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Sep 30, 2019
Boston, MA
The wife and I have been doing some light gaining recently. Both new to the whole thing and our regiment so far has been big meals before bed along with snacks (ice cream, chips, chocolate and different kinds of dips). Lots of bread too.

We've noticed that the weight we're gaining has just been going to our bellies and making them. I'm ok with that for me but she'd like to see the fat develop more around her hips and chest and butt. She loves the curves but is concerned that with some outfits she looks pregnant cause "it's all belly"

Anyone have tips on other foods to add to the routine to help with this goal?


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Sep 29, 2005
The great white north, eh?
I don't personally vouch for this, but there are people who swear that cream based gaining leads to more gains of sub-cutaneous fat (the fat under the skin) compared to visceral fat (the fat inside your abdominal cavity). They suggest adding some heavy cream to your daily intake, and I think to reduce simple carbs (sugar, white flour) equivalently. No promises, and I don't know if that is helpful, but it is what I've seen claimed.

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Apr 9, 2006
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Anyone have tips on other foods to add to the routine to help with this goal?
Suggestion from reading (i have no personal experience):
If you’re not already on Fantasy Feeder, head over there. Look especially at posts by the member becomingoverweight. His master post to which he often refers is: compendium of fat studies. He seems to have addressed your question yesterday (or thereabouts) more succinctly in this post (may need to scroll down), which i don’t feel is appropriate for me to repost here or anywhere without his explicit permission.

Dimensions is excellent for many aspects of the fat appreciation/loving/living experience. FF excels at intentional fat gain and those interested in pursuing it.

Happy joyous intentional fattening!


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Dec 5, 2010
What helps me is dont eat that much in the morning light in the afternoon then binge eat a lot at night specially at bedtime! Be lazy get a power chair and cart yourself around going from one place of your home to another! Walk little as possible! Eat a lot of potato chips with dip! Eat cheese and crackers!

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