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Mar 1, 2018
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My partner likes to wear track pants when she goes out it's the only pants that she is comfortable in. She is now up to 602 and even back when she was around 500 she couldn't get any to fit. Back then I decided to try a men's Big and Tall shop and my hunch paid off. They had these very light grey ones which I figured I could dye for her so I knew what her inseam length was and visually could tell what size would accommodate her belly and ass so I bought her a pair. When I took them home they fit great, she was so excited. I went back the next day and asked the fellow if they ever came in white which they did for summer. Well that was over a year ago now and at her weight they still have lots of room. I have dyed the white ones pink, light blue, yellow and she likes the light grey so problem solved.