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    The Obesity Epidemic
    By AtlasD

    Yentingrad, Russia, April 23-Patient Zero

    Viktor Cheryunov sighed. It was getting late, and the experiment was not going well. The Director was getting impatient for results, but this seemed to be at a dead end. Protocol required that all test materials be locked away, but Viktor was tired, needed a cigarette and smoking was prohibited inside the lab. He got up from the lab bench locked the door, and lit a cigarette as he headed for the exit at the end of the corridor. This was also frowned upon, but Viktor was too tired and too frustrated to care. He just wanted to go home.

    Tanya Khorkov unlocked the door and dragged the vacuum cleaner into the lab area. It was an old unit, bulky and heavy and would break down frequently. Then she would have to get out a broom and sweep the floors. How ridiculous she thought. All this expensive laboratory equipment and they cannot find a few rubles for a decent vacuum cleaner. Well, at least she had a job. Not a good paying job, but a job just the same.

    She switched on the unit and pulled the heavy machine along. Then came the crackling noise she was all too familiar with, the lights flickered and the vacuum machine died. Tanya let out a big sigh. She was supposed to meet her boyfriend tonight at the café. Sweeping the floors would take longer and she would be late. She coiled up the electrical cord, then pulled the now defunct machine out to the corridor. She took a broom from the closet, went back to the lab area and began sweeping. As she rushed through the job, the broom handle hit a rack of test tubes on the lab bench, and it fell to the floor.

    The test tubes had been firmly stoppered, but one had broken, leaving a small puddle of clear pinkish fluid on the floor. Now Tanya was worried. The Director got very angry when there was breakage of apparatus. Tanya gently lifted the rack with the unbroken test tubes and placed it back on the bench. She pulled a rag from her apron, and sponged up the fluid, then swept up the broken glass and dumped it into the trash container outside in the hallway. That took care of the mess, but the rack was now missing one test tube which would be glaringly obvious when the lab reopened the next morning. Then Tanya spotted a large flask containing what appeared to be the same fluid. She opened a drawer and pulled out a test tube that matched the others, filled it with fluid from the flask so the level matched the others, stoppered the test tube, and placed it in the rack. She then replaced the stopper in the flask and carefully placed it where she had found it. As she resumed sweeping, Tanya cursed her clumsiness. She was going to be very late for her date....


    “May I come in, Director?”

    “Yes, Tanya, fine, fine” muttered the Director without looking up. Tanya came in, picked up the wastebasket from beside the Director’s desk. The Director glanced up as she emptied the basket into the rolling wastebin that would later be emptied into the incinerator. Tanya’s secondhand clothes were getting tight again. A seam had already parted in her pants and a roll of fat pushed from underneath her blouse and over the waistband. And how wide her bottom had gotten! What a shame thought the Director. She used to be so pretty and slim, now she has gotten so fat. And only 19 years old. She must be 120 kilos at least...

    January 16

    Viktor Cheryunov was worried. There was no dismissing the data. There was a pattern. Something, somewhere had gone wrong. The Director would have to be informed. Viktor closed the binder, began walking slowly to the Director’s office, trying to compose this thoughts....

    “You wanted to see me Viktor.”

    “Yes, Director. Something has come to my attention. I think you should know about it also. We may have an outbreak.” The Director took off his glasses. Viktor knew from past experience this was not a good sign.

    “The details?” said the Director.

    Viktor cleared his throat. “As you know we have been working on a virus would disrupt the endocrine system. The objective was to create something highly contagious that would also disrupt the metabolic system and be swiftly debilitating to the enemy’s soldiers.”

    “Yes, I know of this. Go on.”

    “The laboratory rats we tested this on did not manifest the symptoms we had hoped. The metabolic system was disrupted, but not in the way we had expected. “

    “You are telling we have a failed experiment?”

    Victor now placed a thick binder on the Director’s desk.

    “I think the virus has somehow infected some of the staff at the lab. Specifically the female staff. I have noticed a pattern developing. “

    “How so?”

    Viktor took a breath, then pressed on. “You have seen how big Tanya is getting? She was out sick with a fever and rash for a week last spring. Svetlana, the other custodian. Same thing, out with fever and rash about two weeks after Tanya reported ill. Svetlana has also gained significant weight. Tanya’s sisters also, rash and fever followed a few weeks later by weight gain. Other female staff at the lab are affected as well.”

    The Director frowned. “And what is the mechanism of this virus?”

    “It seems to affect post pubescent females between the ages of 14 and 45. Phase one is a two week incubation period. This is followed by Phase 2, a blotchy rash and mild fever for 4-7 days. In Phase 3 the host appears asymptomatic, but the virus DNA becomes embedded in the fat cells, which then replicate rapidly. After six weeks this is followed by phase 4 where the virus disrupts the normal metabolism and appetite regulation centers and is followed by rapid and massive weight gain. Even after the final phase small amounts of active virus remain in bodily fluids, including exhalations and perspiration, which enables the virus to be rapidly transmitted to new hosts. The binder contains the details.” Viktor nodded toward the thick binder.

    The Director put his glasses on then began leafing through the binder, pausing to examine some documents in detail. Viktor sat and waited.

    Forty minutes later, the Director finally spoke. “Viktor, what is the purpose of this facility?”

    “To create biological weapons that can be used against our enemies”

    The Director took off his glasses, lowered his head and rubbed his temples. “But what you are telling me Viktor is that we have successfully created a highly contagious and resilient organism that makes women fat.”

    “Yes, Director.”

    “Who knows of this?”

    “No one. I thought it should come to your attention first.”

    “Keep it that way. This-“ said the Director pointing to the binder, “will be destroyed. Delete any documents you have on your computer. Take all specimens and samples of the virus and destroy them as well.”

    “Yes Director.”

    “You will mention this to no one. Is that understood”

    “Yes Director.”

    “Is there anything else?”

    Viktor cleared his throat.

    The Director frowned. “Yes, Viktor?”

    “Dr. Lara Romemenko left six days ago for a genetics conference in Munich.”

    “And you think she is carrying the organism”

    “Yes Director. She has gained over 20 kilos in the last three months....”

    “Is there anything that can be done now?”

    “No, Director.”

    “Then do as I have told you.”

    “Yes, Director.”

    July 22

    This is the KBC Evening news with Ed Wheeler.

    “Good evening. Much has been made of the so called “obesity epidemic” in our country and the developing world, but in Germany today health officials announced what may be a true epidemic of obesity, an actual contagion passed from person to person and that causes rapid weight gain. Our Simon Roberts is in Munich tonight with this special report. Simon-“

    “Good evening Ed. German health officials are scrambling to identify what they think is a new virus that affects young females and exhibits unusual symptoms, including sudden, significant and unexplained weight gain. Earlier today, Johanna Kohl from the German Health Ministry held a press conference stating they have detected a pattern of symptomology in the Munich area. This is what she had to say.”

    A middle aged blond woman with reading glasses took the lectern started speaking in German. The interpreter voiceover translated:

    “The data that is emerging is still very preliminary and incomplete, but enough has been determined that the Health Ministry felt an announcement was in order. The pattern seems to be as follows: The disease first manifests itself by a blotchy rash and a mild fever of about a week’s duration. This followed six weeks later by rapid weight gain. After interviewing several hundred individuals, we have confidence that these two events are related. While the spread of these events is following a pattern typical of spread of a biological organism we do not yet know if a virus or some other form of infectious agent is involved. We have not yet isolated any type of virus.

    However, as it is our belief some form of contagion is involved we are asking the public to do the following:

    1) Report any instances of a rash accompanied by fever to health officials.
    2) If you have had a rash and fever that has been followed by weight gain, we ask that you notify your physician
    3) Use precautions in the event that someone in the household becomes ill, and isolate those individuals until the rash and fever subside.

    In addition, we ask the following:

    · We ask that medical professionals that become aware of these symptoms in patients contact the Ministry of Health
    · We ask that any schools and colleges that have students exhibiting these symptoms request the students go home until all symptoms are gone, and to also report all such incidents to the Health Ministry.

    We do not know if the weight increase associated with this is permanent or a temporary symptom. However, we do not want people to panic. Importantly no fatalities or serious effects have been reported. Nevertheless, caution requires that we make every effort to contain the spread of these symptoms until we know more about the agent that causes it and how it is spread.”

    Simon Roberts came back on the screen. “We have spoken with the CDC, Ed, and they said they are not currently aware of anything like this in the United States. Bulletins have been issued to the medical community to report any unusual symptoms. There are currently no plans in place to screen individuals in airports or to restrict flights from Germany. Ed-“

    “Our Simon Roberts in Munich tonight. Thanks Simon. In other news, the Iranian parliament today.......”

    Manhattan New York

    Dr. Elaine Goldman shut off the television, logged on to her computer and brought up the CDC web site. After she had returned from the genetics conference in Munich, five months ago, she had the very symptoms just described on the news report and listed in the CDC bulletin. That would also explain the 43 pounds she had gained in the last three months and that had been drawing some negative comment from her partner. Now there was an explanation for that- but how long would the gain continue? And she had been in contact with a lot of people since then, at the clinic, the hospital, the subway.... Dr. Goldman picked up the telephone and dialed the number for the CDC.

    Student apartment, Fergusson College, Western Pennsylvania

    I hit the mute button as Simon Roberts concluded his report and a commercial came on. Stacie looked up from her textbook. “That is weird” she said. “Whatever that stuff is, I hope it doesn’t come over here.”

    “It’s pretty tough to isolate anything in the jet age” I said- “remember Ebola?”

    “But a virus that causes weight gain? That sounds like every woman’s nightmare.”

    “Who knows if there is even a connection? It sounds like a lot of speculation if you ask me.”

    “We’ll see” said Stacie.

    August 5

    This is the KBC Evening news with Ed Wheeler.

    “Good evening. It’s here and it looks like it has been here from some time. The mysterious disease first reported in Germany, rash, fever, followed by weight gain is in the United States, and according to the CDC it has been here weeks or even months. It is a virus and now has an official name, ECN14, also known as Munich Metabolic Syndrome or MMS. Our Simon Roberts broke this story, and now has more details. Simon-“

    Simon Roberts came on the screen standing in from of CDC headquarters. “Good evening Ed- According to the CDC, Munich Metabolic Syndrome, or MMS is in the United States and has probably been here for up to six months. The CDC stated that medical professionals traveling in Germany may have contracted and carried the virus back to the United States without realizing it. Given the two week incubation period, and the minor initial symptoms, rash and mild fever, people simply did not connect these with the later phase of the disease-rapid weight gain- especially when six weeks often separated the two events. It was only when medical personnel in New York read the bulletins from the CDC that the dots connected. According to the CDC, at least 220 people in the New York metropolitan area have reported symptoms. Outbreaks are also reported in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Boston and the CDC expects there will be many more.

    Apparently scientists in Germany have isolated the virus, but still have no idea how it works, how it is transmitted, and if a vaccine can be developed. And until medical scientists have a better idea how the virus is transmitted, it will be impossible to come up with measures to try and contain the disease. And, off the record, one CDC official told me that after being in this country for six weeks, it will be nearly impossible to contain the virus. This is just the tip of the iceberg, and he expects more hot spots will be reported in the days ahead. Ed-“

    Ed Wheeler now reappeared on the screen. “Thank you Simon. President Lucida Perez will address the nation on this issue tomorrow at 7:00 Eastern. We will carry her address live. Moving on to the Middle East, there was more unrest in the West Bank today.....”

    Situation Room -The White House

    “OK Charles, what do you have for me.”

    Charles David Wadsworth, Boston Brahmin, former heard of Boston General Hospital and the current head of the CDC, opened the screen presentation. “Madame President, members of the cabinet, the chart on this slide shows our best estimate of how we anticipate the virus to spread over the next six months. It is our opinion that unless effective quarantine and countermeasures can be found, essentially every individual potentially at risk will have contracted this disease by the end of this year.”

    “And do we have any effective measures to combat this?” the President queried.

    Wadsworth paused. “Frankly speaking Madame President- we do not. Nor do the Germans who have been dealing with this the longest.”

    “How long?”

    “They think about eight months”

    “Do the Germans have any idea where it came from?”

    “It seemed to start with medical personnel, which implies it was contracted by a medical professional from an ill person. It seemed to originate in the Munich are. Beyond that they really don’t know. The incubation period and long delay between the fever phase and weight gain phase confused things terribly. We may never find a ‘patient zero’”

    The Surgeon General spoke up at this point. “What course does the disease seem to run? We know about the rash and the weight gain. Are there any other manifestations we don’t know about?”

    Wadsworth quickly scanned through his laptop. “We don’t know if anything else happens beyond the weight gain phase. We don’t know if the weight gain – which is substantial- is a temporary symptom or a permanent aftereffect.”

    The Surgeon General followed up. “You say substantial- how substantial?”

    “We don’t know that yet either. In Germany there is now a small population in which the disease seems to have run its course. In that population, the typical course seems to be a doubling of original body weight with some outliers.”

    “Do you have specific numbers?”

    “In one case study where the weight gain seems to have run its course, one 20 year old female went from 141 pounds to 302. The range seems to be 2.2 to 2.4 time original body weight. Keep in mind this is based on very limited sample data. This is also very preliminary, but there seems to be some correlation between the length of the rash/fever phase and the weight gain. The longer the rash and fever last, the more weight gained in the next phase.”

    “The population affected seems consistent?”

    “Yes- post pubescent females generally between the ages of 14 and 45, although there are a few outliers. Apparently hormone levels greatly influence susceptibility.”

    President Perez spoke up. “What about the virus itself? Do we know where it came from?”

    The National Security Advisor spoke. “ The virus has some unusual characteristics. A similar virus was studied by the U. S. Armey bioweapons team as a possible bioweapons agent.”

    “I hope you are not saying this is something we did.” said President Perez.

    “Absolutely not. That program was abandoned as initial results were not promising. We never had anything that came close to fruition, and nothing that comes close to matching the genetic signature of this virus. There were some common characteristics, but very few.”

    President Perez frowned. “If it wasn’t us, do you think there is some other state actor behind this? Is this some sort of biological warfare experiment that went bad?”

    “We just don’t know. The virus has some unusual characteristics, but so far we haven’t found any markers to indicate this was artificially produced.”

    The President turned her attention back to the head of the CDC. “Charles, you said so far no one has come up with effective quarantine measures?”

    “If anybody could do it, the Germans could, and so far they haven’t been able to keep a lid on this. It’s already spread through most of Europe. Even Russia has had reports.”

    “Nothing promising in the way of a cure, anti virals, a vaccine- Something- Anything?

    “Unfortunately Madame President- No. We are working on it of course, but it will take time.”

    “Mr. Wadsworth…” Everyone at the table stiffened at this. President Perez only used formal address in the gravest of situations.

    “Mr. Wadsworth” repeated President Perez. “You understand I have to go before the American people tomorrow night and tell them we have no effective means for dealing with this. There are a lot of young women out there who are scared about what is going to happen to them, a lot of parents who are worried about their daughters. “

    “Yes Madame President. We are doing everything we can.”

    “ You know also I have three daughters, and one of them is in the at risk population.”

    Normally cool urbane and unflappable, Charles David Wadsworth looked like he was about to choke.

    “Yes Madame President,” he repeated. “We are doing everything we can.”

    September 8

    The baritone announcer made his usual introduction to the news. “This is the KBC Evening news with Ed Wheeler.”

    A thin young Asian woman was at the anchor desk. “ Good evening, I’m Lori Ling. Ed Wheeler is off tonight.”

    “We start with the latest on the Munich Metabolic Syndrome virus and its aftermath. The family of actress Rita Hayden is in mourning tonight after the Hollywood starlet apparently committed suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills. According to authorities, Hayden left a note saying she was despondent about her weight gain due to MMS and the loss of her acting career. This is the latest of a number of suicides reported in the aftermath of this virus, some by women as young as 16. Simon Roberts reports.”

    Simon Roberts came of the screen standing outside a Los Angeles hospital. “Good evening Lori. Sadly, this is the latest of about a dozen suicides reported this year as due to the substantial weight gain because of MMS. Hayden was typical, young, only 23, and very proud of her slender figure. Dr. Whitney Evans explains how this disease profoundly affects the mental health of young women. Dr. Evans—“

    Dr. Whitney Evans was a graying smartly dressed woman with wire rim glasses. “Simon, It’s not only the weight gain; it’s also the fact that it takes place so suddenly and so quickly. Most young women more than double their body weight due to the virus, and when this takes place in as little as six months the shock to their body image is profound. It provides no time to adjust to their new body size and circumstances. If the weight gain happened slowly, over a course of years instead of months, there is time to adapt and cope to the new circumstance.”

    Simon asked, “Any advice for our viewers?”

    Dr. Evans spoke toward the camera. “There are support groups that are forming. If you are despondent or know someone that is, look up a local support group and join. If you have just been diagnosed with MMS, join a support group. There will be women there who have led the way, been through this and who have come up with coping strategies they can share.”

    Simon Roberts closed the interview. “Thank you Dr. Evans. Back to you Lori-“

    “Thank you Simon-“

    Lori Ling came back on the screen. “On a related note, clinical trials on what was hoped to be an antidote for MMS were stopped today after a third death was reported in clinical trials. Our medical correspondent Dr. Rajiv Kumar reports.”

    Dr. Kumar was a solemn looking man who looked a bit young for a doctor, and was wearing a lab coat. He seemed unaccustomed to television interviews, and looked as if he had something serious to say. “A.F. Berkley Pharmaceuticals announced it has stopped clinical trials on the most promising drug found so far in the battle against ECN14, the virus that causes Munich Metabolic Syndrome. In early studies carboxaryl acetimide or was shown to be effective in suppressing reproduction of the virus. Spurred on by the Perez Administration and the CDC, clinical trials were conducted despite concerns about liver toxicity. Of 24 volunteers who contracted MMS and were in various stages of progression with the disease, all 24 exhibited impaired liver function. After the third death in these clinical trials, all work has been suspended until further notice.”

    Dr. Kumar concluded “I want to add a warning. There have been some web sites popping up advertising a “cure” for MMS. I cannot emphasize this enough- there is no cure. Anybody who claims they can cure MMS is a fraud, and I urge people not to be taken in. None of these so called cures has been found to be effective, and a few could actually cause harm.”

    Lori Ling closed the segment. “Dr. Rajiv Kumar, sound advice. Thank you.”

    October 13- Fergusson College, Western Pennsylvania

    What are you going to do? I asked Stacie. The virus had now reached campus, and while campus officials were trying to forestall panic, classrooms were virtually empty of female students, who were holed up in their dorm rooms or gone home.

    “What can I do” said Stacie. “No vaccine, no quarantine, nothing seems to work. The CDC has had eight months to get a grip on this and they have come up with nothing. Some have tried isolation and contracted the virus anyway. It’s all over the place, no point in leaving campus- there’s no place to go, unless I go to the moon. I can’t go live in a cave until they come up with something . It could be years. The President says we need to stay calm and carry on with our lives. Like she said, no one has died of this.”

    “Are you going to go to class?”

    “I might as well” said Stacie. “What else can I do?”

    One week later

    I was in class when Stacie texted me. “Its here”. She came home after classes with the announcement. “It’s here Brian. In economics lecture, this morning. There was a girl sitting in the absolute front row of the lecture hall and she had the rash. Poor thing, almost every other girl took one look at her and ran back out of the hall.”

    “But you didn’t?”

    “I did not. What’s the point? I marched right down there, shook her hand and said we were all in this together. You and I have both been watching the news, doing the research online. Nothing has been able to stop this, and the other girls are only delaying the inevitable by a few days at best. We know this has been coming for months now, so I figured get it over with.”

    I gave Stacie a big hug. “I have to admire your courage.”

    “Yeah, well let’s hope you still admire me after the weight gain phase. There are going to be some changes ahead for both of us”.

    “I love you Stacie- you know that. A lot of other couples are getting through this. We can too.”
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    November 17

    Stacie came down with the rash and fever, and is just getting over it now. We knew from the CDC web site that the longer the rash and fever lasted, the greater the weight gain. Usually it lasted 4-7 days. Stacie went a full 11 days, which did not bode well. Stacie keeps saying it is what it is. Well, in six weeks we will start to find out.

    The White House, December 2.

    “All Rise! Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States”

    Lucida Perez strode to the podium “Please be seated.”

    “As has been reported in some circles, my oldest daughter, Maria, has been diagnosed with ECN14 or Munich Metabolic Syndrome. Maria is an intelligent and observant 16 year old and she understands the future implications as the disease runs its course. She knows in the weeks to come she will gain a substantial amount of weight. Many of Maria’s classmates- indeed, many young women across the nation- are also enduring this publicly, and Maria has also decided she will continue her normal routine with her classmates to the fullest extent possible.

    Like any loving parents Ramon and I ask that you show some respect and consideration of our daughter’s situation. We ask that you let her live her life as normally as possible. Maria understands things will change for her physically in the weeks and months ahead. She has seen others in her school go through these changes and accepts that will be changes in her situation as well.

    Maria is a loving, caring, intelligent daughter. Her weight will make no difference in these qualities. Ramon and I are proud of her, just as we are proud of all our daughters as loving parents should be. That love and that pride do not change because of physical size or a number on a scale.

    Like so many other families across the world- we will endure this. As a nation, let us endure this together. Thank you, and I will take questions now-“

    A chorus of voices Madame President-

    “Yes, Todd-“

    “Madame President, a lot of young women, particularly in Hollywood chose to go into seclusion. You say that Maria will not change her routine. Was that her decision?”

    “Maria, Ramon and I had a long discussion on this at Maria’s request. It was Maria who insisted she stay in school and go through this openly and publicly, as her classmates are doing.”

    Madam President-

    “Yes, Drew-“

    “Madame President, your daughter was not seen at school today- what is her status?”

    “Maria currently has a fever. Once this subsides, she will be back in school, certainly by the beginning of next week.”

    Madame President-

    “Yes, Andrea-“

    “Madame President, do you think this will affect your daughter’s potential political career?”

    “Maria is only 16- let her grow up first before we talk about politics. Who knows if she even wants a political career. She is a bright young lady and can do anything she sets her mind to.”

    Madame President-

    “Yes, Natalie-“

    “Madame President, how are Maria’s sisters taking this?”

    “Maria has spoken with them both at length. Maria is taking this very straightforward and calmly, and her fortitude has helped Rosalita and Alida a great deal. That’s all today, Thank you.”

    Madame President- But President Lucida Perez marched out of the room.

    Fergusson College Western Pennsylvania

    “Well, it certainly is a democratic disease”, said Stacie. “I guess they really can’t find a cure or a way to stop it if the President’s daughter comes down with it.”

    We both knew something was up. Even though Stacie’s weight had not changed, we could both sense a certain flabbiness developing in Stacie’s once firm body. We guessed it was fat cell replication, and anxiously awaited what would happen next. Then Stacie’s gain phase began a week after the President’s daughter was diagnosed.

    January 21-Stacie

    Stacie looked through her closet, trying to find something that would still fit. It had started three weeks ago, and already eleven pounds in those three weeks! Maybe these slacks would still fit. Uh-oh, awful snug around the hips. Stacie pulled and tugged. Can I still button them? She sucked it her tummy, got the button fastened, checked the mirror. A bit snug, but oh, look at that pudge around the waistband! Stacie pinched the roll with her thumb and forefinger. Brace yourself she sighed- this is just the beginning.

    February 14-Brian

    162. Twenty additional pounds. Stacie kept her curves, they just became more pronounced as she became softer. Her once firm bottom became rounder, wider. Her abs soon vanished -forever- beneath a layer of soft pudge. A slight crease began to form at her midriff. As her firmness disappeared, Stacie bemoaned her loss of conditioning- and her wardrobe. Nothing fits anymore she complained. What did fit looked like Stacie had been poured into them with a sexy muffintop rolling over the waistband. While I was used to Stacie’s “hardbody” I was surprised to find her new curviness looked good to me, and the enhanced curves were novel and wonderful to hold.

    March 1- Brian

    I had surfed around online for others who were going through similar experiences with their partners, and all mentioned the sharp increase in appetite. But nothing prepared me for the amount of food Stacie was putting away daily. It’s a good thing Stacie had a cafeteria pass and was using it, even so, groceries were costing us a small fortune. It had been three months now since the gain phase began; Stacie was now an even 182 pounds. She had been forced to replace her wardrobe twice now, and again nearly all her new clothes were uncomfortably tight, and some simply would not fit at all. Stacie had been on the generous side when selecting her undies, but now she looked as if she had been poured into them, and a good deal was brimming over brassiere and panties. She now had cleavage and a healthy set that was getter healthier by the day. New creases had developed in Stacie’s midriff as her belly fat began to puddle on her hips. Instead of a pudgy tummy, now she had a wobbly belly. Before all this started, I liked watching her bottom as she walked by, but now there was really something to look at. The motion of her soft bottom was mesmerizing when she came by. I loved stroking the underside of her tum just above her pubic area. Her bottom and hips were broader now, the cleavage in her breasts more pronounced brimming the cups of her old brassieres.
    I found it incredibly sexy and told her so. “You are crazy” was Stacie’s consistent response.

    That evening we were in front of the television, Stacie as usual half watching -half studying her textbook and working through a box of chocolate chip cookies when the news ended and some trashy tabloid show came on.

    “This is Celebrity Spotlite with Tiffany Maheaux”

    “A hefty Maria Perez is seen with her classmates on a recent field trip near Washington DC. The eldest daughter of President Perez is notably heavier after contracting MMS nearly 4 months ago...”

    The video cut to a somewhat shaky telephoto image of six hefty young girls with books in their arms walking across a common.

    “She is heavier, but no heavier than her friends”, observed Stacie. “Why do they focus so much on her? Poor kid.”

    June 4

    Stacie was now at 223 pounds, and still growing rapidly. Stacie had been chubby before, but now she was big, and I had to admit it, more beautiful than ever. Soft breasts jiggled over her belly, ample hips and bottom. “I sometimes said I wished I had a D cup” said Stacie, “but this isn’t how I imagined it.” Creases in her midriff had become rolls below her breasts and again above her hips as fat continued to puddle.

    While the grocery bill continued to be huge, at least Stacie had been able to economize on clothing. As many other girls in the college had been going through the gain phase, a surplus of castoff clothing was developing and Stacie hit upon the idea of an online clothing exchange. There were a number of women who had contracted MMS before Stacie, and were ahead of her in the weight gain phase, so Stacie had been able to purchase these at discount, or sometimes even obtain them for free, then when she inevitably outgrew them, she would pass them on to someone else.

    That worked for summer classes, but once home for the day, Stacie donned oversize gym shorts and loose T shirts. “It’s just more comfortable” she said. While this was comfortable for her, it concealed the daily gain, and when she disrobed before bed, her jiggly curves accentuated with each passing day, I found myself aroused. Stacie refused to believe I could find her attractive despite my reassurances, and despite the lovemaking.

    September 15

    At 262 pounds Stacie was moving beyond plus size. Her wobbly belly jiggled and flowed over her pubic area, so her panties were no logger visible from the front. Thick rippling thighs held up wide hips and bottom. When I hugged her from the back I could take both hands lift and cradle her jello-y belly, feel soft flesh overflow my hands.

    December 14

    “News is on” I shouted to Stacie

    “Coming” she said and she appeared from the kitchen with a spoon and a pint of ice cream. Stacie eased herself into the recliner and began spooning vanilla fudge ripple into her mouth.

    “This is the KBC Evening News with Ed Wheeler.”

    “Good evening, and welcome to a special edition of the KBC Evening News. A year and a half ago we first reported a new virus outbreak in Germany, a virus with unusual symptoms and effects. Tonight, as we focus on Munich Metabolic Syndrome and how it has affected the nation, we have a special interview with Maria Perez on the eve of her 17th birthday by our own Ashley Benton who is back from a long sabbatical. Good evening Ashley.”

    “Wow- she’s changed.” I said. Ashely Benton had been the archetypical slim pretty television new personality. Now a well dressed but decidedly hefty Ashley Benton appeared on screen.

    Stacie said “We haven’t seen her for a long time. I think I know why.”

    “Good evening Ed. I spoke to Maria Perez at length about her experience with Munich Metabolic Syndrome, about school and about her future.”

    Ashley “ First let me wish you a happy birthday.”

    Maria “Thank you.”

    Ashley “It’s been just over a year since you contracted Munich Metabolic Syndrome. How are you adjusting to your weight?”

    Maria “I’m pretty well accustomed to it, it’s normal to me now.“

    Ashley “If you don’t mind my asking, how much do you weigh now?”

    Maria “286 pounds. I saw some of the tabloids had me at 400, which is ridiculous, but I learned not to take those seriously. My parents always say “get the facts out”, so it’s 286 pounds, and that’s the fact.”

    Stacie interjected through a mouthful of ice cream “286? That’s it?” Stacie has just hit 297, and we had to buy a new scale as the old one stopped at 300 pounds.

    “She’s not as tall as you, Hon, and maybe she did not have the fever as long. Remember, you went a full 11 days.” We turned our attention back to the news.

    Ashely “And how much did you weigh before?”

    Maria “132”

    Ashely “So you gained 154 pounds”

    Maria “That’s how the math works out. Talking with my friends, it’s been about the average. Some of my friends gained more, some less.”

    Ashely “Do you think a cure will ever be found for this disease?”

    Maria “I hope so. I hope so for the sake of the younger girls, for my sisters, so they won’t have to go through this. I don’t think anything can be done to reverse the effects of the disease, so I have accepted my situation. You play the cards you are dealt. I know some young girls have actually killed themselves over this, and that is incredibly sad. So if future cases can be prevented, I think that would be a good thing.”

    Ashley “Everyone says you have a pretty positive attitude about it.”

    Maria (laughing) “ What are the other options? I wanted to set an example for my sisters, that this is not the end of the world. I have fun, I have my friends, I have a great family. OK, so I am “fat”. So what? I still get dates. My classmates say the same thing.”

    Ashely “So the boys still ask you out?”

    Maria (laughing) “Often enough to get my parents concerned. Actually they have been pretty cool about it.”

    Ashley “Do you think you will go into politics?”

    Maria “It’s way too soon for anything like that. I want to finish high school first and get through college. There will be plenty of time after that to think about it.”

    Ashley “If you do decide to go into politics do you think your weight will affect your chances?”

    Maria “I don’t think so. I’m no different than any other young woman. We all have this in common now. I certainly don’t see weight as any kind of obstacle to holding elected office. My mother had to overcome many more barriers when she became the first Latina President of the United States.”

    Ashley “Some say we have lost an entire generation of women to this disease- what do you say to this?”

    Maria “I say we have not lost anything. Yes, we all got big, but we still have our hopes, our dreams, our aspirations and our talents. Those things were never lost.”

    Ashley “Some say you are becoming a spokesperson or even a role model for those affected.”

    Maria “Wow. I wonder what my parents would think about that? If I can make all the girls affected by this disease feel good about themselves, then that’s great. Martin Luther King said we should not judge a person by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. I would go a step further and say we should not judge a person by their size, but by the content of their character.”

    Ashely “Maria Perez, than you, and have a happy birthday!”

    Maria “Thank you, I certainly will.”

    Ashely Benton then came back on screen. “Maria Perez is a remarkable young women, and an inspiration. As you know, after my weight gain due to Munich Metabolic Syndrome I dropped out of broadcast journalism. Maria’s courage helped me accept my size and accept myself as I am and was influential in my decision to return. Ed-“

    Ed Wheeler “Thank you Ashley, and we are glad to have you back.”

    “After the break, an NFL superstar reunites with a supersized supermodel.”

    During the commercial break I brought up how Maria Perez seemed to have her act together. Then the news came back on.

    “Now to Alan McGrath with a sports follow up”. McGrath came on screen.

    “Instant Replay”

    “NFL quarterback Tony Grady and former supermodel Jacquelyn Harris have reunited. Grady and Harris broke up six months ago, reportedly because of Harris’ 167 pound weight gain after contracting Munich Metabolic Syndrome. Harris was also forced to give up her job as a model for Kimberly and Ritch, but recently signed a contract with Enhanced Curves to model their revamped line of swimwear and women’s fashions. And then there is this. Harris will also grace the cover of this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition that will also feature other supersized models who are not afraid to show off their newly amplified figures.”

    The TV screen now displayed a shot of Harris with ample cleavage, wide bottom and hips wearing a daring two piece that actually allowed her belly to roll over and cover it with soft fat. There were rolls bared in her midriff- unthinkable before this craziness stated. “Why don’t you wear something like that” I said to Stacie.

    “Buy me one wise guy and I just might,” was her retort. I liked that idea- a lot.

    Then a close up shot of a stubble faced Grady, and a pre-recorded post-game interview with McGrath “She’s still the same Jacquelyn, the same eyes, the same hair, same smile, same quirky sense of humor. There’s just more of her now. We happened to run into each other at a charity benefit, and I realized how much I missed her.”

    Back to McGrath who said “Apparently the reunion was good for Grady’s team too, as the Minutemen easily steamrolled the Mustangs for a 42-13 victory last Sunday to clinch first place in the AFC division. Back to you Ed-“

    Ed Wheel announced the next story “Next, a girls high school team reactivates their basketball program. Here is Margaret Allenby with that story. Margaret-“

    “Good evening Ed. Martinville High School suspended all girls athletic activities following the MMS epidemic and its aftermath. But now a determined group of young ladies is working to reactivate the basketball team.”

    “Coach Bill Baines was not sure he would ever see it happen”

    “After the virus came through here, I thought we were done. My starting center wound up weighing 400 pounds. I just didn’t see any way we could start a team.”

    Cut back to the Allenby: “But they are on the verge of doing just that with a group of young women who will not let weight or size stop their passion for the game.”

    “We just have to play differently” said forward Angela Kowolsky. “it started with a bunch of us hanging around the court lobbing baskets. Then we tried some pick-up games. We found if we focus on passing and shooting we could make a contest out of it.”

    Cut back to Coach Baines: “I was skeptical at first, but we tried some scrimmaging, and these ladies are using a lot of strategy. It got quite interesting to see how they were looking for opportunities to pass and then take a shot. There aren’t any fast breaks, and not very many layups and scores are a lot lower than they used to be, but the girls are having fun and getting some exercise, and that’s what counts. We got a couple other schools interested, and may try a few games this fall. The game is a lot more nuanced now that speed has been taken out of the equation, but we think we can still get an audience.”

    Allenby closed the segment: “Passion for the game has overcome all obstacles. Back to you Ed-“

    “Next Hollywood leading ladies come out of the fat closet.. Here is Kate Miles with that story.”

    “Jessica Talbot, Susan Myers, Gina Giraldi- the list goes on of Hollywood movie stars who dropped out of sight in the aftermath of MMS. Now those stars- and others- are coming out, demanding roles and getting them from movie studios that have been shut down for months.”

    Director Ervin Mansfield comments: “There were hundreds of productions in progress that just simply stopped when MMS hit. The financial impact was catastrophic, and some houses went under. Those that are left are just barely hanging on by releasing or re-releasing pre-MMS productions. The public was clamoring for new material, but given the fat phobia of pre-MMS Hollywood, getting female leads was impossible. It wasn’t until courageous actresses like Susan, Gina and Jessica came forward saying they were ready to act that others- literally- came out of hiding. We are in the middle of a big experiment now. Will the public accept and demand movies that feature plus sized female leads? This is the new reality and we think they will.”

    Cut to Gina Giraldi. “I still have the curves, it’s just now there are more of them. Seriously, Susan, Jessica and I talked together and concluded while our bodies have changed, we still have the same talent, and we might as well use it.”

    Kate Miles concluded. “ Slowly but surely, Hollywood is getting back on its feet with an expanded cast. Ed-“

    “Our thanks to Kate Miles reporting from Hollywood tonight. And that is the KBC evening news. Good night.”

    December 21

    302 Pounds. Stacie was moving into supersize territory. She had moved from a D cup to double D. Squeezing into the chairs and desks at school was a challenge, and she and other female students had started a petition to the dean for more commodious seating arrangements in the classrooms. She moved her can seat back as far as it would go, but her Japanese compact barely accommodated her fattened physique. I fastened wooden blocks to the brake and gas pedals so she could still reach them. When she came home after class, and devoured a big meal, she would collapse into the recliner and I would rub her soft belly. There were now only two chairs in the apartment that could accommodate her comfortably.

    March 26

    342 Pounds. Stacie was getting seriously hefty after an additional 200 pounds. Just when it seemed Stacie could not get any bigger, she had kept growing. I could barely get my arms around her. I could not link my hands together if I hugged her around her hips. Stacie no longer moved, she rippled from once place to another. When she was naked, it was mesmerizing- and arousing.

    May 9

    Stacie stood on the scale. We had to get one with a digital readout at eye level as Stacie’s belly made it impossible for her to read the standard models.

    “Still 354?” I said, “Then it hasn’t budged in a week.”

    “Thank god for that” said Stacie. “I was wondering if would ever end. Five feet eight inches, 354 pounds. Good lord.”

    “It could be worse.”

    “Oh, that’s helpful said Stacie.”

    “Well, it could be. Didn’t you tell me you saw a blog where someone had the fever phase for 15 days, they were at 450 and appeared headed for 500?”

    “You are not making me feel better.”

    “What happened to the damn the torpedoes Stacie I used to know, the one who was going to keep living her life?”

    “Buried under 212 pounds of wobbling fat.” said Stacie.

    I gave her a hug. “Well, I love every pound. You know that.”

    “Thank you Brian”, said Stacie, finally coming around. “I almost think you mean that. “

    “I do” I said “and I have something for you.” I handed Stacie a small package. She opened it to find a bikini similar to the one the Sports Illustrated model wore. “Try it on” I urged.

    She did, and I saw I had underestimated things a bit, as breasts brimmed and threatened to overflow the cups. The bottom vanished beneath the hang of her wobbly belly. I felt myself getting hard. “Feels a little snug” she said.

    “Looks terrific to me. It’s its uncomfortable we can exchange it for one that fits better.” But as far as I was concerned, it fit just fine.

    Shortly after that, Stacie began pulling a little prank when she was feeling playful. If she found me drowsing in bed or on the couch she would roll her body on top of mine and pin my arms down with her hands. If she leaned forward, there was no way I could move and I was totally immobilized. Even on her hands and knees, her soft belly would flow over mine and over my pubic area which inevitably aroused me. Then she would giggle which would start jiggling the billowing breasts before my face. I would pretend to struggle a bit, then finally capitulate. “I give up”. Then she would let my arms free, and lower her vast soft expanse on top of me. I would run my hands down her sides, exploring rolls and folds, feeling her soft flesh overflow mine, then I move my hands outward over wide hips and upward over the expanse of lush silky bottom.... She would lower herself and envelop my face in the cleavage between her overflowing breasts, and then lift them and I began kissing nipples. Then I would lick them and watch as they rippled from my tongue strokes. The rippling effect when we made love was indescribable….
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    “This is the KBC Evening News with Ed Wheeler.”

    A hefty Asian woman was seated at the anchor desk. “Good evening, this is Lori Ling. Ed Wheeler is off tonight.”

    Glad to see they finally stopped trying to conceal their female newscasters behind large desks, I thought to myself.

    Ling continued. “Two and a half years ago, the MMS virus arrived in this country, and went on to decimate NASA’s female astronaut corps. But now a revised and renewed role is in store. Simon Roberts reports from Cape Canaveral.”

    The screen cut to Simon Roberts who was standing before a mockup of a Nova space capsule. “Good evening Lori. When the MMS swept through the younger female members of the astronaut corps, many thought their careers were over. But thanks to revised physical requirements by NASA and a redesign of the Nova spacecraft, some are seeing their prospects for spaceflight rise phoenix like from the ashes.

    Cut to a photo of Veronica Curtis, a large woman in a NASA jumpsuit. Voiceover. “At five feet nine inches and 297 pounds, Veronica Curtis is not what most people would picture as an astronaut. Curtis, an MIT graduate and atmospheric physicist, joined the astronaut corps 6 years ago, but after contracting MMS and then gaining almost 160 pounds, she thought her career was over.”

    The camera cut to Curtis. “I thought I was done. There were eight of us that were hit by MMS, and after the weight gain there was no way any of us could pass the physical requirements set by NASA. Even if we could, there were still issues with spacecraft hatch sizes, spacesuits and other equipment.”

    Cut back to Simon Roberts. “Of the eight astronauts affected by MMS, half left the astronaut corps. But Curtis and three others persevered. And thanks to Spaceflight Technologies, the designer and producer of the Nova spacecraft and the Raptor R8 booster, it looks like Curtis and her fellow astronauts will get a chance after all.”

    Cut to Alan Nisk, CEO of Spaceflight Technologies. “There was a bit of luck involved. The Nova spacecraft was designed initially as a cargo carrier to the World Space Station. Because of that, hatches and docking ports were designed to accommodate bulky equipment. Some adjustments had to be made to crew seating, but these were not that difficult. The chief obstacle to these ladies flying was getting NASA to re-examine their physical requirements.”

    Simon Roberts: “NASA finally did so, and after nearly two years of deliberation has decided that Curtis and her fellow astronauts can fly. NASA spokesperson Clfton Wells. “We felt there was too much talent, too much expertise, and too much invested in these ladies to ground them without checking any possibility that they could still meet the minimum physical and safety requirements. Once we did that we concluded there was no reason they could not fly. Now that we actually have a surplus of lift capacity with the Raptor R8 booster, weight is not the consideration it used to be, and we were very glad to re-instate Curtis and her colleagues to the active flight list.”

    Cut back to astronaut Curtis. “I’m grateful, we are all grateful that NASA was willing to take a second look at this, and that we can apply our knowledge and our talents to better understand our world and our universe.”

    Roberts ended the segment. “Curtis’ flight is expected to launch to the WSS in about seven months. Back to you Lori-“

    “Thank you Simon. On a related note, the White House today announced that President Lucida Perez’s second daughter, Rosalita, age 15 has been diagnosed with MMS. It was big news two years ago when the oldest daughter, Maria, now 19 and a freshman at Georgetown University, had been diagnosed. But after nearly three years of MMS and its effects, this is becoming a normal rite of passage for young women today, and not the big news story it used to be. According to Rosalita, that’s just fine with her, and after observing how gracefully her big sister went through this, Rosalita is determined to approach it the same way.

    When we come back, severe weather in the Midwest strands thousands....”

    Two years later

    Stacie and I married, were lucky enough to find jobs in our fields of study and managed to find an affordable apartment not too far from the city.

    “This is the KBC Evening news with Ed Wheeler”

    “Incredible as it may seem, it was five years ago tonight we first broke the story of a mystery virus in Germany that has since reshaped our world literally and figuratively. And now, five years later, there is still no cure, no vaccine. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on your point of view, a sense of normalcy has replaced the initial panic, and what had been a dreaded event has now become a rite of passage for young women around the globe.....”

    Yentingrad, Russia

    Viktor Cheryunov was tired. He organized his scribbled notes, and put away tubes and vials in the makeshift lab in his home. Despite the Director’s orders he had saved samples of the virus, some notes and computer files, and for five years had been trying to find a way to stop this monster that had been unleashed. Viktor hope to suppress some of the virus’s characteristics, especially the weight gain aspect and then perhaps release it, where it could perhaps supplant the current virus and replace it with the more benign version. It was delicate work with crude equipment. Quite often suppressing one characteristic of the virus merely caused it to suddenly express another, and this could be unpredictable. It was hard working with rudimentary equipment in less than ideal circumstances, and while equipment theft was commonplace in science labs all over Russia, the equipment he needed to do this properly would be promptly missed and therefore could not be taken. Much of it was too big and bulky to smuggle out in any case...

    Viktor shut the door of his makeshift lab and list one last cigarette. He shuddered as quick chill racked him.

    That night Victor alternated between sweats and chills. When he arose, feeling mildly ill, he found a thermometer and checked his temperature. This was routine for all who worked in the lab, there were any number of things that could get you. 37.7 Celsius, 99.8 Fahrenheit. Viktor felt a sense of relief. A mild fever. There was a cold going around the lab staff, that likely explained it. He got up, went to the bathroom, splashed some water on his face and looked up. Then he got his glasses and looked in the mirror again. A red blotchy rash covered his face and chest. He muttered into the mirror. “Interesting……”
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    A fantastic story. Nicely written.
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    Bloody excellent, man. Reminds me a bit of World War Z and the Zombie Survival Guide, oddly enough.
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    Such a great story! I can't wait for all the men to gain weight! =D
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    Normally not my type of story - but really cool premise and well written!

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