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Sep 8, 2020
The New Hire
by Faloverbabe

Kristen sat at her desk. Monday mornings were always a drag and thus far this Monday was no different. The coffee was just as bitter, her chair just as uncomfortable, and the florescent lights just as bright. She loaded up her computer ready for the mundane work to come. Kristen’s boss, Carol, approached her looking as high strung as ever. She was exactly what you’d imagine in a boss. A woman in her fifty’s, her graying hair tied in a tight bun, glasses sitting on the tip of her nose. She was always had a judgmental tone in her voice and was outspokenly anti-progressive.

“Kristen I need to discuss something with you”


“we have a new hire starting today. I need you to show him how we do things around here.”

The dismay was clear in Kristen’s eyes.

“I know. I know. Training can be quite difficult... and if I’m being honest I highly disagree with the companies decision to hire him” Carol said rolling her eyes.

Oh great. Not only am I training but I’m training an idiot. This will be just fantastic.

What is he unqualified?” Kristen said, not able to hide the annoyance from her voice.

“No... No. I mean he’s plenty qualified. It’s just... well... he’s just.. let’s just say I don’t think he’ll fit in well with the rest of us.”

This confused Kristen and sparked her curiosity but before she could ask any questions Carol continued.

“Anyways. He should be arriving any minute. I’ve instructed him to report to you when he arrives.”

Carol walked away without letting Kristen get a word in. Kristen rolled her eyes.

Great. So not only do I have to deal with normal Monday bullshit, but now I have to train a new hire. Every day it’s something new. Kristen do this.. do that... if I had the right mind I would up and leave this place. -won’t fit in- what am I suppose to do with that? What is he a creep? or awkward? Ugh nothing’s worse than dealing with an awkward new hire. This is so not what I wanted to deal with today....

“Excuse me...”

Kristen was jolted from her mind rant and instantly knew the torture was about to begin

“Are you Kristen? I was told to report to you when I arrived.”

Kristen looked up from her desk, shocked to see the massive being standing in front of her. Standing by her chair, his large, gluttonous belly was right at eye line. His business clothes were clearly bought when he was at least 25lbs lighter as they clung to his massive gut. The buttons on his blazer were obviously straining and his belt struggled to peak out from under his soft, and tightly restrained belly.

“Um.. uh.. I’m sorry..”, she was clearly caught off guard. Her cheeks turned a bright red. She was so flustered she accidentally caught the edge of her coffee mug, knocking it off the desk.

“Oh jeez..“ she said in a panic

“I got it” he said as he reached down to grab the mug. As he bent Kristen noticed the blazer get increasingly tight around his belly. She could hear the plastic buttons creek as he grabbed the mug. He must have heard it too because he quickly shot up, mug in hand, and fluffed his blazer away from his belly.

“I’m so sorry! I mean.. shoot.. I’m sorry.. you just surprised me!” She said, barely able to form words”

“Oh I’m sorry!” He said, placing the coffee mug back on her desk, “I was told to find Kristen. Am I in the wrong spot?”

“NO! I’m mean.. no..right spot” She cleared her throat, composing herself. “I’m Kristen.. you must be...”


“Brian.. hi it’s nice to meet you. I’m sorry I guess I’m just not quite awake yet.”

Brian chuckled. His belly lightly shaking as he did so. “Yeah Monday’s can be rough.. especially when you’re training a new person right? I’m sorry I’m sure it’s a drag having me here”

“What?! No! Not at all!” She said almost too loudly. “I’m so excited to have you here! I mean.. welcome to the team... we’re all excited.”

“Wow, thanks! I’m not used to being greeted with so much enthusiasm. I figured being the new guy people would be wary of me”

“What? No! No way! We’re thrilled to have you here!” Her eyes locked on his large midsection. It looked as though the buttons on his blazer were only a meal or two from giving way. She couldn’t help but find that her Monday blues melted away at the sight of this magnificent chub. Brian noticed her obvious gazes.

“I’m sorry” he said chuckling “it’s been a while since I’ve had an office job. Clearly I’m long overdue for new clothes” he patted his belly. Kristen almost couldn’t sit still in her chair. Her cheeks again became bright red.

“What? No. You look great... I mean good.. like..very professional.”

He gave her an obvious smirk. She felt embarrassed. She didn’t want to make him uncomfortable but she couldn’t keep her eyes from gravitating to the soft mounds in front of her. He must have easily been 350lbs and she couldn’t help but picture him naked. His doughy body and heavy love handles spilling over his massive thighs. His large chest sitting perfectly on his belly.

See Kristen had a secret... She loved large, doughy men. No one knew except her best friend, who she shared an apartment with, who only knew because she noticed a trend in the men Kristen was bringing home. What she didn’t know, however, was that Kristen had an overwhelming desire to make these big men even bigger. And while Kristen had never had the opportunity to, she couldn’t help but let it consume her mind.

she caught herself and quickly snapped out of this fantasy.

“please..let me grab you a chair so you can have a seat.”
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Sep 8, 2020
Kristen pulled over a chair from an empty desk.

“Here you can use this one”

There was a concerned look on Brian’s face as he looked at the chair and then himself. He unbuttoned the buttons on his blazer knowing very well that if he sat with it buttoned they wouldn’t last. With his blazer open Kristen could see even clearer how large and soft his body was. He sat on the chair and it cried with a creek under his weight. His love handles sitting on the arms of the chair. It took everything Kristen had not to audibly moan.

She began discussing the aspects of the work all the while looking out of the corner of her eye at the massive, handsome man beside her. After a while, Brian’s stomach audibly growled. He looked embarrassed

“Man I’m sorry. I missed breakfast this morning”

Kristen knew that was a lie as when he arrived he still had the remanence of donut on the corner of his mouth, and by the size of him, she doubted it was only one donut. But she thought that it was cute that he tried to hide his appetite from her.

“Oh no problem! it’s actually lunch hour now!”

Brain smiled. “My favorite time of the day!” He said again patting his large belly.

Kristen squirmed in her chair. She noticed he brought a large bag she assumed was his lunch, but she couldn’t help but want to spend every minute with him.

“I don’t know if you already had plans, but it’s kind of an office tradition to take the new guy out to lunch on their first day. I’m buying!”

Brian looked at his large packed lunch but couldn’t resist the opportunity to eat out.

“Well i guess if it’s a tradition!” He said, jokingly rolling his eyes.

“Great! I know just the place! I’ll drive”

They walked down to the parking lot where Kristen’s car was parked. It was a small 4 door sedan which was normally ample room for someone of average size but she worried it may be a tight squeeze for Brian.

She wasn’t wrong. He slid into the passengers side of the car. Kristen could feel the cars weight shift and lean towards him. His belly was not quite reaching the dash and but also wasn’t too far. Room to grow she thought. He pulled the seatbelt over his rotund body and Kristen melted as it was nearly buried under his belly and moob.

As she was driving, she specifically took the rode that was full of potholes so she could watch his body jiggle with every bump.

They arrived at the restaurant, an endless buffet, and giggled to herself as he struggled slightly
to get himself out of her car.

“A buffet huh?” He grinned to himself

“Yeah it’s actually really good food! Like I said we take every new hire here”

“Works for me!” He licked his soft lips as his mouth was obviously salivating.

They walked into the restaurant and each began with one plate. Kristen was far too distracted to even think about eating so she filled her plate with a salad. Brian started with a plate of pasta and some garlic bread. Kristen was surprised and slightly disappointed at how little he was eating.

Kristen sat down at one of the booths close to the buffet bar and noticed when Brian hesitated. Was he too big for the booth? Should I offer to move spots? To her surprised he set his plate down, sucked in his belly slightly and slid into the booth. It was a tight fit. His belly lightly pushing into the table. She thought maybe she should offer again to move but she didn’t want to embarrass him.

They made small talk and within 5 minutes his plate was completely cleared. She noticed him continuing to look longingly at the buffet line.

“You know, the whole point of a buffet is that you can eat whatever you want right for one flat rate right”

“Oh. Uh. Yeah I guess that’s true. I guess I just don’t want to look like a pig on my first day.” He chuckled, his belly shaking the table.

She nearly choked on her salad when he called himself a pig. She long dreamed of taking a fat boy to a buffet and teasing him for being a pig while he stuffed himself but she knew that was not something she could live out now. She causally responded “well don’t feel like you have to hold back for me. Plus, if anything, you’re just getting my moneys worth”

He grinned. “Well only if you say so..”
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Sep 8, 2020
Chapter 2

Brian eagerly slid from the booth and Kristen watched as he walked to the buffet line and grabbed three extra large plates. He loaded two up with carb heavy foods and one packed high with desserts. Kristen was still picking at her salad when he came back. She bit her lip to keep from audibly moaning.

Thinking she was trying to keep from laughing Brian looked shyly at his plate

“I told you I was hungry” he said shrugging

Kristen smiled, “No! No please enjoy yourself” she bit her lip again, looking at his soft midsection.

She gave him a wink and he felt as his inhibitions melted away. He gave her a seductive smile and started on his massive meal. Shoving fork-full after fork-full into his chubby cheeks, barely giving himself time to breathe. He could feel his shirt get tighter as he swallowed every bite.

Kristen could barely sit still in her seat. Watching him devour these plates. He has easily consumed over 5000 calories and it was getting hard to compose herself.

“I'm sorry..” she managed to squeak out, “you’ll have to excuse me for just a minute”

She quickly exited the booth and made her way to the restroom to catch her breath. What are you doing?! She thought to herself looking at her reflection. He’s a coworker and this is dangerous territory. Just compose yourself and be professional.

Kristen came back from the restroom to the pleasant sight of Brian with another plate stacked high with food.

“You said you wanted your money’s worth right?”

“I think you well made it up!”

She watched as he enthusiastically shoved the food in his mouth. His belly was now so tightly squeezed in the booth that the upper half of it was resting on the table. Kristen couldn’t help but think about ripping of his clothes and exposing his soft body. Grabbing those massive love handles and kissing his soft chest.

“It’s getting late. Should we head back?”

She quickly snapped out of her fantasy. He had cleared his plate and was breathing heavily, straining his buttons with each breath.

“Uhh.. yeah... let’s go” she could barely think straight. She got up from the booth and watched as he hesitated.

“You okay?”

“Yeah. Yeah just gotta kind of do some adjusting here.”

She watched as he used his hands to pull back his massive gut from off the table. He struggled to slide himself from the booth and Kristen felt herself getting weak in the knees. He finally managed to shimmy himself from the restricting table. She could tell he was slightly embarrassed

“Clearly big guys and booths don’t mix”

“Hey. No worries! Besides I’m pretty sure they make these booths smaller these days.”

He chuckled and they headed out of the restaurant to return to work.
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Sep 8, 2020
They returned to the office and finished up with more training. Kristen could barely focus with thoughts of the buffet stuck in her brain. He looked bigger than he did this morning and all afternoon she caught him rubbing his massive, doughy belly in a mix of agony and contentment. When 4:30 rolled around, she was actually disappointed to say it was time to quit for the day. She wanted to spend every minute she could with this behemoth of a man.

“Well. I guess that’s it for today” she said trying to hide the disappointment in her voice.

“4:30 already?!” Brian again rubbed his massive stomach still bloated from lunch. “No wonder I’m getting hungry again”

Kristen couldn’t decide if she was more surprised by the fact that he could possibly be hungry again or the fact that she could be so turned on from one person. Before she could make up her mind he interrupted her.

“Guess I’ll be heading out then!” He grabbed his blazer he had taken off before lunch and slid it around his arms. She watched as he tried to button the previously struggling buttons. He sucked in his gut and strained to make the blazer close with no luck. Karen knew it was rude to stare but she couldn’t seem to keep her eyes off of him. He noticed her looking and quickly broke the silence in the air.

“Don’t worry.. I’m going clothes shopping this weekend. Ill be getting better fitting clothes, I promise. Anyways I’ll see you tomorrow!”

She watched as he walked away. His belly was magnificent but his ass took a close second. A perfect round ass above two massive logs for thighs that jiggled with every step. His thigh alone must have been bigger than Kristen’s waist and she again got lost in her thoughts. She imagined his weight crushing her as every inch of his soft fat was engulfing her small body. She imagined sitting on his wide lap while feeding him dinner making him bigger with every bite. She imagined...

“So what are your thoughts..” Carol interrupted abruptly

“Thoughts?! What thoughts?”

“On the new hire? What are your thoughts... not good for the company, right??”

“What? No!... I mean, he seems perfectly qualified for the position.”

“Well sure.. but what do you think about him?”

“He seems nice enough”

“Well sure, he’s a real Santa Claus if you know what I mean.” Carol snickered. It was clear what she was trying to say.

“I’m sorry?”

Carol laughed again. “He’s HUGE! and did you see the clothes he was wearing?! I thought his shirt was going to tear!”

Kristen was disgusted by Carol’s fat phobic attitude. So much so she wanted to stick it to her right then and there... but she couldn’t. Because she knew if she did she would risk getting fired and she couldn’t risk not seeing Brian again.

Ooh yeah.. I guess he is on the bigger side isn’t he. I... didn’t really notice. He seems like a really good employee though”

Carol rolled her eyes. “Well if my lunch goes missing I’ll know who to blame.”

Kristen shrugged off Carol’s judgmental words and packed her stuff. Nothing could ruin her wonderful mood. She felt like she was floating on clouds the entire way home. She walked into her apartment, not able to hide the smile on her face.

“What happened to you?” Sarah, her best friend, was always able to tell when something was up.

“What do you mean?”

“you know what I mean. You’re coming home from work... on a Monday... and you’re smiling.”

“Oh.. nothing”

“Hmm okay sure”

“No really. Nothing happened. In fact I had to train someone today so if anything it was a bad day” Kristen smiled as she said this and Sarah immediately caught on

“Ooohhhhh. And who was this mystery person you had to train?”

“Just a guy.”

“A guy huh. And what did you think of this guy?”

“He was fine!” Kristen smiled again

“I think someone has a crush on the new hire”

“What?! No way!”

“Mmhhmmm. So tell me about him.”

Kristen rolled her eyes. “He’s fine. He seems really smart... and funny.. and...”

“So how big is he?!” Sarah cut her off eagerly

“What?! What do you mean?”

“Kristen we’ve been best friends long enough for me to know when you’re feeling someone. So..
how big is he?”

Kristen knew there was no denying with Sarah. She seemed to know everything.

“He’s... a.. plus size man.. yes”

“I knew it! You are so easy to read!”

“Shut up!”

“So how plus size are we talking? 275? 300?!?”

“How am I suppose to know?!”

“We’ll what’s you’re best guess. I know you like them big”

“I don’t know. I mean I guess if I’d have to guess, I’d say 350 or so.. maybe more.”

“350?! Kristen you chubby chaser! I knew you liked them big but not that big!”

“Oh stop! It’s not just that! He’s nice and funny and I feel like we really get along!”

“Well all the luck to you! I’m going out. See ya later!”

Kristen changed out of her clothes and hopped in the shower. She examined the size of the shower and imagined Brian trying to squeeze his soft body in with her. His belly trapping her to the wall. She bet it would feel good to rub every inch of his slick and soap covered body while he pressed his weight into her. She was in the shower thinking about Brian for so long the water turned cold and snapped her out of it. She eagerly changed into her clothes and got in bed. It was earlier than she ever went to bed but she couldn’t wait to get back to work tomorrow.
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