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Seniory McMember
Oct 2, 2005
I found this on colbertnation.com, the #1 and 2 Colbert Report fan site:

Hey Nation! I have some great news for all the sickly heroes out there, which is that doctors are now prescribing Stephen’s delicious Americone Dream ice cream for a good number of ailments! This prescription was sent in by Torie from Ithaca, NY, whose doctor pretty much did exactly that: prescribed her a pint of Americone Dream. Now this is pretty good news for me, considering that I get sick a lot, and usually don’t have enough money to shell out for a pint of “the Dream” as I call it — so basically what this prescription does is lower my copay to about two dollars, making “the Dream” within my reach. You know where I’m going with this! In conclusion, now you know why so many grocery markets have incorporated pharmacies into their business structure.

Thanks, Torie! Hope you feel better! Or should I say, hope you don’t! I hope you feel better though, since being sick gets kind of boring if your mom doesn’t let you watch The Young and the Restless.

(Avery is the webmaster of ColbertNation.com)

Thought this might be amusing.

goofy girl

took a sharp left turn
Jan 15, 2006
I wanna know who is giving out RX's for that. Its yummy stuff!

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