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Oct 11, 2021
When you come across this

It says:

When I’m by myself or with a partner who loves my fat - yes, they exist! - I love my fat.

I love having a big belly, I love how taboo it is, I love walking around my place and feeling the fat jiggle, I love my soft moobs and flabby thighs and love handles. There is this one place in my house where if you stand there with no shirt at the right time, my shadow looks like the Buddha.

I love having a partner who grabs me and squeezes me and makes love to me, and we curl up together on the couch to watch a program or a movie, and her tiny hand gently squeezes me - wherever she can find. There is much to squeeze anywhere she puts her fingers. I love her on top of me, and I love her gentle teasing. “My fat boy,” “Tubby,” “Big man.”

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