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My bush is VERY thick! I've been hairy like this so long that I'm used to it. Roger has always told me it's his favorite aspect of my body.
I replied in the personal ad you posted and would like to know if you want to start a more private conversation based on what I replied?
Good afternoon. I saw. Check your conversations.
In the garden, fresh spring buds in my trees. Daffodils and vinca minor in bloom.
Hi beautiful woman ! It is so refreshing to know that there are wonderful women out there like you ,who are not concerned about loosing weight ,knowing how SEXY and BEAUTIFUL they are .Instead wanting to gain more weight , you totally rock !!!! 😍
Just thinking of you and how warm I feel when I think of you.
When i see a woman like you out and around ,store ,restaurant .anywhere i always think the same thing : us guys are so lucky that there are women so beautiful so generously built ,ample soft ,cuddly ,warm ,sweet, why in the world would any man prefer a skinny little thing to someone like you is very difficult for me to understand. Thank you for being so HOT !!!!!!!!!