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Why men are preferring video games to women

Dimensions Magazine

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Dec 29, 2005


You can say women have been out-competed by other offerings. These competitors offer much better benefits, for a lot smaller investment. It’s as if two corporations are offering you a job. One asks you to do ten times the work for the exact same benefits as the other. Is it any wonder why most men simply choose the job with smaller work involved?

Whether you like it or not, men are opting out, and its a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. Women can (and do) try to guilt and shame men away from this trend. They try to call these guys losers, pre-adults and tell them to man up. This method however is simply failing. Not only is it not working, its actually speeding up the trend.

When a man is shamed for preferring his games over women, that simply reinforces his decision. He goes “Oh, so you’re proving my point, my xbox and my real doll don’t shame and criticize and insult me”.

Is the problem that men aren't growing up? Or is it that women are making themselves way too difficult to deal with? Or does one of these lead to the other?

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