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Jun 20, 2008
~BHM, Romance, SWG - Girl meets boy, now if he would just wake up and realize ...

By Starling

Part One

“Did you see those looks poor Patrick Rice was giving you last night?” Renae asked, looking over her shoulder.

Chelsea sat on her bed, attempting some long-overdue studying for her Economics test the next day. She looked up at her roommate, who was straightening her hair in front of their shared mirror.

“Yeah, I noticed him,” Chelsea said absently, trying to focus.

Patrick Rice was a shy but good looking senior at their school. Or at least Chelsea thought he was good looking. Renae just thought he was fat.

“You should have gone for it,” Renae said, her eyes on her own reflection now.

Chelsea looked up again. That wasn’t the sort of statement she expected from Renae.


“Yeah, really. Can you imagine? You would have made the kid’s night. Probably his year. He‘d be buying you drinks for life,” Renae said with a grin.

Chelsea rolled her eyes.

“People like you are probably the reason he’s so freaking shy. The only reason anyone talks to him is to get something out of him,” she said, her upbeat tone masking her genuine annoyance.

“Pssssh. It’s not my fault if he’s awkward and fat and can’t get laid,” Renae said flippantly.

“Speaking of getting laid, what’s up with you and Jonny? You guys were all over each other last night, but I thought he was still with Alyssa?” Chelsea asked, trying to change the subject.

She didn’t actually have any particular interest in Patrick Rice, but she never liked it when fat guys got picked on.

“Like that makes a difference,” Renae laughed, acquiescing to the conversation's new direction.

Chelsea couldn’t condemn her on that, since she’d hooked up with guys with girlfriends in the past as well.

“Besides, Alyssa’s a total hag,” Renae continued, “Poor Jonny can’t help it if he wants to be with someone moderately attractive every once in a while. And did you see that dress she was wearing the other day?”

“Little House on the Prairie,” Chelsea snickered, having abandoned studying for now. They both laughed.

Renae and Chelsea had been best friends pretty much from day one of college, and Chelsea was sure that if talking about people were a sport, they could have both gone pro.

Chelsea never did talk badly about the overweight boys she knew, though. She generally thought they were better looking than thin boys, but as far as she could tell, she was the only one with that preference.


Parker was in the Epsilon Mu dining room, his Economics notes spread out on one of the tables. He should have started studying days ago, but had only started the night before. Now procrastination was taking its toll.

Luckily, he’d had the foresight to go into the kitchen and make himself a sandwich with potato chips and a can of soda. He couldn’t be expected to study on an empty stomach.

Mark, one of his pledge brothers, came bursting in the room shortly thereafter. Parker suspected he was probably still drunk, although it was almost two in the afternoon.

“What’re you doing? Nerding it up?” Mark asked in a voice a few decibels louder than necessary.

“Trying to study for Econ. I have a huge test tomorrow,” Parker answered, not looking up from his book.

“Me too, in Poli Sci,” Mark said with a laugh that turned into a groan. “I’m failing that one for sure.”

Mark leaned over and grabbed a handful of chips.

“It’s not like you need these, Porker,” he said to Parker with a wink.

Most people at school called him Porker, ever since some brilliant soul his freshman year realized the words were similar, and even had the presence of mind to notice that Parker was quite a bit on the heavy side. Parker had long since let it stop bothering him.

“Whatever, take them,” Parker said disinterestedly. He liked Mark a lot, but right now he was hoping he would leave him in peace.

Mark seemed to have different ideas. He went into the kitchen briefly and returned with the whole bag of potato chips, and sat down in the seat directly across from Parker.

“You shoulda been there last night. It was insane!” Mark said enthusiastically through a mouthful of chips.

“I heard,” Parker said with a smile. It was all anyone had talked about for the past few hours.

“Yeah, and a bunch of those Kappa Nu Lambda girls were there too, and they’re pretty crazy, you know. That one you like was there, looking pretty hot. What’s her name? Little blonde one, always with Renae?” Mark looked at Parker blankly.

“Chelsea,” Parker said quickly, raising his book slightly so Mark wouldn’t notice he was blushing.

“Yeah, Chelsea. Shoulda been there last night, big guy. You could’ve made a move,” Mark continued, shoving more chips in his mouth.

Parker laughed.

“Next time,” he said. Although he doubted that there was any time Chelsea would be interested. He always saw her around with guys who looked like fitness models, and his own soft physique was far from that.


Chelsea sat down in her Economics class, trying to get her teeth to stop chattering. Did they really need to turn on the air conditioning? It was only March! She would have bet money that it was even colder inside than the frosty outside.

There were only a few people in the classroom so far, and she watched people come through the door. At least ten people had come through, in various states of panic, before she saw who she had been waiting for.

Parker Keystone walked in, looking as perfect as ever. In Chelsea’s opinion, he was easily the best looking guy in her junior class, and probably the whole school. Already she felt the room getting a little warmer.

She caught his eye and smiled. He smiled back and sat down next to her. She felt a little tingly as she noticed a roll of fat hanging over the side of his jeans, and wrapping around to where his belly rested heavily in his lap. She bit her lip and willed herself not to stare.

“Where were you on Saturday? I was looking for you,” she said, giving Parker her playful sad eyes.

Parker tried to keep it cool. She had been looking for him? Chelsea Russell, his crush since freshman year, was disappointed he hadn’t attended a party.

“I had to study. You know, for this,” he said, gesturing around the classroom.

“Yeah, I think I might have waited too long to start studying. I didn’t really start until yesterday afternoon. I just kept getting distracted,” Chelsea told him.

Parker didn’t think it was going to be much of an issue for her. She seemed to have a gift for Economics, and could get away with not studying.

“Yeah, I understand. It’s hard to buckle down when everyone else is still in weekend mode,” he replied sympathetically.

Chelsea smiled. This was why she loved Parker. He understood people so well. She always half-suspected he knew how she felt about him, which made it all the more disappointing that he never acted on anything.

Her musings were cut short by the professor’s arrival. The tests were handed out, and Chelsea mouthed ‘Good luck’ at Parker as they began. It wasn’t nearly as hard as she had expected, and Chelsea was pleasantly surprised to discover that her halfhearted attempts at studying the day before weren’t going to ruin her chances at a good grade.

She found herself glancing over at Parker. The angle at which he bent over his test accentuated the fullness of his stomach, and she nearly giggled aloud with excitement when she saw his adorable double chin in side profile.

When she was double checking her answers, she looked briefly over at Parker’s test to check in on his progress. He was almost done. She triple checked her answers, and outlined her name a few times until he was finished. She wanted them to get out at the same time.

When Chelsea noticed he was getting ready to stand up, she hopped up first and placed her test face down on the professor’s desk. Parker followed her to the desk and out the door.

“So how’d you think it went?” Chelsea asked as they pulled on their jackets in the hall.

“That was murder!” Parker exclaimed.

“Really? I didn’t think it was that bad,” Chelsea said with a shrug.

“Yeah, but you’re the Econ wunderkind,” Parker joked.

Chelsea laughed.

“Do you want to do something to celebrate getting that over with? This was my only class today,” she asked.

She tried to keep her voice light, but she felt nervous waiting for him to respond.

To her relief, Parker nodded.

“Sure, but I have a Physics class at three, so we can’t be too long,” he said with a smile.


Parker started up his truck, rubbing his hands together furiously to try and warm them. It was a cold, miserable kind of day, and he could clearly see both his and Chelsea’s breath even inside the truck. He hoped the heating would start up soon - this was as close to a date with Chelsea as he’d had in three years, and the last thing he wanted was for her to freeze to death in the passenger seat.

He was sure he’d failed his Economics test, but his disappointment about that lifted slightly when he realized he and Chelsea were done at the exact same time. The universe had a way of evening things out, he decided. His mood had improved even more when Chelsea suggested they go into town to grab a celebratory lunch, which was how she came to be sitting in the seat next to him, looking a bit bluish from the cold.

“Here, I have a sweatshirt you can wear,” Parker said, pulling a black sweatshirt with the school’s logo from the back.

Although Chelsea was wearing a brightly colored peacoat over a Kappa Nu Lambda sweatshirt, she still looked quite chilly. She took the sweatshirt with one of her broad smiles that always made Parker feel a little unbalanced.

“Thanks, Parker! That’s so sweet!” she exclaimed as she pulled it on.

Parker was a little surprised at just how big his sweatshirt was on her, even over her bulky layers. But he supposed that was to be expected - he was a fairly big guy by anyone’s standards, at six feet and just under three hundred pounds, and she was fairly small, just over five foot two and not looking like she weighed much at all, although Parker had no idea how much girls typically weighed.

“It’s kinda big, even on me,” he commented as they pulled out into the road.
Although it wasn’t exactly the truth, he didn’t want her to be repulsed that something that big actually fit him.

“It’s better that way,” Chelsea said airily, “Plus it smells like you,” she said, pulling the extra fabric around herself.

Parker wasn’t sure what she meant by that, but she apparently seemed pleased.

Chelsea forced herself to stare out the window as they made the short drive into town. What she really wanted to be staring at was Parker, but she didn’t want to give him the impression that she was some kind of staring creep. The landscape was all the same - dull looking cornfields with bleak grey trees encroaching on the edges. She made a face.

“Something wrong?” Parker asked.

He really did notice everything, Chelsea decided. All the better that she kept herself from tasteless ogling.

“Everything’s so freaking depressing here,” she said, meeting Parker’s eyes for a second before turning towards the window again.

“Not everything,” Parker said, and when Chelsea glanced over at him again, he was looking at her with an amused smile. She felt her face get hot.

They pulled in at a popular and cheap burger joint. They got out of the truck, and Chelsea wrapped Parker’s sweatshirt even tighter around herself when she stepped into the chilly wind. She smiled to herself as she realized that the other patrons of the restaurant would probably assume they were dating.

Parker held the door for her as they walked in, and they chose a table by the window. Chelsea enjoyed people-watching, and a window table provided the perfect opportunity to do so.

They both ordered burgers and fries, and split a chocolate milkshake.

“Awww, look we’re so cute,” Chelsea said with a sarcastic squeal as they both took a sip from their straws on either end of the milkshake glass.

Parker rolled his eyes.

“I know, I think we’re pretty much 1950’s status,” he said in an equally sarcastic tone, although he didn’t find the idea entirely unpleasant.

That was the hard thing about Chelsea, he was never quite sure when she was joking and when she was serious. She looked pretty cute, though, even wrapped up inside his gigantic sweatshirt. If people didn’t know better, Parker thought, they might mistake her for his girlfriend. He didn’t find that idea entirely unpleasant, either.

“Are you still seeing Anthony?” he asked suddenly, his train of thought having given rise to the question.

“Why, worried he’ll come beat you up?” Chelsea asked wryly, raising an eyebrow.

“No, just wondering,” Parker said with a laugh. “I could take him anyway.”

Chelsea looked him over. “Yeah, probably,” she grinned.

Apparently she thought that was the end of the conversation, as she returned to her fries without actually answering Parker’s question. Feeling like an idiot, Parker asked again.

“So, are you still seeing him?”

“I wasn’t seeing him to begin with,” she said, sounding amused. “Hooking up with him, yeah, but that’s different. He’s not my type anyway.” And with that peculiar pronouncement, her attention once again returned to lunch.

Parker stared at her. Anthony LeBrun was not her type? He looked pretty much like every guy he had seen Chelsea with, tall and muscled, with a handsome face to match his calendar boy body. Anthony was the heartthrob of nearly every girl in school, and he wasn’t Chelsea’s type?

“What is your type then?” Parker asked out of genuine curiosity. He’d assumed a guy like Anthony would be to any girl’s taste, especially a girl like Chelsea.

Chelsea looked at Parker. ‘You’ would have been the correct answer, but she wasn’t in a mood to humiliate herself in public. Parker had been her friend for a couple years now, and had never really seemed to want to move beyond that stage.

She looked around once to see if anyone was listening. When she satisfied herself that no one was, she leaned in closer to Parker. She had never told anyone, not even Renae, about the kinds of guys she liked, but she had the feeling Parker wouldn’t laugh at her.

“Well,” she started uncertainly, “Anthony’s a nice guy and all, there’s nothing wrong with him, and he’s got a cute face but…he’s just too…well, I’ve never really been into the hard body look…I‘ve always liked guys who were kinda…um…chubby,” Chelsea had been staring at her plate, but now she looked up at Parker.

She felt sick when she realized he was trying to suppress laughter. Great. He thought she was a freak.

Parker had nearly choked on a French fry when she told him that. Especially since her wording, right down to the being a nice guy and having a cute face part, was what he usually heard from girls who turned him down. Except that his hard-bodiedness was not what was driving them away.

“Don’t laugh,” Chelsea said to him, and her dark brown eyes looked sad.

“I’m sorry,” Parker said quickly, realizing that she had just confided in him, “It’s just that…well, I’ve never even seen you with a bigger guy…except me, of course,” he finished with a smile.

“Yeah, well, the guys I’m into usually aren’t the kinds that are interested in me. For some reason I’m like a magnet for the skinny party boys,” she said, looking a little less like she wanted to melt into the floor.

Parker knew how she felt about having the people she was interested in not interested back. Although he was starting to feel much more optimistic about his lady in question, now that he knew she had some previously undisclosed attraction to chubby boys. But he couldn’t be sure. ‘Chubby’ could mean two hundred pounds, not three hundred. He might still be too big for her, even if Anthony LeBrun was too small.

Instead of venting any of these thoughts aloud, he put one of his hands on one of Chelsea’s and said, “Well, I hope you find the chubby boy of your dreams,” although he couldn’t keep a note of irony out of his voice.

Chelsea felt like telling Parker she already had, but instead settled on telling him to drink the rest of their milkshake.

Story continued in post 5 of this thread


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Jun 20, 2008
(I don't know why it didn't all show up the first time I tried to post...)

Part Two

“You don’t know?” Autumn was incredulous.

Chelsea had walked into the Kappa Nu Lambda living room after her outing with Parker to find half a dozen or so girls sprawled out on the floor discussing what had suddenly become the whole house’s favorite subject - the Kappa Nu Lambda formal. The instant she’d walked in, her Little Sister Autumn had asked her who she was planning to take.

“No, I don’t know,” Chelsea said with a faint smile. “There’s no one I really want to go with.”

There was someone, of course, but he seemed completely uninterested in her advances. Even after she’d told Parker that his body type was her favorite, he’d pretty much told her to keep looking elsewhere. He had, however, covered her four dollar and seventy-two cent bill, which made their lunch outing kind of a date, she thought with a smirk.

“What about Anthony? He was over here the other night with you, wasn’t he? Go with him,” Autumn persisted.

Chelsea shrugged.

“Maybe. It’s a little early to be thinking about formal though, isn’t it?” Chelsea silently congratulated herself on her evasive answer.

Autumn looked even more scandalized than before, if possible.

“Early? Chelsea, formal’s right after Spring Break! It’ll be here in three weeks! I bet you haven’t even bought your dress yet,” she said in a disapproving tone.

“Actually, I have. But that’s because a dress is important. A date isn’t. I’ll have fun no matter who I take.”

Chelsea knew it was the truth. She would be with all her sisters wearing the elegantly sexy black dress she’d bought a couple weeks back, and after a few drinks she wouldn’t care who was in the seat next to her.

That didn’t stop her from imagining what a great time she and Parker could have, however.

Thankfully, Autumn was satisfied that at least Chelsea had her wardrobe, if not her love life, in order, and began telling Chelsea all about her date. He was a member of the basketball team, although admittedly he did a lot of benchwarming, and was a sophomore like Autumn. From the little Chelsea knew of him, he seemed like a decent guy, and she could see how someone into the athletic look would find him very attractive. She gave Autumn her Big Sister seal of approval and went up to her room.

A few hours later, while Chelsea was simultaneously instant messaging a high school friend and writing an essay on the influence of the American Revolution on the French, her phone rang.

She hoped for a moment it was Parker, calling to confess his undying affection, but it was only Renae. Chelsea smiled at that, as she knew for a fact Renae was only the floor below her, watching television in the living room.

“Hey, I heard from a couple of the new girls that people are gonna be drinking tonight at Ep Mu, so I was thinking I might head over there with them. Wanna come?” Renae sounded hopeful.

Chelsea was pretty sure that there was always a good chance people were drinking at Epsilon Mu, but she kept her observation quiet. Chelsea understood Renae well enough to realize she was looking for another opportunity to hook up with Jonny, and needed an excuse to go over to the fraternity.

“Sure, I’d love to,” Chelsea said, thinking she wouldn’t mind an excuse to go over there herself.


Parker looked up from the magazine he was reading. He could have sworn he just heard Chelsea laugh.

He poked his head into the hallway. He heard voices, some female, talking animatedly behind the closed door of the room diagonally across from his.

“Oh come on, Jonny!” a girl exclaimed, and he distinctly made out Renae’s voice. If Renae was in there, Chelsea would be too.

“Porker! Good to see you!” Jonny exclaimed with drunken enthusiasm when Parker walked in.

Parker looked quickly around the room. A few of his brothers were in the room, along with three freshmen girls and Renae and Chelsea.

Chelsea smiled and waved him over to the corner where she and Renae were sitting. Parker was a little disappointed she hadn’t bothered to come to his room and say hello, but was happy that she seemed pleased to see him. Everyone seemed to be engaged in a drinking game, and already a half-gallon of vodka lay nearly empty.

“Wanna play?” Chelsea asked thickly.

“It’s all right, I’ll sit this one out, but will you pass me that half-gallon and a shot glass?” Parker asked.

He felt uncomfortable being the only sober person in a room, and he’d managed to finish off most of what was left of the half-gallon before too long. Being both a big guy and a regular drinker, the alcohol didn’t hit him as hard, but he could tell that most of the people in the room, including Chelsea, were decidedly intoxicated.

He didn’t remember when Renae had moved from where he and Chelsea were sitting to Jonny’s lap, but it didn’t seem as if she had any intention of leaving soon. The freshmen had disappeared, one to throw up and the others to ‘help’, whatever that entailed. Chelsea was half slumped down the wall, her head hanging to the side.

“You all right?” Parker asked, laying a hand on her shoulder.

Chelsea gave him a lopsided grin and giggled.

“Pass me a beer, beautiful?” she managed to slur out. Parker smiled but shook his head.

“Why don’t you give it a rest for a few minutes?” he asked.

“Why don’t you shut the hell up?” Chelsea said pleasantly, and then blew a kiss at one of Parker’s brothers who handed her a beer.

The three girls returned from the bathroom, and decided it was probably time to call it a night.

“You guys coming with?” one of the freshman Kappa Nu Lambdas asked Chelsea and Renae. Both girls shook their head in unison.

Parker was surprised. He understood why Renae would want to stay, he’d heard Jonny had been hooking up with her even though he supposedly had a girlfriend. But as far as he knew, Chelsea wasn’t hooking up with anyone in the house.

Half an hour later, Parker was starting to feel a powerful buzz, a few guys had started a game of flip cup, Renae and Jonny were engaged in a shameless public makeout, and Chelsea looked like she was about to fall unconscious.

Renae noticed as well, and managed to detach herself from Jonny long enough to come over and shake her a little.

“Chelsea, hon, are you feeling okay?” she asked, concerned.

Chelsea burst out laughing, and said something resembling “I didn’t mean to drink that much,” although Parker couldn’t tell for sure.

Renae started pulling Chelsea up, which didn’t go well since Renae was barely able to stand herself. Parker managed to catch both girls before they went down.

“Thanks,” Renae giggled. Chelsea muttered something incoherent.

“You know Renae, you guys probably shouldn’t try to go back to your house tonight, you can stay here” Jonny said, to which Renae readily agreed.

“But what about Chelsea?” she asked, gesturing to where her friend was still slumped in Parker’s arms.

Parker was enjoying holding Chelsea up probably more than he should have. He didn’t want her to go back, and, his loosened inhibitions having made him a little overprotective of his crush, he didn’t want to leave her somewhere where one of his brothers might try something.

“She can stay with me,” Parker volunteered, hoping no one noticed how eager he was.

No one did, and people even thought it was the most logical solution, seeing as though Parker was half carrying her anyway.

Parker hoisted her up, surprised at how light she was, and took her back to his room. He’d thought she was unconscious, since her head was back and her arms and legs were limp, but as he left the loudness of Jonny’s room for the relative quiet of the hall, he realized she was trying to tell him something.

“What?” he asked, leaning in.

She giggled when he did that, and he looked down and realized that the soft overhang of his belly was pressing on top of Chelsea’s own flat stomach.

“You’re so sexy and squishy,” she managed to get out.

Parker blushed and laughed. Chelsea was a funny girl - he didn’t know anyone else who would have used those two words as synonyms.

“Thanks for letting me stay with you. I was hoping I’d end up here anyway,” Chelsea continued as he laid her down on his bed.

Or at least that was what Parker thought she said. He reminded himself that he wasn’t entirely sober, and that he could be imagining things.

He moved Chelsea into a more comfortable position, and asked her how she felt.

“Mmmmph,” was the response.

He smiled and crawled into the bed as well. He could have slept on the floor, but it didn’t occur to him to do so. Chelsea giggled again as he moved next to her.

“You’re so warm and soft. We should do this more often,” she mumbled as she fell asleep.

Parker lay awake for a few minutes, thinking. Chelsea had been getting pretty friendly. He reminded himself that she was extremely drunk, and there could have been nothing but alcohol behind her words and actions. But she’d said she was hoping she would end up in his room. What did that mean? He considered the possibility that maybe she had come over to see him, and not just to play drinking games with Renae.

He shook his head at himself in the dark. He had to learn to stop flattering himself so much, he was only setting himself up for disappointment.


Chelsea woke up in Parker’s bed, her head pounding. She was a little fuzzy on the details of how she’d gotten there in the first place, but it was a nice surprise. She looked over at him. He was still asleep, breathing heavily, his long eyelashes fluttering slightly.

He was just so handsome! Chelsea couldn’t have chosen a favorite feature if she tried. There was that silky dark brown hair, the green-blue eyes underneath the dark lashes, the softly rounded cheeks, the full, pouty lips, and of course his incredible body.

His belly looked bigger than it usually did, which Chelsea guessed meant he had it sucked in most of the time. It rose and fell with his breath, jiggling ever so slightly. The bottom of his shirt had rolled up in his sleep, which exposed a bit of white flesh hanging over the top of his jeans. Even in the dark, Chelsea could make out the light pink of a stretch mark.

Chelsea could have stayed there forever, watching him, but she realized that not only would that be pretty creepy, she had to get ready for class. She couldn’t resist leaning over quickly and giving Parker a light kiss on the lips before she left, though. She felt a pleasant shiver go down her back. She’d been wanting to do that for nearly three years.

Renae had just come out of the shower when Chelsea returned.

“Nice to see you among the living, Chels,” Renae grinned as she toweled off her hair.

“You should have gotten me before you left,” Chelsea said, pulling together her own shower things.

“I tried!” protested Renae, “But you wouldn’t move when I came in. So I just left you with Porker…you guys looked pretty cozy, by the way,” she added with a laugh.

To Renae, the possibility that any girl would enjoy being in the same bed as a fat guy was hilarious. Even though Renae and Parker were good friends, Renae never considered that a girl could find him attractive.

“Yeah, it was nice of him to let me stay,” Chelsea replied, ignoring the humor Renae found in the situation.

“Did he try anything?” Renae asked as Chelsea put on a towel.

“No,” Chelsea said, trying to hide her disappointment.

Parker had her in his bed, and he still didn’t show any interest toward her. She had been a lot drunker than he was, though, so maybe he was trying to be a gentleman and not take advantage of her intoxication. Or at least that was what she kept telling herself.

“How was the rest of your night?” Chelsea asked, trying again to switch the subject.

Renae gave her a devilish grin. “Good. Really good.”


After her classes, Chelsea realized she needed another book for her history paper, so she grabbed her coat and headed for the library. She had been there about fifteen minutes when she caught a view of someone’s wide backside in the next aisle as they went to pick up a book. Grinning to herself, she nonchalantly strolled into the aisle, and realized the backside belonged to Parker.

“Well, hello there,” Parker said with a smile.

“Hey,” Chelsea said, feeling a little embarrassed.

She’d kind of made an idiot of herself last night. Especially since she vaguely remembered telling Parker he was sexily squishy and she wanted him to take her back to his room or something. Plus there was the fact that he’d literally had to carry her drunk ass out of Jonny’s room.

“Feeling okay?” Parker asked. He wondered if Chelsea remembered anything from last night. Probably not. He just hoped she didn’t find waking up next to him too terrifying.

“Been better,” Chelsea admitted with a shrug. “And thanks…thanks for letting me crash with you, I hope I didn‘t cause you a lot of trouble,” she finished with a half smile.

“Believe me, it wasn’t any trouble, I was happy to do it,” Parker assured her, “I wasn’t about to leave a pretty girl alone in a house full of drunk guys.”

Chelsea had been told she was pretty about a thousand times before, but it seemed completely different coming from Parker. She felt herself blush as she realized that his seemingly disinterested behavior toward her was him trying to be a gentleman after all.

“Well, thanks,” she beamed at him.

“Of course,” Parker said, returning her smile, “I just hoped it didn’t freak you out too much to wake up in some guy’s bed.”

Chelsea had a bit of a history of waking up in random people’s beds, but she saw no reason to bring that up.

“Not at all,” she laughed. “Besides, you were a good person to share a bed with,” she continued with a mischievous grin, “I don’t think I’ve ever spent the night with someone so comfortable before.”

“That’s a nice way of saying I’m a huge fatass, isn’t it?” Parker asked, feeling a little embarrassed.

“I didn’t say that was a bad thing,” Chelsea told him in a singsong voice.


Parker looked over at Chelsea’s Economics test. Ninety-four percent.

“Damn girl, what happened to not studying enough?” he whispered with a grin.

Chelsea shrugged. “I got lucky I guess - how’d you do?”

Parker showed her his eighty-one percent test with a bit of a flourish. It wasn’t as good as Chelsea’s, but was pretty respectable for someone who came out of the test thinking he failed. Chelsea must have thought the same thing, because her face lit up in a pretty smile.

“That’s awesome!” she said in as quiet a squeal as possible, and gave his thigh a squeeze under the desk.

For a moment, Parker couldn’t breathe. He felt like he’d just been electrified.

Chelsea, apparently oblivious as to the effects of her touch, was pulling out her Economics notes and jotting down information from the professor’s Power Point.

(continued in post 7 of this thread)


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Mar 6, 2006
**jumps from one foot to the other impatiently, hands clenched together in anticipation** morrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee please?

Pretty please?

With sugar n full fat cream on top??


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Jun 20, 2008
Part Three

Chelsea was in a packing frenzy, trying to get all of her clothes together before she left for Florida for spring break. As she was trying to find some extra space in which to cram her favorite pair of high heels, she heard her phone start to ring from underneath a pile of clothing.

She pulled it out and saw it was Anthony on the other end. Chelsea stared at her phone, unsure of what to do. She didn’t really want to talk to Anthony, she’d been avoiding him for the past few days, ever since she learned people considered them an item.

“Are you gonna answer or just stare at it, because your ringtone is driving me crazy!” Renae commented grumpily from behind her own pile of packing.

“Oh, yeah,” Chelsea said quickly, and answered.

“Hey Chels, I was just thinking that I hadn’t heard from you in a few days and I wanted to check up on you before we both left,” Anthony said brightly.

While Chelsea and the Kappa Nu Lambdas would be heading to Florida for spring break, Anthony and the guys from his fraternity, Beta Omicron Omega, would be in Texas.

They had a short but friendly conversation, until Anthony finally revealed another motive for calling.

“I know this is sort of late notice, since my formal’s two nights after we get back from break, but I was wondering if you…you know, wanted to go with me?” he asked, sounding uncharacteristically nervous.

Chelsea thought for a moment. She liked Anthony, he was sweet and intelligent and could make her laugh. They’d been hooking up pretty steadily for about the past five weeks or so, and she really did enjoy his company. Aside from being far too thin, he was a good catch.

“I’d love to,” she told him, wondering if anyone other than Parker would believe that she was solely interested in Anthony’s personality.

“Great!” Anthony enthused, and Chelsea thought he sounded relieved. “Well have fun in Florida, and I’ll see you when we get back!”

“Thanks Anthony, have fun over break!” Chelsea told him.

As she turned around, she met Renae’s curious eyes.

“What’d Anthony want?” she asked, trying to sound casual.

“To see if I’d go to formal with him,” Chelsea said offhandedly, returning to her packing.

Behind her, she heard Renae jump, and heard an excited squeal.

“Awww baby, that’s so cute! You guys make such a cute couple!” she giggled.

Before Chelsea could protest that they weren’t a couple, Renae added, “This is great, now you can take him to our formal!”

Chelsea stopped short. She hadn’t thought of that. She really wanted to go with Parker, but she hadn’t exactly asked him yet, and she realized that Anthony was probably now expecting her to ask him. She didn’t want to hurt his feelings by taking another guy.

Another thought popped into her mind.

“Renae, who are you taking to formal? It’s not like you can go with Jonny.”

Renae gave her a mysterious smile. “Not unless they break up over vacation, which they might - Jonny hasn’t exactly been keeping what we do a secret, and Alyssa’s pretty pissed. But I have a backup plan, no worries. I already asked a guy.”

“Who?” Chelsea asked. She wondered which member of Renae’s throng of admirers would be the lucky guy.

“Porker Keystone,” Renae said simply, and returned to packing, unaware that Chelsea had stopped breathing.

Chelsea felt like she’d just been kicked in the stomach. Hard. She sat down on her bed, shoving clothes out of the way.

“Parker? You can’t be serious,” she said when she could talk again.

Renae made a clucking noise with her tongue.

“Oh come on, Chelsea, you’re the one who always gets mad at me for being shallow! Porker’s a nice guy. And we’re just going as friends, it’s not like we’ll be getting it on afterwards or anything gross like that,” she laughed.

Chelsea didn’t tell Renae that her ‘you can’t be serious’ comment had nothing to do with Renae considering Parker a suitable date.

Parker loaded up his last suitcase into the bed of his truck. While most of his brothers were making the predictable trek to Florida, Parker decided to drive home to Ohio for break. He hadn’t seen his family since the summer, and he wasn’t going to cry over one less opportunity to show his big belly off to a beach full of strangers.

He heard the crunch of footsteps on the frozen ground, and thought for a moment of the irony of having spring break during such dismal weather.

“Figured I’d come over and say bye before we left,” a familiar voice said.

He turned around and saw Chelsea, shivering but smiling.

“Hey,” he said warmly, “You girls heading out to PCB today?”

“Yeah,” Chelsea said with nod of her head, “I’m pretty psyched that I don’t have to drive my car, apparently it’s too small. But Autumn’s mom let her borrow their van, so a whole bunch of us are going in that. We’re still waiting on Renae though, I guess she forgot to pack the bottom of her suit,” she finished, giving Parker a bit of an odd look.

“Oh, yeah, that could make things awkward,” Parker laughed. He looked at Chelsea. She looked upset. Angry, almost.

“What’s the matter?” he asked her.

“Why didn’t you tell me Renae asked you to formal?” Chelsea demanded, her voice sounding a little more temper tantrum-ish than she would have liked.

“I figured she’d tell you,” Parker replied honestly.

Chelsea sighed. What had she expected? That both Renae and Parker would automatically know that she was planning to ask him? She knew Renae wasn’t trying to hurt her, Renae would never believe Chelsea was interested in a fat guy, but she felt a bit let down by Parker.

“Well…I hope you guys have fun. And enjoy your break,” Chelsea said listlessly.

She pushed the light coating of snow around with her foot. When she looked up, Parker was giving her one of those amused smiles that she knew meant he guessed what she was thinking.

“And that’s what you walked all the way over here to tell me?” he asked with a suppressed grin. It was a fair distance from the Kappa Nu Lambda house to Epsilon Mu.

“Well…no,” she admitted, keeping her eyes on her feet.

“What was it then?” Parker asked in a friendly voice.

He had the brief, insane hope that maybe she’d come over to tell him how much she cared about him and how she had been planning to ask him to formal all along. Maybe she wanted to express her outrage at the fact that her best friend was using him solely as a body to go with, without having any real interest.

“I…um…I just wanted to tell you that I…would have asked you if Renae didn’t,” she said, feeling herself turn an unflattering shade of red.

Parker was stunned. He should have insane hopes more often.

“Really?” he asked. Chelsea nodded.

“Wow,” Parker said. On one hand, he was elated. On the other, he wished she had spoken up sooner.

“Yeah, I guess I waited too long to ask,” Chelsea said with a bit of a smile. That’s what she got for being so hesitant around Parker.

“Who are you going with now?” Parker asked, hoping beyond anything she wouldn’t say Anthony. He still had the feeling that if Chelsea were to see the two of them side by side, her supposed interest in the chubbier set of men would evaporate.

“Anthony,” Chelsea said with a shrug. “He asked me to Beta O formal, so I figured I’d return the favor.”

“Well…I hope you guys have fun. And enjoy your break,” Parker said, trying to repress a sigh.

Chelsea smiled. Weren’t those the exact words she had used minutes before?

“I will. See you soon!” she said cheerfully.

In an extra attempt to show that she had no hard feelings, she wrapped her arms around Parker in a tight hug.

She drew in her breath. She hadn’t expected Parker to feel so amazing against her. Her arms rested on his round love handles, and his chubby stomach pressed heavily into her, moving slightly as he breathed.

Parker wasn’t sure what to do. He felt the same paralysis he had when Chelsea grabbed his leg in Economics. He looked down at Chelsea. Her arms were cutting deeply into his soft waist, and she looked like she was sinking into his fat belly. Parker felt embarrassed, but Chelsea didn’t seem to mind.

When they finally drew apart, both Chelsea and Parker were blushing furiously.

“Well. Um. Yeah, see you soon,” Chelsea stammered, and she turned away quickly.

Parker watched her go. If he didn’t know better, he would have sworn Chelsea was into him.

(continued in post 17 of this thread)



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So, every bit you add to this story makes me even MORE impatient for the next bit. My impatience is growing exponentially, haha.

This is so damn adorable; I love it!


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Mar 6, 2006
I have to admitt I'm impatient too - if she doesn't make her move soon I will!!!! LOL

Seriously, once again amazing..more pllleaaseeee


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Jun 20, 2008
Part Four

Chelsea narrowed her eyes at her reflection in the full-length bathroom mirror. Renae had let her borrow a dress for Beta O formal, a short, skimpy, dark blue number. It was quite tight as Renae was rail thin, but Chelsea had to admit she kind of liked it that way.

Chelsea was also pleased to notice she had picked up a bit of a tan over break, and her skin had gone from milky to the color of a lightly toasted marshmallow. She twirled around for herself in the mirror, giggling.

Autumn poked her head in the bathroom. “There you are!” she exclaimed. “I’ve been banging on your door for forever! Everyone else is ready to go!”

There were about ten or so girls going to Beta O formal, Chelsea’s Little Sister Autumn included. Autumn looked beautiful in a silvery, flapper-style dress with her light brown hair set in bouncy curls.

Chelsea followed Autumn out into the hall after one last adjustment of her own hair, and met up with the other girls in the lobby.

“Keep your dress on!” Renae called from where she sat filing her nails in the living room, although the look on her face indicated that that was the last thing she expected.


Parker stood outside the Kappa Nu Lambda house, lightly drumming his fingers on the side of the door. He took a deep breath.

Chelsea was long gone, anyone within a twenty mile radius of campus could hear the Beta O formal bus loading up an hour ago. They were probably in Louisville by now, pulling up to the hotel where the formal would be held and where, later on, Chelsea would be staying in a room with Anthony.

He shuddered at the thought, and without further hesitation pushed his finger on the call button that read ‘Renae Cross/Chelsea Russell’. A few moments passed until he heard Renae’s voice.

“Yeah?” she sounded like she had just woken up.

“Renae…it’s me, Parker. Can I come up and talk to you?”

“Sure, just let me put some clothes on.”

Parker laughed as Renae buzzed him in. As he walked into the lobby, he realized that he didn’t have any clue which door belonged to Chelsea and Renae. Blushing heavily, he knocked on the door closest to the lobby.

A pretty Asian girl Parker had seen around campus opened the door, and his blush deepened when he realized she was only wearing a bra and a pair of sweatpants.

“Hey, sorry to bother you, but I was hoping you knew where Chelsea and Renae lived? I mean, I know they live here, but like…what room? And I didn’t mean to bother you when you didn’t have any clothes on!” Parker’s words came out in a nervous rush, and he was surprised the girl understood any of it.

She looked as if she were trying to suppress the urge to burst out laughing.

“I think it’s room twenty-two,” she said, stepping out into the hall. “If you go up that staircase, you’ll find a hall that looks just like this one. Their room is that one, but one floor up,” she finished, pointing to a room two doors down from her own.

Parker thanked her hurriedly, and raced up the stairs, feeling even more flustered when he realized how out of breath the simple exertion made him. He had definitely gained weight over break.

Renae and Chelsea’s door was open, and Renae sat on her bed, dressed much like the girl downstairs except for she wore a black tank top over her sweatpants.

“So what’s up?” Renae asked, gesturing for Parker to move next to her. “You look upset.”

Parker lowered himself down carefully, hoping more than anything he wouldn’t break Renae’s bed. He was silent for a few seconds, looking around the room. He liked seeing where Chelsea lived.

The bookbag he always saw her carrying lay on her bed, and several pairs of shoes he recognized were sprawled out on the floor. The walls were covered in pictures, mostly of Kappa Nu Lambda girls, but in the corner over Chelsea’s bed he recognized one of himself and Chelsea that had to have been from freshman year. He smiled at that, but came back to his senses when he caught Renae staring at him with a raised eyebrow.

“I…I wanted to talk to you,” he said quietly. He looked over at the open door. “Is it all right if you…”

Before he finished, Renae bounded up and closed the door.

“Alright,” she said, “Talk. The suspense is killing me!”

Parker prepared himself as she sat back down, figuring he might as well come clean. He’d been nervous and subtle for three years, and it had gotten him absolutely nowhere. There couldn’t be any harm in trying a new approach.

“It’s about Chelsea,” he said, realizing how borderline psychotic Renae might soon find him.

“Chelsea?” Renae echoed, “What about her?”

“I um…look, I know this is really fourth grade of me, but I um…you know,” Parker mumbled.

He wasn’t usually like this. He was usually confident, in control. Which made this conversation even more frustrating.

Renae looked blank.

“Sorry Keystone, I don’t know,” she said, holding her hands up helplessly.

Parker sighed. He was just going to have to come out and say it.

“I like her. As in like, more than a friend.”

Renae at least had the grace not to laugh. But she did stare at him like he’d grown a second head.

“Oh. Wow.” she murmured, running a hand through her dark hair.

“Listen,” Parker said, his words practically falling over themselves, “I know I probably don’t have much of a chance, especially since she’s probably getting all hot and heavy with Anthony right now, but can I ask you to do me a huge favor and talk to her for me? You know, kind of find out how she feels? Because she’s been acting kind of…weird…lately, and I feel like I’ll explode if I don’t know one way or the other.”

He didn’t look at Renae. He was beginning to feel like it had been a very bad idea to come here in the first place.

He felt Renae give him a reassuring pat on the back. It was a comforting gesture, but didn’t send sparks flying down his spine the way Chelsea’s touch did.

“Sure, I’ll talk to her. Just give me a few days. And don’t be too disappointed,” she said in a surprisingly gentle voice.

Parker looked over at her and smiled. “Thanks Renae, I knew I could count on you.”

“You guys are my friends, you know I want to see you both happy,” Renae said brightly. “Hey, you wanna see my formal dress? Did you hear about the huge fight Alyssa and Jonny got in over break?”


Chelsea lay flat on the hotel bed, drunk and exhausted. She loved dancing, and Anthony was a good partner, so they spent most of the time out on the floor. The rest they spent drinking cocktails.

“You looked really beautiful tonight,” Anthony said as he lay down next to her. “Without a doubt the prettiest girl there.”

Chelsea giggled and rolled over to face him.

“Thanks,” she smiled, running a finger over his cheek, “You looked so handsome! But everyone thinks you’re the best looking guy at school, so that shouldn’t be a surprise.”

Chelsea wasn’t lying when she said she thought Anthony looked handsome. He really was a good looking guy. Another fifty pounds and she wouldn’t be able to keep her hands off of him.

Anthony leaned over and kissed her, hard. She kissed him back, running her hands over his broad shoulders. They spent a good hour kissing before the dress came off, just as Renae predicted.


“I have so much homework to catch up on!” Chelsea moaned late the next day. She felt like she was going to drown in a sea of mundane assignments.

Renae, who hadn’t gone anywhere that weekend, was all caught up on her homework and was browsing photo albums on the internet.

“Aww, this is a cute one of you and Anthony that Autumn put up,” she cooed. Chelsea came around to look.

“That is cute,” she agreed. “I hope Auty prints those out.”

“So…you and Anthony,” Renae said pointedly. Chelsea laughed.

“I already told you what happened at formal,” she said in a ‘what more do you want?’ kind of voice.

“I’m not talking formal. I’m talking the big picture, babe,” Renae said.

Chelsea shrugged. “We’re not serious or anything, if that’s what you mean.”

“That’s exactly what I mean,” Renae said, “Why not?”

Chelsea rolled her eyes. “Come on, Renae, you’ve been my best friend for how many years now? I don’t like getting too serious with guys in the first place, and in the second place, even though Anthony’s got a whole lot going for him, he isn’t exactly my type.”

There, she’d said it. Now all she had to do was wait for the inevitable questioning that followed.

“Not your type!?!?” Renae exclaimed, outraged. “What are you, blind?”

“Not last time I checked,” Chelsea said sweetly.

“Alright, so what is your type, Miss Smartass?” Renae grinned.

“It’s hard to explain,” Chelsea said vaguely as she turned back to her desk.

It would be hard to explain to Renae at least. Renae was the kind of person who believed that although fat people could be respected, admired, and loved for their personalities and accomplishments, it was biologically impossible for someone to find them attractive on a physical level.

“Well, if even Anthony LeBrun isn’t good enough, I’m guessing poor Porker doesn’t stand a chance, huh?” Renae asked casually.

Chelsea whirled around so fast she was surprised she didn’t lose her balance.

“Parker?” she demanded a little more quickly than she intended, “What about him?”

Renae shrugged. “He came over last night, a little after you left the house. We were talking, and he said something about being into you. But, I mean, obviously I have your back on this one. If you’re not interested, I can let him down easy. And he told me he already knows he doesn’t have a shot with you.”

“He did?” Chelsea asked. What had she ever done to give him that idea? Hadn’t she been practically falling over him lately?

“Not in so many words, but that was the gist of it, yeah.”

Chelsea had never felt so many emotions at once. He liked her! Maybe the reason he’d never been very forward before was because he had the strange notion that he didn’t have a chance?

But then there was Anthony. He was as nice a guy as she could hope to find, and she hated that she seemed to be leading him on. They’d had a wonderful time at Beta Omicron Omega formal, and she still had to take him to Kappa Nu Lambda formal the upcoming weekend. Still, Anthony knew they weren’t going anywhere serious, and their hooking up was bound to fizzle out eventually.

“Chels? Did you hear what I just said?” Renae’s voice brought her back.

“No, sorry. I guess I kind of zoned out,” Chelsea said with a sheepish smile.

“What do you want me to tell Porker? He wanted me to talk to him again about you,” Renae said.

Chelsea wondered why he didn’t just talk to her directly.

“Tell him -,” she paused to inhale. This moment had to come eventually. “Tell him - yeah, I’m interested. Or I can tell him. I’ll go right over there and tell him.”

Renae looked like one of those cartoon characters whose jaw literally drops to the floor.

“Chelsea!” she exclaimed. “I would have expected better from you! Just tell him you’re not into him, no need to be a bitch and play games with him!”

Chelsea smiled and shook her head.

“You don’t get it, do you?” she asked. Although she hadn’t expected Renae to get it.

Renae cocked her head to the side.

“Get what? ‘Cause right now all I’m getting is that you’re mean.”

Chelsea sat down on Renae’s bed.

“I like Parker,” she said, putting a gentle emphasis on the word ‘like’.

“Me too, that’s why I don’t want you to hurt his feelings,” Renae replied.

“No, I mean I - like like him,” Chelsea said, giggling at herself for using such an elementary school term.

“Wait…what? Really?” Renae asked, surprised. Chelsea nodded vigorously.

“Chels, I know he’s a really sweet guy and all, but he’s kinda…um…fat,” Renae said hesitantly. As if Chelsea didn’t already know, and she had to break the unfortunate news.

Chelsea grinned. “I know.”

“And that’s not a problem for you?” Renae asked.

“No,” Chelsea said simply.

She wasn’t sure that Renae would understand if she told her that not only was it not a problem, she actually preferred fat boys over thin ones. Right now all she wanted to do was go over and talk to Parker.


“Hey Porker,” Mark said, tapping him on the shoulder, “Your girl’s here to see you.”

Parker looked up at Mark from where he stood hunched over a foosball table with a few of his brothers.

“My girl?” he asked dimly. As far as he knew, he didn’t have a girl.

“Yeah, you know, little blondie. I can never remember her name, but she’s friends with Renae.”

“Chelsea!” Parker exclaimed much louder than he planned.

Mark smiled and nodded. “Yeeeah, Chelsea. She’s in the lobby.”

(continued in post 17 of this thread)


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**hits the bottom and stubbornly keeps trying to scroll down to see more**

The suspense is killing me!!


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May 8, 2006
Oh, I really love how this is developing, very nice, very sweet. But yes, let's keep it going now ;)


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Jun 20, 2008
Part Five

Parker’s mind was racing as he went up the steps from the basement to the lobby. Chelsea was obviously looking for him, it wasn’t like she had just stopped by his room or something, she had to have asked Mark to come find him.

He paused in the doorway a second before entering. She hadn’t seen him yet, she was fiddling with her phone, and he took the opportunity to look her over.

Her long blonde hair was down and falling in her face somewhat, and she looked adorable in a dark green shirt and dark jeans. She looked up suddenly and caught Parker staring.

“Hey, Mark said you were here,” Parker said quickly, trying to pretend he had just walked through the door.

Chelsea nodded. Parker noticed she looked nervous. Maybe that was a good sign? If she was nervous, maybe she wasn’t just going to coldly turn him down. He assumed that was what she was here about.

“I, um, talked to Renae today,” Chelsea said, feeling stupid as she realized that she talked to Renae pretty much every day.

Parker forced himself to make a grunt of acknowledgement. He didn’t think he had ever been so jittery before in his entire life. What did Chelsea want? To let him down in the nicest way possible? To tell him that even though she had absolutely zero romantic inclination toward him, she still wanted to be his friend? Or maybe there was the slimmest glimmer of hope that she really was interested.

Parker tried to keep himself from thinking. This was how people went crazy.

“So, Renae told me you came over,” Chelsea went on, wondering if she was going to have to carry the whole conversation.

Parker noticed she seemed frustrated, and helped her along.

“Yeah, I hope you don’t mind that I talked to her about you,” he said with a sheepish grin. He realized he might be putting her off by going behind her back like that.

“You can always talk to me, you know. I don’t bite,” Chelsea said with a friendly smile.

Parker matched her smile with one of his own. What he wanted more than anything was for Chelsea to come right out and tell him whether she was interested in him or not, but he knew her well enough to know she didn’t operate that way.

Chelsea was trying to discreetly eye Parker during their long stretches of awkward silence. It looked like he might have put on a few pounds over break, as his grey shirt was stretched to the limit around his soft belly. There was a deep indentation where his belly button was, and Chelsea found herself unable to think of anything other than how much she wanted to sink her finger into it.

“Um. So. Do you wanna go get coffee or something?” Parker asked quickly. He didn’t really want to have a conversation about his love life within earshot of all his brothers.

Chelsea told him she didn’t have any money with her, and Parker was happy to assure her that it was absolutely no trouble for him to pay. As she climbed into his truck, Parker remembered the last time they had gone somewhere together, and how she’d almost frozen to death on his watch. Luckily it had warmed up since then.

Chelsea must have been thinking the same thing. “I still have your sweatshirt, you know,” she said as she buckled her seatbelt.

“Oh, yeah, I was wondering where that went,” Parker said breezily, as if he didn’t know exactly where it was all along. He liked the idea that Chelsea had something of his.


They walked into the coffee shop, and each ordered a mocha. Chelsea nudged Parker gently and asked if he wanted a piece of coffee cake as well.

“I just ate,” Parker said, which was true. Chelsea made a face.

“Well…I haven’t had a chance to eat all day, and I’m starving,” she said in a tragic voice. Although it wasn’t anywhere near the truth.

Parker laughed and ordered a piece of coffee cake as well. They chose a couch in a secluded corner that offered as much privacy as possible in a public establishment.

“Alright, so I’m just going to come out and say it,” Chelsea pronounced after a few sips of mocha.

Parker squirmed a little on the couch. Say what? I’m crazy about you? Please leave me alone? We’d be perfect for each other if you weren’t such a fatty?

“I like you,” Chelsea said quickly, “in, you know, the scandalous way.”

Parker couldn’t repress a grin. “The scandalous way?”

Chelsea giggled and nodded. She wondered if she should tell him she’d liked him since the day she met him freshman year. Probably not. She didn’t want to sound desperate.

“But what about Anthony?” Parker asked, his lips creasing in a slight frown.

“What about him?”

“I heard you guys were getting pretty scandalous at his formal,” Parker said, trying to sound like it didn’t bother him. Truthfully, he’d been devastated when a few of his Beta Omicron Omega friends told him Chelsea and Anthony had been inseparable all night.

Chelsea rolled her eyes. “Please, you shouldn’t listen to gossip,” she told him brightly, although she had a feeling that whatever people were saying about her last night was probably true.

“Besides, I’d much rather get scandalous with you,” she continued with one of her most naughty looks.

Parker was sure his face had literally caught fire.

“Well…thanks,” he laughed.

“Here, have some of this,” Chelsea said, offering him the coffee cake. As if that were the only natural thing to do under the circumstances. Or as if she guessed Parker was a nervous eater.

Parker did have some, despite his earlier protestations. As he ate, he remembered the conversation he’d had with Chelsea after their Economics test.

“So, I’m guessing you’re still going through your fat guy phase, huh?” he asked with a sideways smile.

“If you want to call twenty-one years a phase, sure,” Chelsea said, feeling a little annoyed that he dismissed her attraction so easily.

Parker looked at her. He didn’t mind being fat most of the time, and sometimes he even found himself attractive, fat and all. But he knew that wasn’t the case with most people. Or any people other than Chelsea.

“So, what? You think this is sexy?” he laughed, jiggling his belly softly. He braced himself for a look of disgust or horror or amusement at his expense. Instead, he found Chelsea staring at him with the most beautiful look of pure, unadulterated lust he had ever seen.

She bit her lip and nodded slowly. “Definitely,” she whispered.

Parker grinned and shook his head. “You’re crazy, you know that? Freaking nuts. But lucky for you, I have a thing for hot insane girls.”

Chelsea smiled. “Well, isn’t that a coincidence?”

They sat looking at one another for a few moments before Chelsea leaned in and kissed him.

Parker was in shock. This couldn’t be real. The girl he had spent three years pining over had pushed him down on a couch and was kissing him without any intention of stopping. In a public place. In broad daylight. When any number of people from their school could walk in the door at any given moment. He had to be the luckiest guy alive.


“Hey, Chels, do you have a second?” Anthony said, tapping her on the shoulder as they both stepped into the wide hallway of the Liberal Arts building, Chelsea fresh from her History class, Anthony walking out of Philosophy.

“For you, I have two,” Chelsea grinned, following him out the door into the quad.

Anthony stopped at a spot on the grass that was out of earshot of the people around them and sat down. Chelsea did likewise.

“I feel like a jerk for bringing this up, especially since your formal’s this weekend, but um…I just don’t think this whole thing is gonna work out. Like you and me. I mean, yeah, it’s awesome for the short term, but are we really gonna be happy in the long run?” Anthony said, picking at the grass.

“No,” Chelsea said, realizing it might have come out an instant too quickly.

Anthony smiled at her. “Yeah, I had a feeling you would say that. You’re a cool girl, but I think I’m getting to the point where I need to stop messing around and actually think about settling down. And I don’t think that’s what you want.”

“You’re right, it isn’t,” Chelsea said agreeably. The last thing she wanted to do as a junior in college was settle down. She wasn’t in any hurry to map her future out.

“So…we’re on the same page? I still think you’re gorgeous and wonderful and I still care about you a lot, but we both know it’s not gonna happen…right?” Anthony ventured hesitantly.

“Who says anything has to happen?” Chelsea asked, squeezing Anthony’s hand affectionately. “You’re a good guy, we’re friends, there doesn’t have to be more to it.”

Chelsea couldn’t have planned anything out more perfectly. All that worrying about how to tell Anthony she wasn’t interested, and he’d been planning to break things off with her all along! She loved the way things could work out. She could go out with Parker guilt-free now, all while looking like the understanding friend, and not the heartless slut.

Anthony looked relieved. “Thanks, Chels.”

“I will, however, kick your ass if you don’t come to formal with me,” Chelsea said sweetly.

Anthony laughed. “I was hoping I could still go if you didn’t completely hate me. We’d have a good time.”

“We always do,” Chelsea said with an exaggerated wink. “And I could never hate you.”

“Well, that’s a relief,” Anthony smiled. “Hey, you wanna know something funny? You’re the first blonde I’ve ever been into. I’ve always gone for tall brunette girls, and I thought it was kind of ironic that I fell for a short blonde.”

Chelsea smirked to herself. “Funny how that works,” she murmured.

Anthony shrugged. “It is, isn’t it? I dunno, I’ve always just liked the Adriana Lima look.”

“What, you mean the skinny, smoldering, sex kitten look?” Chelsea teased.

“Aw man, now that you put it like that, I sound like a total pervert. Thanks,” Anthony grinned.

“Hey, I don’t judge,” Chelsea laughed. “Actually, now that we’re having confession time, you’re the first really athletic guy I’ve thought was hot. Usually I like guys who are on the heavy side.”

Anthony’s eyes widened in surprise. “Wait…you mean you like…fat guys?”


Chelsea hadn’t guessed that it would be so easy to just come out and say it. Being with Parker was like taking some sort of wonderful drug that let her feel like she could do whatever she wanted. Including not having to hide or apologize for her preferences. The last thing she wanted was for people to think that she was interested in Parker out of pity or desperation. She thought he was hot, and didn’t give a damn who knew it.

“That’s…a little…weird…don’t you think?” Anthony asked with his best attempt at diplomacy.

Chelsea shrugged. “No weirder than chasing after a ton of Adriana Lima look-alikes. Hey!” she exclaimed, the thought striking her, “You know, Renae looks like Adriana Lima a little.”

Anthony flushed. “Yeah, I’ve um…noticed.”


“I think I’m gonna get out of here,” Renae said pointedly, casting a significant glance toward the corner of the Epsilon Mu dance floor.

Ep Mu was having one of their biggest parties of the year, and Renae had spent most of the night with Jonny. However, Jonny’s girlfriend Alyssa had shown up unexpectedly, and had been enthusiastically berating him about Renae since her arrival.

“I’m sorry, hon,” Chelsea said, also looking over at Jonny and Alyssa.

Chelsea had to give Alyssa points for style. Not only was she circling Jonny in true Gestapo fashion, she was also shouting loud enough to be heard clearly over the pounding music. She was disappointed to see that Jonny wasn’t doing much on Renae’s behalf, however.

Renae ground her teeth in fury when the words “dumb skank” came floating across the room.

“I’m about to go over there and shove my heel between her beady little eyes,” Renae managed to get out. She looked serious, and Chelsea quickly grabbed her arm.

“Not worth it,” she told Renae quickly. “Those are cute shoes, you’d mess them up.”

Renae brightened up a bit at that, and even let out a grudging laugh. Chelsea noticed Anthony coming across the room toward them.

“Darn, Alyssa can squawk,” he laughed as he walked up. “She’s really embarrassing herself making such a big scene…do you ladies want to get out of here and head over to Beta O?”

Renae looked thrilled, although Chelsea wasn’t sure if it was at the suggestion or at the fact that Anthony was taking her side.

“I can’t think of anything I’d rather do. I’m so over this,” Renae told Anthony with a smile. Chelsea noticed they were practically the same height. Anthony probably loved that.

“Great,” Anthony grinned. “What about you, Chels?”

Chelsea had actually been looking forward to some alone time with Parker, but she tried to sound regretful. “Actually, Autumn wanted me to stay here with her, but thanks for the offer.”

Renae rolled her eyes. “Riiiiiight. You and Autumn have fun. I guess I won’t be expecting you back tonight,” she said cheekily. Chelsea stuck out her tounge.

Renae and Anthony began walking away, but Renae quickly doubled back.

“Hey, Chelsea, I hope you don’t mind about…” her eyes darted over toward Anthony.

Chelsea smiled. “I told you, go for it. Right now I’m only into one guy, and it’s Parker.”

Renae shook her head. “I’ve long since given up trying to understand you. It’s a little funny though -- formal’s tomorrow and you’re going home with my date and I’m going home with yours.”

Chelsea shrugged. “The world’s a funny place,” she said philosophically.

“You’ll never get better than me!” Alyssa’s screeching voice floated over again. Renae let out a derisive snort.
“Oh, please. He’s been getting better than you for weeks,” she said haughtily.

“Yeah, and now’s your chance to show Jonny you can do better than him,” Chelsea pointed out, patting Renae’s shoulder. “Come on, you deserve better and you know it. Anthony’s hotter than Jonny any day of the week, anyway. Go have fun with him tonight.”

Renae giggled. “Thanks, Chels. I will.”


Parker was nervous. Somehow, in the midst of the party, he seemed to have completely lost track of Chelsea. He looked around the lobby and basement, trying to see if she was there. He didn’t want to go searching after her desperately, but he was worried that she might have snuck out the back door or something.

Maybe she was just trying to be nice, and she didn’t really feel anything toward him after all. His mind flashed back to the weekend before. No, that couldn’t be right. There was no way she could have kissed him the way she had in the coffee shop and not be interested.

“What’s wrong, Porker? You look like someone ran off with your cheesecake,” Mark laughed, giving Parker a hard nudge in the middle.

“Eh, nothing,” Parker shrugged, rubbing his sore belly, “That actually hurt, you know.”

Mark made a face. “I’m surprised you felt it under all that padding. But honestly, what are you doing moping around here for, man? This is the best party we’ve had in weeks! Alyssa’s bitching out Jonny upstairs, it’s prime entertainment! And besides, it’s kind of mean of you to be down here and leave your girl all alone up there.”

“Chelsea?” Parker asked.

“Of course Chelsea, who else?” Mark replied in an exasperated voice. “You finally get the girl, and then you leave her on the dance floor to get hit on by every sleazebag at school? Not cool.”

Parker barely caught the end of that statement, as he was already headed upstairs.


Mark was right. It did look like Chelsea was being hit on by every sleazebag at school. When Parker walked onto the dance floor, Chelsea was halfheartedly dancing with an overly-muscled freshman, whose hands Chelsea kept pulling from her rear end.

“Parker!” Chelsea exclaimed enthusiastically. “There you are!”

The freshman shot Parker a dirty look as Chelsea wrapped her arms around him.

“What, is that guy like your boyfriend?” The freshman said, apparently finding himself quite amusing.

“Yeah, he is, actually,” Chelsea told him straight-faced. She was not in the mood for some uppity little punk to start in on them.

Parker looked at her, surprised. He was her boyfriend? That was news to him. About the best news he’d ever heard.

The freshman walked away, muttering darkly.

Parker felt incredible. There was no other way to describe it. Chelsea Russell was standing in the middle of a crowded room with her arms around him, looking as if she didn’t notice anyone else.

Parker was beautiful, Chelsea decided. Absolutely stunning. She pulled herself closer to him, allowing her head to graze his chest. It was soft but strong, and smelled boyishly clean.

“You’re amazing,” she told him. And she meant it.

“Me?” Parker chuckled. “You’re the one that’s amazing.”

“Birds of a feather,” Chelsea laughed. “You wanna dance?”

“Um…not really,” Parker said, a little awkwardly. He was too big and uncoordinated to be much good at dancing, and he had no intention of embarrassing himself in front of Chelsea so soon after winning her affection.

Chelsea looked disappointed, but her face brightened momentarily.

“Well,” she said in a breathy whisper, “There are always other things we can do.”

She stood on her toes and lightly bit the bottom of his lip. Parker felt like a stick of dynamite had just been lit in the pit of his stomach.

“I did get some new sheets that I’ve been dying to show you,” he grinned.

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