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May 22, 2017
Yeah, no.
Chapter 16

The windows were so fogged up, I couldn’t see who was outside. I looked back at Deana and she also had a look in her eyes that, at first, I could not read. Then she mouthed the words “I’m sorry”. I knew instantly that she was fearful for me. How I loved this woman!

Taking a moment to steel myself for what would surely be an ordeal, I reached over and squeezed Deana’s hand and gave her a wink. Since the car was turned off, I would have to open the door to find out who it was. I was preparing for the worst: Some officer, the MP’s (Military Police), or even Jack. As I pulled the inner latch to release the door, I looked back at Deana one last time. Would this be the last time I see her?

As I stepped out of the car, I was greeted by an unexpected sight. Standing in front of me were two KATUSA’s (Korean Augmentation to United States Army). These were usually young Korean soldiers attached to the U.S. Army, working and training alongside them and also helping translate when needed. Many of them were selected for this duty because they had greater knowledge of the English language than your average Korean soldier. That’s not to say they were fluent.

“Okay?” The first soldier said, looking puzzled. “You are well?” The second soldier chimed in. I realized they must have stumbled upon us accidentally. The car was in the middle of nowhere and must have looked out of place. I smiled at both young men. “We’re fine. Just talking. Com sam nida” which is not the correct way to say ‘thank you’ in Korean but was the best I had learned. That’s when both of them bent down and peered around me, seeing Deana sitting in the driver’s seat, looking a bit disheveled.

The second soldier smiled. “Please pardon,” holding up his hand, looking a little embarrassed. The first one still looked confused and turned to his companion for clarity. The second soldier began rattling off something in Korean as they turned to walk away. After they had taken a few steps, the first soldier turned back with a smile, “Very sorry”. Both men continued on in the other direction, chuckling as they went.

I sat back down in the car and let out a sigh of relief. That was close. We both knew it. “I’m so sorry, Dale”, Deana said. There was nothing to be sorry about really. I didn’t know those two guys, I’d never seen them before. “Besides”, I said. “They work over here at Camp Long and I’m over at Camp Eagle. I don’t think we’ll have to worry.” Even as I said those words, the thought crept into my mind that rumors always circulated between the two Army posts. But I kept that thought to myself. I didn’t want Deana to be any more worried than she already was.

There was so much about this incident that I wanted to talk about but I didn’t want to push our luck. “I’d better get out and go catch the next bus to Eagle”, I told her. “No. I’ll take you over”, she said. I argued that the whole reason we stopped at Camp Long was so that we weren’t seen together. But Deana was adamant. She said that I could hide in the backseat under some of the laundry she had there. She figured that she could pull up by the back door to the barracks, I could jump out and run up the stairs. “Besides”, she said with a smirk. “I don’t think you want to get on the bus with spunk all over your shirt and shorts.” I looked down my front and realized that she had a point.

After I climbed into the back and covered myself with some clothes, we were on our way. The drive was only about 10 minutes, so I didn’t have to stay under there too long. After we drove out of Camp Long’s gate, Deana said, “That was close. My heart is still pounding. I’m so sorry, Dale.” I made sure to let her know that it wasn’t her fault and that we just need to be careful for the next couple of weeks. And that’s when it hit me. Deana was going to be leaving soon, taking little Denny back to the States. Jack wouldn’t be far behind and I would be here for at least another six weeks alone. Without her. And the thought left me with a longing I had not known before.

Wondering how I was going to pass the time without any contact from her. “Deana, will you write me when you’re gone?” I asked. “Of course”, she said. “I have some particular things in mind that I want to send you.” As it so happened, I was under a pile of her clothes and a large pair of red panties was on my head. I said, “You wouldn’t be thinking of sending me a pair of these lovely panties, would you?”

In a whispered tone, Deana said, “Oh I plan on sending you a few things. But I’ll send you some of my panties too. Would like them to be worn or washed?” Even though the ones on my head were washed, I still took a big whiff from them and simply said, “Worn.” Deana giggled. “You are a kinky one, aren’t you, Mr. Mocha?” We both laughed.

As we were pulling into the drive that takes you to the gate at Camp Eagle, it began to rain harder. The sky had gotten so dark that it looked like evening, though it was barely 3:00 pm. The Korean gate guard didn’t even come out of his guard shack. He recognized Deana and just waved her through. There was no one out on the streets. The chow hall wasn’t opened for dinner yet, so no one really had any reason to be out on this gloomy day.

Deana drove slowly up the street toward the back of the barracks. I was peering from underneath the red panties, taking care not to reveal myself, just in case. When we got to the backdoor of the barracks, Deana shut off her lights but kept the engine running. She reached into her glove box and pulled out a pen and some paper. I dictated my mailing address and the phone number to our office. There would be some nights and some weekends when I would be working alone and she could call.

I asked if she might be able to get away one last time next weekend. I wanted to spend one more night with her before she left. She figured that she could get away on Saturday, shopping for souvenirs for relatives would be a good excuse. We agreed to meet at Anthony’s Pizza in the lower level of the Dragon Hill Lodge at 3:00 pm. I told her that I had something special I wanted to do with her. “I’m intrigued”, she said. Both of us looked around quickly to see if anyone was looking. With the coast clear, I removed the clothes from on top of me and kissed Deana quickly, but deeply before exiting the vehicle and running into the back door.

The days that followed seemed to drag on and on. Friday finally arrived and I was so anxious, I could barely contain myself. I had already called my buddy Rusty down at Yongsan and asked if he could hook me up with a Space-A room at the Dragon Hill Lodge, an Armed Forces Recreational Center hotel, right across from the post. He worked part time as a desk clerk and had been able to get our names on the list. He owed me a favor from the last time we went on a training exercise together, plus he was a good dude; he was more than happy to help me out.

Saturday morning, I was positively giddy with anticipation. I ate breakfast early. My bag was packed for the overnight stay. I was the first one on the bus. It seemed like the 90 minute ride took forever. But we finally arrived on Yongsan at about 10:45 am. I realized that I had a few hours to kill so I paid a visit to my compatriots up at the garrison: Air Force men and women that trained and worked many of the field exercises in South Korea with us. I hung around for about an hour, then decided to get a haircut. By the time I was done, it was nearly 1:30 pm.

I walked over to the lobby of the Dragon Hill Lodge and waited with the rest of the folks hoping to score a Space-A room. I saw a few guys I knew that worked at bases up near the DMZ. They were down for some R&R as well. But if they didn’t get a Space-A room, they would be okay. There were plenty of places they could stay. Under normal circumstances I’d let them stay in my room and split the cost, but I let them know I had something special going on. They understood.

The desk clerks started calling out rooms at 2:00 pm. Each time someone got a room, you could see the disappointment in all the others’ eyes. After I got the last Space-A room (imagine that), I got my key and acknowledged Rusty with a “Thank you very much, sir”, I headed up to my room to drop off my bags. This room was actually an officer’s room so it was nicely appointed with a king-sized bed, sleeper sofa, nice desk and TV, and a very clean bathroom. I had a little time to kill so I unpacked my toiletries and placed them in the bathroom.

About five minutes until 3:00 pm I headed down toward the lower level of the hotel. My room was on the 5th floor and the elevator seemed to stop at every floor. By the time I stepped out of the elevator, it was 3:01 pm. I hoped that I beat Deana to Anthony’s Pizza. I didn’t want her to think I didn’t show up. When I walked in, I was delighted to see that Deana was standing in line to get pizza. As luck would have it, no one was in line behind her.

I sidled up behind her and whispered, “Hey, Sugar Babe.” Making sure that no one was looking and without turning around, she slid her hand behind her and gently caressed my manhood. Taking her cue, I handed one of the keys to the room to her on the sly. She let out a little giggle as she stuck it into her pocket just as she was stepping up to the cashier.

“A large pepperoni pizza please”, she said to the cashier. She knew we were going to work up an appetite. Deana slid over to the pick-up line as I stepped up and to the cashier and asked for two gallons of iced tea. Anthony’s had really good iced tea and figured we’d work up a thirst as well. I took my tea back to the elevator and went up to my room, knowing that Deana wouldn’t be far behind. While I waited, I grabbed the ice bucket and fetched some ice from the ice machine down the hall. No sooner did I get back in the room than I hear the key card slide in. There was my big, beautiful Sugar Babe!

As soon as the door closed she said, “So what’s my something special?”
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May 22, 2017
Yeah, no.
Chapter 17

I walked over to Deana, took the pizza from her hands and laid it on the desk in the room. She had just enough time to unzip her jacket when I slipped my arms around her bountiful waist, pulled her in close, and gave her the longest, deepest, most passionate kiss I’ve ever given. My hands continually caressed the contours of her body: her pear-ish shape, the ever widening width of her hips, and her bouncy and ample rump.

As she returned the depth and passion of my kiss, I could feel the heat rising within me. If I didn’t stop now, we would be having a full-on hot, wet, magnificent fuck, right there in the middle of the floor. I knew from past experience that Deana would not hesitate at the notion. In fact, it was one of the things that I found truly remarkable about her: her willingness to make love to me anytime and anywhere.

As I tore myself from her embrace, the rock-hard bulge in my pants was utterly evident. Deana looked a little puzzled when I did so. “Let’s eat our pizza and talk a little, my Sugar Babe.” She remarked, “Your cock doesn’t appear to want to talk. Or eat pizza for that matter.” We both chuckled. Truth be told, my dick always remained stiff when she was around.

As we opened the pizza box and began to eat, we talked more about our plans. I tried to get Deana to tell me what she would send me while we were apart. She asked me, besides letters and maybe some of her panties, what I would want. “Do you bake? Because I can always go for some homemade chocolate chip cookies.” She let me know that cookies and other baked goodies were on the list.

After we finished eating, we sat on the couch cuddling for a while. Deana told me how she was going to fly home with Denny and stay with her parents (instead of her sister) to get him situated in school. Her sister had lined her up for a job at the hospital where she worked and a lawyer for the divorce. When Jack arrives a couple weeks later, she would hand him the divorce papers.

I wondered how she thought Jack would take that. “He might be relieved, even happy at first. But my lawyer is going to gut him for all that I can get.” Turns out that Deana’s sister Kate, used this same lawyer. They’d been communicating by mail for weeks and she assured Deana all would be handled by the time she arrived.

I told her that I still had not gotten my follow on assignment yet but hoped it would be in the next couple of weeks. Depending on where I was going to be stationed, I may have to go there first to set us up a place to live or come out to Jacksonville where she will be, first. Deana got very pensive when I made this suggestion. “Are you sure you want me? You aren’t going to dump me once you get back to the states?” I laughed, saying “No way! You’re my Sugar Babe and I’d starve without you!”

Deana told me that she was sorry that she had to frequently question my motives and intentions. Jack had beaten her down mentally for so long, she had a hard time trusting. I understood that in ways I had not yet shared with her. But as the evening progressed we had time to lay our cards on the table. More than two hours had passed before I told her I wanted to get a shower. “But I can’t be held responsible for anything that pokes you while we’re in there.”

Since I had already set my toiletries out, I stepped into the shower first. I soaped up while I waited for Deana to join me. When she opened the shower curtain to get in, I could hardly contain myself but I wanted to save myself for a little later. I went about soaping and washing all of her body, from her shoulders down to her toes. I was pleased to see that she had again, painted her toenails that sexy shade of red that I so adored.

Several times as we kissed in the shower, our soapy bodies sliding off one another, Deana massaged my hard, dark cock in her sudsy hands. There was a moment when she turned her backside to me and looked over her shoulder as if to give me the cue to slip my penis inside her but instead, I simply slid it up between her cheeks, making sure to tickle her anus a few times. She giggled with excitement.

When we were all rinsed off and squeaky clean, we adjourned to the bed. I was all dried off and laying on the bed while Deana was still drying her hair. “So, I’m dying to know what this surprise of yours is”, she said. She inquired was it a toy, food, or jewelry, to which I replied no. When she finished drying her hair, the suspense had her so anxious. Finally I told her, the surprise was her or rather her control.

She looked puzzled while I let that set in. Then I leaned back and moved to the center of the bed. “Sugar Babe, I want you to make love to me while you’re on top. I want to feel you fully and I want you to have control.” She shook her head, “No, Dale. I’m too heavy. You wouldn’t enjoy it and it would kill me if you had to tell me to get off because I was hurting you. I would die from embarrassment.” I could see in her eyes that she was mortified at the thought.

But it had been my intention to make her feel completely comfortable with it. I didn’t want to force her, and in truth I couldn’t even if I wanted to. Instead, I had to reassure her that it would be fine. I knew that I had to make it so. One of the things I was able to discern from Deana was the fact that Jack had completely taken all the power from Deana. He bashed her verbally and mentally, taking the wind from her sails and diminishing her strength and identity. I aimed to give it back to her.

“Sugar Babe, you are more than just your weight. You are and have always been, a force of nature. You are beautiful, wonderful, and powerful. You can do whatever you put your mind to and you have made me feel that same way. I want us to be able to enjoy each other in every way we can. I want us to love each other without boundaries or constrictions. I really want you to take back the control you’ve lost because of Jack. And I really want you to ride me like a pony on a back country road.”

She snickered at that but still remained skeptical. “Deana, are your plans to be with me after we’ve both gone back stateside?” She nodded yes. “Then, wouldn’t be prudent to explore at least some of the scenarios we’ll probably encounter when we can finally be together? Besides, I’m a big boy and want so much to feel you on me.” She appeared to consider my words and then slowly climbed on the bed and lay next to me.

We started kissing and fondling each other. The passion heated up to a boil very quickly. We kissed so deeply and passionately, it felt like a hunger that couldn’t be sated. I touched and caressed and fondled every part of her. I can always tell when she is so hot and horny that she’s ready to go. I start hearing these soft little moans from her and they were coming more frequently. That’s when I lay on my back and gently tugged her arm, signaling that she should mount me.

A look of fear washed across her face as she slowly rolled over onto me. Deana whispered in my ear, “Are you sure? If I squish you, I will never live it down.” I just chuckled and whispered back, “Give it to me. Give it all to me.” I think saying that turned her on because she immediately rolled all the way over on top of me and kissed me deeply.

Her body was still warm from the shower and I could feel the differences in our body temperatures. Her flesh seemed to envelop me as she was wider than I. At first, I felt a little uncomfortable; somewhat constricted. I couldn’t breathe as deeply yet I didn’t care. It took in a few moments, but I soon found a level of comfort with Deana’s weight upon me. My cock was embedded in her soft, warm belly and I found it to be a wonderful feeling.

One of the great things that I loved about Deana (and there are many), is that she always took the time to understand me, to find out my likes and dislikes, and my turn-ons. Laying on top of me, she said, “Are you okay?” I assured that I was fine and that I was enjoying the sensation of supporting her in this way. She snickered, “I know. I can feel that big, hard dick pressed against my tummy, Mr. Mocha.” I loved that she would talk to me when we were making love.

As we lay there kissing and caressing each other, I took the opportunity to swing both of my hands around and get a nice grip on her rear. Her soft, massive, jiggly bottom was an absolute joy to touch. I squeezed it, kneaded it, jiggled it, pulled it and spread it. “You like that fat ass?” she whispered in my ear. “Yes, my Sugar Babe. I love it”, I shot back. She said, “Good. Because I’m going to put it on you.” I smiled.

Because of our sizes, the thought of making love this way was easier said than done. My thighs were disproportionately big for my size because of running track and field and playing football as a kid. It made it difficult for Deana to mount me properly. But we found that if I put my legs together, she could have enough room to straddle me. Sitting atop me, Deana reached between her legs and guided my already slick penis into her warm, wet vagina. As she slowly settled down on it, she let out an “Ahhhh…”I took that to mean it felt good to her.

Deana had her full weight on me as she ground her vagina on my stiff pole. She was fondling her breasts and pinching her nipples as she gyrated on top of me. At the time my hands were idle so I began to gently caress her thighs. Once or twice, I noticed that her hands would move to her belly. Was this a signal to me? I rubbed her belly a couple times, hoping that it would not dampen the mood. Instead, Deana put her hand over mine, guiding my hand all over the front of her body.

Then, she leaned down, placing her hands on my chest and began to move her body up and down.
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May 22, 2017
Yeah, no.
Chapter 18

Even though she had gained weight over the years, Deana still had strong legs and a strong core from playing sports for so long. I could feel the underlying muscle flexing and relaxing beneath the outer layer of fat on her legs as she churned atop my body. I marveled at how her breasts swung and swayed to her rhythmic movements. I tried to grab them, fondle them, and caress them. But Deana had her hands embedded to my chest and much of her weight pressed down on me. My arms weren’t going very far.

The pumping had started slowly enough. I think Deana was taking a measure of me to see how far she could move up before plunging back down on my shaft. Initially, my penis slipped out when she went too high but she soon figured out the limits and began to really enjoy the slow deliberate strokes. I could tell she was trying to be gentle. She did not bring much force and the only sounds were our breathing and the occasional squishing coming from our genitals.

I wanted Deana to just let go; to indulge her desires and base instincts. I figured a little encouragement couldn’t hurt. In a raspy, low voice I said, “Come on, Sugar Babe. Give it to me. Put it all on me.” She seemed to take heed to the urging. Deana bit her bottom lip a little and proceeded to bring it with more authority. Once or twice she peeked from her closed eyes to check and see if I was okay. I could tell she wanted to really bring it though, so I said, “I want it. Please. I want it all.”

And then, she brought it! She began thrusting downward onto my thick, engorged penis like the pistons of a diesel engine. There was a loud, audible “fwoomp” each time she descended on me. It became louder and louder the harder she worked me. And while the massaging my dick was getting from her pussy was great, I fell in love with the feeling of her weight upon me. The feeling that I could take the pounding in order to please her was prominent in my mind.

“Fwoomp, fwoomp, fwoomp!” She kept working me like a jackhammer. I knew my hips and pelvis were going to be sore tomorrow, but I was enjoying all of the various feelings I was experiencing in the moment: the feeling of her weight repeatedly slamming down on me, her breasts swinging to and fro, the feeling of her fat thighs jiggling with each downward thrust, the depth of her tight, wet vagina wrapped around my cock. It was a combination of sensations that I’d never felt before. And all at once, I realized what I had been missing all of my life.

Honestly, during the course of my life, I’ve had lovers of varying shapes and sizes. But none were as large and in charge as Deana. She was bringing it harder and heavier than I’d ever known. To this point, I really had no control over what was going on, other than to keep my erection up for her. It was always so easy with Deana. She was by far the sexiest woman I had ever been with.

She let out another moan and I could tell she was nearing orgasm. That’s when I took it upon myself to try and add to her pleasure. I began meeting her thrust halfway as she was coming down on my pole, I arched my back and met her stroke for stroke. The sensation must have been pleasing and surprising to her. Her eyes flashed open and she looked down at me with a grin. We were consistently hitting “the spot”.

But I couldn’t keep that pace up for long. My back muscles started to burn from the strain and I settled back down on the bed. But Deana would not be denied her full, unfettered orgasm. She began to come down on me with authority. Harder and harder she went. The sound of our bodies meeting became almost thunderous. I was sure that if anyone passed by our door, they would hear the sound of our lovemaking.

I could feel my own orgasm about to explode and I truly wanted Deana to have hers as well. I started trying to talk to her but each time she came down on me, the air rushed out of my lungs. Once I figured out that I needed to speak between bounces, I went at it. “Fuck me, Deana… harder, baby. Give it to me…Come on, baby.”

That seemed to rile her even more. She started going faster and harder. It got so fast that I could barely get any words out. “Fuck…me…cum on…my…cock!” The staccato of my speech must have worried her. She opened her eyes and looked down at me with a concerned face. “Don’t…stop…please…don’t… stop! I…love it”, I said between breaths. And then, Deana did something that turned me into her sex slave for life: While still moving her bottom half, she bent and put her chest to my chest. Her breasts were pressed onto me. They were cool and drenched with sweat. She whispered in my ear, “Here it comes.”

At that moment, she stopped pumping and pressed her pelvis down as far as it could go. I could feel my backside sinking into the mattress. She let out a loud gasp and suddenly I could feel a warm rush of liquid on my thighs and balls. This was the first time I ever felt her “squirt” when she came. The sensation also sent me over the top. I came so hard inside her, I thought I could hear my dick pulsation in her vaginal canal.

We were both completely spent. She lay there on top of me, breathing heavily, just as I was. I held her tightly and kissed her sweat-soaked head. My hands caressed her body: stroking her hair, feeling all of her rolls and dimples. Suddenly, I had the most incredible feeling of peace I had ever known. After a while, Deana rolled over so that we were laying side by side. When my still semi-erect penis exited her vagina, there was a noticeable sucking sound. We both giggled.

After catching her breath, Deana said, “Sorry.” I asked her for what. She said, “I got you all wet and I sweat all over you. You must think I’m gross.” I chuckled. “Sugar Babe, as far as I’m concerned everything we do is fair game. When you make love to me, you take me to another world. But I must confess, that squirting you did, took me by surprise.”

“Yeah, me too”, she said. “I haven’t done that since college and that was with a dildo. I’ve never had that happen with a man. You are amazing, Mr. Mocha!” That made me feel kinda proud. Certainly, my idea to have her be on top was a success in more ways than one. “We’re going to have to make that a regular occurrence”, I said. She wondered if I can take her weight like that again. I told her that in about 10 minutes, we’ll see. I was bound and determined to make her orgasm like that again.

After a quick shower, we dried each other off and I heated up the remaining slices of pizza. We washed it down with the tea and just lay snuggling for a while. We talked about our plans for the future and how it all hinged on where I was stationed next. “I’ll follow you anywhere”, Deana said. “Even to Alaska or Idaho?”, I joked. She laughed a big, hearty laugh. “I’m from Minnesota. Duh!”

We made love again, this time with me behind her doggy style. Deana had specifically asked for it. She said she liked the feeling of my controlling her this way. She felt vulnerable but safe in this position and liked that I paid attention to other parts of her body while fucking her like this. She also liked the feeling of the shockwaves moving through her body with each stroke. As we were both nearing orgasm again, she started blurting out, “Harder Mocha! Harder! Fuck me harder!” I was obliged to do so.

I started to cum when I felt her vagina pulsating wildly around my engorged male member. Deana squealed with delight as I emptied a second load of sperm deep inside her. She added another dimension to my orgasm as she reached back between her legs and caressed my balls as they were giving up their juice. For long moments we remained in this position: her bent over, big round ass in the air and my semi-erect, meaty cock still inside her. I marveled at how aroused I still was. Finally, I backed up and my glistening black banana slid from between her cheeks; spent ejaculate dripping from her labia.

Deana’s ass cheeks were red from the pounding; the perfect outline of my pelvis emblazoned across her backside. Tired but still very excited, I gently lay down next to her as she slowly relaxed, straightened out her legs, and lay prone in the bed. Her beautiful big, full, round rump seemed to glow in the dim light of the room and I could see that she was smiling at me.

“Mr. Mocha, you are a real M-A-N”, she said plainly. I chuckled, “Ummm… what’s that supposed to mean?” Deana let out a big sigh and hit me with, “You fuck like a man is supposed to; with strength, with authority, with power and control. You aren’t just trying to get your rocks off and be done. You listen to me and you always bring me to orgasm. I realize now that all my previous lovers were boys compared to you. They didn’t really have a clue on how to please me and make me cum. In the short time we’ve known each other, you’ve done it multiple times on multiple occasions.”

Of course, this made me smile and swell with pride, but I tried not to let it go to my head. “Aww, I’m nothing special. I just love you is all.” I wanted to remain humble because it wasn’t so much anything I did but rather that she brought out my insatiable animal self. There was something about her that created an almost uncontrollable desire for her within me. It seemed I could never get enough of her and that was surprising to both of us.

After a while Deana whispered in my ear, “Are you ready for me to ride that big cock again”? I said, “Definitely.”
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Dec 3, 2005
At this point in the story? So we can expect her to gain weight as the story progresses?


May 22, 2017
Yeah, no.
Chapter 19

Chapter 19

We spent the rest of the night talking and making plans. We made love once more in the wee hours of the morning. Deana was again on top and once again, she was able to squirt when she came. She did a lot of talking that last time, which made me orgasm so intensely, I think I blacked out for a few moments. When I came to my senses, Deana was laying atop me, sobbing.

“What’s wrong, Sugar Babe?”, I said, coming to my senses. She was obviously upset about something but seemed reluctant to tell me. But finally she spoke up. “I don’t want to leave you, Dale. I know I have to, but it scares me. There’s so much that can go wrong and I’ve gotten used to getting the shitty end of the stick all these years with Jack.” Of course she was right. So many things could go wrong; things neither of us had control over. But I believed that our love, our desire, and our determination could overcome anything.

I told her as much as we lay there. I noticed that as she laid there on top of me crying, I still had such an aroused feeling. Her full weight was upon me; there was a coziness that I had not ever felt. I also took notice of the trust she had in me. She knew I could and would take her weight without complaint. After I assured her that we would find a way to be together, she kissed me all over my face and then rolled off to the side.

After we lay there for a while, Deana finally spoke. “Dale, Mr. Mocha, you’ve done something no other man has ever done. You have completely turned me out. I feel as though I can surrender to you completely. I love you, I adore you, and I desire you. But most of all, I trust you. This is no easy thing, given my track record with men, including Jack. But I’ve come to feel extremely comfortable with you. I feel we were made for each other and that anything is possible when I’m with you.” I agreed. But after a few moments, I felt Deana still needed a little reassurance.

“Deana… I had such a bad taste left I my mouth from my last relationship. I had given my trust and got shit on for doing so. I was not looking to get into another relationship but when you came along, I felt a pull that was so strong. I fought it. Believe me I fought it hard. But it became too great of an attraction. I couldn’t turn away from you no matter how hard I tried. I’ve gladly given in to this feeling, this compulsion to be yours: mind, body and soul. I cannot wait to start our new life with you and Denny.” She cooed a little as she snuggled me and we both dozed off to a wonderfully deep sleep.

In the morning, the sun seemed to intrude upon our peaceful sleep, signaling the start of a day we both dreaded. It was an odd feeling, knowing that we would soon be half a world apart. In just a few days, Deana would be flying to Florida and I would remain there in Korea. I still hadn’t gotten my follow-on assignment but hoped it would be somewhere back east. I smiled as the golden rays of sunlight streaming through the curtains highlighted her matted, blonde hair, making it appear to shimmer in places.

The sight of her in bed, next to me, after a night of passionate love making remained imprinted in my mind’s eye as I carefully eased out of the hotel bed and into the bathroom for a quick shower. While lathering up, I allowed my mind to wander and wondered about what my next duty assignment might end up being. I had been stationed in the panhandle of Florida in the late 80’s and hoped to get assigned at that same location again.

I was musing about the joys of being so close to Deana and Denny without the restrictions that hampered us while in Korea as I toweled off I the bathroom. I brushed my teeth with my towel wrapped around my waist and gently cracked the door open to see if I had awakened my dear Sugar Babe. To my surprise, she was staring right at me and grinning. “You can get rid of that towel, Mr. Mocha. It will only get in the way”, she said with a devilish grin.

After making love once more (I can never get enough of her), we showered together, got dressed and bid farewell to each other. There was a profound feeling of longing as I watched her drive away, tears in her eyes. I checked out of the hotel and made my way up the hill to visit with my compatriots at their Yongsan barracks. When 3:00 pm rolled around, I took the bus back to Camp Eagle, all the while thinking of my Sugar Babe.

Wednesday morning came and I hadn’t heard from Deana. I knew her and Denny were flying out that morning but hoped that she could swing by and see me one last time. No doubt all the preparations to move had taken up much of her time. I went about my day as usual and hoped that soon I would hear from her one way or another. As I was closing up shop that afternoon, I heard the outer door squeak and wondered who it was. It was Jack!

My mind raced as he walked through the door: Was he here to kill me? Fight me? Yell at me? As I was surprised to see him, the look on my face didn’t betray the thoughts in my mind. “Hey Dale! I’m glad I caught you. I wanted to give you this letter from Denny. He really liked all those weather charts and posters you gave him. I think we may have a little scientist on our hands.” He handed me the letter and I thanked him. He turned to leave, “See ya at the club later?” I assured him that he would and off he went. The pounding of my heart began to slow down a bit as I heard the outer door close.

As I sat back in my chair, and started to open the note from little Denny, I noticed the envelope had a fair amount of tape to seal it. Scrawled in blue crayon on the front was written To: Mr. Dale. Something you’d expect from a six-year old. But as I unfolded the picture he’d drawn, of a bright blue sky with lots of clouds, flowers and a rainbow, another piece of paper fell to the floor. It was a note from Deana.

Dear Mr. Mocha,

I miss you terribly already and I haven’t even gotten on the plane yet! You’ve made the time in Korea more enjoyable than I could ever have imagined. You’ve been such a wonderful and patient friend and opened my eyes to how a real man treats his lady. More than anything, you’ve helped repair my broken self-esteem and shown me love like no other man ever has nor ever will. I will be waiting for you when you return to the States. In the meantime, be expecting a few letters and packages from me. And you might want to open some of them in private!

Your Sugar Babe!

It made me smile from ear to ear. Not just because of her sweet note but also because Jack handed it to me and never knew! I laughed out loud at the thought. Since the beginning of our relationship, I had looked at Jack differently; mostly with disdain in my eyes. But now that Deana was gone and out of his reach, I found him to be a fool. A fool for how he treated his wife, a fool for not realizing how great she is, and a fool for not knowing I was taking her away from him. Not that it seemed he’d care.

That night at the club, I had a particularly great time with everyone. We were all drinking and laughing and just making a ruckus. I had probably not laughed so hard in my life. All I could think about was how foolish Jack was, even while he was pawing all over Connie, thinking he had free reign since Deana was gone. I just couldn’t stop smiling each time I looked at him. He didn’t know divorce papers were coming his way.

That was on a Wednesday night. On Tuesday afternoon, I checked my mailbox and found a package receipt. It had only been six days, so I assumed it was from my grandmother. When I picked up the package, the size of a shoe box, I could see it was from Deana. I hurried up to my room. After locking the door, I tore open the outside wrapping paper and hurriedly looked inside.

On top was another picture, obviously drawn by Denny. It was him and his mother outside in the sun and next to them was a figure (me) with a balloon. I assumed it was me because the face of the stick figure was colored in brown. I was grateful that I made a connection with Denny because it can be hard when a stranger comes into your life after a divorce.

Digging further into the box, I found a large Ziploc bag with two dozen soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies! Yum! I knew what I was having for dessert later. Beneath the cookies was a small white, cloth bag and a small brown paper bag. I wondered what each held. From the cloth bag, I pulled a large pair of sexy, red thong panties! They were the same panties that Deana had worn months ago when we first made love. I was so excited to see them. She had sprayed my favorite scent on them: Vanilla Fields by Coty.

However, in the paper bag was a surprise I had not expected. When I poured the contents out on my bed, I found 10 explicit Polaroid pictures of my Sugar Babe in all manner of poses. What was strange yet exciting was that many of them were taken by someone else! I puzzled over that as I looked at the final surprise. A cassette tape marked “USE YOUR HEADPHONES”.


May 22, 2017
Yeah, no.
Chapter 20

I was anxious to listen to the cassette tape. Just being able to hear Deana’s voice was going to be exciting. She had an amazing way of using her words and the timbre of her voice to tease, excite, and arouse me. I had come to love this about her as she was really the first woman who ever noticed how her words affected me. I think it turned her on as much as it turned me on. With this, I became aware of how my words had a positive impact on Deana, whether we were making love or not.

Before listening to the tape, I got up and again made sure my door was locked. I changed into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I went to the restroom to ensure nothing interrupted the imminent audio pleasure I was sure would ensue. I turned out the lights and put the cassette in the Techniques dual cassette player that I had brought with me to Korea. Then I pushed “Play”.

Dale. My Mr. Mocha. I can’t tell you how much I miss you. There is an aching inside of me that just won’t quit. I love and miss you terribly and hope that you still feel the same. I talk to Denny about you and he thinks it would be cool to see you again. I started to write you a letter the first day I got home but my sister, Liv (short for Olivia) suggested I record a tape for you. By the way, she’s the one that took most of those sexy Polaroids for you. She’s never liked Jack; hates him with a passion. She was all for doing anything to stick it to him. It was kind of awkward at first, but she helped me really get into it. She knows how much I love you and is all for us! She can’t wait to meet you!

At this point, there was an audible click. I assumed the tape was stopped and then restarted.

Dale, Denny drew another picture for you. I will send it in the next package. I hope you liked the cookies. I made them especially for you. I almost sent those panties unwashed but thought better of it. I know you like the scent of vanilla, so I made sure they smelled good for you, Baby.

At this point, I reached over and grabbed the lacey underwear and inhaled a big whiff of vanilla. She continued.

Tomorrow, I will go with my sister to look at a few apartments. I’m hoping to find a month-to-month lease, so I’m not locked into it long-term. Do you know when you’ll get your next assignment and where it will be? I can’t wait to hear from you! I have some other special things I want to send you, but I’ll wait until I hear from you. With the time difference between us, I will have to stay up late and try and call you, but I don’t mind. I stay up long after Denny has gone to bed and masturbate, thinking about how you make love to me.

This aroused me a great deal. A sense of pride welled up within me for a moment. Not only because someone actually got themselves off while thinking of me. But also, because I realized that I had freed her. Freed her from Jack’s relentless brow beating and humiliation. Jack had bound her, enslaved her with his words and actions. He made her feel small and powerless to the point that she doubted herself and lost part of her identity. I hoped that I changed that for her as she unwittingly had done for me.

After we first got together, I threw out my old dildo that I used to pleasure myself when Jack wasn’t home. I realized that I had been using it with the hope that Jack would finally come around and want to be intimate with me again. But that was never going to happen. And I’m ashamed that I even thought like that. Now, I have one that reminds me of you: long, thick, dark, and always hard. Sometimes at night, I lay in bed and pretend you are here with me. Mmmmmm…

The sounds of her licking and sucking on the dildo were so arousing. She must have really been into what she was doing. In between the licking, sucking, and slurping sounds, her voice deepened in that way when we were intensely making love.

Come home to me, Mr. Mocha. Come home and fuck me the way only you can. Come put your cock deep inside me. Ohhh…I want to feel you inside me again. I want you to make me cum, make me squirt. I want to squirt all over you!

I had not realized just how liberated she felt. I was so happy for my Sugar Babe! She was so free to express herself and I knew that she loved that feeling of freedom. It was so hot and erotic! I instinctively began massaging my cock beneath my shorts.

Come home to me! Come take me! I will follow you anywhere. I am yours. I want to be your princess, your queen. I want you to own me. You are such a strong, powerful, and wonderfully loving man. You can have all of me. Put your cock in all of my holes. I want to feel you in my pussy, my mouth, and my ass. Ohhh! Your cock would fill my tight, fat ass. Please tell me you’ll take me from behind and fuck me hard, like I like it?

I had not realized that I was slowly stroking my dick beneath my shorts. I was amazed at what I was hearing from Deana. It was like the shackles had been loosed and she was reading my mind! Eyes closed, I was imagining all that she said, imagined us being lovers with no limits, no inhibitions. She continued:

This dildo can never take the place of you but the thought of you in me, on me, beside me, under me; makes me so horny and wet! Mmmmmmmmmmmm…

I noticed that her breathing became shallow and that I could hear the faintest squishing sounds. I took that to mean she was deep into her masturbation, as was I. The sound of her getting off brought me to a near orgasm. And then I heard her climax.

Fuuuuuuccccckkkk! Oh fuck!

At that same moment, the pressure in my loins built to a crescendo and I let out a loud gasp. A geyser of semen erupted from my throbbing cock, spewing thick gobs of cum onto my chest and belly. It seemed to tale a full two minutes before the uncontrolled convulsion subsided. When I stood up, my t-shirt was wet from all the sperm. I had to get up and change into another pair of shorts and a different t-shirt. After listening to the rest of the tape, I drifted off into a deep and restful sleep.

The next day, just after lunch, the phone rang in the office. It was Deana. I looked at the clock. It was 1 pm local time which made it about 2 am back on the East Coast. I said, “You’re up so late, Sugar Babe! You don’t need to wait up so late to call me.” I could tell from her voice that she had something to tell me.

“We found an apartment yesterday. What was really cool was that I told the landlord my situation, that I was waiting for my boyfriend to come back from a military assignment and that I could be moving soon after. Turns out that he is retired Navy and he understood my situation. I only had to put down one month’s security deposit. And he said that all I had to give him was two weeks’ notice before moving and he’ll return my full deposit. That made me feel like things were lining up nicely.” I was also pleased that it wouldn’t be too difficult for us to get together when we made plans later.

We talked about everything that has been going on in both our lives since we last spoke. I purposely avoided talking about the pictures and the cassette tape; mostly because I didn’t want her to think it was the only thing on my mind (even though it was). But also, because I didn’t want anyone walking into the office when I was in a deep sexual conversation.

Then, out of the blue she said, “Did you like the panties and the pictures?” Of course, I said that I loved them. In truth, I really loved the thought behind it all. She was paying attention when we talked before, and that made me feel loved and wanted. I told her that in past relationships, women often didn’t really care what I thought or what I liked/wanted. It was all about them.

After a moment, Deana asked, “Did you listen to the tape?” I assured her that I had. “And?”, she said. I hesitated to answer. I made sure no one was coming into the office in the next few moments. Then I whispered, “And… holy fuck! Deana, I could have filled a dixie cup with as much cum as I shot, listening to that tape!” I heard her snicker, across the thousands of miles that separated us.

“So, you liked it?” I had to keep my voice low, but I told her that I loved it. “Oh, good”, she said. “I was hoping that you would enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it.” I let her know that I was probably going to enjoy that tape every night until she was in my arms once again. That delighted her and she promised that there would be more where that came from. I secretly wondered how she could top the first one but, noted I have been pleasantly surprised by her on several occasions.

I could see through the window that a handful of pilots were coming into the building to start working on there flight plans. I told my Sugar Babe that I would have to go soon, which she understood. She asked again if I had any word on my follow up assignment. I didn’t but, figured I would hear very soon; I only had a month left on this tour.

“I’ll let you know as soon as I can. Maybe we can talk on Sunday around this time? There’s no flying on Sundays here and no one will be in the building except me. We can talk freely then.” We ended the call professing our love for each other. Just as I was hanging, one of the pilots came in and slapped his 175-1 on the desk. He was a CW5 and always a really good guy. He said, “Hit me Sarge!”

After all the pilots had come and gone, I waited eagerly for 4 pm. At 4:01 pm, I was walking toward the chow hall to pick up some food to go. I couldn’t wait to listen to that tape again.
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May 22, 2017
Yeah, no.
Chapter 21

On my way to the chow hall, I stopped by the supply depot to see how our guys were doing as they prepared for tomorrow. The unit was going to convoy down to the exercise area west of Seoul to start Exercise: Ulchi Focus Lens. It was a yearly military exercise with U.S. and South Korean forces to enhance communication and cooperation between the two countries.

SSgt Hunter, SSgt Danali, and TSgt Chark were busy loading the last of the supplies into the 5-ton truck that served as our weather operations center during deployments. “Hey guys, keep safe and warm out there next week”, I said. Jon (SSgt Danali) yelled, “If you get some more of those cookies while we’re gone, save me a few.” I told him I could make no promises.

I grabbed my food from the chow hall to-go and hurried up to my room in the barracks. I topped off my dinner (meat loaf, mashed potatoes, and kimchi) with an icy cold Corona. I took a long, hot shower afterward, with thoughts of my Sugar Babe’s full-figured body dancing through my mind. The weekend was going to be mostly quiet, and I figured to write her a letter at some point.

Toweling off and putting on shorts and a tee shirt, I decided to chill for a bit and maybe watch a movie or two. I popped in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective for some laughs. I knew that later, I would get out those Polaroids of Deana and listen to her super sexy cassette tape before going to bed for the night.

I mulled going over to the club for a bit. The barracks were unusually quiet for a Friday night. At the club, there would be music and laughter and a few people I’d know. But as it got to be about 10:00 pm, I decided it would be best to call it an early night. I did have to man the desk in the morning as all the pilots would need briefings before taking off for the exercise.

I plugged my headphones into the stereo, pulled my lamp closer to the bed, popped in the tape Deana had sent me, and pushed “Play”. Just hearing her voice instilled a state of arousal in me. Soon, I turned the lamp off and settled in to sounds of that highly erotic tape. Visions of my girl and her beautiful, soft, voluptuous body were dancing in my head. I was so aroused that my heart was thumping in my ears. The pounding got louder and louder until I realized, it wasn’t my heart! It was someone pounding on my door.

I glanced at my clock and noted that it was 11:48 pm. Who would be pounding on my door at this hour? Did Jack finally find out I was with his wife? As I bade the person in the hall to hold on, I hastily grabbed an extra-large tee shirt from my closet. A deflating hard-on would not be a good look answering the door. Taking an extra couple of seconds to check that my erection wasn’t visible, I took a deep breath, turned on the lights, and opened the door.

Standing at the doorway was TSgt Chark looking more than a little relieved. “What’s up, Mick”, I asked. Mick wasn’t an excitable guy but sounded a bit out of breath. “Dale, thank goodness you’re here. Jon, fractured his ankle while we were finishing loading the truck. Gary and I drove him to Seoul to the hospital. He’s not going to be able to go on the exercise. You’d better pack tonight so you can take his place.”

Hearing those words completely wiped away all thoughts of Deana for the moment. I had been counting on a relatively quiet weekend and a chance to talk to my Sugar Babe on Sunday. Now, I was scrambling to gather up all the items that I needed to take to the field. For a moment, I wondered if I should bring my portable tape player and earphones but then thought better of it. I would be sleeping in a tent with four or five other guys. Not the most private situation.

By the time I finished packing my A-bag, it was almost 1:00 am. I had to get up in four hours to get ready to make the convoy. I decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to listen to the tape again, seeing as I wouldn’t get another chance for nearly a week. I started the tape again, listing to Deana moan, bringing herself to orgasm. I imagined her on top of me, thrusting her weight downward onto my engorged cock and squirting her womanly juices all over my pelvis and belly. After cleaning up my own mess, I drifted off to a short but restful sleep.

When the alarm clock went off, I jumped into the shower, as it would be the last one I get for a while (no showers where we were going). Got dressed in my uniform and stopped by the chow hall for some breakfast. When I got down to the loading area, MSgt Burns our Station Chief, was there to see us off. It would be up to him to hold down the fort while the rest of us were away. “I’d better get down to the station. The pilots will be coming in to get their briefings soon”, he said. Then, “Thanks for stepping up, Dale.”

“No problem”, I said. “My girlfriend will probably call Sunday morning. Just explain to her what happened for me?” He assured me that he would and also let us know how SSgt Danali was doing. With that, I hopped in our Hummer. TSgt Chark and I drove to our designated position in the convoy, followed by SSgt Hunter in the big truck. While we were waiting, I asked him what the heck happened with Jon. He said, “You know how Jon is such a tree hugger? He was going on and on about recycling, composting, and such. He wasn’t watching where he was going and missed a step coming out of the 5-ton.”

I snickered a little, not wanting to laugh out loud at another’s misfortune. Besides, Jon’s accident was going to make me miss a phone call from my Sugar Babe. After a few seconds, Mick could not contain the laugh he suppressed and let out a chuckle as well. It was a two-hour drive to our exercise site and another two to get everything set up.

It rained the first 36 hours we were on site. Luckily, it became rather light when we were setting up our tent. Still, most everything in the tent was damp at the very least. As night fell, we discovered where all the holes were in the roof of the tent. I had to move my cot several times to avoid being dripped on all night.

The exercise went as most go; long periods of boredom, punctuated by brief moments of chaos. Lots of war stories being told while trading contents of MRE packs. The six days seemed to go by so much more slowly than usually. I was longing to hear my Sugar Babe’s voice once again and I couldn’t wait to get back to see what she had sent me. I suppose MSgt Burns did not relay our phone number to Deana because we were on an exercise after all. Still, it was torture having to wait until getting back to post.

When the last day of the exercise came, we were all ready to get back to our rooms, grab a long, hot shower, and get some decent food (at this point, chow hall food would be an upgrade). As I was the most experienced setting up and breaking down our equipment, I took charge (to the delight of TSgt Chark). What would have normally taken us two hours, only took 90 minutes.

We were ready and waiting to form up on the convoy when the phone rang. The Comm guys had not come by to retrieve the phone yet, and so the phone was sitting alone, ringing, in the mud. Mick and I looked at each other, seeming to think, “I’m not going to answer it. You answer it.” As I was sitting in the driver’s seat, Mick finally got out and walked over to the phone. After a few seconds, he yelled, “Dale, it’s for you!”

With great trepidation, I climbed out of the driver’s seat and walked over to Mick, who handed me the phone. I was thinking it could be one of two things: Jon Danali was playing a trick on me or Deana had somehow gotten the number to our field phone. It was neither.

MSgt Burns said, “Hey Dale! I was going to wait until you all got back to post but I couldn’t hold on. First, your girlfriend called here a million times hoping to speak to you. We had a couple god conversations about you.” I was about to ask what the hell that meant when he continued. “Anyway, the reason I’m so excited is that your follow-on assignment came through and you are not going to believe it!”

When he told me I was stunned. I had put in for a special duty more than 10 months ago and never heard anything back. Now, I was more excited to get back to post, to contact Deana, and give her the good news. Just then, word came over the radio that we were moving out.

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