What ever happened to Bodacious Magazine?

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"Bitter Old Man"
Sep 29, 2005
, Male
As you can see, it was 7 months from the first post until the second, so despite the goings on that they had, there may not have been enough interest to keep it going.

I'm certainly not an expert in print magazines (though the Webmaster is), but I can assure you that the expense of printing today isn't small, and specialty magazines like Bodacious cost even more, being printed in smaller runs, and on higher quality glossy paper. If those endeavors are not being supported financially via subscription and newsstand purchases, you can lose a lot of money, which may have been possible here. I haven't read that the magazine was shut down or even on a print hiatus, so it's always possible to see a return.

While I was not a fan of the editor, I will say that their magazine was surprisingly good quality.

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