What was the craziest thing you experienced in 2020?

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Sep 30, 2016
Coamo, Puerto Rico, USA
For me, the most craziest thing happened on the first few weeks of the lockdown in Puerto Rico.

The DVD player went kaput on that time. It was too old and there's no one to make repairs.

My mother needed because it was one of her favorite ways to be entertained. She likes to watch movies and episodes of her beloved TV series, Little House on the Prairie.

I like to watch movies and also love that series but I entertain myself just listening to talk radio and surfing the web.

The problem was that stores that sell electronics were closed by the executive order. We went to Walmart in Santa Isabel without knowing the detail that the electronics department was part of that order.

After a conversation with the manager of the store. She was very kind and allowed me to buy a new one. At first I had a little difficult when we tried to buy a Blu Ray player instead of the DVD player but the manager understood. I'm still very grateful to them.

The most saddest thing happened to me this year is to learn about the passing away in 2013 of the lady who was my girlfriend at college and my first love kiss at 24. In that year one of my beloved friends also passed away. A SSBBW from Mississippi who I knew at a singles site. If I married either of them I would be a widower in 2013.

My ex girlfriend has passed away from cancer. That awful disease that took the lives of many of my beloved friends and people who made me feel special at different times in my life.

In the most closest of me, I'm soon to be 54 on the 26th but feeling I don't have something wonderful expecting from the future.
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Just a dirty old man
Oct 2, 2005
The Covid spit test. Sitting in a parking lot looking at other people sitting in their cars spitting into test tubes. And trying not to look conspicuous. If it wasn't so dire to pick up the plague. And then handing my tube of spit to the nurse in the hazmat suit. This was back in July, and I tested negative. Buh.

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