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Apr 6, 2020
Hana was a skinny girl, who liked beach activities and fun, but always didn't have what others had; boobs, but let's skip to the main point.

She found a magical site, called 3Blife.com, where the three Bs stood for Big, Beautiful, and Better. She immediately thought this was something related to her boobs, and she signed up for the site, and when she signed up, a white blank space appeared; and it said to write her name, weight, and height.

Without any hesitation, she wrote down everything, and pressed enter on the keyboard.

"Our service will come swiftly, thank you, Hana." A message appeared on the screen, and with a blinding flash of light,

Nothing happened.

"I guess that was some kind of a spam site, I guess," Hana said, picking a potato chip and putting it into her mouth.

[Wait, a potato chip?] She thought, and wondered why it was there. [I never eat snacks, strange.] And, she put the potato chip in a trash bin and walked out of her house near to the beach, and started jogging by the beach, as she always did.

As she jogged in the streets of Busan, she noticed something different. The people walking around were a bit chubby.

[No, not just chubby, but they all seem morbidly obese] She thought, and kept running.

When afternoon came, she changed clothes to her favorite one piece, and went out to the beach to play, and yet, most of the people there; or, to correct, EVERYONE there, was at least obese. Even the lifeguards were fat and lazy, not the muscular people she remembered them to be. [Hmm, strange.] She thought, [This would be probably a dream.] And, to snap back to reality, she kept yelling, 'this is a dream'(always worked for her), but everyone looked at her if she was a strange person, and kept waddling on their way.

"Why isn't it working?" She said, and if she didn't wake up, it only meant one thing; It had been reality.

"Well, it's okay, I have to remain calm. Maybe it's the trend? Or I probably have been drugged. I don't need to tremble or anything, and if they're fat, it's best for me to remain skinny." She said, and waited for her boyfriend to come until two O' clock, and changed her clothes to a bikini.

But then, suddenly, her fat production went into Yellow Sunlight Overdrive(Yes, this is a Reference), and started to expand the user's body.

Her small, zero-breasts started to form and make a perky, small A cup. Terrified, she started to run away, but there was nothing to run away from, but from her body, which she could not escape. As she ran, her breath was running out more faster and easier; her breasts soon expanded out to a full C cup, and god, they were heavy to have on her breasts. Then, she finally ran out of breath and sat on the soft sand of the beach, and she saw her solid C cups(which were just a cliff a few seconds ago) expand to Double D cups. It would have been fine for her if the expansion stopped here, but fat began to ooze out of her butt and started to make space out of her.

Her swimming suit, however, still expanded with her growing tits and butt, but it wasn't doing good making her look thinner. As she looked in the full mirror next to her, her skinny ass was now the double the size of her DD breasts.

But, she was kind of turned on by having a large belly, and such an attractive hourglass figure. With each second, fat started to expand her horizons of the waist, and soon, her stomach made her look like she was pregnant. It started to swell and sweat, and at the same time, her ass started to swell, and oozed fat out of its original small butt, as they struggled to grow and hang down a few inches.

In her pocket were a few energy bars, and as she was a bit hungry, she started to devour some of the energy bars. Bite after bite, her belly started to energetically grow in all directions, and the poor girl let out a little 'gasp' as her gasping got interrupted with a few devouring sounds from her mouth, and she had nothing to do but stare at her belly as it speedily expanded and jiggled up and down every time she breathed, and she felt like she was going to explode any second, but, her arms still moved and fed the poor little girl to the brim.

As she moved(waddled) forward, she noticed some kind of wierd sensation over her as she smelled the freshness of the beach, as her massive frame expanded in real-time, and just stood there, having nothing to do.

Struggling underneath all the fat over her, she reached her 300 pound mark, and her mind started to lose form, and it morphed into a fat, men-hungry woman's mind from a young pretty woman Hana used to be.

In her bikini that barely covered her breasts, she started to really become sub-mobile, as her speed was more slower than just waddling. Her thighs raced for more space, and it rubbed together so often that it hurt, including the weight that pressed her down.

She waddled into the nearest rental office for beach equipments, and they allowed her to rent a mobility scooter. 379 pounds, the scooter read on its built in scale, and it went around pretty well, compared to the other people who weighed over 600 pounds and went around in mobility scooters.

Still, every second, her H cup boobs were spitting out hormones that made her want to have more sexual encounter with a man, that was on the brink of her losing control and giving it all to lust.

"Hey, babe?" Her boyfriend called, with the same voice that she knew, but at least, about two to three hundred pounds fatter, "Guess you're too fat to walk today?"

"Hey, Daniel-" She gasped, as she noticed her voice to be significantly deeper, and more huskier.

"So, what are we going to do at the Hotel?" Daniel asked, "What we do as usual? or Roleplay?"

[We're going to have sex? I never even kissed him before!] She thought, but her lust finally grew strong enough to make her say yes.

In their hotel room, she gobbled down multiple room services and at the same time, Daniel's big meaty stick inside the hole between her two beach balls, and as sexual orgasm hit her three times in a row, she was on the brim of being knocked out, and Daniel pushed it in further into her butt.

Daniel grabbed and jiggled her more violently and more forcefully, as her blanket of flesh moved up down and sideways; she became more wet and fatter at the same time.

Then, she held her breasts and pointed the inch-long nipples at Daniel, and said; "My Turn."

Then, Daniel started to suck her milk, just like a baby that was being fed by her mother. Hana had her wish done; now she had milky udders instead of perky juicy breasts, that had a four inch radius areola, and a inch long nipple meant for milking a child, but she was feeding her boyfriend with her milk.

"BUUUuUTRrRRRRRrp!" She burped, very loudly, due to the food that she was eating during sex.

And then, Dan took ahold of Hana's face, and chugged down a liter of cola down her throat, and some more cheeseburgers that were full of grease.

She yet felt orgasm from being stuffed, not like she did a few hours ago, and yet,

Hana, was now afraid of what she had become, but she couldn't resist how good this felt.

She started to beg to Daniel, to please stop, but he wouldn't listen, nor the voice would come out.

Hana eventually gave it all up, and her life was now only filled with a man and food.

[Three years later]

Weighing at five hundred pounds, Hana was now a mother of three healthy children; Juno, Jane and Alex, all a year old, and she was living happily with the childrens' father, Daniel.

Their wild sex life caused her to bear three unexpected children, by the result, but still, they were all loved evenly and equally.

Hana's belly was big enough to nurse the three children, which served a role as an apron, and also as a chair for the children.

Her chicken-wing like arms had blankets of fat around. Her Thighs were also a good chair for the children, not to mention the jiggly, wobbling triple chin that completely covered her neck. Her bubble butt was a thing to see; yet, it stopped growing anymore. Her voice was too husky to be called the Hana she was, and also too distorted to be called a Korean.

To feed the three children at once, the fertility goddess grew another breast; not really, but she wore a handmade bra that let the milk from her nipples to flow in three directions, which allowed the children to suck their mother's milk, yet, she looked like a cow, being milked at times.

Her old, snow white skin was now gone; yet, she had the brownish-yellow skin of a mother, and a heart of one. She loved her children all equally and with everything. They'd all grow up to be fat little girls like her mother.

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