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Apr 7, 2020
Chapter 1: Hog’s Desire

Sophia’s side gurgled angrily as she opened her car door and stepped one plump leg onto the pavement before turning back to grab her bag. She heard the empty paper bags crinkle inside and she was reminded again of the cement-like fullness inside her. She closed her car door and clicked the lock. She pulled her phone out of her purse and double checked the address before looking at the sign across the street. Among the apartments, there was one house among them, slick and modern and gray, with a white roof and four large windows on the front.

Sophia licked her lips nervously before looking both ways and stepping off the curb to make her way across the street. She felt her lower belly and hips bounce and wobble as she walked. She suspected her thighs would have too, provided they weren’t packed into her tightest jeans. She noticed again how tight the blazer’s stretchy fabric held around her arms, they looked like fat sausages. Between that and the way the 2X shirt stretched across her 4X belly and breasts, she hoped the ensemble would be...tempting. The image of 318 on the digital scale flashed back into her mind. That was this morning, she knew it would be higher once the metric ton of fast food in her belly digested. Fuck, she was out of shape. Sophia huffed and puffed as she bounded up to the door.

She wondered whether to knock before spying a speaker on the doorbell. Sophia took a deep breath and pushed the doorbell, hearing a muffled melodious chime. She paused for about thirty seconds, and her anxiety was about to convince her to turn tail and waddle on back to her car. She could still get nice and fat by herself, right? She didn’t need the help of the feeder she’d lusted after for forever. One that she hadn’t known was local up until about six months ago.

That was when Sophia had gotten serious about gaining - she went from 242 pounds to the rather hefty 318 she was now. She was proud of her gain, proud of her growing apron belly and wobbly tree trunk thighs. She was especially wide and thick around her bottom, but she knew from her posts that Severin liked a pear-shaped BBW.

“Who is it?” The husky voice interrupted Sophia’s thoughts.

“Prize pig,” Sophia managed to choke out. There was a pause. But then Sophia heard the lock click, and the door swung open to reveal a tall, almost Amazonian, stocky woman. Her thick black hair hung down in thick curls down her back. I knew Severin was tall, but I didn’t know she was this tall. Sophia looked up at the beautiful woman. Severin’s piercing black eyes looked Sophia’s rounded body up and down. She knew from the sought-after feeder’s online profile that she was around 36.

“Come on in,” she said, after considering it for a moment. Sophia obliged, heart pounding as she followed the woman into her home, head swimming.

“Thank you,” Sophia said politely, tucking a lock of natural red hair behind her ear.

“Don’t mention it. My interview room isn’t set up, you’ll have to forgive me. Please have a seat on the couch,” Severin began. “My name is Severin, which I’m assuming you know. In my home, you will call me ‘Ma’am’, or ‘Mistress Severin. Is that understood? Now, piggy, what is your name?”
“Sophia, ma’am,” she said submissively, blushing as she sat down on the couch, the feeder’s commanding tone instantly making her wet.

“I’d like to offer you something to eat and drink. Will you refuse, Sophia ?” Severin asked, a glint in her eye.

“No ma’am, I would love something to eat,” Sophia responded. She was full, yes, but there was no way she was going to fuck this up. Her insides grumbled in complaint, almost as if they knew what was coming as Severin walked into another room, presumably to the kitchen. She licked her lips as she watched the woman’s thick, toned legs through her black leggings.

Sophia covered her mouth and let out several quiet burps, muffling them as much as possible, desperate to let some of the tension out of her swollen belly before more was put into it. Another surprise belch escaped her, this one much louder, and she burned pink with embarrassment as she saw Severin’s smirking face round the corner.

“What? Don’t be shy about a burp,” Severin chuckled. “A fat girl without gas is incomplete.”

“I-I never considered it that way,” Sophia said, increasingly aroused by Severin’s words. The dark beauty set a plate of cookies in front of the nervous fat woman.

“Relax, piggy,” Severin said softly, setting a glass of what appeared to be milk down in front of Sophia as well. “Stress can burn calories, and we don’t want that, now do we?”

“No, we don’t,” Sophia smiled, instinctively rubbing her belly with both pudgy hands. “Thank you,” she said, reaching forward and considering taking one cookie, before taking the plate of them instead and setting them on her lap. She noticed Severin raise an eyebrow and curve the corner of her mouth. She sat in a sleek wooden chair across from Sophia and looked into the rotund woman’s face.

“So,” she began, clearing her throat. “Tell me why I should consider taking you on as my pig. You know my intention is to play for keeps. Unless you get cold feet and waddle away while you can fit through the door, I will make you immobile. There’s no getting around it. Convince me that you are ready for that commitment. Convince me you are a true pig.”

I finished the second cookie that I had been working on. I ate while she talked to me, trying to prove at any chance that I would eat when fed.

“Yes, Mistress Severin,” Sophia nodded, feeling her thick second chin squish as she did. “Do you have a computer, ma’am? I brought a flash drive with some pictures and videos documenting my sixty-pound gain over the past six months. I...I did it all to show you that I am committed to gaining.” She cleared her throat and paused to eat another cookie, shoving it in in three bites before reaching for the milk and taking a drink. Except it wasn’t milk. “This is heavy cream,” Sophia said, a little surprised.
Apr 7, 2020
“So it is,” Severin chuckled. “You knew what it was.”

“Yes, Mistress Severin, I’ve been guzzling it down for months in preparation for meeting you,” Sophia smiled easily, rubbing her belly reflexively before tilting the glass up and drinking more. She tried to overcome her bashfulness and released a brash belch that came bubbling up.

“You have? Good girl,” Severin smiled.

“I’d like to show you something else, as well, ma’am,” Sophia said, leaning down to retrieve her bag and retrieving a thick handful of rolled paper bags. Her fat fingers nimbly unrolled each bag, revealing logos from local fast food places. There were twelve in total.
“This is what I’ve been doing since seven this morning. It’s two now,” Sophia said, watching Severin’s face carefully. It stayed neutral.

“How do I know you haven’t been saving those up for a couple of days?” The feeder mused, leaning her jaw onto her knuckles.

“The last few sections of footage on the flash drive feature me eating...all of it over a few hours,” Sophia said proudly. “And if...if you need more proof, you can feel my belly if you w-want to.” She saw Severin’s face change with surprise. The woman shifted and then got to her feet, making her way over to Sophia on the couch.

“I’ll be reviewing that footage,” She said, voice a little huskier, as she looked down at the fat redhead. “For now, yes, I’d like to feel the physical evidence for myself.” Severin dropped down to her knees and helped roll Sophia’s skintight shirt the rest of the way up.

“There’s more here than I thought,” she said coolly. “And look at these stretch marks. I can see...I can see from the fresh, red ones and the older, pinker ones...oh, fat girl, you have done a lot of growing lately, haven’t you?”

“Yes ma’am,” Sophia managed, gasping as Severin clutched her belly in her strong hands. “I knew...I knew if I had a chance of you taking me on, I had to seriously fatten up. I-I pushed myself. I used your blogs as motivation when I thought I reached my limit, and I could always...find space for a few hundred more calories.” Sophia’s fat cheeks and turned-up nose were bright pink with embarrassment. “I’m proud of my growth, but - “ Severin’s expert massaging had loosed another burp from the bashful hog. “-excuse me, but, that isn’t enough for me. I want to be controlled,” she looked into the feeder’s dark eyes, begging. “I have the willpower to gorge and stuff and grow fat. But I know I have so much potential beyond what I’m doing now. I know an experienced feeder like yourself could open my mind to becoming a true hog. I want to - to surrender my body to you. My goal weight is the goal weight you set for me. I-I can work my way up to any daily calorie goal. Please,” Sophia whimpered, closing her eyes and resting back against the couch. “I feel like I was made to be your prize pig. The one you want.” Severin’s hands didn’t stop kneading Sophia’s bloated belly, but Sophia was able to find the composure to speak again. “Listen, I..I’ve wanted nothing more than to be immobile for as long as I can remember. I’m so obedient, especially to an experienced feeder, and I know there’s no going back. My life was meant to be centered around growing as fat as possible.”

“How did you find me?” Severin asked, looking up at Sophia over the rising dome of her belly, eyes narrowed.

“I - uuorp -“ she belched, then blushed and continued. “I admitted to someone I didn’t know was a mutual friend of ours that...that I had had a crush on you for years through presence. The things you did to girls were the fantasies I’ve had forever. I wanted to be fattened by you,” Sophia said bashfully. “I told him all this, and he...said he thought we might mesh well together. Ultimately, I think he just also wants to see me immobile,” she chuckled, trying to read Severin’s face upon the reveal.

“Interesting,” Severin said, still not showing much expression. She didn’t love the invasion of privacy, but she had to admire the girl’s tenacity, and besides, it was hard to be upset when there was a beautiful fatty’s belly softly weighing down in her hands. Sophia reached to the side of her on the table and grabbed a handful of cookies, shoving one in and quickly chewing and swallowing before taking it down with a mouthful of heavy cream. The stuffed woman groaned deeply and tried to savor the feeling of Severin’s hands on her overblown belly.
Apr 7, 2020
“Turn me into your prize pig,” Sophia begged through a mouthful of cookie. She chewed, swallowed, and reached for two more, stuffing them in and chewing quickly before gulping another generous mouthful of cream. Between the few burps she’d released and the stunning, strong feeder’s hands on her belly, Sophia felt like she had the room to keep going. Experience had taught her that eating quickly was the best way to stuff in the maximum amount. So she did. She took the plate back into her fat fingers, holding it up as she took cookie after cookie and stuffed it into her open mouth. The pressure from Sophia’s full upper belly began to shift and groan deep inside her, but she ignored it in favor of a few more cookies and another third of the tall glass. She squirmed and felt the pressure build more as sweat began to sting her forehead. The hand holding the cookie faltered as she sat back and panted. Sophia squirmed again and whimpered as Severin looked up at her.

“You wanna be my prize pig and you’ve stopped eating?” she cocked an eyebrow.

“I’m so sorry, ma’am,” Sophia said quickly, clenching her rather sizable ass cheeks together. “I’m just...I...there’s a cramp in my belly and I just - I’m not sure if I can keep-“

“It’s nothing that I can’t rub away,” Severin said firmly, giving Sophia a warning look.


“Sophia, if you have any chance of being my hog, you need to prove you want it. Now let me take care of your bellyache so you can finish your snack.” Severin pressed her hands back to Sophia’s doughy, bloated midsection and pressed, rubbing in circles and slowly increasing pressure on her swollen tummy. Her insides shifted as Sophia felt more of her earlier feast transforming into more pressure deep inside her.

I can’t hold it anymore. I’m gonna blow.

“Severin, I’m gonna - “ her words coincided with a sudden increase in pressure from the other woman’s hands, and before she could finish her sentence, a muffled but still roaring fart erupted from between her cheeks. Sophia went bright red and hid her face.

“You are to call me ‘Mistress’, or ‘Ma’am’,” Severin said coolly.

“I’m so sorry, ma’am,” Sophia said, humiliation compounding as a second, shorter burst of gas slid from her. She saw the feeder’s expression soften.

“Piglet, do you do that a lot?”

Sophia wanted to sink into the floor. But she knew it was best to answer honestly despite her humiliation.

“Yes,” she admitted, looking down at the floor. “I understand if you think it’s gross.” She jerked up as she heard a sharp laugh from Severin.

“Gross. As if. I’ve been fattening hogs for a long time, it takes a lot more than a fatty’s gas to put me off. In fact, I have to say, a heavy girl with a gassy belly is an appealing one,” Severin grinned, pushing back into Sophia’s belly with powerful hands. “Tell me, piglet. You say you do it ‘a lot’. Under what conditions?” she purred, beginning to roughly bounce and jiggle Sophia’s belly. Much to her sadistic delight, the movement prompted another desperate-sounding fart from the stuffed woman.

“When I’m full,” Sophia panted. “When I’ve had a lot of dairy, or sugar, or carbs. Or after...the biggest fast-food binge I’ve ever been on,” she said, a little proudly. “Honestly, ma’am, I’ve noticed myself doing much more lately. In the last fifty pounds especially. And it’s...been consistent.” She put her shame aside and focused on the task at hand, eating another cookie between sentences. “When I all day long, like I have been lately, I notice I can hardly go half an hour without...well, without farting.” She summoned some courage and pulled out her phone. “I...would you like to see how I get after a huge meal?” she asked shyly.

“I think I would,” Severin nodded, keeping one hand rubbing firm circles on Sophia’s gut as she leaned up to watch the video on the screen. She watched as Sophia’s plump finger pulled the marker across the bottom of the timeline, showing a sped-up version of the girl putting away a large family’s worth of Chinese carryout. She couldn’t help but be impressed, especially when Sophia found what she was looking for and pressed play.
Apr 7, 2020
Severin saw the fat redhead on the screen, her matching bra and pink shorts tiny. She couldn’t see the fabric that covered Sophia’s thighs, her belly fully engulfing that area. The stuffed hog was panting, her belly tight and shiny. The feeder felt increasingly aroused as she took in parts of the scene - Sophia’s tiny outfit, practically swallowed up by her fattened body, the labored breath escaping the stuffed fatty, the dribbles of grease and sauce that dribbled down her chins. She felt like she could almost see the woman swell and inflate with calories.

Suddenly, the bloated beauty onscreen clutched at her belly and released a roaring eruption of gas, lifting her knees toward her chest and allowing her fat belly to droop between her thighs as the powerful release tapered off. She gasped for air and relaxed before tensing again. Severin watched Sophia’s belly sink in slightly as she moaned and farted again, this one bubbly and drawn-out. She licked her lips, watching the desperate hog trying in vain to calm the rumbling gas in her belly.
‘I’m going to pop,’ Severin heard onscreen Sophia moan before hearing the one beside her moan deeply and release more flatulence, deep into the couch. She stared slack-jawed at the bloated fatty next to her.

Severin heard a muffled fart and groan come from the phone speaker as she turned fully back toward Sophia. Her face was red with shame.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” Severin assured her. “I love it. You are a good piggy,” she said with a grin. “I love hearing a fatty make room for calories. Passing gas is a sexy thing for a fat girl to do,” she cooed, pressing her thumbs deep into the flesh of Sophia’s tummy. “And it’s a powerful tool in any hog’s fattening journey. Are you ever full to bursting, but let out a nice, long fart and suddenly find you have room?”

“I have,” Sophia asked, squirming in her seat again, this time from the arousal deep inside. “I...a lot lately, actually.”

“Good girl,” Severin praised, reaching for one of the final cookies to feed to Sophia. “We’re going to utilize that in your journey, piggy,” Severin said, stuffing the cookie into her mouth. “I’m putting you in my pen. On a trial basis,” she added, pausing then when Sophia’s belly grumbled. “Sounds like you need more cream,” the brunette chuckled, taking the glass and tipping it to Sophia’s plump lips. She eagerly guzzled the liquid down, small burps escaping her throat as she drank.

“Hog,” Severin whispered sharply into Sophia’s ear as she drank the last of the cream.

“You’re going to -urp- give me a chance?” Sophia asked excitedly, voice thick from her throat coated in cream. Her stomach groaned and another, bigger belch took her by surprise.

“I think you’ve demonstrated a drive to grow, and shown me you know how to behave properly. And your appetite impresses me,” Severin admitted. “As does your gas,” she added with a grin, watching Sophia chew the last cookie. Her eyes were lazily half-closed and her fat arms rested beside her as Severin eagerly rubbed. A purring fart escaped Sophia as her fat face relaxed into her neck and shoulders, making her second chin look even more prominent. “I need you alert for this part, piggy,” she poked the obese woman’s bloated belly. “If this goes well, and I decide you are to become my prize pig,” Severin began. “The Pen is where you’ll spend your life. I am going to push you to the furthermost limits of obesity. You may end up too fat to move even your fingers and toes.”

“That’s why I wanted you, Mistress,” Sophia murmured, resting her hands on her gut. “I want to be pushed as far as my body is willing to go. Please,” she said, looking into Severin’s eyes again.

“Can you walk?” Severin asked. “Or waddle, rather, at your weight.” She offered her hands out, and Sophia took them, a tiny hum of gas escaping her as she got to her feet. Her belly hung proudly and prominently in front of her, and she didn’t bother pulling her shirt back down. “Do you want to see the pen?” Severin asked with a cruel grin.

“Oh, yes ma’am,” Sophia said, clearly out of breath. She felt open and on display for the beautiful feeder. She followed behind, feeling her flesh wobble and bounce as she made her way down the short hallway.

“I haven’t had a hog in a year,” Severin lamented. “My Last decided she wanted to keep her mobility and left while she could still fit through the door.” She shook her head and opened a large wooden door, reaching in to illuminate a room. It wasn’t quite prepared for someone yet, Sophia could tell, but the clear purpose in it all was breathtaking. This was a room designed for fattening bodies. She felt her knees grow weak as her eyes swept across the room. At the center, a bed wider than she’d ever seen sat prominently. She saw cuffs attached to both the head and foot, and eagerly imagined herself strapped to it. Suddenly, a large silver object on the floor caught her eye. It was a trough. Sophia estimated it was about five feet wide and six inches deep. You’re going to eat out of there. Like the fat fucking pig you are. Next, she saw a wide, dark wood chair against one wall that also had restrains on the armrests. On a wall hung an array of funnels and tubes, ones Sophia knew she was going to be fed to bursting with. Below them was a row of six short fridges and two freezers. Her eyes drifted back to the bed, something new catching her eye.

“Mistress Severin, what is that, hanging above the bed?”

“Oh, piggy,” Severin perked up, excited. “I’m so glad you asked. That’s a tube, you see,” she put an arm around the shorter woman’s chubby shoulders. “That leads to a hundred gallon tank in the ceiling,” she whispered, reaching up and patting Sophia’s belly. The fattening storm inside her swelled again and she farted, but didn’t take her eyes off the tube.

“I estimate you’re going to be doing that a whole lot in here,” Severin laughed. “This is the room you shall spend your life growing in. There is no turning back.” She gripped the lower roll of Sophia’s belly, leaning in. “I’m going to give you until eight tonight. That’s six hours, piggy,” she whispered to Sophia. “In that time, I want you to stop on your way home, and I want you to get the largest milkshake you can get. I want you to video call me, and I want you to drink the whole thing,” she continued, spreading her fingers a little and gently giving Sophia’s ample tummy a shake. “Then, go home and pack up anything you need. No clothes - there’s no point. You’ll outgrow them in a week. Now, piggy, this is important. What do you have in your fridge?”

“Um,” Sophia had to really think. “I finished most of what was in it last night, but I...I have a gallon of ice cream in the freezer, some heavy cream, about six sticks of butter, and a couple slices of leftover pizza.”

“Okay, first,” Severin stood straight. “There’s no such thing as leftovers anymore. Not in this house. It may take you a while, but you will eat every bit of what I set in front of you.”

“Yes ma’am,” Sophia nodded eagerly.

“Second, I want you to empty your fridge. If you have a couple hours to digest all this, you should be able to, right? Just melt the butter and the ice cream and they’ll go down easily,” Severin said. “Show me the evidence, and then come back. Sophia, leaving here now is your very last chance to avoid becoming too immense to leave this room. If you come back, your fate is eventual immobility.”

“I’ll see you at eight, ma’am,” Sophia said, taking one last longing glance at the feeding tube.
Apr 7, 2020
Sophia felt a cramp deep in her insides before a rumbling cloud of gas escaped from her wide, flabby bottom. She parked around the back of Severin’s house and hefted herself out of the driver’s seat again, looking down at herself and adjusting her outfit slightly. After obediently emptying the contents of the fridge into her fat gut, Sophia had changed into her smallest tank top and the skintight pink shorts from the video she’d shown Severin, packed the few belongings she really liked and waddled off to her new future.

She paused and turned back to her car, taking a long look and knowing it might very well be the last time she saw it. It would certainly be the last time she drove it. But if Sophia became as immense as she expected she would, she really didn’t care. She made her way across the street, bag in hand, her flabby body wobbling like jello as it bounced with her movement. The lactose from the ice cream tightened its grip on Sophia’s insides again and a long, low, almost mournful stream of flatulence flowed from her. She was covered in a thin layer of sweat all over by the time she’d made it up to Severin’s doorstep, and she was panting all over again. She lifted her pudgy fist to knock, but the door opened before she could.

“I saw you jiggle your way across the street,” Severin said with a sly grin, reaching out and grabbing a handful of Sophia’s exposed belly. “Get in here, piglet. We need to get started right away.” She took Sophia’s bag and gave her wide bottom a gentle smack as she came through the door. “I’m surprised not to see a curly pig tail protruding from your butt. The way I watched you stuff yourself. You know, you could have made a killing making BBW content?”

“I really did do all of that for you. For your eyes only,” Sophia said bashfully, rubbing gentle circles on her belly, which had begun to groan as she stood inside Severin’s living room. She paused to allow a growling fart to escape her and saw the feeder’s mouth twitch up in a smile. “But, ma’am, if you’d like to use me to make content, you can do whatever you wish.”

“I appreciate that, piggy,” Severin smiled, approaching Sophia and curling a hand under her belly, gently stroking her fingers along the dimples of the fat woman’s cellulite. “Did you finish every bit of what was in your fridge?”

“Yes ma’am,” Sophia said proudly, patting the side of her bloated belly. “I blended the ice cream and butter and cream into a shake, which went down pretty easy, and then I ate the four slices of pizza and dipped them in leftover butter.” She slid through the evidential photos on her phone, showing Severin how dutifully she’d gorged.

“Good hog,” Severin nodded. “That’s a good starting point. Now, is there any room in that fat belly?”

“Yes ma’am. A little bit,” Sophia rubbed her belly nervously. “If I’m being honest, all the...all the milk is having quite an effect, and if you give me a bit of a rub like you did earlier, I could...create some more room.”

Severin smirked at her.

“I do love to hear and see a fat girl ‘create room’,” she said, grinning evilly down at Sophia. “So we are going to do just that. Follow me to the pen, piggy,” she called, patting her thigh and whistling slightly to encourage Sophia to follow. By the time she reached her new pen, Severin was standing by the sturdy chair Sophia had observed earlier.

“Sit. I imagine that’s something you like to do, isn’t it, heavy girl?” The towering feeder chuckled. “Get your wide ass over here and into this seat.” Sophia obliged, waddling over and easing her bulk into the seat, licking her lips in anticipation as she glanced at the restraints on the arms. She got comfortable, settling her flab down into it. Without a word, Severin began to fit the leather restraints over Sophia’s plump wrists. The fat woman gulped in anticipation and shifted as a muffled fart eased out of her, reverberating against the wood.

“So dairy makes you gassy, does it? That’s good,” Severin cooed, getting down and pressing her skilled hands into Sophia’s grumbling belly. “Relax and let loose, fat girl. I’m sure you’ve noticed that there’s a hedonistic pleasure in passing gas, haven’t you?”

“Yes ma’am, I have,” Sophia had to admit, stiffening her jaw and spreading her thighs slightly as Severin’s strong hands prompted a powerful fart from her. She sighed it out, instinctively wanting to lift one hand to fan away the invisible gas clouds, but couldn’t. She was tied down - and that was even hotter.

“I bet you have,” Severin whispered, exploring Sophia with her hands. She inched both toward the hog’s thick love handles, grabbing hold and bouncing them. The action loosed more gas from Sophia and the sound of her desperate moan mixed with the sound of her release. “I can’t believe how gassy you are at only three hundred pounds. I can’t wait to see you at triple this weight, what a flatulent fatty you’ll be,” she teased cruelly, bouncing the obese woman’s belly.

Sophia opened her mouth with the intention to speak, but instead burped loudly as some air worked its way up.

“I hope so, ma’am,” she gasped, squirming in her seat and swallowing again as she felt a painful cramp shift and move downward at the behest of Severin’s hands. Before she could prepare for it, a bubbling, desperate fart forced itself from her blubbery bottom. “I - I know I should be embarrassed right now, but it feels so right.”

“You should not be embarrassed,” Severin said firmly, pressing harder on Sophia’s doughy middle and seeing the fat woman squirm slightly before farting again. “A hog’s gas, if used correctly, can be utilized. A good fatty like you who’s always letting that pressure out is going to grow so much faster than a fatty who tries to hold it in. Do you know why, piggy?”

“Mm...the more pressure I release, the more room for calories I’ve got,” Sophia answered, another hum of gas flowing easily from her. Her belly had begun to calm down, and she didn’t feel quite as bloated.

“Good! You’ve got it,” Severin said. “Not to mention, darling, a hog who eats the way she should should be producing gas constantly. That is what I aim for with my pigs. The more space you can clear for calories, the better. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Sophia said, closing her eyes and farting lazily. “Ma’am, I think I’ve cleared sufficient room to be fed,” she said hopefully. “If...if you think I should be fed.”

“Silly pig,” Severin shook her head, smiling wickedly. “You’ll go to sleep tonight more stuffed than you’ve ever been in your life.”

“I was hoping you’d say that.”

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