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May 3, 2014
Back to Church

I got up early that Sunday and decided to go to church. I'd gotten divorced last year and bought a new downsized home just two blocks away from our old Methodist church, but had delayed going back to see what my ex was going to do (didn't want old church friends taking one side over the over) but that problem was solved because she moved to another city to take a job.

I was also hesitant because I'd REALLY packed on the pounds the last few months of our marriage and during the separation and post-divorce. I was a little embarrassed for people to see me this fat but today I just decided what the hell. God didn't care if I was big blubbery hippo of a man, so why should his flock?

Still, I was around 250 pounds the last I was there and now I'm guessing I'm around 100 pounds heavier. But since my scale only goes to 300 and I haven't gotten around to buying a new one, it's totally a guess.

So I put on my new size 62 suit jacket and 58 suit pants and decided to venture forth. I actually thought about driving the two blocks -- how pathetic is that? But I decided to suck it up and walk, Two blocks exercise is better than none.

I skipped Sunday School, thinking I'd have to talk to fewer people and went straight to the 11 o'clock service. I got through unnoticed as much as a fat man can do so and took a seat toward the back. So far so good, only 10 minutes until the service starts ...

Just then, my old Sunday School acquaintance Juanita spots me. Oh crap -- she's the height of fitness -- a trim and very well put together African American woman and a widow whom I've never been able to figure has never remarried. She's super bright and funny and kinda sexy in a pillar of the church kind of way. But I always kind of wondered if a wild side might be lurking under that prim and proper exterior ....

"Tom -- is that you? I hardly recognized you but boy you look great! It's been so long -- where have you been?" Then she hugged me tight and I swore she was feeling up my bulk a little, but then thought it must be my imagination I hadn't been hugged by a woman in so long ...

"Well, Inez and I went through a divorce and you know ... but I decided it was time to get back."

"I heard you separated and I was so sad to hear that, but I kind of sensed things weren't right so you're probably much better off. Mind if I sit with you and catch up until church starts?"

I slid over to let her in and sitting down. As she sat, she patted my tummy and said, "did I mention how good you look?" I told her it was nice of her to lie but that she shouldn't do that in church. She laughed and said she really meant it (so maybe it wasn't my imagination).

Church ended right on Noon and as we stood up to leave she said "hey I've got an idea -- I had reservations for two for the Sunday Brunch at the Del Coronado Hotel and my girlfriend called me before church and is standing me up. Would you like to join me? Please, pretty please say yes -- I really want to catch up on what you've been doing."

I gave a lame "I couldn't possibly impose" but really wanted to go because I only had a bowl of Cheerios that morning and I was starving and the Del's brunch was legendary. I finally let her twist my arm and asked if she could drop me off at home afterwards as I hadn't drove. She said of course and we were off in her big roomy Benz.

Now the trick was not making a pig of myself at the Del in front of this really attractive lady ... but maybe that's not a problem -- getting a vibe that she's maybe possibly sorta into this fat boy ....

The Grand Arrival

Parking is a bitch at the Del and there is usually a long walk from the far edge of the parking lot. But Juanita pulled up right in front and had it valeted.

I protested that I didn't mind walking (a bald faced lie) but she insisted and I thought I heard her murmur "you need to conserve your energy for the food." Nah, it must have been my imagination ...

As we walked up to the server's station she told me to hold back while she arranged things. But I could still distinctly hear her tell the server that she needed a table for two and didn't have reservations. What the ?

As she waved me over I decided to play with her a little -- "I thought you had reservations,"

"oh you heard that? I must confess I told a little white lie but you see I really wanted to spend the time with you this afternoon. I was always really fond of you at church and thought your wife was such a shrew. You really deserved better and I sorta thought I might be that better person."

"Wow -- that's a surprise -- guys like me don't get compliments like that from women like you."

"Guys like you -- you mean nice handsome sexy guys?"

"OK since you put it like that ..."

She put her arm around my love handle and said "come on big man, let's eat!"

I took it kind of easy on my first plate, just grabbing small portions of breakfast items and some shrimp. As I finished it, she asked if that was all I was going to eat and I stammered that I wasn't really all that hungry.

She retorted "don't give me that crap -- I paid $80 per person for this and I want to get my money's worth! You're going to go fill up another plate and then five or six more and then you're going to fill up a desert plate. You're a big man and big man is supposed to eat, so get your butt back up to the serving line mister!"

I feigned being full again after a couple of more plates so she went up and filled a plate heaping full with roast beef, shrimp, crab legs, potatoes, and bread with butter. She then said "you don't understand -- you have a hall pass as far as I'm concerned -- you can eat anything you want, as much as you want, and I won't judge you. I'm actually getting a lot of enjoyment out of seeing you eat because it gives you enjoyment, Now eat!

Three plates later I really was stuffed so she went and brought me my own desert plate stocked full with mini chocolate eclairs and carrot cakes. She must have known I couldn't resist and despite being ready to pop I polished them off with her hand feeding me the last few.

"Now didn't you have fun big boy?" she asked as I lumbered out to the front door. "I'm so full -- you shouldn't have made me eat so much." "It wasn't me -- you were a glutton all on your own big boy" she said with a laugh.

When the valet arrived she stuffed me in the front seat, then pulled down the driveway a bit to a more secluded spot, got out and came around to my side. "Get out for a minute" she commanded and turned me around facing away from the hotel and began to fiddle with undoing my belt and pants. "There, that should help relieve some of the pain and she sat me back down, leaned the seat back all the way, and told me to take a nap.

The next thing I know we're at her house and she's pushing me through the front door to an elevator. "Who has an elevator in their in their house?" I thought to myself. We get off on the second floor and she escorts me to the master bedroom to what appears bigger than a king size bed. She pulls down the covers and then starts stripping me of my clothes, taking time to linger around my belly and my moobs.

"You are definitely a big boy" as she lifts my double belly and lets it drop and sway back and forth and up and down, then squeezes my prominent bottom roll of blubber. I want to explore every inch of your glorious body but you need to get some sleep and let all that food digest properly. I'll let you be and will come back with a surprise in a couple of hours. I promise you'll like it!"

I was too stuffed to say much and just climbed into bed. As I was drifting off, I thought I heard her ask "one thing I need to know is how much do you weigh?" I mumbled in my half sleep that I didn't know and I thought she said "that's OK my sweet, we'll find out when you wake up. Go to sleep and dream of more gluttony."

The Great Awakening

I awoke suddenly needing to take a wicked piss. I heaved myself out of bed and found Juanita sitting in a chair in slinky lingerie. "What's the matter my sweet?"

"Bathroom stat."

I tried to put on my shirt to cover my sagging belly but she grabbed my arm and start walking me to the master bath. "Here you go big boy, let me know if you need anything -- I'll be right outside.

I hoisted my belly with both hands and did my best to aim and felt totally relieved. Then I started to look around the bath -- the toilet was one of the sturdiest I'd ever seen and the bathtub and shower looked like they could each hold six normal sized people, Then I saw it in the corner -- what looked like a massive industrial scale or something you'd see in a large animal veterinary clinic. What's going on I asked myself. Just then she walked back in -- "all finished?"

"I am thanks."

She came over and gave me a long kiss while playing with my belly rolls. "As you probably guessed before you drifted off I'm totally infatuated with you big boy and I want to give you a very special afternoon. But FIRST, I need you to do something for me -- I want to find out how much you weigh." Then she took me by the arm and waddled me over to the scale, saying "this one goes to 1,000 pounds so it's easily enough for you. At least as long as you don't have too many more big meals like just now" and she slapped me on the belly to watch the waves ripple across my body.

Once I regained my senses, I advised that it was rude to ask a man to weigh himself. She responded "there's no need to be embarrassed -- in fact I'll go first." She climbed on and was a whopping 106 -- "darn it, I gained a pound, I'm just getting so fat! Now it's your turn. But first, guess how much you weigh. Come on, guess."

"OK, I had just busted my scale when my ex left, so I was around 300 then and it's been a little over a year now so I'd say 350." She snickered and then apologized and said "let's see." I climbed aboard and couldn't see the read out, but the look on her face said it all. "Guess what Tubby, you were only off by 54 pounds." "404?" I said incredulously. "Yes, Tubby you are gloriously fat and I'm incredibly turned on." She pulled off her lingerie and started groping my belly again, lifting it and letting it cascade back down again, while I experimented with kissing her pert little breasts and admiring her tight little bod. I cupped my hands around her tight butt cheeks and pulled her closer so we could kiss each other on the lips.

But then it hit me and I had to ask, "why does a 106 pound hotty like you have a scale with a half ton capacity? And didn't we ride up in an elevator earlier -- who exactly needs an elevator in her house?"

Then she broke it to me and I got even more turned on. "You know I'm a widow but that happened before I joined the church so you never met him. He was a sexy white guy like you and was about 300 pounds when we married. But the man loved his food and I'm a pretty darn good cook if I do say so myself. By our fifth anniversary he was 450 pounds and by our tenth he was at 600. That's why we installed the elevator because he couldn't make it up the stairs once he hit 500 pounds and that's why we installed these industrial fixtures and bought the bariatric scale. Satisfied with my explanation?"

"So am I supposed to be your fat boy plaything (hoping I was!!)"

"No, I thought I was over my morbid obesity lover phase, but when I saw you today in church so cute and fat, something just happened in me." I discovered I missed playing with a handsome man's blubber and I've always really liked and admired you so it just seemed natural."

What else could I say -- "take me I'm yours" and she suggested adjourning back to the bedroom and the extra king bed. But she told me to go on and get ready for her -- "I need to go downstairs and get my special surprise for you."

Five minutes later I heard the elevator door open and wheels running across the hardwood floor. In rolled a food cart with what looked like six dozen pastries. "While you were asleep I ran down to the Dunkin Donuts and got you a selection of things I thought you'd like." I spotted a dozen eclairs and Homer Simpson-like said "eclairs." She laughed and told me "I thought you'd react like that given the speed in which you scarfed down the mini-eclairs at the Del."

"Are you going to feed ALL of that to me?" I asked (and hoped, having visions of the feeder classic story Something The More). "You bet I am Fatty" and she stuffed an eclair in my mouth which I took down in three bites. Then she took another and sqeezed out some custard on both of her nipples and leaned down for me to lick it off, then scrunched up the rest of the eclair in her pussy and climbed up on my fat face so I could eat and lick it out.

How hot is that? They didn't do that in Something The More!

After I cleaned her out good, she climbed off my sticky chocolate and custard covered face and commenced pushing back my belly rolls as best she could to reveal my painful erection. "Help me out Fatty -- I can't move all this blubber by myself." With my help she was then able to climb aboard and we let go of my belly so the full weight came crashing down on her thighs driving me as deep into her as my pubic roll would allow.

She screamed "f__k me Fatty" and grasped my bottom fat roll with both hands for leverage, riding me like I'd never been ridden before with my belly slapping against her in a totally erotic back and forth motion. Midway through she reached over and grabbed another eclair and stuffed it in my mouth, then came another and another, with her screaming that she could feel me getting fatter underneath her.

That was all it took and I exploded into her full force and she screamed "Fatso I love you." As we were both drifting off, she whispered in my ear "stick with me Tubby and I'm gonna make you the fattest man in Southern California." I kissed her on the forehead and asked "what will the people at church think?"

The Pounds Keep Piling On

Juanita indeed was a great cook and I had no doubt she could turn me into the fattest man in SoCal. Under her tutelage, I was gaining about 10 to 15 pounds a month on average, so six months into the relationship I was a very plump 480 pounds and feeling very fat next to tiny little Juanita who was holding steady at 105.

While I was embarrassed, she delighted in parading me around town with her, to shopping spots, restaurants, charity events, and most of all church. Although our fellow parishioners had known us for years they seemed totally shocked that we were together. It wasn't a racial thing at all, me being milky white and she being a beautiful shade of caramel. Rather, people were just shocked that a looker like her would be with a blimp like me, particularly as I seemed to get noticeably fatter by the month! I didn't necessarily blame them because I outweighed her by four to one. And in another four months or so it would probably be five to one!

She'd start in Sunday School class where the class president always brought a box on Dunkin' Donut holes for the class to munch on. Juanita would make a point of wrapping half the box in a napkin and popping a hole in my mouth every five minutes or so during class. The poor class president had to start bringing a second box every week!

Juanita particularly loved to wedge me into a tight spot at the end of the church pew during the 11 a.m. service. That way, she could slide right up against me and poke and prod and pinch my belly rolls throughout the service. The only time it stopped was during prayers or singing of hymns (and during hymns, she wrapped her arm around me and under cover of my sports jacket jiggled my love handles!).

She was a genuinely pious woman, but sometimes I wondered if she wasn't worshiping a false idol in the form of my enormous mound of fat!

After church was often a repeat of our first date, going to the Del for the incredible Sunday brunch. Every trip was an adventure in extreme gluttony for me, with Juanita letting me sit and eat while she went to fetch the next plateful for me. I usually polished off six to eight plates, then a dessert plate too, and when finished I felt like I needed to be rolled out.

It was getting increasingly tougher to make the walk back to the front door of the hotel to get back in the car for the trip to Juanita's home. Once in the passenger seat, she helped me undo my belt and unfasten my slacks so that my bottom roll could hang free on my lap without the strictures of clothing. Then she'd reach over and slide the elastic waistband of my underwear beneath my bottom roll exposing lots of flesh but causing great relief to my bloated belly.

She'd keep a beach towel in the car to cover my exposed fat rolls in moments like that. Then she'd proceed to the Krispy Kreme drive thru and buy six dozen donuts for my afternoon snack.

Then home again for a quick nap, followed by belly foreplay to get me excited, followed by a wild ride by my caramel skinned sweetie. The woman was just insatiable -- for someone so small she simply manhandled my increasingly massive belly, tossing it from side to side and pushing it back and forth, then grinding her vagina against it to get herself completely stimulated.

Finally, as I could feel her wetness dripping on my belly, she would shove my bottom roll and apron back and climb on my waiting member, screwing herself down on me like a screw on a nut, as only a strong and physically fit woman could. Then with both hands she would wobble my belly up and down until both of us came.

It was simply a little slice of heaven for both of us and I truly believed my hot church lady was on a mission from God to minister to extreme fatties like me! I hope that's not sacreligious because I praise the Lord every day for bringing her into my life. And I suspect she is asking in her prayers for me to continue my gaining -- I really think she'd like me to be over 600 pounds!


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Apr 3, 2011
Why do you write all your stories from the first person perspective???

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Oct 15, 2005
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I've had this very fantasty going on in my head while at church since I was 14. Churches were/are always a good place to find bbw & ssbbw Christian women who also weren't the dieting type either from personal experience of course. Oh more than a few I wish I'd pursued😬😳😋

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