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Why is it SO difficult?

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Aug 13, 2012
Men tell me, or other women tell me your experience. SHow interest in cuddly men and they have to come out with all the usual crap about 'oh but i am trying to lose weight blah blah. like you would have bothered looking at them in the first place. Even the admittedly gorgeous guy i last dated was a bit self conscious to begin with and the what i guess may be normal trying not to eat much around me, sucking the belly in (pointless task LOL). in reality once he let down these defences he was admitting to eating stupidly large amouts of food (kind of obvious dear!) and carried himself in such a way that only someone confident in themself physically would do.
Initially it seems to weird men out that you want a proper cuddle. But of course it is the whole package cute face and sense of fun and brains, even meeting someone with all this, is it societal pressure? this is where women were at years ago, about time society caught up with accepting larger men more too.
rant over.

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