then walked to the mirror again. Once again she was greeted by a reflection that was even larger than when she had last stood in front of it. Her breasts were now easily double D sized, they had begun to stick out past the side of her body. As she forked yet more spaghetti into her mouth she could almost see her body swell with fat.

Taking a deep breath, she forced her rounding belly out, and was rewarded with the remainder of the buttons down its front popping loose. Each side of the opening was pushed back by her round, selling tummy. She ran her hand over her fattening stomach, and cupped her hands under it. Amazed at the volume, she lifted the rounded layer of fat, and felt the weight under her hand. Samantha squealed with glee, her entire body quivering as she did. She noticed her face had filled out, and a small double chin had formed. The sleeves of her top now cut into her plump upper arms, and rolls of fat formed at her sides. Her thighs now met at their tops and strained around the legs of her shorts.

"I want to gain another twenty pounds before Jim gets here." Heading back into the kitchen, Samantha looked for the most fattening foods she had. The freezer was full of junk food, she'd always been able to eat it, and never gained any weight. Out came burritos, and twelve of them into the microwave.

While they cooked Samantha glanced around, seeing one of several dairy whip squirt bottles in the door. She grabbed two, then walked over to the mirror. Putting the nozzle of the first one in her mouth, she squeezed. Swallowing rapidly, she saw her body begin to swell before her eyes. As she watched her breasts expanded outward, like inflating water balloons. The ribbing of her T-shirt stretched further and further as her boobs became fatter, rounder and heavier.

The rest of her body also filled out, her hips spilling out over the top of her shorts. The front opening, devoid of any buttons, was spread wider by her increasingly round belly. She saw her belly button become deeper and darker and her belly fattened more and more. In nearly profile, she could see her bust stuck out nearly a foot now, overshadowing the growth of the rest of her body.

As the first bottle sputtered to emptiness, she dropped it and stuck the second one in her mouth, then released the contents into her body. With each swallow her body continued to fatten, becoming softer, curvier and more shapely. Looking in the mirror Samantha marveled at the hourglass figure she was growing. Her hips grew wider, her belly rounder, and her bottom swelled into two round hemispheres of plumpness.

The seams of her shorts strained in protest of the new load they contained. But the accumulation of fat in her breasts was remarkable. Slowly, like dough rising, they grew in front of her eyes. The microwave rang, signaling the food was done, as she pulled the last two dairy whip containers from the fridge, then drained them into her mouth. As the last container emptied, Samantha was rewarded with a seam on the side of her T-shirt splitting. Looking down, she noticed her breasts were nearly the size of the witch's, they were fat, round and quivering.

Dropping the container, she lifted her breasts and marveled at their weight and size. Sensitive to the touch, a wave of desire ran through her. She let them drop, and was astounded at their sensitivity. They slapped together, and she drew in a breath at the tingling feeling that ran through her body. They spilled out the sides of her T-shirt, and rested on the shelf of her belly.

"Fatter, fatter and bigger and rounder," she thought. She also noticed how round her bottom had become, the shorts she wore barely covered the cheeks of her butt.

"These will look like a thong before long." The side seams had begun to split, revealing thick, plump thighs.

As Samantha walked to the microwave, she noticed she had developed a slight waddle, and felt her entire body quiver with each step. Pulling the twelve large burritos from the oven she began to eat yet again. Seams continued to tear as her body fattened from the on-going feast. Samantha felt her belly swell, pushing her growing breasts higher. Looking down, she noticed they looked massive, sticking out forever in front of her. She patted the tops of them, and was rewarded with a ripple of motion.

Soon, the T-shirt was split completely up the side, her basket ball sized beasts barely covered by the tattered remains. Only the waist band remained intact on her shorts, a roll of fat pushing over their sides. Samantha looked in the mirror, noticing her panties were stretched to their limit, they now covered only a quarter of her bottom, the round, fat cheeks of her butt spilling out the sides. As Samantha continued to eat, her hourglass figure continued to expand, growing fuller, her breasts becoming more massive with each bite. She could almost see her body growing in the mirror, and smiled at the results.

The door bell rang as Samantha picked up the last burrito. Standing, she marveled at the feeling of how being this voluptuous was such a turn on. Each jiggle of her body excited her. Her breasts swayed and slapped together, sending a shiver down her spine. The T- shirt front lay on the shelf created by her chest, barely covering her nipples. Looking through the security hole, she saw Jim standing at the door, a hand cart loaded with four cases of weight gain power next to him.

Samantha opened the door a crack. "Jim, come in, but I've got a surprise for you."

She opened the door the rest of the way, standing behind it. The hand cart came in first, pushed by Jim. Samantha closed the door as Jim turned, a quizzical look on his face.

"What is this all abou..." Jim voice caught in his throat, and his mouth dropped open as he caught sight of Samantha. She smile and laughed as he stood staring.

"What's the matter, do I look a little different?"

"What, how, I mean. Wow!! You look absolutely great."

"Thanks. It seems I've gained a few pounds. Like it?" Samantha patted her exposed belly, a wave of movement racing through her fattened body. When the movement reached her massive breasts, she smiled as Jim's eyes went wide.

"How did you get this fat so fast?" he asked.

"You wouldn't believe it if I told you the truth, so just chalk it up to determined eating."

Jim looked Samantha's body up and down, then tentatively reached his hand out to touch her. She took his hand and rubbed it on her plump, rounded belly.

"Why did you want the weight gain powder, looks like you've done all right without it."

Samantha looked him in the eyes, "Well, I know you like large boobs, deep cleavage and plump, hourglass shaped women."

She ran her hands along the sides of her breasts as she spoke. "I'm willing to get as large as you want me to, if you don't think I'm too large now."

Samantha pirouetted in front of Jim, giving him a chance to look at her rounded backside and flaring hips and thighs.

"I don't want to control how big you are, but you can get as large as you want if you're asking my opinion. As long as you're healthy and mobile."

"Deal. Here's my plan, get the big tub we put ice for the beer kegs in and clean it up. Then cut a hole in the side and attach some hose to it. Mix up all of the weight gain powder with water, and I'm going to drink it down until we're either out, or I'm satisfied with my figure."

Like a man possessed, Jim had the contraption ready to go and mixed in less than half an hour. Samantha helped move the table in front of the mirror so she could sit on the floor and drink with the tub on the table. A clamp held the hose closed while she positioned herself. Now dressed in a pair of sweat pants and a T-shirt that belonged to Jim, Samantha noticed how soft the floor now felt with the extra padding on her backside. Putting the half inch hose in her mouth she slowly released the clamp and began to drink.

Almost immediately Samantha could begin to feel her body fattening yet again. Her breasts began to swell like massive balloons under the XXL T-shirt, and her belly began to plumpen out onto the legs. No longer able to see down, Samantha saw the changes to her body in the mirror. Her thighs became thicker, and touched more and more as she gained weight. She also began to rise higher as her butt expanded.

Keeping the hose below the level of the tub, Samantha rose to her knees. Her belly jutted out in front of her, the sweat pants becoming tight across her middle, a small fold forming at her belly button. She felt a thrill run through her has the tops of her breasts rose from the T-shirt, her boobs nearly the size of beach balls. Marveling at their size, they rested partially on the expanding belly she sported, but stuck well out in front of it. She was now unable to reach around to the front of her breasts with her free hand. Her hips swell outward, matched by the proportional growth of her bottom. Running her hand along the fattening curves, Samantha marveled at her round, fat body.

While sucking on the hose she said, "How'm I doing? Not too big yet."

Jim merely shook his head no, he was unable to speak.

As Samantha's body continued to grow fatter and rounder, the clothes that had started out hanging loosely on her began to strain to hold her massive breasts, belly, and body. And still she continued to drink the weight gain solution. As Samantha watched in the mirror she saw her body swell like an inflatable balloon. And in her mind she realized that all her life she had wanted to fatten up, to have a voluptuous, buxom figure. Long forgotten memories of watching cartoon women grow fat, and the curiosity that had grown in her, returned. Like a bolt of lightening, Samantha realized she was achieving a dream she had suppressed since her childhood.

With that thought, she removed the clamp from the hose, and drank from the rush of liquid forced down her throat. Like a water balloon gone crazy, her body rapidly fattened as she watched the results in the mirror. Her breasts were easily the largest feature on her body, they stuck over two feet out in front of her. As they swelled with fat the seams of the shirt ripped open, followed quickly by the sleeves as her arms ballooned as well. With her free hand Samantha pulled the tattered remains of the shirt free, and noted her breasts were like zeppelins, huge, fat and quaking. The seams of the sweat pants failed soon after, her belly, hips and butt, fat and round. Kneeling, she had to move her legs apart to provide room for her growing thighs. A sucking sound pierced the moment, and Samantha realized the tub was nearly empty.

As the last of the liquid coursed through the tube, Samantha stood. She estimated she now weighed nearly three hundred pounds, her entire body jiggling as she turned before the mirror. As the witch had promised, her body had retained an hourglass figure, but the curves she saw were beyond belief. From the back she still had a waist, with wide flaring hips. Her breasts jutted out past each side of her body, each was nearly as wide as she was.

"Satisfied," she asked, looking at Jim for a reaction.

Jim's eyes told her all she needed to know.

"Why don't you run out and get a few pizzas, and a shirt and shorts I can wear," Samantha asked. But get the clothes a little large, I might still need some room to grow."

Her breasts shook uncontrollably as Samantha laughed watching Jim dash through the door. "I've still got time left on this spell, may as well not waste it."



Samantha stood before the mirror, the shorts and T-shirt that Jim had returned with the previous night stretched across her figure. Her breasts were massive, rising nearly to her chin. They overhung her round, plump belly and stretched the shirt tight. Her hips flared out, and swelled into a round, fat bottom.

Fat, plump arms and legs completed the picture. Looking thoughtfully at the figure that stared back at her, she couldn't help but wonder how the witch had known to watch her. She had not realized herself that she wanted to be fat until it had struck her the day before, as she watched her body expand.

"This is going to work out just fine," she said, watching her body quake as she laughed.


womble/leprechaun hybrid!
Nov 22, 2007
this is a really great story.

I'm serious, this must be kept as an examplar peice of writing.

(sorry, I'm still distracted by the mental image of her boobs!)

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