The New Scarlet Letter I - Earl Brown - Part 1

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Oct 9, 2005
BBW, WG, Eating, Future Fiction

The New Scarlet Letter - I

by Earl W Brown, III

Jennifer was scared. She was in Municipal Court in the Year 2024-Post Bush. The plea agreement seemed like the right thing to do since her attorney was so adamant to take the deal. The affair had happened by accident and she truly loved Jeff. How did it happen?!? She couldn't even remember how it started.

The judge said, "I have reviewed this case and taken into account all the parties involved. Based on the terms of this plea agreement, my ruling is 250."

Jennifer was taken out of the courtroom with tears rolling down her face. The last thing she glimpsed before she was led to the prison van was Jeff's wife. She did not know what was going to happen to her.

Jen was awakened suddenly by the opening of the van door. She was quickly led into a room that appeared to have a doctor and 2 nurses. She had fallen asleep on the ride from the courtroom and now she was waking up.

The nurse said, "It's OK, I just have to give you a shot. It won't hurt too much. In a few weeks, it won't hurt that much at all."

Before she really knew what was happening, the Nurse gave her a shot in her ass.

"What is going on?” she thought." What is going to happen to me?"

The Nurse seemed to sense her thoughts and said, "That's ok honey, you'll get used to it. We are about to send you to your room."

At this point the doctor addressed Jen. He said, "Before we send you to your room to meet your new roommate, there are few things you need to know. For your moral crime, you have been sentenced to an alternative punishment facility. This is a minimum security complex and we very rarely have discipline problems here. You're roommate can tell you everything else you need to know. “

"Where am I?" "How long will I be here?” said Jen.

"Don't worry honey, you will find out everything when you get to your room. Before you go, we have to get you your uniform and take a few pictures and get some measurements. What size are you, honey? About a 6?" said the nurse.

“Yes” said Jen. She was too scared to say much more.

Jen had not even realized but she was in a hospital gown with nothing but her panties on underneath.

"Bring her a small" yelled the Nurse. Another woman walked in with a pair a black lycra shorts and top.

"Put this on honey, this is the standard uniform here, said the woman. Jen easily slipped into the skin tight shorts and black top.

There was a full-length mirror on the wall and Jen could not help but think to herself, "Man, even in this I still look hot."

The nurse told her to go stand on a small platform at one end of the room that had a camera set up on a tripod in front of it. "OK, let me get your weight and measurements before we take some pictures and then you can go" said the nurse.

There was a doctor’s scale on one side of the platform and Jen stepped up onto it. The nurse slid the bar back down from 200 to 100 Jen noticed, and then adjusted the scale.

"121 it is", please face the camera straight ahead, then turn to the left and then turn your back to the camera so we can get a good picture of your bottom" said the Nurse as if she done this 1000 times.

Jen and the nurse left the clinic area and walked out into lobby, which was like a nice college dorm. There were couches and chairs and several large TV's and a lot of snack machines.

"This is where most of the girls hang out. Everybody is at dinner right now, so we'll go on to your room so you can meet Angela, your roommate", said the Nurse. "By the way, the snack machines are all free here", she said with a wink.

They went through a pair of double doors and into what was obviously a residential wing. After passing several rooms, they came to number 244.

"Here we are, let's get you settled in, said the Nurse. She knocked lightly and walked into a nice living area with a nice size kitchenette on one side.


Oct 9, 2005
A young woman about Jen's age started to get up off the couch. Jen noticed she had the same black uniform, but in her case it was not at all flattering. When she stood up a large roll of fat hung all the way around the waist of the tight shorts. Her chest was large and Jen noticed 2 bright red streaks on her stomach. She started to speak but her mouth was full from a half empty box of doughnuts sitting on the coffee table.

Jen thought to herself..."She has such a pretty face."

"Jen Jackson, this is Angela Jones, your new roommate. I'll let you two get to know each other", the Nurse said as she shut the door.

"Hi", Jen said nervously, "nice to meet you. Could you tell me what is going on here?"

Angela had finished her mouthful of doughnut and smiled a sad smile. "They never tell the new girls anything. It's always left up to the roommate. Sit down and let's talk", said Angela.

Jen liked her immediately.

“Let me put these in the kitchen”, Angela said, as she got up and walked across the room with the half-eaten box of doughnuts. “God, her ass is huge”, Jen thought as she watched. Angela seemed to move uncertainly, as if her plump size was not something she was accustomed to. She came back and plopped down across from Jen on the couch.

Jen blurted out, “What is this place? What is happening to me?”

”You are in a minimum security facility serving your sentence for adultery….but I guess you figured that part out. Next,the other part, well ... there is no good way to explain this Jen, so here goes….the two shots you just were given did 2 things: one effectively destroyed your metabolism and the other was an extreme appetite enhancer. They will start to take effect in the next couple of hours”, said Angela.

Jen sat scared and speechless.

”Your sentencing agreement placed you here. Instead of prison, your weight will be increased to what the Judge sentenced, which you must maintain as your minimum weight for a period of 5 years. You will have an annual weigh-in to verify this until your sentence has been fulfilled. You will stay in this place until you have reached your prescribed weight, at which time you will be allowed to leave and return to society,” Angela said.

Jen’s head was spinning, “This can’t be happening to me”, she thought.

“You are lying, this is crazy!” said Jen. “I’ve got to get out of here.”

Angela looked at her sympathetically and said, “I wish I was lying, baby. Look at me, I’m a fat cow. Do you think I’ve always been this way? I weighed 120 pounds 5 months ago. When I went for my weight-in last week, I was up to 186.”

Jen noticed a single tear running down Angela’s cheek as she said this. “The judge sentenced me to 240 lbs,” Angela sighed.

Jen felt a chill as she remembered the Judge’s pronouncement of “250.”

“Oh, my God, this can’t be real” she thought.

“I know what you are thinking”, said Angela, but this is real; you can only make the best of it. You sort of get used to it after a few weeks. They let you eat whatever you want, whenever you want…which is guess better than real jail.”

Jen was feeling sleepy.

“The shots make you tired the first time, Angela whispered, there is plenty of food in the kitchen when you wake up.” Jen drifted off to sleep in the large, soft chair...

Jen awoke drowsily some time during the night. She suddenly realized she had fallen asleep in the chair.

“I’m starving,” she thought. “and no wonder! I haven’t eaten since I had breakfast with my lawyer yesterday.”

She walked groggily into the kitchen to where Angela had placed the half-eaten box of chocolate covered doughnuts.

“Wow, am I hungr,y” she whispered to herself as she opened the box.

“These look good, she thought, I’ll bet I haven’t had a doughnut in 6 months.” She took a bite, almost in a trance from the narcotic side-effect of the shots.

“These are fresh”, she thought absentmindedly. She ate the first one in 4 bites and reached for another.

A few minutes later she looked down and the box was empty. ”Oh my, what have I done… I just ate 6 doughnuts”, she thought half coherently. “And I’m still hungry”, she whispered.

She opened the freezer and there were several pints of ice cream…she saw her favourite, Chocolate Mint Chip, and grabbed a spoon from the drawer. Standing at the sink in her black lycra biker shorts and top, she ate a whole pint of ice cream. “I’m going to be sick”, she thought, as she walked back over to the couch and lay down.


Oct 9, 2005
Angela came out of her bedroom as usual at 7 am and saw Jen asleep on the couch.

“Uh-oh, I forgot to tell her she had a bedroom of her own”, she exclaimed to herself. She looked at the kitchen counter and saw the empty doughnut box. She walked over to the sink and grabbed the spoon out of the empty ice cream container and placed it in the dishwasher.

“Poor girl, these next few weeks will be tough”, she thought, “I’ve got to wake her up for breakfast, we can’t be late.” Jen was peacefully sleeping on the couch.

”She is so beautiful”, Angela whispered, as she noticed the ever so slight bulge on her perfect, flat stomach.

Jen heard Angela and opened her eyes.

“What time is it, Angela?” she asked.

“Breakfast time”, replied Angela.

“Get up girl, we’ve got to go”, Angela said as she poked Jen on the arm.

“I need to take a shower,” Jen answered.

“You can do that when we get back. The guards are pretty laid back here, but they don’t like it if you are late for a meal“, Angela cautioned her.

Jen got up and walked groggily towards the door. “I had the strangest dream that I got up during the night and ate like a pig”….she said to nobody in particular.

“That wasn’t a dream, you ate half a box of doughnuts and a pint of ice cream”, Angela said quietly.

Jen felt her face turning red with embarrassment. “Oh no!”, she thought as she realized that she was now absolutely starving.

“The drugs they give us are strong. There is no way to fight what is happening. You just have to make the best of it”, Angela told her.

“I’ve got my weigh-in tomorrow. I like you and all, but I want to get out of here. I am going to EAT today”, Angela half jokingly. She was walking slightly in front of Jen.

Jen watched her wide, round butt shake as she walked. “She needs a new uniform. Her ass is hanging out of that one”, Jen thought. A roll of fat hung over the top of the skin tight shorts. Her thighs were large and thick.

“Quit staring at my fat ass and come on, Jen!” she said patting her hip for emphasis. “You’ll know what it feels like before you know it,” Angela whispered to herself so Jen could not hear.

As they walked down the corridor, other women were coming out of their rooms and heading resolutely towards the Dining Hall. Some were talking quietly, even laughing, others looked scared. The women, Jen observed, were almost all attractive. Some of them, Jen thought to herself, would be pretty if they weren’t so fat. Others only looked slightly chunky, a couple were even thin like her.

“This has to be a nightmare. I’ll wake up soon”…..Jen felt what was almost like a cramp in her stomach….”I am so hungry” she confided to Angela.

Jen walked into the large cafeteria and noticed the long buffet line at the opposite end of the room.

“You just help yourself, it’s all you care to eat, “Angela said as if repeating an inside joke.

Jen still walked slightly behind Angela, watching her large, jiggling ass the entire way. The girls were going down both sides of the serving line, filling their trays with huge amounts of food. Jen joined right in and, in spite of her embarrassment, proceeded to fill 2 plates with eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns and toast. She got a pint of milk from the cooler and followed Angela to sit down at the cafeteria style table.

Most of the women ate in silence. Jen sat down on the stool, her tight, firm bottom fitting nicely on the small seat. Years of jogging 4 miles a day had shaped her ass perfectly.

“The food is great here,” Angela half whispered to Jen, “it’s easy to get used to.”

Jen could not believe how hungry she was as she wolfed down her 2 large plates of food.

“Easy girl, we get 90 minutes for breakfast” Angela teased.

“I’m starving” Jen said with a mouthful of eggs, as she walked back to the buffet line.

Angela watched Jen as she went through the line again with a lot of the newer girls. She remembered vaguely how strong the drugs were the first 3 months.

"She is in denial right now, it won’t really hit her for 3 or 4 weeks" Angela thought. "The first time she gets in the shower and notices how round her stomach is getting, or the first time her ass hangs out of the shorts….or the first time her perfect tits start to sag slightly under their own weight…I hope she can adjust" Angela continued to herself, as Jen sat down with 2 more full plates of breakfast.

Halfway into the first plate, Jen started to slow down. “I’m so full, I’m going to be sick,” she blurted out.

“It takes awhile for your stomach to adjust, drink some milk” Angela offered. “I need more food, you rest for minute, Jen. I’ll be right back,” she said walking away.

“She couldn’t have ever weighed 120 pounds in her life, she’s a fat hog” Jen observed. “If she was 186 two weeks ago, I bet she’s about to break 200 now” she said to herself as she started to pick at her food again.


Oct 9, 2005
That day passed in a blur of luscious food for Jen. After breakfast, they watched TV for two hours, almost unconsciously eating the entire time. Before she knew it, it was lunch time and she was back in the cafeteria with Angela eating like there was no tomorrow. Angela jokingly mentioned her upcoming weigh-in, as she munched down her second cheeseburger. Jen hung in with her much heftier friend pretty well, although when Angela went back for her third visit to the buffet line, Jen had to decline. Her stomach was not yet able to hold that much food.

After lunch was over they went back to their room and turned on the TV. After watching an infomercial for the latest miracle George Foreman type grill, Angela walked into the kitchen and grabbed some snacks. “I’m getting hungry, what about you?” she said.

To her own horror, Jen replied, “I wouldn’t mind a snack” as she grabbed a bag of chips.

The afternoon passed with the 2 new roommates snacking and telling each other a little about their lives and what had landed them in this prison. Much like Jen, Angela had been involved a torrid affair with a married man, and the wife was vindictive. That is what usually led these situations to get so deep into the legal system. Sometimes the wives would accept cash settlements, but if they really wanted to assert their moral authority and press charges, it could get ugly. Angela’s man had no children, so she assumed that was why the judge had sentenced her to ten less pounds than Jen.

It was getting close to dinner time. Angela said, “Hey let’s just stay in the room and eat tonight. Sometimes the guards will actually deliver the food to you. I’ve been here awhile and they kind of like me. I’ll see if we can get away with it”

“Ok” said Jen, sort of relishing the fact that she could gorge herself in the privacy of her own room. “Why am I still hungry?” her mind seemed to say to itself.

Angela walked out in the hall for a few minutes. When she came back in she said, “We’re all set. They are delivering us as much as we can eat tonight. I hope you’re hungry,” she said with a wink.

“I’m like a bottomless pit for some reason” Jen replied, as she got up and walked in the kitchen.

“Wow, she is so hot” thought Angela, “In a few days, she’ll start to show. She’s still in denial …poor girl, I know how she feels.

7 days later…

Jen got up and walked into the bathroom and started the shower. She turned the water up hot the way she liked it and stripped off her tight uniform. The girls wore no underwear under the lycra biker shorts and top, so she was naked after she peeled out of her clothes.

She stepped in and grabbed the soap and started to wash her chest. The familiar tightness of her surgically enhanced tits was still there, but she paused slightly as she noticed they seemed to be slightly rounder than she was accustomed to. Her soapy hands slid down to her stomach…which was now rounded and slightly lush…she reached around to watch her ass and it seemed fuller. “Oh yikes – its happening” she said to herself.

Jen pinched her bottom to see if she could really tell any difference. It seemed slightly softer and rounder than she was used to. “I’m gaining weight.....I can’t believe this is really happening to me” she thought in horror as she let the steaming hot water run over her body, thinking of her forbidden lover. “What am I going to do? I’m going to be huge”, she said as tears came to her eyes.

“Well, I still at least look good for now”, she rationalized as she stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel. “The towels in this place are huge,” she half whispered. She dried off as she looked at her pretty face in the mirror.

She heard Angela yell from the other room, “I’ve got to go to my weigh-in! See you in a couple of hours girl!” she yelled.

“How can she be so calm about all this?” Jen wondered.

Jen went to breakfast alone and ate like a pig. She was still embarrassed each time she got up to go back through the buffet line, but none of the other women seemed to care. She was eating more every day as her stomach started to adapt to her new eating habits. She thought of Angela and realized she would have her own bi-weekly weigh-in in only 6 more days.

“Oh how I dread that,” she thought. She finished her fourth plate and walked slowly back to the room to watch some TV.

About an hour later, she was sitting on the couch absentmindedly snacking on chips when Angela walked back in the door and plopped down in the recliner. Jen didn’t know what to say....”Well, how did it go?” she finally asked.

“201, only 39 more to go” she said, grabbing her large stomach with both hands for emphasis. Jen noticed that Angela’s face seemed to have changed even in the week she had known her. Her cheeks were rounder and she had a slight double chin. “I had to get a new uniform” an XXL, she offered. “By the way, you have to ask them for a new uniform when you need one, they won’t just give it to you” Angela said, noticing the ever so slight tummy the now hung over the waistband of Jen’s shorts when she was sitting down. “And it won’t be long before you need one honey,” Angela thought with a half-grin on her face.

“What are you smiling about?” Jen asked.

“Oh! Nothing! Just thinking about lunch. I just had my shots” she replied as she got up patting her ample rear end. “With that ass, you need more than an XXL” Jen wanted to say to her.

Instead she responded, “I’m getting kind of hungry, too. I hope there is something good for lunch.”

“Oh the food is always good here, but I need a little snack before then” Angela said as she grabbed 2 doughnuts from the box on the counter.

"You want the last 2? They are really good today” she said as she offered the box to her growing roommate.

“Sure” Jen said, in spite of her inner voice screaming, “Why are you eating doughnuts an hour before lunch???”

“MMMM, these are good. We need to pick up some more after lunch. I think we’re out of ice cream, too,” Jen continued.

“No problem, we’ll swing by the commissary on the way back” Angela said. “I could really use the exercise!” she laughed.


Oct 9, 2005
The next 6 days passed in an almost dreamlike blur of eating, watching TV and talking to Angela about guys, food or their former lives. The subject of what they would do when they got out had yet to come up, although Angela had hinted about them getting a place together when it was all over.

Jen’s habit of getting up about 3 a.m. every morning for a “midnight snack” continued, although each night it seemed to become more involved. Last night, she had got up and had cooked and eaten an entire large frozen pizza by herself, before going back to bed.

She awoke the morning of her first weigh-in filled with dread. After her morning shower, she came into the small den to find her hefty roommate having a pre-breakfast pastry. Jen was sucking in her newly convex belly as she walked to the door. “I’ll see you later Angie” she said. “Have fun,” Angela replied with a sympathetic smile.

Jen walked down the corridor to the clinic area, imagining that her newly expanded bottom and chest was jiggling much more than it actually was. She caught her reflection in a window and comforted herself, “I still look hot.” The clinic was on the other side of the building and she passed several girls munching on snacks or just talking, waiting for breakfast to begin.

She reached the door to the clinic and walked in to find the two nurses and doctor that had checked her into the facility two weeks earlier. The doctor was making notes on a legal pad, while the nurse was working on the camera and adjusting the scale. The scale and camera stood on the small platform with a black backdrop at the end of the room. The doctor looked up as she entered.

“Hello, Miss Jackson, right on time. Let’s get your shots taken care of first. If you could get out of your uniform and into a gown, we can get started,” he said as he motioned towards the small dressing room.

Jen grabbed the hospital gown and peeled out of the skin-tight shorts, pinching a small roll of fat on her stomach before putting on the gown. She walked out as the Nurse cheerfully asked, “Get up on the table and lay facedown please.”

Jen stepped on the footstool and laid out on the table.

“This won’t take but a second, honey” The Nurse said while pulling apart the gown to expose Jen’s curvy butt.

First Jen felt a small pinch and noticed that the Nurse had what appeared to be some kind of measuring instrument. “Just checking some measurements first” the Nurse replied as if in response to Jen’s questioning look.

“You’ll feel a little sting with these 2 shots” the nurse said, as Jen felt a slight pinch, and then another.

“You can get up now, Honey. Put your uniform back on and let’s get your weight, measurements and a few pics” she said smiling.

Jen struggled back into her shorts and top.

“Wow, these are getting tight,” she thought, remembering what Angie had told her about getting a new uniform. She had a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach as she stepped up on the small platform. The other Nurse put a tape measure around her chest, waist, thighs and hips, while her co-worker made notes on a chart. “On the scale please,” she was directed.

The nurse adjusted the weight back and forth, when to Jen’s horror it stopped on 138 pounds. “17 pounds in your first two weeks, that is great honey. The facility record is 18!” she said cheerfully.

Jen felt light-headed, possibly from shock or the strong effect of the shots.

“I can’t weigh 138…..I’ve never been over 125 in my life and that was the summer I pigged out before college” were the thoughts that raced through her head.

The Nurse continued, “Now let’s get your pics. Please relax and face the camera, then turn to your right, left and then face the wall behind so we can get a good bottom shot.” Jen did as she was told, as a single tear ran down her cheek. When they were done, the Nurse asked if she had any questions.

“Could I have a new uniform please?” Jen asked as her faced flushed with embarrassment.

“Sure you can, Sweetie,” the nurse replied. “Let’s see” she said glancing at the chart “you started out with a Small, let’s get you a Medium…..um...no, maybe a Medium Large, 2 weeks is a long time.”

Jen’s pretty face was flushed with embarrassment. “I’m skipping right over a size” she thought frighteningly as she put her hand almost unconsciously on her stomach.

“Go over to the changing room and I’ll bring it to you, baby” the nurse said with an almost saccharine sweetness.

Jen walked across the room, all too conscious of her now luscious 138 pound frame. She stripped off the constricting lycra shorts and waited. There was finally a quiet knock on the door... “Here you go” the voice said, handing her another pair of black shorts and top.

“Thanks” Jen mumbled in reply. She pulled on the new uniform and was relieved when the shorts slipped over her butt without too much of a struggle.

As she walked out of the room, the Head Nurse said, “See you in 2 weeks” as if they had a lunch date or something.

Jen walked out the Clinic door, pausing momentarily in the lobby as she watched all the girls snacking and watching TV. “Some Doritos would be tasty...or some Little Debbie cakes..... Yikes, what is wrong with me??!!!” as continued her internal debate. She made her way through and walked down the corridor to her room.

Angela was sitting on the couch watching TV when Jen entered the room. “Hey girlfriend, you hungry? I brought you some breakfast” Angela asked.

Jen noticed four Styrofoam containers on the kitchen counter. “Yes, I’m starving” she replied as the effects of the shot started to kick in. She grabbed a fork and didn’t even bother to sit down, eating from the container full of eggs and sausage while standing at the counter.

“I wonder how much she weighs. She looks like she’s been crying” Angela thought.

Before she could say anything, Jen blurted out, “Angie, I gained 17 pounds in the last 2 weeks! I can’t believe it. It was so embarrassing. This can’t be happening to me!” she said with a mouthful of eggs.

“It will be OK, Jen, you get used to it” Angela said comfortingly.

“How will get used to it? I’m huge!” Jen cried as she walked into her bedroom. She had finished all four plates of the breakfast her friend had brought her.

“You are not huge yet, but you will be. Fact is, at this rate you might get out of here before me” Angela said under her breath, “At least she got a uniform that fits.” Angela hand unconsciously slid to the large roll of fat that encircled her seated torso. “Yes, you only think you are huge now, honey.”


Oct 9, 2005
The next 2 weeks seemed to fly by as Jen’s eating continued unabated. Angela had another weigh in and came back to report she was now at 211 pounds.

“Only 8 pounds” she complained to Jen. “I’ll be in here another 2 or 3 months at this rate. I decided to keep my uniform this time.”

Jen thought, “That might have been a mistake,” Jen thought looking at Angie’s 210 pound frame, “What a cow!”

“When do you go again?” Angela asked. “6 more days,” Jen replied between spoonfuls of ice cream.

Jen lapsed into a state of denial for those 6 days and ate like a woman twice her size.

“Wow, she is really starting to show,” Angela noticed on the evening before the dreaded weigh in, as the pair watched a bad movie on Lifetime (The Network for Women). “Her ass is getting bigger. She’s losing her figure altogether” Angela observed to herself.

Jen showered the next morning and struggled into her shorts. A clearly discernable roll of fat now encircled her once trim and athletic waist. Her tits still defied gravity rather well, thanks to the saline implants, but her chest was noticeably larger. Her bottom was showing the clearest effects of her new lifestyle as her tight runner’s ass was now soft and getting lush. Her once trim thighs were thickening as well.

She made her way to the clinic and went through the entire embarrassing process of being measured, weighed and photographed like some sort of science experiment. She started to come out of her self-imposed trance when the Nurse asked her to step on the scale. She watched the counterweight slide ominously up the bar and the Nurse dropped her hand to move the lower weight up to 150. She finally settled on 152 as the official weight. Jen felt like she was going to pass out.

“31 pounds in the first month, good job Jen! That’s 6 pounds over the facility average,” The Nurse informed her. “You can go back to your room now….oh I almost forgot, your attorney is in the Visitor’s Room waiting to see you.”

Jen walked to the room that was just down a short hallway from the clinic area.

“Dave, Thank goodness you are here! You have to get me out of this place!” Jen exclaimed to her well-dressed attorney.

“Hey Jen, you look...well,” the Attorney started uncertainly as he adjusted his Armani suit. He was shocked by his blazing hot client’s change in appearance in just the last month. Like most guys, he secretly had had a crush on Jen from the first time he met her. It had continued the entire time he had represented her.

“No can do, Jennifer. You signed the plea agreement. That kept you out of prison for 10 years, honey. You’ll be out of this place in....no time” Dave said as he glanced at the roll of fat that hung over the side of Jen’s shorts.

“But Dave, they are making me FAT!! Look at me, I’ve gained 31 pounds. My life is ruined!” she cried as she stood up and grabbed the small roll of fat at her midsection.

“A little humility might be a good thing for you, baby” the lawyer thought to himself.

“Look Jen, you’ve just got to maintain your final weight for a period of 5 years. You’ll only by 32 years old at that point. You’ll be able to start over” Dave offered consolingly.

“This is a nightmare” Jen said as she cried softly.

“Look honey, your mom sent you some stuff. You can’t have any visitors other than me while you’re in here and they only let us bring in certain things,” he said as he handed Jen 4 plastic grocery bags. He got up and patted Jen on her shoulder as he walked out. “I’ve got to go, Jen. I’ve got a trial. I’ll see you soon.”

Jen looked in the bags to see that they were full of large bags of Hershey’s kisses. “My favourite candy” she thought as she tore into a bag. Before she knew what had happened, she had eaten an entire bag.

The silver wrappers on the table and floor echoed the tears the rolled silently from her face.

Jen entered the room to find Angela eating a pint of ice cream.

“I brought you breakfast, Jenny. It’s on the counter.” Angela noticed that Jen eyes were red from crying.

“Thanks, Angie. I’m kind of hungry”, Jen said as she grabbed a fork and started eating.

“How was your weigh-in, Jen?”

“It was horrible! I weigh 152 pounds! I’m getting so big.” Her left hand slid almost involuntarily to her round belly as she said this.

Angela stood up from the couch and looked at her growing roommate. She noticed the small rolls of fat that now hung over the sides of her shorts. “Oh, you look fine, baby. I’m the one that’s huge. I’ll bet I’m over 220 now.” She patted her large bottom for emphasis.

Jen said nothing in response, but took some comfort that she weighed 70 pounds less than her obese friend. “Yeah, you are a cow” she thought to herself as she started her 2nd plate of breakfast.

3 1/2 weeks later

Jen started the water in the shower and stripped off her uniform with no small effort. She was noticing lately that even the smallest exertions seemed to take some work. She stood naked in front the full-length mirror on the bathroom door and stared at her reflection quietly. Her perfect model thin face had changed. Her cheeks were round and she thought she noticed the beginnings of a soft second chin forming. Gravity was inevitably working on her large, round breasts, as they now sagged slightly towards her belly. She put her hands underneath each of her tits and lifted gently, as if to measure their newfound heft. She looked next at her round, fat gut and was surprised to see 2 bright red stretch marks on either side of her lower abdomen. “Oh, yikes”, she said softly.

She turned her back to the mirror and looked in the mirror on the opposite wall to try to get a view of her backside. The first thing she noticed were the two thick rolls of fat that hung on each side of her back. As her gaze moved down to her bottom, she almost cried out. There was no longer any suggestion of her tight, shapely runner’s ass. Her butt was wide, soft and round and rested on top of two thick, meaty thighs. At her weigh in 10 days ago week, she had been at 168 pounds. She guessed now that she was over 180 and growing.

After her shower, she pulled on her XL uniform and walked out to talk to Angie.

“You have some mail, Jen.” Angela handed her a large envelope.

“Who is this from?” There is no return address.”

She opened the envelope as was momentarily unsure of what she was looking at. She soon realized that it was a chronological series of photos, starting with the pictures of her on the first day she checked in. Underneath those pictures, the caption simply said: “122 pounds.”

“What in the world is this?” she thought. The photos were arranged in a linear fashion, with all the side shots, and ass shots, etc forming a time line of her almost 3 months in the facility. The ass shots were first, after 122 pounds came: 138, 152, 168.

The 168 picture was circled with a black sharpie with a note that said: “This is my favourite.” She started to cry softly as she saw how her bottom had gone from tight, to voluptuous, to chubby and then finally plump.

Included with the photos was a handwritten note:

“Dear Jen,

”I’ll bet your wondering who sent these beautiful pictures to you. We never met, but I am Jeff’s wife. The facility sent these to me to show your progress and I have to say that you are becoming quite a fat cow. My favorite is the picture of you big butt at 168 pounds. I love how your ass is hanging out of those shorts!

“Just some friendly advice between us girls, but a girl of your size should never wear shorts that tight. But I guess you don’t have much choice do you?

”The last picture is from several days ago, so I can only imagine how much wider your butt is now. Of course, when you get to 250 pounds, you’ll look back at the 168 pound picture and try to remember what it was like to be so skinny! You are fattening up nicely and I can’t wait to see you when you waddle in at your probation hearing. At the rate you are going, that won't be very long. I’ll write back again when I have another photo update.


“Jeff’s Wife

I left these out where Jeff could see them.”

Jen stumbled over to the couch and sat down. She felt like she was going to faint.

Although it took a serious effort, Angela slowed down her eating as much as she could. At 231, she was within 9 pounds of her sentenced weight of 240 but she really wanted to be around when Jen hit the big 200. Jen had come back from her previous weigh-in at a plump and round 183 and Angela couldn’t help but grin when she saw the XL tag on the back of Jen’s tight shorts.

“I like her, but she still acts like she is some kind of model! Can she not see how huge she is getting?” Angela thought. “It will hit home soon and I want to be here to see it.”


Oct 9, 2005
The two had become friends through the ordeal, but Angela secretly longed for the day when Jen was fatter than her. A week passed and Angela asked Jen to come live with her when she got out. Her parents were rich, she explained, and they had a nice apartment waiting for her in the city. They could live out their probation together, she even had a plan to make it through the next 5 years of their obese lives.

“We can talk about it when you get out, Angela said. I won’t be in here much longer”, as she grabbed her gut with both hands.

“That would be great. I don’t really have a plan” Jen said as she munched absentmindedly on chocolate covered doughnuts.

Jen’s next weigh-in was 2 days away. She had eaten almost constantly the last 2 weeks, surpassing even her usual heavy pace. “The girl has been eating like a horse”, Angela thought. Jen finished the last 2 doughnuts and licked her fingers while standing at the counter. Angela couldn’t help but smile as she watched her ass shake walking into her bedroom.

The morning of the weigh in arrived. Jen went through her normal morning routine and stood in front of the mirror, waiting for the water to heat up. She almost did not recognize the plump, rotund figure in front of her. Her hands moved down her thick sides and stopped to grab two full handfuls of her newly formed gut. She lifted slightly and let the fat fall back down, watching it jiggle. She turned halfway and tried to see her butt in the mirror. She noticed the thick rolls that formed on her sides as she turned. She grabbed a handful of her large bottom and pinched.

“Yikes, I’m such a fat cow” she said to herself, secretly dreading the number that she knew the scales would show that morning. After a quick shower, she struggled into her XL uniform and left the room for her weigh in. “See you in a few minutes, Angie, she said as she walked out the door.

The Nurse greeted Jen cheerily. “You know the drill Jen, just get up on the table so I can give you the shot. Just pull the shorts down if you want, the Doctor won’t be here today. Jen struggled to pull the shorts down as her face turned red with embarrassment.

“A little tight, I see” the Nurse laughed. Jen felt the cold alcohol on her ass cheek.

”There… all done, bet you didn’t even feel it with all the padding you have now. Get up on the platform please” the Nurse continued.

Jen stepped up with some effort and got onto the scale. The counterweight was on 150 as the Nurse started to slide the bar ominously upward…192…197…199….and then moved her hand the slide the 200 pound counterweight. “202, Miss Jackson. You have filled out quite nicely. I think it would be safe to say that you are a fat woman now” the nurse said without any hint of irony.

As her pictures were taken, Jen could think of nothing but the fact that she was now a 200 pound woman. Her silent tears went unnoticed as she stepped off the platform.

“You need a new uniform honey?” the Nurse asked.

“Yes, please.”

“Bring me an XXL!” she yelled into the next room.

Jen pulled her new XXL shorts over her thick thighs and round bottom. Just the effort alone left her slightly out of breath. She pulled the new lycra top over her bulging breasts and was slightly relieved when the lycra seemed to give some support to her now sagging tits. It was now impossible to tell that she had ever had implants.

She started towards the door and began the long walk back to her room. She dreaded the thought of facing Angie. “I’m as fat as she was when I first got here” she thought.

Walking through the lobby, she couldn’t help herself from stopping to grab a candy bar at one of the ever present vending machines. She ate it quickly in three bites and was soon back to her room.

“Hey girl, how’d the cattle call go? “ Angie said way too happily.

“I’m an obese whale!” Jen cried.

“What are you up to now?"


“Hey, welcome to the 200 pound club! You’re a fat girl like me now.” Angie slapped her large gut as she sort of jumped off the couch.

“Yeah right Angie, I’m fat like you. You’re almost 240, you fat hog.”

Angie laughed out loud. “Ok, Jen right I’m an almost 240 pound cow. I’m probably close to a size 24 now. My thighs rub together. My ass is huge. I’m twice the weight I was when I came in here. But you know, there is one thing you are forgetting.”


“Honey, I’ll be out of here soon. When we see each other again, you’ll be fatter than me! 250, has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?”

“Shut up, Angie! Why do you hate me so much?” In her mind she pictured herself 50 pounds heavier and bigger than the bulging young woman standing in front of her. “Oh, I am so fat! I’ll never be thin again, “she cried.

“Yes, Jen you are fat. Your life as the hottest babe in town is over. It’s time for you to accept that.”

“I don’t care,” Jen said through a mouthful of doughnut.


Oct 9, 2005
Later Angie came into the den to say goodbye to Jen. She found Jen on the couch in her customary position, snacking absentmindedly on a bag of chips and dip. Angie had on the size 24 dress she was given to wear back into society. Even though inwardly she was appalled at wearing such a large size, it felt good to be out of the uniform and back into “normal” clothes again.

The bra and panties Angie was given were huge, but at least it wasn’t a lycra top and shorts, and they did fit her perfectly. It also felt good that her massive tits now had some additional support. Her hand slipped around to her ass and she patted her large butt 2 or 3 times.

Her final weigh-in had put her at 242, two pounds over her sentenced weight. She was now free to re-enter society and serve out her 5 year period as at least a 240 pound woman. She caught her reflection in the hall mirror and thought, “Yep, I’m fat.”

Jen had gorged non-stop in the last week and a half. As Angie looked at her former hottie friend, she guessed Jen had probably packed on 8 or 9 pounds during that time. Angie noticed that Jen’s face has really changed recently and her plump cuteness was being replaced by an expanding double chin and fat cheeks.

“I’m leaving Jen. I’ll see you soon. You have to come live with me. We’ll get through this together.”

”OK, Ang. I don’t want to go to my parent’s house. I’d be embarrassed for them to see me like this. I’m going to miss you. “

“Honey, you won’t miss me for long…..at the rate you’re going you’ll hit 250 in another 6 weeks” Angie thought. Out loud she said, “I’ll miss you too girl. I’ll have a bed waiting for you.”

The 2 fat friends hugged and Angie left. Jen returned to her snack.

2 weeks later

Jen returned from her weigh-in to find a package waiting on her. Instinctively, she knew who it was from, but morbid curiosity forced her to open it. Inside was the now familiar progression of black and white photos of her from the last several months, along with a note and a pair of white lace panties, that somehow looked vaguely familiar. The last photo in the series, showing her from behind with the caption “214”, was circled with a red sharpie and a note that said “Nice Ass!” After recovering from the initial shock of seeing how wide and round her formerly tight, shapely ass had become, she started to read the letter:

”Dear Jen,

”It’s me again, Jeff’s wife. I’ll bet you thought I forgot about you, but I’ve been getting the regular photo updates. I’m always sure to leave them sitting out for a day or two, so Jeff can see your progress. I am amazed at what a big girl you have become. Girl, you are a load!

”What I find most amazing is that you still have 36 pounds left to pack on. Look at your ass in the 214 picture and compare it to even the 152 pound shot. I’ll bet you thought you were getting fat back then. But girl, you were skinny then compared to the wide load you’ve got now. I can’t wait to see your fat butt at 250!

”I was going through Jeff’s closet and I found these sexy size 6 panties. They were not mine and when I asked him he admitted they were yours. Obviously, they would be a little snug on you now, so I took the liberty of cutting out the crotch. I’ll bet your thighs are as big as your waist used to be…..so why don’t you slip them over your leg and see if they fit?

”Talk to you again soon,

”Jeff’s wife

”PS: I guess you could have worn the panties as a thong....sorry I wasn't thinking.”

Since Angie left, Jen had started eating most of her meals in her room. She had only left once on the last 10 days and that was for her weigh-in yesterday. She stood naked in front of the full-length mirror in her bathroom and studied her 229 pound body. Her face had changed substantially in the last 3 weeks, as she realized that she looked like a different person now. She now had large, round cheeks and a full second chin. She pinched one fat cheek as she stared at her face.

Her eyes moved down to her chest. Her once perfectly round, surgically enhanced breasts, were now huge and sagged downward. She put her hands under each breast and lifted, even now surprised at their heft. Her hands moved down to her sides and she grabbed her belly with both hands, patting her gut as she let go. Her thighs were massive as she remembered when she used to run 3 miles every morning. “I don’t think I could run around the block now,” she thought.

She grabbed a mirror and looked over her shoulder to try to get a view of her butt. “Oh wow,” she whispered as she saw her huge rear end spread out below the double rolls of fat on the sides of her back. Her free hand moved down to gauge the size of her once tight ass. Again, she pinched and then slapped her fat bottom. The thought that wouldn’t leave her mind was that she still had 21 more pounds to pack on before she could leave this place. “How much bigger is my ass going to get?, she said quietly to herself.

She decided not to take a shower and went straight to the den. She opened the door and rolled in the room service tray that was filled with 6 trays of breakfast. She sat down on the edge of the couch and started to eat, not even realizing she was still fully naked. After about 30 minutes of non-stop eating she got up to get a drink, and realized she hadn’t put on her uniform on.

“Who cares, this is more comfortable anyway,” she thought, “I don’t have to leave the room today.” She grabbed a gallon of milk from the refrigerator and drank half of it out straight out of the jug, before sitting back down to finish her breakfast.

”You are free to go now, Miss Jackson, “ said the Nurse. “Do you have somebody to pick you up? You can use the phone if you like.”

Jen thought for a minute. She really had not given much thought to what she was going to do with her life now. She could not bear to face her family and friends after all this. Then she remembered Angie’s offer of a place to stay when she got out. She picked up the phone and called the number Angie had sent her in a short letter a few weeks ago.


“Hi Angie, it’s Jen. They are releasing me today. Can you come pick me up?”

”Of course, Honey. I’ll be there in 30 minutes. I’ve got a bedroom waiting for you!”

Jen was relieved to hear a friendly voice. “Thanks, Angie. I’ll see you in a few minutes.”


Oct 9, 2005
Jen took her small bag of old size 6 clothes and walked to the lobby to wait on her friend. While she was waiting, she flipped through some of the women’s magazines that were on the table. Almost every magazine had articles on how to lose weight …or articles on obese women that had changed their lives by losing 150 pounds. She saw a before and after picture of a cute woman who had gone from 280 to 135 pounds over the course of 2 years. “God she was huge,” she thought, almost forgetting her own massive girth for a second.

She saw a car pull up to the front entry. A young woman stepped out and Jen almost immediately noticed that Angie has lost weight. “She must have lost 30 pounds! I’ll bet I’m 40 pounds heavier than she is now.”

Angie hugged Jen. “Hey Angie, you look good. Have you lost weight? “

“Yes, 32 pounds. I’m at 208 right now.”

“But when is your weigh in? Aren’t you worried?”

“No, it’s not for 6 more months. I have a plan to get us through the next 5 years. I’ll tell you on the way home. By the way, you look healthy,” Angie said, as she patted Jen’s huge belly.

Jen felt her face turning red. “I weigh 254. I’m so big, Angie.”

“Yes you are. Who’s the fat ass now?,” Angie thought to herself. “Get in the car honey, let’s go home.”

Angie drove into the driveway of her townhouse. She told Jen to grab her bag and walk in through the garage.

”Jen, you can sleep in the upstairs bedroom,” Angie said.

”OK, Ang, I need to change clothes,” Jen replied as she stripped of the jeans and t-shirt.

Angie thought ....Wow she is huge as Angie walked (waddled?) up the stairs in her prison issue panties and bra.

Jen walked into her bedroom and looked around. She had her own bathroom and a nice view of the lake from her window. It was so nice to be out of the facility and back in the real world that she forgot for a second how huge she had become.

She wanted to take a shower. She stripped out of her clothes and plopped down on the edge of the soft bed. Her hand instinctively slid underneath her large gut and she grabbed to large handfuls of thick fat. She heard a knock on the door and Angie walked in. Jen noticed again that her friend had slimmed down considerably since their roommate days. Jen was carrying some sweatpants and a t-shirt.

“Hey girl, I thought you might want some fresh clothes. These are some of my fat sweatpants, they’re 4XL’s. Here’s some nicer underwear, too.”

Jen was slightly embarrassed at her exposed massive frame, but made no attempt to cover her naked bulk. After 6 months of living together in the facility, they had more or less seen everything there was to see of each other.

“Thanks, Ang. I do need some clothes”

“Don’t worry, I’ve got enough for you. I got up to 255 the first two weeks after I got out. It takes awhile for the drugs to totally wear off.”

“You look good. How much do you weigh? Aren’t you worried about your probation?”

“I’m down to 210”, Angie said as she patted her ample hip. “I wanted to tell you about my plan to get through the next 5 years…… once the drugs wear off it is possible to lose weight. I know we have to maintain our minimum weights for probation, but the weigh-ins are yearly.

“My plan is to lose about 30 pounds, then have about 6 or 7 months at this weight and then pack it all back on the last couple of months before the weigh-in. That way at least we have part of the year at a lower weight. I know we’ll still be fat,. but 210 is better than 250 or whatever. Then when the 5 years are up we lose it all and go back to hottieness. ”

“That sounds good to me…but right now I am starving. I don’t think I’ll be losing anything for a while yet.”

“Yeah..the drugs are strong. You’ll still eat like a hog for a week or two. Then you can start losing.”

Jen struggled to stand up from the bed and waddled towards the bathroom door. Angie watched her massive round butt jiggle and shake. It was hard to even remember her as the tight ass hottie that walked into her prison room several months ago. Jen looked at her 254 pound frame in the mirrored bathroom door….her once pert tits now huge and sagging.

“Yes,” Jen said, “I’d love to weigh 215 or 220.”

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I Love Sweet Pears
Oct 24, 2005
I Loved the story and the concept. I hope to see a sequel. Maybe Jen and Angie getting busted for parole violation and getting their sentences doubled. Just a thought.