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Sep 13, 2007
Part 21

Fast forward to the eighth week. Our Mr. Belli waits in the café, for his newest project to appear. Hmm he thought. Half an hour late. Not a good omen. Looking around, there was no one inside or out, to match her description. Annoyed, he decided to leave and was accosted by the ragged beggar; who had been sitting outside.

“Alms effendi “she pleaded. “Help a poor widow.” He reached into his pocket and tossed her a few coins, as he made his way to the street. She stood and thanked him saying “Salaam. Allah will praise you, for your generosity.”

Then he froze in his tracks as she added in Hebrew “Perhaps, you could see your way to lunch. I’m starving!”

He realized then that the beggar was actually Gariel, his recruit. Smiling, he congratulated her on her disguise.

She laughed and said, “If I could fool you, maybe I could fool anyone.”

She was right. Her accent and attire were perfect. But, it was the contents; he was more interested in.

As if reading his mind; she ducked into the alley and removed her loose outer garments and veil.

Underneath, she had on a loose white shift. Or at least, it was supposed to be loose. This was the longest he had been separated, from one of his protégés; and even to his jaded eye, the difference was shocking. Her puffy face, was matched by an equally round body. Not rounded, round. Because she was barely five feet tall, the extra weight made her as big around, as she was high. He eyed her pendulous breasts, unfettered by a bra for now. The white cotton was insufficient to disguise their swaying or the erect nipples which had now revealed their presence. The loose cloth camouflaged her backside for now; its width now barely cleared the doorway, as she waddled into the café. Flopping into a seat, she breathed with difficulty, as she waited for him to join her. As her passed by, he noticed the massive belly; which now occupied most of her former lap. In fact, she could not close her legs while seated; to allow it to flop into the V formed there.

He joined her and commented, “Excellent disguise my dear. I congratulate you.”

Patting her stomach she said “This helped, I think. It’s not a disguise, though, it’s all me. Speaking of which; where is that server?” As if summoned, she appeared and they ordered. Bell/Belli had a salad, and she ordered nearly everything else on the menu, including 3 desserts.

She ate quickly and he marvelled at her enthusiasm. “Looks like you really got into the spirit of this, didn’t you?”

Between mouthfuls she smiled. “Sort of. It was my family that did it. Practically force fed me, the whole time. I felt like a farm animal, at one point.” She downed another piece of the spiced chicken as she spoke.

Just curious he asked “How much…?”

“136 kilo now. I left home for a break, about a week ago. If I got any bigger, I wouldn’t be able to get out the door. Actually, I have slimmed down a bit since then. I spent the last week, getting used to moving around like this and trying out several wardrobes, for practice.

“Well done” he said. “You showed initiative and obviously, have met my …expectations in the physical sense. With a little training, you will be an excellent addition to our entourage.”

“Really” she asked. “How many would that be?”

“Can’t say.” he replied. “I can tell you, that you will be a top level operative. Probably, I will provide you with Turkish identification. Turkish nationals, can move freely in most MidEast nations; without suspicion.”

The conversation was punctuated by a soft belch, as she rubbed her now sated paunch. “Oh that was good. I am getting used to this, and can’t seem to stop myself now. If I don’t cut down a bit, I won’t be able to move soon.”


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Sep 13, 2007
Part 22

“If only” he thought, but said, “Nothing to fret about. You will be fine, once you get used to it.”

Alarmed a bit she queried “Used to it? How long will I have to be like this?”

“Probably, no more than two years. It’s too stressful for operatives, after that. Then we can put you into an admin post if you like.”

Changing the subject he added “Now, on to your training. Where are you staying?”

She mentioned a seedy hotel near the piers. “All I could afford.”

“Well” he said, “I will need a couple weeks to get you ready”. And fatten you up even more he thought. Handing her a credit card he said, “Use this. I have reserved a room, in the best hotel in town for you. All expenses paid. Least I could do, I think.”

She was grateful, and moved into the new digs, immediately. Her training, was mostly by way of Powerpoint presentations and printed documents. How to spot a tail, how to follow someone, the types of activities and equipment to red flag, etc.

She asked about equipment. He laughed and said, “I will provide you with a Blackberry. We have a secure link.”

Laughing she said, “That’s all?”

He said, “This isn’t James Bond. You just need something to get in touch with me and it has a built in browser and camera. Besides, it’s fairly innocuous. If you get stopped, carrying a satellite phone or a gun; you will be done for. You don’t want to know what will happen, if you get caught.”

“On that note, we need finish your cover stories and wardrobe a bit. She practiced dressing up in a variety of disguises and he helped her pick out the best items, for practical daily use.

All the while, she continued to gain and he sometimes picked out items, that didn’t fit. This was mostly intimate wear and Western clothing though. The loose robes of Arab women fit her well enough; although they probably would have covered an elephant if necessary.

One day, he arrived to find her wrapped only in a sheet. He savoured what he thought was to come; when she cut him short. “Do me a favour, please? Can you get me some underwear, that will fit? I am too big for these, now. I’ve gained again. 148 kilo.”

Whew he thought, just over 325 pounds. “Uh, sure” he said, What size?” She shrugged and said “Not sure, but this was a 52GG. I would think something in the 60’s.”

He offered to measure her and she said, “That would hardly be appropriate or professional now, would it?” He was forced to bring a few different sizes and the 62JJ, fit the best. Now measuring the exact same down south, she could see her hips had kept pace. In between her belly made its contribution to the mix. Now smothered with a 12-inch thick layer of fat, her waist had all but disappeared, swelling to 68 inches.

She rubbed the massive belly and said “I need to hurry and get dressed. I haven’t eaten for an hour and I’m starving.”


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Sep 13, 2007
Part 23

The next few days, he took to trying to win her over sexually; but all his advances were rebuffed. He thought, “Either this women is a prude or I am losing my touch. Perhaps, if I treat her to an especially nice dinner…”

They went to the best restaurant in town and he constantly complimented her, on her appearance. After a few of these comments went unrewarded; he decided to level with her, about the attraction he held, for her. Nothing to lose, he figured.

Just then, he caught the briefest glimpse of her; eyeing the waitress. The buxom young woman, had come to refill the wine glasses. She bent down and gave them both an eyeful, down her low cut blouse. Gariel then almost imperceptibly, stroked one of her own breasts and licked her lips.

Instantly, he understood. She was not attracted to him; because she batted for the other team. His frustration was salved somewhat; by the knowledge that no man, would have had a chance with her. His reputation as a lover was undamaged, by default.

Realizing it was a lost cause, he decided to end this charade. He sent her to Damascus, the next day; saying her first check and equipment, would arrive with him, in a day or so.

Once he had safely seen her to the airport; he caught the next flight out himself. After, he pondered how his corpulent “agent”, was coping on her first week, “under cover”. She would figure out in a few days; that he was not coming and there was no money. Having fattened herself into a delightfully exotic beauty; she could not even use her new figure, to attract a husband there. Too bad, her romantic interests, lay with the wrong half of the human race. He had respected her for her chastity and her work ethic. She was so beautiful, that for once; he even considered keeping her, for himself. Alas, it was not to be.

Little did he know, that Gariel knew a few people in military intelligence; who recognizing her potential, hired her in exactly the role, for which she had been artificially groomed. They also passed the description, of this Phillip Belli on to Interpol and Mossad; who were not amused, by this impostor.

He was on his way to Japan, when he received an email, on his secure phone. “Climate too hot for you. Find cooler weather.” There was an attachment, a short video of a news clip. The cops and press were on to him. There was even a photo. He recognized the backdrop. Hmm. The Israeli girl had done this, without him spotting her. He chuckled a bit. Maybe she would have made a good operative, after all. But she didn’t have the resources or experience he did. His underestimation of this girl; was a second careless mistake.

Better to lay low for now. He headed for the pre-arranged hideout and waited for further instructions.


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Sep 13, 2007
Part 24

New York.

A few weeks later, Neil Carruthers, of the FBI; is meeting with his colleagues. Topic of discussion: this William Bell.

Howard Jenkins piped up. “We are getting reports now, from several cities in the US; and some overseas, about similar scams. They share the same common thread. We’ve shown the picture, to most of the victims, we can identify. It’s the same perp, under different aliases.”

Carruthers shook his head. “Look at these ridiculous names! Wade Gaynor/weight gainer; Phillip Belli/fillup belly. I can see bit of a language barrier; but who falls for a financial scam, with a guy named Rob Banks? We don’t even know if his real name is William Bell. He seems to have a valid passport for every nation on earth, too.”

Jenkins added “He is getting help. No one could get this kind of paper or credit; without high level help, from someone.” He looked at the CIA and NSA liaisons; who nodded, but contributed nothing to the conversation.

“Well, he will need that help” said Carruthers. “Now, he has police in Britain, Germany, France and Italy out for his head. No official request has come through channels; but we have unofficial confirmation, that Mossad would be interested in speaking with him, on some matter, as well.

One of the junior agents shivered at that. “He’d better hope they don’t find him. I heard, they play for keeps.”

Carruthers snickered. “Shame, if they did catch him. Or these guys.” He showed a few photos of local men who were “known to police”. These wise guys had posted a huge reward, for Signore Gaynor. Alive only. “Anyway” he added “That’s why we are here. We need to get him first; to find out why he is doing this and who is helping him.”

The meeting was interrupted by a phone call. It was from the Special Agent in Charge; Ian Robertson.

Without ceremony, Carruthers was directed to drop everything and report to his office. Alone.

Once inside, Robertson got to the point. “I got an email half hour ago. Bell is in Montreal. Going by the name Javier Boddum, now.”

Carruthers shook his head at the ridiculous pseudonym. Javier Boddum/heavier bottom, it got sillier every day.

Robertson noticed his preoccupation and asked “You find this amusing, Agent?”

“Ah, no sir” as he snapped back to reality.

“Maybe this, will change your perspective. He was here, in New York, for awhile. Got one of ours.”

Truly shocked he said “He killed an agent? Guess it was only a matter of time.”

“No” said Robertson. “Not as far as we know, so far. He took one of our girls, though. Here, read the file.”

Carruthers scanned it quickly and said “This is my case. Why wasn’t I kept up to speed? Guess I’m here to sweep up the mess, right?”

Robertson reddened but quashed his anger. “Agent you know as well as I; we have certain concerns about leaks, in this matter. I thought it best, to keep this, on a need to know basis. The tip we got, comes from someone in our circles. We think his accomplice is a spook and so is he. The fact that you knew nothing, means I can trust you, actually. We have a rough idea where he is; and need to get an operative up there, to keep an eye on him. Someone we can trust.”

Carruthers thought a moment and said “I have someone in mind. Some one outside the agency. I know we can trust her. She has some experience, with guys like this. I’ll see if she will help.”

“Oh” said Robertson, “who did you have in mind.?”

Now, it was Caruthers turn, to be coy. “Best not say. Need to know, and all that.” He began to rise and said “Better get busy, was there anything else?.......Sir.”

Robertson sat stonily as he approached the door. “Yes, there is one thing, Agent. You work for me, not the other way around. You come in this office again, with a chip on shoulder, and you will be updating your resume. Clear?”

“Crystal” he said and stormed out.


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Sep 13, 2007
Part 25

After he had cooled off, Carruthers read the situation report again. Then, he logged into the NYPD site and reviewed the file, of his chosen accomplice.

Liz Raynes answered her phone and heard a voice from the past. “Officer Raynes?” he asked.

Pausing for a moment she responded “Yes… who is this please?”

“It’s Neil Carruthers, FBI.”

Hearing only silence at the other end; he jogged her memory. “We met at the William Bell case, 18 months ago, remember?”

After a short pause she said, “Of course I remember. It’s just…”

He interrupted. “I would like to meet with you, to discuss the case. In person.”

“Really” she said “I don’t think I can help…”

Sighing he said, “Officer Raynes, please. We found him. We found Bell, but we need your help.”

That got her attention. “You know where I live?”

“Wouldn’t be much of an FBI agent; if I didn’t know that, would I?” He chuckled, but sensed she was not amused. Instead he said “I’m a block away. Ten minutes.”

He arrived and looked around her modest bungalow. There was evidence; that she had made a hurried attempt to clean up; but it was still a bit of a mess. The coffee table held four pizza boxes and an assortment of empty fast food bags.

The unmistakable odour, of stale alcohol contaminated the room, and her clothing.

“Come in” she said. Her slightly slurred speech and unsteady gait; revealed that some of the alcohol had been administered internally, as well.

He offered her one of the two coffees he brought in; and sat down.

“So what’s up?” she asked. “You found the bastard. What do you need me for?”

“I’ll get to that, in a moment. We looked high and low in the US for him and figured; he must have left the country. Turns out, we were right. Interpol had files on similar scams in London, Rome, Paris and Tel Aviv, before he left. He’s hiding out somewhere in Montreal now.”

“Hmm” she said. “Not far away. Just go pick him up.”

“I wish” he said. “Not that simple. Canadians won’t extradite him. He has a Canadian passport somehow; and he is squeaky clean there, so they won’t cooperate. Even if they do, it will take forever, to go through the courts. Remember Charles Ng? He was implicated in mass murder and it took years to get him out. We don’t have that kind of time.”

She nodded. “I remember. What’s the rush? Ng was in jail, the whole time. Just have them pick him up on a fugitive warrant and wait for the results.”

She could tell he was not telling her the whole story, so she pressed him. “If you know where he is, why not just put a bullet into him? Wouldn’t be hard.”

He looked at her and said “It had occurred to me; but the situation is more… complicated than that. First we need him alive to talk.”

“What could this lowlife possibly have to say, that would interest the FBI?”

“Well for starters, we are pretty sure he is a rogue intelligence agent; and a well trained one at that. No civilian could be that good or resourceful, at obtaining the fake credentials he has been producing, for this length of time. We also suspect ,someone inside, is helping him.”

Her interest now piqued she said, “Really, how so?”

Carruthers elaborated “Well, we had numerous fingerprints and DNA samples to work with; once we processed the remaining credit cards, the girls had left. We sent them to the National Database, as well as NSA. The NSA query came back negative.”

So? What’s that prove?

“Nothing, on its own. Just that most inquiries take a week or two of red tape and haggling; to get any answer, good or bad. Our request came back negative, in less than an hour and it was flagged, by a high ranking NSA operative. Either they are protecting him, or they are looking for him, too. Maybe both. Anyway, if he has an accomplice inside, we need to find him. That’s partly why I contacted you. You are outside, the chain of command and no one will know, you are on the case.”

She nodded. “You’re not telling me everything. There’s more, or you wouldn’t be here.”


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Sep 13, 2007
Part 26

“Ah, yes” he said. I will get to that, in a minute. I want to talk about you for a bit, alright?”

She didn’t respond, instead casting her gaze to the floor.

“I heard you have had a rough time, lately. Sometimes, it helps, to talk about it.”

“Okay” she said, “but I need something stronger than this. She put the coffee on the table and began to rise, unsteadily.”

“Let me” he said, “Where?”

“Beer in the fridge. Help yourself. Get the bottle, from the icebox.”

He returned with the beer, a chilled bottle of vodka and a glass.

Before she started, she took a long slug from the bottle.

“Six months ago, I was on top of the world. New husband, new baby on the way and a promotion to detective; when I got back from maternity leave.”

“One night, we were coming home, from visiting my mother and we got hit head on by a drunk driver. My husband was killed and I lost the baby. I was in hospital for weeks, myself. I’m still on stress leave, actually. Not sure if I can ever go back to work, now. Look at me.”

He was looking at her, but not the way, she thought he would. There was no judgemental tone in his voice, when he asked. “What happened, there?”

“Well, part of it is from the baby. I worked out pretty hard, when I was in uniform. Some of the guys we chased got rough; and I needed to be able to handle myself. Once I found out I was pregnant, they put me on desk duty; and I started to fill out, a bit. So, I decided to spoil myself. Long story short, by the time of the accident I was five months pregnant; and had already ballooned up to 160 pounds. They put me on leave, to recover and I had nothing to do but feel sorry for myself and eat. So, I ate like a pig.”

“Could hardly move for a couple months; so I got even bigger.” She took another slug from the bottle and said, “This probably added a few more.”

Intrigued he said, “How much do you weigh?”

She looked at him and finally admitted, “Last time I checked 200, or so. Why?”

“Okay” he said, “time I put my cards, on the table. We tried to pull a sting on him, here, last week. We knew his preferences, and for lack of a better alternative, we sent in one of our…plumper archive analysts to keep tabs on him. Name Ginette Wilson.”

Raynes scoffed. “Are you crazy? You can’t use a civilian, for undercover. Especially, on this guy. He would spot her, in a second.”

Chagrined he admitted “Actually we think he did.”


“And she has disappeared. We need to find out, if she’s still alive and if so, extract her. Once we do that, screw the NSA. I’ll shoot him myself.”

Coyly she asked. “So what do you want from me…?”


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Sep 13, 2007
Part 27

He looked her right in the eye and said “I think you know. You’re a serving officer; one with special victims experience. Not only that; your present…physical state, will be perfect for the role. We could have fattened up another policewoman, under different circumstances; but now there is no time. It’s you or nobody, I’m afraid.”

“Why should I?” she asked. “We both know from experience, that if a sexual predator is going to kill his victim; they rarely live more than two hours, after he snatches them. He is either going to let her go, or she’s dead already. I can’t make a difference, either way.”

Nodding he added “If not for the victims, do it for yourself. I’ve seen this before. You are falling apart physically and emotionally. If you don’t find a reason to get up in the morning, one day you will eat your gun. It happens.”

He added “There is another reason, I thought you might be perfect, for this role”.

She rubbed her prominent belly and added “Look” she said “I know I’m putting on weight, but can we talk about something else?”

“I am. Liz, that’s short for Lisette, right? Your maiden name, was Lisette Boudreau? You mom was raised in Quebec and you speak French fluently right?”

“Obviously, you read my file.”

He continued “Well, you can move in circles we cannot and not be detected, as an outsider. He will not spot you, until it’s too late.”

Thinking for a moment she said. “All right, I’ll do it. On my terms.”


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Sep 13, 2007
Part 28


He agreed and she left for Montreal, the next day. The source said he often frequented a strip bar, on the north side. With a photo for reference, she went in search of her quarry.

She went in every night for a week, before she spotted him. He was sitting in the front row, ogling a stripper in a schoolgirl’s outfit.

Throwing caution to the winds, she dispensed with all the undercover hocus-pocus. She simply walked over and sat down beside him. Then she said, “Not really your type, is she? Thought you liked ‘em bigger, like me.”

Somewhat taken aback he looked her up and down and he said “Sorry, do I know you?”

“No” she said. “I’m Liz Raines.”

He was going to introduce himself and she said, “I know who you are and what you are.”

“Oh” he said, feeling a bit uncomfortable. “What can I do for you?”

She smiled as she added “Well, I have a offer. If you let the FBI girl go, I will take her place.”

Nodding he replied “I see. Let’s assume I have the faintest idea, what you are talking about. Suppose I say no?”

“In that case, I will simply put a bullet in your head and leave. You have my word on that.”

“Oh” he said. “What guarantee do I have, you won’t call the cops?”

“Well, I am a cop. If I really wanted you dead, you would already be on the floor. We just want our girl back. You have my word, that I won’t bring any other cops into this and I will go with you, if you want. I have nothing to lose, anyway.”

Realizing he was trapped he asked again. “Promise. No tricks?”


He reached in to his pocket and dialled out. “It’s me. I’m bringing a friend for supper, make extra.”

They walked out to his car and she pulled a gun from her pocket.

“No funny stuff now.”

“Relax” he said. “Just get in and it will all be clear, soon.”

They arrived at a small bungalow, a half hour away and entered the house.

Liz heard noises from the kitchen and a young woman emerged. She said” Oh. You didn’t say it was a woman.” Then she saw the gun and stared intently.

Liz snorted. “I take it you are…”

“Ginette Wilson. Ginny, if you like. You another agent after him?”

Rolling her eyes, Liz knew she had been had. “No, I’m NYPD-Special Vics. I was sent to find you, actually. You are safe?” she asked. “Did he hurt you?”

“Javier?” Smiling she said, “No, why would he hurt me?”

Her erstwhile rescuer snickered, and said, “Never mind, I guess I got my wires crossed. My name’s Liz Raines. How did you end up here?”

Ginny blushed a bit and said, “I work in the archives, in the New York office, of the FBI. As you are probably aware, I was ordered to spy on him, back home. They wanted me to keep tabs on him, until they were sure, they had the right guy.”

Liz nodded. “I see. Did they tell you why they chose you, in particular?”

“Oh yes,” she said. “Cause I’m fat. They said, he wouldn’t suspect me as a cop, for that reason.”

Fat was a good description. Liz looked her over and despite her own recent gain; she was tiny compared to this one. She would find out sooner or later, but she looked to be well over 350 pounds. Ginny was one of the lucky ones, who kept her hourglass shape, at any weight. Despite the belly poking out nearly 18 inches, her waistline was pinched in, between her bust and hips. Her hips looked to be 3 feet across and the globes of her butt, projected more than a foot, behind her. Upstairs, one would have sworn she had two beach balls, under her blouse. The bra up top, did its best to contain them; but they showed evidence of recent growth, that flowed up and around the cups. In fact, all her clothing, was straining to contain its load. It was obvious; she was fattening herself up, for him.

Realizing that neither of them was in any real danger, Liz put the gun away and sat down.


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Sep 13, 2007
Part 29

“So, how did he change from subject to…lover, I assume.”

Her blush at that remark; meant she was right on the money, again.

“You can guess, it is not easy for a woman as fat as me, to blend in with a crowd. He figured out who I was, after a day or two and confronted me in a café, in SoHo. He then explained why the FBI was after him and it changed my feelings, on the matter.”

Curiosity got the better of Liz, asking “Oh? How so?”

“Well, as you are already aware, he has been helping AWOL soldiers, get into Canada. If the Bureau gets hold of him, they will put him away for life.”

Liz accepted the misinformation, to elicit more. “So, you approve of this?”

“Not my call, either way; but in a free country, I think that we should have the right, to choose our own fate. Besides, he is a good man and we have grown fond of one another, over time.”

Over time. Sensing the next response, she asked anyway. “How much time?”

Ginny smiled and said “Next week, is our six month anniversary. He’s taking me to Greece, to celebrate.”

“Really?” she said. “That’s nice.” Her own people, had snowed her. This girl was in no danger. She had simply fallen for him and packed it in.

Ginny said “Where are my manners? Are you hungry? Dinner is ready, if you like.”

At that, Liz laughed patted her own belly and said, “These days, I’m always hungry. I’ll join you, in a moment. I need to call someone.”

Bell/Bodum looked alarmed and she said “Relax. Just calling off the dogs.”

She dialled Caruthers number and he picked up on the second ring. “You lied to me.” she said.

“How so?” her colleague asked. Even over the phone, she knew he was being evasive.

“Ginny’s been gone for months, and she is not in any danger, at all. She’s shacked up with him and you knew it. You set me up. You’re no better than he is.”

“Relax” he said. “It was the only way; I could get you to do this. Bell, have you caught him, yet?”

“No, but I think he has caught me.” She hung up and left him to stew on that, for a while.

She joined the others for supper. At one end of the table, was a huge tray of food; enough to feed at least three people. The other, held a modest meal.

Liz snickered and said “You know Ginny, if you keep eating like that; you are going to burst, one day.”

“Oh” she said, “I ate most of my supper, an hour ago. Sometimes, I get so hungry; I can’t wait for Javier to come home.”

“Javier” smiled, as he sat in front of the smaller meal. “She’s right, that food isn’t for her. It’s for you!”

Then, he produced a gun of his own, adding, “Ginny, be so kind as to relieve Officer Raines of her weapon; so she can enjoy this.”

Ginny did as instructed and went back into the kitchen, for a moment.

Liz scowled. “I know your tricks and I’m not falling for it.”

“Really?” he said. “I lived up to my end. You said you would take her place, you know. Deals’ a deal. Maybe, I should tell her everything. It will break her heart. Maybe, she will shoot us both.”

There was a risk she would do exactly that; so Liz chose to bide her time. She began to eat and got into the pace, quickly enough. The food was delicious and Bell was pleasantly surprised at her capacity and enthusiasm.

She was nearly done, when Ginny came out with more. Placing it in front she said. “Now get this into you. But save room for dessert. There’s pie, after!” Then, with some difficulty, she waddled back into the kitchen; to get it ready. Liz caught Bell ogling his “girlfriend” as she struggled to move. It was only speculation, but she suspected he could have talked her into fattening herself into an immobile blob.


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Sep 13, 2007
Part 30

The officer looked at the menacing way Bell was holding the gun. She said “I will do my best. Put the gun away. I promised I would not call the cops on you, and I didn’t. I keep my word.”

“Yes and you said you would take her place. I may hold you to that.”

“What about Ginny?”

“I’ll talk to you about that, later.”

Ginny came out with dessert. Pie was in fact, two complete apple pies and a quart of vanilla ice cream.

She placed one in front of Liz and handed her a fork. Then she scooped a huge bowl of ice cream and passed it over as well. “Enjoy, there’s more where that came from.”

Bell excused himself saying “You ladies get acquainted. I have some emails to answer. Oh, the gun please, Ginny.”

“It’s in the kitchen.”

“Okay, I’ll get it later.” He left them to finish their meal.

The two women sat in silence, as Ginny began to wolf down the fattening treat. She ate like a mad woman, as if this was her last meal on earth. Pausing for a breath, she looked up to see Liz; staring at her, in disbelief.

“What” she said? “Something wrong with your food?”

“Quite the contrary” Liz smirked. “You are a good cook. It shows, too.”

Insulted, Ginny said. “Oh, I put on a few pounds lately. What’s it to you? You’re not exactly slim yourself, you know.”

Rubbing her belly Liz retorted “I see that, every time I look in the mirror. But you. Are you getting fat; fatter actually, just for him?”

Between mouthfuls she explained. “Only partly. I like to eat and he is the first man to treat me decent, in my whole life. Now, I can be who I want to be, and still be happy.” A soft belch escaped as if to emphasize the point.

Intrigued Liz pressed further “So, how much have you gained?”

She thought a minute and said, “I weighed about 175, when we met. Scale in the bathroom, only goes to 350. I was way over that; 3 weeks ago. He seems to like it, though. Can’t keep his hands off me.” She reached for another piece and her breast mashed into the plate; smearing it with apple and melted ice cream.

Ginny just laughed. “Happens all the time, now.” Hefting her gigantic boob as she wiped it off, she said “They have gotten so big, they get in the way. Look at this, I’m too big for this bra now and it’s a 58GG! Oh well, shopping tomorrow, I guess.”

Looking her over, Ginny asked. “You really a cop?”


“Well no offence; but you are a bit fat for active duty, aren’t you?”

Liz ignored the irony of her comment. “Good observation. Actually, I’m not on active duty. Maternity leave. I came looking for you; as a favour to a colleague.”

Ginny nodded. “I tried out for agent; but got rejected, cause I was too fat. Ended up in the archives department. Kinda sucks really, if you think of it.”

“What does?” Liz asked absently.

“Well there are lots of fat men in the Bureau. One of the guys I worked with; weighed more than I do now and they let him stay. Women have to be supermodels, though.”

Liz actually agreed with her. “Don’t I know it. When I was in special vics; they made us stay trim; in case we were needed for bait, in sting ops.

Then Ginny added. “No need now, right? Might as well enjoy yourself. If you hang around here for long, you’ll be as big as me in no time.”

The prospect frightened her a bit, but in spite of that, Liz began to eat her pie. Before long, they had finished both pies and all the ice cream. Both women sat rubbing their bloated bellies and smiling with contentment.


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Sep 13, 2007
Part 31

Bell came back and said “Time to go to bed.” Ginny went upstairs to get ready and he asked again “Can I trust you? If so, you can take the couch.”

Wiping the remnants of the ice cream from her face, she vowed “I gave my word. Me for her, if you want. Deal’s a deal, right?”

Nodding he went upstairs and she had a restless night, partly due to the noise of their lovemaking, right above her head.

In the morning, she awoke to the smell of breakfast. Again, Ginny had outdone herself. They each ate enough for three meals, then Ginny said, “I’m going shopping, right after. Need some new outfits. These clothes are getting too small. Want to come with?

Liz looked her over and agreed. The knit dress she was wearing was stretched to the bursting point. She had no idea how the poor girl had even got it over herself. She had to get him away from her or she would simply explode.

Before Liz could respond Bell interjected. “Why don’t you go by yourself and Liz and I can chat a bit.”

“Sure” she said. Within a few minutes she was gone and her two companions, got to brass tacks.

Liz said “She seems nice enough. A bit naïve I would say, especially for an FBI employee.”

“Well, part of that is down to me. I can give be a pretty convincing liar, as you probably already know. But you’re right, she is not exactly bright.”

Liz saw that as her cue. “Look I made a deal with you; me for her. You can’t have both of us. You let her go and I will do whatever you want.”

“Why should I?” he asked.

“You already know. You’ve had your fun already and are tired of her. Eventually, she will stop getting bigger and you will want to move on. I’ve seen the way you look at me, already. I’m a nice size, but you want to fatten me up, even more. Not only, that I’m more intellectually stimulating. Actually, we have a lot more in common, than you realize.”

“ You would really go with me. Aren’t I the enemy?”

She snorted. “Please. You have no idea, of what type of monsters I have seen, in my career. In truth, you are just a small fish. I don’t know what all the fuss was about. Getting the FBI involved, because a few women got fat, is a waste of time in my book. Once I know Ginny is out of your reach, my job is done, as far as that goes.”

“For my end, look at me. I’m getting fatter every day and half way to being an alcoholic. You’re the first man in a while, to look at me in any way that wasn’t pity. Felt good, actually. From your standpoint, what could be more of a coup, than a relationship with a cop? Especially one, who was supposed to be chasing you?”

Bell smiled as he asked “So now what?”

“We leave. Ginny will figure it out. I won’t even call the FBI, so she will probably go home on her own. She’ll get over you, eventually. Probably get fired, though. Not my fault.”

“My family has a cabin, about an hour north of here. It’s quiet and no one will suspect we are there.”

He said “You have a deal.” They left right away before Ginny returned, leaving her to pick up the pieces of her life, as best she could.


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Sep 13, 2007
Part 32

The pair arrived at the cabin, a secluded location; where no one would bother them. They had stopped on the way and the car was loaded to capacity, with food. Bell had picked out the items, as usual selecting them for their fat or sugar content, over nutritional value.

They were no sooner in the cabin; when he was pushing goodies at her. He began encouraging her to gorge herself on cake, cookies, ice cream and donuts; before they had even finished a meal together.

She did as she was told and before they had been there an hour she had consumed a dozen donuts, a bag of cookies and two bowls of ice cream. She sat and massaged her belly and thought, This is only the start.

As the days unfolded, she felt less tension; when she realized Bell was not violent, so she would not be harmed. Liz was surprised, she was given the run of the place and he made no untoward advances… yet.

She slept in her own bed and for now, he was satisfied to watch her eat and get bigger, every day. She knew he was just biding his time; until she met his physical expectations.

That came, after about six weeks. With nothing to do but eat and cook; she had spent most of each day, doing exactly that. Her loose top and skirt, failed to conceal the extra curves underneath. The extra 75 pounds she had added, were evident everywhere and she now taped in at 55-51-58. Every where she walked; she could feel Bells’s eyes riveted on her, especially her jiggling rump. He was constantly handing her little between meal snacks and sometimes hand fed them to her.

After supper that night, she caught him ogling her and said “Why are you staring at me? Not like you’ve never seen a fat woman is it?”

“No” he said. “You are different. Despite the fact you know everything about me, you still stayed. And did what you were told.”

“Deal’s a deal” she said. “I keep my word. How long do you plan to keep me, anyway?”

“I’ll let you know soon” he said with a sneer, that alarmed her somewhat.

That night, as she changed for bed; she stood naked in front of the mirror to scrutinize the “damage”. Her face was pale and her cheeks puffed out like tennis balls now. The once slim neck her husband had kissed now bloated to merge with her triple chin. Her blubbery upper arms now rivalled Ginny’s and now would only fit into tank tops. The extra calories had pumped her breasts up to H cup melons and with no proper bras anymore, were beginning to sag south under their own weight. She lifted them and wondered if she lost the weight, if these could stay. She liked the way they rolled back and forth over her belly as she walked around. Said belly was now plumped up to massive size, and constantly in search of food these days. She stroked the 12 inch layer of fat she had added to it and looked further south. The dimpled cellulite on her thighs, merged into the soft jiggling flesh of her butt, each globe the size of a beach ball. She assumed that it too, was a mass of cellulite and turned to check it out. As she did so; she saw Bell, standing in the doorway, leering at her naked form.

Instinctively she tried to cover herself; but her hands could not come close to hiding the curves, she now sported.

He started to disrobe and she backed away. He said “Relax, I won’t hurt you. Besides, I am probably the best offer, you’ll get. Who else would even think of making love to a woman, like you?”

He led her to the bed and, proved to be a skilled lover. She waited for a three-peat as he bought her a snack in bed. The snack was a dozen more donuts, which he coaxed her into eating by hand feeding them to her.

This started a new routine. She continued to eat, like there was no tomorrow and he would make love to her every night, until she was exhausted.

Six more months. Liz says to him “Look, its four days till Christmas. I would like to get you something. I need some new clothes too. Will you take me into town with you?”

He looked her over and noticed that her outfit was indeed, too small. Her gluttony had known no bounds, lately. No matter how much food he brought home; she always managed to consume it in a few days.

The last six months, had added another 100 pounds to her frame, now topping her out at 375. It was all she could do, to move from the bedroom to the kitchen. Often she did not; simply eating while propped up in bed. Her 60-75-68 figure jiggled enticingly, in the short negligee, she was forced to wear most of the time. She had no clothes that would fit except for the mumu she had fabricated from a bed sheet, and a poncho for warmth made from an old blanket.

They went into town and she asked for some time alone to shop. Bell trusted her now and she used that trust, to pick up something special for dinner that night, in the pharmacy.

They sat down to dinner and she waited for him to start. He ate heartily as she watched and then she poured a glass of wine for each of them. He downed two and then started feeling a bit woozy.

She led him into the bedroom and said “Maybe you better lay down, for a bit. You don’t look so good.” It was the last thing he remembered for a while.


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Sep 13, 2007
Part 33

Bell opened his eyes groggily and surveyed the room. He was in bed and judging from his inability to move, was in some sort of restraints. His throat hurt and he was thirsty as hell. Hungry too, for that matter.

Once his eyes had accustomed to the light; he saw Liz sitting in a chair, near the wall. She was glaring at him and held up her hand, as he tried to speak.

Getting up she said “Easy, don’t try to talk. You had a tube down your throat.”

He nodded and Looked her up and down . Even in the loose top she was wearing; it was obvious that she was heavier, than he remembered. A lot heavier, in fact. Her breasts were gigantic now and even in a heavy duty bra, they jiggled back and forth with every step. Underneath, her belly was even bigger, almost as if she was…No. Couldn’t be. How long had he been under…

All he could say was “You… fatter. How long…”

Liz smiled and replied. “About 12 weeks, if memory serves. And yes, I am fatter. Up to 450 now.” she said patting the massive belly. “Makes sense, I am seven months pregnant. It’s yours, by the way.”

“I wouldn’t be too critical, however. You’ve put on a few, yourself. Actually, you had nothing to do with it. I drugged the food you ate, that night. Few pills was all it took, to knock you out. After that, we set up an IV to keep you under. Then we put a tube down your throat and pumped you full of liquid fat, for the whole time. Oh, we also put some birth control pills, in the mix. You currently have more estrogen in your system, than I do. It’s called chemical castration and it will have to do, for now.”

Confused he croaked “We? You lied, you bitch. You said no cops.”

Laughing she retorted “I didn’t lie, I conned you. Until I could figure how to get revenge on you; I pretended to do your bidding and fall under your spell. Shoe’s on the other foot, now. How does it feel, asshole? But don’t worry, I didn’t want the authorities involved either. My handlers have no idea where we are. Figured I would handle it more…poetically.”

“In truth, I didn’t need any more cops. I had lots of help. One of the girls you fattened up in New York, committed suicide, soon after your little “joke” there. Her mother is an RN and helped me with the IV’s and the feeding tube. Had no shortage of volunteers, to monitor your progress. You made a lot of enemies in your travels, I’m afraid.”

“Jails too good for you and but some wanted to put a bullet in you and walk away. That would have been the easy way out. I thought this, would be more fitting. We couldn’t lift you, but think you weigh about 400 now. The pills have softened and feminized your physique too. No more muscles and rock hard abs. Your boobs are nearly as big as mine, in fact. You will be a prize, for sure.”

Puzzled he asked “Prize… what..?”

“I told you when we first met; that you were a small fish; that I had seen some real monsters, in my line of work. That much was true. Well, my dear, you are about to meet one of the worst. He is a registered sex offender; even in prison, he raped a dozen men. We had to fix you up a bit, for him though; you weren’t his type.”

“He seems to like the plump, effeminate ones. Pre-op transsexuals, were a particular favourite. You will be right up his alley, and shortly thereafter; I expect he will be right up yours. Should be here, soon. He probably will only stay a couple weeks; but when he’s finished with you, your asshole will be the size of the Holland Tunnel.”

“If he is merciful, he will just kill you after; but I think I will call the local wise guys, as well. Seems you conned two sisters in Italy and one got pregnant. Her uncle, will be very glad to see you. I don’t think that chemical castration, will be quite enough for him, though. Pretty sure, he will want the real thing. Probably do it himself, too.”

Now alarmed Bell offered, “I can make a deal. Maybe if I told you everything…”

Liz scoffed “My bosses would like to do that. Personally, I don’t care why you did this; as long as you are out of the picture. Your days of preying on helpless women are over. We already have your guru, by the way; so you don’t have even that, for leverage.”

“You’re bluffing!” he snorted.

“Really, how do you think we found you, in Montreal, in the first place? He turned state’s evidence to save his own hide. ‘Fraid you are hung out to dry, sunshine.”

He said, “But I thought you had feelings for me. Look at all the weight you put on, just to please me. And now we will have a child together. Surely that means something.”

She laughed at him. “The weight was a ploy to draw you into my spell. You really did fall for me right? I had hoped you would; so the end, would be even more heart wrenching. Console yourself that, you will live on through this child and it has given me a reason to carry on, too. Can’t be too many other men; who will spend the night with someone like me, right? Isn’t that what you said? Even if it were true, it was all I could do, to not gag, every time you touched me. You are the most revolting piece of work I’ve seen in a while and the world will be better without you.”

Hearing a car in the driveway, she said “Looks like that’s him.” She waddled to the doorway; which she barely cleared and turned to give a parting shot.

“Oh if you get hungry, I have left enough food to make you as big as a house. I’m sure he will figure it out.”

“Bon appetit, et au revoir mon ami.”

He was left with his own thoughts, as he waited for the visitor. He knew she was bluffing about his guru, when he heard the word “he”. No matter what, she would never betray him, not ever.

Now, to the matters at hand. If he could gain the confidence of this new “companion”; he might survive the ordeal. If not, no matter. One of the others would take his place….

Meanwhile, many miles away an intercom buzzed, into the secure office, of his contact. She listened intently and taking her wallet, waddled to the lobby to pay for her lunch. While she ate the second of the 12 slice pizzas; she gazed at the image of William Bell, on her screen. “Too bad” she mused, “I had to give him up, before they got too close.” She deleted all his files and scrambled the disc.

On that note, she picked up the phone and said simply. “Bell is burned. You are in ops now. Get ready to leave for the field, immediately."

The End