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Jun 21, 2008
Oh dear - I didn't remember that! I never intended to do perfume promotion around here :oops:. But it is my long term favorite - looks like I need to look into something new.
But how any scent smells totally depends on a person's body chemistry.
Like I can't wear perfumes with a certain synthetic oil as ingredient which seems to be pretty common - it smells like an aggressive detergent on me.

That's why I never give perfume as a present, unless I know someone very well - like my own mother. What I once did for a friend - in fresh divorce frustration mode - was finding a new scent for him. We tested a lot, narrowed it down to 2, went for coffee - to literally free our noses - then went back to make the final choice.


May 22, 2011
The Republic
You didn’t recommend it directly to me, but yours and a few other ladies picks had me search some out. It was in a thread about scents.

I wasn’t out much, I just bought small sample bottles that only come with about 3 wears in them. It helped me figure out that anything fresh or citrus-y smelling doesn’t work with my chemistry and most florals either. I was very sadddened that my skin also ate Green Irish Tweed in a matter of minutes as I really liked that scent.

The ones that work for me are darker and spicier scents like Sauvage by Dior and Oddity by Rag and Bone. Yves St. Laurent por homme is one of the rare floral and fresh scents that works on me.

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