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What have you forked someone for?

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is oddly aroused
Oct 3, 2005
Or what WOULD you fork someone for?

To answer my own question: chicken satay (others I"m sure, but they don't come to mind right now).

The setup: I went to dinner with friends and told them I'd be ordering the chicken satay before we even got there. Mmmm, i said. And I asked the guys if they wanted to go in and share the appetizer with me and they both assured me they didn't. I said: Are you sure? I love this stuff and I"m not much of a sharer, so tell me now and we can split it, or forever hold your peace!

Oh, haha, they said, congenially.

Fast forword to the satay arriving. The standard 5 skewers. It was exceptionally good (which I knew already and why I'd gone to that Laotian restie in the first place).

And don't you know that honest to god, a hand came across the invisible center line of that table, into enemy territory, right toward my satay. RIGHT over the culinary maginot line cluttered with napkins and salt shakers and whatnot.

And that hand, my friends, got forked.

Darin actually looked surprised and then I realized that harming someone isn't nice so I apologized. But I still watched him with eagle eyes after that.


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