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Sep 19, 2022
Berkshire, UK
I ate all day basically grazed in between meals and what meals I had at home were leftovers so I did clean out the fridge LOL.
I went out for breakfast and ate at Cracker Barrel with my BF. Had one of the larger meals they offer I forget the name off hand.
We did a few things like shopping and washing his car.
At lunch we went to Dairy Queen and I had two double burgers, fries ,onion rings and a large Butterfinger Blizzard.
When dinner came around we went to the Asian buffet and I got embarrassed the 3rd time I went up to fill my plate so I had my BF go for me.
In total 5 trips to the buffet and had a piece of carmel cake, chocolate cake, some fruit and ice cream.
My BF was amazed at how much I ate for dinner because of what I had all during the day.
I was so bloated on the way home I had to let my belly out of my leggings.
What a pleasurable day!
Sounds absolutely worth it - only wish I could match this.

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