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Jan 21, 2020
Phoenix, AZ
December rolled around in a golden haze. Between his online and new real life acquaintances (as well as one or two who he considered actual friends!), Nathan’s self-confidence and mood were higher than he could recall since childhood. By that time, he was fully wrapped into the feedee lifestyle and was quickly becoming a familiar, if notorious, face on the internet. Nathan’s sheer size alone pushed everything forward as he was pretty much the fattest person online who made regular material of himself, not to mention actively gaining weight by this point. And it was hard to deny that even though ostensibly, he ‘simply made no effort to lose weight.’ All of the weight-gain shakes Nathan chugged through hoses and all of the added butter and lard to his diet begged to differ, even if he still did so only occasionally and now exclusively when he was paid to do so. The live streams and videos and chatrooms and patrons made him more money than he could have ever imagined. In fact, after just half a year, he was bringing in enough cash to rival his old full time job!

Given how active he was, it was not hard to see how Nathan was entering into the last month of the year fully loaded into half-ton territory. He knew that much because he could no longer weight himself on the scale which just read “Errr” when he stepped on it now. Garfield was irate and unconsolable, though at least he did not refuse his monthly visits which Nathan still needed, even if he had now come to dread them. He couldn’t totally blame him. It was not as though gaining over 100 pounds in a year had done anything to benefit Nathan’s health.

All of Nathan’s prescriptions had been either increased or compounded. The costs of prescriptions, in fact, was eating a big chunk out of his new income as he transitioned to more expensive medications. He was now chugging more than 30 pills a day. A daily leg strengthening routine helped build muscles in Nathan’s legs and forestall the worst of the mobility decreases and lack of ‘exercise tolerance’ as Garfield would have put it. However, his leg lymphedema, as he’d learned that was what the swelling was called, got progressively worse despite using the compression socks. His calves both swelled with the skin thickening like a troll’s and he had to spend a couple weeks back in September in the hospital dealing with a persistent infection in the swollen lymphs there. Issues with heart palpitations and skipping heart beats became more frequent as the year progressed, though Nathan did not frequently have chest pain.

One bright spot in Nathan’s health regime was that by selectively sourcing his calories from sugar and carbs to fat and protein and following Garfield’s advice within Nathan’s own sensibilities, he had largely gained control over his once rampant diabetes. He was no longer using his insulin pump, or insulin at all for that matter, just an admittedly aggressive prescription of oral medications as well as his diet.

With his new funds, Nathan did invest in a CPAP machine which helped him breath at night. By forcing air into his fat clotted airways to keep them from collapsing at night, Nathan went from needing 10-12 hours of rest per day or longer to a more regular 8-9 hour schedule and felt better for it. Though the air hose made disentangling himself for his still frequent nocturnal pisses more complicated.

Though socially, Nathan had never been more fulfilled in his life, monthly reality checks made his mounting health complications an inescapable part of his daily life, not to mention the large time commitment the maintenance on his body dictated. Part of him had resigned himself to living out the remainder of his current life, never seeing Magic-Fox/Douglas again, and dying young. However, that nagging rational part of his brain that wanted to live for another 50 years kept him from completely forgoing his effort to track down the mysterious user who had sent him spinning in this satisfying but ultimately doomed arc. He paid someone five dollars to make him a crude bot which automatically sent messages each week to the various social media and other accounts he had identified and he spent time each week looking for new ones.

It came as a complete shock when, on December 20, his program informed him that he had received a response. It read, “Please for fuck’s sake, stop blasting my inbox!”


Jan 21, 2020
Phoenix, AZ
“What do you mean, I can’t go back?!” Nathan typed furiously into his desktop computer currently displayed on his living room television. His typing was drastically slowed by the fact that he could only use one hand; the extra hundred-odd pounds he had added to his frame since the previous year had made bringing his hands together for any length of time practically unfeasible.

They were barely five minutes into their argument and Douglas was already throwing up walls. “It doesn’t work that way. You don’t get take-backs.”

“I’m going to end up dead soon because of this wish!” Nathan typed, the wireless keyboard bouncing on the wobbly surface of his left man-boob which naturally jutted out even further now that he was well over half a ton. Of course, there was no need to mention he had done even more damage to his fragile constitution by putting on a massive amount of weight in the past year.

“Hey, you knew the risks going in. I even told you how heavy you were going to be.” Wrote the fox. “I don’t see how you have a right to complain when you got exactly what you wanted.”

Nathan supposed that he should have expected this to be a hard sell. “Will you at least open up a video screen, it’s hard for me to type…” he plugged into the instant messenger.

There was a pause of about three minutes, the entire time Nathan spent staring at the chat log looking for typing activity. However, the video call did come, much to the morbidly obese man’s relief.

Douglas appeared on the television, an actual honest-to-god anthropomorphic fox, otherwise known as a ‘furfag’ in internet lingo. He whistled the moment Nathan appeared on his own screen, the sound odd coming out of his long snout. “Jeez, you got bigger in a hurry!”

Nathan eyed the fox-man with beady eyes set in a wide, fat face. “That’s kinda the root of my issue here.” He gestured limply with his hands towards his massive girth, trying not to lift his arms too much.

The perverted fox studied him for a long moment and not with an unappreciative eye. He licked his chops and said, “I wasn’t talking about in general.” He waved his hand limply. “You changed into that body and then went and gained a bunch more weight!” He let out a little snort through his nose. “I guess 800 pounds wasn’t enough was it?”

Nathan clutched his fat fists together, his hands like those of a newborn’s. He had actually been hoping that with his already grotesque size, the new additions wouldn’t be that noticeable. Then he paid attention to what the fox had said. He raised his right index finger, his mammoth tit almost entirely supporting his arm, “First, 898 pounds isn’t ‘over 800 pounds,’ it’s freaking 900 pounds!” He extended another finger, his knuckles heavily dimpling the thick, soft skin on the back of his hand. “Second, I’d like to see you walk off some of this chub when you weigh as much as a European car… and third, what do you mean exactly when you say, ‘put me in this body?’”

Douglas seemed to consider this, then rested his jaw on the back of his hand. “So, do you like, weigh over a thousand pounds now?”

Instinctively, Nathan tried to cross his arms, but was far too fat, instead just wobbling his massive jugs as he moved his arms. “Shouldn’t you already know, aren’t you supposed to be magic or something?” The obese man said after a moment. If there was anything the fox wanted to know, Nathan wasn’t about to give it away for free; his bargaining position was pretty damn weak as it was despite how important it was to him to, you know, avoid death.

The fox-man sighed raggedly. “I’m not magic, I just have a job.”

“Sounds like a heck of a job.” Nathan probed.

Douglas ran his hand through the fur on his head, bending his long ears down momentarily. “Trust me, it’s not that glamorous.” He sighed, “It’s mostly just paper pushing.”

Nathan could relate to that, however, he still knew almost nothing about what was going on. He thought a softer approach might work, “So, is there anything you can tell me about how this all works, Douglas?” He made an open hand gesture, but even the slightest movement made his boobs and upper arm fat quiver, his belly was planted rather firmly at the foot of the sofa between his water-logged and inflamed feet.

The fox bobbled his head uncertainly. “Not… really?” He cocked his head, stretching his long neck in a way that made Nathan immediately jealous. “Look, you already know that we grant wishes, right?”

Nathan nodded, his chin disappearing from view into his spare-tire neck in the process.

“Well, let’s just say that’s a gross oversimplification. We don’t technically do anything. We’re more of a matchmaking service than anything else.”

“Matchmaking…” Nathan muttered as his brain raced to put together the clues he’d been putting together in his head. “So there was… another me. The guy who was living this life before I came here.”

“Bingo, Big Boy!” Douglas exclaimed, making pistols with both of his black-furred hands.

“Then that means… right now, that other guy is…” Nathan said his thoughts aloud.

“Yep, right where you left off.” The fox grinned, “Isn’t that cool?”

“Not… really.” Said Nathan who was unsettled at the idea of another person abducting his life. Though wasn’t that exactly what he had done? Not that Nathan could imagine anyone desiring his mediocre existence beforehand.

“Hey, there are no actual magic genies in the multiverse, so this is the best service you can reasonably expect.” Said the fox, crossing his arms over his lean, nude chest.

“Multiverse…” mumbled Nathan, who was rapidly gaining a clearer concept of what exactly had happened. He was a fan of theoretical physics and was well aware of the theory of parallel universes. Well, if there really were an infinite quantity of other potential realities, that meant that there were a lot of other versions of Nathan… some of whom might fall into a certain narrowly defined set of criteria…


Jan 21, 2020
Phoenix, AZ
“What is this an echo chamber?” Asked the fox rhetorically, and held a hand up to his enormous fuzzy ear. “But anyways, cancellations are way above my pay-grade and we don’t usually do them unless there’s trouble along the vein of revolutions or mass-murder.” He shook his head slowly, “So your fat clogged heart is going to explode in a few years or whatever, big deal. You should see the shit that upper management has to deal with regularly. I’m talking extinction level events here.” He raised his hands again, “And, again, I don’t know what else you were expecting going in there.”

Nathan’s indeed fat choked heart kicked up another notch in his chest, a staccato 120 bpm or thereabouts. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, the way Garfield had told him to and did it again. “It can’t be a coincidence that you put me here when I asked to not have to work again.” persisted Nathan, speaking slowly.

“It’s not.” Said Douglas and his large tail flashed by in the background. “It was at the top of the list of potential matches once you told me you were looking for something financial related.”

“But how could you know that being… a beached, fucking whale wouldn’t bother me too much?” Asked Nathan, gesturing with both of his hands to himself.

“Well, the Happiness Index of course.” Said Douglas blithely.

“The what?”

Douglas rolled his eyes, “Look, it’d take a long time to explain and I don’t do any of that anyways. There’s like, an algorithm or something.” Again he waved his hand like a dead fish. “But whenever there’s a high probability of increasing the amount of joy in the multiverse, the system kicks out a prompt.” He leaned forward into the camera, head on fist, “Why do you think we operate around Christmas anyways?”

There were multiple threads here Nathan knew he was not following, but Douglas seemed dangerously close to boredom and therefore dangerously close to disappearing beyond his grasp forever. “Well, wait then,” Nathan implored, his huge body jiggling at the sides, “If this is about happiness, then I’m not too happy now thinking about how I’ll be dead inside of five years.” He planted his palms on his massive, fatty chest, “I certainly won’t be happy when I do keel over.”

Douglas seemed to consider this for a moment, but shook his head quickly. “Nice one, you almost got me there, Nathan.” He snorted, “But we’re talking about overall happiness, so there’s another side to this equation.” The room behind the fox tilted as he reached forward and adjusted the camera, flashing Nathan with another crotch-shot momentarily as Douglas’s lower tummy was exposed. When the camera was put back into place, the fox said, “My advise to you is to enjoy the time you have left and…” he shrugged, “…maybe lay off the fried chicken? You know, just a little bit.” He winked while holding his forefinger and thumb an inch apart. “See ya around, Big B-“

“Can I talk to him?” Nathan blurted before the fox could end the call.

“Talk to who?” Said Douglas, his ears flattening.

“The other me, the other side of this equation.” Nathan rattled off quickly, barely even considering his words before he said them.

The fox touched his chin briefly. “That’s highly unorthodox…”

Nathan clenched and unclenched his fat hands, feeling his pulse pound again in the side of his neck; this time he let it, though. After taking deep breath, he said, “I know you don’t owe me anything and there really haven’t been any surprises for me in this new life other than how unhealthy I am, and I could have guessed at that or thought to ask you last year…” Nathan needed to take another breath and felt the weight pressing down on his diaphragm acutely. “…but I think it could help bring me some closure if I could talk to the guy whose body this used to be at the very least.” Nathan didn’t really have a plan as he spoke, but he did have hope, and much more of it than he’d had that morning.

“Urgh…” Douglas groaned and batted at one ear in irritation. “That’s not really my department.”

“But you can do it.” Nathan pressed, and then added, “And wouldn’t it look better for you if I was happier on my end as opposed to chronically depressed?”

The fox’s eyes glided over him as seen on the big television display. “You’re not Jones’ing me are you?”

“I’m… not sure what that is…” said Nathan shaking his head slightly, but the fox continued.

“‘Cause I’m going to be pissed if you’re trying to trick me.” Nathan noticed the fur raising around the fox’s neck.

“How could I?” Nathan said, raising his hands defensively. “I mean, the other guy is in the same situation as I am, right? We literally couldn’t do anything other than talk.”

Now Douglas was silent for a long moment. “Well, it wouldn’t be too bad for my numbers…” he muttered mostly to himself. His eyes came back up, “Alright…” he sighed, “I’m not made of stone man, I get it’s tough having to adjust your expectations around.” He got up, immediately filling the screen with his fluffy sheathe before he stepped out of sight of the camera. There were some sounds of rummaging before Douglas returned. Nathan saw a flash of the thick notebook from the first time they’d spoken before it disappeared below the view of the camera. Douglas scanned the pages for a while before he began typing.

“Here.” He said as the instant messenger binged with a link. ‘That’s his email.”

“Thank you, Douglas.” Said Nathan sincerely and he supposed that even this was more than he had a right to ask for. He looked at the email, noting its similarity to his own save for the long string of numbers between the “@“ symbol and “yahoo.com."

Douglas barely registered his thanks though, saying only, “That’ll stop working sometime after New Year’s, by the way. So I wouldn’t wait too long.” He stuck his tongue out, “Ciao, Fat Boy.” Then the call ended abruptly.

Nathan tried sending Douglas a few more instant messages, but the fox only responded with, “Don’t make me block you!” So he gave that up for now. His eyes turned towards the abnormally long email address in his chat history. Nathan began writing the letter he hoped might save his life… one-handed.


Jan 21, 2020
Phoenix, AZ
Talking to himself through email did not prove as disconcerting as Nathan had initially feared. They had lead such radically different lives, they were essentially different people. In fact, the other Nathan preferred going by Jonathan rather than his given name. After the initial shock of contact, Jonathan was actually eager to talk to him about all the things he had been doing since the exchange. However, there were occasional long delays in Jonathan’s responses, much to Nathan’s annoyance. These were due, as he explained, to him actually needing to get some work done during his daytime hours. Nathan sagged into his massive fat-filled frame, remembering how much he hated work. His arteries might have been caked in butter and lard, but that part of his old life he certainly had enjoyed doing without.

Nathan ate just enough to soothe his incredible appetite, a frozen pizza and three cans of potato chips, while spending most of his time starting impatiently at his inbox screen, refreshing it every few minutes. Over the course of the conversation, it became clear that Jonathan had had a similar experience to his own, even down to the White Elephant exchange, though in Jonathan’s case it had been an online exchange with thousands of participants. “Just trying not to feel so alone…” Jonathan wrote in his letter and even though it was just text, the other man did come across as subdued, even though he had been living Nathan’s life for the past year.

Jonathan explained that he had spoken to Douglas too and had wished simply to be “a reasonable size.” He too had gone to bed that night and woken up in a different version of his life. “Albeit, I was hoping to be a lot thinner.” Jonathan wrote. “Still it was a big improvement… but I guess you already know that.”

Jonathan then spent the next three of his letters complaining about his soul-crushing dead-end job and all the people at work who were mean to him. It seemed to Nathan that he had been bottling it up for quite some time. ‘I could’ve told you that…’ Thought Nathan on multiple occasions as he heard about Jonathan making rookie mistakes and unwisely entering into office drama.

“It’s all pointless anyways, but I have to keep coming back to this job because your government’s a bunch of heartless pricks!” Jonathan complained, “Not to mention everything’s like a decade behind here…”

Nathan listened to this retinue of complaints patiently because his glimmer of hope was already beginning to kindle into a larger flame in his breast. When Jonathan asked how he was doing, Nathan explained the radical changes he had made ever since he had established his online presence. Jonathan was amazed that he had even gone outside let alone gone on dates, let alone had sex!

“You’re lying!” Jonathan wrote in his next letter and his envy as well as his virginity was plainly revealed even in text. Nathan calmly explained the fat admiring community and the fact of his sheer bulk alone practically ensured his popularity even among those of the opposing gender. At first Nathan merely alluded to what he had done with Dorothy, Heather, and Samantha… However, Nathan described things more explicitly in the next email when Jonathan asked him for more details; he was careful to leave out any indication of his putting on so much more weight in the past year. Afterwards, Jonathan became more snarky and short with his words, even going so far as to call himself “stupid” or “useless” on more than a single occasion. When Jonathan tried to comfort him, though, that only seemed to make things worse. The next email read:

I can’t be hearing this! I really am a useless piece of trash aren’t I? You are the one who’s almost half a ton, but you’re having a great time and I have about three hours to myself each night after spending the day with a bunch of assholes and practically no money in the bank! I guess it just doesn’t matter where I go…

I’m glad your happy…

“Jesus… Passive aggressive much?” Nathan whispered to himself. He deliberately failed to respond right away, instead using the mouse on the wide expanse of his right breast to navigate and respond to some social media. If Jonathan was like any of the needy people he knew from both the internet and inside the offices of faceless mega-corporations, he would only become more angry and frustrated by a failure to respond. Which, of course, was exactly what Nathan wanted.

The plan had formed over the first several letters and Nathan did not feel too guilty over making Jonathan upset. The other man had initially come across as overly smug and defensive over being able to escape being such a manatee as well as the accompanying health concerns. Nathan had to give his other iteration at least that much credit. If the tables had been turned, he too would be suspicious of his other self contacting him too out of the blue, after the swap had been made.

“No take backs…” Nathan chuckled to himself before hauling himself painfully to his much abused feet. As he walked, his ankles kept touching the ground along with the soles of his feet, a result not only of the extra 100+ pounds he had gained, but also an impressive amount of swelling in his lower limbs which had occurred as a result of gravity, poor circulation and suboptimal organ function. He huffed and puffed his way to the jacuzzi tub, taking a piss and then rinsing off afterwards; he had never figured out a way to properly use the toilet between all of his inner thigh folds and his FUPA which had completely eaten his dick under the heavy gut he wore.

About half an hour later, he waddled to the fridge and sat down on the stool. He chugged a liter of diet lemonade without stopping; sugary drinks were no longer on the menu for him unfortunately. Afterwards, he grabbed another liter and headed back to the couch, scooting along the floor because his knees were killing him after moving around so much. As he got himself comfortable, again resting the keyboard on the huge plane of his left boob and the mouse on his right, he opened his inbox and saw three letters from Jonathan. The last one with the subject line, “Are you ignoring me?” Nathan smiled to himself and began writing.

The conversation carried on through most of the next day. Nathan was careful not to blow too much smoke up Jonathan’s ass, however. They spent a large number of emails talking about how Nathan was adapting to his larger-than-life frame, his various handicaps and lack of mobility. Nathan gave Jonathan health statistics he recalled from last year, however, rather than his newer, less optimistic ones.

“Yeah, I’ve always had a problem with eating.” Jonathan wrote as if apologizing to Nathan. “It got worse after Mom died and when I was so big, I just never wanted to leave the house and that made me get even bigger… I’m not a people person…”

“Neither am I!” Nathan joked back to him.

“No, you’re different from me.” Jonathan wrote in his next reply. “If what you’re saying is right, you were able to reach out to people, even when I… I was practically on the verge of killing myself.”

“It’s different now.” Nathan wrote back carefully. “Even though I can’t really leave the house much, there’s tons of friendly people online. Lots of people love the way I look and they encourage me. I’ve made a couple of good friends here. I’m sure it wouldn’t take you long to do the same if you tried.”

Jonathan’s response took longer than usual to come back. In fact, Nathan had to wait about four hours. He chugged the other big bottle of diet lemonade quickly, making a face at the taste of artificial sweetener and had to strongly resist the urge to put fried chicken into the oven, Douglas’s words to him still hanging over his head as well as the ghost of chest pain lingering in his rib cage from how worked up he had been earlier. Nathan scratched at the scanty dark hair covering his mammoth, five-foot-wide chest.

Other than his occasional force feeding sessions he did for money, he had been attacking his diabetes vigorously through diet and medication. He had gotten it mostly under control, in fact, his latest A1C had come back at 6% which was almost normal. But in the same time period, his cholesterol had gone from the low 300’s to the mid 500’s, not even mentioning his acidic blood pH or liver enzyme flareups. A cholesterol level of over 300 was listed as ‘critically high,’ so the fact that Nathan was nearly double that made him feel sure that his poor abused ticker was basically pumping sludge right now. Garfield had so far been adamant on getting his diabetes in check first, admonishing him constantly that the fact that his body was completely saturated with fat already was more to blame than his actual diet, but heart health was definitely on the next-to-do list. However, as Nathan had already found, balancing prescriptions was like balancing plates, it was harder the more of them there were and he knew that he was stacking the deck against himself by continuing to pile on pounds. He ruminated on this heavily as he rested in the heap of his own body, already used to moving around minimally due to the sheer weight on all of his limbs. And yet… in spite of it all, being such a colossal fat ass just felt so… luxurious in a way that would have been hard for Nathan to describe.

Finally, Nathan’s inbox updated. The subject line read, “Can you tell me about your friends?”


Jan 21, 2020
Phoenix, AZ
On Christmas Eve, Nathan was interrupted in writing yet another letter to Jonathan when he received an incoming voice call over the instant messenger. He recognized the username instantly. Hurriedly, Nathan moved the mouse over the flat pasty flesh of his boob, dragging his abundant forearm fat along with it.

Douglas appeared, but this time he was definitely not wearing a grin on his vulpine face. “What have you been saying to him?!” He demanded as soon as the screen loaded.

Nathan lifted his heavy arms with effort. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He tried to look as fat and useless as possible where he sat on the couch; it wasn’t too difficult.

Douglas did a double take, seeming to doubt his own initial thoughts as he looked at the man who weighed over 1,000 pounds. He pinched the bridge of his long snout. “Well, whatever you’ve done has tanked the Happiness Index for your transaction. The only reason I gave you his email was to boost the numbers on your end!” He growled.

“Well, have mine gone up?” Nathan asked carefully. He was feeling a little more optimistic since he had begun implementing his plan.

“They… have…” Douglas admitted, scratching at his ear again. “But that hardly matters when your opposite is even more depressed than before he made the exchange!”

Nathan straightened up as much as he could with fat straddling him feet deep all around his torso. “I don’t see how this is my fault!” He shot back, feigning outrage. “Maybe he’s just finding out how much working a dead-end job sucks.”

Douglas hunched his shoulders slightly and looked at Nathan while holding his muzzle lightly with one hand. He held the obese man’s eyes for a long moment, but Nathan didn’t move; that wasn’t hard either. “…I swear if I find out you did this on purpose…” he muttered.

“You’ll what?” Nathan asked after a pause, genuinely curious.

His hand fell away and he smirked, looking more like his usual self. “Well, I’d hate-fuck your neck roll for starters, and afterwards, I’d probably look for a universe where you weigh 2,000 pounds and send you there.” The fox licked his chops and for the life of him, Nathan could not tell if he was being serious.

“Um…” stammered the half-ton man, but Douglas went on.

“But none of that would solve my numbers problem. You owe me for tanking them, so you’re going to help me fix them.” The fox stuck a clawed finger right at him in the video screen.

That wasn’t what Nathan had been expecting, but this seemed much closer to the right track than before. “And how can I do that?” He asked, again gesturing to his behemoth, mostly immobile self.

The fox grinned, “You’re going to help me stage an intervention.”

Nathan didn’t care for the way Douglas said that, but very quickly it became apparent that he was not going to have a choice in the matter. His attempts to protest, if only for the sake of obvious practical reasons were met with, “It’s already taken care of. Just go to sleep tonight like before.” Douglas winked at him, “Let Santa take care of the rest…” And before Nathan knew it, the call was ending.

He was left sitting on the sofa, pinned in place by the oppressive weight of himself, and wondering just what he had gotten himself into. The odd thought crossed his mind, however, “I wonder what it’d be like weighing 2,000 pounds!” He chuckled softly to himself, still feeling the faint, dull pain right in the center of his breast.

Nathan ended up pigging out on fried chicken that night anyways. He figured that hopefully soon this body would not be his problem any longer and even if it was, one more night of self-destructive eating would not make much of a difference. The chicken was already in the oven before Nathan belatedly thought to turn a profit out of his gorge. He set up a livestream, hosting a chatroom filled with people asking him questions, mostly about if he ever saw his dick (no, obviously) and how much he ate (as much as possible and whenever he felt like it. That response always seemed to rile up his audience). From time to time, people donated cash to him to have their comments highlighted from the growing stream. Things really kicked up as he piled up the chicken on a large dinner plate, carrying it with difficulty because the hot meat was burning his soft breast where he was balancing it using one hand to stabilize it. A thousand people showed up on his counter, then two thousand, many people calling him a disgusting pig and saying he was killing himself as well as setting a bad example for others. Some people even said that people like him were a failure of the UBI system. Nathan lapped it all up, the good and the bad, both were turn ons for him. As his lips and moon-cheeks were slick and greasy with the last of the chicken, someone offered him $100 to drink a tall glass of meal replacement/protein shake. Nathan took it and asked the chat, “Anyone want me to add butter?” Another $50, and then another. Nathan added another table spoon of butter to his dessert for each like donation, eventually adding six in all.

The chat went wild as he bent forward on the stool supporting the vast majority of his bulk to reach for the blender, his back turned to the camera. Nathan saw “More skin!” And “Dat ass!” Highlighted in the chat box. Nathan only grinned and jiggled his fat as the blender whirred. People were so predictable, but they were just like him in this regard, Nathan mused as he chugged down the three cans of meal replacement along with the butter in a long pull that tried to fill up the corners of his straining stomach. ‘They just can’t get enough…’ Nathan licked the rim of the blender pitcher and asked the chat if they wanted to pay for another even though his stomach was tight and complaining already. They gave the obvious answer which made Nathan stiff inside the thick FUPA cunt enveloping him completely.

As Nathan clamored into bed with great difficulty, he regretted leaving the livestream on for so long. His arms were achey after the effort of preparing and then eating so much food. The extra weight he had collected on his arms just made every manual task that much more difficult. What Nathan really needed was a feeder, he reflected. Even with all of his monetary needs taken care of, there was really only so far he could go on his own and he was basically already at the cusp of it, if not just a little ways over.

“Oh well…” he sighed as he pulled on his breathing mask to force his airways open during the night. He was sure that he could find someone, probably one of the girls, or even one of the guys, he had already dated. But after tonight, hopefully that wouldn’t matter anymore. This had been a most excellent dream, Nathan told himself, but it was high time he get back to reality, or at least his own reality…


Jan 21, 2020
Phoenix, AZ
Nathan had only just begun to doze off when his sleep-veiled mind was assailed by what he could only describe as a tugging sensation which seemed to extend across the entirety of his massive form. Like there was a sudden singularity at his center of mass, everything was being pulled inward, or perhaps in a direction he had not been aware of separate from the three regular dimensions. At least it was over very quickly.

When Nathan next opened his eyes, he realized quickly that he was no longer in his comfortable apartment and while he thought that he had seen this shade of beige wall paint somewhere else before, he couldn’t quite place it, not until he felt a furry paw-hand tapping lightly at the side of his fat, round cheek.

“Wakey, wakey.” Said the full-sized fox man standing next to Nathan. When Nathan drew in his next breath, he could smell an animal-like musk coming off of the orange and white plush fur. Douglas kept bouncing his hand off of Nathan’s globular cheek and intoned, “Now get off my bed before you break it, sweetheart.”

Nathan reached for Douglas’s hand with his far one and the fox began pulling him over with surprising strength, the heavily obese man hardly able to do any of the work himself. And indeed, as his body shifted its weight, his sumo-sized belly spilling off of the end of the mattress, there was an alarming creaking from the wooden frame, and the metal components of the boxspring groaned and complained under him. Nathan wanted to ask questions, but was forestalled by his belly fat literally pressing the air out of his diaphragm as he was pulled instantly up onto his ass. His belly went from sagging over the side of the bed to resting on top of and between his thighs, its lower swell settling to rest on the ground; his ass still took up a majority of the bed and the sheets were all tangled up from his skin dragging over the surface of it.

Nathan had to catch his breath after the effort, the dull pain in his breast still had not gone away completely.

“Jesus, you’re heavy!” Douglas exclaimed, breathing a little heavily himself.

Nathan rolled his left shoulder a few times. If the fox had pulled any harder (or he’d been much heavier) he definitely could have dislocated it. “Yeah, you’re just noticing that…” Nathan breathed. He leaned forward slightly to adjust the way his colossal belly was resting on his thighs, but was met by a resounding “Crack!” from the frame under him.

Douglas immediately made shooing motions with his hands, brushing Nathan’s soft body with his long dark claws. “Seriously though, get off my bed!”

Nathan began laboriously rolling his weight onto his misshapen feet, more belly fat pilling up against the ground and skin sliding around in folds under his belly and at his sides. “Urgh…” groaned the colossal man as he felt his damaged knee joints begin to complain even before his full weight was on them. There was another crack and more groaning under him and Douglas swiftly moved in front of Nathan, grabbing his hands and hauling forward. “Oooff!” They puffed in unison until Nathan was standing unsteadily on his swollen feet, ankle fat still sagging around his heels. Nathan continued holding the fox’s hand with one of his own for stability. He took another deep breath and looked across at Douglas whose lean torso was almost pressed against his own curvaceous one and noticed that they were almost the same height, not counting the ears…

“Sorry if anything’s broken…” said Nathan because he was still mostly in shock at having been apparently transported again, and also being in the presence of a creature that rightfully belonged in animated movies and internet art depositories. He swallowed though and took another rasping breath, feeling the pain swell in his knees and then the first twinges near the base of his spine as his lower back struggled to counteract the hundreds of pounds of extra fat strapped to his front. “…but I’m going to need someplace to sit soon.”

Douglas gestured to a corner of the small bedroom and Nathan realized that this was indeed Douglas’s bedroom from the video chat. The obese man turned around slowly, taking many steps as well as tugging on the fox’s hand for support as most of the materials in the room seemed too cheap to reliably support his weight. In the corner there was a huge pile of notebooks almost exactly like the kind he’d seen the fox consult. They were all stacked up into the approximate size of a wide bench and Nathan did not hesitate in waddling the few steps towards them, feeling as his lower belly collided with his calves as well as his sagging ass-flaps with the backs of his thunder thighs.

Nathan sighed with relief as he collapsed down onto the wide stack of notebooks, the paper deflating only a little under his titanic ass. As he adjusted his belly over his thighs as well as his other fat rolls and caught his breath again, he looked up at the fox man who was waiting patiently for him. Behind Douglass a huge fluffy tail the size of his lean torso waved back and forth slowly. “So where am I?” Nathan asked as he collected his thoughts. It seemed pointless to ask about fox-people given the things he already knew.

“Headquarters.” Said the fox non-helpfully, and he touched his chin, eyes roaming over Nathan’s body in a way that Nathan had come to be familiar with both from online and real life encounters.

“Headquarters for what?” Asked Nathan as he rubbed at the cleft between his tits a little.

“The wish-granting service, of course.” Said Douglas, his enormous tail swishing sharply to the right.

“Right…” said Nathan. He no longer blamed Douglas for withholding information. That seemed more like a top-down decision and from the looks of the fox’s living quarters, he was not exactly living the glamorous life either. “…but do you think you can tell me where exactly that is? Is Wish Inc. somewhere in Atlanta, for instance?”

Douglas snorted at that at least. “No, nowhere as hellish as that.” He cocked his head and flicked his ears as if considering how much to tell Nathan. He said finally, “We’re in-between.” Douglas pressed the palms of his black furred hands together to emphasize this.

Nathan had seen enough sci-fi movies - from two different universes at that! - to make a guess. “You mean like in-between universes…” he said slowly.

“Yeah.” The fox confirmed, his ear flicking again as if to suggest that was all he intended to say on the matter.

Nathan shrugged, feeling the weight of the fat pilled around his shoulders. He decided just to go with the flow. After all, the mechanics of how didn’t really matter to him as long as he was able to reverse the wish he’d made. “Alright then.” He said simply and wished that he could make a simple hand gesture like clapping his palms together. He ended up lightly slapping the level surface of his humongous pancake boob instead. “So what am I here to do exactly?”

Douglas seemed to sag in relief, the tension visibly going out of his lean body. Nathan belatedly realized that, again, the fox was still nude save for his fur, but this still left the guy’s cock and balls hanging out and clearly visible despite the slightly thicker fur around the crotch area; though Douglas’s sheath did not so much hang as was attached to his lower tummy like a dog’s.

“Right to business then! Right, good…” Douglas put a dark hand on his snout. “You know, I was expecting to have to argue with you about a bunch of metaphysical stuff and things I can’t tell you.”

Nathan shrugged again, the pale white fat actually pushing against the lobes of his ears. “I just decided it’d be easier not to press you about company policy. Besides, I was just fine not knowing about the fundamental nature of the multiverse or whatever before I got sucked into all of this…” He winked and then flipped his hand up from the wrist so he didn’t have to lift his arm from where it rested on a wide cushion of breast fat. “So they make you live at the place where you work?” Nathan asked nonchalantly.

Douglas grinned and rubbed the back of his head. “Yeah, I’m basically a Chinese factory worker, but without the suicide nets.” He chuckled, “But it’d be a little hard for a fox like me to go around walking in public anyways.”

Nathan raised an eyebrow. “There isn’t like… a fox planet somewhere?”

Douglas’s smile looked like a grimace. “I wish!” He drawled, looking off into space for a moment and then back down at the morbidly obese guy. “No, it’s just here for us mythical types.” He released a heavy sigh and then took a seat on the bed, curling his tail into his lap and stroking it idly.

Nathan tried not to adjust his weight too much for fear of delaminating the stack of notebooks under him and wondered if there were things like dragons or gryphons working at this weird wish company. Perhaps Douglas stood beside the water cooler with a giant spider or an actual floating genie. It was an amusing thought, but Nathan thought that he ought to bring things back around to business to set Douglas at ease. “Okay, so you said something about an intervention for Jonathan.”


Jan 21, 2020
Phoenix, AZ
Douglas perked up. “Yeah, I scheduled him to come here later so I’d have a chance to talk to you first.”

“So what’s the game plan?” Nathan asked, honestly curious.

Douglas smirked, “Well, you’re going to help me convince Jonathan that his life’s still worth living and that he doesn’t have to switch back with you.”

Nathan cocked his head, nearly covering his left ear with pale fatty skin in the process. “You remember that this all started with me asking you to swap us back right? If Jonathan wants to swap back now, why don’t-“

Douglas forestalled the rest of Nathan’s questions with two out raised palms. “Look, I already told you I can’t do a reversal.”

“Why not?!” Nathan pressed, raising his hands and letting them fall onto the huge surface of his tits which made them bounce and splash like loose gelatin. “You brought me here and that seems like a bigger deal than putting things back the way they were.”

“B-because… it’d hurt my performance numbers, alright?!” Douglas blurted, extending his lean, muscular arms. Nathan was speechless and nearly apoplectic at the fox’s selfishness, but before he could recover from his stunned state, Douglas went on more softly, “If your transaction falls through, I’m going to get killed during my next performance review.” He placed his hands on his furry chest. “I could lose my private quarters privileges!”

“You mean you’d lose this shitty little bedroom…” Nathan commented, “No offense.”

The fox smirked sarcastically, “It might be a shitty little bedroom, but its my shitty little bedroom.” He flipped his hand over, “Have you ever tried living in a bunk, actually living in a bunk full time?” He shook his head slowly, “I’d never be able to have my boyfriend over and then I’d be that guy who always has to come over to your place. No sir! I’m not going to be that guy.

It would have been easy for Nathan to trivialize the fox’s concerns given that he was staring down the barrel of a gun labeled Cholesterol, however, he found it easy to sympathize with the strange fox-person, especially since it seemed as though he was stuck at his place of work 24/7. Nathan had had nightmares of being trapped at his corporate office and never being able to go home before. So, in a way, Douglas’s life too was in jeopardy from the sounds of it, at least everything important in life including his social standing.

“Okay…” said Nathan, slowly nodding his head and making his chin disappear. “But if we can’t do a swap-back, then what am I going to get in return for helping you?”

Douglas frowned slightly and then gave a haphazard shrug. “How about getting a blow job from a real-life anthro-fox?” He said, pulling his lips back from his admittedly perfect white fangs. At Nathan’s expression, he added, “I’ll ride you too… you know…” he waggled his finger at Nathan’s gelatinous body, “…if we can get the physics to work out.”

Not for the first time, Nathan wished he could cross his arms again, but he slapped at his man-boobs again for emphasis. “That sounds like it’d be a reward for you.” Said Nathan flatly.

Douglas stuck his tongue out at him, “Can’t it be both, Big Boy?”

Nathan feigned consideration of the ludicrous proposal. “I’ll tell you what, how about you do something for me so that I’m not dead in the next five years and then we can discuss the matter of potential fucking.” Nathan didn’t want to throw the offer of sexual release completely back in the fox’s face, even though he still didn’t really consider himself fully bisexual. Douglas’s albeit toned, lithe form didn’t arouse him in the slightest, but he had already learned that he actually didn’t care much about who was working him, so long as he was being worked and could feel his heavy fat rolls being jostled around and played with. It’d been over a month since he had last ejaculated completely, in fact, as generating enough friction through his thickened FUPA had become virtually impossible at this point.

“I didn’t hear a no…” said Douglas coyly as he leaned his jaw on the knuckles of his right hand. When Nathan failed to respond however, the fox sighed, letting his head fall forward. When he looked back up, he said, “Look, this isn’t strictly ethical…” the fox wavered, ears waggling, “But I already know that gorgeous tub of a body you’ve got has a two or three year expiration date.”

“I thought I had like five years!” Interjected Nathan, pushing his fists into the meat of his expansive rack.

Douglas rolled his eyes, “Who are you going to trust more? A doctor who hates you or your resident Magical Fox?” Douglas fluttered his eyes at Nathan.

Nathan stared at the fox opened mouthed for multiple seconds. “…you said you weren’t magical.”

“Ugh…!” Douglas sighed, drawing his hand down his snout, “I’m not, but I have access to equipment that might as well be!” The fox pointed his long snout at Nathan, “And that equipment tells me that there’s a 98% chance that you’re going to have a massive coronary in the next eighteen to thirty months, and guess what, you’ll be too fat to operate on. Go figure.”

Nathan was stunned into silence. Douglass had basically just told him how he was going to die, and it was a lot sooner than he had even expected.

“Don’t give me that… argh, why am I so bad at this?!” Douglas exclaimed, his eyes unusually moist as he ran his claws through the short fur on his head. “Look, Nathan, this isn’t a bad thing. We can even make it work for us.”

Nathan turned his eyes desperately to the fox-man. “How can we possibly make my imminent death work for us?” He said and was acutely aware of the spot of pain deep between his ribs which was still lingering after all this time.

“Well, like I said, this isn’t strictly ethical, but if we wait until right before your heart explodes from all the fat to do a transaction, then your side of the equation basically zeros out no matter who we put in there.” Douglas gestured with his foreclaw at where his lard-stuffed belly ballooned out in front of him.

“Can you please not use the words ‘heart’ and ‘explode’ in the same sentence?” Nathan groaned.

Douglas suddenly stepped forward, graceful on his long legs and walked the few steps forward to stand in front of Nathan, his clawed feet just touching where his belly pressed against the ground. The fox took his baby-fat hands and looked intently into his eyes. “You of all people should take this seriously.” Said the fox. “And I haven’t given just a little thought to this.” It shocked Nathan that the flamboyant fox was suddenly so serious, and he listened as Douglas went on. “The multiverse is literally infinite, which means that there are an infinite number of different versions of you who are almost exactly the same. As long as we do the transfer right before you die, it won’t matter if the other you is upset or angry at the change, it’ll just register as zero on our systems. I might even pick up a few bonus points cause you’ll be super appreciative of your life afterwards right?” Douglas gave him an exaggerated wink.

“So what you’re saying is, after we’re done here, go back and wait for my heart to blow up or whatever and you’ll steal another Nathan’s life and put me in his shoes?” Said Nathan with mounting incredulity.

“Well you don’t have to put it like that…” said Douglas, falling back into his normal lisp and letting go of Nathan’s hands. The fox took a step back and waved his hand, “You’ll hardly notice the difference. I mean, who cares if a certain coin flip came up heads or tails 100 years ago, or if a particular hydrogen atom is buried in a brick in Paris or flying around Neptune?”

Nathan thought about it more seriously. He definitely was still not interested in dying, particularly in the way Douglas had just told him was pretty much inevitable, but… “But another Nathan, another me has to die?”

Douglas sighed and looked off towards the ceiling. “Nathan’s die all the time, and I don’t mean that metaphorically.” He waved his paw at the obese man, “Other versions of you are dropping dead every nanosecond, some are being executed by the state, others are being torn apart by aliens or radioactive cockroaches. There are literally infinite amounts of you.” Douglas waved his arms over his head. “One particular Nathan doesn’t really matter…” but the fox caught himself as he looked down at the half-ton man again, “The only Nathan who should matter to you, is you.” Said the fox who again pointed at his fat-laden chest. Then he shrugged, “And I guess that other, other Nathan, Jonathan, who ought to be turning up here in a few minutes. After all…” he chuckled, “I’m not even going to go through the trouble of getting you a new body if you can’t convince Jonathan to go back home and be grateful about it.”


Jan 21, 2020
Phoenix, AZ
Wow, and I thought I was self-absorbed…’ thought Nathan quietly. He said aloud, “Is that the only way out of this?” He still didn’t like the idea of consigning a different version of himself to an incomprehensible and painful death, even if it was just one out of an infinite number of different versions of himself.

“‘Fraid so, Butter Boy.” Said Douglas and he swished his tail again, “At least that’s what I can put on the table. You’re welcome to take it or leave it as far as I’m concerned.” He examined his black claws briefly, “Though if I were you, I’d lay off the fried butter smoothies no matter what you decide; it tends to through off the algorithms when you’re actively trying to destroy your body.” Douglas chuckled softly and looked over Nathan again with those hungry eyes of his.

Nathan shifted uncomfortably, wanting to argue and yet he was aware of the multiple sticks of butter he had added to his after-dinner shake binge and were undoubtedly already well underway to becoming a permanent part of his belly, his ass, or the lining of his arteries. Nathan wondered if he ought to have paid more attention in his philosophy courses back in college because this definitely seemed like the beginning of an ethical thought experiment to him. However, more than anything, he was aware that he did NOT want his own consciousness to end in potentially less than two years. “Alright, I think that’ll do.” Said Nathan finally.

“Thank the heavens above that’s over with!” Douglas exclaimed and skipped back towards Nathan, putting a hand on his soft, meaty shoulder and resting his tight, furry rump on an outlying region of Nathan’s love handle where it sat on his thigh. “Now, how about we fuck?”


Jan 21, 2020
Phoenix, AZ
When Jonathan arrived a little over a half hour later, Nathan was surprised for two reasons. First, he had never seen a person simply materialize out of thin air almost exactly like a classic Star Trek episode, except there were no flashing lights or any other special effects. The second reason was that the person Jonathan was looking at was far larger than he had been expecting.

Ok, he had never been a skinny guy. At 350 pounds, he was downright obese and was usually the fattest person in the room to boot, but the man appearing on the bed now was far wider and girthier than any of his old memories indicated, even memories a year removed. Jonathan, unlike either Nathan or Douglas, was wearing clothing, a plain white undershirt and boxers. Nathan did not recognize the boxer pattern, but then he could hardly see it for the enormous paunch spilling over the waistband and sitting heavily on Jonathan’s crotch.

“What the hell is this?” Nathan exclaimed, gesturing to the man on the bed weakly with his too-heavy arm.

“Quiet!” Douglas hissed. “He’s put on a little weight in the past year, and I wouldn’t be talking, if I were you, Jumbo.”

That’s not a little…” Nathan tried, but then the man on the bed was already fumbling awake.

“Wh-where…?” Started Jonathan. Douglas moved forward to touch the man’s arm, but Jonathan flinched away. “Holy Sh-“ was as far as he got before there was a huge crack as the bed’s tortured frame finally gave out.

“Oh for fuck’s sake…” Muttered Douglas and Nathan had to admit that their little intervention definitely could have had a more auspicious start.

It took Douglas almost ten minutes to extract Jonathan from the remains of the bed, the maneuvering made difficult by all of the exposed nails, staples and splinters of wood around the broken frame. Nathan, naturally, was unable to help at all. As well, with the bed destroyed and Nathan filling up almost a quarter of the small room by himself, there was no longer anywhere to sit. “Jeez you two, try to leave some space for the rest of us!” Douglas laughed in an attempt to lighten the mood, but Jonathan, whose thigh was punctured by a scrap of wood wasn’t in the mood to laugh or do much of anything but sit on the floor hissing in pain and apparently struggling to fight off a panic attack.

“This isn’t real, it can’t be real…” Jonathan could be heard murmuring to himself.

Douglas looked with a stormy expression from the shattered bed to the crying man to the automobile-sized person filling the opposite corner of the room. He pinched the bridge of his snout. “Come on, I’ll take you to get bandaged up.” Said Douglas and he lifted Jonathan up with two arms and a lot of effort given his size, which was fully half of Nathan’s outrageous bulk now.

“What about me?” Nathan insisted, putting weight on his pomegranate feet as the fox and his old body pushed their way out of the door.

“We can do this in the break room.” Said Douglas nonchalantly.

Nathan threw out his left hand, “Well that’d be fine, except I don’t think I can even fit through that door.” Jonathan had already brushed both sides against it’s standard width going out and Nathan knew that he’d be more like a round block trying to go through a square hole.

Douglas looked sidelong for a moment then pushed Jonathan down the hallway with one hand while taking hold of the frame with his other. The fox applied pressure and, as if the world were a cartoon, pushed the doorframe so that it became substantially wider with no indication of where the matter which had composed that part of the wall previously had gone.

“How…” Nathan gaped, but Douglas shook his head.

“It’s not magic.” The fox preempted, “Things are just more… fudgable here. Now come on!” Douglas waved his furry hand at him and Nathan was left to his own resources in pulling his more than half-ton frame onto his unsteady, diseased feet.

On one hand, the hallway was pretty narrow, so Nathan did not have to worry too much about keeping his balance. On the other hand, the hallway was pretty narrow and his sides were constantly rubbing against one wall or the other. In fact, if he were much wider, he would have been brushing both sides of the hallway simultaneously. Despite the difficulty he was having, Nathan found himself getting hard at the thought of so nearly filling an entire hallway with his body.

By the time Nathan had begun shuffling his fat ass down the hallway, however, Douglas and Jonathan were already at the far end which seemed to Nathan an unreasonably far distance to expect him to walk, perhaps as much as 150 feet! Nathan dragged his soft bloated feet across the cheap carpet whose kind was so familiar to him. His knees ached right away due to the weight and the damaged cartilage, then came the lower back pain as Nathan was forced to lean back in order to balance the weight of his belly and the insufficient weight of his bouncing ass. Lastly came the heat in the muscles of his calves which were burdened with supporting all of Nathan’s 1,000+ pounds, especially since Garfield had actually encouraged him to avoid locking his knees; Nathan followed this advice only because it felt like his femur was rubbing against his tibia without the benefit of padding otherwise.

“…Douglas…!” Nathan cried out breathlessly as he continued shuffling along and they did not immediately reappear. Despite all of the structural pain he was in, Nathan was still surprised by that hot ember in his chest which burned hotter as his heart rate redoubled almost immediately from the exertion of moving his vast collection of pale-skinned lard. His numb left foot dragged a little too heavily on the carpet and Nathan stumbled, only managing to catch himself with one arm as well as the friction of the entire side of his globular body against one wall. Nathan steadied himself for a moment, but knew full well that all of the panting in the world wasn’t going to help him until he could set his massive load down. “Douglas!…!” Nathan tried again, but didn’t wait before beginning to trundle along again.

Nathan’s leg routine must have been working because he was quite surprised when he reached the end of the hallway without collapsing, though he almost wished that he had since he had not worked this hard to move his mammoth body around since the early days before his expectations had to be radically readjusted. His pounding heart had aggravated the dull chest pain into actual angina that was spreading towards his left shoulder with the deep muscle ache, and he was breathing so hard that he would have found it impossible to speak. The latter was likely why, when Douglas rounded the corner at the end of the hallway and plowed right into Nathan’s soft, chubby flank, he could only wheeze, “Hungn!”

The fox bounced back surprisingly far after the hard impact, while Nathan barely had to shift his weight, the fox feeling as light as a waif. That was physics at work for you, but Nathan was not in a mood to appreciate it.

Douglas dusted himself off, but noticed Nathan’s strained face. “Jeez, you’re more out of shape than I thought!” And again, there was that glimmer of lust in the fox’s eyes. But the fox took Nathan’s grateful hand and led him to the left, “Come on, not too much further now…”

Nathan didn’t - and couldn’t- argue. He just placidly accepted the fox’s help in pulling along and stabilizing his hugely jostling mass of loosely connected fat rolls and tried to keep up. Given his condition, Nathan felt like there were hot iron brands in his legs and lower back and he was sweating profusely even with the cool air running over his elephantine figure; it was not surprising that he could not take in much of his surroundings. However, Nathan was given the strong impression of moving along much faster than his feet could account for. A few cubicles flashed by, but these were higher than Nathan’s head and could could not see the occupants inside, though he caught a flash of what must have been bright purple feathers. Nathan barely registered passing through another mysteriously widened doorway, but he did register the big stainless steel bench set against a side wall almost instantly.

Nathan let go of Douglas’s hand and trundled over, taking big wobbly steps that made his belly swing like a pendulum, almost knocking him over in the process. Nathan fought against the overbalancing mass like a drunken sailor, eventually hovering his huge naked ass over the smooth metal. He made an audible thump as he let his weight down, legs all but collapsing in their fatigue. “Thank… God…!” Nathan wheezed, not sure if Douglas had actually bounced into the air slightly from the impact or not. He rubbed uncomfortably at the left side of the base of his neck, even though he had to reach his fingers under the spare tire of white fat that hung from his ‘neck.’

To Douglas’s credit, he was quiet for about three minutes as the sound of Nathan’s breathing filled the small room which was indistinguishable from thousands of similar coffee rooms around the country. The fox pulled down the blinds on the tiny window and locked the door so they would not be interrupted. “Alright, ladies, lets get this shit show back on the road!” Said the fox clapping his hands together.


Jan 21, 2020
Phoenix, AZ
“Um…” said a voice and Nathan only now registered the presence of the second obese man in the room. Nathan looked at the round coffee table and saw an unhappy looking version of himself, albeit this one must have weighed at least 600 pounds, sitting down and using two folding chairs to support his widened ass. Jonathan’s boxers were pulled up on one side, the huge thigh hastily wrapped around with unusual looking purple gauze. Nathan would have grimaced if he didn’t need every oxygen atom he could pull into himself at the moment, however, as Jonathan was raising his hand like a schoolchild. “…I’m pretty sure this isn’t a dream anymore… but I’d still like to know why I’m here…?” He said this unsurely which did not boost Nathan’s expectation of this iteration’s overall intellect.

Douglas turned around and walked toward Jonathan from the door. Jonathan flinched and the fox halted, raising his hands. “It’s ok, you’re safe here.”

Jonathan looked at Douglas and finally towards Nathan, as if noticing him for the first time, and perhaps he was; he had been whisked out of the room pretty quickly after all. “Oh my god!” He exclaimed, pointing his chubby finger right at Nathan. “You’re huge!”

Nathan furrowed his brows. “Yeah, I noticed when I swapped into this body.” He said flatly.

“No, I mean, I’ve… you, you put on so much more weight!” Gasped Jonathan, instantly ruining Nathan’s hopes that his gains would go unnoticed. “Did you do that on purpose?”

Nathan just scowled. “Of course I didn’t!” He lied, and added quickly, “You don’t exactly look like you’ve been avoiding the McDonald’s drive through either, Jonathan!” Nathan could have gone on about how Jonathan had appeared to have ruined his old body, but that would have defeated the point of why they were here.

Jonathan’s hand flew defensively to his breast, second chin wobbling severely. “I have an eating disorder!”

“And that’s perfectly alright!” Interjected Douglas as he stepped in between the two huge men before Nathan could open his mouth. The fox swatted the side of his belly hard enough with his tail for the bristles to sting the soft flesh in the process. “It’s alright if you’re struggling with an eating disorder, Jonathan. That’s why we’re here to help.”

Jonathan’s round face brightened. “Oh is that what this is? Are you going to reverse the swap like I asked you to?”

Douglas’s face instantly fell. “Um… no. That’s not why-“

Jonathan shot out of his seats with speed that Nathan envied and took several steps forward, his huge belly wobbling on top of meaty thighs, “But that’s the only reason why I contacted you, Magic Fox! I hate my new life!” He threw his fists down angrily and stomped the floor with his padded foot; Nathan noted how Jonathan at least had all of his toes still and his lower legs weren’t riddled with hard, troll-like bumps and nodules.

“Take a seat, Jonathan.” Said Douglas firmly. “We’re going to talk about it.” He turned towards Nathan, “And none of us are going home until this is sorted out!”

“Well, I don’t know what you want to talk about.” Said Jonathan frumpily, crossing his arms over his thick chest; he really did have an almost identical build to Nathan at this point, save that he was at least 400 pounds lighter and didn’t have bulging lymphedema sacks on his legs. He gestured to Nathan, “Unless he doesn’t want to swap back.”

Douglas threw Nathan a serious glance. Nathan took one more deep breath. “And why would I want to swap back?” He said, reaching in deep for all of the acting skills he’d developed bull-shitting supervisors and upper managers.

Jonathan gaped at him. “You can’t be serious! Look at you!” The 600 pound man threw his flabby arms out towards Nathan where both sides of his ass were sagging over the ends of the wide bench, his belly pushing firmly against the ground between his discolored feet.

“Hey!” I said firmly, but carefully not accusatorially. “I like being huge like this.” Nathan patted his enormous tits which made the level surfaces bounce fluidly. “My wish was to be able to live somewhere comfortably and weigh 900 pounds.”

Jonathan’s brain seemed to be close to short circuiting. “B-b-but…” he stammered. “You… I could barely move at that size!” He waved his hand at Nathan’s purple left foot, “They almost had to cut my foot off! And I could never go outside.” He huffed, depressing his chin and making his own spare tire neck even larger, “Nobody would want that.”

Nathan rolled his massive shoulders. “I admit, the health problems were a concern at first.” He made sure to gesture towards Douglas with his wrist. “But Douglas warned me there might be a cost with the wish.” Nathan took another deep breath and rubbed again towards his left shoulder as much as he could reach, stretching out his thick, non-neck. “…I’ve been trying to get things under control.”

Jonathan stared at Nathan for a long moment, and then turned his eyes to the fox who was caught scratching idly at his ball sack before removing his hand. “Your name is Douglas?” Jonathan sounded more hurt than anything.

The fox grinned sheepishly. “It is.”

Jonathan looked between the huge pile of human being that was Nathan and the lean fox. “Well, I’m happy you two are such close friends…” he said crossing his arms and pushing the passive aggressive meter into the red zone.

Nathan and Douglas looked at each other. “Well, I…” started Douglas, but Nathan cut him off.

“We’ve just talked more than you probably have.” Said Nathan hurriedly. He reached forward and tapped at the top swell of his dome of belly fat between his man-boobs. “I mean, I’ve needed a lot of help adjusting to the change.”

Jonathan still looked pissed, but his expression moderated slightly. “Yeah, well, I could have used some help myself.” He muttered, “I haven’t had to have a job in 15 years.” He raised his finger at Nathan, “Your government’s lousy by the way!”

“Preaching to the choir, Jonathan.” Said the half-ton man quickly, raising both of his palms.

After examining both of the other mens’ faces for a time, Jonathan seemed to lose a lot of his fire. He just sagged and put his face in his hands, his large, sagging belly pushing his knees apart. “The work makes my life miserable!” He moaned into his palms. “I hate everyone there and I’ve nearly been fired three times already! I had to take a pay cut just to stay on and they didn’t give me any of my bonuses.” The corners of his hands became moist, “They pay me barely enough to live on. I’d be kicked out of my shitty apartment in a month if they let me go and they will now that I’ve gotten so big again!”

Nathan listened as Jonathan began to sob, though he was not surprised to hear about Jonathan’s stream of mostly self-inflicted woes; he’d already heard most of it through his correspondence. It was not an enviable position and Nathan was not completely sure he would, in fact, be willing to swap back now that his old body was not only 200 pounds heaver than last year, but also on the verge of unemployment and subsequent homelessness. Nathan tried to shove the thought out of his head, though, and to concentrate on trying to convince Jonathan to go back to his new life and give it another shot.

Nathan regretted his inability to walk over and give Jonathan a comforting back rub; he really couldn’t get up at all without a lot of heavy breathing and probably hitting the other man with his gut before his hand ever got close. However, as Jonathan’s heaving lessened, Douglas moved over and gave him a pat on the back, Jonathan only flinched a little. Nathan spoke, “It’s true that my life had a lot of problems. I wouldn’t have made a wish to change things if there hadn’t been. I mean, I’ve still got different problems… with my health, with cleaning myself everyday.”

“At least I know how to deal with that.” Jonathan sighed miserably and lifted his head, wiping his round face on one short sleeve and then another; it didn’t help much. “Trying to move up in your society is literally impossible! Corporations own everything.”

Nathan winced, but tried to collect his wits. “Yeah, my world’s got a lot of problems with it, I’m not going to defend that, but your world’s got its own share of problems too.” Nathan placed a fat hand near the cleft of his massive chest. “It’s just our lot that we weren’t born in the sunniest part of the universe, that’s just not an option.”

“Yeah, about 90% of all possible realities are shit holes.” Douglas agreed and Nathan had no way of telling if he was joking or not.

Jonathan shook his head, “Why’re you defending him?” He flung his hand toward the fox. “He basically tricked us! Or at least he tricked me…” Jonathan eyed Nathan carefully, “…and are you seriously not concerned about your weight killing you?”

“I’d ask the same thing of you, butterball.” Said Douglas wickedly as he pinched Jonathan’s side.


Jan 21, 2020
Phoenix, AZ
“Not helping…” said Nathan as Jonathan fought off the handsy fox. Douglas raised his hands innocently and Nathan turned back to Jonathan. “I’m not gonna lie, it freaked me out how unhealthy I was after the swap, especially the missing toes.” Nathan tried to wiggle the big toe on his left foot, but honestly couldn’t feel enough to tell if it worked or not. “I sat up at night wondering how much longer I could survive at this huge size.” That much was true at least, “But you know, after the first couple months, I decided that I needed to get my shit together and own this.” Again, Nathan gestured with both hands to his behemoth form. “I worked with Garfield and followed most of his advice.” Nathan wavered his hand above his watermelon sized tit. “I didn’t want to do calorie reduction and I ended up putting on a bunch of weight in the past year, and it’s hurt me in some ways…” he lifted his right foot which was still swollen with fluid and he could still feel the empty grapefruit sized divot in the flesh there were the infection had threatened to take the whole leg off. “But that was my decision.”

“So you’re a food addict like I am.” Said Jonathan, “That doesn’t give you the right to take my life away!”

Nathan blinked at the sudden reverse in logic. “I didn’t take anything.” He growled, “You gave this life away because you didn’t want it, same as me.” Jonathan huffed and crossed his fat arms again. Nathan rubbed at the side of his neck before continuing. “And I’m not addicted to food…” Jonathan gaped at the apparent incongruity, looking at a man the size of a small hill, flesh draping off of his extremely wide waist to the ground. Nathan stood his ground, though, “…food is just a means to an end. If anything, I’m addicted to… all of this.” Nathan took hold of his voluminous breasts at the side and shook them profusely, easily reclaiming his erection secretly, though his expression may have betrayed it.

“Well, that just makes you a pervert.” Said Jonathan very judgmentally. “I can’t control myself around food, but at least I’m not trying to kill myself.”

“I’m not trying to kill myself either!” Said Nathan, his temper rising for real now. “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.” Even though it meant lifting the twenty or so pounds strapped to his forearm, Nathan bent his head and pinched his brow. Looking up, he said, “I did make things worse for myself in some ways, but I’ve improved things in others. I’ve got my diabetes under control finally. My last A1C came back at 6%.”

“It did not!” Gasped Jonathan and from his expression, this revelation floored him.

“It did so!” Said Nathan who had no intention of explaining how his cholesterol had grown out of control in the same time. With effort, he reached down to tug at the side of his massive love handle that sagged over the side of his thigh. On the milk white flesh there, there were numerous pink and red scars there, like mosquito bites. “Do you see an insulin pump here?” Breathed Nathan who was puffing at the effort of lifting up fifty pounds or more of loose fat roll. Nathan lifted both of his arms over his head, though this caused both sides of his face to be almost crushed in upper arm blubber. It was really hard lifting up the full weight of his arms, but raised and lowered them a couple times to make his point. He let them rest and took a deep breath. When he exhaled, he was able to breathe normally again, though inside his chest, his heart still beat at an elevated pace for a long, long while. “Under all this pudge, I’m a lot fitter than you were a year ago too. If I wasn’t I wouldn’t even be able to walk after putting on so much extra weight!”

“Well, I’m so glad that you’re happy being a colossal, record-breaking fat ass.” Said Jonathan childishly. “I don’t see how that helps me with my horrible life.”

“But don’t you see, Jonathan?” Said Nathan, “My whole point is that you can adapt to the challenges you’re facing. I adapted!” It hurt Nathan inside to be lying by omission to this extent, but so far he had avoided lying outright and this was his life on the line here. Then a sudden thought entered his mind. “Besides, at this point, it’d be worse for you even if somehow we forced Douglas to change us back.”

Jonathan and Douglas both raised their eyebrows at Nathan. “How do you figure?” Said Jonathan, who seemed genuinely interested.

Nathan thought fast. “Well for starters, you’d be coming back as 1,032 pounds instead of 898…”

“Fuck…” Jonathan stammered and Douglas clapped his hands together briefly.

Nathan ignored them both. “You already admitted that you can’t control yourself around food, so going back to the UBI system just enables your habit.” Nathan cocked his head, “I mean, that’s mostly how you wound up so big in the first place right?”

Jonathan said nothing, so Nathan went on.

“But the biggest reason you should try to make things work on your side is that you don’t even like being this huge!” Nathan pointed his thump downwards to his emperor sized belly, “I told you how I’m living my life now. You wouldn’t be able to relate to the friends I’ve made or be able to make the videos like I do that bring in my spare cash.”

“Okay, okay!” Said Jonathan, pushing his hands out in front of his oversized belly. “I’d just fuck up my life all over if we swapped back. But my life is still a giant shit heap!”

“It’s just your attitude, Jonathan.” Said Nathan before taking another deep breath. He tried to work the kinks out of his sore neck, but gratefully Douglas jumped in after what had seemed like quite a while.

“You know, people deal with problems with work, with psychological issues all the time.” He made an open handed gesture. “You have resources in your own world to help you. Have you thought about seeing a psychologist? Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to be friendlier, even if you have to fake it.”

“…even if you have to play nice with assholes.” Nathan grunted.

Douglas leaned down to where Jonathan was sitting and placed a hand on his thick shoulder. “This wish company isn’t really for solving the kinds of problems you’re talking about and if you carry a chip on your shoulder, you’re going to be miserable anywhere you go anyways.”

Jonathan sighed, finally seeming to accept the other two men’s words. He looked across at Nathan who had, naturally barely moved through this whole exchange. “I guess it’d be wrong of me to take away something that’s working for you even if I can’t get my shit together.”

“You can, if you try, I think” Nathan said, waving his right hand feebly.

Jonathan took a deep breath and sighed, leaning backwards and making the two chairs under him groan loudly. “Fuck me, now what?” He said, pressing the butts of his hands to his eyes.

Nathan said nothing, but Douglas twitched his tail. “Well… since you’re both here, how about an orgy?”

“I knew you were a friggin’ pervert!” Said Jonathan, though his tone of voice said something completely different.

Douglas seemed to notice this as well. “Hey, we’re all adults here, we’ve got a locked door and you two at least are guaranteed never to see each other or me again!”

Jonathan leaned back up, looked between Nathan and Douglas. “I’m actually still a virgin, but I’m not sure that I want my first time to be with two dudes…”

Douglas moved to Nathan’s front and grabbed a large handful of belly fat. “Well this guy used to be your old body, so it’d be like giving yourself a handy, really.” The fox went on shamelessly and placed a furred hand on his breast, “And from your point of view, I’m pretty much not even real. Just think of me as like a cartoon character or something.”

Nathan leaned forward slightly, which caused the side of his gut to press against the fox’s body and placed a fat-gloved hand on his shoulder. “You’re trying really hard, Douglas, but I think the most you’re going to accomplish is giving the both of us blow jobs, if Jonathan’s even comfortable with that.”

“I’m good with that!” Douglas cried and he reached with his right hand to fondle the fat man’s breast; there was quite a lot there to fondle.

“I’m… not so comfortable with that.” Nathan admitted. He looked up at the other two guys touching each other. “But, I mean, you two do whatever.”

Douglas looked at Jonathan curiously for a moment and then pulled away from Nathan. “Do you think you’re okay to go back now? Think you can make yourself happier?”

Jonathan sighed heavily. “I don’t know how much there is to look forward to, but I guess this is the same for most people, right?”

“Right.” Agreed the fox, and then he waved his arm in a wide arc over Jonathan’s head. The obese man immediately slumped forward and Nathan thought that he would fall right out of the chairs supporting him. However, instead of falling, Jonathan just faded away, just as quickly as he’d come.

Douglas sighed and slumped into one of the now empty chairs, head down and hands between his knees. “Oh my gods… I didn’t think that was going to work.”


Jan 21, 2020
Phoenix, AZ
Nathan gave the fox a minute or so to recover. Obviously the encounter had taken a lot out of him emotionally. Nathan himself felt like he could use that missing night’s sleep badly, although the dull pain lingering in his chest and shoulder would probably keep him awake. He thought about asking Douglas for some aspirin when the fox took a deep breath and seemed to come alive again with his familiar vive and vigor. As he got up from his chair and paced over to Nathan, sashaying his tail behind his lean buttocks, he said, “Well, Nathan, how about a round two?”

Nathan lightly clasped the fox’s shoulders as Douglas buried his snout into his cleavage as if he were sniffing for a buried bone. “Well you certainly converted me over to your way of thinking!” Nathan laughed.

Douglas’s ears twitched and he came up for air, “‘Converted’ you say?” He narrowed his eyes, “Are you thinking of switching teams for me then?” Behind the fox, his tail began to wag back and forth.

“…Not quite.” Nathan chuckled. With the fox resting his lean pecs on his massive chest, it was easy for Nathan to reach over and stroke the fox’s fur, it was soft and well groomed, reminding him of his childhood pet. “But you’re welcome to keep trying.”

Douglas beamed at that and ran his hands over Nathan’s man-boobs and sides, leaning more of his weight on the dome of Nathan’s vast protruding belly. Nathan could feel the fox’s abs through the pelt on his front, as well as certain other things as well, though Douglas kept himself remarkably under control. “Oooh, I’ll take you up on that challenge, fat boy.” The fox said, waggling his eyebrows. He leaned in closer, his fuzzy vulpine lips parting slightly.

Nathan could smell the fox’s breath which was mostly classic peppermint, as if Douglas had brushed his teeth right before he and Jonathan had arrived, but under that was something more gamey, maybe salmon, or perhaps even rabbit. The obese man touched the fox’s nose gently. “Not on the mouth.” Said Nathan.

Douglas leaned back slightly, still resting a lot of his weight on Nathan’s chest and belly, but the lean man’s frame was like nothing compared to Nathan’s vast heap of a body.

Nathan couldn’t stand the disappointed look on the fox’s face, but he said, “You know I’m just using you for my personal gratification, right? It’s nothing personal.”

“Mhmm, tell me more about how you’ll use me, Big Boy.” Douglas murred, brushing the back of his hand under his jaw as he leaned on Nathan’s front.

“Don’t be nasty!” Laughed Nathan.

Douglas grinned and stood up, the fat under him resuming its smooth curvature from where his weight had depressed it slightly. He sighed, “It’s just my curse, I guess, to crush on the straight guys. My boyfriend isn’t even half your size!” He pouted briefly, but Nathan could tell he was joking.

“You know, I think I’m pretty open for a straight dude.” Nathan shrugged, “But I can’t help what does and doesn’t turn me on.”

“And that’s fine, sweetheart.” Said Douglas again moving closer. He placed his hands on either side of the colossal tank of Nathan’s belly. “Mhmm, I knew what I was getting into with this.” He shook Nathan’s belly side to side, having a hard time with how bulky and heavy it was; the fat was dense and firm where it rested over Nathan’s buried abdominals.

Nathan grinned slightly. Douglas really wasn’t that bad, considering the other gay men he considered his friends and acquaintances. They might have even been able to be friends, and even the whole ‘furry’ thing was slowly growing on him. His fox-face indeed reminded him more of a cartoon character than some kind of weird animal mask which was more or less closer to reality considering how realistic it was, with tear ducts and moist nose and everything.

“Here.” Said Nathan and he turned his face slightly on his non-existent neck, touching his wide moon-cheek with a sausage finger. “If you really want to.”

Douglas’s ears perked straight up as he laid back across Nathan’s wide abdomen and quickly pecked the half-ton man on his pale cheek. Nathan noticed that the fox’s sheathe where it rested against his overflowing belly felt larger and firmer, but nothing moist had emerged from the furry sleeve, for which Nathan was grateful. “Thanks…” said Douglas bashfully and his large eyes had a longing expression. Nathan almost wished he could give the fox everything he wanted. Douglas leaned back and supported the weight of his forequarters on the palms of his hands sunk into Nathan’s chest. “Well, then, shall we get to business?”

Douglas helped Nathan onto the floor, which was more difficult than it sounded. The morbidly obese man had valid concerns about getting up again, but Douglas assuaged them by saying, “I’ll just send you home afterwards. You’ll wake up in bed.” Nathan wanted to ask Douglas if they would indeed never see each other again, but figured that question could wait until after they had a good time.

Despite the fact that Nathan was not physically attracted to Douglas, he enjoyed the brief session of foreplay the other man provided. The fox lavished attention on his enormous body, resting on top of him, belly to belly, though in Nathan’s case, he was more like a king-sized mattress under Douglas, the fox’s furred feet hanging suspended off the lower side of it which rested on top of Nathan’s knees. Douglas loved shoving his nose into Nathan’s thick fat rolls which frequently made Nathan want to giggle from the bristly feel of the whiskers and he didn’t even mind so much the cool damp feel of the fox’s nose; Douglas never complained at any of the odors he discovered inside Nathan’s congested flesh rolls, even the ones that were difficult for him to clean properly. Nathan found that he liked very much the feel of someone weighing less than 200 pounds on top of him, even though with his already sizable abdomen on top of his diagram it didn’t make it any easier to breathe. Ideally, Nathan would have preferred that person be a woman, but with the small pool of people interested in his body type, Nathan had learned to be less choosey. An orgasm was an orgasm, after all, and Nathan had been hard for a couple minutes already when Douglas slid off of him wordlessly and knelt down at the base of his titanic belly.

“Let’s not… take too long…” Nathan wheezed, clearly having difficulty breathing while lying on his back and that was not helping his chest pain situation at all.

“We’ll just go two times if that’s alright.” Said Douglas, resting his elbow on the swell of Nathan’s lower belly.

Nathan couldn’t even see the fox over the mound of belly fat between them, but he said, “Yeah…”

Douglas rubbed Nathan’s lower paunch lightly and then proceeded to reach both of his hands under, pushing Nathan’s vast collection of past breakfasts and dinners upward and back towards Nathan’s chest. Like the first time, the fox ducked under the heavy mass of belly fat that must have weighed more than his entire body; Nathan could feel the fox’s back muscles take the underside of his heavy belly. The skin there was thick and discolored he knew from all the rubbing while the surface of his sweaty thighs began to exude heat and body odor like a furnace, the cool air feeling immensely pleasurable to Nathan. It was not a stench, Nathan had made sure to bathe again before going to bed, but there was certainly a heavy musk to the whole area, but, if anything, Douglas seemed to be relishing in it. Nathan could feel the fox’s body tense and tremble slightly as he adjusted the weight on his back and moved in a little deeper on hands and knees.


Jan 21, 2020
Phoenix, AZ
“Doing alright… in there?” Nathan asked as his belly soared very high above him, pushed up by Douglas. The obese man focused on drawing deeper breaths despite the extra effort it took.

“Mhmm… I’ve always been a fan of spelunking!” The fox purred and Nathan felt him sink his hands between the even sweatier areas between his inner thighs. Douglas’s moist nose and the tip of his tongue explored the tight confines deeper under the massive belly, indeed like an explorer entering a secret cavern system.

“Ungh…” Nathan grunted and wheezed as Douglas plunged his fingers between his upper thighs and pulled out his ball sack; they had been crushed in place so long, it was an immense relief to have their position shifted on top of his thighs in addition to having them fondled. Douglas stacked up a little more weight on top of Nathan’s diaphragm as he went deeper though, so that the half-ton man could feel the air being pressed out of him.

But Nathan groaned again as Douglas gave his sack a few playful laps with his long tongue. The obese man knew already that his sack was nothing to be impressed about. His testicles were shrunken due to the constant pressure as well as the suffocating heat under his belly which usually exceeded 100 degrees. Despite being sure that he was fully, if not permanently sterile at though point, though, that did not stop Nathan from gasping as a small amount of pre-cum escaped him. His FUPA was so large at this point though, that Nathan could tell that nothing had dripped out from the cleft yet.

“Urmph… this is probably the best part…” came Douglas’s muffled voice and Nathan could feel the Fox’s hand come to rest on the wide, long curve of his FUPA. Nathan didn’t know if Douglas was talking about best for him or for the fox himself, but honestly it was a little hard to put two and two together due to the lack of oxygen he was getting.

The fox’s paw pads were like soft leather where they touched the hot, sensitive skin of Nathan’s FUPA. Douglas pushed firmly upwards and back, like he was doing with Nathan’s belly, but on a smaller scale. Immediately, Nathan felt air on his member as it fell out of the bottom of the cleft in his own fat. It was really hard and sensitive, even though they had done the exact same thing about an hour ago. Nathan barely lasted long enough for Douglas to draw him into his mouth, which was a lot deeper than a human’s due to the snout. Nathan came in three hot gushes that spattered against the back of the fox’s tongue and leaked out of either side of his jowls slightly. Douglas swallowed as he had the first time, but Nathan did not know whether to appreciate that or be disgusted. Regardless, it was not as though his shriveled testicles produced an excessive load anyways, though Nathan did not particularly care very much about that. He lay flat on his back, panting and wheezing while pleasure exploded in his head even as the throbbing chest pain expanded into his upper arm on the left side. Douglas crawled out from under him to let Nathan catch his breath and went to grab a drink of water from the tiny sink in the break room.

Douglas gargled conspicuously and came back, bringing Nathan a plastic cup of tap water which he help the obese man drink while lying prone and between his heavy, gasping breaths.

“You know, for a diabetic, I expected your cum to taste sweeter.” Said Douglas as he took a seat on Nathan’s lower belly, his whole body rocking in time with Nathan’s heavy breathing.

Nathan stretched out his left arm, the cramping was getting seriously bad, but his libido demanded at least one more round with the fox, who was very competent for a partner. “That’s disgusting… man…” Nathan wheezed.

Douglas just chuckled to himself. “Well, when you’ve been around as much as I have, I can tell you, each guy has got his own flavor.” The fox licked his chops for emphasis.

Nathan grimaced. He might be willing to accept oral from another guy, but this was a part where he wanted to stick his fingers in his ears and shout, “La-la-la!”

“Well, like I told… Jonathan… I pretty much… got my… diabetes under… control…” Nathan’s breathing sounded hoarse and terrible due to the fat narrowing his windpipe, but he was not concerned with the way he sounded so much as the ongoing pain sitting like stoked coals all around his chest and the left side of his upper body.

“Yeah, but you’re basically pumping hot butter around through these veins of yours…” Douglas said, leaning down to lick at the smooth white skin on the side of Nathan’s belly where he was sitting. Nathan was so broad, Douglas could easily lie down on his back on only take up a third of the space available, though his feet would still hang off the end because they were about the same height. “Ungh… you’re like a mega-marbled steak, don’t you know, Nathan?” The fox groaned, clearly aroused beyond patience himself. Nathan felt a few of Douglas’s sharp fangs play at the soft surface of his belly, but let him go on for a while. Nathan could almost feel the sexual tension building in the fox’s lean body as he licked and nibbled at his thickened fat rolls.

“I read your file, you know…” Douglas went on, his voice growing husky. “I’m a kinky-ass bastard, but it’s just amazing to me how much you can push the human body… the shapes and sizes…” He bit Nathan hard enough to make him wince and he moaned slightly. Nathan had not been into biting before, but the way Douglas was doing it… he didn’t mind so much. The fox was quite literally a predatory animal hovering over a subdued prey, a stuffed pig, that was Nathan. Nathan wanted to feel helpless and in the fox’s control, as part of his own kink.

“So… is that your… fetish…?” Nathan wheezed, he was almost ready to go again, but not even close to catching his breath yet. “…extremes?”

“Mhmm, the more the better, Honey!” Growled the fox excitedly. He leaned further over the smooth surface of Nathan’s body and drew his right nipple into his mouth, biting down on the skin and fat harder than before. Nathan gasped in pain and excitement. Despite the fox not being bigger than him - and so much smaller in terms of pounds! - Douglas was doing a good job of making Nathan feel dominated, but without bringing up the ‘ick’ factor that usually killed his mood when he thought of sex between dudes. It was easier if he just thought of Douglas as a ‘friend.’

Douglas let Nathan go, though that portion of his big moob was left covered in fox drool. “Man I wish I could just, like, get you and an anorexic in the same room together…” Douglas spread his thighs over the surface of Nathan’s lower belly, again supporting the weight of his upper body on his palms, which he drew over Nathan’s pale white flesh, scratching lightly. Nathan could feel the fox becoming more excited than before, his sheathe thick, firm, and throbbing every so often. “…and like, stuff him inside of you.” Douglas laughed.

“Pervert.” Nathan chuckled briefly before being forced to inhale deeply.

“The word is ‘furvert.’” Douglas corrected with a wink. Then he tapped heavily on Nathan’s massive right moob. “Are you ready to go again?”

Nathan wasn’t sure, he was still breathing heavily, but they might be here for another half hour if they waited for him to completely catch his breath. Underneath the twin masses of his belly and FUPA, Nathan was already at half mast again. “Yeah, pretty much…” he breathed. He didn’t want to waste Douglas’s time, but with his chest throbbing like it was, he knew already he would not be able to manage a third time. In fact, Nathan planed to immediately wake up and chew half a dozen aspirin as soon as he got back home.

Douglas, however, did not waste any time in scooting his tight rump off of Nathan’s gut, swishing his luxurious tail around the lower swell of it on the way back down. The fox then repeated the process of burrowing into Nathan’s labyrinthine inner confines, but this time he lifted Nathan’s belly up even higher, seeming to place his chest and tummy over Nathan’s exposed FUPA instead of just his face and tongue.

“I’m want to try something a little different.” Came the fox’s muffled voice again. “Just let me know if you’re alright with it. I’ll stop anytime you want.”

Nathan was curious and anxious at what the gay fox wanted to do to him, but also there was a thrill of excitement at again being subject to Douglas’s control. “Alright…” Nathan wheezed. It was almost all he could do to draw in breath at this point, with almost the full weight of his belly bearing down on him, several hundred pounds of fat in all. Nathan’s chest and shoulder throbbed with a bone deep ache.

Douglas adjusted his body, his back tensing and relaxing under the soft, but extremely heavy burden. The fox crouched, spreading his weight across his forearms as he supported himself on the surface of Nathan’s elephantine thigh. He crouched lower, which thankfully let a little bit of the mammoth belly drop, but not much with a whole person occupying an area where there was usually literally zero space. Then Nathan felt something slick and firm slide into the cleft at the bottom of his FUPA.


Jan 21, 2020
Phoenix, AZ
Nathan shuddered as he felt the hot probe collide with and then slide alongside of his own buried member, the hot, firm thing longer and thicker than his own. Despite the way Nathan’s brain revulsed at the thought of what Douglas was doing to him, however, his body reacted to the simple pressure against his straining shaft. The weight of the FUPA kept both phalluses pressed tightly together in the confined space, but then Douglas started to create friction by drawing back and forth with his hips.

“Is… that alright?” Came Douglas’s voice, heavy with his own desire.

“…yes.” Said Nathan breathlessly, and to his surprise, it was, if he didn’t think about it too much. But it was surprisingly easy to turn his brain partially off or simply not realize what exactly was happening to him when his brain was not getting enough oxygen again. The pleasure mounted and mixed with the growing pain in his fat-clotted chest which was swiftly changing from dull to not-so-dull.

“Mhrmm… Murmph!” Douglas groaned from under Nathan’s smothering belly and even the lesser weight of it on the fox’s back was making it difficult for the fox to draw breath as well as he let it crush his upper body. Nathan came first, groaning, panting and wheezing, but Douglas kept pushing in and out of his cum-soaked FUPA for a brief time, his own shaft firm with moist, tight skin in the cramped, slick place. Then Douglas came voluminously in such a surge, it flowed copiously out of the tight, narrow cleft and rebounded against Nathan’s upper thighs and Douglas’s lower tummy.

“Ahyee!” Douglas created a higher pitched, quite inhuman sound as he succumbed to his desire and then sagged for a long moment, letting Nathan’s belly continue to crush his torso with only his head poking out from under the far right side of his love handle.

“Oh my gods, that was good…!” Douglas groaned, but Nathan did not respond immediately, too busy gasping and panting for breath. The fox rested for perhaps a minute longer, his cock slowly withdrawing back into his soaked, furry sheathe. Douglas was not in too much of a hurry to move, knowing that he would have to wash his entire crotch and even his lower stomach in the sink before he went anywhere. “…Man, I wish more guys had cunts like you do, Nathan.” He drawled playfully, still listening to the fat man’s rasping, labored breathing which itself was such a turn on for the fox-man.

“Douglas…” gasped Nathan at length in a strained voice.

“Yeah?” Asked the fox, lifting his head with effort against the mass of fat crushing his ears to his skull.

“I… I think…” Nathan gasped, his tone entirely different than before, “I think I’m… having a heart attack!”


Jan 21, 2020
Phoenix, AZ
Douglas knelt over Nathan’s massive prone body, his clawed hands on Nathan’s left breast. The morbidly obese man was still panting, as he had been since they had started with their extracurricular activities, however, now there was an edge of desperation in the labored sounds of his breath. Nathan’s eyes had suddenly gone bloodshot and he was groping weakly at the center of his wide chest with his useless, fat-stuffed arms.

“What makes you think you’re having a heart attack?” Asked Douglas, his tone serious, but also somewhat skeptical. After all, this was not suppose to happen for more than a year according to Nathan’s file.

“It hurts… damnit!” Nathan croaked, forming a bit of foam at the corner of his mouth. “Can’t… catch my… breath…”

“Well that part isn’t unusual.” Said Douglas, he tone growing more worried as he observed Nathan’s pained expression. He pushed lightly into Nathan’s breast, well away from the actual rib cage, with his hands. “Your body’s huge, it takes a lot longer to replace all that oxygen.”

Nathan tossed his head back and forth and groaned loudly, almost crying out. “It hurts!” Nathan groped again at the center of his chest, the actual rib cage making barely a third of the full girth of his chest. Nathan’s hands were less than useless; not only was it hard to even bring both to the center due how thick both arms were, but there was also almost a foot of fat from the pliant surface to his breast bone where the pain seemed to be emanating from, filling the core of his body. “Ugh… It’s like… a fucking vice, man!” Tears were beginning to stream from Nathan’s beady, bloodshot eyes. “Just like… they always say… something squeezing… inside my chest.”

Nathan couldn’t so much as roll over on his own, he couldn’t do anything, not with 1,000 pounds pinning him in place and pain racking his entire system. Douglas leaned down over Nathan’s shuddering, rippling chest gently and placed a large ear to the pale skin surface. Nathan’s heartbeat was erratic, coming in brief staccato bursts and then cutting out for three, four, or five second pauses at a time before coming back in another flurry. Nathan tended to cough violently when his heart went still and by this point his face had gone from milk white to beet red.

“Oh, my god, I think you’re right about having a heart attack.” Said Douglas, his voice rising.

Inside Nathan’s chest, the pain of heart muscle dying from fat clogged arteries was like a knife being pushed slowly between his ribs. He’d never experienced this level of pain before and more foam collected at the corners of his mouth with his continued gasps for air. Nathan expected the fox to take immediate action now that he had confirmation, but then Douglas said the last thing he was expecting.

“Do… do you think you can stop doing that?” At the very least, the fox sounded unsure of his suggestion.

Nathan found the will inside of himself to tilt his head slightly to peer up at Douglas. “Stop… having a… fucking heart… attack…?” Nathan groaned. He wanted to ask Douglas if he was a moron as well, but every word cost him as his heart spasmed and fluttered inside his fat-stuffed chest.

“I guess not, huh…” said Douglas glumly. Nathan felt the fox’s tail swish over the ground with his outstretched left hand as the fox thought. “This is really bad, Nathan. You can’t do this here. You’re not allowed to die at HQ.”

“Maybe… you shouldn’t… have… fucked me… so hard… then…” Nathan wheezed and then closed his eyes as another spasm of chest pain rocked him, spreading down the entire length of his left arm now. It was like the worse muscle cramp ever combined with a migraine headache and fleeting bouts of dizziness and nausea.

Douglas’s tail straightened out behind him and he ran his claws through the fur on his head again. “Jesus, Nathan… if you were back on earth, then we could do the transfer now… but I need some time to put it together.” Douglas was still leaning lightly on the fatty part of Nathan’s chest for which he was grateful as he was not sure he could tolerate even light pressure on his ribs right now. “D-do you think you can ride this out for a while, Nathan” said Douglas, increasingly frantic. “Maybe this is the kind of heart attack where you don’t die right away…”

Nathan coughed and wheezed some more, drawing breath starting to become painful in itself as whatever was happening to him only intensified. “I’m over 800… pounds overweight… and my… cholesterol is… sky high…” Nathan coughed again, becoming aware now of the longer and longer pauses where his fat-smothered heart stopped working, “I don’t… think… I have a… good chance… of… surviving this…”

Douglas looked down at him, fear becoming the fox’s dominant expression. “I don’t know w-“ he started, but Nathan gasped again.

“Douglas…! Please… do… something…!” Nathan spluttered and his next groan turned into an actual cry as heart muscle died and elicited a pain that made the half-ton man think that his ribs would surely crack soon.

“I… I…” Douglas stammered, his ears flattening. He seemed to make a decision, however and he rose. Without saying anything else, he dashed lightly to the door and threw it open, the sounds of his paw-steps quickly fading.

Nathan was left lying on his back and regretting not telling Douglas to roll him onto his side before he went. It would have made it a little easier to breathe, but perhaps that did not matter so much in the scope of what was happening to him. A minute passed and then two. Nathan continued panting and sweating, forced to experience the fearsome pain and unable to move any of his limbs, the strength seemingly gone out of them utterly. Nathan wondered at what kind of heart attack this was when people were depicted as keeling over and dying pretty much instantly, but his heart rate kept beating erratically; Slow, fast, pause, fast, slow, pause, then fast again. It made his head swim with the rapidly changing flow of blood. But after the initial surge of bone-breaking pain, it did begin to taper off just a bit and Nathan’s breathing improved, just a little bit. To say that he became more comfortable, however, would have been laughable.

Nathan heard two pairs of footsteps enter the small break room and managed to just tilt his head forward, though it didn’t help much in seeing over his prodigious belly.

“Is this another of your projects, Douglas.” Came a clipped, formal voice from somewhere over the huge mound of white flesh, placing extra emphasis on the fox’s name who Nathan could only guess was the second pair of feet.

“In a manner of speaking, Sir.” Said Douglas in an utterly unfamiliar tone that Nathan had never heard the fox use before.

The first speaker issued a decidedly inhuman, but recognizable feline growl. “It seems to be in distress.” He said this as if Nathan were a lizard or some small mammal in an examination tank.

“I think he’s having a heart attack, Sir.” Said Douglas again in a heavily subdued and formal tone.

“I take it that this one is not cleared for discorporation?” Said the first speaker in a disinterested tone.

“According to his file, it wasn’t suppose to happen for at least another eighteen months.” Said Douglas and then he drew a deep breath, adding, “I may have aggravated his condition, Sir. I asked him for his assistance in repairing a transaction which seemed in danger of becoming a net negative index. The effort may have placed undue stress on his already overtaxed system.”

The other speaker sniffed audibly. “And, of course, there were no other activities which may have caused this… gentleman any unwarranted stress, hmm…?”

Douglas said nothing, or perhaps he did say something, but it seemed to Nathan that his head was filling with painful cotton, if that made any sense. Words and sounds seemed to swim in and out of his ears. He blinked some of the sweat out of his eyes. No, things definitely seemed to be getting worse rather than better. Nathan registered the tactile feel of feet on the ground rather than the sound as the first man walked over. He looked up and saw a great big tiger looking down at him, stripes, ears and everything. Nathan would have teased Douglas about this being one of his friends, but the severe expression the tiger wore seemed to put lie to that immediately. As well, unlike Douglas who seemed to go everywhere nude, the tiger was dressed in slacks, a tie and a cheap looking jacket, like any other middle manager worth his salt. The tiger’s mouth moved, but Nathan could not make sense of the words, his vision was also fading from the corners as well. He recognized the tiger pulling something out from his coat pocket, but couldn’t remember much after that as his heart decided to pause and… it just stayed paused. Nathan gulped air a couple more times as he became aware of what it felt like to have his thickened blood slosh to a halt inside of his body. After that, he rapidly lost consciousness.


Jan 21, 2020
Phoenix, AZ
Nathan was at first surprised to find himself waking up as his very last thoughts were of the surety of his permanent demise. It was indeed a shock to find himself once again drawing breath, but there were other differences as well in the sensations coming from his body. He tried to sit up but was quickly pushed back by a huge weight of resistance. ‘Okay, I don’t seem to be in a new body…’ He thought to himself, but that couldn’t be right, could it? He felt too… good.

Given the state of his health as well as 35 years of excessive wear and tear, it was not surprising that Nathan had just come to expect various aches and pains, especially as he had grown accustomed to weighing half a ton. But now, as he lay in what felt like his familiar and comfortable memory foam mattress, he felt as good as 21 again, despite the incongruous heavy bulk which swaddled him, gently pinning him to the mattress.

“Nathan?” Said a familiar voice.

Nathan opened his eyes, feeling amazingly clear headed. He had not at all realized how much the heavy toxin load in his blood had affected his state of mind, but with everything feeling so… rejuvenated, Nathan could not think of another possibility for what he was feeling.

“Douglas.” He said, not struggling to wake up for once. He extended his hand and the fox helping up into a sitting position. Another first, there wasn’t any pain. Nathan just felt his muscles working and unlike before, he was actually able to do most of the work in righting himself, pushing his belly across his thighs with a strength he had hardly known as his excessive mass settled heavily, but tolerable on his muscles and skeleton.

“How are you feeling?” Asked the fox and Nathan hardly cared to question how he had gotten here into what definitely looked like his regular bedroom in his new home universe.

He paused to look down at hands, the huge, flattened moobs spreading out under them. ‘Yep, definitely still half a ton…’ he thought to himself, but could not find it inside himself to be regretful. “I feel… fantastic.” He admitted and then let a warm smile spread across his face, “Healed.” He added, and this could have easily been a religious experience for him if he hadn’t known better.

Douglas chuffed and reached out a hand to firmly grasp one of the abundant fat rolls, jostling it playfully. “Well aren’t you special?” He stuck out his tongue at him, “I think I’m going to have to start calling you the luckiest man in the multiverse.”

Nathan gestured to his wobbling fat, letting the fox continue fondling it at his leisure, “It looks like I still weigh over 1,000 pounds.” Said Nathan, not so much ironically as merely making an observation.

“Luckiest. Man. In. The. Multiverse.” Douglas intoned again, patting his soft, pale fat with each word.

Nathan now chuffed out his nose. “Can you tell me anything about what happened?”

“Not really.” Said the fox not surprising Nathan at all, but then did surprise him by adding, “But I’m going to tell you anyways.”

“Are you sure you should do that?” Asked Nathan who assumed from what his recalled that he had gotten at least the fox’s immediate supervisor involved.

Douglas shrugged. “I doubt that you could get me into anymore trouble than I am in already.” Said the fox, confirming Nathan’s fears.

“I’m sorry.” Said Nathan and meant it genuinely. He had only known Douglas for a relatively short time, and despite the fox’s sometimes abrasive personality, he found that he deeply liked the fox-man, even if he was a ‘furvert.’

“It was mostly my fault.” Said Douglas, “And partially your fault, I mean, I didn’t cram all those sticks of butter down your throat…” Douglas rolled his eyes slowly, “But again, mostly mine. I pushed you too hard, ignored too many signs.”

“It’s alright…” said Nathan, but thought to himself, ‘Now that I’m alive.’ And because he was actually very curious about what had happened, added, “So what happened after that tiger started leaning over me?”

“Oh that’s an easy one, Darling.” Said Douglas, flipping his hand over. “You died!”

Nathan sagged into his fat as the fox stuck his tongue out at him. “And what do you mean by ‘dead’ exactly?”

“Why just that, stone cold dead. Your eyes went glassy and everything, it was very disturbing.” Said Douglas in a way that made it sound as if he weren’t in the least disturbed. “But that was a good thing. It turns out that my supervisor had been about to send you home and let you die here with the intention of fudging the skewed continuum with several well placed transactions.”

Nathan surprisingly was following Douglas’s jargon pretty well. His organization seemed to have some kind of minimal interference policy in place, which explained a lot of how they operated. And when Douglas mentioned ‘continuum’ Nathan assumed that he was speaking of the impact that his life should have had on the rest of the world in the remaining eighteen months or longer that he was predicted to have. Given that it was a pretty short time frame, Nathan was not surprised that someone callous to human life might find it easier to simulate the effect with a series of subtle nudges rather than go to the effort of saving him. But something still did not make sense. “But I died at your headquarters…” said Nathan slowly, “And you said that I’m not allowed to die there.”

Douglas sniffed, grinning softly at how well Nathan was following, “Yeah, well, as bad as losing all of your remaining life’s actions and conscious thoughts are, it turns out that removing all of your atoms and molecules as well is even worse for the overall continuum. We can’t actually send dead matter through the multiverse, so that’s the reason why you’re not allowed to die at HQ.”

“But, if you can bring me back from the dead, why didn’t your supervisor just heal me back there instead of trying to send me back to die in a few seconds?” Asked Nathan, giving voice to his earlier thoughts.

Douglas grimaced, again rolling his eyes slowly, “Well… we can’t technically heal anybody.” His ears twitched on top of his head, “What we can do is sort of reset everything within a certain set of parameters and once that’s done, the body just restarts like nothing happened. It’s a very expensive process though…”

‘That explains why I feel so good, if all of my damaged organs were reset.’ Nathan thought, holding his massive breasts together. He did want to ask more about this reset process, but he noticed Douglas’s expression. “I… take it that you’re on the hook for that?”

Douglas sighed, “No, my supervisor pulled some strings and explained the need for the procedure… Jesus! If I’d had to pay…” the fox whistled, “You were dead for a couple of hours because of how difficult it was just to move you around. We had to lower the gravity on the whole floor just to move you and then fudge the dimensions of the reset chamber.” Douglas lifted his eyes in delicious memory as Nathan scowled at him, gesturing him to continue. “No, no, I just got a demerit placed on my record… and my private quarters privilege taken away.”

Nathan grimaced. “I’m really sorry, I know how much that meant to you.”

Douglas looked up at him, “It’s alright. Like I said, it’s not your fault…” He inhaled slowly, “You know, while you were dead and I was getting yelled at for fucking up, I thought about Jonathan.”

“Yeah?” Asked Nathan, trying his best to ignore the whole ‘while you were dead’ bit.

“Well, he fucked up at his job too before we talked to him. But after we sent him back, his happiness index score increased anyways. That score takes into account potential futures as well, so that means that he has, or will turn his life around, at or at least feel better about it.” Douglas gave a small smile, “I’ll come back from this too. It might take a year or two, but I can put up with that.”

Nathan smiled broadly, dimpling his thick cheeks. “I hope this isn’t shallow of me, but that’s a really good attitude to take.”

“I don’t need you patronizing me, fat ass.” Said Douglas kindly before both of them laughed.

Sensing that things were drawing to a close, Nathan said, “So, in regards to me being reset…”

“All the important bits inside that blubber biscuit you call a body have been set to age-standard for a regular 30-year-old male.” Said Douglas, running his furry hand down the side of Nathan’s smooth, curving side. “That undoubtedly makes you the healthiest 1,000 pound human who’s ever lived.” Nathan’s smile was broken as Douglas went on, “That doesn’t mean that you wont wind up back where you started if you eat like shit though…” he trailed his claws down Nathan’s belly, eventually winding up near his legs. Nathan noticed that the thickened skin and wart-like growths there had gone, leaving only smooth pale skin, but winced as Douglas pinched the big toe on his left foot.


Jan 21, 2020
Phoenix, AZ
“Ow…!” Nathan started, but realized that he could in fact, feel the fox’s claws pinching him there, which sent a renewed sense of satisfaction through him which was quietly quelled by noticing that the three smallest toes were still missing.

“No regeneration, though.” Said Douglas once he noted that Nathan had seen past the mound of his belly. Douglas trailed his hand up Nathan’s thigh, the huge man surprisingly comfortable with all of this physical contact, and patted the lowermost swell of Nathan’s enormous paunch where it rested around his ankles while sitting and letting his feet dangle. “You might’ve been able to live to be a hundred with the shiny new organs you’re sporting…” he rubbed the low hanging paunch, “… but just being at this size is going to cut a couple decades off the top even if you manage to avoid eating yourself to death a second time.”

“Heh, it still beats dying before 40!” Nathan laughed, but noticed that Douglas was going to a lot of effort to explain this to him. ‘Does he actually care if I end up killing myself with food?’ He wondered. However, when Douglas responded, he realized that he might have given too much away.

“So you don’t plan on losing any of this…” he paused to squeeze his lower paunch painfully in his claws, “…Mhmm, luscious pudge, then?”

“I might, just so you won’t squeeze it so much!” Laughed Nathan leaning forward to swat at the fox’s hands, but still couldn’t even reach the front of himself, the dimensions of his body being what they were, despite lacking any of the old aches and pains.

Douglas pouted, but then grinned. The two men looked at each other for a brief time. The knowledge that Nathan could live a full life time, perhaps even exceeding his old life expectancy while weighing half a ton, relieved a huge pressure off of his mind. For the first time in his life, Nathan felt his eyes growing moist with happiness and optimism. He wiped at his face, relishing in the ease of moving his arm despite how much it weighed and how the upper arm fat jiggled and dragged over the surface of his moob.

“You know, if you need a place to hang out, like after work or something…” Nathan started, and gestured widely to his room. “I know we can’t like go to the bowling alley or anything, but you’re always welcome to crash here… I mean, if this reality isn’t too pedestrian for you.” Nathan smirked at the fox who was wearing a very odd expression indeed. Nathan did not know quite how to read it.

Then Douglas’s face smoothed as he regained composure. “It’s not that bad really, even if there are no other foxes or gryphons or dragons around.” The fox winked at him. “But for us, transitioning is expensive. I was given a special privilege in coming here and explaining all of this to you, and I have to get going soon…” The fox looked down, seeming to examine Nathan’s gaping belly button and giving his massive front another friendly rub. “But who knows, maybe I’ll need a vacation.” He grinned at Nathan. “One good thing is now that I don’t have a room anymore, I don’t have to shell out for a new bed!”

Nathan chuckled and smiled tightly. Douglas was still stiff and had more troubles to deal with when he went back to his home. Nathan felt the unfairness of the situation keenly, when he seemingly had gotten everything he could have ever desired and more while two other people were in more difficult situations than before.

He held out his arms to the fox. “Come here.” He couldn’t actually reach the fox for an embrace. Douglas had to lean forward and rest partly on the man’s belly in order to hug him. The fox’s arms were barely long enough to surpass his width and didn’t even come close to encircling him.

“I want to see you again…” said Nathan to the fox-man.

Douglas chuckled softly, stroking the man’s fat frame gently. “No promises.” He only said and straightened up. Douglas smoothed the fur on his head and shook himself a little. Nathan saw a splash of red at the tip of the fox’s sheathe before it vanished. “Certainly not for a couple years at least.”

Nathan sighed and supposed that was better than nothing. “Thanks for granting my wish, Magic Fox.” Said the half-ton man.

Douglas bowed low. “My pleasure.” He said, and quietly vanished.

Nathan looked at the space the fox had left behind for a long time and not just because it would still be an enormous effort to carry his over-stuffed body around. He flexed his toes, all seven of them, relishing in the half-forgotten feel of undamaged nerves. He felt like having a big breakfast… though, perhaps he’d go easy on the egg yolks and butter today.

fat hiker

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Oct 25, 2005
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An amazing, disturbing, thought-provoking story. Thanks for writing and posting it.

It'll take several readings for it all to soak in, I think.

Well done!


Jan 21, 2020
Phoenix, AZ
An amazing, disturbing, thought-provoking story. Thanks for writing and posting it.

It'll take several readings for it all to soak in, I think.

Well done!
Thank you, Fat Hiker! It was certainly an experience for me in writing it. I still consider White Elephant to be one of my best written stories from a thematical and stylistic context. I was fortunate in the way certain themes came together like Nathan's work environment matching Douglas's and also in the way in which Nathan was able to get out of a seemingly unsolvable situation. The story could have easily been a lot less than it turned out to be and I really appreciate you taking the time to go back at least once more to take in all there is to see, even if some of the sights are "disturbing" lol. The story is admittedly probably extreme for this audience especially compared to light WG or romance genres, but I do hope that there's enough of a good story here buried amidst the rampant flab and obesity-related medical issues that people will give it a chance and see it through to the end.

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