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May 12, 2007
Jack settled back at his desk. That had been a nice lunch he reflected, another great lunch with his great team. He ignored the pressure of his waistband against his stuffed belly and opened a spreadsheet. He looked at it, his enthusiasm for working quickly shifting from low to non-existent. He tugged at his belt, shifting the pressure on his belly enough for a small burp to escape without warning. He glanced around quickly. Luckily no one else in the open plan office had noticed. He tried to focus on the spreadsheet but found his eyes drawing shut, despite his attempts to fight off sleep.

He snapped awake when a hand landed on his belly and pinched the roll of flab that had appeared there over the last couple of months. “Enjoyed lunch?” whispered Jess and then showed him a file, asking for guidance, though they both knew she had the answer already. Which was a good thing as her intrusion had him well and truly discomfited. What did she mean by grabbing his gut like that? Why did he even have a roll to pinch? Before turning back to her desk, Jess again managed to brush his belly, her eyes teasing him.

Jess was one of the young stars on Jack’s team, intelligent and a quick worker. She had only joined the team six months ago but was already its life and soul. Her bubbly character, sexy figure and pretty face ensured that she always had a very quick response from other teams, even legal and compliance who were notoriously known as the anti-business department. She had a huge appetite and worked very hard to keep herself trim with a variety of workouts at the gym, including aerobics and spinning classes. Nonetheless, she was always the first to help herself to goodies brought in for a birthday or other occasions. She was a known foodee and was always exchanging recipes and could discuss food, and the best places to find it for hours on end.

If Jack were to be completely honest with himself, he would admit that he was smitten by Jess and her fun attitude to life. If he was even more honest, he would also have to admit that he had hired her almost exclusively based on those factors: luckily she was actually good at the job and had won general approval. One of the changes she had instilled was the idea of a team lunch. Whereas before she joined they all used to do their own thing, she quickly organised lunch out at a restaurant almost every day. Of course not everyone could join each day, but of the group of fifteen, they were usually around five who could make it.

Jess also encouraged them all to eat plentifully, so lunch was never a quick bagel but a proper meal, often including either starter or dessert; sometimes both. She discovered restaurants that no-one knew of before, that either offered a set menu at a good discount, or could be persuaded to do so. In Jack she found a latent foodee: while he was by nature a glutton, he suppressed this under pressure from his girlfriend of three years, Olivia.

Jess had met her at a work do some weeks earlier and immediately found her polar opposite. Olivia worked in an attorney’s office and was every inch the advocate bitch from hell. While this earned her plaudits in the courtroom, unfortunately she carried the attitude like a shield around her. As soon as Jess saw her, she realised that Olivia was an uptight cold fish: she took life far too seriously and her career was clearly her priority. She also worked out very often, but unlike Jess who did it grudgingly in order to offset her appetite, Olivia did it because it was the done thing. She ate ascetically, ignoring the finger foods on offer and instead picking at the lettuce and tomatoes which were really only there as garnishes. While Jess was slender she had curves in the right places, but Olivia’s body was as flat as an ironing board.

Jess couldn’t understand how fun-loving egregious Jack had ended up with such a soulless cow but put it down as another of life’s mysteries. That was until she noticed one small incident. Olivia’s phone rang and she took a call from her boss, moving over to one side for privacy. At that point Jack turned away from a conversation and collided with a waiter, resulting in the two of them falling to the floor. The waiter got up quickly but Jack remained lying down, rubbing his ankle, clearly in pain, and groaned softly. He looked around and saw Olivia looking straight at him. She rolled her eyes and pointed to the phone, shrugging her shoulders. By the time she hung up Jack was seated with an ice pack round his ankle, surrounded by a bunch of friends, wishing him well and taking the piss in equal measures. Olivia's only comment to Jack: “How clumsy you are, did you knock over the waiter?”

As they drove home in Olivia's BMW 3 series, 'the' car for an attorney at her level, Jack sat back in the passenger seat and rested is leg. “That fall hurt more than I thought” he said.
“Oh you're so clumsy Jack, you really should be more careful” she replied. Olivia looked at him and her face, already dismal, turned into a scowl. “What's this then?” she demanded sharply, digging a finger into his slight belly bulge. “You're eating far too much Jack, you need to watch out. I don’t know why you always have to pig out so much!”
“I don’t pig out” he lied.
“Yes you do, that’s why you always return from our holidays a few pounds heavier than when leave. I on the other hand take care and do not get fat” she boasted.
“OK, so I enjoy the local culture and cuisine, that’s half the fun of the holiday!” he retorted. “In any case, I always lose the weight don’t I?” He continued in a mutter: “you bloody well make sure of that.”
“Huh?” she gasped. “Gee say thanks for my looking out for you, I’m just helping you to avoid blimping up!”
“Blimping up?!” he exclaimed. “For fuck’s sake I only ever gained 7 pounds max and that was on a two week vacation in Florida and Miami, you know if I really ate like I wanted to there I’d have doubled my weight!”

“Oh that’s really something to be proud of!” she snorted. “And how much have you packed on now, you never really lost the weight from France did you, and that’s been what, two or three months? When’s the last time you hit the gym?” she added, poking his gut again.
“Oh about 2 weeks ago, you know I had a cold and couldn’t breathe properly” he protested.
“Sure, and now with your ankle hurt through your sheer stupidity that’s excuse enough to take another couple of weeks off, to make sure you get good and fat!” she retorted.
“Oh stop exaggerating!” he ended the argument there.

Still, later that evening as he stripped for bed he looked in the mirror. He couldn’t deny that there was a softness to his belly that had not always been there. It was true that he had gained some 5 pounds in France, but that came on top of another 5 gained at his mum’s during July. Each pound was barely noticeable, but altogether they gave his usually flat stomach an inflated look, bulging out over his boxers. Whoa that was new! Since returning from France he had lost a couple of pounds he knew that. Then again, the routine of team lunches almost every day over the past months coupled with less exercise than usual was starting to take its toll. He decided to step on their scale to check his current position.

The needle swung up and down then rested at 175 lbs. Jack inhaled sharply, that couldn’t be right. His fighting weight was 160. He sat slowly on the loo and did some metal maths. So before going to his mum in July he was at 160. No hang on, he hadn’t quite managed to reach 160, he was more like 162. OK then added another 5 at Mum’s, so up to 167. He had only managed to lose 2 before going to France where he gained another 5, taking him up to 170. Since then he had hit the gym in his usual sporadic style, which he thought would have brought him back closer to 160. But clearly he had been gaining more than he realised. No wonder Olivia was pissed at him, he thought, he certainly looked softer than he ever had.

Later in bed he snuggled up to Olivia and apologised for letting himself go, and promised to lose the weight. She mumbled approvingly and they had perfunctory sex, satisfying neither of them. Unfortunately he did not know that Jess had other plans.


Jess was a good girl. She had never approached a guy who she knew to have a girlfriend: she had been on the receiving end of that, and to put it mildly: it sucked. Jack however was a new proposition for her. She had never felt such chemistry with a guy before, he relaxed her, which was unusual for a boss, and they could laugh easily about anything. Knowing that he was taken she had done her best to keep flirting to a minimum and actively made sure that others were always around them so that she wouldn’t do anything stupid. Having met Olivia, however, she changed her mind.

Jack deserved someone much better than her. He deserved someone who made him laugh, and took care of him. How could that bitch continue a phone call while her man fell and hurt? And then when she finally deigned to pass by, she immediately blamed him for the accident! Fuming to herself, Jess found solace, as she always did, in a bar of chocolate as she lay in bed before sleeping, thinking of a strategy to win him over.


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May 12, 2007
Without knowing it, Olivia herself laid the first stone in Jess’s plan. The day after the reception, Jack declined lunch. Jess thought nothing of it but then he skipped lunch again for the next two days.

“What are you so busy with Jack?” she teased.
“No, not that busy” he replied, then added more quietly, “I’m dieting.”
“Oh don’t be silly, as if you need to!” said Jess.
“Oh yes I do, I’ve gained like fifteen pounds and Olivia’s not happy about it.”
“And you?” asked Jess then but her tongue. Why couldn’t she learn to keep her big mouth shut??
“Oh, er.. me too of course” replied Jack. But he didn’t sound too convincing.

Jess dropped it there but thought about it lot. So much in fact that she worked very poorly all afternoon and got frustrated comments from the others on the team. That evening she let everyone leave until only her and Jack were left. She went over to his desk and started her plan.
“I could help if you like Jack. You know, to lose weight.”
“Oh” exclaimed Jack, embarrassed. He shouldn’t have said anything.

Seeing his flushed face, Jess quickly continued: “I mean I go to the gym a lot, to make up for how much I eat. I’ve never managed to diet. I’m just saying it’s better to work out a healthy balance of food you enjoy and a good workout than to go crazy with these rice cakes and soups you’re eating. Plus it makes you grumpy.”
Jack laughed. “Are you guys noticing? I thought I managed to keep it cool.”
Jess shook her head, smiling, her cheeks dimpling “It’s not working.”

Jess would have loved to invite him to join her workouts, but she was craftier than that. She helped Jack figure out a few exercises he could do to build up a good program. It was more help than his gym-obsessed girlfriend had done. Olivia had only laughed when he asked her for exercise tips, saying that in order to keep up with her he had lose his chub first.

“In any case” concluded Jess “you’re really not fat so don’t stress about it. And join us for lunch tomorrow.”

Since then Jack had let himself be lured to lunch everyday but somehow had less willpower when it came to working out. Jess led on his appetite, encouraging him to eat more than he should. When he complained she would remind him that he was working out, even though Jess knew that Jack was lying when he said that he was working out every day. The problem was that in encouraging Jack to eat abundantly, she was doing the same herself and she knew that a couple of pounds had crept onto her frame.

Driving home one evening, stuck in traffic she ate a Snickers bar. The wrapper fell from her hands and she felt for it on her lap. To her surprise her fingers found a very slight but definite soft bulge over her waistband. Whoa what was this? She wondered briefly what she was doing. Her conscience reprimanded her ‘You’re not only gaining yourself, you’re making that man fat and he’s with someone else!’ Then her devilish side replied ‘yes but she does not deserve him. Why should he starve when he so clearly wants to eat?’
‘So let’s say he gets fat. What do you win then?’ asked her conscience.
‘I dunno, but at least he’ll be happier.’
‘Happier? I doubt it! He’ll be frustrated at himself for gaining when he’s trying to lose weight, and his woman will be even more on his back.’
‘Then maybe he’ll leave her and come running to me!’
‘Yes, with his fat belly wobbling all over the place.’
‘Oh yeah!’
‘Wait, what?’
‘I don’t know’
‘Hang on a sec, you actually want him fat? You chubby chaser!’
‘I… OK look, I’m getting closer to thirty and it’s getting harder to keep my weight down.’
‘Eating everything you see doesn’t help.’
‘No it doesn’t. But that’s me.’
‘Wait, so you figure… if your man is fat, then you don’t need to be quite so razor sharp yourself.’
‘I hadn’t thought it out so far.’
‘But it doesn’t sound far off the mark?’

Things kept on in this vein for some weeks until Jess couldn’t resist seeing how fat Jack looked after lunch, snoozing at his desk. She went round and slyly pinched his gut, waking him with a fright. That evening they both stayed on after the room emptied till they were alone.

“So you agree I’m not losing any weight” Jack said rather than asked. He didn’t mention that Jess also seemed to be filling her clothes more than before. In any case she looked amazing, whereas he looked fat.
Jess kicked herself mentally, what an ass she was. “I think you’re doing well, you were just stuffed from lunch.”

“Hmm. I haven’t been managing to work out every day.” Jack admitted.
“Oh no, you have to be very strict with that!” Jess jumped on this chance to escape blame. “Still, like I said last time, I don’t think you even need to diet.”
“Yeah, so what’s this?” Jack shook his belly which wobbled slightly.
“A man who like his appetite has nothing to be ashamed of” said Jess, patting his belly softly, then left before she lost control. Jack had to wait a while before leaving; he couldn’t very well walk through the office with a raging erection.

He was becoming obsessed with Jess he reflected. He had always found her pretty and smoking hot, with her dark hair falling about her face in waves. Her deep brown eyes stood out in her pretty face, cheekbones clearly defined.

Over the next weeks, Jack lived a turmoil of emotions. At work he enjoyed eating too much, helping himself to all the birthday muffins, cookies and other treats people brought in. In the evening he would plan to go to the gym every day and did manage sometimes but he was easily swayed. One evening the managers went out for a drink and he didn’t like to be the only one not going. Another week he had to stay on every day to complete the team performance appraisals.

When he did make it to the gym he put very little effort into it and barely broke into a sweat. His treadmill had slowed from a run to an easy jog. Olivia was working very hard, some days she came in at 10 or even later. She even worked some weekends or would sleep right through Sunday then go out for a run when she woke. To Jack’s relief she didn’t make any comment on his weight, which he knew from his clothes was slowly creeping up, even if he didn’t step on a scale.

Things reached a head one evening. Jack got home before Olivia and called to ask when she’d be home. Around 8 she confirmed. Jack cooked a nice dinner of steak and potatoes. He even grilled some vegetables as he knew Olivia liked them. He timed them to be ready for 8pm, but Olivia still had not arrived. He called her.
“Hi” she said curtly.
“Hey babe, I’ve prepared dinner, you gonna be home soon?”
“What did you cook?”
“Steak and taters. Grilled veggies.”
“That’s too heavy to eat so late, couldn’t you have made a salad?”
“I… “ Jack paused. Could he ever please this woman?
“Look, I have to finish some papers here, the ski weekend is killing us. I can’t leave till they’re done so I’m going to be late.”
“Oh… OK, you take care babe.”
She hung up without even saying bye.

Jack slumped on the sofa and channel surfed without actually seeing anything. He was very laid back, and extremely slow to anger but now he seethed inside. First of all Olivia knew she would never be home by 8pm so she could have said so immediately, save him the hassle of cooking. Next she could be at least grateful that he had made the effort. And this weekend he would join her on her company ski trip. What sounded like a fun weekend away was in fact a highly competitive event that usually left them drained and every year they promised not to go the next year. But all the brown-nosers had to go, they had to show that they had Social Skills and a Life Outside the Office.

“That’s too heavy” he mimicked her aloud. “Why didn’t you make a salad?” he sneered.

Jack brought out a pint bottle of beer from the fridge, sat at the table and started to eat. He had his portion and was fine, as knowing Olivia, he had kept the portions on the small side. Finishing the beer he got out another pint. He looked at Olivia’s portion, still in the pan. ‘You want a salad eh, you bitch’ he thought, ‘I’ll show you what you missed!’ He piled up his plate again and dug in.

With the lunches he had been enjoying his stomach was quite stretched, but even this was a huge meal. Halfway through the second plate he started to struggle. He fought on but had to undo his jeans button to ease the pressure on his gut. He burped. “Oof that feels good” he gasped then continued munching his way through. Finishing off the last piece he downed the beer, burped again and patted his belly happily. He looked down at it, feeling fatter than ever before and walked to the loo to empty some of the beer. He examined his reflection in the mirror.

“Wow I’m really fat!” he said aloud. On his side the jeans caused a small roll of flab. “I have love handles?” he exclaimed aloud. “Where did these come from?” In profile his gut hung out forwards like a basketball, stuffed as it was with steak, potatoes, and two pints of beer. He took his shirt off and saw his bare skin. “Woah that’s huge!” he exclaimed. His belly had inflated from a slight bulge to a full blown gut.

Jack flopped onto the sofa and found re-runs of Two and a Half Men. Perfect. Mindless laughs. After about an hour he felt less stuffed and wanted something sweet and checked the fridge. Nothing. Freezer. Ice cream. Perfect. He pulled out the tub and grabbed a table spoon to scoop some into a bowl. Instead he lifted the spoon to his mouth and let the cold ice cream slither down his throat. Leaving the bowl on the counter, he sat on the sofa again, gorging on the ice cream straight from the tub.

He must have dozed off because he awoke to Olivia screaming. “Wha…” he opened his eyes sleepily. “What have you done? Look how fucking fat you’ve grown! What the fuck did you eat?” she shouted. “I come home exhausted and there’s nothing to eat because doughboy here took it all! Did you eat both portions of dinner? Huh?” Jack lay immobile on the sofa. Olivia looked around. “And two pints of beer! And a fuckin tub of ice cream!” she shrieked hysterically. “Do you even know what you like, sitting there, too fat to button your button your pants, a gut like a pregnant woman hanging out!”
“I… uh, I …” Jack faltered, he had never felt more like a deer in the headlights. “Do you know what?” said Olivia. “I don’t even want you with me this ski weekend! You’ll be the laughing stock, the Michelin man rolling down the slopes.”
“Hey, OK, calm down, you’re grounding me?!”

“Look Jack, I care about you but you don’t seem to care about yourself. I’ve said nothing the last few weeks as I knew you were working out – or you say you are anyway. How much have you gained?”
Jack mumbled something incoherent.
“What?” Olivia asked, hand on hip.
“I said I don’t know, I was up about fifteen pounds...”
“Fifteen! Haha you’ve got to be kidding. Let’s go check tubby.” She shook her head in disgust seeing him struggle to haul himself off the sofa. She marched him to the bathroom and pulled out the scales. First she hopped on herself. “See?” she gloated. “107 even as always, in fact a couple down even in my suit and shoes. Your turn now Porky! So your fighting weight is 160 right? Adding 15 would make you 175 but I’m sure you’re a lot more than that.”

Reluctantly Jack stepped onto the scale, hoping against hope that it would be around the 175 he had last seen, yet knowing in his heart that his suits were much tighter than they used to be. He had struggled to get his pants button closed that morning. The needle veered wildly left and right then settled at 188. Jack stared at the figure in horror. He never thought he’d see such a high number.

Olivia slapped his gut and fell about the floor laughing cruelly. “See” she crowed. “I told you that you’re a fat pig! One hundred eighty eight. Sheesh what a sack of lard! That’s almost 30 pounds up, and you can see exactly where they are” she mocked, pinching his belly unnecessarily hard.
“Right, that’s it” she said. “You certainly won’t join me this weekend and you need to start losing weight immediately or I dump your fat lazy ass.”

Jack didn’t reply but went to bed without saying anything else. The next morning, Wednesday, he woke Olivia with a coffee. As soon as she opened her eyes he sat near her and started grovelling. “Liv, I’m really sorry, honestly I don’t know what got into me. I have been working out but I’ll make much more effort, and please help me work out a diet plan, I don’t know enough about eating healthily.”
“Oh Jack, it’s for your own good you know.”
“So I’ll join you for the skiing?”
“No Jack, I’m sorry but you’re just too fat. I can’t be seen with you.”

In the shower he tried to avoid looking at or even touching his belly. He was disgusted at himself. It was no wonder Olivia didn’t want to be seen with him. As he buttoned up his shirt he felt his gut larger than usual, still bloated from last night. Pulling up his trousers he just couldn’t get the button to close over his belly. He tugged and pulled but it was no good, the two ends remained a good inch apart and would get no closer. Olivia walked into the bedroom and saw his predicament. “See what happens fatass? You pigged out like a trucker yesterday and now see the result? You’re literally too fat for your clothes! What a blimp!” Olivia stood behind him and smacked his fat gut, then shook it before going in to shower.

Jack felt a hard on growing and sat slowly on the bed, his head in his hands. What was wrong with him? He had always managed to balance his appetite with working out but now he was getting fatter. So fat he couldn’t even wear his suit. Fine that should be motivation enough to get him losing weight but instead - he had to admit - he had thoroughly enjoyed his out of character pigout last night. Of course he knew that two dinners was being greedy, and no-one would want a dessert after that. But instead this fat hog had swallowed down an entire litre tub of ice cream, that would normally last them both a month or more.

And even now, being too fat for his clothes, Olivia teasing his weight gain turned him on. What was wrong with him? Hearing Olivia finishing up in the shower, he used a belt to close the pants and left the apartment without saying bye. At the office he sat at his desk and immersed himself in work. At one point another guy on the team walked around distributing donuts and as usual left one near Jack’s left elbow. Without thinking, Jack picked it up and bit into it, enjoying the soft dough and the chocolate topping. Halfway through he realised what he was doing and froze, the donut an inch away from his lips.

Jess was approaching him for a signature. She noticed and laughed “It’s not gonna bite you!”
Jack waited for her to be right near him before he pulled his belt down and hefted his gut to show her his open button. “That’s the problem” he whispered, then made a show of looking through her file.

Jess felt giddy. Her weight had continued to creep up very slowly but Jack had really packed on the pounds over the last couple of months and now boasted a full-fledged belly. Jack typed on his screen and indicated for Jess to read it. ‘Let’s do lunch I need to talk, but I’m having a SALAD, no tempting me today’. Aloud he said “so just answer that query and I’m happy to sign.”
“Sure, I can do that” replied Jess.

The morning took forever to pass and Jess couldn’t concentrate at all, caught up in a storm of emotions. On one hand seeing Jack’s expanded gut was a tribute to her feeding and encouragement, on the other hand he was obviously upset by it. More inexplicably, she was totally turned on and kept reliving the moment in her mind’s eye in slow motion. Jack had moved to grab his belly, a fat gut that stretched his shirt. He had to take a hold of it and lift the flab to reveal that his pants couldn’t button and needed a belt to keep that fact hidden.

The clock finally struck noon and the two casually headed out. They were alone in the lift and Jack grabbed his gut in both hands and shook it. “See how fat I’ve grown, I can’t even button my pants!”
“Oh Jack, have you been working out at all?” Jess hid her excitement behind the expected platitude, her hands trembling with the desire to take hold of his paunch and rub it. They reached the ground floor and walked a block to a small sandwich and salad bar. Jack ordered a salad and Jess took one too in support. However she also bought a sandwich, explaining “I have gym after work so I’ll need to eat this around 3 or 4 otherwise I’ll pass out!”

Over lunch Jack explained the events of the evening before, admitting to eating both dinners. He didn't plan to mention the ice cream but somehow found himself relating the entire story. Jess nearly fell off her chair as the tale unfolded. What a greedy pig he had become! She wanted to bitch-slap Olivia for treating him so rudely but had to thread carefully. She needed to engineer this so that Jack felt he was running to Jess and not that she was pulling him away from Olivia. So she started with agreeing with Olivia. “Jack, I’m so sorry for you, but you can’t expect to eat double dinners, beer nd ice-cream then skip the gym and not suffer consequences.”
“I know” Jack blushed.
“So I guess you got your gym gear today?”
“Umm, actually with how things were in the apartment…” Jack tailed off, blushing even deeper red.
“You can’t keep making excuses Jack” she said.
“I know” Jack sighed. “The thing is I really don’t know what changed.”
“Jack, you’re past thirty now aren’t you?”
“Yeah, thirty three. Why?”
“Well your metabolism is slowing down Jack, it happens to all of us.”
“Meaning what?”
“Well, sorry to bear bad news but it means your body gains weight more easily but takes longer to burn off fat.”
“Oh great!” muttered Jack. “So I need to eat less and work out more when all I want to do is the opposite!”

Jess felt herself getting moist at his words. She forced herself to think clearly.
“Hey look” said Jess. “I’ll help you out from tomorrow – Thursday - and this weekend, so that when Olivia returns Sunday night you show her that you mean business. You’re not gonna lose a huge amount, but at least you can make a start. In any case, some of your belly will just be bloating from yesterday.”
“Hey thanks Jess, I appreciate that.”
“No prob. Just make sure you get your gym clothes tomorrow OK? And you can go for a run tonight too.”
Sep 8, 2011
I love the tension created in this story -- the conflict between husband and wife being ratcheted up by his admiring underling!

Nicely done.


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May 12, 2007
Jess started her active sabotage campaign that afternoon. At 3pm she pulled out the sandwich she had bought earlier and said loudly “I just have to eat this, those pesky salads at Henry’s don’t keep me going at all.” Some team members agreed, others ignored her. She saw Jack looking hungrily at her sandwich and waved cheerily at him, giving him a thumbs-up. She heard a metallic clink that told her he was rooting for small change. He walked past, clearly sucking his belly in, and returned soon after with a Mars bar from the vending machine. He pointedly did not look at Jess but she found the opportunity to pass by his desk and tut-tut at the wrapper.

The next day Jack proudly confirmed that he had brought his gym gear. “That’s great Jack, did you manage to run yesterday?”
“Um, actually I worked late and then my mum called on Skype…”
“No excuses Jack, remember?” Jess mock scolded him. “Don’t worry, we’ll start tonight. Let’s lunch together so I’ll show how to eat healthily.
“Pasta?” exclaimed Jack. “Are you sure?”
“100%. See you need to have energy to do a good workout. If you go in after eating a salad two things will happen. First you’ll do a poor workout as you won’t have enough strength. Next you will leave the gym starving so you’ll eat too much in the evening – and that’s what makes you gain weight.”
“OK, if you say so. I think I can live with this diet!” replied Jack.

What Jess failed to point out was that perhaps the olive oil and garlic sauce ‘aglio e olio’ might be a lesser calorie bomb than tortellini with full cream, baked with cheese on top. Also he didn’t need to smother it in grated parmesan, so she really could have held back from making these suggestions. Finally, he definitely had no need to finish the entire portion that could easily have fed two.
“Wow, I love this diet!” exclaimed Jack as they left, rubbing his stuffed gut. Not surprisingly he had a lazy, somnolent afternoon and absent-mindedly took a slice of birthday cake when he passed by another team.

At 6pm they left work and headed to the gym in their separate cars. Jess tried hard to control her mounting excitement. Whatever gym clothes Jack had chosen, he was sure to display some of his added weight. She was keen to see his new found fat wobble and shake as he worked out. She hadn’t yet analysed why his weight gain turned her on, for now she was just going to enjoy the moment.

Jack on the other hand was starting to wonder what he’d let himself in for. Jess was a gym nut and in great shape, even with her couple of recently added pounds whereas he knew his stamina had dropped. He hoped he was not going to embarrass himself horribly in front of her. Apart from ensuring the proper respect towards her boss, she was a very pretty chick.

Jack knew he was in trouble in the changing room. His blue shorts were meant to be slightly loose football shorts but now his fattened up butt and thighs filled them to overflowing. The seams were pulled so tight the individual white threads could be seen. At the rear, it didn’t completely cover his butt and his boxers protected his modesty. Jack’s top was made of the expensive ‘breathable’ material that looked like lycra and was always meant to be a tight fit. Stretched over Jack’s torso however it looked obscene. Tight all over, it pulled over his fat round gut, leaving a clear inch of flab visible at the bottom. Looking in dismay at his reflection in a mirror, Jack noticed for the first time that he even had fat on his back that rolled round his sides in two love handles. If he had gone there alone he’d have left already but Jess was waiting outside. Feeling like the Michelin man he reluctantly went into the gym.

Jess felt weak at the knees when she saw Jack emerge. She obviously knew he had gained weight but seeing him like this, so plump and vulnerable made her want to feed him a burger. “I guess Olivia’s right huh?” he said ruefully. “I look so fat in this outfit.”
“Oh, don’t be silly Jack, you’re just paranoid. Besides, you’ll be losing weight in no time at all” she replied brightly, hoping he wouldn’t notice the sneering looks from other people in the gym.

“Let’s do some stretching first, limber up” said Jess. “Follow what I do but don’t push so much you hurt yourself, OK?” She reached up, pushing her arms up above her head, then relaxed again and repeated. Jack followed suit happily: this he could do. He didn’t realise that each time he stretched upwards his T-shirt rode up a bit more until the bottom part of his belly was exposed, including his deep navel.

“OK, now bend over, try to touch your toes.” Jack knew he would struggle here, but was shocked to see that he only reached about halfway down his shins. “Let your back stretch out slowly, don’t bounce it” warned Jess. The two looked like a couple made for laughs. Jess with her sexy curvy body bent over double, her butt up in the air looked like every man’s wet dream. Jack, as Jess could see only too clearly was finding his new belly an obstacle. It hung down round and soft, pushing his shorts down and his top up. From behind his shorts pulled down over the expanse of his bubble butt, showing even more of his boxer shorts underneath.

“I don’t believe I can only manage this” complained Jack, blushing bright red.
“Don’t worry Jack! In a week you’ll be touching the ground easily.”

They moved on to the cardio machines. “Do you prefer any?” asked Jess.
“Uh… cycling I guess.” Jack replied, figuring that at least he’d be sitting down. He got onto the machine and Jess selected a program for him. “Here you go, this is fifteen minutes, pretty light. Try to cycle enough that you keep the red line between the two bars OK?”

Jack started off easily enough, pumping one leg then the other in a steady rhythm. He didn’t know that from behind his shorts were halfway down his butt and his boxers had slipped down too. His butt crack showed, ample proof to all of his recent over-indulgence. His belly bunched up in his lap and his love handles wobbled with each cycle. Suddenly the resistance on the pedals got a lot harder and he had to put much more effort into it. He pedalled wildly for a minute then the pedals got light again. The rhythm continued, alternating a minute of high effort with a minute of lower. Jack pushed his hardest, after all Jess had said this was a light program and he had to save face.

Ten minutes into the program Jack was pumping madly, red-faced and short of breath, his level of effort falling well below the minimum on screen. Jess watched him from the air walker and tried not to let her excitement show. His clothes wet right through with sweat, Jack was clearly suffering, his belly half exposed and his butt too. She noticed more than one gym member snicker at the sight of him. She kept an eye on him and went over as his fifteen minutes drew to an end.

“That was great Jack!” lied Jess and sent him to drink some water. She checked the machine stats and was amazed to see how out of shape Jack had become. What a lazy ass! He had clearly been nowhere near a gym lately. When he returned Jess took the opportunity to touch him. “Here your shorts slipped a bit” she said and tugged them up for him, sneakily brushing his love handles as she did so. “Your top rode up too” and she pulled it down, again stealing the lightest touch of his belly. “I think that’s enough cardio, let’s do some weights.

Jess had her wicked way with Jack, making him do all sorts of exercises, most involving him sitting down or bent over. A couple of times she pretended to show him the proper form of an exercise, using the excuse to brush against him. After thirty minutes Jess was about to let him off when she asked if he wanted to do one last exercise – squats. Jack obediently lifted a weight bar over his head and squatted slowly. Standing at his side, Jess delighted in seeing his belly bunch up and poke out of his top when a loud ripping sound disturbed the gym. Everyone turned to see as Jack stood up. He had to bend over to lay the weight bar on the floor, his boxer shorts clearly showing through the ripped shorts.

They went in to shower. Jack didn’t notice that Jess hadn’t even broken into a sweat. Under the shower Jack let the water sluice over him, catching his breath. He was mortified at the demonstration of how flabby he had appeared to Jess, even more so as he now knew for sure he fancied the pants off her. Sure Olivia worked out, but she had a skinny build and looked starved, bones all over the place and no curves to hold. Jess in contrast filled the definition of meat in all the right places, toned flesh filling out her ass, hips and breasts.

Jack looked at his flabby, red-faced reflection in the mirror and thought actually he was lucky to still have Olivia; with this gut he certainly was never going to snag a beauty like Jess. Leaving the changing room he waited for Jess and was surprised when she asked: “so what are your plans for dinner?”
“Oh, I guess none really, just gonna head home.”
“Mm hmm” responded Jess. “And what are you going to eat?”
“I dunno, I guess.. rustle up something. Liv’s working late again today.”
“Why don’t we grab something together? I don’t trust you to eat properly. After such a great workout you’ll be starving and if you have nothing prepared you’ll empty the fridge!”
“Well.. I was going to make spaghetti” he replied.
“Pasta?! At night?” asked Jess incredulously.
“Hey I thought you said pasta’s good!” complained Jack.
“At lunch! Not for dinner! Oh dear you’re clueless. You need to eat protein now, maybe chicken or steak. Look, let’s go to that diner just off the freeway, it’s good food and on the way for both of us. Tomorrow I’ll write a list of foods you can have.”

The diner was perfect, casual and anonymous so they could relax. Jack started: “I really appreciate your help Jess. I’m so embarrassed I’ve gained all this weight and gotten so out of shape.”
“Hey don’t be so hard on yourself” said Jess softly. “Everyone struggles with their weight sometimes and you’re not even fat. I’ve gained a little weight too recently and in any case I think your… bigger look suits you.”
“Oh I’m not fat eh? So what’s this?” asked Jack, grabbing his belly and shaking it. “I just blew out my shorts and still can’t button my pants. How can this suit me?”

Jess blushed a little. “I just don’t think you need to lose any. But like I said, stop being so hard on yourself, you did a great workout today. Tomorrow you’ll be sore but you’ll keep getting better.”

The roast chicken Jack ordered would have been a good choice, after all as he and Jess agreed, it had no greasy oil. But it was half a chicken, whereas Jess knew that the recommended serving of protein should not exceed the size of a pack of playing cards. And it had the fatty skin, too delicious to leave uneaten. The bread sauce on the side could have been ignored, but wasn’t. The waiter shouldn’t have mixed up roast potatoes with fries, but then again if Jess hadn’t told him anything when she left to use the loo perhaps the error would not have happened. Jess enjoyed seeing Jack fill up, his effort at the gym removing any feeling of guilt at eating.

“Getting full!” he commented at one point, but showed no sign of slowing down.
“That’s good Jack. It’s healthy food which you need after the gym, and as you’re full it means you won’t snack when you get home.”
“Makes sense” agreed Jack happily.

When the waiter cleared their plates and asked if they wanted dessert, Jess saw Jack’s eyes light up but he turned to her and said “I guess I better not huh?”
“Oh don’t be silly. Like I said a diet won’t work if you deny yourself food you like. You’ll just crave it and binge on it eventually.” As she spoke her mind drifted off for a second, but long enough to imagine Jack eating one cupcake after another, his belly billowing out bigger and fatter with each one, bursting his shirt open, then filling his lap, overflowing to the floor and then ballooning up, filling the room. She felt her pussy wet.
Jack blushed, he didn’t need the waiter to know he was dieting.
“Oh, I’ll take.. uh… the chocolate cake” ordered Jack.
“Same for me” said Jess.

“Oh-kay” said the waiter, struggling to stifle a laugh. Surely this fat load wasn’t on a diet? He’d just demolished half a chicken with fries, a basket of bread rolls and the slice of cake he had just ordered had more calories than he’d burn off in 2 hours of tough workout. Jack finished his cake and looked hungrily at Jess’s but she was a foodee too. “No Jack, you can’t have some of mine. You need to learn portion control, maybe that’s why you gain weight”
“Hmm, I do like to eat, that’s true” laughed Jack.
“So Olivia leaves tomorrow for the skiing?”
“Yep, straight from work.”
“I see. In that case why don’t we hit the gym again after work then come and eat at my place, I’ll prepare some really healthy food for you, and I can show you how to cook it too.”
“Wow thanks Jess, you’re so helpful. That would be great.” He then added, “look, unless you have plans, I don’t want to ruin your Friday night”
“No it’s fine, I can’t go out much anyway, still paying off my VISA from the trip to India.”
“It was worth it I’m sure! You have to show me some photos once I’m there, I only saw the few you posted on facebook.”
“Yeah for sure.”

When they stood to leave, Jess’ eyes nearly popped out of her head. She couldn’t believe it. Jack had just burst his pants in the most embarrassing of circumstances and instead of starving himself for the next 6 months had proceeded to completely stuff himself. His pants were unbuttoned; the belt was closed but it hung loosely off his waist, clearly redundant. His shirt was stretched over his bloated belly, every one of his thirty extra pounds easily visible. “Right then, good night Jack” Jess said, patting his tummy lightly. “Now that you’re well fed, don’t go and snack OK?”

As Jack sat into his car seat, he felt his belly settle on his lap, his pants unbuttoned and now he released the belt completely too. His shirt stretched tight over his belly. He couldn’t believe what an idiot he was. He had admitted to Jess that he needed to lose weight a couple of months ago. However since then he had ballooned to the point where he blew out of his shorts at the gym. If that wasn’t bad enough, he had just gorged like a pig in front of Jess, not only demolishing all the food and fries, but taking a dessert as well. She must think he had no willpower at all.

Casual Fridays allowed Jack to leave his suit in the wardrobe and wear clothes that did a better job of disguising his gain, but to his dismay he found nothing that fit this description. All his slacks were beyond tight and only a pair of formerly loose-fit jeans would go up. Even these were tight but at least could close with some effort. All his T-shirts showed how big his belly was so he finally went for a black polo shirt. In the office he felt self-conscious about his gut and sucked it in as he walked to his desk. Finally sitting down, he let it out with relief and pulled his chair close to the desk, to hide as much as possible.

“Whoa dude, been hitting the cookie jar?” Jack looked up in shock at his manager. At fifty years of age,Tim was irritatingly fit and strongly encouraged his team to practise sports. Jack had been in his good books but now his cover was blown. The team pretended to be very busy doing other stuff and not listening. “I, uh… hehe yeah I guess..” started Jack.
“Looks like you slid into the road to fatville eh?” boomed Tim. “A healthy mind in a healthy body boy, that’s what I say! Ease off the donuts and hit the gym some more, Sport!”

“Uh, sure thing boss!” squeaked Jack. He wished the floor would open up and swallow him whole. Tim walked away oblivious to the damage he had caused and a brightly blushing Jack. Jess shot him a smile of support and he tried to smile back. Lee, a manager on another team in the same office soon passed by and patted Jack’s gut “so when are you due?” he laughed and walked off.

Jack and Jess went for lunch together again. In the lift Jack stared at his reflection and shook his gut. “I can’t believe I got so fat, this is crazy. When did I turn into the fat kid?”
“Oh don’t do this Jack” pleaded Jess. “You’re a man not a boy, and men have meat on their bones. If you just bought clothes a size up you wouldn’t look so…” she stopped herself.
“So fat! Don’t worry you can say it. You saw me rip my shorts apart in the gym yesterday, even if you were kind enough to say nothing.”
“Chill out Jack, no one noticed, and anyone you’re losing weight already. Ready for another session tonight?”
“Yeah, but I had to get my cycling shorts. Hope they fit.”
Jess didn’t trust herself to answer. She was cumming in her panties at the thought of the plump Jack stuffed into his tight lycra shorts.

Jess recommended pasta again, but she felt bad for Jack and suggested the spaghetti pesto as a less calorific option. Jack however opted for the cannelloni, a feast of meat and cheese to follow the buttered bread rolls he devoured. Jess watched in awe as Jack guzzled the baked pasta, pausing only to shower the plate in more parmesan. Against her desires she tried to help him, for real this time. “Maybe you should stop there Jack, it was a big portion.”
“No the pasta really helped yesterday in the gym, you were right.”
“Uh huh” replied Jess.

Round the office Jack was far more popular than his manager Tim. Easy-going, fair and honest Jack had helped out innumerable colleagues over the years and had never back stabbed anyone. Tim was not unpopular but he was new, so still an unknown quantity. As a result, once word of Tim’s comment had made the rounds, several people passed by, partly to sneak a look at how round Jack looked. He could maybe suck in his gut, but the love handles remained there, plain to see in the tight black top. All through the afternoon people found excuse to pass by and see Jack, after sneaking a peek at his fat gut they reassured him that it wasn't much and in any case Tim was an asshole.

That evening at the gym before starting Jack told Jess “Hey maybe you were right. Everyone said that while I did gain, it's not so bad. I don't look too fat.”
“Yeah I told you so Jack, now maybe you'll stop stressing about nothing.” Jess rolled her eyes. Jack was like a puppy, so naïve.

The session was a repetition of the day before, only Jack struggled even more as his muscles still burned from the first workout. Bending over to touch his toes he found he could reach even less than on Thursday, the waistband of the cycling shorts cutting deep into his midriff. He suffered through an hour before Jess let him off. He felt embarrassed at his flab and lack of fitness especially at one point when he was on the pec machine. He sat there, pushing so hard that he couldn’t suck in his gut, so it lay soft and fat on his lap. Jess was running on the treadmill facing away from him but he was sure he caught her checking him out in the mirror. Shit, he thought, she must regret getting such a slob here with her.

After showering they agreed for Jack to follow her home.
“Look I don’t need to come, you know. I don’t want to put you out of your way” he said.
“As if, I wouldn’t have offered otherwise. And I need to teach you how to eat healthy.”

Arriving at her place she opened a beer for Jack and then invited him to observe and help her in the kitchen.
“So we’re making a stir fry today, that’s quick and easy.”
“OK, sounds good.”
“Start with the veg in the pan, you only need a drop or two of oil, that’s all.”
“OK.” But Jack didn’t see her throw in a chunk of butter while he tossed the peel into the bin.
“You can prepare the rice” she said, “just boil some water.”
“No prob.”
“Now fill a mug with rice, that should be fine for two people.”
Jack did so then asked “are you sure this is enough, seems like a little.”
“Hmm, true” said Jess, omitting to mention how much rice swells in water. “And you did a hell of a workout today so you need it.”

“Add the beef now, see I got the fillet ready cut into strips. Later I’ll add a few cashew nuts and that’s about it, why don’t you watch some TV while I finish off here. Take another beer.”

Jack got comfortable on the sofa and was surprised to see Jess emerge with a bowl full of prawn crackers. “Here, help yourself” she smiled.
Jack took one, enjoying the fizz on his tongue. “These taste oily” he said, “I can’t believe they are part of a diet.”
“Oh that’s the oil that comes out from them naturally” Jess lied. “Asian cuisine is really healthy.” Which was true, but not in the way it was done in USA. “So take all you like, I need to finish off in there.”
Jack munched away happily, sipping at his beer, watching the news. He texted Olivia. 'Hi babe all OK? Dinner wit team 2nt. Have fun xxx' He didn't plan anything untoward with Jess but he couldn't imagine Olivia would be thrilled to know that he had gone to gym with the shapely Jess and she was now cooking him dinner. For a second Jack wondered if Jess thought there was anything more to it. Then he saw his belly on his lap and laughed to himself. Yeah right, as though a babe like Jess would be interested in his fat ass!

“OK dinner’s served” called out Jess. Jack went to help her bring out the food and was again surprised to see her bearing a large plate full of spring rolls, won tons and prawn strips, complete with sauces on the side.
“Oh wow, where did these come from?” asked Jack happily.
“Oh frozen, I just pop them in the oven. Here help yourself.”
Jess poured out a generous measure of wine for them both and they dug in.
“Can’t believe this is diet food!” said Jack.
“Oh yeah it’s all healthy so you can really eat all you like of it. Great for people with appetites like us! See the prawn is fish, which is healthy. The spring rolls are all veg and the won ton is chicken.”
“Amazing!” said Jack in between noshing, dipping each on into the sauces.

Jess kept his wine glass full so he didn’t realise how much he was drinking and when the starters were demolished he sat back, happily buzzed while Jess cleared the plates and brought out the stir fry.
“Wow that looks like a mountain in the plate!” said Jack, eyeing the beef above a bed of rice.
“And there’s more in the kitchen. Hey, you’re the one who wanted more rice, so open your mouth and dig in!”

The two ate with gusto, both enjoying feeling their belly fill with warm food. The wine added to their fuzzy feeling as they gorged themselves. When they finished the plates Jess went in to reload them. Jack took advantage of her absence to quickly undo his jeans button. His belly pushed forward immediately and he realised he looked fatter. He tried to do it up again but couldn’t manage. Just then Jess walked in – she gave Jack another full portion and about a half for herself. As she placed the plate in front of Jack she saw his belly looking fatter and realised what he had done. She wondered whether Jack would finish it and was not disappointed. He let her speak as he lifted one forkful after another to his mouth, loving the feeling of his stuffed belly.

When he finally finished she disappeared again, only to re-emerge with yet another plate for him and a half portion for her.
“I don’t think I can have this” Jack conceded.
“Oh but you have to Jack!” protested Jess. “Rice is digested very quickly so you’ll be snacking at midnight if you don’t eat up.”
“But I’m completely stuffed.”
“I’m sure you’ll manage Jack. You want to lose weight don’t you?” Jess smiled sweetly at him.
“Uh… sure, though I feel like I weigh a ton right now!” replied Jack. Still, he lifted his fork again and took a bite. He soon started to struggle and Jess, buzzed herself on the wine, went round to sit near him.
“Let me help you Jack, see I managed to finish mine.” He immediately felt less of a pig, though of course he didn’t realise that she had had three small portions compared to his three super-sized plates.

Jess placed her hand on his belly and pushed slightly, feeling her hand push through a layer of flab before it found the hard swollen ball of his stomach. She rubbed gently in a clockwise motion. Jack stared at her, drunk, eyes glazed.
“Eat up Jack, you know you need to.”
“Too full” he slurred.
“Come on, I don’t want you raiding the fridge at midnight and getting fat after your hard work at the gym.”
She lifted a forkful to his mouth and he ate it, placing one hand over hers on his belly. Jess carried on feeding him in this manner and topping up his wine, noticing his cock grow hard in his jeans. She pretended not to realise and arranged to seemingly accidentally brush her fingers against it, feeling his body quiver and causing him to eat more quickly. Finally he finished the plate but looked like he was going to pass out. Jess helped him to his feet, and led him to the sofa where he slumped down and burped hugely. He smiled goofily at her. “So..sorry” he slurred “so rude” he burped again. “Oops.”

“Don't you worry, it's a sign you ate almost enough Jack, this is really great for you.”
“Almost enough?” he queried puzzled.
“Of course, there's dessert Jack! You deserve it after your effort at the gym these last two days.”
“I'm stuffed” he stated, then mumbled “too much wine, I think”. Jess was not surprised. She had contrived to take only a glass herself, while filling Jack with the rest of the bottle. Jess sat on an armchair near him and fired up her laptop. “Still want to see those pics from India?”

Jess talked him through several photo then after about fifteen minutes noticed he was starting to doze off. Dessert time. She left the photos on slideshow and brought out dessert. Two bowls of ice cream, one with two scoops for her, and another filled to overflowing, or about seven scoops for Jack. He had dozed off by now so Jess first enjoyed her ice cream. Then she brought a spoonful to Jack's lips and he woke with the cold sensation.

“Still full” he mumbled.
“Nonsense, there's always space for ice-cream” stated Jess. She fed him another spoonful then another, till he just sat back with his mouth open and his eyes shut, enjoying the feast and her warm hands rubbing his fat belly. He was so stuffed by now that his polo shirt couldn't cover his gut and it had ridden up, so that a good couple of inches of flab poked through over his jeans. Jess didn't fail to notice that he had an erection again. After he finished the ice-cream, she brought out coffees and they sat up a while chatting.

After some time, at around 10 Jess mentioned a digestive drink he had never heard of before, Drambuie. She quickly convinced him that he simply had to try it and one shot quickly followed another, Jess finding it increasingly hard to keep her hands off her drunk, over-fed boss but forced restraint on herself. She had to keep the end game in mind, he had to go to her; she wouldn't steal him from Olivia. Well she would, but not directly she thought evilly.

By around midnight their pace of drinking had slowed and Jess caught Jack yawning. Thinking quickly, she excused herself, 'to use the powder room'. She spent fifteen minutes in the bathroom to waste time, catching up on facebook and reading a couple of emails. When she reckoned enough time had passed she went out quietly and sure enough found Jack, stuffed and wasted, passed out on the sofa. Jess left him lie another few minutes to let him sleep more deeply then got him ready for the night. She took off his shoes and laid him out on the sofa, slipping a cushion under his head and covering him with a blanket. He snored throughout and she took a last lingering look at his fat belly before going to bed.

Aroused as she was, she had only to touch herself lightly to cum again and again, re-living the evening in her mind's eye. She slept deeply, content with her full belly, only vaguely aware that she too had eaten and drunk much more than necessary.

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