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Feb 21, 2020
How did your SO react to your body (and/or you to their's if you're a FA) the first time you were intimate?

I thought Roger was a big beautiful bear of a man, no complaints. :). I wasn't sure he'd be impressed by my body, I kept saying,"you won't like what you're about to see." He kept reassuring me I was sexy and beautiful. I said it again as I went to take off my (granny) panties. I dropped them on the floor and his smile just grew. I felt so loved and validated in that moment. As we cuddled afterwards, I asked about his reaction to my bush (I assumed it would freak him out, given porn's disdain for it). He assured me he loved my soft, furry body.
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Jul 14, 2012
My wife was much smaller when we met. There was no initial “reaction” for either of us because we sort of slowly built up to it our first time together.

love this topic though. I remember previous partners hesitant to take off their clothes as if I was going to be surprised she was concealing a fat girl underneath there! One I’ve mentioned here a few times was hesitant at first because her husband had recently left her for a thinner more conventionally “hot” woman. She was hesitant with her 5’2 and 358 pound body until she realized I legitimately adored what I had with her. Then she flipped the switch and more or less dominated me.

Back to my wife, because her body has changed so much during our time together our approach to image with each other has evolved. She went through a phase where she hated her body and I wasn’t allowed to adore it. Now she still isn’t happy but expects the adoration from me.

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