"Unfaithful" The Sculpting of Meagan Donnely; a Medallion of Zulo story

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May 6, 2007
[Editor’s note - “Medallion of Zulo” defined for the novice reader – according to the mystics of Africa this is an inscribed artifact which should ideally only be worn while totally naked.

The reason?

If something, anything, not belonging to the wearer touches the medallion while it is being worn a transformation will occur. The wearer will become a duplicate of the owner of the object with which the medallion has come on contact.

The medallion reportedly also can be used in other ways when the wearer uses their mind power, as our author here relates.

An entire literature of apocryphal stories exists on the Internet based on this premise.]

The Sculpting of Meagan Donnely (A Medallion of Zulo story)

By Greinskyn

[Author's warning: Although this is primarily a female transformation a male TF takes place early on. It is minor, brief, and graphic.

Just another note: OK, I know you want to get reading already, but bear with me a sec. Don't jump to conclusions when the TFs start... things have a way of turning back on themselves. I don't want to give anything away here, so just be reassured I didn't forget this is a WG story ;) ]

Chapter One

Mark watched from the shadows as Meagan scanned a menu. He loved it when she bit her lower lip in contemplation like that. Oh how many times he’d sat across from her in the past, not even looking at his own menu just to soak in her beauty. Even now from this distance she looked like an angel sitting there in that stunning white sundress. The mid-day sun practically made the material glow and set off her deep tan to perfection.

Mark sighed and let his eyes dip to those full ripe breasts jutting out proudly in the low cut dress. (Okay, make that a Victoria’s Secret Angel… ) He felt his dick begin to stir.

‘C’mon trust her’ his other mind chided. ‘She’s probably just meeting a friend’

Mark desperately wanted to do just that, to believe that this woman so obviously out of his league would remain faithful. Her odd behavior lately, however, caused his feet to remain rooted. ‘I just have to know’

It didn’t take long for the slightly built man’s suspicions to be confirmed, for not a minute later a tall handsome-looking Adonis walked directly up to Meagan. Her reaction, impassioned embrace, and kiss, erased any possibility their relationship was anything other than carnal.

Stifling a sob, Mark tore his eyes away.

Ducking back into the alley from where he’d been spying, he reached into his pocket. Though he didn’t pull it out, his hands felt the warm metal surface of a certain medallion that had recently fallen into his possession. A believer in fate, he just knew it wasn’t a coincidence the fabled Medallion of Zulo showed up the very day he’d first suspected Meagan was cheating on him.

Mark had recognized its design immediately. Back in college he’d frequented many online fetish sites and that one sort of always stuck with him. And how could one dispute the fact that it mysteriously appeared inside his locked tool-set? Certainly that bore witness to its authenticity. Convincing as that may be, a personal test of his own sealed it as being the legendary Medallion of Zulo;

That very day at a fetish shop far far from home, Mark had selected several condoms in varying sizes; from his usual "pathetically small" up to "practically inhuman". Along the drive there he’d tried to think up all sorts of excuses for the cashier as to why he was purchasing such an assortment. But it was a waste of time. The gorgeous, highly pierced woman at the counter merely smiled and said;

“Have fun.”

Unable to wait until home, Mark pulled into the nearest restaurant. Making his way to the bathroom, he ducked into the stall and removed both the medallion and a package of Black Mamba condoms. Knowing he’d feel totally foolish if this failed to work didn’t dim his anticipation in the least. In fact, his worries as to whether he should try the medallion while erect or flaccid became moot as he was hard as a rock before he could touch the medallion and snake-like condom to his body.

The results weren’t instantaneous. Instead, there was only a slight tingle at first contact, then… nothing. A few minutes passed and still nothing. Sitting there on the throne Mark began to believe that even that sensation had been just a trick of his mind.

‘Crap!’ He felt foolish sitting there with a cheap looking medal, massive condom, and a six inch dick in hands.

‘Wait-a-minute’ Doing a double-take Mark looked again at his now throbbing erection. At best he’d only had a meager four and a half inches before. Was it even bigger now? It was! Dumbfounded he watched almost as if viewing some sort of perverted stop motion animation. Soon it grew to seven inches, then eight, then nine. After eclipsing what had to be over a foot Mark began to worry.

‘How big is this thing going to get?’ Things finally settled down at what he would later measure at a whopping fourteen inches. Crap, it felt like he was gripping a pick handle. Mark’s slender fingers couldn’t even reach around the girth.

It was then he’d realized his predicament.

Several minutes passed and his massive erection showed no signs of waning. Mark tried thinking of disgusting, unarousing things; Taxes, Lutefisk (It’s a Fin thing), dog vomit… Hillary Clinton naked (Oops that was a mistake!), etc. Finally he just had to take care of business.

‘Damn, it feels like I’m polishing a flagpole’ The amount of jiz was as copious as it was annoying. Apparently the Medallion of Zulo was as mischievous as the stories he’d read had claimed.

Tucking his overgrown dick in his pants was uncomfortable as hell. Mark wound up actually having to pull his pants back down and place it alongside his leg, then wriggle the snug denim back up. Walking and moving needed to be done carefully to keep from pinching. Good thing he wasn’t at an airport. The TSA would’ve flagged him as smuggling contraband and forced him to strip for sure!

‘I guess that wouldn’t be so bad if the TSA had some hot female agents’ he mused, gingerly limping to his car. He imagined what their reaction would be. (Whoops, that was a mistake too!)

It had been a pain waiting the twelve hours before he could use the medallion again just so he could go home. After sneaking in to pick up a pair of loose sweatpants from his campus gym locker Mark spent most of the time in his studio working on a new clay sculpture and trying like hell to keep his thoughts platonic. (Only later when reading the box did he realize the Black Mamba Condoms were a gag item)

The upside to the whole ordeal was a pride-swelling comment from his girlfriend the next time he and Meagan had sex; courtesy of using one of the medium size condoms and the Medallion of Zulo beforehand.

Mark seethed all the way home; his mind working overtime as to what the best revenge could be. In his pocket he could feel the shape of the medallion pressing against his skin. No, it wasn’t a coincidence at all that the medallion had entered his life…

It didn’t take long for Mark to decide just what route his vengeance would take. Meagan was after all a stunningly sexy woman. Her entire psyche was centered around her perfect body.

‘I wonder what will happen when that’s no longer the case’ he thought mischievously, while scrolling through a selection of bras online…

The next week and a half were hell for Mark. For despite having the medallion, he couldn’t for the life of him get a chance to use it. Meagan had to be the lightest sleeper known to man. She’d probably make a star specimen in a sleep study somewhere. Every time he’d tried to perform a transformation in her sleep, she’d wind up catching him leaning over her.

Although that usually led to an impromptu sexual romp, Mark was still left frustrated. In the time since he’d first hatched his plan Meagan had called a grand total of six times to inform him of needing to “Study Late” or “Meet up with the girls”. And who knew what other encounters she’d risked during the daytime? After all it had been mid-day when he’d caught Meagan cheating.

The closest Mark had gotten to success was when she had a bit too much to drink last weekend. When they went to bed Meagan had drifted off to sleep instantly. It was maddening waiting for her breathing to get to that really slow, deep stage. When she finally got there Mark retrieved a brand new 34C bra from a hiding spot and secured the medallion as well.

‘This oughtta get her attention’ he thought, staring down at her proud all natural Ds. ‘Let’s just see how she likes life a little smaller…’

Just then Meagan rolled over, dislodging the bra he’d just placed upon her bare breasts.

‘…Crap!’ Bracing himself with his free hand, he gently reached over to retrieve the bra. Too late he realized the medallion was in the same hand. The tingle began almost instantly, forcing Mark to spend the night at his studio.

When asked about his absence the next day, he simply explained he’d been overcome by a sudden inspiration.

The road to success finally came at a most unlikely time. Meagan was out “Studying” which left Mark sulking in front of the TV nursing a beer. At least a half dozen empties lay at his feet. At nearly 2 a.m. a show called Horror Fest came on. The purpose of Horror Fest apparently was to subject the watcher to the most mundane, poorly produced crap ever made.

Already living in his own hell, Mark sat there rather than turn the channel, and dejectedly opened yet another beer. The movie Voodoo Doll began to play and made even the low standards he'd expected seem optimistic. Sighing, he shook his head while making fun of the trashy production, until eventually a spark began to take hold in his brain.

“What if I made a Voodoo Doll of Meagan?”

It was a thought worth pursuing.

Stumbling about the apartment, Mark gathered up everything he could think of and tossed it into a used Wal-Mart shopping bag. In no time the plastic was filled with hair from Meagan’s hairbrushes, used facial cleansing pads, nail clippings… etc. As an added bonus, Mark retrieved the tissue stained with blood from when his girlfriend had smacked her nose into the cupboard door. After haphazardly scrawling out a note that he was heading to his studio, Mark staggered to his car and was off.

It took nearly two frenzied days of sculpting before he was satisfied. And satisfied he was. Before him stood a perfect replica of Meagan. It was easily his best work. Mark stood there silently before his creation thinking back to how he’d mixed all the little traces of his love into the core of the clay model. He’d obsessed over every little detail… even that cute little birthmark of hers.

It was 11:58pm on an April evening, just two minutes shy of Friday the 13th. (Which seemed somehow appropriate) The time had come.

After double-checking to make sure the door to his studio was locked, Mark retrieved the Medallion of Zulo and another fresh 34C bra. The last was a precaution. After his little incident, the medallion might recognize him as the last “Wearer.” So with utmost care Mark placed the bra onto his creation and touched the cool metal surface to it. In the dark of the night, bells began to ring out from the University’s campanile, echoing hollowly across the campus. It was an eerie foreboding sound.

Now the question remained; Would it work?

Eager to find out, Mark left his studio as quickly as he could and soon the dark recesses of Lieberman Hall echoed with the sounds of his rapidly retreating footsteps. But behind, half illuminated by a security light, Mark’s sculpture began to subtly shift.

A sensuous feeling drew Meagan from the depths of her dream. She awoke to a lover’s caress gently tracing the outline of her right aureole. On the other danced sweet kisses, alternating with a gentle suckling. Meagan felt her back arch slightly, and in her half-awake, rapidly arousing state almost spoke Paul’s name. Only at the last second did she realize it was Mark.

“Mmmmm… that’s nice.” She purred.

Meagan then turned and bared her neck signaling she wanted Mark to nuzzle her. He complied, having already anticipated the move. Along the way he planted kisses until finally arriving at his destination. Meagan felt the gentle pressure of Mark’s teeth as he nibbled her lobe. The feel of his breath momentarily brought goosebumps. Below, he shifted his weight up and over as Meagan’s spreading legs alerted him she was ready.

Slowly the two began their practiced rhythm, all the while Mark teased and tweaked her engorged nipple. As their pace began to quicken, he withdrew his hand slightly then cupped the firm warm globe of Meagan’s right breast.

‘It is smaller!’

His mind spun wildly at the realization and he nearly lost his load right there. Only by the barest margins did he manage to hold back until Meagan had reached her own tipping point. Afterwards in post coital bliss Mark drifted off to the thoughts of what revenge was to follow…


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May 6, 2007
Meagan sat at the table gently biting her lower lip. She looked worried, but seemed determined not to show it. Every once in a while when she thought Mark wasn’t looking, she would reach up and cup one of her breasts. Her pout would deepen each time.

Sometimes Mark would noisily shift positions just to see her snatch her hand away lest he see her. Which he did anyway. Should there be any doubt that Mark had missed something particularly juicy, he could always check the feed from any one of the half dozen mini-cams scattered about their apartment. Surely there were a lot of select moments he needed to archive from the morning. And oh what a morning it was!

Mark had stirred from the very instant she climbed out of bed. Then from his special vantage point he’d seen the initial confusion that led to the discovery of her mysterious boob shrinkage. It was a sight he’d never forget.

Meagan had been halfway to the bathroom when she paused to look down. Standing motionless for a few seconds, she tentatively reached up to cup both of her breasts. Watching her do this made Mark so hard it practically hurt! From there Meagan practically scampered to their bathroom. The whimpering and cursing that followed made it all the better.

Mark was helpless to do anything but watch as Meagan spent the better part of 20 minutes groping her shrunken assets and trying all sorts of different poses in front of the mirror.

All this had been fun, but it was time to move things on a little. Mark set down his iPad4.

“Hey honey?”

Meagan jumped at the sudden sound of his voice, but quickly recovered. He tried his best to act as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

“I was thinking, it’s such a nice day out… Do you want to go to the beach?”

It was engrossing watching his girlfriend squirm while trying to come up with an excuse.

“Hmmmm.” she said, pretending to consider the offer. “How about some shopping at the mall instead? We could go to a movie after.”

Meagan sighed visibly in relief when he agreed.

When she left the room to get ready, Mark slid over to check her recent web activity. There were numerous queries on breast shrinkage and quite a few sites had been added to her “Favorites” list. It seemed Meagan was a determined girl.

‘Well good luck with that’ he thought wickedly. ‘If you think this is bad just wait a few days’

Being a Saturday at the mall, the place was crowded. Mark considered this a good thing as the extra distraction and commotion allowed him to see just how much Meagan had diminished.

‘Wow, who would have thought a cup size would change a woman’s profile so much?’ It was visible on so many levels. Besides the obvious looseness of her bra and blouse, the whole way in which Meagan moved or stood had changed. Looking once again at her blouse, Mark fought hard to hide a smirk.

‘What’s wrong honey? Not up for showing much cleavage today?’ He couldn’t ever remember a time when she’d had so many buttons done up.

Meagan had been looking ahead as they walked, so Mark was caught off balance when she’d turned to face him without warning. He doubted his eyes rose to meet hers in time, but at least she didn't appear to notice.

“Mark? Why don’t you be a dear and get us a table at TGI Fridays? I’ll catch up in a little bit.”

Unable to resist being the smartass Mark had to reply;

“But Hun, its Saturday?”

Meagan assumed her most deadpan expression; one saved for instances such as this.

“Yeah, that’s just never going to be funny… Now go on ahead, I’ll be right there.”

Thirty-five minutes later…

Meagan finally caught sight of Mark’s waving hand and wove her way through the tables to join him. Her mood seemed somewhat more buoyant, something Mark spotted right away. Of course her mood wasn’t the only thing more buoyant; Meagan’s chest now appeared to resemble its former profile. He suspected it had something to do with the Victoria’s Secret bag she was carrying.

‘Hmmm… Did someone purchase a Wonderbra?’ he mused. Not wanting Meagan to feel so on top of the world Mark decided to pay her a “compliment”.

“Have you lost weight?” He asked, being sure to center his vision on her chest.

The insecurity returned full force causing Meagan’s smile to all but evaporate. Mark noted with glee the visible shoulder sag as his cheating slut of a girlfriend plopped ungraciously into her chair.

“Is it that obvious?” She whined.

He paused before answering, trying to portray a thoughtful concerned role (One that had been genuine once, before the dirty cheating whore ripped his heart out).

“Well, you just look thinner.”

He made sure his attention was once again on her chest as he said this. It was a move that couldn’t have been played better because no sooner did he say this than she clasped her arms together under her boobs. It was the definition of insecurity.

“What’s the matter?” He asked. “I thought you’d appreciate a compliment?”

She didn’t respond right away, and when she did, it was with a quiet apologetic voice.

“My breasts are smaller.”

“What? No. You’re kidding right?” He asked.

‘Man I deserve an Oscar for this performance’

“Are you sure? You look the same to me.”


Days passed like frozen molasses as Mark waited. He didn’t dare use the Medallion again too soon. ‘Don’t want to go too fast’

A breakdown or a doctor’s visit was the last thing Mark wanted. And sure, while part of this decision was caution, more of it had to do with drawing Meagan’s suffering out long as possible. Too bad things weren’t working out quite as planned. For one, he’d fully expected the transformation to be more enjoyable.

Unfortunately Mark couldn’t get a peek in edgewise. Meagan took great pains to hide her diminished boobs. When she wasn’t covered up with a loose-fitting or concealing top, she’d practically drown in a fluffy bathrobe. What definition he could make out was always accentuated with one of Meagan’s new WonderBras. Sex could only be in the dark, and forget a saucy feel. It was "Hands-off” in the boob department. That went for lips too.

“What’cha thinking about sweetie?” Meagan asked.

Mark looked up to see his girlfriend in a ratty old ¼ sleeve sweatshirt. She practically swam in the oversized thing. Faking a smile, he replied;

“Oh, just thinking of some changes for a project of mine.”

Meagan smiled that angelic smile of hers, momentarily making him feel doubt; perhaps even regret.


Finally after what seemed like a century later, time for “Plan B” as he called it, arrived. Mark figured even the best Wonderbra didn’t stand a chance at making a pair of B cup breasts look like D’s. He was really looking forward to this moment until a conversation accidently overheard changed the whole game;

On his way to spend some time with his fellow art friends at Mickey’s Pub Mark realized he’d forgotten his phone. Only being a few blocks away he figured it was worth the trip back so turned the Scout around. Dashing up the stairs and into their apartment he spotted the gunmetal grey Nokia sitting on their kitchen table. While crossing to retrieve it, Meagan’s voice carried in from the other room. What she said caused him to stop;

“… at least they’re not like my mom’s!... I know right? Can you imagine walking around with udders like that? …I’d rather be flat as a board!...”

Mark snatched up his phone and left the apartment as quietly as possible. No sooner was he out the door, than he called Eric;

“Yeah, I’m not gonna make it. Something came up…”

Hanging up the phone, Mark headed off to the campus art supply.

‘I’m going to need some clay and some casting material.’ he realized, beginning to mentally tick off a list.

Operation “Udders” was about to begin.

By 9 p.m. that night he’d made a cast of the torso of his original Meagan sculpture. Then using that as a mold, made a copy.

‘I just hope this works’ he thought, as the jilted artist spent quite a bit of time adding, removing, then re-adding more clay until he figured he had the shape just right.

Just to be sure, Mark took the new torso over to his Meagan sculpture for a comparison.

“Not bad. Not bad at all.”

The modified copy now sported slightly fuller breasts than the C cups his original sculpture now possessed. (Thanks to The Medallion of Zulo)

However, it wasn’t just size Mark was concerned with. While adding to his copy, Mark took great pains to center the mass a smidgeon lower; and did so with great effect. The results subtly changed the shape of each one so that while still being a stunning set of boobs, they had the appearance of sagging ever-so-slightly.

Satisfied, Mark then made a cast off his modified torso. Fast curing resin allowed it to set up in minutes and was still hot when Mark carried it over to the Meagan sculpture.​

Which brings us to the present…

“Here goes nothing.” Mark said.

He placed both the cast and the medallion of Zulo unto Meagan’s “Avatar” as he’d began thinking of it. The fit was almost a perfect match and was a testimony to his skill at subtlety.

‘She might not even notice their new shape’ he thought, feeling both the remaining heat from the casting, coupled with the gentle sensation of the sculpture beneath it beginning to shift.


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May 6, 2007
Meagan stood in front of the bathroom mirror and gave her Victoria’s Secret “Bombshell” bra a tug. (Mark was hopelessly out of date when it came to their lines of form enhancing underwear) While putting it on moments ago, she’d thought it felt a tad snug. Meagan’s hopes rose at the suggestion, but after nearly a month with no improvement she didn’t dare set herself up for a fall.

‘They do look a little fuller’ she thought, noticing how tightly the edges of the cups dug into her breasts.

Feeling a little braver, Meagan shrugged out of the bra and smiled. Sure enough some of her old size had come back, as suddenly and as mysteriously as it left. ‘Ok, so maybe it was just some temporary hormonal thing’

Her mood drastically improved, Meagan left the bathroom uncovered for the first time since that dreadful morning. For once she didn’t have that awful fear that Mark would find her less attractive… and her sexy sway showed it.

‘Oh how I missed you!’ she cheered, looking down at her jostling breasts. Sure they weren’t fully back yet, but their reassuring movement and familiar pull sure were a blessing.

Meagan’s only brief dark stain on the morning came when she’d spotted the unwelcome gap along the tops of her old bra’s cups. Down below, the sturdy cotton felt the pressure of her breasts, but up above she was still lacking. ‘Be patient girl, be patient. They’ll be back’

Meagan wasn’t the only one enjoying their return. Paul Saunders surely appreciated her charms no longer being off limits. He made good use of his lunch hour in their room at the Marriot working over every square inch of those ample tits. Before Paul finished, Meagan was practically begging him to complete the job… something he himself was eager to do.

‘Damn that girl can screw!’ he’d marveled afterward. Paul sagged wearily to the mattress beside her, his dick practically milked dry.

Mark himself got to enjoy the next few days too. Not only did his girlfriend once more open the gates of her passion, he got to appreciate his handiwork. Mark’s sensitive artist’s hands could detect the subtle change in shape and texture, and his keen eye drank in the slightly different way they sat on her chest while they lay in bed after sex.

During sex it was another matter. Mark had to force himself to look away while they went at it. Whether the increased jiggling was the result of the Medallion’s magic or just his overactive imagination was hard to tell. All he knew was just the sight of them bouncing as he rammed into Meagan’s hot depths caused a little too much excitement on his part. But at least he got his.


A few days later, while doing some research online, Mark stumbled upon a particularly stupendous pair of breasts. Full and heavy, they tested the daring top of the woman proudly displaying them.

‘Holy Crap!’ he thought, growing harder with each angle displayed. Just the hope he could one day lay his hands on such wondrous orbs sent his mind spinning. It seemed Operation Udders had found yet another goal.

Staring hungrily at the screen, however, he became aware that it wasn’t just the woman’s breasts turning him on. The gentle belly curving outward just below added a sort of symmetry to her figure. Being an artist, Mark was a fan of symmetry. He felt his eyes soak up the soft deep belly button… and the way the flesh began to roll over those snug panties certainly didn’t go unnoticed.

It was as if he’d appreciated a fatter figure for the first time. Mark could barely contain himself as his attention drifted lower, taking in a pair of lusciously plump thighs. They too appeared to be bulging out of her panties. The effect was three separate rolls; belly and thighs each reaching out desperately for the warmth of the others. ‘Whoever this woman is, she’s a dream’

Knowing Meagan would loathe such a figure made it all the better.

‘Let’s see how Mr. Adonis likes the new you’ Mark thought, gathering up some material for another cast.


Meagan pouted.

“Really? You can’t wait to check on your project until after the beach?”

Mark looked at her angelic form reclining there. The passenger seat of his Scout never had it so good. Meagan’s had on a sleek bikini top and a pair of boy shorts that highlighted that cute little derriere of hers. As she stared at him a wisp of hair came astray and danced in the breeze over her cheek. It was sexy as hell. That coupled with her pleading look damn near made him give in. That is until he remembered seeing what’s-his-name's ID on her call history this morning while Meagan had been showering.

“It will be just a couple minutes,” he said reassuringly. “I need to make sure everything is setting up properly or else my work will be ruined.”

“Fine.” She sighed.

“It’s really important. I stand to make 2 or 3 thousand on this one.”

Meagan did an eye roll.

“I said fine. Just don’t take too long, ok? I know how you can get sucked into your “Projects” It’s already 11:30 sweetie, and I want to get there before the beach gets too crowded.”

“I’ll be quick.” He reassured her.


Mark snuck a peak at her body for one last “Before” image. The Sauvage bikini top she was wearing left quite a sight to behold. After a second “addition” two nights ago Meagan was nearly at the same size she’d always been. Sitting as she was, however, a keen eye could detect her spectacular breasts now sat a smidgeon lower… and he’d noticed (Quite happily by the way) that on the way over they seemed to jiggle more whenever she moved or the Scout hit a particularly hard bump.

But that wasn’t all Mark was taking in at the moment. Down lower, Meagan’s taut toned tummy was the image of perfection. Desperately his mind fought between the two forms; Meagan’s smokin’ hot beach body and that heavenly plump beauty from the web. ‘I bet if…’ his imagination began, before she cut him short.

“You know, you can ogle me all you want at the beach!”

‘Damn busted.’

Looking up sheepishly, he started to apologize… but the mischievous smile on his girlfriend’s face showed she was more amused than annoyed. Mark found himself once again stunned by her beauty. Even now after all these years it overwhelmed him and could only stare helplessly until she prodded once more.

“C’mon slugger, get your work done so we can play.”

Now that sounded like the girlfriend he knew.

Meagan watched her boyfriend trot off to his studio and couldn’t help but shake her head. Sometimes Mark seemed so playful and eager to please.

‘Like a little puppy’ she thought with a grin. Meagan enjoyed her boyfriend’s devotion, and the love he offered without condition. ‘If only he was more of a take-charge kind of guy I wouldn’t need…’

“Uuggh! Don’t do this to yourself girl!” she cursed suddenly, feeling ashamed.

It was too nice a day to ponder such things.

Flipping down her sunglasses, Meagan tilted the bucket seat all the way back. Mark’s restored IH Scout had its top off and was currently offering a delectable amount of sun.

‘Hmmmm. This is too good to waste’ After a glance around she unbuttoned the shorts. Then wiggling her little behind, slipped them down and off. ‘Ahhh! That’s better’

A little more squirming around was all that was needed to get the most comfortable position possible for the sun’s rays pouring down.

Mark meanwhile practically sprinted to his studio. His breathing was labored and it took five tries to fumble a key into the lock because his hands were shaking so bad. Fortunately everything was in place ahead of time so dexterity right now wasn’t what needed. Crossing the floor, it took but a few seconds to gather up his “Supplies”

“Well, here we go.”

Mark picked up one of his new castings and placed it over the front of Ava. (He’d spent so much time with Meagan’s Life-sized VooDoo doll that a pet name was bound to develop. It went from just a “sculpture” to “Meagan’s Avatar” to “Ava” in fairly rapid succession.) The Medallion of Zulo followed suit and before long Mark could feel Ava beginning to shift and flow beneath his very fingers.

Outside, Meagan smiled at the warm tingling sensation flowing through her body.

‘Mmmm. What heaven.’ She felt it soak deep within her breasts.

Back in his studio Mark tried a new tactic to complete the other goal he had in mind. Setting down the casting, he picked up a skirt instead. Though to call the crude piece of sewn fabric he now clutched a “Skirt” was an offense in any sense of the word.

In contrast, Mark had exquisitely re-sculpted a copy of Ava’s lower half, adding discreet amounts of clay here and there until he felt it worthy. Unfortunately making a cast that could fit all the way around and conform to every minute detail seemed impossible.

That’s when Mark decided to try his seamstress skills.

The crude skirt wasn’t much to look at, but since it had been modeled to fit the slightly fuller figure of his sculpture as perfectly as possible, Mark figured (hoped… prayed…) that the Medallion of Zulo would recognize that as the form with which to modify Meagan. After all, bras and other clothing were designed in a similar manner.

Carefully he slipped the skirt around Ava, then did up the row of buttons. It was immediately clear the fit was noticeably looser on her than the modified model… perhaps more than intended. (Such was the weakness of relying solely on one’s eyes and impression)

‘Too late now’ he acquiesced. To seal his conviction, Mark placed the medallion up against the skirt and Ava.

Within seconds the Avatar’s form began to shift and swell, gradually taking up the extra space in the skirt’s waistband, actually becoming a tad snug. Awestruck, Mark’s jaw dropped at the newly enlarged form. ‘Time to see the real thing’


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May 6, 2007
Meagan had half-dozed when something woke her.

“Dammit Mark!” she cursed, shifting slightly.

A tingling sensation had spread throughout her ass and thighs. ‘Great, now my butt’s falling asleep! Where the hell is he?’

Her growing agitation reflected in her voice.

Meagan then glanced over to the ignition where Mark’s keys dangled innocently from the Scout’s dash. ‘If he doesn’t hurry up I’m gonna…’

“I’m back!”

Meagan shot him a half-angered stare.

“You lucked out mister. Thirty more seconds and I was gonna leave your scrawny ass.”

Mark tried flashing her his most disarming smile and winked.

“I guess we better go then!”

He swung up into the cab and prudishly snapped on his seatbelt. When Meagan failed to do the same he nodded to her then the belt. She knew immediately it was going to be an issue, so gave in and swung her seat upright again. Mark waited for just the right moment then un-prudishly dipped his eyes to Meagan’s tummy.

‘Whoah!’ There was now a small gathering of flesh there lightly poufing over her tiny little bikini. It was hypnotic how it twisted and rolled with Meagan’s struggle. It was the first time he’d actually had something good to say about the Scout’s stubborn passenger belt.

“Hey! I said ogle me at the beach…”

Mark merely flashed her another smile and started the Scout.

At Sandy Shoals he dawdled about, deliberately taking longer than she did in order to follow behind. It was the perfect opportunity to catch those formerly firm ass cheeks quiver ever so slightly. Along the way Mark was surprised to see some extra flesh above her hips deepen, but not entirely smooth out as Meagan twisted, while threading her way down and around the narrow path.

‘I hadn’t thought of that’ He marveled. Seeing a static work of art build under your hands was one thing. Seeing it come to life was another altogether. ‘This is going to be interesting’

He just hoped he didn’t go too far.

A fair crowd had gathered in the better parts of the beach near the dressing rooms/shower house and the ever popular concessions. But it wasn’t too bad so they managed to find a pretty choice spot. (One in which Meagan claimed credit for) Now for these two, going to the beach was a regular event so it didn’t take long to set things up. Which was a good thing when you thought about it. Who wanted to spend their Saturday futzing around? Mark and Meagan were a couple of pros. Seeing novice families stumble around messing things up was a good source of entertainment for them virtually every time here.

Mark proudly surveyed their handiwork then gazed out at the water.

“Whad’ya think? Lounge or swim?”

Meagan shot him a weary smile.

“Lounge I think. It’s been a hectic week at the station.”

Mark fought back a smirk. ‘Yeah, really hard there pointing out the weather in front of a green screen’

He’d been at KBBW several times to watch from the edge of the set. Marty Reissen, the lead weatherman did all the work. She just supplied the pretty face.

“Ok, lounge it is!”

He reached into the cooler.

“Want another Hard Lemonade?”

Meagan bit her lip, pondering. She’d already had two at home and risked open bottle with a third on the way over. Already the start of a buzz mellowed out her thoughts leaving her feeling about perfect as-is. ‘I don’t want to get smashed’

“Is there anything else?”

The sound of ice-water, cans, and bottles signaled Mark’s search.

“Well there’s a Killian’s?”


He held up a dark brown bottle.


Meagan put her hands on her hips.

“C’mon I’m serious!”

‘Oh why didn’t I have him throw in a couple Cokes?’

More sloshing and clinking….

“How ‘bout a Mike’s Dark Cherry?”

‘Well so much for not getting smashed’

“OK then, give me one of those.”

The next half hour or so was heaven. Meagan soaked up the sun, occasionally turning over to keep her tan even. Mark downed at least three more beers while soaking up his handiwork. If anything, the view was inspiring further changes. He even managed to cop a fee… I mean “freshen up” her suntan lotion.

“Hey watch it!”

Mark quickly withdrew his hand from where he’d been enjoying the softer texture of Meagan’s thighs. They seemed especially so right up near her ass cheeks.

“Why, are you going to punish me?” He asked innocently.

“Tonight. If you’re lucky.” She replied, less innocently.

Mark smiled both at the suggestion and the inebriated way in which she offered it.

‘I think someone’s getting schnockered’ he mused. Looking over it was obvious Meagan was having some trouble balancing her “mystery” wine cooler. (Label fell off) If she didn’t slow down there was no way they were going swimming.

Unfortunately for Meagan, the cost of drinking so much alcohol eventually came due.

‘Oh I don’t want to get up’ she whined. It felt so good to stay there, but her bladder was not to be denied.

“Crap.” she muttered.

Mark looked up from his iPod Touch.



Meagan uncoiled from her lounger and stretched.

“I’ll be back in a sec.”

Mark tilted his screen slightly so that the Badonkadonk site he was checking out couldn’t be seen. (More research you know)


Meagan took a half step, then paused swaying ever so slightly.

“Maybe when I get back we can cool off?”

Mark looked up, the power of her beauty temporarily making him forget his earlier concerns over mixing drinking and swimming.

“Mmmm. That sounds good.”

The walk to the dressing/shower room did have its benefits; ones Meagan was well used to. Along the way she got treated to several hunks who either froze-in-their-tracks or did a double-take. Women too had their own reactions. Jealous glares were quickly followed up with sucking in over-fed tummies. What really made Meagan smile, however, was less endowed women jutting out their smaller chests. ‘Yeah, like that’ll fool anyone’

So it was, with utter confidence that the strutting beauty entered the building. Cool air greeted her as always. Whoever designed the stone building knew what they were doing. Even in late summer the place remained comfortable.

‘Not many people in here’ she marveled, looking the nearly empty room over. Only a couple young girls getting ready and that was it. This was a pretty odd experience for such a busy day. Not that Meagan felt like complaining. Usually there was a long line. ‘Oh goodie, I get to use the handicapped stall’

Before heading out again Meagan wanted to check herself out in the mirror. Who knew what state her hair was in by now.

‘Not bad’ she surmised, pushing a lock back behind her ear. All in all things were holding up nicely. Meagan dug into her purse for a brush and started with some fine touches. Only a few brush strokes and some teasing were going to be needed. ‘I wonder how I’d look with my hair a little…’

Meagan’s hand stopped mid-stroke as something caught her eye. ‘That’s odd.’ Putting down the brush Meagan grabbed hold of her bikini top to give a minor adjustment. When that didn’t work, she frowned. For some reason her breasts weren’t sitting right.

‘Maybe…’ She untied the knot behind her neck and took up some more string. That looked better, but it seemed to pull uncomfortably on her neck and shoulders. Wrinkles began to form on her brow as an unthinkable thought began to form. But before Meagan could consider this further, sounds of loud male voices snapped her attention away. A second later three laughing college age boys stumbled inside, pushing and shoving one another.

“Hey!” She shouted.

The boys froze, then stared wide-eyed at Meagan before excusing themselves. Their jitters and laughs faded along with their presence. Shocked as she was, Meagan couldn’t help but smile at their antics or the faint comments about her body they were still making outside.


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May 6, 2007
Back at their spot Mark greeted her with a lopsided grin and a couple soft-shell taco platters. Seeing her surprised expression he shrugged.

“I was getting kinda hungry. And I think we’ve both had too much to drink to go swimming.”

Meagan couldn’t deny it. She’d practically tumbled down the slope from the bathrooms when some little kids cut her off. Besides, she just loved soft-shelled tacos.

“Ooh! You got the guacamole and sour cream!”

Mark smiled. “Like I’d forget.”

The two savored their feast, but soon the salty fare got to her.

“Hey sailor…”

Mark paused, half eaten taco inches from his lips.

“… Since we’re not swimming, how about you fetch me one of those Hard Lemonades?”

The tangy lemon flavor of a Mike’s sounded soooo good right now; a perfect compliment to Mexican food.

“Yes Mi’lady! Right away Mi’lady!” he responded with a courtly bow that made her laugh.

“Don’t you mean Senorita

When it finally came time to leave Mark had to practically carry Meagan back to the Scout. In fact he offered to carry her, but she proudly refused; being determined to walk. By how hard she was leaning on him, however, he might just as well carry her.

“There you go!” He said, bringing Meagan up to the Scout. “I’ll be right back with the cooler.”

She planted a sloppy kiss on his cheek.

“My hero!”

Meagan watched Mark’s slender form jog back down to their site.

“Brrrr! It’s getting chilly.”

She wrapped her arms around under her breasts, then remembered there was an old hoodie in the back seat. Nabbing that, she quickly put it on. It was better than nothing, but she could still feel the cool night air tickling her.

‘Damn this thing is short!’ Putting her hands in the pockets and pushing down helped somewhat. Maybe, just maybe it will be tolerable for now until Mark gets the top on his little toy. ‘Then I can have some heat!’

Ironically just then a particularly strong gust caught Meagan from behind dashing those hopes. Goosebumps spread across her tush and thighs.

‘What I’d give for a pair of sweatpants right now!’ She lamented, resorting to stomping her feet to keep warm. Then the discarded shorts from earlier came to mind.

‘I guess these will have to do’ she hoped, reaching inside the Scout. Desperately she tried to slither into them without falling on her drunk ass.

“What the Fu…!”

The shorts seemed awfully snug and fought her wriggling and squirming attempts to get them past her hips. ‘Funny they didn’t seem that tight when I put these on’

Meagan finally got them up. Buttoning them, however, was another matter.

“C’mon drat it!” She cursed, giving a mighty tug.

It was no use, her tummy just wouldn’t allow it. Head spinning from alcohol and anger, she looked down. The buttons remained a good three inches apart.

‘You idiot! You shoulda known all that alcohol would make you bloated’ Giving up, Meagan tried pulling the hoodie down to cover up the ill fit. In the half dark nobody would notice anyway.


Mark’s pleasant slumber ended abruptly.

“Eleven pounds!”

The shriek had him instantly awake. Fortunately the bathroom door was open so he scootched across the mattress to get a better look. His girlfriend was standing on the scale giving him the perfect profile image. It was one Mark would always remember. Clad only in bra and panties, she cupped her tummy which rounded out into a little dome… just as Ava’s had done last night after he’d snuck over to his studio for yet another addition. The Medallion of Zulo was a treasure indeed.

Seeing Meagan begin to turn, Mark feigned sleep. It was probably a waste of time. The way she was focused he doubted she’d have seen him. Still, he had enough sense to realize when a woman was in that sort of mood it was better to not arouse their attention… not if one wanted to live.

That in mind he snuck a peek through slit lids after she stomped by. Meagan was now searching through her closet considering, then rejecting outfit after outfit. The effect this had on her fleshier derriere was a sight to behold as gentle quaking shook both cheeks. It wasn’t long before Mark Jr. stood at full attention.

Meagan eventually selected a sunny yellow dress. He watched, rapt as she buttoned it up, finding much less room than expected.

“I’m never drinking that crap again!” Meagan hissed loudly.

When she turned Mark could see the fabric pulled tight, and even some puckering formed around the buttons near her navel. None of this was lost on his girlfriend who was fidgeting anxiously.

Eventually a wide white patent leather belt was employed to cover up her trouble zone. One could easily see from the wear pattern of the notches that Meagan had it at least two larger than usual… and even then the belt seemed to bite in awful harsh.

‘Time for some fun’

“Honey is that you?” Mark mumbled, feigning a half awake state.

Meagan, of course immediately sucked her tummy in much the same way she’d ridiculed so many women for doing just the day before.

“Hi sweetie!” She trilled, all evidence of her anger and frustration hidden.

Mark rubbed his eyes.

“What’s up?”

Meagan slipped into some pumps.

“Oh nothing, just gonna head in early today.”

“What was all that racket?”

She shot him a wide-eyed and innocent look.

“I didn’t hear anything. Maybe you had a nightmare?”

It had been known to happen to him before.

Mark looked at the clock and received a real surprise.

“Wow, heading in a little too early don’t you think?”

Meagan shrugged and made that cute; ‘I’ll-thing-of-something’ look.

“Oh I was thinking of walking in to work today. You know, get a little exercise.”

He wrinkled his brow, pretending to be confused.

“But you hate exercise. Besides, you’re in great shape.”

Meagan’s look of discomfort was priceless. ‘Well, she’s never going to win any acting awards’

He decided to push it one step further.

“Honey, why don’t you stay here and have breakfast with me, then you can drive you in later. Just give me a few minutes and I’ll make us a real meal. What do you say? I can fry us up some bacon and eggs… And I think we have some buttermilk pancake mix Uncle Earl gave us last time he visited. Mmmm! Bet they’ll taste real good with some butter and syrup!”

Meagan somehow looked even more uncomfortable, if not ill.

Mark made extra sure to watch Meagan’s weather forecast that morning. Her whole demeanor seemed shaken. In fact she looked more hesitant and unsure than she ever did in broadcast and Journalism school. Even better was the foolish Hollywood tricks she was employing to appear thinner.

No longer did she confidently face directly towards or away from the camera… and not once did she give a perfect profile. Instead, Meagan made an obvious effort to twist at the waist, with one foot in front of the other. So while her face and upper body pointed towards the camera, her hips remained at sort of a forty-five degree cant.

“Does anybody ever fall for this?” He snorted.

Today’s broadcast became the start of a tradition. From now on he determined to watch and record every single one.


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May 6, 2007


The sounds of a Zumba fitness power song pounded its way through their apartment. Even in his office (Spare bedroom actually) Mark could feel it as much as hear it. Any second now he expected a pounding on their door from an angry neighbor.

Meagan furiously sweated away in the living room. Her body was a joy to behold with all its added motion. Hungrily he stared at his computer screen watching every bit of it. Earlier Mark had tried to view from the comfort of the couch but was booted out. It was either leave or join in… and no way was he going to subject himself to that. Besides, the tiny high resolution cam hidden in the living room gave all the choice views.

(The last few months with the medallion had been very fruitful)

Right now he was centering on Meagan’s jiggling mid-section. Her slightly pooching tummy was the most endearing. Those sumptuous love handles, however, pouring over the tight spandex ran a close second. Mark couldn’t get enough of how the fat there would roll and twist under the intense dance routine. Not that he could keep his eyes there for too long as Meagan’s heavy bouncing breasts just screamed for attention.

Sliding his gaze up, Mark watched the added motion. There was definitely some changes going on. He’d seen Meagan work out or do sports on many occasions. They’d competed in beach volleyball just last summer and even under that level of activity her gravity defying bust remained stubbornly perky.

Now, however….

What looked to be a yet another new sports bra was putting up a valiant effort to make Meagan’s luscious breasts behave. But they, like their owner just couldn’t be contained. Let’s face it, even the best women’s sportswear was no match for the Medallion of Zulo;

Through slow and steady additions to Ava’s breasts back in the studio, Mark gradually shifted the mass lower and lower creating a definite sag. The corresponding changes to his girlfriend were electric and harder and harder to hide. With help from the array of specialty bras that had started appearing, Meagan was able to camouflage some of the earlier changes quite well. But now the way her breasts sagged into her bras rather than push out against them was painfully obvious. She was constantly having to hike up her boobs and readjust the bra quite often.


Mark put off heading out in order to scan some images for a colleague. In came Meagan wearing his favorite black bra of hers; the one with the big wide straps and band that dug into her side rolls. She thought he was gone and entered the bedroom in just that and a pair of matching panties. Everywhere she was bulging out, but most mouth wateringly was the muffin effect of her breasts escaping the cups. She of course was horrified at being seen and tried to cover herself up, somehow creating a more hypnotic image.

“Don… Don’t look at me.” she cried.

Still in shock from the sight of her, he was made more so by her object pain. Thoughts of her indiscretion didn’t even have a place in his heart at this point.

“What? Why?” He finally managed to croak.

Tears formed in her eyes.

“Because I’m hideous!”

Mark couldn’t hide his feelings anymore.


“I used to be…” she whined, gesturing to her body. “… now I’m this fat… thing!”

Unable to stand there, he crossed the room in what felt like three strides to take her in his arms. Meagan tried to pull free for a second before collapsing into his arms. Her new weight was evident to Mark’s slight frame forcing him to brace himself more than expected. Minutes passed as she poured her heart out about her constantly ill-fitting clothes, the cutting comments from friends, and how she’d just been replaced as the daytime weather girl…

“They put me behind... sob, a… sniff… desk!”

Mark pulled her closer. He could feel the salty wet tears on his shoulder.

‘What have I done?' He felt so selfish.

“I’m so hideous!”

The sharpness of Meagan’s outcry snapped Mark out of his self-pity. Focusing on her eyes, he cupped those slightly plump cheeks of hers (Courtesy of the medallion and a special cast on Ava) and spoke.

“I meant it when I said you are the most sexy woman I’ve ever seen.”

“Yeah, before! But now…”

He cut her off.

“I mean now.”

To emphasize the point Mark edged his groin closer. Meagan felt his erection immediately and gasped. Pleadingly she gazed into his eyes, still unable to believe. He decided to show her instead. Taking a plump wrist in hand he guided his love back to their bed.

The end.


Mark sat in the kitchen studying his iPad4. Positive reviews for his show “American Venus” were still pouring in. Ava it seemed was a hit.

“Honey, the offer for Ava is up to $134,000!”

Meagan was in the act of removing a pan of lasagna from the oven and shouted over her shoulder.

“Hold out for more. I know that Japanese fellow will go another 50 Gs easily.”

Mark looked up just in time to see her full rear as she shoved the rack back inside the oven. ‘Man that is one lucky pair of shorts’

His thoughts got interrupted by the sound of Meagan’s phone. The briefest flash of doubt still hit, but that was quickly quelched. It had been a good three months since he last checked her phone for any signs of “Him”. It just wasn’t necessary anymore... period. Trust is a wonderful thing.

“Yes! Plus magazine did call! They want me there for a shoot Wednesday. That is if Mark can keep his hands off of me that long.”

She flashed him a wink at that.

Mark smiled back, his art show forgotten. Instead he let his eyes follow Meagan around the kitchen as she sampled her cooking and planned her photo shoot with her agent.

‘My baby has an agent’ he marveled with a smile.

The fact that Ava and Meagan were identical didn’t take long for people to spot. So once Ava’s fame grew, so did hers. It wasn’t really a lie that he told when asked in an interview if Meagan was his inspiration. The whole works he'd used, casts, molds and all, were about to travel to New York.

Meagan slapped her phone down on the table.

“They’re going to fly me to Paris! How great is that?!”

Rounding the table, she plopped down into her startled boyfriend’s lap drawing an exaggerated;


“Watch it buddy!” she replied with a playful slap.

Now it was his turn to wink.

“You know, I don’t think that Japanese billionaire can afford Ava…”

Meagan raised an eyebrow at his mischievous smile.

“… Besides, I think I’m going to make a few more changes.



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Aug 25, 2007
Oh my, I'm glad I know where to look for your material since foreverchanging closed. This is one well written piece with so much potential for more. Well done!


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May 6, 2007
Thank you for the edit BR!

Whoops! Didn't mean to mislead. This is the "End" of the story as I intend to tell it. It's what I like to call the suggestive ending (Think X-men "The Last Stand" where the former Magneto supposedly stripped of his powers makes a chess piece quiver)

I always like those kind of endings. They let your own imagination fill in the blanks.

Happy M Day!



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Aug 25, 2007
Thank you for the edit BR!

Whoops! Didn't mean to mislead. This is the "End" of the story as I intend to tell it. It's what I like to call the suggestive ending (Think X-men "The Last Stand" where the former Magneto supposedly stripped of his powers makes a chess piece quiver)

I always like those kind of endings. They let your own imagination fill in the blanks.

Happy M Day!

Well that's ok too, it's still a brilliant piece of work :)

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