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Jun 21, 2008
You are fortunate -- we don't see many bigger people on bikes here. It is a rare occasion when I see anyone bigger than my wife or I, and we aren't all that big.

I guess stronger bike culture overcomes the fewer fat people. Yet another reason I need to get back to Europe!
Well - on the Mediterranean - for reasons of cost, roads and climate - motorbikes of all types still are a regular means of transport. Not some sort of seasonal hobby vehicle. Soalso for big guys.

Northwestern Europe in contrast has been increasing its bicycle culture over the past years. Not only for environmental reasons, but also for practical ones.
With inner cities turned into gigantic pedestrian zones, they are not only car unfriendly , but also more and more foot unfriendly if walking from one part to the other takes over half an hour.

So many people bike. And it also works great for fat people , especially if one has kept it up while growing bigger.

That definitely was one of the pics that triggered my fascination with big guys. I'm with Tad on this issue. ....

fat hiker

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Oct 25, 2005
Ottawa, ON
Although, there are definitely some fat guys on bikes around campus this fall... and fat guys on larger motorbikes aren't uncommon.

But, sigh, I am still among the fatter cyclists on my daily commute to campus.
Though I have an update on this - one of my bigger, chubbier students - he refers to himself as the 'fat Ukrainian' - commutes to campus by bike! I'd pegged him for a 'driver' for sure, but no, he has a sweet racing bike for commuting, but forgot his lock and asked if he could put it in the lab's storage room for safekeeping during class.

Turns out he's a part-time bike mechanic in one of the local bikeshops too.

And, on the day he brought the bike to lab, he showed one of the other students that he'd exceeded 52 km/h, 31 mph, on the way to class, according to his trip computer.

All this, and a belly that jiggles everytime he walks across the lab....