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Sep 13, 2007
Here is a story I posted about ten years back. I resurrected it at the request of member Ulvrik

This is a fairly dark tale. Please be forewarned!

The William Bell Adventures

NewYork/Las Vegas-The Food Critic

We meet 23 year old Tanya McGregor, a third year business student. She is being interviewed for a new summer job as we open.

She looked in the mirror, taking stock of her appearance; to pick out the appropriate wardrobe. Her bra and panties failed to conceal, the changes her body had gone through, in the last few years. Two years of cooking school, had added considerably, to her 105 pound starting weight. Up top, she was pleased to see the growth in her boobs. Starting as a 34A they had swollen to a mighty 42DD; and their weight often gave her backaches, now. Nevertheless, she was proud of her newly increased femininity and would select a tasteful v-neck sweater to show them off.

Looking southward, she rubbed her pot belly; whose protruding layer of extra blubber had increased her waistline by 4 inches. Still, only 23 inches; not too bad. Sweater and boobs will disguise it somewhat.

It was the lower section, below the waist, that had her most concerned. Mom had warned her, that she would be genetically prone to a pear-shaped figure. Maddeningly, her overindulgence at school; had proved her mother right. She looked at the layers of cellulite, collecting on her now 30 inch thighs; which were dwarfed by the size of her bum. Now taping out at 54” she was much bigger than her mother had been at any age, even now. Turning sideways it stuck out like a shelf, nearly 10” now. How to disguise this? A tent? She chose a loose fitting pleated skirt; which amounted to nearly the same thing. It was either that or a barrel. Long as she didn’t take big steps while she walked; she wouldn’t jiggle too much.

She dressed quickly and reviewed the ad before leaving. The ad in the New York Times had said:

Open minded, self starter for exciting temporary audit position, in Hotel Industry. Ideal candidate will have food service or hotel background. Students welcome. Apply ….

Tanya’s resume, had garnered her an interview; and she was instructed to meet a Mr. William Bell, at a local restaurant, at 12 noon.

Entering the premises, she looked around and didn’t see any likely lone males, unless…

She approached a smartly dressed young man and said awkwardly “Excuse me Sir; I am supposed to be meeting a Mr. Bell here. You wouldn’t be…”

Standing quickly he said “ I’m your man. William, or Will if you like. You must be Tanya.”

They shook hands and after Tanya got comfortable, she said,” I was expecting someone a bit older, frankly.”

William laughed a bit, and said “It’s just a summer gig for me, too. My dad owns the company. I’m a student like you. Harvard Law.”

“Oh” she said. “And what company is this you are interviewing for”?

He said “It’s Tudor Travel Guides. We write up reviews for most major cities in the US and worldwide; for tourists to get their money’s worth”.

“Oh yes”, she said,” I’ve heard of them. How long have you worked there?”

Will put up his hand and said. “It’s usual in an interview process for the applicant to answer the questions and the interviewer to ask them. Let’s get some lunch and I will reveal all, if you meet our criteria. Agreed?”

“Sure”, she said, a bit embarrassed at her eagerness.

The waiter came over and Will asked “Mind if I order for both? I’m buying, naturally.”

“Then, who am I to argue?” she said.

They ate the special, which was a rib eye steak, mashed with gravy and asparagus in crème sauce. Dessert was a sherry trifle and they each had a glass of the house wine.

Over a second glass, Will laid out his cards.

“Tanya we need people to go undercover in some of the Vegas hotels and audit their quality. Mostly just the restaurants, you know; for good food and good service.”

Tanya nodded. “I would think an outfit like yours, would have a good base of critics, to choose from.”

“We do actually”, he agreed. “Problem is, they are too well known. Once they get into a place, they get service and quality, far above the norm. This doesn’t help anyone. That’s where you come in.”
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Sep 13, 2007
Part 2

He continued, “I see by your resume you are going into your final year of Business School, specializing in restaurant and hotel management. You also have an extensive background in the culinary arts. I think you would be an ideal candidate.”

Changing the subject he interjected “First test; tell me what you thought of the meal you just ate.”



Wrinkling up her nose she began. “The steak was tough, the asparagus was overdone, the mashed potatoes were too salty and the custard in the trifle tasted like it was made 6 months ago. On top of that, I normally wouldn’t use this wine to clean my paint brushes, let alone drink.”

“Very good” said Will. “Right on the money and you are not afraid to voice your opinion. You can have the job; if you pass the next test.”

“What’s that?” she asked.

“Come with me and you’ll find out.” He paid the bill and he said “We need to go to another location.”

Walking out, he hailed a cab and they arrived at yet another restaurant. This one she knew. It was high end, classy and expensive.

Once seated he said. “It’s buffet, normally you just get what you want. However, under the circumstances, I would like you to try these items.”

She read the list; which contained enough food for three meals and included six items from the dessert selection.

Looking at him she said, “Is this a joke? We already had lunch.”

“Yes”, he replied, “but you didn’t enjoy it much. I need to see how you will react with food of better quality.”

Shrugging she started in while Will had a salad, coffee and a small dish of fruit. Tanya ate four helpings of food and the desserts needed three plates to hold them all. She nearly finished it; leaving only a little bit of fudge cake and ice cream.

Belching softly she said “So what was all that in aid of?”

Choosing his words carefully, he began. “This project may seem like a lot of fun to most people; but it’s serious work being a critic. We ask people to eat in restaurants for months at a time and I wanted to see if you could handle the pace. We will be expecting the successful candidate to be…fairly active.”

“What’s that mean?” she asked wiping her mouth.

“Well”, he said, producing a menu from his briefcase. “This is from one of the hotels we have been asked to audit. You would be staying there a week and will need to eat most of the items on there, by then.”

She read it over, then whistled and said “This is a lot.”

“That’s why I needed to see if you were up to it. Your resume has satisfied me; that you know your way around a kitchen. This little demonstration and your …physical makeup; show that you know your way around the dining room, as well.”

Suddenly she turned red and said, “If that remark is directed to my weight, don’t waste your time. I know I’m fat. Now if you will excuse me, I thank you for your hospitality but I need to go…”

“Wait”, he said. “Please. I didn’t mean to offend. Let me explain.”

Returning to her seat she said, “I’m listening.”

He said, “Well this is difficult to get off my chest; but you see we have had problems, with some of our candidates, in the past. This is a lot of calories to ingest over the summer, and some weight gain is inevitable. In some cases, the employee has simply quit; leaving us in the lurch to find someone else. We need to find someone who is… experienced in such matters and will stay the course.”

Snorting she added “So, you pick someone who is already fat, right? We got nothing to lose.”

Will looked skyward saying “I think you have the right skill set and temperment for this task. It pays $2,000/week plus expenses. After you graduate, you may get a fulltime offer as well. You work 12 weeks and get $25,000 for your efforts. The extra $1000 is for your weekly draw of $100. The rest you get in a lump sum at the end. You don’t finish, you don’t get paid. Now if you are interested, I can offer you the position. If not thank you for coming, I will have to look for someone else.”

Tanya held up her hand and said. “Okay, I surrender. You got a deal.”


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Sep 13, 2007
Part 3

After that, the conversation drifted to more personal issues. Will looked at her and said, “You have unusual features. Where’s your family from?”

“My mom’s side, she is half Vietnamese and half African-American. My dad is full blooded Scottish. Mom says I got the red hair and green eyes from him. My skin tone, facial features and my body from the waist up I got from my Asian roots.” Then patting her generous rear, she said, “I got an African booty though. More I put on the bigger it gets too.”

Eyeing her over he said, “Sorry, I struck a nerve a while ago, about that actually.”

“S’okay” she said. “Like I said, I already know I’m fat. Wasn’t always this way, though. When I started cooking school, I weighed 105 pounds.”

She sipped her wine, before admitting “That was 55 pounds ago. All that nibbling, had to go somewhere. I started out 34-19-35. Now I’m at 42-23-54. I guess it’s an occupational hazard. My teacher at the time just kept saying; who would trust a skinny cook anyway? The weight gain was why I decided to try a career on the administrative side, instead of the kitchen. ”

Will smiled and added, “Well, it certainly looks good on you. Maybe it would be a good time, to go over some of the ground rules.”

“Sure” she said.

“It is absolutely imperative that no one twig to the idea, you are an auditor. As such; you will be using a series of assumed identities. Even the credit cards you use; will have no corporate logos. Just keeps everyone honest.”

“Is that really necessary? Seems a bit overboard to me?”

“Just watch” he said. He picked up his cell phone and dialled out.

“Hello Andre’s? This is Will Bell. I’m the new restaurant reviewer for the Times. Any chance you could fit me in at noon tomorrow? I want to do a little update on your place. Great... see you then. Oh table for two, please.”

“What was that all in aid of?” she asked.

“You’ll see tomorrow. Meet me there at noon and I will have the papers ready to sign.”

Next day she met him out front as requested. The Maitre d’ seated them personally, once Will handed him his fake business card.

The meal was absolutely superb and in spite of herself, Tanya stuffed herself with an entrée, two appetizers and two desserts.

“Here” Will said,”fill this out.” It was a pre-printed spread sheet, with all the menu items on it. Each item had five multiple choices from poor to excellent. She ticked off all the items she had eaten and was finished in less than 2 minutes.

Carrying an open bottle of wine, the Maitre d’ came just as she was finishing and Will asked for the bill. “Oh, Monsieur, there will be no bill of course. We never charge for good publicity. Please accept this wine as a token of friendship.” Then he left.

Tanya laughed a bit at his deception. “That was amazing. You had him eating from the palm of your hand.”

“Now you see the problem”, he added. “Normally, it would take a month to get a table here. Also, how do we know we got what everyone else would get? This bottle of wine is worth $500 alone.”

“That being said, the job is essentially what you just did; with those sheets, just now. I have provided all the spread sheets for the items I need you to sample. You need to finish the sheets in a week and move on to the next place. Only thing is, you can’t break your cover. No notes. That’s why I interviewed out-of-towners. No chance you will be recognized, by some relative or schoolmate.”

“We need to get a few other things straight, too. No visits from relatives, or friends or you are out. That means boyfriends, too. “

She rolled her eyes and said, “Don’t worry, I don’t have much of a social life. As for boyfriends, I think I am going steady with the fridge.” Patting her ample belly, she added “Guys today don’t go for this look.”

“Really” said Will. “If I may be so bold, you are a delightful and pretty girl. I think you are selling yourself short.”

She blushed a bit at that, and looked him over more critically. He looked a couple years older than her. Tall, tanned muscular, clean cut. Thinking of him, started her heart racing but she thought, “keep your mind on the job.”

He brought her down to earth by saying “Look I need to go. Do we have a deal?” He produced a contract, and placed it in front of her.

Wordlessly, she reviewed its text and signed it.

“Good!” he said. “Welcome aboard.” Producing another envelope, he handed it to her. “There are detailed instructions, an itinerary, a plane ticket and 4 credit cards. Please make sure you use the correct name on each for the receipts. I will meet you in a month.”

Standing to leave he said, “Oh. One more thing. Here is a phone number for me. Don’t call the office, or you will blow your cover. If you do that, you’re done.”

He left and she reviewed the documents over another dessert and most of the wine. No sense letting it go to waste.


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Sep 13, 2007
Part 4

The next Saturday, she arrived in Vegas and quickly settled down to her routine. Checking in with the credit card, she proceeded to run down the list of items she needed to review.

The spread sheets only took a few minutes of her time and she chuckled at first that she was essentially being paid $2000/week just to eat. But by the second day; she knew she would have to eat a lot more per day, than she had bargained for.

To get everything in on schedule, she would eat one meal in her room and one in the dining room for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even eating essentially 6 meals a day, still left her with a few un-reviewed items on the last day. It was all she could do, to finish them; and she vowed to plan better, for the next stop.

One other side effect, that Will had warned her about; manifested itself immediately. That first week she gained 7 pounds. Arriving at the new hotel, she could feel the extra weight already.

Thinking of the money, she remained steadfast and by the end of the month; she had reviewed 4 hotels and eagerly awaited her meeting with Will. She was concerned about his opinion of her work, and what is was doing to her physique. She had gained 35 pounds over the four weeks and now measured up at 195lb. 47F-25-66. Most of her on hand cash and the entire advance, had been spent on new bras and panties; to keep up with her swelling physique. Good thing she had elected to bring only stretch pants and loose tops; or they would not have fit, either.

He arrived just before dinner. Her second dinner in fact; having had a nice plate of lasagna, in her room; an hour and a half previously.

She produced a file folder and said “Want to review these while we eat?”

“No”, he said, “that would be careless. What did I say about not breaking your cover?”

Chagrined, she replied “Sorry I forgot.”

During her third dessert, she sighed a bit, saying “Might as well rub this right on my ass. That’s where, all this ends up eventually.”

Will mused and said, “Pardon?”

Tanya snickered and said, “C’mon there’s no sense in dancing around it. You aren’t going to convince me you haven’t noticed I’m getting somewhat fat..…ter? I gained 35 pounds last month. Can’t say you didn’t warn me; but I was worried what you would think…”

Will said “Actually, I had noticed; but it’s really none of my business. If it were, I would say that some men, like a woman with a little...more to offer.”


“Really.” He added “I happen to be one of them. Tanya, you are one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met. If I weren’t your boss, I would ask you out myself, even if you weighed 300 pounds.”

Tanya blushed and they were saved by the bill; as the waiter brought the check. She signed it and he said “Okay, a quick review of those sheets and I will set you up, for next month.”

They went up to her room and he reviewed her work quickly and smiled. “Very good.” He handed her another envelope, adding “Here you are. All the items you will need for next month, as well as your cash advance.” She handed over the three old credit cards and he prepared to leave.

Tanya pouted and whined “Have to go so early? It’s only 8 o’clock. It’s lonely here and I don’t get a chance to talk to many people.”

“Early flight” he said. “Got a 5:30 am wakeup call.”

“Oh,” she said “did you mean what you said earlier, about me being beautiful?”

“Absolutely” he smiled.” I don’t play games with women. It’s too dangerous.”

Coyly she added, “I see. Well, about that wakeup call. You can get a phone call from some stranger, or… I can just nudge you.” She posed seductively and winked at him. “If we do this right, you may not get any sleep, at all!”

He caught her drift, and protested, “This isn’t a good idea. I’m your boss.”

She laughed and said, “I won’t tell anyone, if you don’t.” The argument was settled as she began to disrobe and he was powerless to resist.


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Sep 13, 2007
Part 5

They did get some sleep, but only because Will changed his flight to the afternoon. They lay in bed cuddled in each other’s arms and she asked if he had any regrets. He reached down and playfully spanked her bare ass, which jiggled provocatively in response. She reached down and said, “Looks like sausage for breakfast” and they made love once more before sprawling spent on the mattress.

Will panted, “To answer your question. No regrets. That was incredible. How about you?”

“Oh my God. I didn’t think it was possible, to do that so many times. You are like a satyr or something.”

“Hey I know what I like. You inspired me to greatness”

Suddenly her tummy began to rumble. “Oops” she said. “Overdue for my breaky.” Sitting up and massaging her belly, she said “Don’t want me to waste away, do we?”

“Tell you what”, he said. “You call them and order room service. Then we have time for one more round.”

“Sure lover. One condition. Food gets here, you have to feed it to me. In bed.”

“Just try and stop me”, he said grinning from ear to ear.

And that’s exactly what happened. After making love he hand-fed her the massive meal, and coaxed her into eating most of his share too, massaging her taut belly between bites to finish the last.

While he fed her Will asked, “Can I make a small confession?”

“Shoo” she purred between mouthfuls. “Wash on yoo mine?”

Well this is embarrassing. “Earlier, I said I would love you, even if you weighed 300 pounds. That wasn’t quite what I meant. I should have said especially.”

Gulping the mouthful she asked “Does that mean you want me to be even bigger than this?”

“If you like”, he said. “up to you”.

She began eating again and said “Not like I have much control over it, anyway. Might as well enjoy the ride!” She grabbed his hand and put it between her legs and said “Speaking of that, one more for the road, lover.”

With Tanya thoroughly sated both sexually and gastronomically; they bid their goodbyes and separated, looking forward to their next meeting.

Next month, went more or less the same; with one exception.

Now she had a boyfriend, one who not only liked her body; one who was in effect, paying her to get fatter. It was a duty she did not take lightly, as she soared to 240 pounds 52GG-28-81.

He arrived at the end of the month, as usual and was not surprised by her increased size. They had talked on the phone several times a week; sometimes even engaging in fantasy feeding, over the phone.

Within seconds of his arrival, they were ripping each other’s clothes off, and Will proved to be as insatiable as before. They spent the whole night in the room, making love and in between he would feed her until she was nearly bursting.

Parting was not so hard this time, with only a month to go. Tanya spent most of the month eating or sleeping; even eating extra items, that weren’t on the list. She didn’t care, any more. The more she ate, the fatter she got and the fatter she got, the more she wanted. The last month, she gained an incredible 55 pounds, topping off at 295 pounds and her figure had blossomed to 57J-31-99.

They had a last fling at the hotel and Will said, “Meet you at the corporate offices, 9am Monday; right? You can get your check and a final review. I am recommending you for a full time position; when you graduate next year. That way, I can keep my eye on you.”

Then he wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her massive butt and she said. “You mean your hands, don’t you? You must be an ass man.”

“Don’t I know it”, he said. “And I won the jackpot.”

He studied her growing body, with an appreciative eye. Her greatly engorged breasts, were beginning to sag; under their increased weight. The plump pot belly underneath, gave a little support; but it too was beginning to migrate southward, forming a proto-apron of fat.

Her saddlebag thighs now measured at 45 inches at their widest, blending into the incredible globes of her massively enlarged butt. Her “shelf” was now sticking out 18” behind her. At night, they stuck out so far; the small of her back no longer touched the mattress. She put a small pillow underneath, for support.

She was so back-heavy she actually needed heels or wedges; to keep from falling backwards as she walked. And walking was a wonder to behold. It was more like a coordinated waddle. She would raise her plump arms chest high and they would swing back and forth; in rhythm with the sway of her boobs. It was almost as if she was wading through deep water.

Down south, she swung her legs out in an exaggerated motion; to keep her thighs from chafing. Her ass was so plump and soft now, it was like liquid. It gave her the mother of all wiggles; and when she stopped, it took a minute or so for everything to stop moving, like ripples on a pond.

Still massaging her rear he said. “I arranged for a special ticket for you, to get home. Never get this into one seat now.”

“Thanks” she said.” I was worried about that. I also need to get something nice to wear to the office next week. Nothing too sexy, or people will talk right?”

He agreed. “Listen, babe, we need to keep this hush-hush. Even if my dad owns the place, he would be pissed; if he found out I slept with one of the workers.”

“Worker? Is that what I am? Maybe I should call him myself.”

He looked panicked; until Tanya started laughing and said, “Just kidding baby. You should have seen the look on your face, though. I thought you were going to die, for a minute.”


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Sep 13, 2007
Part 6

Monday arrived and Tonya returned home. She stayed in a hotel the night before; because she didn’t want her parents to see the physical change she had undergone, just yet.

Eyeing her new outfit, it was obvious just how profound that change had been. Proud of her new physique; she had let sexy trump good taste. The little black dress she wore, betrayed every curve, every inch and every pound of her new body. It was skin tight, and both low cut and high hemmed. In fact, it was barely on at all. If she sneezed, something was bound to pop out. If she ate anything; it would probably burst.

Oblivious to the comments and stares in the street and elevator; she waddled up to the reception area. The woman on duty; didn’t even bat an eye at her gigantic silhouette. “Don’t tell me”, she said. “Meeting with William Bell, right?”

Tonya smiled and said, “That’s right. How did you…”

The receptionist held up her hand to cut her off, picked up the phone and dialled out.

“Hi Judy; it’s Kim. Yep; got another one.” Then, she smiled at her and said, “Judy will be right out”.

Kim was as good as her word; as Judy appeared, and escorted her into a large boardroom. It was filled with an assortment of equally provocatively dressed young women and a few uniform cops; one of whom was a woman. Had she merely been a witness to this scene; she would have thought it was a raid, at a bordello. The older men milling about asking questions; must be detectives, she realized. Although she did not know the story; she knew that something was terribly wrong.


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Sep 13, 2007
Part 7

Just how wrong, she found out in seconds. The police woman gave her a form and said “Start filling this out”. Before she could say anything, she started to turn away, and Tanya grabbed her arm and pleaded, “Officer, please what’s this all about?”

“Oh, sorry” she said.” They didn’t tell you, yet? I’m sorry to inform you; there is no William Bell working here. Far as we can tell; there is no William Bell, at all. You’ve been conned, honey. By a master, from the looks of this.”

It took a minute to sink in; and the reality hit her, like a ton of bricks. She sat dazed and unresponsive, for what seemed like an eternity. Scanning the room more thoroughly; she realized that the twenty-odd women there, had two things in common with her. One, they appeared to all be victims of the same cruel hoax; judging from the reactions. One girl was on the verge of hysterics and they called for EMS, just in case. The other common thread , was that they were all on the north side of pleasingly plump. Most were in her range of about 250-300 pounds. One or two were nearer 200. A couple were gigantic, including the hysterical girl who looked to be nearly twice her size!

Before she could even think filling out the form or discussing her situation with anyone; one of the men called the room to order.

“Excuse me ladies. If I could get your attention; for just a minute. I’m Special Agent Neil Carruthers, FBI. Your Mr. Bell has committed a gigantic fraud against yourselves and the credit card companies he was bilking, to pay your bills. I’m sorry to tell you; that you will not be getting your paychecks, as promised. We need any information you can provide on him, no matter how trivial. We will also get a police artist; to come up with a composite drawing, for the media. Officer Raynes of Special Victims, will discuss further implications, of a more personal nature. She can provide references for counselling and for those who may need it, pregnancy or STD tests. You will be kept informed as the situation changes.”

As the final statements hit home, she was distracted by the door; as Judy appeared with two more women and one of the cops went over to talk to them.

Once the victims had all been accounted for, processed and sent home; the nascent task force had an impromptu meeting to swap notes. Carruthers said, “I’ve never seen anything like this. The guy is a organizational genius. It can’t be easy, to coordinate all these women, to different locations ; more or less simultaneously. We need to figure out, how he is getting all these credit cards.”

His associate Howard Jenkins added, “Must have inside help. He knows the system, too. Only keeps a card long enough, for one billing period; so when it is cancelled for non-payment, no one is the wiser. Any idea how much he took them for?”

Carruthers said, “So far, estimates as high as $500,000. Bills are still coming in.”

Raynes cautioned Carruthers. “For him, it’s not about the money at all. We need to stop focussing on the credit cards, as a motive. This guy is no ordinary scam artist. If he wanted, he could have just used the cards himself, to get cash advances. No, he is sick. Not only did he rip these women off, he abused them emotionally and sexually. He knows just what buttons to push and looks for ones with low self esteem. Then he takes perverse pleasure in fattening them up, toying with their minds, using them as sexual playthings, and dropping them; when he is finished. There is something evil inside him; something that drives him to psychologically destroy these women. Trust me, behaviour like this doesn’t stop; in fact it can escalate. Guys like this don’t quit, until they get caught. We need to find him, fast.”

Jenkins said, “ Relax, Raynes. I think, you may be reading a bit too much into this. We aren’t talking about Jack the Ripper, after all.”

Rolling her eyes, Raynes said, “You don’t get it. I’ve talked to these girls. Most of them, would have slept with him, at the drop of a hat. If it was just about really large women; he could have just sought out lonely women that size, to begin with. For him, it’s about power. He needs to be in control, and making them fat, is like creating his own fantasy women. Disappearing once they are of no use to him; is all part of his control fantasy, to hurt them. Make no mistake, he doesn’t love these girls or even like them- he hates them; or some version of them. Something in his past is compelling him to act out. He will do this again.”

“Don’t worry”, Carruthers assured her. “We have posted his picture in the media, country wide. He is not safe anywhere in the country, now”.


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Sep 13, 2007
Part 8

Two weeks later in Munich:

The young man sat in the café waiting for his “date”. Then, a young woman caught his eye. Plump, blonde pigtails; the stereotypical German Madchen. She looked around nervously and he approached her, asking “Angela Schneider?”

Ja” she said. Und Sie sind Herr Wilhelm Glocke?”

Holding his hand up he said, “Sorry, English please. My German is poor. I haven’t lived here, since I was a small boy. The job is in London; so I will give me a chance to test you in that regard, as well.”

Turned out, her English was not bad. She also passed his two “tests”; with flying colours. After the second lunch she patted her engorged belly and said, “That was a very good meal, danke. Now, must I maybe confess; a little too much, I enjoy my food. Vati says I get zu dicke-how you say, too fat. Nearly 100 kilo, I weigh now!”

“Not for long he thought” Eyeing her lasciviously, he said, “You have nothing to worry about. I am sure you will be a fine addition, to the team. Since your name has an English translation; I would like you to go by the name Angie Tailor at your first stop.”

“Keine probleme. Wissen Sie… er.. You know, your name has also an English meaning, nicht wahr? Wilhelm Glocke/William Bell. Funny ja?”

Bell laughed uncomfortably at that, realizing his bit of a joke, may have been a mistake. He had nearly got caught in New Orleans; by foolishly using local girls. Switching to out-of-towners; had let him get away clean in Boston, Vegas and San Francisco. His vanity could do him in, if he wasn’t careful. He would certainly need to change his cover identity, in Rome. But for now….


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Sep 13, 2007
Part 9


He reviewed the duties as before; and she accepted the offer. This time, he didn’t bother to warn her, about the weight gain. She was well on her way, to being an obese object of his desire. He didn’t think she would need much coaxing.

The next day, his suspicions were confirmed over dinner; as she signed the contracts and got her first envelope. She absolutely shovelled the rich food in; having three appetizers, an entrée and two desserts. At one point, she was eating with both hands at the same time; as if she would never get another meal again.

No one could say the extra calories were not evident. Already at 100 kilo/220pounds, she was beyond voluptuous. She was the second fattest starting point he had found, so far. The low-cut peasant blouse she had worn, barely contained her 49FF breasts. Their slight droop and the nipple profile through the white cotton, conveyed that she was not wearing a bra. The little vest that scooped under them; controlled, but did not conceal; her 29 inch waistline, either. The midriff bulges and her pot belly stuck out for all to admire. The mid-calf peasant skirt she had on the bottom, draped nicely over her 51 inch hips, the hem swaying enticingly from the jiggle in her softened rear. With her blond pigtails, she would have fit in well as an extra; in a Wangerian opera.

He stared at her and she caught him, misinterpreting his lust for disapproval. “Sorry” she said. “I just cannot stop eating. You see, I was born in the East; in Stettin. During the old regime, food was always in short supply. The Ivans, took most of it, back to Russia. We even had to board two soldiers in our house; and they used up a lot of our rations, too. I went to bed hungry, on many nights.”

“Vati was a government official, so he was retired in 1991. We moved to Munich seven years ago, to reunite our family. My Oma was alarmed that I was so thin and pale looking. She took matters into hand and like a hog, fed me up. Such food as this, I had never seen, so I was in heaven. By the time I was sixteen, I weighed 75 kilo. Since only four years later; thirty kilo more have I gained . Mutti says soon I will be too fat to get a husband.”

Bell smiled and said, “Don’t worry; you are still young, and very beautiful. You will make some lucky man, a fine wife.”

She smiled and said, “Soon maybe, I hope. This belly needs a good provider.” She patted it for emphasis, and a small burp erupted.

He said, “Well, you got the right job for now. I expect you will enjoy your work!”

No truer words were ever spoken. “Angie” or Angela, turned out to be a veritable eating machine. She too, took to eating six meals per day; half in her room. In this case, it was not to avoid detection; it was simply that she would not have to move. She could lie on the bed, watch tv and gorge herself on the fattening regime. She couldn’t imagine a job; that basically, pays you to do something you love anyway.


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Sep 13, 2007
Part 10

As before, Bell/Glocke arrived after four weeks; to take inventory and even he was shocked at the change.

He knocked at her room and announced himself. She came to the door, with a towel wrapped around her and hair dripping from the shower.

“Sorry” she said. “I am behind my time. Breakfast took a long while. Looking around the room, it resembled a battlefield. There were plates and tiny crumbs of food, literally everywhere. In truth, a battle had been fought here; a battle of the bulge, which she had lost.

Said “bulge” was not camouflaged by her attire. He got a taste, as she waddled to the bathroom to finish drying. He got more of an eyeful; when he realized he could see her in the mirror, at the opposite end of the room. She had left the door ajar just enough let out the steam. He lingered too long and she looked up, to see him staring intently at her.

She appeared unmoved by this; but quickly wrapped a dressing gown around herself and re-entered.

Now she took on a stern demeanour and said, “It’s impolite to stare, you know. Get a get look did you?”

He blushed and he said, “Not really, but I liked what I saw, so far.”

It was her turn to blush and she retorted “I didn’t scare you off, with all this? I have gained 35 kilo, since you hired me. None of my clothes fit.” Pulling the dressing gown tighter, she added “I am forced to wear this most of the day.”

135 kilo he thought nearly 300 pounds.

“Well” he said, “That isn’t my fault, but maybe I can pick up a few things for you. I need to know what size.”

She added “Maybe, you can help measure me. After all, you got a good look, already.” She pulled a tape from her pocket and handed to him. Then, she dropped the robe to the floor and he began before she changed her mind.

She was now at 57HH-34-59. It took him nearly ten minutes to complete the task; partly because he was enjoying the softness of her flesh and partly because the tape was too small and he needed to improvise a bit. For her part, she knew he was awestruck at her growth and she relished in it. “You like this don’t you?”

He nodded and she said, “Maybe, I don’t search so far; to find my husband, nicht wahr?

Again, he nodded and she threw herself into his arms. Turned out, she had a healthy appetite for something besides food. After three sessions, they lay spent on the bed and he said; “I need to do your performance review, sometime.” She laughed and said, “For true, I will give now my approval of your performance.”

A month later, she was up another 40 kilo, bringing her to 175/385 pounds. Her new stats were 65-38-67. He continued to encourage her growth and changed the menu plan. The amount of food on it, would have scared off most others; but she just shrugged it off. In fact, she rarely kept to the schedule; often eating some of the required items, two or three times, in the course of a week.

The last month, another 47 kilo; bringing her to 217/477. Now she taped up at 72JJ-43-75. There was no way she could go braless now. The magnificent orbs had sagged under their own weight and were beginning to get stretch marks at the top, they were so heavy. Her belly protruded out another six inches and pinching the skin, gave a full eight inch layer of fat. It was covered with stretch marks too, and had developed into three rolls, which often trapped food particles when she ate in bed. (Which was more often than not, now). Luckily she had a nice matching lower section or she would have fallen flat on her face when she stood up. Will liked to fondle her now massive butt cheeks at every opportunity and he marvelled at how much cellulite had deposited here and on her thighs.

While she did her makeup she noted the changes in her face as well. Her cheeks had puffed out as big as tennis balls. Under her chin, there was a spare, and another for good measure. In fact if she got any fatter, she would have no discernable neck at all.

Applying her lipstick, she looked at the flab that accumulated on her arms. Now nearly 20 inches around, the extra flesh hung down six inches when she stretched them out. She had to apply said lipstick three times, since she was no sooner finished than she was eating something else and wiping out her efforts.

She dressed up in a knit wraparound dress, for the final meeting. This time Bell had a surprise. When she gave him the reports, he gave her something else in return. Handing her a small box, she opened it to see a diamond ring. Before he could even ask the words, she threw herself on top of him and said “Oh Leibchen! Ja, Ja. I will be your plump little wife. Angela Glocke. I like the sound of that.”

At the time, little was not the word he was thinking of; as her massive bulk squeezed the air from his lungs. Seeing him turn blue, she quickly understood, and rolled off him. Once he recovered his senses, he said, “Maybe we need to have some safety rules. Rule 1 is me on top, from now on.”She laughed at that and in a moment; were putting it into practice.

They agreed to meet at the airport in Munich, in 3 days. He would bring her cheque and get a chance to meet her family.


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Sep 13, 2007
Part 11

By the time Bell was on his way out of London, the latest bubble had burst. A throng of angry, plump women and their families, waited at the airport in vain, for “Herr Glocke”. The local police were involved but really had no leads. When the now immensely fat Angela got home and finished crying, she told her “Vati” what had happened. She then told her mother; that she was carrying his child.

Ulrich Schnieder picked up the phone and called a few old Kamaraden. Bell had no way of knowing that his role in the DDR was not bureaucratic; as he had assumed. He had been a Major in the Stasi, and the two soldiers in the house, were his own thugs. If this Glocke was anywhere in England or Germany, his former colleagues would find him and let him know. Meanwhile Bell drifted off to sleep on the flight to Rome. His last thoughts were of the three wedding rings, he had charged in this latest adventure. Eventually his three erstwhile “fiancés”; would find out, the jewellery; had something in common, with himself. They were fakes.

The following week.

Bell sipped his coffee in silence and waited patiently, for the next addition, to his latest project. Rome would be different, he concluded. This time he would use a different, far less complicated ruse. Angela had been so easy, and a good role model for what was to come. Just find the stupid ones who will, like her; volunteer to fatten themselves without all this pretense and unnecessary trouble.


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Sep 13, 2007
Part 12


His “subject” arrived a moment later, asking “Signore Gaynor? Wade Gaynor?”

“That’s me” he replied. “You must be Maria Rosso.”

“Si” she replied.

“My, my”, he said. “I have been in this business a while; but I still get surprised, once in a while.” Looking her over, he said “I should be used to this by now; but I admit that I wasn’t expecting someone quite so beautiful.”

She blushed and gazed down at the table, “Oh please; my sister maybe, not me. She is curvy, me I’m just fat.” Laughing, she said “She is catching up, though. If she isn’t careful, she too will have one of these.” She patted her prominent pot belly; which threatened to burst her tight fitting chemise.

“Nonsense” he countered. “Now, before we get started; how about some lunch? My treat, of course.”

“Sure” she said and once the food came, they ate and discussed Maria’s future.

Scanning her resume, he said “The ad said previous experience not necessary. Ever modelled before?”

“No signore. I just finished school and I’m looking for a way to fund my post-graduate studies in America. I want to be an archaeologist.”

“Got an agent? Signed with anyone?”

“No signore. This is just a one time thing for me, I hope. Just some pocket money.”

Ah he thought. Time to cast out the line.

“Did you actually read the ad?”

“Of course, signore. You want women for a full-figured show, in Milano. I think I would qualify, no?”

She ate with gusto and did not hesitate for a moment; when he suggested dessert. She was definitely full-figured by most standards, just not by his.

He folded her resume and said “I want to thank you for coming; but I’m afraid you are not what we are looking for. Sorry.”

Sighing he said, “You were my last hope. Guess we will have to rethink this whole line, now.”

Distressed, she pleaded “Signore please, what is wrong with me? You said I was beautiful before.” Then, wiping some icing from her lips she added, “Wait I’m too fat, right? Why did you ask…”

He held up his hand and said, “Relax. You’re not too fat. Quite the opposite; in fact.”


“Miss Rosso, there are a huge number of quite large women, looking for beautiful clothes; and they have the money to pay for them.”

“Yes, so?”

“Well, they need to be advertised and displayed in a proper manor. Women need some positive role models, to look up to. Have you seen the so-called plus size models the major brands are using? Size 8, size 10 maybe. It’s a joke.”

Now a bit defensive, she said “Most people say I’m too fat. But now, you say I’m too thin?”

Ah, the bait dangles now.

“Maybe. How much do you weigh?”

She flushed and admitted “About 90 kilo. Why?”

He replied “Well, the clothing I have in mind, would fit you like a tent. Sorry, it’s too bad; the job paid well too.”

Her interest piqued and she asked “How much? “

He expanded on this saying “Stakes are high, probably a hundred or so. Depends on how well you photograph.”

She laughed and began to rise.

“Sorry” she said, “I don’t think I would be interested in working, for 100 Euro or dollars or whatever. Thank you for the lunch and bon giorno.”


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Sep 13, 2007
Part 13

Then he smiled. “Oh sorry, you misunderstood. 100, as in thousand. 100 thousand Euro, for 2 weeks work.”

She paused a moment, and the bait came close enough to nibble.

She sat down again. “That’s a lot. When is the show?”

Trying to keep from grinning, he replied “Spring. Three months.”

He could see the wheels turning. Just nudge her closer. “You know it’s too bad; you have just the right look. If you were just the right size…tsk, tsk.”

She paused and swallowed the bait. “Signore, maybe there is a way. If you are interested; maybe I could add a few sizes, in time for the show.”

He paused, for what seemed like an eternity; and countered “I don’t know. I couldn’t ask you to do that; besides, I don’t think you can do it in time, anyway. We aren’t talking 5 or 10 pounds here, you realize.”

“Please” she said. “I’m always watching my figure. If I don’t watch my diet I blow up like a balloon. I could easily gain maybe 50 kilo by the show.”

Pressing further, he asked “You wouldn’t have a problem later on being that… large?”

She rolled her eyes and sighed “Well, it would be an adjustment, for sure. But look at me! I’ve gained 10 kilo since school ended, already. All I can think about is food most of the time. I would probably be that big in a year, no matter what. I might as well get something for it, no?”

Immersed in thought he offered “Tell you what; I will consider it on two conditions. You need to weigh at least 150 kilograms by then; or its over. That’s up to you. You don’t fit the clothes; no job, no money. Deal?”

Signore, for that kind of money, I will make sure of it. If you will put that in writing; I will agree to your terms. Oh yes, what is the second condition, please?”

“Well” he said as he landed the first fish. “One girl will hardly be enough, will it? I will keep looking for some more models; but just in case, tell me about this sister of yours….”


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Sep 13, 2007
Part 14

He did have fun with the two Rosso girls. It was perfect, actually. Each had her own place, on opposite sides of the city; so they did not interfere with each others “progress”. Even better, he played them both against each other; threatening to give the largest one the most work. This caused them to try to one-up the other, by gaining more and more weight. Sophia the younger sister, gained the most; going from 55 kilo to 165 in the time allotted. She was dwarfed by Maria, whose100 kilo gain brought her to 190, in the same period. The competitive spirit, was also helpful, in that they curried his favor sexually; so much, that he left the other three recruits alone.

They had not seen each other for a while; when they caught the train to Milan. It was crowded and they were forced to sit opposite each other. Because they were so fat, no one could sit with them and they sat in silence; glaring stonily at one another.

Sophia sat stifling a snicker at her sister, who had eaten a full breakfast in the station; but was now well on her way, to finishing the last of the dozen éclairs; she had brought on board. She was hungry too; but tried to exercise some self control. It was, after all; the only exercise she had gotten, for months. Her body had reacted predictably to this, and the massive intake of calories. Paulo had once admired her hourglass shape; comparing her to Sophia Loren, for whom she had been named. Now, she had blown up to 165 kilo. Her breasts and belly were about the size of Maria’s, before this whole stupid thing began. The 62HH bra, was cutting into her love handles at the side and the undersize cup, pinched her boobs mercilessly. But it was below the beltline, where the real damage had occurred. Her thighs had a six inch layer of cellulite now and she could not close her legs, when she sat. That was unfortunate, as her choice of wardrobe was a very short skirt; which had just barely covered her ass, when she was standing. Said ass, now measured up at 85 inches; which was even wider when she sat down. Her skirt rode half way up, every time she moved. Only the sweater she placed over her lap, prevented the other passengers from finding out, she had not been able to find any panties, large enough.

She mused about the “contest” and smugly reassured herself; that despite Maria’s weight advantage, she would get the most money. The engagement ring she was wearing; would see to that. Maria had just assumed it was from Paulo; who had dumped her months before.

For her part, Maria was content. She was the biggest and would get the most work. Wade had assured her. Hopefully, it would not be too strenuous. Her belly and boobs had grown so quickly lately; that she had trouble standing straight. The last week, she had gained another cup size and was now into an 84KK bra; the largest she could find. Her breasts ached all the time and her nipples were beginning to feel tender. Maybe a bigger bra, would provide relief. The fashion people will help, she assured herself. She was also concerned at how quickly her belly was expanding of late. She simply could not stop eating, either. Maybe her blood sugar was low, because she got sick this morning again. Once this was over, she would see the doctor.

As we know, the two now hugely fattened sisters arrived in Milan; waiting in vain for a show that never happened. This time there were only three others to commiserate with. It was getting harder to find “recruits”.

Once the two young women returned to Rome; the story got back to their uncle, a mid level Mafioso. He notified his contacts in the police, both in Europe and the USA, to be on the lookout for this Signore Gaynor. This pig should hope the police would find him first.


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Sep 13, 2007
Part 15


Shortly thereafter, in Paris. Our hero is taking in the scenery, at a sidewalk café. The scenery in question, consisted of one of the waitresses. Tall, willowy, about 25. Long brown hair. Legs to die for. Tight buttocks and pert, yet small breasts. She could have been a fashion model in another life.

Looking up from her duties, she caught him staring at her. Impatiently she walked over and said “Was there something M’sieur? You know, it is impolite to stare.”

He appeared flustered and said, “Sorry. It’s just that you remind me so much, of my wife.”

She rolled her eyes and said, “I have heard that before. Please, I am not inter…”

He interrupted, “Oh. No,no. I’m not trying to pick you up. Wait! I’ll show you.”

He looked in his wallet, producing a tiny photo. She looked at it, and her jaw dropped. The woman was actually spitting image of her. It was uncanny.

“I must say, M’sieur; you were right. So why do you stare at me; instead of her picture?”

“Oh” he said, looking down. “She passed away, a year ago. Boating accident.”

It was her turn to apologise. “C’est domage. Well, in that case I understand; but I assure you, I am not some re-creation of her.”

He laughed uncomfortably. “I know. It’s just that we met in Paris and I guess I’m trying to re-live the past. Look miss, I don’t really know anyone here; do you think you could have dinner with me tonight?”

She looked at his face and he seemed harmless enough. He was good looking to boot.

“Well alright, but no funny business. Just dinner.”

He said “I know a nice place. Shall I pick you up?”

“No need. I will take a cab. I don’t like a stranger to have my address. Not safe you know.”

Smart girl he thought. Not smart enough to realize, that the picture he showed her, was actually a photoshopped version with her face pasted on. He had taken her picture a few days before; without her knowledge.” They agreed to meet and he said “Wait, I don’t even know your name.”

“Oh, excusez-moi! I am Michelle Morin. And you?”

“Banks. Robert Banks” he replied. “Most people, call me Rob.”

They chatted amiably at first, and then she began to pry.

“So you are in Paris on holiday?”

“Sort of” he said. “I had business in Geneva; but decided to make the best of it. The vacation will make up for the disappointment.”

This aroused her curiosity. “Disappointment? How so?”

He paused for effect.” I don’t know why I’m telling you; but my late wife left a considerable estate. Tax reasons, forced us; to bank most of our capital, in Switzerland. You know, numbered accounts; that sort of thing.”

“Turns out, my wife was the only one; that can access the money. I have the passbooks and account numbers; but they won’t release the funds, without her being present.”

Puzzled, she asked, “But if she is dead; can you not get a lawyer, to clear her estate?”

“Normally, yes” he replied, “but her body was never found. We can’t get her declared legally dead, for six more years. I’ll be bankrupt by then.” Then he sent out the fishing line again. “If only there was a way to get her there, I’d be home free.”

She looked at him a moment and said. “Wait, I have an idea. Maybe I could do it, non?”

He laughed and said, “No, I couldn’t ask you to do that. We would never get away with it. I will just have to wait. Too bad; it’s millions of dollars.”

“Millions, you say. Mr. Banks, you said your self; I looked like her. If I nearly fooled you; could I not be able to pass for her, just for a few moments? For my part, I would ask only a small fee.” The bait is set once again.


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Sep 13, 2007
Part 16

He thought again and said “Actually it might have worked, except for one thing. I lied a bit about my wife. The picture I showed you; was taken shortly after we got married. She put on some weight, since then.”

“Oh” said Michelle quietly eating her steak dinner. “How much?”

“A lot. They couldn’t find a lifejacket to fit her. It’s probably why she drowned.”

He reached into his pocket and produced another picture of the two of them standing in the airport.

“This is us, last summer. In fact; this was the last picture, she ever had taken. She died a week later.”

Michelle examined the picture and said, “Mon Dieu, she has changed a lot.”

He nodded and said “I think she weighed 200 kilo or so; by then. I still loved her, though.”

She rubbed her stomach, then looked at him and the picture and said “Monsieur Banks. I have an idea. Perhaps if I were to change my appearance; maybe we would be able to convince them I was her.”

Coyly, he inquired “Change how?”

She swallowed another bite of the delicious steak and elaborated. “What if I were to become as fat as her? It should be able to fool them, long enough.”

He laughed and said, “No way. I couldn’t ask anyone to do that. It’s absurd. Think of the risk to your health.”

She countered. “I think it’s possible. It would be a risk, certainement. For that reason, I would need a good…incentive. I would do it for say, 25%.”

He paused for effect and said. “Let’s say 10%. Your end would be about €5 million. Tax free.”

“Make it 15%; and we have an agreement.” She continued eating, and then puffed up her cheeks. She said “I will be doing all the work, after all.”

He shook her hand and said “Done”. Then he thought, hooked another one.


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Sep 13, 2007
Part 17

“So what do we do now?”, he suggested. “Well” she said “I will finish this and eat as many of those fine pastries, as I can”.

“I will need to quit my job, you know. I won’t be able to work, once I get too big. People will ask questions, too.”

He nodded “I understand. Maybe you can tell them you are…” and he made the sweeping motion over his belly indicating pregnancy. “That will tide us over for a bit. Then I can put you up in a hotel. The food they serve there, will do the rest.”

She said “That sounds good” and tucked into her food, with gusto. Who knows he thought. If he plays this right, she may end up pregnant after all.

It was not easy for such a slim girl to gain the weight. In truth, her rapid weight gain and sudden increase in appetite were mistaken for the early signs of pregnancy. She needed to gain nearly 150 kilo, and the first month added only 20% of that. That being said, 30 kilo of extra fat on one normally so slim was a huge change. Her once tight butt was now turning into a round bubble of flesh. She had love handles and a pot belly too. Up top she had real breasts for the first time. She was not used to them and their weight and constant motion was upsetting her equilibrium. Not only that, she was still trying to squeeze them into the tube tops and sweaters she had worn before. Finally, after six weeks she “retired” and went into hiding in the first hotel, Mr Banks had selected. She wondered, why he kept moving her around, from place to place, every week. He explained, that if anyone saw how much she was changing; they may get alarmed.

In fact, Michelle was getting alarmed herself. In spite of her previous commitment; she was having grave misgivings about the process she was undergoing. Now after six weeks, her weight was up 50 kilos. She was reduced to a human garbage disposal.

Having seen this many times, he waited patiently for the crisis. It came about the halfway point. In the eighth week, he came into her room; finding her sprawled on the bed half naked. She looked terrible. Her mascara was running; so obviously she had been crying.

“Hey, hey, what’s wrong? he asked as he sat on the edge of the bed.

Merde” she said. “Look at me. I am a fat pig. What use will be the money after this? I already am much too fat; and I still have so far to go. One day, I wanted to be a wife and mother. Who will want me after this? I read once, that when you gain a lot of weight; your skin and tissues stretch so they are never the same.” She stroked her bulging belly and sighed “Now, I will be ugly for ever.”

He handed her a tissue and said “Not to me”.

She looked at him puzzled, saying nothing.

“Remember when we met, I said I still loved my wife, after she got fat? Well she did it for me. I like women that size.”

Her jaw dropped and she said. “Not this big surely. I am 100 kilo nearly, now.”

He said “I like them bigger, actually.”

“Really” she said.” Prove it.” In the next instant she had peeled off her underwear and lay back on the pillow ready to receive him. He did indeed prove his love; several times over, in fact. Then he ordered a huge meal and started feeding her.

He said there now, “Every bit you take, every pound you gain, is for me. For us. Maybe when this is over; we can form a more permanent partnership.”

She reached up and said, “Not now. Come pleasure me again. Partner.


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Sep 13, 2007
Part 18

Four weeks later. 147 kilos. In the hotels, she was keeping the kitchen staff busy. No sooner did an order arrive; than she would order something else. Once inside, she rarely left the room. Eating was a full time proposition. Except for naps, she would eat more or less non-stop from 6am until 10 or 11pm every day. Rob stopped in every few days to monitor her progress and help move her into new accommodations, once a week. It was normally the only time, she wore street clothes. Even then, the only things she could afford and fit into were mumu dresses.

Another month and she was ready. 206 kilos, of magnificently distributed adipose tissue. Rob arrived, to help get her ready, for the trip to Switzerland. There was no question of a quick romp, right now. She was so fat; that just walking to the toilet, would leave her panting.

She lay snoring on the bed while he prepared her new wardrobe. The photoshopped picture was of a similar sized woman, but Michelle was less hippy. Her belly was more pronounced and even laying down it stuck out nearly 20 inches from her bloated body. Her breasts had swollen so much of late; that he worried the 78KK bra would not fit. He looked her over once again and eyed her belly with suspicion. The dark nipples she had been trying to downplay, were a giveaway. He smirked inwardly, as he realized; that he had impregnated this one, for sure. Wonder how many other little bastards I have running around, he thought to himself.

Waking her gently, he helped her dress. As he suspected, the bra was snug; but she managed to squeeze herself into it. This time, there was no sexy outfit, just a smart, but conservative business suit. The skirt revealed a tasteful amount of thigh as she walked; but it was every bit the type of outfit, a rich woman would wear.

Once she was dressed, Rob outlined the plan. She was to take the train to Geneva alone and re-open the account. Then, she could wire the money to a preset account in Paris; that required only his signature.

On the train, she endured the snickers of the small boys and the whispered comments about her massive girth. She had barely fit down the aisle of the coach and took an entire seat herself.

The bank was only two blocks from the station. Good thing, she was not used to this much exercise, at this weight. Not only that; the clothes were too tight. Her boobs hurt, her feet hurt and above all else; she was absolutely starving.

Looking down, at the now-rumbling belly she had developed; she felt for the life, she knew was growing inside it. For her own sake and for the baby; she had come up with her own plan. €7.5 million was a lot to live on, but €50 million was even better. Once the money was wired to her account in the Caymans, she would disappear there, herself. What could Rob do, call the cops? Screw him, she thought. I wonder if he would have done this to himself; for that kind of money. He was a good lover, though.

As she made her way from the station, she weighed his performance, in that respect. Not bad, but €50 million would buy a lot of plastic surgery and if not, plenty of lovers. Perhaps, if she was that rich she just might enjoy being this fat.

In a few moments she waddled into the Credite Suisse de Geneve. There were already four enormous women there; arguing with officials and police. They all stopped to stare at her; waving her over, to join the fray. She knew then; that she had been had. This Rob Banks had some explaining to do, and Interpol would catch him sooner or later.


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Sep 13, 2007
Part 19

The MidEast Adventure-The Secret Agent

Next stop was Tel Aviv; where he ostensibly canvassed for female mercenaries. He only got three applications this time; but only one showed promise. As usual, they met in an upscale restaurant, for the interview. Once they had ordered, he got down to the matter at hand.

Gariel Hovla, was a pretty twenty-year-old; with olive complexion and long black hair. Her almond shaped brown eyes, gave her an exotic look; that he commented on.

In Hebrew he said “Miss Hovla, you have a look; that could pass for any nationality, in the Mediterranean. I think you would be ideal for our purposes.”

“Really” said she. “and what purpose is that?”

“Undercover. Do you love your country, Gariel?”

A bit indignant, she snorted “Of course. I was born here and served in the army.”

He countered “Despite the fact your mother is, in fact, Lebanese?”

Without questioning his source; she replied “Sure, she knows that peace is in the best interest of everyone. Besides; we all need to serve. No choice.”

Nodding, he continued his interview “Speak Arabic?”

“Yes, and Farsi, and English. Some French, too. By the way, your Hebrew is terrible. Where are you from?”

Switching to English he said, “Sorry, I try; Schul and I are strangers now. I’m American, obviously. Maybe, we could get to the issue at hand. I work for a contractor.” He handed her a fake card, which said Phillip Belli, International Information Systems.

Intrigued she asked “What kind of contractor?”

He smiled a bit and added “The kind no one talks about. We do…work for the Pro-West intelligence community. Here, we liaison with Mossad. We perform functions even they won’t do. I can’t tell you more unless you are one of us.”

She nodded and listened intently. “I see. Well, I have no experience in such matters. I thought you were looking for military personnel. I only know how to drive a tank. I don’t see how I can be of any use to you.”

“Actually I think you can”, he countered. “The fact you just scoped me out in seconds, is our problem. We need to get some assets in hot spots; that can blend in. All you need to do is observe, gather intel and relay it to our office. We will screen it and act as necessary. Men find it harder to avoid suspicion; so we need some female covert operators.”

Nodding she inquired “I see. So, you are interviewing for spies, yes?”

“In so many words, we are. There is a problem, though.”

Just then, the waiter appeared with their lunch. The young woman had chosen a salad; with Falafel main course. She began to pick at her food as the conversation renewed.

“Oh? What’s the problem?”

“You are by far, the best candidate I’ve seen; but I’m afraid even you will not do. You need to blend in better. American and Israeli women share one trait; that is a dead giveaway in Arab circles.”

“What is that?”

“Your weight. As you are probably aware, Arab men, like women who are more demure; but somewhat heavier, than either of our cultures, are accustomed to. You would be spotted as a fake the first day; no matter how well, you knew the languages or customs. Sorry.”

“That is true” she agreed. “My mama is quite plump, compared to me. But that was a different time. Girls now, have to be ready for the army right out of school; we cannot be fat.”

Discouraged, she said, “So now what?” She pushed the plate away and began to drink her second glass of wine.

He coyly added “Well, unless you would be willing to change that; I am afraid our meeting is concluded. I trust that you will be discreet about this; for your country’s sake. Too bad, the money was good.”

Standing he said, “Enjoy your drink. I’m afraid I have to go.”

She stopped him and held his arm in an alarmingly strong grip. “How much money…?”


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Sep 13, 2007
Part 20

Another fish on the hook he smiled. “Rough estimate $10,000 a month. Up to you, if you declare it.”

She said, “Taxes are high here. Maybe it will help me save for a home. For such money, I could endure some…inconvenience, you know. For example, I could easily be a bit bigger; if you would only be patient. You said yourself, I was a good candidate otherwise; and you have no others, right?”

He stroked his chin and said “Tell you what. Two months. I will give you two months to meet my… requirements.”

Then she inquired “How big would I have to be to be convincing?”

Looking her over, he finally said “Quite a bit I’m afraid. Your figure would have to be evident under baggy clothing. The exact amount, I will leave it to your discretion. You should know the customs better than I. This is your country after all.”

She said “That is fair. I will do it.” They shook on it and Mr. “Belli” smiled with smugness.

He had not counted on her next move, however. She said, “I will go back to my mother, for this. Mama has always wanted me to settle down and marry. If I make a few hints, she will take over. Best if she thinks, it is her idea. My older sister got married, five years ago. Mama fattened her up so much; I barely recognized her, in the photos they sent. It will be easy and won’t cost me a cent, either.”

Nor me, he opined, even though his method of “payment”, was not exactly on the up-and-up. He was worried, he would lose control of this; his only subject in the current project.

His frustration was concealed, as he added. “Alright, I will meet you back here in say, eight weeks. Then, we will assess your progress and start your training.” He got her contact details and wrote his cell number, on the back of his card.

She agreed and they parted. The young woman’s mother, was absolutely delighted; that she wanted the traditional route, to marriage. This, despite the fact she had no fiancé at present; not even a boyfriend. Gariel explained that; saying that no worthy man would even date her, looking like this, all haggard and thin.

To Mama, the ruse made sense. She had worried; that she would never pair off and thought, she was going to stay in the Army, for life. She set to work, before her young charge changed her mind.

Gariel and her mother had plenty of volunteers, to help her in her transformation; from hard bodied tanker, to a soft, plump bride to be. She was kept in a quiet room of the house and her mother, older sister and aunties cooked for her all day. She ate like there was no tomorrow, all fattening treats she had denied herself for years. At first it was a chore; but soon she began to enjoy the pampering and attention, she was getting. The look on her mother’s face, made it almost worth doing, just for her. Then; she thought of the money and the adventure. Who was she kidding? That was the real reward.

Within two weeks, she had gone from 55 kilo to 62. Not a lot of extra weight; but it was a good start. The muscled tone of her body, was giving way to a plush, softer exterior. A constantly full belly, had stretched itself out to match her appetite; producing a pronounced little pot already.

Two weeks later, added another 24 kilo, bringing her to 86. During her army days, from a distance, except for her hair; she could have been mistaken for a man. Her once trim androgynous physique was distinctly more feminine, these days. She finished her third plate of couscous and lamb, waiting for her sister, to bring the dessert. It gave her a moment, to take inventory. The loose outfit she had on, failed to conceal her softened backside, now amplified to 47 inches. Her newly budded breasts, now contained in her mother’s 48EE bra, ensured she could never be mistaken for a man, again. If there was any chance she would be able to act in her old capacity, the 36 inch midsection she had grown in between, quickly put them at rest. It was so soft and plump, her sister had asked, if there was a little one in there. No just me she assured, but this will never fit down a tank hatch again. Patting it gently and belching she felt its softness and its 6 inch thick layer of blubber. She consoled herself that fat as she was, her sister was even bigger.

She looked at her and wondered how life would be, after this was over. Nehir, was on her third pregnancy now and the baby would come, in a couple months. Now swollen to nearly 130 kilo, she often had trouble moving around the house. She never complained and said, once the baby comes out it will be easier.

Gariel was happy for her sister, but dare not confide; that this life was not for her. Mama would find out eventually; that this plan had been for a more practical purpose. It would make her sad, but she would deal with it when the time came.