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Clockwork - wind me up
Jul 1, 2007
In the shadows of the cuckoo clock
The majority of my travel was associated with work, during the 1970 to 1990’s but that didn’t mean I did not have time to do a little exploring where safe to do so and speak to some fascinating people.

One such location was Karachi in Pakistan where spent 3 weeks negotiating a Tender – at the time could only go out with armed guards, but did manage to spend a delightful day playing golf at a golf course in a Naval Dockyard Complex (which was extremely safe). One of our hosts whilst I was there was 86 year old (in 1992) former culture minister who had been involved with the separation and division of India and knew both Ghandi and Nehru, his stories and recollections were fascinating. The whole trip was filed with new experiences, like having arm guards who I would add did not have the then current arms but WW11 Lee Enfield rifles and one believe it or not had a flint lock rifle. I even saw Benazir Bhutto speed by at about 180 MPH in the emptied streets of Karachi.

I’ve also worked in Saudi Arabia, Australia, China Hong Kong, Dominican Republic, Cypress, France, Holland and Denmark amd of late a few holiday in Germany, Belgium, Austria and Czech Republic.

I won’t bore you any further unless any one is actually interested.

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Aug 15, 2006
The stories about the Kingdom will be great - particularly if they involved activities inside the compounds. And your experience in Pakistan sounded very interesting - pity about the late Bhutto not her drive but the end of her life.


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Jan 1, 2020
My suggestions would be Uzbekistan (a hidden gem), Russia, Tunisia and South Africa. In Europe, I would to go to Moldova and visit Transnistria.

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