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Jan 12, 2020
I’d like to write some stuff to post here (BBW/SSBBW/WG mainly), but I don’t have any plots in mind at the moment so I thought I’d ask and see if anyone has any concepts or plots they’d like to read but haven’t found or don’t want to write. :)

I can do fantasy, not so much sci-fi. And of course plain old realistic fiction.


Aug 31, 2008
Since you're asking, I do have some plot ideas for weight gain stories and lack a talent or drive for a real writing of them...

The idea is a relatively simple, somewhat realistic, weight gain...

Basically, our main character is a feeder with a lot of women (family and friends) that they know quite well. Not women that they've dated or anything, just women that they know.

Then, the Pandemic happened, and everyone isolated for at least a year (sometimes way more in some places) and everyone was now only able to see each other via video chats on the internet. Luckily, he was able to keep in touch with all his friends and family. Of course they were all locked indoors, so couldn't go to the gym or outside for some exercise, and all day every day turned into a lazy snacking day.

Now, over the course of the lockdown, many of his family and friends complained about their weight a little, but he knew that was just what regular people complain about all the time, so he'd not really expected much. In fact, most of them stopped mentioning it, which he took as meaning that it was a tiny change after all...

But then, after lockdown was eased for a first time, he made the rounds of all his family and friends, the once thin women of his life. And it turned out, in almost every single case, they were simply not the sort of people who show their weight on their faces (the only thing he could see on video chat)! Plenty of pearshape, and some appleshape, even a huge hourglass, simply very few women who got fat above the neckline. They hadn't stopped talking about a gain because it was too little to mention, but because they were too embarrassed by their inability to resist eating and eating, even as their bodies swelled up.

Of course, he reassures each and every one of them that lots of people, himself included, do indeed prefer big beautiful women (and in at least one case *super-sized* big, beautiful women, a gain that genuinely impresses him).

Of course, after a little while, everybody went back into lockdown. Only now, all the women involved feel quite reassured that even if they fatten up by hundreds of pounds during this lockdown, that's not necessarily a bad thing...
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