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Apologies for the lack of presence lately. Just got out of hospital a couple of days ago from an asthma attack. I'm doing better now.
That sounds scary! Does your asthma get that bad often, or was this a rarer thing for you?
Y’all, BarkBox is the best. If you’ve got a dog, I suggest it. I just renewed for a year after having it for six months. The boxes are great and the customer support is even better! Pepper thinks all packages that come in the mail are for him now tho lmao. *this isn’t a promotion, btw*
I just remembered that I was getting a new license a few years ago and I had just hit 300lbs so when they asked my weight I was super pumped and said 300 and they put 250 on my license. I was so pissed. So when I renew my license (in a new state) I’m gonna tell them I’m 400lbs even tho I’m not there yet because goals.
I got my new computer and Hi def monitor and believe me we look so much better and Whoa the porn is just like front row in the 70's. ;)
Kyle Rittenhouse murdered my friend Hannah’s partner, Anthony, while they peacefully protested in Kenosha, WI for Jacob Blake. He murdered two people, walked past a group of cops who were looking for the shooter, went home to a different state, and was able to go to sleep all before he got arrested, FOR MURDER.
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My heart goes to Hannah, and her beautiful baby girl, they don’t deserve this. Black lives still fucking matter and Kyle is a murderer no matter his age.
I know I’ve taken my sweet time getting my big cuties page live but I wanna take a second to say thank you to everyone who has patiently been waiting! All the best things are worth waiting for, right?? We are so close to it going live and I can’t friggin wait! ❤❤