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Oct 9, 2005
USBBW, Eating, Inflation Fantasy, XWG -- A zillionaires big plan takes a wholly unintended direction

Yoko Vs. Jennifer
By Henry Newton

Two women strode into the stadium. Representing Japan, Yoko Takashi. Representing America, Jennifer O'Malley.

Each of them was dressed in simple t-shirts and shorts. They sat down in chairs at opposite ends of the stadium, so far away that they could barely see each other. Of course, soon, they'd both be impossible to miss.

They were competing in the new Olympics weight gain competition and were the only two people willing to participate. No one knew why this competition was added to the lineup, but Yoko and Jennifer each saw this as their chance to become famous. There were many spectators filling the seats, none of them sure about just what they were going to see.

Soon, hatches hidden in the grassy ground of the stadium flipped open, and platforms loaded with food rose out from them.

The London Olympics Weight Gain competition had begun.

They each began immediately to grab at all the food they could and scarfed it down ravenously. Once they were finished with the first load of food, a glass of water next to a blue-and-red pill rose up. They each took a pill and washed it down with the water.

Instantly, they felt their clothes tighten, as they each swelled up to about 250 pounds. The empty glass retracted into the ground and up rose another serving of food. This time, as they ate it, they could feel themselves swelling with each swallow, thanks to the effects of the pills. Fatter and fatter they grew, and by the end of that serving, Yoko was 370 and Jennifer was 390.

Yoko realized that Jennifer had finished her food earlier. Speed must be the key, she realized, massaging her bloated belly thoughtfully.

Round Three: this time, Yoko inhaled the food, plumping up at a ridiculous pace. Some of the messier food ended up splattering onto her tightening shirt. She was quite glad when she outgrew it, and, with a snap, it was torn off her increasing girth, leaving nothing but her bulging bra.

She ended up at 560, Jennifer at 520. Yoko laid back in her groaning seat, winded, but nevertheless enjoying the pleasant pressure of her belly resting atop her thick legs.

Jennifer smiled grimly. So, Yoko wanted a war? She'd get a war. She'd be bigger, fatter, a thousand times more humongous than that pathetic girl.

"I'll dwarf you..." she muttered.

Both girls were raring for more food, but instead, another pill and glass of water rose up. Both girls gulped theirs down, and ballooned up to 610 in Yoko's case, 570 in Jennifer's case.

Their growth would be at least twice as fast this time.

Next round, Jennifer went absolutely berserk, desperate to be equal to Yoko for the next round. And it worked. By the end, Yoko and Jennifer were both exactly 800 pounds. Their chairs finally broke, and their shorts and bras snapped apart.

The round after that was also a draw, with each girl ending at around 1050 pounds, their fat spilling across the ground around them, their beautiful faces smiling with determination.

Another round of pills arrive, but these ones were yellow-and-green. They were promptly swallowed, and each girl moaned as they rode their own waves of fat several feet in the air, each fattening up to one ton.

Mr. Geist grinned, his cigarette clenched firmly by his teeth. This was going well. Those women were so hungry for fame, that he could make them as big as he wanted them.

"What's the audience's reaction, Ms. Lariat?" he asked his rake-thin, 25-year-old secretary.

"A mix, sir. Some have walked out in disgust, some are loving it, and others are just plain confused. Can't say I blame them."

"Why?" he asked, laughing "This IS a weight gain competition, after all. What did they expect?"

"Most just came out of curiosity. And no one could have expected such sudden gain from them."

"BWA-HA-HA!!! Yeah, those pills are doing their job, alright! Man, I love being rich...throw scientists enough money, and they'll make anything you want, even the opposite of what they're supposed to make!"

Ms. Lariat's eyes narrowed.

"Why are you doing this, sir? Why make those two women into behemoths?"

"Because sales of 'GEIST BRAND DIET PILLS' are falling! But don't ya see? When everyone sees those beautiful young women become land whales, they'll be horrified into submission! A new fitness craze will strike every single country watching the Olympics, and the fitness industry will reach a new international plateau, with me as King of the Hill! I'm rich now, but by the time my plan's done, I'll be Croesus!!!"

"...but what if everyone's not disgusted?"


"I told you, some people are enjoying the spectacle. Sure, you've scared some people away, but only the people who most likely hated fat to begin with."

"This is just the beginning, my poor, stupid, short-sighted secretary. By the time I'm done with those women, they'll be nothing but giant blobs of flesh. People will get nightmares just thinking about it - and'll do anything to avoid having anything in common with them. Give it time. They were both beautiful women to begin with, but no matter how much beauty you possess, enough flab will smother it. By the way, what are they up to now?"

"Over three thousand pounds each."

Mr. Geist laughed manically.

Yoko and Jennifer had reached an impasse. Yoko was 3671 pounds, and Jennifer was 3674 pounds. Their layers of soft, billowing fat draped over them like curtains. Their titanic forms jiggled with every breath, the crushed grass beneath their bodies tickling their soft, sensitive, and vast amounts of skin. They both felt magnificent, big, powerful, and the simultaneous centers of attention. But the problem was their arms were encased in too much fat and could no longer bend, making their beloved food out of reach.

Yoko was displeased with the idea of losing by three pounds, and Jennifer was displeased with the idea of only winning by three pounds. They didn't want this competition to end.

But more importantly, Mr. Geist, gazing down from his vantage point, didn't want things to end. Many seats were still filled. Instead of becoming disgusting, the women had simply grown to contain more beauty. But soon, he knew, that would no longer be the case. Soon, they wouldn't even be recognizably human...at least, that was the plan.

"Ms. Lariat?"

"Yes, Mr. Geist?"

"Send in the Team, half of them working on each girl."

"I see. And, should they bring the lotion?"

"Yes...the pills are working too slowly. The lotion should kick things up a notch. By the time this is over, their fat will sprawl across the whole stadium. This plan needs to work."

"Yes, sir."

She contacted the ground team, and soon, doors on each side of the stadium opened up, and ten gorgeous women emerged from each. They were dressed in nothing but bikinis. They also pulled a massive tub of a thick, semi-transparent liquid along with them. It was The Lotion.

The stunned/amused/puzzled audience watched as the bikini girls set a tub down next to each girl. Each girl then drew a sponge from a compartment within the tub, and dipped the sponges into The Lotion. What followed was like some semi-erotic B-movie carwash, except in this case, instead of cars, there just really, really fat Olympic competitors being scrubbed.

The bikini girls made a big show of the ritual, posing in what they deemed to be seductive positions as they spread The Lotion across the giant women. But, alas, Yoko and Jennifer were getting all the attention. Skinny women with moderately large breasts wearing bikinis are a dime a dozen, but you didn't see phenomenon's like Yoko and Jennifer every day.

Once the women's massive, cushiony bodies were completely covered in The Lotion, the bikini girls began feeding them. Everyone, except for Mr. Geist, was surprised by the amount of weight gained from each woman's initial cookie.

Both women ballooned up to 6,000 pounds, their rapidly spreading paunches and asses knocking down several bikini girls each.

Once they were done being surprised, Yoko and Jennifer stared competitively at each other. The true battle had begun.

Jennifer attempted to snap her fingers to signal the beginning of her feeding, but her fingers were too thick. So, she just settled for an enthusiastic "LET'S GO!"

Yoko said the same thing to her posse at the same time.

Each woman was fed more cookies, their teams of bikini girls working strategically to carry the food over their boss's cascading flab - and to her mouth. The women's forms surged across the stadium's field, and their stomachs eventually clashed against each other, and meanwhile their asses struck against the walls. The hatches that the food was supposed to come from were now covered by blubber, and so the food began arriving via hatches high up on the walls.

Now that all the room, width- and length-wise, had been taken up, the women's flab sent them rising upwards. They could feel the pressure of the entire stadium, and of each other, pressing against their soft, warm bodies. A sensation tingled through their bodies as their fattening breasts collided with one another and, too, began piling atop on another.

Soon the hatches on the walls were ALSO covered up, and Yoko and Jennifer's corpulence had spread into the first several aisles of seats. While those were, of course, fled, many people remained in the back rows.


"I think they're enjoying it..." murmured Ms. Lariat.

"What the ..!!! My plan isn't working!..."

"And there isn't any way to bring more food in, and The Lotion's all gone."

"Nah, there's still some Lotion left...but what's the point? Both those women must weight hundreds of tons, what makes you think making them even fatter will make a difference."

"...where is The Lotion?"

"Hmmm? Oh, it's in the back. We've got a ton of it in storage. Made too much of it, a little is more than enough...dammit...what to do, what to do...any ideas, Ms. Lariat?"

He turned around, but Ms. Lariat was gone.

"Ms. Lariat...?"

A few seconds later, she returned, hose in hand.

"What are you doing?" sputtered Geist.

"I want to find out how big those two can get..." whispered Lariat madly, turning on the hose, which began spraying a torrent of The Lotion.

The Lotion splashed across the two women's bodies, and, upon seeing what was happening, the bikini girls standing on top of Yoko and Jennifer decided to make a hasty getaway. They didn't want any of that Lotion messing up THEIR bodies.

The hose sprayed The Lotion faster than the women's flesh could absorb it, and soon there was a thin lake of the stuff covering both women, reservoirs building up in between folds.

"What the HELL is wrong with you?" cried Mr. Geist, as Lariat finally shut the hose off, not because she wanted to, but because she used it all up.

"I'm just finishing what you started."

"No, no, no, no! What I started was a 'make tons of money' scheme! All you're about to do is make those women stop being just 'mind-numbingly obese', and start being goddamn mountains.

"Y'see, this plan was a mistake. It's time to quit now, while we're...well, not really ahead, but before we really start digging ourselves into a hole. And as my personal assistant, it's your duty to go along with my decision."

"Hah!...I resign."


Ms. Lariat reached into her pockets, and took out two cookies, one in each hand. She then threw them, ninja star style, one to each girl.

"NOOO!!!" bellowed Mr. Geist.

Each cookie landed perfectly into its target's mouth. Yoko and Jennifer each held the cookie in their mouth a moment, clenched between their smiling teeth.

The Lotion had now all sunk into their skin, and neither was sure which one of them got more of it. This, they knew, was the final battle.

They nodded professionally at one another, their chins bouncing off their chest fat as they did so.

They could feel their bodies tense up. They couldn't believe how much Lotion they had absorbed. Their bodies were literally pulsating rhythmically, readied by the Lotion to fatten them to unthinkable sizes.

They chewed, and swallowed.

The walls of the stadium instantly burst away like an exploding dam, their flab blasting out of it. All the people in the stadium were flung up into the air, but landed safely onto either of the women's enormously padded rolls of blubber. They could feel the women's flesh tensing and twitching and shuddering, pumping itself more and more full of fat.

The corpulent tsunamis raged across all the Olympic grounds, but everyone was swept up onto the upper surface of the women's soft bodies, no harm coming to them. Mind you, it surprised and confused the living HELL out of them.

"Ms. Lariat!" roared Mr. Geist, wading through the ever widening seas of fat, towards where his assistant was lying down comfortable, as if she was on a giant waterbed.

"What?" she asked, keeping her eyes closed.

"Why??? Why are you doing this??? Is this just some sort of revenge for? An act of rebellion? Straight-up betrayal? Or are you just some sort of lesbian with odd tastes?"

"Mr. Geist, you should know from our experiences together that I am no lesbian. Nor is this an act of betrayal, though I do dislike you."

"Then WHY???"

She grinned mischievously at him, the light reflecting off her glasses at just the right angle to make them seem to glow like the eyes of a demon.

"Because I felt like it."

Suddenly, an enormous shockwave blazed across the field of fat, flinging Geist, Lariat, and everyone else up into the air once again.

Jennifer had stopped growing. Each of her breasts was the size of The Hindenburg. Her stomach was a massive, soft, undulating mountain. Her butt cheeks were titanic jiggling globes. Her folds were all perfectly smooth, and impossibly cushiony. It was hard to believe that anyone could be bigger.

But, as Jennifer could see, looking over with her slightly chubbier, but amazingly normal-looking face, Yoko was still growing, her lower rolls of fat sweeping up Jennifer herself, and all her countless layers of flab, elevating her higher and higher.

By the time Yoko stopped growing, she was three miles wide. Describing her would be impossible. Nothing could do her immensity justice.

"I won..." she said, simply, in Japanese.

She didn't say it loudly, but her body was so immense that it echoed down her, bouncing from fold to fold.

"I lose..." muttered Mr. Geist miserably.

Ms. Lariat, meanwhile, whistled merrily, as she hopped off of the outer edge of Yoko's body, and landed on the ground. It was amazing. You'd have to stand miles and miles away to get her all in your frame of vision.

"You really are something..." she said, running her hand across Yoko's surface.

She then drew a piece of paper out from her pocket. Written on it was the formula for the Lotion.

"Maybe one day, I can be like you, too..." She then smiled, "Or, more likely, surpass you..."

She laughed uproariously as she walked away.

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