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You're not a Christian.

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Right, not nice
Nov 20, 2005
Now, this isn't particularly new or shocking, but the bible is a pretty fucked up book with some pretty fucked up morals. Even the new testament has its blemishes, and the god in there is still more or less an asshole.

So that said, I have a couple questions for the Christians, or for people who feel as though they can lend me some insight into the thought process: If you believe that the bible is divinely inspired and the inerrant word of god, then how do you justify, say, not stoning your child to death on his first sign of disobedience? If you're not sure of its divine inspiration but think it has *some* worth as a guidebook to a happy and healthy existence, how do you determine which parts he's changed his mind on?

And I can hear you already, "that's not my god!" But if the book you're supposedly following to "know" him says otherwise, then where do you get off speaking for him? Why call yourself a Christian at all if you *know* how distasteful and revolting it is?

I'll refrain from comment unless specifically requested to respond; I'm an atheist and have said my piece elsewhere.

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