The Reality Of Dating An SSBBW

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Oct 26, 2014
I was chatting about this tonight and felt like it should be a post lol

It has been said that you can tell if a man is TRULY an FA by the type of car he drives. It is a snap judgement call i suppose, because if the guy can only afford a ford fiesta, well what can ya do...but economics aside...i think it's a relatively good indicator (in a comical sort of way lol). I mean, if a guy is serious about having a relationship with a supersized woman it just wouldn't be smart to own a tiny car.

This train of thought of course led to other issues. I'm sure this has been a topic before, but i haven't read it..so here goes again i suppose :) You have to wonder with all these fellas who claim they want a supersized woman.. do they REALLY know what they're getting themselves into? Are they up for the job? Or is it just a fantasy that they play out in their mind without thinking of any of the realities?

I dated a guy once a few years ago..we went to a music festival and had to walk for miles upon miles. I was about 375 at the time..and wasn't in bad shape for that size, but miles of walking is HARD. I would have to sit down periodically because of cramps in my legs and sore feet...and eventually he got tired of it!!! My response? well.. "either ya deal with it or maybe i should go on a diet" (i was bluffing of course LOL) but that type of unsympathetic response shouldn't come from a man who claims to love supersized women.

Men who are interested in SSBBW's should realize that, after a certain size, we're not able to do things like that. We can't walk into any restaurant and fit in the booth. Some of us like (or need) to be dropped off at the front of the store..and i personally have to ride in the cart and would not want to be with a man who would be embarrassed by that. We sometimes need help getting up from a low chair..or help getting into a high vehicle.

I know i've only touched on very few of the issues that SSBBW's have to think about and deal with on a daily basis, but i'm tired lol. Fortunately for me my man thinks of these things, but God knows i had previously spoken to a lot of men who were quite clueless about these types of issues and the realities of dating an SSBBW.

So my question is...fellas have you really thought about what the reality of dating an SSBBW is like? Please do tell :)
yeah I could only imagine...but I know it takes plenty of money for food, the ability to take care of her like a queen (I can do that part) but I am broke thanks to covid-19 sigh...
If I won the lottery or something I think I would be the perfect person for a ssbbw, I really just want someone to worship and coddle for the rest of my life.
maybe one day...before I die
I hope, sigh.


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Oct 4, 2020
Hi Melissa ! My truck is pretty tall ,but with nice steps to get up and handles in the cab ,my girlfriend has no issues getting up and in to the seat ,of course I always open the door and assist if she needs me to do so ,what man would not do so for his Princess ? Larce

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Mar 1, 2018
, Male
I built a custom van that lowers and then a foldout walk and the incline is very low. The front right seat moves back to the side doors for easy access press the button and your up front and lock it in. I made the interior very comfy and had it custom painted and it looks real classy.

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Oct 15, 2005
Orlando, Fla.
I think I'll get a "Boaterhome" like on the Little Caesars commercial. Looks big enough, reinforced and can go anywhere in style. But if she outgrows that, we'd have to upgrade to a Yachtbus when she's Uber-Sized😀😀😀


Nov 5, 2020
Fellas, if you are dead serious about dating SSBBW'S like myself please take notes above in regards of car ride accomodations, seat belt extendors, and walking breaks for our body frames. :cool:
I had to learn this the hard way in high school. My sweetheart, an SSBBW, was very generous and patient. I learned that our family Volvo was not the car to pick her up in on a date, but our big Plymouth tank worked just fine without seatbelts. Booths in restaurants didn't work, but free tables with movable chairs made for a nice dinner. We learned which restaurants were accommodating of plus-sized people, and avoided the rest. Long walks were out of the question, but a brief stroll was quite romantic. Sex was an adventure, but we made it work. Beautifully!

Mostly, though, the challenges were social. This was back in the 70's, and it was just not considered cool for an athletic and tall guy to date a BBW. The comments were cruel, and the looks were constant. But since I was sooooo attracted to my sweetheart, I was able to ignore them.

And I learned so much. In the years that followed I was much more prepared. I had a big car, knew what to suggest vis-a-vis restaurants and activities, and got pretty good at introducing myself and showing my interest without being creepy. All and all, my relationships with SSBBWs have been absolutely wonderful.

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