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Jan 11, 2015
Though it's not as common as it use to be, likely due to the increased number of obese people about these days, and the subsequent corporate issues it would cause thanks to internet enabled accessibility, I still occasionally encounter employees of various supermarkets and fast food establishments who feel that some great tragedy is in the offing when I buy groceries or fast food that hundreds of average people purchase daily. Those types typically develop a stunned, shocked look, followed by either some attempt at "intervention" or passive-aggressive comments. The most infuriating comments usually feature information such as "That's enough for a large family" or "That's a lot!" because I am evidently mentally challenged, poorly educated, or morally bankrupt. There can be no other reasons for my size. What makes it maddening is that whatever they concoct is largely the product of fantasy born of emotion, instinct, deep, ingrained prejudice. I do not now, nor have I ever eaten more than a very large (But height and weight proportional) man would. But, they will ever envision me devouring an entire calf as an evening's repast.

The most disturbing ones are the creatures who seem to think that my body is a public matter to be monitored and pondered long-term. They're fueled by a narrative running independently in their heads, one in which I've confessed my dreadful shortcomings and expressed a desire to repent. In their minds, I battle my weight constantly, curse the fates for my state, and spend a considerable amount of time wishing I looked as good as they do. Because...damn...they sure are pretty. I am grateful to be unafflicted by their narcissism. They monitor my "progress", comment on any detected physical fluctuations, and make sure I understand smaller is better. Cause I've got a few loose screws, you know. I become the enemy of some, deliberately making their lives more difficult by my profound failure. I don't think it would possible to convince these people that for the first part of my life, I never felt I looked terrible, and even though I was plagued with certain disabilities since puberty, I never felt like a failure, or a wreck of a human being. Any anxiety or psychological issues related to such that I suffered were due to THEIR behavior.

Virtually all of the rural types in this area who would evidence the behavior described above say nothing, or even celebrate as the locals purchase beer, hard liquor and cigarettes in bulk. That fact that chain smoking and alcoholism are considered attractive tells me a lot about their ability to think critically. To be clear, I say nothing when they buy such things. I live in hope that I am nearly universally afforded the same courtesy one day.

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