When you and your Partner decided that sex with you was boring…

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Jack Secret

tickle my amygdala
Oct 3, 2006
I was going to put this under one of the fat Sex categories, But this topic is going to affect anybody no matter what their size. Before my sex life was more or less cut out from under me everything seemed okay In the sex department. I didn't notice any blaring issue until a sudden problem with premature orgasms. My partner was what I considered to be my sexual ideal (at the time). We both really drove each other wild. We were totally comfortable and uninhibited in our kinky little minds. Then it seemed that a month of our typically fantastic sex Went by and the next thing I knew I turned into a two-pump chump.

I was mortified and so disappointed in myself. I can't imagine how it made her feel. Jen knew how hot she made me so she knew something was up. Before we really had a chance to address it Our lives took two different directions. She's got an awesome family of her own now and her husband is a lucky lucky man!

I guess my question is, is it really possible to get your sex back into that same white-hot intensity that made you break furniture, sweat into each others mouth, and whisper things into your partner's ear that made you growl and bark filthy things back At each other?

What did you do to get back… Or not?



waiting for spring!
Feb 8, 2014
dear jack,

i am not sure the lounge was the place for this but here is a reply...

if you had physical challenges that turned you into a 2 pump chump...then you probably should have consulted a doctor. dramatic changes in libido levels can be from various problems such as testosterone level, medicine side effect, etc.

if it was an emotional item that changed your willingness/participation level, then communication would have been the key there. it is always better to speak to your partner about anything that may be changing or bothering you that was impacting your together time.

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